SHEM - as living plasma projector... access to "the black hole"

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Includes 2 images from David Alan Ritchie- map Jerusalem/ Solomon's Temple- UK (care of his friend - Brian Adam's

Preview notes-from Dan Winter

As we discussed:

the only physics of immortality- clearly is achieving sustainable (conjugate/fractal) charge distribution- for your plasma/aura (KA) before and after death.

We looked at how - useful it was - that Laurence Gardner- after writing a whole book on the academic scholarship of THE SACRED ARK- concluded that the huge unpacked orbital field around gold powder - called PLANES OF SHARON- ( phase conjugate dielectric) - is the Hebrew word for HEAVEN for a good scientific reason. Namely - that perfect charge distribution is EXACTLY what human immortality is. (witness the Orion star map fractality of the HOPI - sacred burial ground).

Monoatomics as fractal conjugate conjugators: , gold powder in history and science:

below- the ARK mounted MANNA MACHINE- vs the precise conjugate 4 wave mixing of Keshe monoatomics plasma reactor ( for propulsion/energy/precipitates living manna)

(see also Keshe MAGRAV- efficiently converts US Navy into chicken feed)

How conjugate (plasma) rotation creates (plasma) propulsion (equations in pdfs).

Note to the American's who wish to file FORMAL COMPLAINT AGAINST THE U.S. GOVERNMENT- for declaring conjugate plasma propulsion knowledge (the only electrical definition of BEING A SHAMAN / 'plasma projective')

You file this complaint - BECAUSE this knowledge- IS THE ONLY WAY THROUGH DEATH!.. (This also explains why-as Ray Moody documents- teams of surgeons now affirm how the black hole like death experience- is dramatically contagious to those nearby.)

(see link-pdf - Kowsky Frost- rf phase conjugate pump wave in quartz piezo helix generates 600 times its own weight in gravity)


We discussed how Akunahton - screwed up his main assignment from the Sirians- ("Extraterrestrial King- Akunahton" Daniel Stewart) which was to build a plasma projective - soul saving - star map bliss temple AMARNA- (discussion/images: , ) forcing him to change his name to MOSES (AKU running for his life- from the DRAKU/amun- bankers) - and (as Gardner confirms) start the Essenes by stealing the ARK- the cash machine - for gold powder making. (I have memories from Tut's time- which is the karma of his incomplete mission)

The point being that the real deep unconscious reason for religion wars- is access to interstellar plasma projection TEMPLES- which are functionally the only access to immortality. Bliss process there must be accompanied by stargate - fractal plasma implosion physics- the real definition of SHEM.

We also discussed how stupid is the religion war over JERUSALEM- ( URU= ancient dragon/draco blood, ASSA= queen of, EL= place of the PHASE SHIFT/ PLASMA PROJECTOR)- since that interstellar plasma projector is broken beyond repair (interstellar conjugate capacitive coupled linkages alignment broken).

We recommended all study carefully what the ancient SUMER / DRACO called DIRANNA - or STAR GATE- ( see ANTON PARKS- STARGATES / DIRANNA: ) to understand the plasma physics of their construction. Not just transportation hubs- they were functionally the only way to get your plasma aura- unstuck from a kindergarten -a long way from downtown.

Remember if your ET arrives in heavy metal, instead of inside a living plasma bubble- then you KNOW they are from the 'wrong side of the tracks' (a message often lost in bad wu wu hygiene), we call this 'The Montauk Mistake'.
Like the Tibetan - red lion/ green lion- method of implosive aura shrink- living plasma bubble is also - the only way out!


below- mapping- Edinburg- today a world leading leader in (soul-less) cloning. (witness the agonizing death of Dolly the sheep- designed by the leader of Rosslyn)

Maybe Enki/Sam is having other thoughts about his other name: NUDIMUD (the CLONER).

E-DIN (Place of Annunaki) - BURG (B -container or birth of - UR - Draco/dragon blood , G - generation)


Methinks the SOUL-O-MON temple design- UK - is also a failure- without the ability to understand the physics of living plasma projection (conjugate implosion).

Dan Winter .

(David Ritchie- material came thru Brian Adams- follows- 2 images, credited properly: fair use)

More for David Alan Ritchie -WE THE SKYTHIANS - see

zooming in..

Brian Adams <>
"I lecture in architecture at the university of dundee. as a student here way back in the 70's
I knew that architectural education was missing many things.
As an analogy imagine when you enter a strange space with your lap top to give a presentation.
First you connect the lap top to the electric circuits. You place the cable plug into a swithched outlet.
If you arrived in that space from another planet of course you might attempt to connect the cable plug into any arbitrary point on the wall.

Years ago I recognised that in placing buildings on the earth we as a species are not recognising the implicit ring mains and energetic
networks of the earth.
From this awareness I built large pyramids and tested people for brain waves, skin resistance, etc.
All of this has over 30 years led me to our presaent knowledge.

A friend and I have uncovered on the earth a very vital vibrational
energetic grid.
This we call The Earth Based Pythagorean Geomantic Grid, it is
incredible in its simplicity whilst being complex,
it is present throughout the planet whilst this presence has been one
of the great guarded secrets of all time.

Every tribal grouping on earth has in the past knowledge of this grid
whilst the shamans who held the knowledge were few in number.
The megalith builders used the system, the earliest spiritual
collectives incorporated the system and it even explains why the Romans
came to Britain.


Actually this collective of earth grid and earth zodiac is only the
start of a package of future emissions on
dna, em spectrum, newtonial fluxations, etc.

Look out world we are going to Release The Truth over the next 2
With this goes responsibility and we do not take that lightly.

brian adams


The attachment is the Grid Map of the uk mainland sector