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The highest state of euphoria - Self Empowerment or Drugs? by michelle pirovich

‘To put it simply, permission to touch among field effects, between bodies, the size of people, and whole groups of people dancing together, and ultimately whole bioregions, occurs when sacred ratio becomes phase coherent in a fractal symmetry of self embedded space as well as time.

Confused...dont worry, as I sat listening to physicist, psychophysiologist, author, musician, computer wizard, and polygraphic researcher Dan Winter, I realised that during my school days I should have been paying a lot more attention to my physics teacher, and not so much to the Johhny Depp pictures on my folder.

Dan Winter has always been an original thinker, pushing the boundaries of what we now about the workings of our hearts and minds. Graduating with honors in psychology from the University of Detroit, Dan pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology and the Origin of Languages. Dan has also worked as a Systems Analysts with IBM, a industrial metallurgist and as a Crystallographer and his further studies have covered everything from quantum physics to modeling at the MIT space lab.

It is however, Dans studies in biofeedback and specifically the relationship of our heart's harmonics to love that has seen Dan spending most of his time travelling globally and sharing his knowledge on Sacred Geometry. Dan is the author of ‘Embedability of the Earth and has produced over 40 videotapes about his workings. Dan is the inventor of HeartTuner - ( ) and is currently working on a new theory on gravity, and in believing that self awareness can be taught with the use of the internet, Dan has also undertaken the ‘Heart Beat Earth Project a project that has earned Dan notable respect and world wide assistance.

Appearing at this years Rainbow Serpent Festival, Dan Winter will be making a special presentation titled ‘Musical Recipes for Bliss and Euphoria - Can Ecstatic Dance Be Self Empowered? In other words can we go to a dance event and feel as euphoric as if we were on ‘e without taking a single thing?

Through his research Dan has found that our desire to combine music and movement in order to achieve a ‘peak experience does infact come from a strong biological perspective. With the chemical workings of ecstacy now being clearly understood as a symphony among glandular conductors, Dan is now understanding the role of music and its ‘waveguiding emotional states, particularly amongst the younger generation. ‘Bliss is the condition of the ability to radiate charge quite literally to infinity (inPHIknit-y) sustainably. Young people are my ultimate resource for the study of bliss creation, as it is young people who essentially have the glandular power to create this bliss.

Dan explains the occurrence of feeling euphoric like this; ‘Ecstasy is a well described phenomenon in spiritual literature. It is usually accompanied by some sort of ritual that guides attention into greater presence, something which we now would describe as the ability of the spine to phase lock and entrain coherently field effects nested concentrically to greater and greater size/ wave length/ and context.

When in large groups/tribes Dan explains that together we create a charge that can bring on enlightenment. ‘The entrance into the geometries of symmetry which we have called ritual dance, corresponds nicely to the phase geometry we have known as rhythm and music which phase entrains the body, solar-plexus on up. Symmetry among wave forms attracts the inertia we call attention, and the corresponding expanded presence of mind.

I ask Dan what are our hearts doing at this time? ‘When we look at models of what precipitates electrically around the heart we get the geometric keys to emotion which are musical ratios. Looking at a spectrum analysis of the heart's ekg during peak emotion...the harmonics in the contents of the heart phase lock into musical whole number ratio, thus creating a wave length matrix for the embedding of field effects. We utilize the tendency to naturally phase entrain known coherent heart sonics when nested in music. We carefully arrange the words of the song so that the breath timing is a whole number enveloped around the heart rhythm. Finally we entrain in the audio, actually sonics of the electrical heartbeat of earth.

‘The result is that in just a short moment of feeling the feedback of our own collective Heartbeats, becoming coherent in response to the Earth's field, we produce a feeling which intentionally does what ecstasy has always wanted. It is the ultimate linkup.

Basically to understand what Dan has just told me is that the musical key signature of the Hearts EKG, can be taught to embed and ‘blissfully attract a ‘life force giving charge through using accurate sound harmonics with sacred geometry and biofeedback. What will be created is a SELF EMPOWERING (heightened consciousness) ecstatic and blissful environment, in which there will be no urge or need for drugs.

Through his studies Dan has also found that not only does this make bliss, euphoria and peak experience teachable as a science, but it has also revealed the powerful and gravity making nature of biological implosion - directly from the music of the heart.

If you would like to delve further into Dan's works please go to and dont miss the opportunity to see Dan's presentation at the Rainbow Serpent Festivalal

Rainbow Serpent takes place on Australia Day Long Weekend, January 24, 25 & 26.

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