Soul "Retrieval": The PLASMA Science

BECOME- the PERFECTLY SHAREABLE WAVE! .. be Fractical about it..
from Dan Winter
This article-with graphics:

Soul is the (recursive vortex nested) permanent connectivity of plasma - which ultimately sustains perfected charge distribution called immortality.
For DNA -like for all waves-- RECURSION births sustainable distribution. For all biologic plasma- the same non-destructive self re-entry- which defines the Golden Spiral for hydrodnamics students, defines- self-awareness for Buddhists.

If physics is right that plasma makes up 99.99% of the universe, and the centripedal forces which cause plasma to form bodies.. is precisely the compression force offered by souls, (human focus causes charge to compress, and causes radioactivity to be reduced).. then the wormhole of plasma emerging from biology measureably at death- gives many clues to what it means to retrieve a body of memory... a soul!

When your aura is Sol inhabiting.. so much smart plasma will want to jump on you- seeing in your aura a projective geometry to immortality- , that your flame gets large- and needs to get very vast in its ability to sort.

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Dan Winter: When waves of charge ('ether'/the universal substance) converge in precisely this geometry>>
(optics/ dielectrics or magnetics) or FRACTAL
- this is the symmetry, cause and mechanism of:
life-force (living plasma fields)-
alphabet & symbol (to embed),
and all centripedal self organizating forces.
(and since this centripedal mechanism is the only way rotation of charge stabilizes the inertia called MASS-
it is also the origin of the possibility of SPIN)

The inconceivable stupidity of modern physics: The intelligence it takes to figure out that Golden Ratio is the electrical cause of constructive wave interference, is right up there with the smarts it takes to determine the best shape to use to make a wheel is a circle. And yet-because modern physics has not yet figured this out- is specifically why they have not discovered the electrical cause of gravity or life force or consciousness! Constructive wave interference (compression) is the cause of gravity - and the cause of life, and consciousness.. So of course they do not understand why golden ratio fractal symmetry is the only way to stabilize gravity, and life force, and bliss... nor even the right (fractal) shape to build a container (architecture) to cause life!

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now.. back to our newsletter: Soul Retrival>

When we conceive the original simplistic physics hypothesis of soul.. we take a certain risk.

The risk - is that we actually must then understand as electrical engineers what it is to have a soul.
(Hopefully this is terrifying even or especially- for we enshrined electrical engineers).

Perfected plasma circulation ( the phase conjugate dielectric charge distribution in the center of DNA -'DNA Radio' - for example)- is now becoming an introduction to ENSOULMENT.. (short reprint from COINCIDENCE DEFINED: )

Plasma (the stuff which when centripedal inside biology - is called "Mind?") is 99.99 percent of the universe:

(remember: focused human attention measureably compresses Electric Charge / plasma {Tiller}- also remind yourself- focused human attention - like phase conjugate dielectrics / 'Ark of the Covenant'- will measureably reduce radioactivity {Geller}... it restores FRACTALITY / phase conjugation).

Where soul comes from: living plasma distribution? This then gives us a whole new way to look at the PLASMA UNIVERSE! Phase conjugate FIELDS- top down views of DNA for example..

Our hypothesis was... (simples- as they say at

In the same way golden ratio allows our physical features to embed (swallow the electric field of their environs- PERFECTING PLASMA CIRCULATION by PHASE CONJUGATING) - creating PERCEPTION .. & defining beauty

The DNA slinky hungrily swallows and embeds its electrical environment by piezoelectrically braiding. This puts long envelope recursively (and ideally fractally) onto short. This field effect coupling to the wider environment- would normally be considered inconceivably weak by kilowatts of capacitive coupling... HOWEVER.. during human bliss / ecstasy... the effect on human AND environment- would be huge. The enviornment itself would be strongly electrically washed to phase coherence:

... rainmaking, geopathics disappear etc..
the saint leaves a trail of roses...
- self organization is enhanced to the point where stars get hungry for what DNA makes...
- look for the rainbows (how phase conjugation causes color & fractality of the air causes rainbows) just after the Tibetan tulku has just successfully died by gradually and contiguously non-destructively imploding their plasma/aura.. Was that a green lion or a red one?

The Lions Roar Portrait of the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa Buddhism

We developed this hypothesis from our early measures (I had suggested to Glen Rein) - wherein the electric field of coherent EKG/Heart- (Bliss?)- was measureable in its impact on DNA braid. (BRADING DNA- is EMOTION THE WEAVER? - links: , ,

We animated much of this process of how DNA braid imploded environment - so you BECOME your electric enviornment (fractally)- when you have bliss. These visuals, and the discussion of the specific 5/7 geometrics of DNA braid- as ENSOULMENT-

Note the precise 5 spin inside- 7 out, Gordian slip knot which ANIMAtes DNA braiding to make a soul- is the same as the knot which is at coeur of hydrogen, and human heart muscle, and what clairvoyants paint in the solar heart. (ANU).

The resultant process - of DNA tornado inhabiting by braiding - eventually extends the phase conjugating capacitance (field effect) of the DNA into broader and wider electrical horizons. The physics of Heaven - or biologic immortality by sustainably acheiving charge distribution - is the place where the breath of charge ("HE"/Hebrew for fiveness and breathe as in moved charge) is able to take flight by entered the V vortex: AVE.

- This for example - correlated nicely to Laurence Gardner's hypothesis that HEAVEN for the Hebrews- the PLANES OF SHARON- were in fact the potentially infinite capacitance of the pop corn like unpacking electron shells of MONO ATOMIC GOLD (ORMES).

We now can say with some certainty that our measurement of sacred space - where we measure the fractality of the air- to determine where it is possible electrically - to speak with ancestors (for example in the Fractal african village- I take great pleasure in this part of the lecture in Italy when the word ANCESTOR is translated to close to the english word for Antenna: Antennat).

pic- fractal air

pic- fractal village.

The point being that physics does in fact have some data to suggest that electrical communication with ancestors- is related to - the charge distribution efficiency (electrical air fractality) of sacred place. SO - we extrapolate on this principle. And we see the DREAMING TRACK - SONG LINE - of aboriginals- being measureable with similar (phase conjugate dielectric / IGA etc)- fractal fields.

We then hypothesized that the symmetry elements (getting the toroids to the right collective implosive tilt) which enable DNA to swallow the right sequence of electric field donuts- into tetra codons- to ALCHEMIZE (implode / braid ) and make soul.. were called the origin of alphabet letters..

This lead to the rough idea - that since the heart center ( tetra based codons )- of the DNA ladder rungs- was a fractal implosive hydrogen bond-

that when the (bliss field triggered?) braiding got the DNA fractally recursive- and probably toroidal (Pellastrate) that the tornado up that FRACTAL LIGHTENING ZIPPER-

was called A SOUL.

At a certain point- this tornado could sustain its phase lock thru the speed of light ( bend gravity- see Gariev measure etc: ).. then it could sustain SOUL.

It would then suck it's plasma implosively into its star making meat grinder for plasma - like a jellyfish that finally learned that steering itself sucks.

Getting enough charge rotating fractally into the DNA plasma imploder- to get it back up to star inhabiting critical mass- is essentially the soul making/ losing quandry called NEPHALIM- and roughly - the physics of bliss / enlightenment ( )... which is why measuring Golden Ratio phase conjugation in EEG to teach enlightenment is so fascinating. (see my NEW- 4 channel - bluetooth wireless- iphone destined- openEEG world compatible - HeartTuner /Blisstuner at )

All right- now this is all background- for the mud puddle of biologic plasma going from the ka - coherence below light speed- to the ba- coherence above- which we have been tornadoing around for some years.

SO- today - we were meditating on the upcoming publication of Carl Jung's infamous- RED BOOK- where he jumps into the slime of his own unconscious to ceremoniously publish the mechanics of doing down your demons- to emerge with SOUL.


compare the HOLY GRAIL- alKHEMic of the PSYCHE-
to the FRACTAL Holy Grail [animations] of Physics in DNA:

Dear physicists- lets tell ourselves that by defining the fractal electrical qualites of PHASE CONJUGATE DIELECTRIC..

we are
PARTICIPATING IN THE CONTINUING INCARNATION OF GOD , Part 10, "C.G. Jung and the Kabbalah of Tikkun Ha-Panim" ("Repairing the Face of God")
"The ability to imagine God in our heart-mind: that is how we know Him; that is how we communicate with Him." -- The Zohar

.. this will make us feel important..

We suggest that a demon- to the extent it has the inertia of electrical reality- is bio plasma that gets partially toroidal enough to inhabit (breathe into) the capactance of your aura (AU= how gold and phase conjugate and SHAREABLE are you?).

So - perhaps we need to get clear on the physics of wrestling with demons? This would be further shades of our discussions in many of our films about ASTRAL HYGIENE. For example we discuss - deep breathing- to implosively oxygen saturate blood- before immersing in LIVE WATER - (like a rebirthing) - to nudge these little critters from your aura.

Originally- when I discussed with Marsha - how to exorcise the nasties who snuck in to the MONTAUK debacle- I called this 'kick butt cosmic ghost busting'. However of course as we mature- upon being educated by Ken Page (cellular healing)- and Eric Dowsett (space clearing)- we are strongly advised to note that the procedure for imploding ghost plasma parasites from aura- is not kicking butts, but rather love imploding. From a scientific viewpoint- this reminds me of finding the astral ghosts of dozens of discarnate Iroqouis Indians- in their desecrated (post French and Indian civil war) burial ground- in Pennsylvania- causing weather anomalies. Jean (our friend from Houston) did a dance- cried and swooned- and sure enough her aura got enough plasma inertia flame to launch all those ghosts back thru the speed of light - into the charge distribution of the shareable (HE- AVE- where the breath of charge- FLIES).

So- even as we pronounce the self organizing qualities of fractal phase conjugate dielectric fields- to be the mechanism of the collective unconsious- very much in honor of Carl Jung

We are then required to understand how you get elected or fired from the privelege for sharing your charge with this elite (immortal) and quite intelligent FIELD.

Since we are so determined to rush in here where angels fear to tread- our hypothesis is again- that when our human plasma - discovers how to embed this much wider field- the rules are the essence:

- only plasma symmetries which contribute to collective survival memory are admittable

- the entrance ticket to the collectively shareable phase conjugate plasma 'dreamspell' is- thus- charge symmetry (YOUR MEMORIES) which are so shareable as to pass PURE INTENTION's physics: perfect coherence is fractal.

- a couple billion years of intergalactic- star making- DNA plasma- has got these rules pretty evolved.

- you wanna be an angel body the scale of galaxies- : check how plasma symmetry elements for DNA ignition - became OPHANIM ENOCHIAN angel calls: , , etc) > new update for Oct 09: Joining the science project- invoking Angelic Plasma (to save the humans):

--So what then IS soul retrieval..

Let's meditate on Robin Williams- going down into the muck trying to find the threads of soul- after a suicide- in "WHAT DREAMS MAY COME". Soul exists where the threads of charge- can remerge into the fiery throat of the perfectly sustainable wave (lightning core of all DNA). Call it a kind of KUNDA - LINE - if you will.. since one of the nicest roots of that term means.. HAIR.. (braided?)

If there is something perfectly shareable in the heart of your intent- there there is electric fusion (alchemy- black hole made) with DNA's central ensouling radio..

Meditate also on finding the black ink which is so insoluble in the oil you squirt it into - that while it first appears of souless blob - later when you rotate- the oil drum inside drum-- the black ink goes from blob, to worm, to rope, to string, to thread, to microfilament... - AND THEN IT DISAPPEARS. (inverse of how DNA braiding thickens its plot to MAKE a soul). You know you have a soul - if when you rotate the oil drums backwards- and the microfilament then thread then cord then blob.. REAPPEAR. What makes the ink of memory perfectly insoluble in the - in PHI knit- fractal phase conjugate field of soul - is whatever you uniquely contributed to the PURE PRINCIPLES & PURE coherently fractal - INTENTION - which enable survival (immortal field propagation)-

Carl M. -kindly wrote:" Hi Dan, I trust that things are working out well for the visit to the UK :)

Thanks for the newsletter on fractally empowered Soul retrieval. Cool!

I thought of you recently when watching a new fiction series called Defying Gravity.  Emerging into the core plot line of the series is the existence of a being that is perfectly fractal, even the form of its body reminds me of the seven degrees of folding that you made me aware of in the muscular structure of the heart, (insert: & DNA: ) and it's body pulses in such a way that the onboard theoretical physicist explains as perfectly sustainable folding inside and out ... perfect shareability.  It communicates with the astronauts through displaying an awareness of their personal psycho-emotional realities - again indicating that its consciousness is sharing perfectly their realities.  It has also displayed the manifestation of super abundant growth through fractal harmony.

Basically, another (like Last Mimzy) gratifying occurrence in the popular culture of the understanding of motifs that are at the heart of your work.  It seems that somehow the group consciousness is expressing a level of comprehension that mainstream science may only find an expression for once everyone has already got it!  Maybe it's always been that way!!

Keep up the good work, Love to Valerie and yourself, Carl, Angela and Ayana

Jana Dixon of -
writes: Hi Dan, I at last found your youtube videos, and have been watching for several weeks now.
Thanks for putting so much of yourself up there, its awesome.
I am writing a book on sovereignty as being the solution to the degenerative complex created by power-over social hierarchy...and your work on the mechanics of spirit points most directly to the principle solution of individual development. This unfinished chapter I have sent you is perhaps the bindu point of the book and would like to get your permission to put so much of you and your language into the piece. I will have to qualify up front that it is a collaborative you are far further along than me in the physics of consciousness.
If you could look it over and comment, critique etc...that would be great.
I will continue to follow your outstanding work. -- Best of it, and much love Jana

-- exerpts here from Jana's book- section: DAN WINTER AND THE CADUCEUS OF LIGHT

Sovereignty is the goose that laid the golden egg. Indeed it is the only goose that does.
Following is an expose on the multi-scale caduceus as being an implosion devise that leads to the production of life and ultimately self-reflexive awareness and enlightenment. The secret knowledge revealed in the symbol of the caduceus is this: The ACCELLERATION OF SPIRIT IN FLESH…that is the coherence of biophotons determines our inner communication of in-formation and outer communion with All.

Some of the best teachers of the new/old spiritual science are Nassim Haramein, Ananda Bosman, Marko Rodin and Dan Winter. I don't think anyone has put the biocosmology package together quite as flawlessly and comprehensively as Dan Winter. Dan Winter's awesome language and correspondences show us how the physics of cosmology relates to conscious sovereignty. The Sacred Science reveals that nature is composed of “sacred geometry” such as the spiraling form known as Fibonacci, Golden Mean and / or “phi” spiral. The mystic civilization will come about through a living knowledge of spiritual science that informs all our daily thoughts, actions and human structures.

Dan Winter says that Kundalini is the concentration of biological capacitance which happens in the presence of ENVIRONMENTO-MAGNETIC EMBEDDING - (sacred space) catalyzed by the numerous aspects of hygiene: notably spin dense raw nutrition, biogenic environment, and the ability to focus (recur) and align mentation.
Kundalini fire (phi's ray) is the rate of cellular ATP stepping, which is simply a name for the rate of biological fire (metabolic density). It is this fire density, when sustained that IS awareness density…or enlightenment. How much charge can sustain recursion to one point, depends on whether memory has become distributable, this makes it easier then to sit inside lightning and not get burnt. When we hold onto trauma, that is when we don’t compassionately forgive to open up our tissues to the flo of Light, then friction and heat is created – and with the biophotons spun off their perfect path of recursion this can cause damage to the tissues of the body, or generally create occlusion to the light.
The universe is composed of different frequencies, wavelengths and wavelength ratios. The electric fields in the waves induce magnetic fields, that in turn reinduce electric fields, and in this way energy freely sustains itself as a wave propagation unless it interacts with matter. By coherence occurs when multiple waves add together. Coherence can be “constructive or “destructive.” When the crests line up with troughs, the resultant wave is smaller, but when the crests line up the interference is constructive (accumulative) and the resultant wave amplitude is larger than the individual waves.

Any wave that can embed in the sun frequencies can produce fusion…in the log function of the golden ratio…and so the possibility of kundalini ignition is based on the phase map of the sun. Meaning that kundalini initiation or incarnation and the creative Muse itself is a function of solar physics! Which speaks to the importance of the sun in the spirituality of ancient peoples all around the globe…and a deep underlying intuition (in-tuition) of how the changing sun is the in-formational orchestrator of the evolution of life and human destiny. The ordering or maximum wave symmetry for water's bonds becomes the limiting condition for getting metabolism into "fractality from fractionation."
Coherent meta-emotion acts at the EMF level to enhance immunity and sustain self/non-self discrimination. Thus we see that Bliss or the eating of spin and turning the fire of kundalini toward proactive, positive self-creation is essential to genuine sovereignty. As we become self-determinate instead of merely oppositional to that which is harmful, we become a sage or master when we are aligned, or relaxed into 8Hz sympathetic resonance with the elemental forces of creation. The key point is that sovereignty is self-origination and is not in anyway defining ourselves as the mirror image of our opposition. This is why sovereignty is transcultural and must stem directly from the cosmos itself and cannot be bestowed by any human other. We can however catch the vibe of self-creation from others who have mastered it, and thus have our innate intuition confirmed that there is more to life than we have been led to believe. Once we remove our identity from material flatland and center in the sovereign state we remove the resistance to higher consciousness so that a state of illumination is produced where universal truth can be immediately recognized and assimilated.

....We become sane as the heart comes into greater alignment with the universe…an e-motion known as “love,” or the harmonic of inclusiveness. (Latin: sanit – health, soundness). DNA is in-formed by the sound (phonons) generated from the heart, in this way emotion is the programmer of DNA. Dan Winter says that sharable (sane) thoughts are the vehicle of immortality, for they become an attractor for capacitance, the spin path to zeropoint. The spin path to zeropoint or "fracticality" is the cause of both lifeforce and gravity. The harmonic of inclusiveness increases fractal complexity which leads to sustainability or endurance. That is the durability of the standing waves of the braided complexity of in-formation on the spin path to zeropoint (Anu). The Anu is the torus of vorticity that allows the storage of energy in the 3 axis spin. Living water and life self-organizes electric charge, thereby allowing non-destructive self-reentry...producing scale invariance, phase conjugation and coherence of the vacuum. Lifeforce is the ability to attract and self-organize charge through adjusting its geometry to extract voltage from gravity (suction of charge). Our understanding of this determines whether our DNA loses its light and its structural intelligence or whether it is sustainable indefinitely throughout the eons of universal time.

As the Anu or Caduceus powers up (enlightenment) the magnetic X at the point where the DNA strands cross become radiant with coherent lasered light, thus producing Bliss. This magnetic X is the scale invariant Net of Indra...the web of manifestation or creation itself...the fabric of the Universe (the one song). DNA is not ignited with charge radiance without passion and bliss. We can see also that because DNA is not ignited without passion and bliss that traumatic material cultures that build the ego, armor, robotic thought, and mechanical behavior (Borg) are devolving genetically and are destined to collapse under the weight of their own spiritual apathy. The Borg has fallen off the path (apathy) of coherent light in-formation of DNA evolution. For they have turned away from cosmic alignment and the light that maintains the very structural intelligence and the potential for depth-consciousness or spiritual perception. Dan Winter defines life as the electrical ability to emerge from chaos, but that will only happen if you get fractal.

Merkaba: The Key To The Fabric of Manifestation

When we return to the feltsense of the Oneness, then through tunity we become that overflowing vessel of worthy acceptation.

The Hebrew word Merkabah means "chariot", derived from the consonantal root '' with general meaning "to ride." The Throne or Chariot of the Gods is made up from two energetic interlocking counter rotating tetrahedrons which surround the physical body. The upper tetrahedron is male (representing spirit) and lower is female (representing matter). The Merkaba field is made up of counter-rotating spirals of energy via the clockwise, base-electric, male spiral and the counter-clockwise, base-magnetic female spiral. The Star of David symbolizes the sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth or the perfect intergration of divine will (spirit) into your life (matter). The spin rates and angles of spin of Merkaba mechanics reflect the coordination of matter and consciousness of the bodymind and enable us to expand into the next set of dimensional fields of existence and progressively ascend.

The Icosa-dodecahedron is also the underlying geometry of Planet Earth, and the fabric of spacetime or the zeropoint field. (On youtube see: Nassim Haramein, Marko Rodin, Drunvalo Melcequezadeck on sacred geometry, and Dan Winter). The Star of David, the Icosa-dodecahedron Merkaba field is a metaphor for sublime or divine integration of the sexes, poles, charges, hemispheres. In a way it is a symbol of a stargate to higher levels of consciousness within ourselves through the perfection of the interbraiding of the EMF/light fields. If you actually looked for a Star of David within the human aura or body you wouldn't see it. However the biophotons in water exhibit a perfect Star of David.

The Mind holds the still point…allowing the conjugation of spin paths of the scales: zeropoint, subatomic, atomic, molecular, cell, organ, Merkaha etc…Thus only “pure intention” or the Parsifal Heart can hold the charge density, spin density and information density that makes up the Merkaha of immortality (sustainability). Perfect braiding adds spin density and therefore “heals” and “incarnates” or “wholes.” The braided Anu - the knot of compression (Lord of the Rings) increases wave velocity…acceleration to the speed of light, which creates gravity…the suction of charge. This represents the incarnation of the soul through the speed of light transfer of in-formation through the DNA…the caduceus of implosion.

The Parsifal hearted or “Innocent” are those who are lacking the sophistry, doubt and skepticism that such a pathway to happiness exists! The “Innocent” just go for it. They intuitively in-tend and wholeheartedly jump into the process of engaging with spin, because are inspired (inspiraled) to do so through a natural desire for sweetness. Only pure intention or the desire for sweetness (that which furthers love and lifeforce) can hold the charge density in the Anu or love-symmetry thus permitting “non-destructive” compression. Pure intention removes “noise” or indecision, thus creating the “silence” or “collapse” of perfect braiding or the phase conjugation of coherent waveforms. This conscious centering force of pure intention is the hermetic secret of all ages for it allows one insight into the wheel works of nature and how the individual and the collective can live sustainably in paradise (Shambhala) through riding piggyback on the very fabric of the intelligence of the Universe itself.

This is why all “sound” society is built on the sovereign self and deep receptivity and listening to the will of Spirit within.

The Merkaha is the coherent plasma body of the aura (self organizing nested electric fields). It grows in strength (density) through the elimination of interference patterns, allowing superconduction or the perfect flo of charge with no storage. Perfect compression into the Unified Field…sacred space…ie: greatest acceleration or superconduction of spirit. Spirit is a fractal attractor of charge. DNA implodes this charge and absorbs the charge of your bliss through the perfect Golden Mean compression of nested fields down to infinity. Bliss is braid implosion where coherent emotion or love…controls the shape of the pericardium around the heart allowing nested fractal coherence in the gravity making field of the heart…the heart sings with the song of the Universe, turning into a laser of bliss which stabilizes the fractal Golden Mean of ones aura…creating the Merkaha. The Merkaha is a vehicle resulting from the expression of compression spin density, information density or charge density. Perfect braiding adds spin density and therefore “heals” and “wholes” or “incarnates.”

The Solar Heart or the Heart of Osiris…occurs as the shape of the pericardium is influenced by the coherent emotion of love, thus creating a nozzle producing an electric thrust that increases fracticality in the blood. That is the heart song lasers coherent emotion (8HZ) and shapes the pericardium and the 7 layers (colors) of the heart muscle into a collector of charge from gravity. Charge acceleration equals gravity. As the blood is vortexed at the optimum frequency (fracticality), it becomes holy blood or the blood of Christ…which holds the maximum charge with the minimum loss of energy. This illuminated blood maximizes brain function into whole-person consciousness, therefore producing sovereignty or the truly human human – the Christ. Fracticality is perfect compression and perfect distribution of charge. The centering force of implosion or fracticality generates gravity through charge going through the speed of light. Gravity is this wind of charge towards the center of the assembling fire in the heart.

Everything that is not fractal or “embeddable” is biologically dead because it can’t generate voltage from gravity. The Solar Heart is the accumulative phenomena of 3.5 billion years of life’s evolution, to create as it were a form of super-life known as enlightenment. This Water and Fire, grown together into one essence, produces the great Panacea, composed of both meekness and strength: the Lamb and the Lion united in one. The Lapis of the alchemists, the Philosopher's Stone, is the Son of God. Christ's Baptism: Fire Immersed in Water. Kundalini has been described as liquid fire and liquid light. When you let fire consume your being, your soul becomes one with all. The fire of fracticality or Spiritus Mundi – towards the speed of light…God’s speed or grace.

You must guard the water and fire dwelling in the arcane substance and contain those waters with the permanent water, even though this be no water, but the fiery form of the true water.” Rosarium, Hermes

Regarding Fire in Water…Increased phase conjugation (coherence) increases the amplitude and acceleration (speed) of the wave towards the superluminal. Biophysicist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho proposed in 1998 that the acupuncture meridians may be the structured water aligned with collagen in the connective tissues and that the qi may be positive electric currents carried by the jump-conduction of protons through the hydrogen bonds of the water molecules aligned along the collagen fibers. A number of observations and molecular dynamic simulations confirm that water molecules organized in hydrogen-bonded chains can act as ‘proton wires’ to support jump conduction of protons much faster than the ordinary flow of electrons through wires. Water molecules associated with collagen show a surprising degree of order. Could they be the super-conducting channels that enable every single cell within the body to intercommunicate for perfect coordination.

The higher the voltage carried on these “proton wires” the more bliss is generated. The increase in current through the water molecules in the collagen during a kundalini awakening may explain why collagen tends to breakdown with prolonged active kundalini…and why the skin itself is luminous during the peak flow of light through the body. This mechanism of superconduction via water molecules also needs to be investigated with regards to inner conjunctions (10,000 orgasms up the spine)…these perhaps result from the sonic arrangement of water molecules within the cerebrospinal fluid creating the opportunity for a bioplasmic discharge event—that is of implosion or cold fusion.

Regarding implosion or inwardly spiraling movement, Viktor Schauberger wrote: “If water or air is rotated into a twisting form of oscillation known as colloidal, a build up of energy results, which with immense power can cause levitation.” In unnaturally moved air or water decadent stresses appear, causing the decay of the decisive energy-concentrates. Viktor’s own inventions used nature's quiet cooling, inward-spiraling suction motions of implosion, resulting in rejuvenation of lifeforce instead of destruction. The ordering or maximum wave symmetry for water's bonds becomes the limiting condition for directing metabolism into "fractality from fractionation." Some researchers think that the transmutation of matter into more ethereal states (exotic matter) and the production of genuine levitational forces also occurs. The Caduceus represents the levitational device of phase conjugation or the self-organization from chaos.

"The true foundation of all culture is the knowledge and understanding of water." — Viktor Schauberger

Bliss is a name for the amount of amperage that can pass non-destructively thru tissue due to phase conjugation. Bliss occurs through coherent wave compression or density, which means in-formation density and sustainability. It is the feeling component of the perfect flo of spirit or consciousness within the bio-crystal, with the least resistance or interference patterns. Thus the body’s atoms sing in tune with the resonance of Gaia, or Uni-versal song. Love (8Hz) or the Schumann resonance braids the greatest number and complexity of waves within waves to bring about the deepest Grokking…oneness with the Uni-verse. Love is the fractal of awakening that allows the perfect eating of spin.

Eating this process of tolerating Bliss...of relaxing into it and going-with the fire of metamorphosis instead of against it. This involves being true to oneself so that our e-motions are kept in an upspiral mode. Having to “consciously” eat spin (the fire of awareness) means we have to consciously change our whole way of interrelating to other humans in order to keep the e-motions upspiral. This means embracing dis-ease with compassion rather than reacting with negative emotions. Eating spin is the science of perfecting the flow of energy through the multiscale caduceus such that there is as little interference pattern as possible and the maximum spin density, awareness density...or spiritual depth perception. Eating spin is the perfect braiding of the spin paths of the multi-scale electromagnetic fields forming the Merkaba. By using the mind as a Uraeus, that is a divining rod or cohesive steerage device to determine the flight, brightness and direction of the Merkaba.

.....The Uraeus represents the warrior and protector of solar consciousness, the all seeing eye of Horus, the eye of Ra. Through the focus of the mind second by second, this is the single point by which complexity is reduced into a cohesive "I" that constitutes the "decider" of our being and existence. It is when inner/outer seeing "I" can see itself, making ones subjectivity an object...that is making the lens of perception transparent to itself...that we are indeed liberated, enlightened or sovereign. Without meta-awareness, we are simply trapped in the mirrored holographic imag-ination of our own mind. The Mind holds the still point (Uraeus)…allowing the conjugation of spin paths of the different scales of EMFs and therefore the perfect intercourse of the hemispheres, charges, poles, and sexes. Thus only “pure intention” or the transparent subjective lens of the Parsifal Heart can hold the charge density, spin density and information density that makes up the sovereign or noble state.

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” Jesus the Christ, Matthew 6:22 (KJV)

In ancient Egypt the Uraeus, the serpent head on the forehead, was the symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity and divine authority. Representing the unification of the divided, complex, neurotic socialized self, into the single, simple, integrated or divine soul. At this point we could say that the third eye or spiritual awareness is functionally opened. Thus turning the serpent into the rod…that is, the rod at the core of the caduceus is the sacred space - the still convergence point of the interference pattern of the waves (Marko Rodin’s #9) which constitutes translightspeed (superluminal) consciousness…and hereby achieving precognition and therefore the divine right to rule the kingdom.

The Kingdom of Heaven is “no-place” or the still point that resides within. Nirvana Now being the state of gaining mastery over the forces of entropy through the steering of the mind towards "emptiness"...the still convergence point of the interference pattern of the light waves (#9). The third eye is composed of this rod created by the perfect spin path of the caduceus up the spine (spin of electrons up the spin-e). It is interesting that during an inner conjunction (of 10,000 orgasms up the spine) the spine is straight, rigid and paralyzed…just like a rod. And when the plasma sword of the silver cord goes down into the top of the skull…it too feels like a solid metallic rod of centripetal force. Thus the body is a perfect implosion device, as suggested in the symbol of the caduceus. Hence the term “eating spin.”

Dan Winter says kundalini is measureable in microwave footprint (microwave emission scanner). which because of the symbiosis with the earth grid to cellular microwave as a common bloodstream, makes this tech the ultimate dowsing tool which simply measures rate of cellular ATP stepping. The basic idea is that cell metabolism is a name for the motor which converts cell 'food' sugars into high quality ultra violet light which become the raw material for genetic replication and bliss. Ultra violet coherence being the motor and currency of cell metabolism (Ettienne, and Lipton). The Golden Mean is the perfect spin path in and out of the donut and is the perfect wave mechanic to unpack stuck cellular UV or Eros. The “bindu point,” the point of infinite recursion…the sacred space of the coherent heart (Solar Heart) is the causal point of all satisfaction. Love is the great attractor for capacitance allowing the phase conjugation of perfect spin of the scales from zeropoint to the whole universe.

In the body we find that which connects the pineal, the pituitary, the lyden (hara), may be truly called the silver cord, or the golden cup that may be filled with a closer walk with that which is the creative essence in physical, mental and spiritual life; for the destruction wholly of either will make for the disintegration of the soul from its house of clay.” Through Edgar Cayce (262-20) June 5, 1932

“The grail was the name for the perfect container for all spin, which is blood's DNA as wratcheted dodeca fractal perfect wave embeddedness in the presence of love. The image is generated by a golden spiral laid on the 60 degree light cone down fractal infinite dodeca icosa stellations. (Merkaha, Ezekiels Wheels, City of Revelation, Zodiac/EarthGrid/DNA).. Revolved that one conic serpent spiral becomes an infinite cup within a cup which as you turn and zoom forever you are never either inside or outside, and it never becomes smaller or larger.” Dan Winter

If Nassim Haramein is correct in that the “atom” is a mini black hole, this means that the human body with its kundalini Merkaha is the ultimate biological implosion devise found on earth. We should therefore be studying its structure, sonic radiations and potential consciousness as the basis for the new generation of implosion energy generating machines. Thus the “temple of man” extrapolates out to become the city of man, the facilitation of human evolution and eventually the starship of man. What this means is, that the reemergence of the Sacred Science will create a design revolution in which all aspects of human society are based on the Phi love frequency. Then war, poverty and disease will be a thing of the past and our potential for expanding the humanizing principle will be unlimited. We will no longer have to learn from suffering and mistake…we can go straight for the gold…The Golden Mean.

The point of all this, and which Dan Winter makes perfectly that cohesive emotion...that is sharable emotion leads to the perfect braiding of light in the torus (Anu) which allows us to generate the most amount of charge from gravity. Any step back down from the perfect eating of light is a step deeper into the material world toward death...or zero spin. Nature, love, touch, tantra, meditation, yoga, chi arts, Ormus, raw food increase the cohesive braiding of the light of life...while manmade technology, industrial agriculture, time spent indoors in non-biogenic architecture, cooked food, and sedentarism create interference in the braiding of the multi-scale EMFs of the Merkaha. Meaning that as beings of Light, modern life is not only reducing our potential depth of consciousness, but it is degrading our physical structure and the evolutionary process of photon/phonon formation of the DNA.

Dan Winter interprets "evil" as being an electric field or wave that fails to embed well with biology's fractal capacitance. In life-negating conditions the DNA “living code” by which life syntropically stores the memory of form and function, loses its superluminal en-lightened in-formation, whereby it turns mutinous, it mutates and becomes cancerous. Thus to create a sane human society that is not metastasizing addiction by looking for light in all the wrong places, we first have to deeply understand the physics of spirit and the spiritual nature of Life itself. Get this: the serpent (charge) around the egg (voltage gradient) turns into the dove (consciousness) on the ocean (unified field). This is the secret to life, bliss, enlightenment, health, and abundance etc...Didn't Terrence McKenna say that this was all about the encoding or enfolding of spacetime. Manifestation itself is vortices in spacetime.

SuperWave theory explains the stabilizing, evolutionary, life-enhancing effect of love within the individual, in relationship, community and global species. Setting up a harmonic via “action at a distance” through which consciousness, spirit and health is enhanced. This principle is the solution to the mechanics of hierarchy in human society. Coherence or love (that which is pro-life) can be propagated from the bottom of the pyramid to effect the whole, and it can be propagated from the top of the pyramid (SuperWave) to bring coherence into the entire hierarchy. Love, or the Golden Mean is both top-down and bottom-up. Similarly that which destabilizes societies can occur through dissonance and disharmony at the top and the bottom of the pyramid. SuperWave theory also explains the hundredth monkey effect and the contagious nature of spiritual awakening itself. Love packs the most amount of coherence…Love is a SuperWave.

SuperWaves - All of nature can be regarded as manifesting itself as complex wave-based fields. Within each field there is a primary oscillating carrier wave with other oscillating waves riding atop that, on top of further waves riding atop those, and so on - in a nested fractal-like layering of “waves waving within waves.” This “waves-waving-within-waves phenomenon represents virtually all aspects of nature. SuperWaves are a continuum of nested waves waving within waves. As a larger carrier wave increases in amplitude and frequency, such as the green or blue waves, the nested waves within it increase in amplitude and frequency themselves—and as nested waves increase in amplitude and frequency, so do their larger carrier waves. This self-similar relationship translates to increased density, stability, and organization in the peaks—otherwise known as clustering. Likewise as the larger wave begins to collapse, the smaller, nested waves within it begin to collapse as well. This collapse or “dispersion” of waves reduces organization, stability, and density. SuperWaves are inherently continuous –not separate from each other in any way. As SuperWaves increase in frequency and amplitude from all directions, there is an exponential increase in organization, density, and stability, which can result in the formation of matter. This motion occurs as a continuum, simultaneously across scales, explaining “action at a distance” among other scientific anomalies.

Nassim Haramein reminds us that the universe is expanding and contracting...every blackhole feeds a whitehole. Grasping this picture of the universe of sacred geometry (Nassim Haramein), sacred numerology (Marko Rodin) and sacred correspondence (Dan Winter) means that we are having to create a new mainframe for our mental computer in order to tacitly see this quantum, holographic, fractal, holozoic universe. The bliss and passion in doing so, overcomes our lethargy, inertia and resistance to making this next jump to Homo luminous. All this and everything else in human enterprise is all part of the same picture of "reinventing" ourselves as a cosmically moral animal with a sane respectful attitude toward the karmic nature of Reality. It’s a holographic fractal universe so no part of human existence can be excluded from the understanding of the cause and effect loop of Reality and how everything is part of everything else. Without an intuition for the infinite interrelatedness of existence there can be no real growth toward regeneration and sustainability.

Within everything is the seed of everything. ...THE CADUCEUS OF HISTORY

....Anyway the point being that people who are losing their light ban together under various dark banners and secret unsharable thoughts in order to try and find shared light in their darkness. This inverse of love is a saturnic attractor field that pulls in the weak and the broken who are looking for love and lifeforce in all the wrong places as a means to prop themselves up. This is a self-defeating bond however for darkness just breeds more darkness and energy is dissipated until the body can no longer maintain its structure and disease sets in. Much better to get adequately educated in spiritual science in the first place and become sovereign, make your own light and gain a masterful relationship with the universe. To do otherwise is ignorance and a down-spiral ride to oblivion and futility, for the universe will not sustain it. For the heart, is an organ of cosmic alignment, and is not fed by hate or the harmonic of exclusiveness or exclusion.

• Compassion is its own reward in that it allows us to tolerate incarnation and ascension and therefore is the guiding principle which will prevent us hairless apes from blowing up our spaceship earth.

• Every action, connotation or intention born of fear generates more fear…by imprinting or anointing cellular memory and the vacuum with fear e-motion (defensive action).

• Every action, connotation or intention born of love generates more love…by imprinting or anointing cellular memory and the vacuum with love e-motion (evolutionary action).

The rash of demonic movies unleashed at present is a crime against humanity on a grand scale. These movie makers and their backers are psychic pirayas that worship Mammon and breed slow death and destruction to generations of the numb and the innocent. Unraveling the DNA by exposure to this dark violent imagery, hardening the senses of the audience and reverting youth to the metaphysical graveyard by traumatizing and terrorizing their bodies and minds. Movies could be the most motivating cohesive force for human evolution, and so hopefully this spell of occult delinquency will end and Hollywood will pull its head out of the sewer.

PS: Dan Winter says the The Ark of the Covenant was the electrical devise for making White Powder of Gold. I thought it was just a transporter of the powder back to Egypt from the mines on Mt. Sinai. However it makes more sense that if Moses stole the Arc, it was probably was the actual capacitor, not just a transporter.

Interesting titbit...the reason why asteroid material was used in alchemy was because the extreme heat exposure left only that material that was highly phase conjugate. One begins to get a picture of how some of the ancient tech looks like they had very powerful lasers...that can cut stone amphora and cut the flower of life into the temple of Osiron...and probably cut the stone blocks themselves.

Tetragramaton (Four word)=Gravity-root word of God; the surfaces of a 64 star tetrahedron is 144. —Awesome Dan Winter Video

Dan Winter (Chaz) Might be my favorite Dan Winter video series. Biological Architecture ,Purpose of DNA 1/12 Here Dan Winter puts the whole thing together…white powder of gold, serpent and the eagle, Dodecahedral Grids, Fractality, superluminal DNA, heart frequencies, soul-incarnation, Sumerians, Dogans, Templars, CIA, San Grail.

One of the greatest rants ever, more comprehensive even than Ananda Bosman’s one. —HUMAN DNA V - GRAIL MYSTERIES, by Dan Winter

"The Biology of Blue Fire" DVD —Understanding Golden Mean as Perfect Spin Path in and out of Donut and is The Perfect Wave Mechanic to UnPack Stuck Cellular UV(Eros):

Tai Chi Chuan and the Code of Life: Revealing the Deeper Mysteries of China's Ancient Art for Health and Harmony by Graham Horwood —Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev (1908-1983), energy in the vacuum.

'The Hermetic Code in DNA' Michael Hayes