Suction Steers! Implosion Makes Waves: Creating a TORRENT thru your Heart

by Dan Winter 12/10/99 url: ../torrent , related at: ../sitemap.html

Arc angling into the lightning, the sistine chapel spark fingertip spark gap where God touches man...

frame 1: pure perfect phi green spiral implosion path into perfect 3D inPHIknit ness./dodeca - icosa interdigitation-stellation/DNA-EarthGrid/Zodiac ...and perfect 5/7 dodec icos recursion implosion symmetry of the d/f outer electron valence subshells of GOLD.. perfect scalar wave .. perfect grail..

frame 2&3: 5/7 implosion slip knot perfected inside outness symmetry of ANU which is the clairvoyant actual drawings of the -ultimate subatomic particle-building block of quarks/& hydrogen ... which is ALSO the actual clairvoyant drawing of the HEART OF THE SUN .. (luciously graphic at: Heart of The Sun: Perfecting 7/5 Turning Inside Out Solar Heart Symmetry ) AND importantly for this article which began as a spiritual analysis of the origin of heart 'attacks' -- THIS IS THE ELECTRICAL DRAWING of the magnetic flow path of a sustainable HEART BEAT.

frame 3: the GRAIL cup actual recursion donut inside donut which I used on which to lay the Golden Spiral to create the actual equation projections I used to create what Thoth has called the most accurate map of the GRAIL on this planet: ../grail.html

frame 4: The dimpling/turning inside out ness/ force of vorticity which the capacitance of sperm brings to EGG makes this tornado which causes the ectoderm and endoderm to swich places TURN INSIDE OUT.. for a Zygote (Egg), which is the topological first move we call CONCEPTION.. map to which turning inside outness sequence of phase moves on the surface of the 7 color donut map, ORIGIN OF THINGSNESS/at first in principle,..... becomes "Braeshith" biblically.

..{matter is created when inertia is stored as ether's compressible jello vorticity learns the tearns to accurately slip knot / recur}

frame 5: Projecting the 7 color (mobius/phi spiral flame letter map) DONUT onto flatland like a shadow on the wall of the cave flatland we have those same 7 turns enacted kinesthetically to turn inside out (heal ).. called LABYRINTH. In the center from the inside out looks like a penis, from the outside in: like a vagina. (The same self-similarity which allowed zooms into each alphabet 3D letterform projection to recur inside out like a walk down an inphiknit spiral in a perfect gordion slipknot... HOW CHARGE BECAME SPIN DENSE at the SYNAPSE when we use th language of light TEMPLATE FOR VORTICITY.. to CREATE psychokinesis..

frame 6: FlowForms 7 fold dish cascade sizes and beat rates in phi ratio, braid spin density into water (measureable change in surface tension/pollutant sort/seed germination - see nozzle).Ultimate Water Purifier, Perfected Spin Nozzle based on Phi Recursion. like a unicorns horn. (Important for now that you imagine the top down view into each heart shaped dish, actually beating tail wag dog as the water flows, they do .) Teaches principle of embedding to TOUCH THE TORRENT.

Mon, 10 Apr 2000 From: Sara Johnson <>
"Greetings from Sitka, Alaska!, I was lead to your site looking up something to help me figure out what exactly gemstone essences were "looking" like.

What I found was the written version of what I experienced as myself today in the worms article about the heart torrent. I experienced this today and as always, I experience first and then find the written stuff about it later and this was very accurate! Holy Cow!

I don't know who you guys are, but it was very powerful to see the description and the actual geometry of what happened! I am very grateful to have this reflective tool of what happened. Blessings to all who receive this.:-)"

(Raphiem:) "..reminds me of those old Jesus/Mary pics with the sacred heart shown on
the outside of their always seemed to be interwined with

We now understand the politics of getting EMBEDDING/recursion/perfect loPHI fractality in DNA... This IS the answer to surviving/thriving in a big galaxy we call home.. For a political review we suggest going back to this link and quote (from recent prologue added to) ../blood :

 "Altho a major upstart of the Gardner/Sitchen scholarship is to show that the bible's Old Testament is mostly watered down mistranslating of the Sumerian tablets ( SUMMAIRE MEANS DRAC/DRAGON/DRACO in Celtic.. the An from Ori/an.. Ur [light from]An.. ) ..

they do little to explain what that means to the genepool the An-nunaki/Enlil/Yalweh/H-Niburu crew hacked up (our cro-magnon dna worm ancestry) to make their borgs (tak-adama=borgs from orion).. See LionPath, Lion Place, Secret Places of the Lion.. (At the link, lovely gif mation Morph from recent drawing Draco/interventionist to Sumerian Goddess Statue 5000BC -Orion Queen)

We WERE conceived literally in the dream to make gold, but at that time THEY did not know that MEANT a heart of gold (MAGnetically imploding EKG actually COULD accelerate the DNA into the high rent district - superluminal penetration into time travel /ensoulment. ) To those shape shifting Drac's we can now say: careful what you wish for, because you may get it. The kids you conceived by taking cromagnon sperm into a human/reptilian cross Innana Niburu woman, to improve your gold mining slave holding, SUDDENLY HAS UPSTAGED YOU in the galactic worming squabble over who steers the stars. Whatever genepool gets skill level in embedding suddenly rules the roost because suction into their dna worm imploding GETS TO STEER!

also related:See History of our "Yalweh": "Some Piece of Work" (How our Religion is a microcosm of ET manipulation)

The purpose of this article is to understand HOW TO USE this PRINCIPLE of getting this TORRENT back into the HEART. This is THE NECESSARY AND APPROPRIATE SURVIVAL ISSUE FOR OUR GENEPOOL!

So here are your instructions:

Get yourself well spiritually nourished, well rested, at a fractal spot at a fractal time and do this..

imagine (IMAGE creatively actively psychokinetically inside - something which TV passivity breeds OUT of genepools).. the following carefully..

the galaxy is populated by billions of nesting interconnecting FASTER THAN LIGHT WORMS, whose insides nest in cacophon layers like microtubule pipes in pipes in PHI ratio...

now the best of these worms have become a bit self steering and willful as they have learned to steer themselves THRU the most SELF EMBEDDED wormholes (black holes / fertile star birth bioregions..).. ..spice navigators..

now getting into and out of these worms WHICH HAVE QUALITY STEERAGE IN THEIR FRONT ENDS, has become a bit of the appropriate survival test for genepools on billions of planets...Climbing into and Out of The Great Worm..DNA "Activation" ('Dune')

so what we need to do in this visualization IS CREATE THE RIGHT SLIP KNOTTING HEART BEATING which IS the pump dynamic FOR sucking spin in and out OF VERY POWERFUL WORMS..

It turns out that THE PERFECT ENGINE slip knottour TOURBILLION ('a scrollwork made of light':Mouni Sadhu-THE TAROT), is exactly the ANU / Heart / Heart of Sun (above). It is a pulsing pumper for getting your finger into and out of LIGHTNING / the stillpoint .. without getting burnt.

It also turns out that the FEELING of success when the Heart (taught by the ANU) learns to phase its beats in the right phonic pony tail 'heartlink', is that this snake charms the spine juice INTO SOMETHING WHICH FEELS EXACTLY LIKE one of these GREAT WORMS up the spine spitting spice nectar into the tongue dripping cradle under the pineal (../kundalini )

YOU HAVE CAUGHT THE WORM NOW, are you the tool of it, or is it the tool of you? (or, in the famous last words of Castanada & double the dose McKenna - to the projectile vomit..."Oh I can HANDLE this Muchrooms mycineal worming squirts.. No problem, the peyote dyme will steer my perception worm FOR me..." The first time testing wormings intent, it may show you, but later in depenDANCE you merely are showing it...)


So what you really need to see clearly is how like a 7 color worm turning always inside out PUMPS.... the juice in and out of a great worm... How to rely on your own inside out making skill to keep the inner PHIre, instead of outside in.. mucous making addictives...(dammit -flostop- I left my toke at the h-bar...)

Does your pump work like this? You can only keep squeezing back into the center worm, if you press into there at the spin tilt (flame letter) angles of what is shareable/compressible. (See origin of Alphabets above).

(click for full size)

See this as a top view of the top animation side view...

Now if this donut were throbbing like the flowform dishes heart like beat, there could be a certain pumping action. The heart of the pumping action is actually where the phi spirals reach into and out of the harmonics faster than light. They do this by heterdyne or beat note cascades in PHI knit braids that allow them to extent their spin pattern like valentine wings, thru the speed of light. In the center of this kind of spin recursion density, lie places where many paths and errands can meet. As a result, here phone calls can be made to the collective morphic field of the DNA, and more importantly to the inhabiting intent which reaches beyond individual incarnations. (Ref: 'Willed Mutation of the Species' by Satprem.) Can a collective mutating genepool itself have intent and direction?

Currently this collective genetic urge to become self directing and thus sustainable ('saved'), expresses itself as the need to get enough critical escape worming thru gene members DNA to penetrate worm thru the Heart of the Sun, at it's survival test orgasm moments.. (circa solar peaking 2000-2017)..


The Sun started with Hydrogen at it's heart, whose coeur is the ANU same heart slip knot. It is important to get this in context, that this fire donut pump used by our Heart 7 tetra layers of muscle is the SAME WAVE MECHANIC IN MACRO cosm to HYDROGEN's ANU AND in MICRO cosm to the suns huge heart seen clairvoyantly. IT IS ALL THE SAME WAVEFORM AT DIFFERENT SCALES.

This is important to understand/grok as we lucid dream unfold our DNA morphic fields to INHABITING SUNS.

All this is a necessary skill to contributing to the galactic metabolism of gravity eros (glandular emo-juice) among stars which makes starbirths sustainable, and enables us to literally be born in the stars. This becomes less abstract as you relax / muse in the stone circle and suddenly realize you are FEELING the shape of the hills and rivers in the distance / folded on the land like a face.

To inHAbit: is to embed / is to breath magnetic into/ is to learn to recur.

This fabricates the (heart anu shaped) recursion bubble slip knot donuts whose extended sucking flux tent-a-calls we call gravity.


Remember: The Heart is not a Pump (as at Marinelli, Ralph et al: The Heart is not a Pump: A Refutation of the Pressure Propulsion Premise of Heart Function ,Frontier Perspectives,Volume(1) 1996)

The heart more accurately takes it's central flame letter, and THROWS the blood in a sequence of tilted sustained vortex eddy like donuts. These vortex retain their tilt angle thru the bloodstream of a properly ecstatic (charge retaining) body, producing the tingle of bliss, necessary for the survival/ production of immune IdentItie.


The Heart Muscle : An Electrochemical ritual turn.

The Heart's Muscle's 7 layers are exactly tilted according to the 7 spin axes of the tetrahedron ("Fields of Form"/"Vortex of Life" by Lawrence Edwards, Anthroposophic). The 7 color electrical donut which electrifies the heart has a tilt which programs the primary muscle. This cast a sonic wave shadow of this vortex 'tourbillion' at the center of the heart. The shadows are exactly the elements of symmetry on flatland. The frequencies signatures of which letter SOUNDS, MAKE the shapes of the letters themselves. (Spectrograms of the Hebrew Alphabet, originally by Fred Wolf and Carlos Suares, which I reproduced).

The resultant harmonic tensors are the cardiac rhythmias which program thymus, EEG, DNA and related ladders of emotion/recursion.

ALL OF WHICH BECOMES AS THE SOUND SHADOWS OF THE hearts phonemes on the catchers mit thymus, literally : THE ALPHABET FOR THE HEART.

In this way the heart relaxing to embed, in a fractal backyard, is the ultimate vortex spinor twist pumpor breathor into the great worms, of which this article speaks.


Step 1. Be ye not afraid of the lightning (stillness).

Step 2. Learn the principle and geometry of embedding. (Perfect worming).

Step 3. Treat the reality of the lucid dream down that worms throat like it was your survival, because it is. (Dodec function in movie:"Contact")

Step 4. Locate your bliss, which is that of your DNA, in your primary seeking. Sweetness is there, death (absence of embedding/recursion liePHI) is everywhere else. Recognize the voice of the tingle.

and speaking of SPIRAL CALENDAR..(Carolan) .. and TIME needing to be recursive and fractal in order to be inhabitable / self aware.. check out: ORBITAL CALENDAR Poster: The Calendar as it really is! the Earth/Moon's orbit through time-space including Mayan glyphs (GMS correlation); resonates subtle energy from galaxy, Sun, planets and glyphs

Epilogs:Subject: : Waves REcur inside out- REall thingness happens ,Fri, 10 Dec ,"Simon Granville" <>

"This (your) explanation seems to fall somewhere between bells theorm and e=mc2"

(from the article I wrote) better is Gravity due to Mass=C^logN*PHI... >Addend: to recent
>The geometry of recursion specifically among waves, both positions the wave INERTIA (by implosion) which we call and define MASS... AND creates the self organization/self embedding principle among waves we call CONSCIOUSNESS. We can see now why physicists, unable to grapple
with this notion that self embedding (lo-phi) IS the creation mechanic, settle for the still mirror like idea that consciousness CREATES mass. So while admitting that consciousness CREATES REALITY specifically by inducing the wave collapse, reference below (which IS PHIcycle recursion..MAKES FOCUS), they cannot grok that wave geometry can be fabricated to specifically create self organizing conscious wave systems. EXAMPLE: by repairing the geomantically damaged specifically PHI dodeca long wave grid lines of EARTH her then more recurrent field effect would stabilize gravity, atmosphere retention, and the self regulation we call GAIA.
>By admitting that recursion as consciousness fabricates REALITY, they in fact admit self embedding makes RE all ness. RE is Latin for THINGness,
>or to REcur. Thingness happens when waves become self similar inside out.(See the Braeshith first Genesis word principle above).
>"Two senses where "reality is created" (1) whenever observer exercises his meter option ; (2) when the observer "collapses the wave function." " quoted from: , Quantum Reality Beyond the New Physics by Nick Herbert

>To Recur is to Embed; To Love is to Enter Into LoPhi ; Perfect Compassion & Compression are the same because that is where all waves become one and become shareable.


Subject: Quantum Consciousness, Fri, 10 Dec, "Bruce Crabtree" <>

"Hi, Dan, I find your articles most interesting! Glad to know others are puzzling
over the relationship between consciousness and the Ultimate Physics. Enjoyed
your comments about Quantum Wave collapse and consciousness.

I'll have to tell you, I'm convinced that Bell's Theorem and the subsequent
experiments by French physicist Alain Aspect are the key to some very
profound realizations which have yet to be gleaned. I feel sure Bell's Theorem is a
basic clue to understanding the Hyper-Dimensional Universe.

Thought I'd share an article I authored and published in the Mensa Bulletin
about ten years ago RE: Quantum Mechanics - told in the first person by a 'mechanic' (below).

As long as I'm at it, I may as well share with you one of my silly quantum limericks:

Three quarks, having learned how to spin,
Had opted for drinking and sin.
They went, while quite mellow
To an anti-quark bordello . . .
And never were heard from again!

Regards,Bruce Crabtree ,

comment from Dan: When can 2 opposite charges collide head on, and NOT annihilate. (hint embedding, the SOLUTION to the PHASE CONJUGATE MIRROR problem, how to make the perfect non linear mirror... see gold foil geometric and electron array predicted by the top animation here, as at ../predictions )


Joe Doakes: Quantum Mechanic
by Bruce Crabtree, (As published in the Mensa Bulletin)

I been a quantum mechanic for a long time, now. They say it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. The worst part of the job is at the end of the day when I have to wash all that quantumstuff off my hands.
I got started in the business when I answered a want ad in the Sunday paper. It turned out that this Danish guy named Neils Bohr needed someone to sweep quantumstuff off the floors at the Copenhagen Institute. I didn't mind the travel, but I gotta tell ya some of that guy's screwy ideas drove me up the wall.
Don't believe me? How about this: There ain't no deep reality. It seems Mr. Bohr insisted the world we see around us is real for all practical purposes, but all this floats on a world that ain't real!
I asked him, "Ain't this quantum world you play with real?"
You know what the guy told me? He said, "Joe, there is no quantum world! There is only an abstract quantum description."
You can imagine my surprise, but I ain't one to give up that easy! So I asked, "What about the everyday world of phenomena? What creates it? I smugly settled back in my chair, lit a cigar, and awaited his reply.
Then his buddy, John Wheeler, poked his nose into the conversation. "No elementary phenomenon is a real phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon," sez he.
Then Bohr piped in, "Therefore the observer creates his own reality."
Well, that just knocked my socks right off! It took me a long time to realize these guys weren't just funnin' me.
A couple of years later (or was it a couple of decades later, I forget) I'd just gotten used to the Copenhagen stuff when I got a better job offer from a guy named Walter Heitler. His quantumstuff was all stuck together and was the very devil to clean up! One day when the boss was entertaining another of those quantum guys, I busted in on the meeting and asked point blank, "How come your quantumstuff sticks together so bad?"
Well, he just threw his head back and laughed. Then he said, "In spite of all the boundaries and categories you see around you, the world is actually a seamless whole."
Then, as if on cue, David Bohm chimed in, "One is lead to a new notion of unbroken wholeness which denies the classical analyzability of the world into seperate and independently existing parts . . . The inseparable quantum interconnectedness of the whole universe is the fundamental reality."
Not one to be verbally sucker-punched, I shot back, "You mean distance in space and time don't mean no difference in the quantum world?"
"You got it, Bub!" they said in unison.
After a few years I moved on. By that time I was an A-Number-One Quantumstuff Technician. I found employment with Paul Davies, professor of theoretical physics at the University of London. Let me tell you right now, I wasn't ready for the stuff that guy laid on me! During my routine duties I noticed some of the quantumstuff would disappear when I observed it. Dr. Davies happened to be in the lab that day. There must have been a strange look on my face, because he started laughing so hard he had to sit down.
"What's so damn funny?" I asked with blood rushing to my cheeks. "What's goin' on here, anyway?"
Professor Davies wiped the tears from his eyes and said, "Joe, you just discovered that every time you do something where more than one outcome is possible, all outcomes actually occur. There are any number of possible and probable worlds in existence, all soaking up some of that quantumstuff. In those worlds the events which don't happen in your world do occur after an event-split into a parallel universe."
"Why do I let myself in for this?" I muttered beneath my breath. "Who's idea is this?" I asked, not too sure I wanted to hear the answer.
Davies replied, "It was originally the idea of Hugh Everett. It became known as the Many Worlds theory." (I was always real careful with quantumstuff after that.)
My next great shock was to learn that quantumstuff doesn't obey what we call logic and common sense. A character named George Boole started that nonsense. Then some guys named Lobachevski, Gauss, and Reimann penetrated a new realm of non-human reasoning by tossing Euclid's geometry out the window! This made my job very difficult, since quantumstuff was never where I logically expected it to be. Sometimes I would search for days before finding it in some strangely warped non-Euclidean space.
The years passed and I managed to work my way up through the ranks of quantum dabblers. My hair was just getting a tinge of gray at the temples, when the great neo-realistic revolt broke out. A camp of quantum heretics claimed the world was made from ordinary objects which had attributes and reality of their own, whether observed or not. The charge against quantum orthodoxy was lead by a neo-realist rebel named Albert Einstein, followed closely by Max Planck leading the Infantry, Erwin Scrodinger leading the Cavalry, and Louis De Broglie (a defector from the Copenhagen camp) commanding the Artillery. Einstein and Bohr struggled to the very end, but Einstein never could whup that tough old Dane.
I won my quantum mechanic's spurs during that revolt, riding in the CONSCIOUSNESS CREATES REALITY! brigade with John Von Neumann, Walter Heitler, Fritz London, Henry Stapp, and Eugene Wigner. Many a sortie we experienced in the hills of Hilbert Space lead by general Von Neumann. The great general inflicted a savage wound in the flanks of the neo-realists with his "Von Neumann's Proof", which stated that if quantum theory is correct, then the neo-realist idea of a world made up of ordinary objects is logically impossible. Our brigade firmly established the concept that reality is invariably tied up with consciousness.
Things went fairly smoothly after that, until . . . Werner Heisenberg started up with the probability waves. This guy hit on the discovery that a certain degree of uncertainty exists whenever measurements are attempted. Consequently, we can never know everything about the attributes of a quantum entity because the more information we have about one attribute (such as angular acceleration of an electron), the less information we have about its conjugal attributes (such as the electron's specific location).
Then Erwin Schrodinger, not to be outdone by Heisenberg, came up with his ridiculous Schrodinger's Cat argument. This flamin' cat was supposed to be dead and alive at the same time! That's when I knew things were gettin' too damn strange for me. I decided I had to retire (hang up my quantum spurs, so to speak) when Bell's theorem of non-locality and Aspect's supporting experiment demonstrated instantaneous correlation of particles at any distance (even across the Universe).
Now that I look back on it all, it seems the more I learn about reality, the more I realize nobody knows what reality really isæ or ain't. I hate to be rude, but I gotta make one last trip down to the lab to find me some quantumsolvent. I just can't seem to get this damned quantumstuff out from under my fingernails. "

end quote from Bruce..

inset from Dan:

Does it become real BECAUSE we see it.. ?
Not quite, more accurately it is real when the WAVES come into focus/ phase lock
in order to recur, which phase lock focus, is what seeing is...

and isnt it kool that the grail cup of perfect embedding ../grail.html

a bell curve (See Bell Rock-Grail Cup-Grail Geometry of Embedding Hearts-Cracked Liberty Bell -- morph at ../america )

talk about BELLs theorem mapping when waves concresce.

then Bruce comments: "Where do you come down on difference between the 'Single Time-Line'
concept (Niels Bohr), where the collapsing probability wave leaves only one
'realized' trace through so-called 'space-time' VERSUS The 'Multiple Time-Lines'
concept in which ALL probabilities are actualized (Huge Everett)? Ultimately, all
waves (realities) are one in a hyper-dimensional state inclusive of all time-line
traces. But linear consciousness, it seems to me, would not be possible at
that level - rather a 'gestalt' or synergistic sort of consciousness. Regards, Bruce"

I respond: "It's simple;
time lines (event horizons etc.) are merely mag worm lines which often diverge
fractionate.. BUT only the ones which can embed/reintegrate (become phi fractal)
survive.. (2nd order fft septrum reveals phi non linear harmonic intervalling..
as in ekg at bliss, or event groups at link metric)
as in the Ranna time wave in templar lore (william buehler)

'Spiral Calendar' by carolan: only event histories on a phi spiral sustain..

now for those ready teach how repair of those event histories to embed,
'heals the fabric of time', and keeps angels from bleeding..."