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Proof this is the correct model of hydrogen radii:

Mathematic Evidence this is the actual field effect symmetry which causes gravity and centripetal forces (phase conjugation):


Latest DVD set from Implosion Group: - Here is a short description of the Newest 25 DVD's (Plus 2 Freebies) Included:

Remember these are PAL- format- The PAL format is superior to the American NTSC format. Fortuneately altho some older American TV DVD players cannot play PAL- virtually ALL computer DVD video players CAN play PAL (of course in the rest of the world - virtually all TV DVD players use PAL).

New added May 2010- to the current set offer:



New Oct 10,09: Added to this special offer-Full res DVD Bio Architecture- (more at )eee

Full res- DVD version of the film - Dan Winter lecture : see

Full res- DVD version of the film - Vincent Bridges lecture : see
Exerpts of these new DVD's are at

Films One and Two There...

This is the most ambitious new professional edited FIVE DVD Film Series - from Dan Winter- later major Australia Conference in Mullumbimby (The "Mullum" series).

Major exerpts are at:

and at> link to the right>

This is the Melbourne University Conference Series- Australia

Complete FIVE DVD - Film Series...

The most extensive conversational - interactive

Dan Winter- presentation series - yet...

Major exerpt of the Intro DVD and the Part ONE this link

This 2 disk set- from Calgary- Edited from Aurea Media- Exerpt is film3 at

DVD One- starts with a profound question and answer set - in stimulating dialog mode-

Then the major part of that DVD is- The GALACTIC HISTORY OF DNA - Story..

New Sept 09: we have loaded the first 2hr 49 minutes Part 1 Exerpt of this film at:

DVD- Two- Includes the Discussions of
BIOLOGY OF KUNDALINI- and Presentation- How to DO The Hygiene- which Enables BLISS.

Beautiful Video Dialogs- in Holy Grail Country

Set at Rennes Le Chateau- in May 08-

In English and French

2 DVD Set - 4 + Hours

Major exerpts at

This DVD- Exerpted at:

New Science of LIFE! .... in Spirit of Giambatista Vico's Origin New Science of Life..

we Present the REAL Science.. how did the Pyramid Cement Polymer Effect DNA Growth???

Could this secret of LIFE FORCE- be Applied Today?

Filmed Dec 28, 08 with Dan Winter- in the shadow of Puivert Castle - South France-

a fast moving presentation for those interested in the serious science behind - Fractality and Phase Conjugation- A NEW SCIENCE OF LIFE

Filmed- Huesca / Zaragoza Spain - 08

DVD with 1 hr Presentations from Dan Winter

and also- Dr Korotkov- with his stories of Travels to Sacred Space - with measurement- of fractality in air.

Major exerpts of this intensive Conference - On Sacred Water-

Segments with Dan Winter- also with Dr Korotkov.

in English and Spanish

are at

This is the famous 3 DVD= Paris conference series- in English and French- with scientist Cedric Mannu-

exerpts in English and French at

Film- English and French

Paris- May 06


Translation by Valerie Sandelin

Accompanies- discussion- articles at

DVD- from: New Dec 08: Alchemy of Death - new Film of Dan Winter- conference on tour in Bath UK!:
related discussion - new:
Another exerpt version of this same film- newly online

This updated 25 DVD set- also includes- the 2 Classic Best of Dan Winter: - Purpose of DNA & EggX Files:

  -Below link to web lo res: (w subtitles to polish / audio is English ,Purpose of DNA 1/12 Here Dan Winter puts the whole thing together…white powder of gold, serpent and the eagle, Dodecahedral Grids, Fractality, superluminal DNA, heart frequencies, soul-incarnation, Sumerians, Dogans, Templars, CIA, San Grail. Now in Hi Resolution DVD (OR mpeg CD)..formerly on tape:

 DVD 1: The Purpose of DNA - Bio-harmonics of Bliss - Role in Immune Health - How SuperLuminal Implosion in DNA ensouls and survives death

"Can we reverse the destructive nuclear power- of rampant revert to the borg state- pure mechanical intellect- in a constructive implosive way in our nucleus, our DNA?
Could Golden Mean Embedding - measureable in the heart - be the key to keep us in touch with life's energy - life's PASSION - so that even when we die, we can still see where we are going, navigating the bardo?
Are we destined to so much biologically make the gravity that is solar - that we are destined to be reborn as stars ? literally - in terms physicists may enjoy?
Why indeed should a government strive for a blissful life for everybody?
How can our DNA supercede the speed of light?
Prepare for an intense, very rich (& illustrated expose of the essence of Dan's work over the years.

 DVD's Play on any DVD computer PC OR MAC - and on PAL DVD TV players.

Order Item:


$40 Each

 "Eggx Files: Bliss in Human Evolution / Spiritual Function of Sexual Energy -Plus - ET Origins of DNA Story" - Now in Hi Resolution DVD (OR mpeg CD) formerly on tape:
 "Eggx Files: Bliss in Human Evolution / Spiritual Function of Sexual Energy -Plus - ET Origins of DNA Story" - Understanding how Sexual Energy- un UV "Blue Fire" Form - Provides the Fountain for Bliss - Ecstasy & Kundalini - from a biologic perspective. Also deals with the Eggxtra-terrestrial -all in the Family - History of Earth.-The Draco-n Ancestors.

 DVD's Play on any DVD computer PC OR MAC - and on PAL DVD TV players.

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EggX Files & Bliss Practice-DVD

$40 Each

The June 09 Special Offer- Also Includes These 2 Free Bonus Gift Disks:

1. Bird Tribes - Sacred Geometry CD

2.HeartTuner-07 Tour& Training DVD
New Mar6,07 - Major new HeartTuner / BlissTuner documentary - tour - training Film -new features- 90 min- online! The full DVD Hi Res Version with extras- shown right here-is included with training material (25dvd) when you order thru - Here are accompanying Heart / Brain Data Files you can download and Play interactively in the free BlissTuner/ HeartTuner demo (virtually infinite display option choices)
- showing HOW Golden Ratio vs Octave Feedback cues PLUS real internal COHERENCE Measure- in Neurofeedback - revolutionize consciousness training and meditation! (these examples do not yet include the 'GFFT' - stay tuned!!)