Media BlackOut on Eruption in Sumatra (Krakatoa Complex) Portends to Blind Us To:
Arrival of Galactic SuperWave..

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"Make Your Gravity BEFORE-Arrival of Galactic SuperWave.." Dan Winter suggested - "I feel a sense of urgency since my personal lucid dream of global blackout and high water, of about 1 month ago- specifically - left the word KRAKATOA echoing in my head when I woke up". (The hi water lucid dreams of MANY others noted below).

We start with - latest note from Jen.. (info on Jen in 3rd note below) "Hi everyone. David Gregson just sent me this. I told you that there is media blackout on it here in the UK. I found it very interesting that this region is opposite Yellowstone, corroborating the theory of inner planetary symmetry. I'm getting some great emails and links following my last one ( ) - thanks everyone.

(Insert note from Dan - Yellowstone , US is where tourists are being expelled now because the soles of their shoes are burning off regularly- exact opposite on polar tilt from Sumatra - below)

>From: david <> >To: 911group >Subject: Mega volcano in Sumatra can be devastating to the human civilization
>Early signs of mega volcano in Sumatra very close to where the Tsunami happened - it can be devastating to the human civilization
>Staff Reporter - Apr. 18, 2005 -
>Volcanic ashes have made thousands of people in Sumatra flea the
>active volcanic regions that are experiencing harmonic tremor and
>some solid signs of an eminent mega volcano in that region soon. The
>recent volcanic activities with the accompanying harmonic tremor
>since last week is alarming and is making many geologists run
>towards their computer model for finding clues and validation of
>Toba in Sumatra experienced the massive volcano of VEI 8.0 ­ super
>volcano 74,000 years back. The deep Java trench marks the line where
>the Indo-Australian plate subducts, i.e. slips under, the section of
>the Eurasian plate on which Indonesia sits. While sinking, the
>Indo-Australian plate heats up and its water content turns to
>superheated steam under enormous pressure. Prodigious energies are
>generated and the volcanoes on the fault line release a part of
>these energies. The speed of that push is 70 mm (2.75 in.) per year,
>adding up to more than 5 km (3.1 miles) in the 73,000 years since
>the last major Toba eruption.
>According to computer models, somewhere near Toba, along the fault
>line there may be another super volcano getting ready for eruption.
>3.1 mile sinking of Indo-Australian plate under the Eurasian Plate
>in the last 74,000 years has created enough magma for a super
>The recent series of volcanoes in that area have increased the level
>of alarm. Some of the quakes mistaken as aftershocks were harmonic
>tremors signifying lava movements. If Toba or along Toba the
>volcanic eruption take place, it can bring the human civilization to
>its knees. This has the potential 3000 cubic Kilometer of eruption.
>That can be so devastating that earth may experience a drop in
>temperature of 30degrees Fahrenheit for many years. It can actually
>larger than the one Toba experienced 74,000 years back.
>The volcanic activities in the regions in the past week may be
>signaling an eminent mega volcano a sort of repeat of what happened
>74,000 years back. One interesting fact is that this area is just on
>the opposite side in the globe from the "Yellow Stone Hot Spot" in
>If a mega volcano happens in Sumatra of VEI 8.0. it can be
>catastrophic to our civilization. The ashes will engulf the whole
>world with serious reparation on livelihood, agriculture and
>weather. Last time it wiped out almost 75% of all living beings on
>the land surface on the earth. -

reprinted from yesterday's

 Extending the Seyfert Galaxy Orgasm trigger for Solar Max dialog at - Author of Voynich Manuscript and the Approaching Eye of the Galactic Superwave.. writes.. "Hi Dan,....The galactic superwave, which was more than likely about halfway here when the last major event hit, will simply obliterate life if someone does not step into the mix. My approach has dealt with the information given to abductees over the last fifty years, as well as the search in history for the thread that explains this. The answers as down to earth. "They" are here for the event - and, as was said to one abductee that was shown a horrific looking sky: When you see the sky look like this, know that we are coming.--Regards Jim...
They thought the Voynich manuscript was just a star map to show the Cathar shaman where to steer at death - but much more it is to show our genepool where to steer at it's death (into the eye of the storm)-- To quote Dr LaViolette from his book, (about the astrophysics etc. of the Galactic SuperWave - compression?) --- "Earth Under Fire";

"According to a legend told by the Hopi Indians, the present world civilization is not the first to populate the earth. Before this one, there were three other "worlds", each terminated by a global catastrophe. They call the present world cycle the "Fourth World", and claim that it too like the others before it, will one day come to an end. They say that this ending will be heralded by the appearance of Saquasohuh, the Blue Star spirit.
Since the cores of distant exploding galaxies are observed to have a bright blue star-like appearance, it is reasonable to expect that the core of our own Galaxy would have a similar appearance during its explosive phase. So the legendary appearance of the Blue Star could be referring to an explosion of our Galaxy's core.... Several hundred years after the first appearance of the Blue Star, earth observers would have become aware of lighting effects resulting from the Superwave's passage through the galaxy's central buldge. Sychrotron radiation emitted by the Superwave's cosmic rays, would have illuminated the dense gas clouds in the Galaxy's nucleus to create an oval luminous form around the Blue Star...Dense clouds of dust obscure visible light coming from this region. However, during its bright active phase, some light would have penetrated. This frightening spectacle may have appeared to ancient inhabitants as a gigantic punishing "Eye" in the sky, the entire form occupying about a 16 degree field of view, or about 32 solar diameters. The "iris", would have a diameter of about, 4 degrees with a brilliant light emanating from its central pupil--the Blue Star."

---Paul LaViolette author of Galactic Superwave - also writes:4/17/05 (in response to my note) from Dan: "it seems to me - that the concept of self similar or fractal arrangement for dialectric charge centers (capacitors in a cone optimized by phi - making gravity) may be essential principle? >>"

to which Paul responds: "I don't know exactly what you mean by the above. My concept is simple: positive charge (protons) produce positive mass (G potential wells), negative charge (electrons) produce negative mass (G potential hills). Contrary to general relativity, there are two polarities for gravity and these are correlated with electric charge. These are predictions from a theory I have developed called subquantum kinetics. Thus far subquantum kinetics has had 10 of its a priori predictions verified by observation so this sets it appart from most other theories on electrogravitics.

If you want to learn more about my work in this area I suggest you read my book Subquantum Kinetics and my paper on the B-2 which is in the book Electrogravitics Systems edited by T. Valone. They can be ordered from or at the website.,Best regards, Paul LaViolette"

to which Dan returned: (the reason negative charge produces gravity) " ... the centripedal nature of what is called negative charge is directly due to charge attraction due to fractality - when that charge attraction becomes broad spectral enough ( the same harmonic inclusiveness optimized by phi that defines resistance to disease in heart hrv -explaining the eeg / ekg access to voltage from gravity during bliss-shown in power spectra as phi harmonics ) - this suction is called gravity - because this creates a charge path out thru lightspeed -"dan winter


reprinted from April 15-

3. Krakatoa rumbling - mass dreams of high water - feels like very soon.

- note from Dan Winter - we posted you of my personal lucid dreams of Krakatoa, skys darkening, and dramatic global rise in water level - Babel-An,URUk,5Continents Threatened-Gravity Makers Survive? , suggesting the Asian tsunami was just a small beginning - also - implicating the galactic seyfert burst (orgasm ) timing of the solar wind maxima:

At that time and since numerous lucid dreamers ( Michael Rice in Ireland, Gareth in Sydney? ) have reported very similar images. The dream images suggested that while the plasma arc bursts of the current solar wind peaks and probable meteor / comet storms, were bleeding the coherence bubble of the Earth's crust first - in SouthEast asia / Indonesia , that shortly the resultant rupture would definitely be felt globally. As always our STRONG recommendation is that you get over 400 or so feet above sea level and seek hi wind shelter, and store seeds, potable water etc. Also many urban areas may become dangerous as culture breaks down during the chaos. Places where magnetic lines have been totally fractionated for years of urban hell ( we just drove thru the Milan poisonous bioregion for example ) are definitely not likely to survive the immanent solar wind. ( only long wave magnetic fractality can avoid destructive heat during the such useful tests for compressibility to produce acceleration / implosion - as death and rapture and solar wind. )

It seems appropriate here to add now - todays email from Jen M. , ( ) our honorary Dragon Queen mother ( her memories of ET origins and galactic origins were featured at and ).

"Hi everyone! This is the first time that I've written to so many of my friends about the same thing - but I feel that I need to share some of the recent news and indicators concerning Earth Changes on a major scale.

I've forwarded the latest news from Mitch Battros, who is a popular figure in the US and who is getting some major interest in the theory of geomagnetic storms and seismic activity. If you're interested subscribe to his free newsletter. He is excellent for getting the latest Earth Changes info. out.

It seems that there has been a media blackout here in the UK concerning the earthquake, volcanic eruption and the rumbling of Krakatoa in Indonesia. It was on the early news thurs. eve. but then it disappeared and was not in the fri. newspapers. Is anyone getting this news - I'd be interested in links please? It should certainly be in Aus. media.

The likelihood of another 'super-eruption' from the site of the old Krakatoa seems to be increasing, as the 'Ring of Fire' is stirring. The number of waves of cosmic radiation, including solar activity are increasing in regularity - as Mitch says there have been 3 this week, causing Geomagnetic storms, and then seismic activity within 72hrs. A major eruption in the Sumatra area would mean the rapid dissemination of ash and gases around the planet, both N & S hemispheres, as the volcano is so close to the equator. This would be bad news, plunging earth into a period of greatly decreased solar warmth, and plummeting temps.

Coupled with the news that more parts of Yellowstone Nat. Park have been closed due to people's shoes melting under them on some paths - temps. of 200deg. F being recorded and the expansion of the underlying magma chamber, it seems that we are heading for a bumpy ride between now and 2012.

I am not an alarmist!! However, this is a crucial time in our evolution. Stories from the Ancestors ( Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Mayan, Inkan, Kogi, Aus. Aboriginal, Maori and Hawai'ian, Hopi and many other First Nation,and many, many more), show so many correlations between the end of the "Long Count' (circa.2012)- the precessional cycle of 25,920 (+-) - and major Earth changes and cataclysms, that they cannot be ignored.Well, they can be, but that is a very dangerous bit of Ostrich thinking, and sorts out those who are informed enough and who are sufficiently self-empowered to do something about the survival of themselves and their future generations.

My bit of pontificating is that it is way beyond time that we came out of denial, and started planning and supporting one another in these 'End Times' (as the S. American Peruvian Q'ero call them - ). As someone who is working with, studying and researching the stories of our Ancestors; studying Planetary Science at post-grad. level; and is part of a large global community of sustainability seekers; I feel that I am well placed to be sharing understanding from many different disciplines and sources of wisdom.

So, I am looking at setting up a 'web-log' - a regular journal of daily news, views,links to good sites, and thoughts on these times. I would like you all to contribute, as I respect all of you greatly. I'm not sure how it works yet, so stay tuned. I want a 'blog' because anyone can access it and I feel that this needs to be shared in the web too.It will also be very therapeutic for me as I am seeing the indications and feeling pretty powerless to help.And if it is just the paranoia of my mid-life transition, then I'll laugh with you all in 2013!!!!!!!

I'm holding my first workshop at the Findhorn Community at the beg. of May, on Earth Changes - the Indigenous and Contemporary Science and Meta-physics of. I hope to expand my network of seminars and workshops, as I am bursting to share this knowledge!!!

I am also helping to arrange a group going to visit the Q'ero elders in Peru in Oct./Nov.this year (Earth Changes permitting of course), and then escorting them to my 'country' near Byron Bay in Australia, as a cultural 'exchange' of knowledge and 'Earth Business' with the Bunjalung Nation.If you feel drawn to this let me know. It seems that this trip is a fulfillment of strengthening very, very, very, very ancient alliances. It wont be a tourist thingie. The Q'ero elders have a serious message about the 'End Times' and our transition to the next world to share with us. I'll post more news as it comes.

In the meantime, High Thoughts and Fiery Hearts to us all! Stay tuned. Jen Marquis

>Subject: ECTV/Breaking News - 3rd Kp Index Spike This Week, Watch for Geo-Magnetic Waves
>Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 23:39:19 -0400
>3rd Kp Index Spike This Week, Watch for Geo-Magnetic 'Waves'
>by Mitch Battros ­ ECTV
>For the third time this week, the Kp Index has spiked for yet still unknown reasons. If my theory holds true, watch for "waves" or "rolling events" to occur. For example, I would not be surprised to see consecutive events such as earthquakes, volcanoes or freak storms to occur within days of each other. Of course we know of aftershocks occurring post event, but I am talking about unrelated events. Perhaps a large quake in the Sumatra area, then two days later an equal or near equal large quake in Mexico. Yes, one could argue they are connected via fault lines, or via the larger circumference known as the 'ring of fire', but I am not relating to this. I am suggesting several 'separate' events caused by "waves" of geo-magnetic storms coming in one behind the other. This type of phenomena might also suggest a first wave setting off, then a second or third wave hitting the same region escalating or magnifying a single event.
>Another consideration would be a "wave" of volcanic activity. Volcanologist tell us there is not a 'domino' effect when it comes to volcanoes. I would agree. Yes, volcanoes are connected in the sense of 'ring of fire', but they are not connected as if there were an underground funnel or chamber that connects one to the other. (Not horizontal anyway). Yes, one can certainly say there are 'vertical' chambers that would connect a volcano to the Earth's core or mantel. There is one exception however, that is the calderas such as Yellowstone super-volcano, Long Valley, and Toba. With these (caldera volcano's) there is indeed horizontal magma chambers that connect different parts of the caldera which would vent in different geographical areas within the caldera itself. There could be several miles between each vent giving the effect of separate volcanoes.
>Reminder: The above scenarios are theoretical possibilities based on scientific facts. However, this does not mean any of the above scenarios will occur. In fact, it is very possible nothing at all will happen. So please let us all put on our hats of discernment and view this as a very public 'outcome study'. For those of you unfamiliar with research, outcome studies are often used to help provide proof of theory. This is always done in private with only the statisticians and researchers involvement. What I am doing is certainly outside of any scientific standards. This process of engagement is involving you with every step of my research. Usually this would all be done behind the scenes, then at some point, I would make a public announcement telling of my findings. I am trying something new and I hope you support this method. I know there could be some who are upset, and not wishing to be involved wanting only the final results. So let me know your thoughts and I can adjust accordingly. My approach does elicit the need of a more balanced and grounded individual who is not easily persuade of changing facts.
>More information coming forward regarding NEA (near earth asteroid) "2005 ED318". This one is pretty darn close. Could a near miss asteroid have enough gravitational pull to affect the Kp Index? Not likely, but I have a feeling there are other energy fields related to celestial orbs that very well could Earth's magnetic field. Watch for an upcoming newsletter.

>Mitch Battros
>Producer - Earth Changes TV

reprinted from Jan 18-

Mayan Elders on Jan 10: - "It is predicted that the recent destruction that occurred in Indonesia will now happen on five Earth continents."
Note from Dan - "After 5 or more of us - had separate lucid dreams of flooding during our recent Ireland talks, our best dowsing as to WHEN - suggested - around end of February. You should take action on this ONLY if your intuition CONFIRMS this. Action, among other things, would consist probably of arranging to be higher than 300-600 feet above sea level, but sheltered from high wind - at least for the better part of February and into March. - This Article suggests alignment with fractally arranged magnetic lines - for better ( lucid dreaming ) compressibility and leverage on gravity stability is also critical. All sources are in agreement that responding with fear would be counter-productive. Challenge: See this as a potentially evolutionary push / test to successful compression - bliss."

 Urgent Call of Mayan Elders of Guatemala 1/10/2005

Through the old techniques of divination and tools of prophecy, Mayan Elders are summoning humanity at this moment to pay greater attention to the messages that Mother Earth is sending us and they request us to put into action immediately that which we have been summoned for, to be united in a effort to again bring balance on our planet.

It is predicted that the recent destruction that occurred in Indonesia will now happen on five Earth continents. This message is not meant to induce fear, or we need to accept all that is, however, through the Heart we can harmonize and commune with Mother Earth to aid in Her transition without the need for human devastation. This is a call for action.
The Elders are worried and the reason why has been announced in recent divinations. A call goes out to all of humanity to recognize its true leaders and to work arduously on a spiritual level thereby avoiding imminent devastation.
(The message -continued at link above - goes on to recommend global prayer and unity ).

Quoting from previous : from a larger than Earth informed perspective with the arriving solar winds etc., the ET's would know that the rising waters of the Asian Tsunami are but a minor prelude to what must come soon (hi water, hi wind etc.) due to solar maxima linked to galactic wind - see . As a result from their perspective this event could be a helpful advance warning to help us make the simple choice to leave sea level housing. Unfortuneately since the global community totally fails to hear even this basic message - their feeble attempts at reconstruction - would be from the ET perspective doomed and worthless. From this view - altho various technologies (lo frequency scalar HAARP like - etc) can create or shield us from some Earthquake activity - they would not serve us by shielding us from the long term effects of Solar Wind. We must appropriately learn how to survive and steer implosive compression (make gravity in our very genes) - or die. It's LIFE OR DEATH. ( ).

More from

Evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs controlling tectonic movements, earthquakes and Tsunamis through electromagnetic flux
Staff Reporter Apr. 18, 2005

Geologists and Physicists are perplexed at some new data analysis of a phenomenon that is well known for many decades. For the first time it is shedding some light on a the fact that many UFO researchers believed for many years ­ Extraterrestrial UFOs control the tectonic movements and the resultant earthquakes as well as resulting Tsunamis.

For many decades a strange phenomenon has surprised the scientific community. It is called earthquake lights. During earthquakes and just before the massive tectonic movements, people experience strange lights in the sky. Many have for many years taken these lights as bunch of hoax.

Recent advancements in the research in electromagnetic flux and resulting effects have shed new light into these "Earthquake Lights". According to researchers, these lights are intense electromagnetic force fields or "point concentrated" electromagnetic flux. Those who have experienced these lights all over the world have not been able to describe these lights in a consistent manner. Some describe these as searchlight, some say these are light dispersed in the cloud or fog and there are some who just these are something like lightening or fireballs in the sky.

There are some beliefs that these earthquake lights are created by earth's electromagnetic flux during such high release of energy during tectonic movements and earthquakes. Researchers now have found that these lights do not occur in all tectonic tremors. The lights are seen only in non-harmonic tremors (signifies non volcanic tremors) and in many cases they are just not there if the length of the tremor period is considerably less.

The new findings point towards artificial electromagnetic flux trying to create or more like prevent large tectonic movements. In many cases the lights point towards a focused concentrated electromagnetic flux application on a specific spot to accelerate or prevent the tectonic movements.

The scientific evidences point towards extraterrestrial UFOs manipulating the tectonic plates through focused application of electromagnetic flux. Eventually in the next fifty to hundred years, some physicists believe that terrestrial technologies will also advance to control earthquakes and Tsunamis in a very similar way.

and Finally - in the spirit of "It's Life or Death to MAKE YOUR OWN GRAVITY - to avoid being blown away by the Solar Compression wave

(bringing to mind: "The fact that virtually no scientist on planet Earth could make gravity with an electric circuit (fractal capacitor) even if his life depended on it (and it does! ) is not evidence that it is difficult or complicated. It is merely evidence of the arrogant stupidity of most Western Science. (and of the fear motivator of the secret keepers in advanced military) "- from

Redesigning civilization for BIOLOGIC CHARGE COMPRESSION/BLISS- (Gravity Making) It's Life or Deat.. It's LIFE OR DEATH. ( ). ... )

we reprint:

Tibetans monks can become invisible and fly ­ stealth and anti-gravity reverse engineering from UFOs?
Staff Reporter, Apr. 9, 2005 -

It is well known in Tibet that Tibetan monks can perform some spectacular miracles. They can become invisible and fly. Some say that super natural capabilities helped the monks during Chinese invasion of Tibet.

Similar strange super natural activities are also shown by the Hindu Hermits in deep Himalayas especially near Mount Kailash ­ a sacred place of worship for Hindus and Tibetan Buddhists.

Though the Tibetan Monks do not show these kinds of super natural activities in the public, many in Tibet believes they have the capabilities. In Hinduism, it is very common. Fighting behind the stealth cover and using anti-gravity lift is nothing new in the Ramayana and Mahabharata ­ the legendary epics that form the basis of Hinduism.

The electromagnetic flux and anti-gravity lift can be approached from the point of view of Physics. But human soul is also a source of portable high intensity energy. With the power of will and concentration the energy source can also create anti-gravity lift harnessing dark matters all around and electromagnetic flux. Though we may look at Physics and be content with its knowledge, we also need to look at the power of soul and knowledge embedded in it that is never programmed to be revealed in any of us so easily.

Anti-gravity lift can be created with spiritual concentration. Similarly, stealth providing electromagnetic flux is also possible from the same source. Many countries are looking into these paranormal effects and are finding spectacular results. Many believe that the extraterrestrials have similar power and their science is based on spirituality. It can be that sooner or later our current civilization will realize that science alone is not the answer to all questions. Everything cannot be explained by out traditional Quantum Physics and similar other aspects of science and technologies. The reason is that our science is not advanced enough to answer all that. We are still far behind.

There is another aspect. Like now we finding, the Universe is not the end, there many Universes that form the Mega-Universe and where are Mega-Mega Universes and so on.

According to ancient civilizations, everything becomes clear once one can focus and use the knowledge of our own soul. According Tibetan Monks, they reverse engineered the knowledge from the extraterrestrial super beings using spiritual means and not conventional scientific means.

postcript: a few relevant (getting heavy with gravity makiing ) images from the PowerPoint MultiMedia - used for the course:

- epilog- SHE made Gravity! >