Fractally Attracting CHARGE:Making Bliss,Ecstasy &Creative Insight States-Teachable with Science and Measurement.
.. waves which discover the perfect branching (Scion-ce) by perfect compression (Implosion) at the coeur of DNA - become SHARE-able (Immortal).

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from Dan Winter's writing, Edited/Distributed by Implosion Group- Oct25, 2004. - Note:This Newsletter much delayed, contains MANY GRAPHICS..
original article with graphics at - Complete Implosion Group index of Dan Winter reprints: , or sites in Spanish, French , Italian , German .

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quoting :"Recently the scientists J.P. Luminet, J. Weeks, A. Riazuelo, R.Lehoucq and J.P. Uzan proposed, that according to the structure found in the WMAP, the universe resembles a finite 12 lobed Dodecahedron shaped soccer ball. However, according to this new Fractal Big Bang model, the universe is more like a 12 lobed raspberry. In this new Fractal Big Bang model, the hotter areas in the MAP picture are supposed to be the Vortices of the Fractal Big Bang splitting process, during the expansion of the Big Bang leaving groups of Black Holes behind. These groups of Black Holes are able to produce gas by the chiral vacuum system and create massive gaseous envelopes, which show up as "Hotter" areas in the MAP Probe picture. The Hotspots are supposed to be the connection to the Progenitor Gaseous Halos which are found in the Deep Field High-Z Subaru survey called Massive Halos......" (also:"Dodecahedral space topology as an explanation for weak wide-angle temperature correlations in the cosmic microwave background"
J.-P. Luminet. 9 October issue of Nature (2003). The Nature version is available from

from Incube-ating .. (from the link above) ... to Phi Cycle...

In addition to modeling the molecular symmetry just before superconductivity ... Winter has been using the "Jitterbug" to teach how the planet grid prepares to receive the inertia of compression (Solar Maxima/Rapture) non-destructively.. for the last 10 years in his course teaching. Implosion- uses the self similarity among waves which MAKES GRAVITY from voltage by turning compression IN to acceleration (recursive constructive Golden Ratio phase velocity heterodynes-IS infinite non-destructive compression-perfect collapse- -- the fulfillment of Einstein's dream). Now it appears to also model the unfurling geometry of the big bang! He further explains that the name for Egypt: KHEM- means "From the BLACKness" (The Blue/Black Nubian/Rigelian blood of Egypt's founder-Enki/Thoth/Black Madonna) - name for ability to MAKE BLACK HOLES- originates our name for CHEMistry and alCHEMy.

Winter called his origin of gravity/ universe animation-12 Vortex Cones into Dodeca:"Angel Trumpets"...


unfurl the 7 vector symmetry angles of the tetra (flame in the ten-t where waves share) you have (Golden Ratio) origin of symbol..
the stellated tetra is cube-octa ..

play pinwheels (why do you see THE ORIGIN OF THE ALPHABET - AND - 7 arrows?)

Origin of symbol: embedding yourself into the center of psychokinesis by tornado steering..

(physics is no-thing if not wormholes)
and CONSUME THE PERSPECTIVE - the REAL Origin of Symbol: To Embed - You into the DePHIne.
...ready to jitterbug in to the origin of the language flow-er. When that origin of H-ibi-uru tetra symmetry cookbook for hex hive mind.. (tetra-helical DNA is without ensouling pent Implosion-Golem):
..but-- re-pent and be saved - and you become (see Toroidal DNA) RINGlord..

Becoming compressed (from cube-oct to dodec icos) the language flower Implodes into Ophanim -Enochian ../ Greek /
Orion Star Gate (Antarean Conversion)..
(from Ophanim -Enochian ..) "
Basic symmetry set alignment and dimensional projection of geometric forms are accomplished by the Hebrew language operations. The Hypercube, and its dual the 16-cell, become the basic building block of the entire structure. The combination of Hebrew and Ophanic produce the dodecahedron of the Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram. The faces of this dodecahedron become the twelve gates through which the Elemental Tablets, the Aethyrs and the Governors are organized. The dodeca also organizes the 7/5 spin imparted by the Sigil of Truth and the phi ratios of the Holy Tablet. The Tablet of Union forms the icosahedron that contains, or unifies, the other forms."

"Angle-ish" (how would you inhabit/branch into tornado steering / physics by Phi cycles?)

compare the same spiral (origin of symbol = skill to embed) in Sanskrit

IMPLOSION - Understanding Infinite Non-Destructive Compression - Perfect Collapse- What Einstein missed: Self Smilarity produces gravity because that (golden ratio for heterodyning) turns compression (voltage) in to acceleration
(gravity) by recursive constructive adding/multiplying of phase velocites.

 Scale Invariance('Global Scaling') is key to gravity and making life
BECAUSE self-similarity (embedability) enables (non-destructive) COMPRESSION (/ fusion / collapse )
What Dan Winter has done is develop the power spectra tools to optimize / teach this....-
The perfectly coherent FRACTAL HEART is self-similar... A HOLARCHY.

Imagine 1 simple experiment: paramagnetic stones (calcium/quartz base etc) are arranged to look like a pine cone from the top (like Stonehenge, Machu Pichu etc)- in the center the time lapse photos show seeds germinate dramatically better . (Charge compression = life force- the basis of year long university study /uni ). Then placing capacitors in the same geometry MAKES gravity + extracts wattage from gravity (self-similarity creates gravity and LIFE - the way EKG and pine cones do.. not to mention DNA). We have now re-invented architecture and agriculture -based on a new understanding of the pure electrical symmetry (self-similar enabled compression) which CREATES LIFE (& ensouls DNA)... - AND replaced Einstein (& the energy crisis) with the more correct:
ONLY Self similarity enables the (charge) compression that turns in to acceleration (gravity)... and LIFE!

From-Germination-an Electrical Understanding: The REASON That (SelfSimilar) Non-Destructive CHARGE COMPRESSION (a pine cone) PRODUCES LIFE (Measureable freshness and germination improvement) Is Because Where Waves Can Agree - Information (for Sustainability) Becomes Available. This shows up as HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS (Defines Sustainability / Viability in Everything that Lives) - and COHERENCE (Perfected in Fractality) in the Power Spectra. The REASON that understanding this principle may save our genepool - is it would enable us to re-invent architecture - agriculture- & genetic engineering - to only build structures (like SUN temples) which retain the capacity (capacitance) to hold charge and LIFE. (What we used to call 'spirit' 'orgone' 'chi' etc. )- Instead of bleeding the souls of our children with square metal buildings, cities, & refrigerators - which leak away the vital force required to have and keep a 'Soul'.

short exerpt from:

Universe Is Dodecahedral! Makes Headlines.. Nature Magazine etc., ..BUT - no one even NOTICED that this is the only 3D geometry (based) on Golden Mean - whose stellation precisely allows infinite non-destructive collpase - the compression that PRODUCES acceleration (gravity). Summary - the very dodeca symmetry of the universe PROVES that self-similarity produces gravity. ref: fusion , collapse , thrust


Leonardo da Vinci had the right idea

Fig. 3.- Spherical pentagons and dodecahedra fit snugly, unlike their Euclidean counter-
parts. a) Twelve spherical pentagons tile the surface of an ordinary sphere. They fit together
snugly because their corner angles are exactly 120·. Note that each spherical pentagon is
just a pentagonal piece of a sphere. b) One hundred twenty spherical dodecahedra tile the
surface of a hypersphere. A hypersphere is the 3-dimensional surface of a 4-dimensional
ball. Note that each spherical dodecahedron is just a dodecahedral piece of a hypersphere.
The spherical dodecahedra fit together snugly because their edge angles are exactly 120·.
In the construction of the Poincar´e dodecahedral space the dodecahedron's 30 edges come
together in ten groups of three edges each, forcing the dihedral angles to be 120· and re-
quiring a spherical dodecahedron rather than a Euclidean one. Software for visualising
spherical dodecahedra and the Poincar´e dodecahedral space is available for free download

Is the universe a dodecahedron? (ref: ) , 8 October 2003

The standard model of cosmology predicts that the universe is infinite and flat. However, cosmologists in France and the US are now suggesting that space could be finite and shaped like a dodecahedron instead. They claim that a universe with the same shape as the twelve-sided polygon can explain measurements of the cosmic microwave background - the radiation left over from the big bang - that spaces with more mundane shapes cannot (J-P Luminet et al. 2003 Nature 425 593).

The cosmic microwave background provides a picture of the universe as it was some 400 000 years after the big bang. By this time the universe had cooled down enough for atoms to form, which meant that there were no longer any free electrons to scatter the photons produced in the early universe. Any variations or anisotropy in the temperature of the background radiation therefore reflect variations in the density of the universe at this time.

These temperature fluctuations can be expressed as a sum of spherical harmonics, and astrophysicists plot the relative strength of these harmonics as a function of angle. The height and positions of the peaks in this so-called 'power spectrum' are related to basic astrophysical properties of the universe.

Click to enlarge
Figure 1

Data from the first year of the WMAP satellite - unveiled in February - agreed with the predictions of the standard big bang plus inflation model of cosmology for regions of space separated by small angles. However, on larger angular scales - greater than 60 - the WMAP observations were significantly lower than this model predicted (figure 1).
Click to enlarge
Figure 2

Jean-Pierre Luminet of the Observatoire de Paris and colleagues believe that the finite size of the universe itself is responsible for this behaviour. Moreover, they show that the predictions of a model in which space consists of 12 curved pentagons joined together in a sphere agrees with the WMAP observations (figure 2). Their 'small', closed universe should be about 30 billion light years across.

"Our work really addresses this ancient question of whether the universe is finite or infinite," team member Jeff Weeks, a freelance mathematician based in New York, told PhysicsWeb. "The exciting point is that this is no longer pure speculation - we now have real data."

The team says that its result, if confirmed, will have implications for theories and models of quantum gravity, inflation and the big bang itself. However, the model needs to be tested further by studying the microwave background at larger angles using more data from WMAP and the Planck Surveyor, which is due to be launched later this decade.

Belle Dumé is Science Writer at PhysicsWeb

related:: Dodecahedral space topology as an explanation for weak wide-angle temperature correlations in the cosmic microwave background, by JEAN-PIERRE LUMINET1, JEFFREY R. WEEKS2, ALAIN RIAZUELO3, ROLAND LEHOUCQ1,3 & JEAN-PHILIPPE UZAN4, J.R.W. ( Article appeared in the 9 October issue of Nature (2003). The Nature version is available from


What is BLISS? What is ECSTASY? What is INSIGHT STATE and CREATIVE FLASH ? These phenomenon are obviously real. They respond to certain principles.. And thanks to recent work.. they are indeed measureble! Further the process of discovering measurement for BLISS and ECSTASY - proves the principle (perfecting compression) AND MAKES THEM TEACHABLE!

Why is it important that BLISS and ECSTASY become accurately and simply teachable as a science?

Because it appears very clearly that BLISS and ECSTASY are:

+ one of the best sources of immune health (source of charge spin coherence at the cellular membrane level)-(Medical data that harmonic inclusiveness creates resistance to most chronic disease (Dardik): )

+ the ultimate form for attracting biologic information (charge compression) and therefore the ultimate way to get education.

+ the only realy preparation for getting coherent enough electrically to take memory thru death ( see: for the measurement process)

+ the best way to gein spin inertia and coherence for entry into lucid dream, shamanic steering of environment etc. Which is among other things - the greatest hope the human race has of surviving both the Solar Maximum (rapture / winds of charge compression ), and the return of our fallen Draco (Nephalim / Niburu) ancestors.

+ those without bliss are parasites by definition as they lack their own source of internal charge. Lack of bliss is also the primary cause of losing ability to self steer (become a slave).

+ lack of internally successful sources of bliss causes such disempowerment as miracle worship and personality worship.

So in order to clearly create an outline for a SCIENCE of how bliss should be taught, let's start with the scientific history of the measurement of bliss. ( here in part exerpted from the original outline: )

Teaching Bliss / Ecstatic and Insight States as Science & including Biofeedback:

New: A Bliss Tuner? announces Complete New Software Environment -HeartTuner Pro-04
Including Brainwave bi-symmetry / Coherence and Ratio Analyzer
- 'Bliss Tuner' Module -
SPECIFICALLY tuned to teach the latest detail
(3 specific EEG variables: Golden Ratio Alpha/Beta hz ratio, Cross Hemispheric Synchrony, & Overall Internal Coherence)
in how BLISS / Euphoria and Insight States are measured- and self created from within!

One of the many new features of the HeartTuner PRO-04 New Software Version scheduled to ship in a month or so, may well be the first REAL biofeedback for BLISS - science ever offered. This article presents compelling new evidence Winter/Wilson/Korotkov - all confirm - the BLISS State in Brainwaves may be measured and optimized by Golden Mean ratio.

 The new Heart Tuner PRO-04 (with Bliss Turn) will be is shipping this summer. Besides the basic functionality the current application, PRO-04 offers many additional features including:

- modular arrangement with pop-up screens
- enhanced visualisation including user-definable fully averaged waterfall plots
- long time averaged ECG internal coherence for greatly improved biofeedback experience
- integrated game style bio-feedback reward, running on the background
- vertical EEG cross-hemispheric symmetry graph
- long-time averaged spectrum analysis
- "auric spectrum" visualisation, especially for life-force measurements
- life force data assessment & presentation for commercial applications
- 6 standard plus two user input configurations
- Esthetically pleasing fully graphic scalable interface with user-defined screen presets
- improved Heart Rate Variability Module available soon
- future audio options including "the heart's sound" and audio bio-feedback
- impressive user selectable numeric and graphic data storage, post-processing, and re-play options

Heart Tuner PRO-04 will come as a start-up package with additional module "plug-ins" which can be ordered separately. The start-up package includes the basic 2 channel ECG and EEG functions, spectrum and 2nd order spectrum with various graphics, basic tachogram, internal coherence history and a bio-feedback game. Expansions include comprehensive HRV and Life Force modules as well as future options.

Heart Tuner PRO-04 start-up package does include the new cross-hemispheric symmetry (vertical graph) analysis which was found a breakthrough in neuro feedback bliss and coherent emotion entrainment. This also displays the correct goal (get your Beta/ Alpha ratio into Golden Mean and FEEL the bliss pump). The physics of getting the bliss pump working corresponds beautifully to the PSYCHOLOGY of locating which waves inside you - are SHAREABLE!

The optional Life Force module comes together with the special gold-sheet ceramic spherical capacitor (sensor, diam. apprx. 100 mm.) for capturing and assessing long time averaged spectral emission of life materials, particularly interesting for corporate use and comparative research on nutrients.

For information contact
On the web:
and - Heart Coherence Team,

 Note: The special program for those able to be involved in teaching and research for HEART COHERENCE and the BLISS Measure - is STILL available: ALL the DVD (almost 15 now) + CD's- books and training material with complete HeartTuner / BlissTuner system- email:

Suppose you were getting ready for..



-solar maximum (rapture)

-infinite data compression (sustainability in general)

The process in each case would be the same. Prepare for non-destructive compression. We have shown elsewhere that this process - where compression turns in to acceleration (gravity) is called IMPLOSION. ( books: "Implosion's Grand Attractor" ,. and "Implosion:Secret Science of Ecstasy & Immortality" ). In order to understand this pure symmetry of the electrical process of making germination, gravity and LIFE (bliss as DNA charge ignition) in general - let us analyze what it is to make A SCALE FREE SYSTEM. A pattern of waves or people or DNA or anything which wishes to become electrically sustainable -and therefore biologically immortal - needs to learn precisely these principles of 'scale invariant' non-destructive compression.

Some of our best examples of Golden Mean Ratio pent embedding are in the 'holy communion of charge' design of DNA itself:

DNA- Earth Grid and Zodiac fit or nest into each other so non-destructively well because they are self similar (scale invariant Dodeca..)

Scale Invariance- is what plants got right when they learned the geometry of BRANCHING. (Phylotaxis). Here perfect UNpacking is the clue to perfect packing.
Perfect branching is getting DI-VINE. How SCIENCE and PRIORI DE SCION - got named ( SCION - "TO BRANCH":

(Below quote from )

"Fig. 1 is an interconnected map of the Internet colored by IP addresses (Cheswick/Skitter).  
Fig. 2 is a map of protein-protein interactions in Baker's Yeast (Jeong).  
Fig. 3 is a picture of a mathematical process called "Diffusion Limited Aggregation" that applies to several processes in nature, such as river drainage networks and frost forming on glass among others (Witten and Sander).   In all three pictures you can see a type of "branching" structure, with lines branching off into more lines, which branch off to other lines, and so on.   The point where branches meet are called "hubs" or "nodes" when looking at these systems as networks.   Nodes can represent servers on the Internet, proteins or genes involved in some biological process, stock market indices, people in an organization or social network, branching points in river channels, cities connected by airline routes or any entity that has some connection with one or more other nodes.   Recent studies have shown that many types of complex networks, viewed as connected and interacting nodes, exhibit the same type of structure and behavior." end quote. To read more about how perfect Golden Mean ratio branching predicts when chaos becomes self organization by compression, using the stock market as example - read:

If we take this process of getting waves into perfect compression symmetry (perfect nesting) to its logical geometric perfection. We arrive at the PERFECT BRANCHING - enabled by Phylotaxis and Golden Mean Ratio. This introduces us to the electrical harmonics in the brain and or heart at the moment of bliss / compassion. The heart or brain system learns the skill of rearranging its near electrical environment to the fractality that invites compression (suction to center / centering force). This then begins the process of electrical self organization (consciousness and life) in general.

The pure principle of the electrical symmetry to make life (cause a see to germinate and cause bliss) was the secret of Hermes - well contained in his symbol (and the symbol of all of healing): THE CADDUCEUS.

( see also - and the Caducceus breathing trainer - for practical examples of Harmonic Inclusiveness generated from the breath.)

It has been pointed out by many, that the Freeze Framer (Heart Math Institute ) was limited in that you get success merely by learning to breathe at one frequency. We have tried to point out that harmonic INCLUSIVENESS - the healthy heart - was actually the opposite of getting only ONE frequency in your heart. (breath controls heart rate measureably - by setting the interbeat interval-pic below). This introduces us again to the idea that getting the most number of harmonics in one place (compression - often optimized by Golden Ratio) -parallel to perfect branching - producing perfect diversity - CALLED HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS - is medically documented in the Heart's harmonics - to predict whose heart will resist disease best. (Dr. Irving Dardik, Olympic Medical Committee : "The Origin of Disease and Health Heart Waves , The Single Solution to Heart Rate Variability - reprinted at : ).

We have long published the proper breath to make bliss - a Caducceus breath. In this breath - still point - bliss is acheived by taking a series a breaths in correct GOLDEN RATIO. The result (opposite of what Freeze Framer teaches) is what Golden Mean is meant for - getting harmonics INCLUDED. (The same still point creation is the DEFINITION of the healing moment in Sacro Cranial work).

We usually begin all international conferences on HeartCoherence with the Caducceus Breath - to create the nice opening Bliss communion point with the group. Many have asked for a simple guide to do this accurately..

HeartCoherence team - is proud to announce new simple software - anyone can play BREATHE THE HEART TO BLISS!

AND if you happen to have a HeartTuner ( - you can WATCH AND LEARN as your breath perfects the CADEUCEUS in the MEASURED HRV- AND- produces overall COHERENCE; measured!


Program for Heart Tuner & Heart COHERENCE - TEACHERS Expanded: The Heart Coherence Team's new Science Teachers tool release - and ongoing programs (also CD's & DVD's) to TEACH Heart Coherence present new opportunities. If you or anyone you know is interested in Teaching, Presenting, and Demonstrating Heart Measurement - and educating the public about and HeartTuner- we have a special program - enabling you to have a demo unit- and a complete array of multimedia teaching tools. This also includes those who have the time and discipline to help in organized research data collection. And/or - if you teach Kinesiology ( see How HeartTuner Makes Kinesiology Measureable ), if you reach alternative healers who wish to have measurement of success -or- counselors or those who wish to MEASURE EMPATHY - please do contact us: email -

See more nice pics of Cadeuceus and breath - below the science section in this same article - from the original Phi Caducceus
Simple Exercizes to "Zero Point"

So now, using our tools for harmonic theory to understand biology's way of attracting charge. We look again at the history of bliss measurement. Notice in the Mind Mirror literature- the brainwave picture that makes bliss or creative or spiritual insight - SUGGESTS a particular ratio between the alpha and beta: (this is an important clue)..

Mind Mirror (3 times the cost of HeartTuner with less than 1/3 the features).. correctly describes this brainwave picture- but misses the PURE PRINCIPLE (Golden Mean / Implosion- RATIO in the cascade symmetry) triggers BLISS & Learning. Here is their description of THIS brainwave biofeedback learning picture:

"The AWAKENED MIND brainwave pattern combines the intuitive, empathetic radar of the delta waves, the creative inspiration, personal insight, and spiritual awareness of the theta waves, the bridging capacity and relaxed, detached, awareness of the alpha waves, and the external attention and ability to consciously process thought of beta waves, all at the same time. It is a brainwave pattern shared by people in higher states of consciousness regardless of their philosophy, theology or meditation technique. This brainwave pattern can be found during "peak experience" and in all forms of creativity and high performance. The awakened mind is also the "ah-ha," appearing at the exact instant of solving the problem, or getting the insight."

NeuroScience notes: Bliss - Euphoria - Ecstasy- & INSIGHT - connected to a BEAT & BIG FLASH- a Large Scale Neuro-Electric Phenomenon?

- From the French Magazine Sciences et Avenir, Sept 2003, Exclusive: "We know finally where lives God " (by Anna Alter) , thanks to Valerie Sandelin & Jean Senot- for forwarding & translating.

"The understanding researchers have of this (brain) organ of big complexity progresses every day. Neuropsychologists analyzing the functioning of the brain during religious experiencess or during prayers were able to explain how both lobes could "trip out" and provoke a BEAT- " peace of mind, a big flash ". This phenomenon would be at the origin of the states of grace, ecstasies, appearances and the other miracles.
Scientific integrity requires our researchers to analyze real ways which allow homo sapiens sapiens to raise themselves to radiant heights by transcendental means (still measured?by science): Via positiva consists in fixing an object, and Via negativa requires(demands) to think of nothing, to empty completely the head. By a specific mental activity, normal functioning of the brain is perturbed - to disconnect him(it) from the reality,...
The neuropsychiatrists, can now compare to the descriptions given in the Gospel, the Koran or in history books, in view of the symptoms shown by certain seers, diagnose in these patient's (with the view from our age) an epilepsy of the right(straight) temporal lobe. A disorder of the electric activity in this group of neurones provokes very particular visual and auditive hallucinations, except for left-handed persons whose brain is differently latéraliséd and organized. (Insert here from Winter: Cross Hemispheric Coherence?). The subject in these 'pointed' conditions - sees the light and hears (from within?) words, exactly as saint Paul on the road of Damascus or Joan of Arc in her village of Lorraine of Domrémy. " The fundamentalism and the religious fanaticism are also explained by a conditioning from the youngest age entailing a dysfunction of " deep intellectual regions ". The faith and the religious rites can have beneficial effects, antistress notably,- noting however that too much is also dangerous....

We know now HOW bliss is triggered- are we ready to teach that? Biofeedback has the tools, now we have the software --Check out some screen array samples from the new HeartTuner Pro04- Including the Bliss Tuner trainer module (screen top right).
 Note: The special program for those able to be involved in teaching and research for HEART COHERENCE and the BLISS Measure - is STILL available: ALL the DVD (almost 15 now) + CD's- books and training material with complete HeartTuner / BlissTuner system- email:


A short historical review on electrical measures of Bliss / Euphoria / Ecstasy:

Dan Winter - thanks to his mentor Prof.Al Ax (long time collaborator with Elmer Green & Joe Kamiya - founders of biofeedback) - had helped construct the electrical lab / polygraphy where fear and anger were first described electrically (1980's Univ Detroit Psychophysiology Clinic). Dan was then the first to locate Golden Mean ratio in Manfred Clynes famous Sentic wave shape definition of LOVE in music science - the shape of the touch or hug or squeeze which expresses LOVE as wave embedding. ( ). Dan first measured intense healing emotion electrically - when he discovered EKG harmonics spaced in Golden Mean arithmetic coherence cascades during HEALING LOVE - at Millard Fillmore Hospital lab 1991-1994. (complete history and graphs at ). This provoked the Heart Math Institute to hire Dan to teach them how to measure EKG harmonics and began their career in science. Dan then developed the mathematics of cepstrum (2nd order not inverse power spectra) to measure INTERNAL COHERENCE - revolutionizing the measure & teaching of emotional and brain coherence which became his invention HeartTuner ( ). The implications for true understanding of COHERENCE - explored at - revolutionize the worlds of A.D.D. / Addiction training by coherence - and organizations (like Heart Math & TM) whose foundations are based on coherence - yet never acheived measurement. Also in the mid 1990's the famous Dr. Ed Wilson - (compatriot to Candace Pert-author of the silver bullet theory of emotion:"Molecules of Emotion")- Ed was at that time research director of The Monroe Institute (Hemisynch Tapes). Ed had discovered that Fibonacci to Golden Ratio audio cascades -beat note differentials in audio headphones - triggered 'liquid phonon heterodynes' in the brain which quickly became the DEFINITION of transcendance in brainwaves. He launched people consistently into transcendance / bliss states using Phi / Golden sound ratios in headphones alone (differential beat cascades). Ed abandoned Bob Monroe - who was afraid to release this- and came to make a documentary film with Dan Winter - comparing his brain bliss work with Dan's EKG studies. They put extensive examples of his 3D color brain surface maps (Lexicor 32 ch. EEG) in that film. In summary (Ed found) - EEG coherence areas at the hemispheric opposite extremes - defined DISSOCIATION (in brainwaves) and was triggered by OCTAVES audio input (NOT fibonacci or PHI)- as opposed to brainwave coherence lighting up specifically in the TOP CROWN CENTER of the brain - when triggered by FIBONACCI (leads to Phi Golden Mean) audio cascades. This latter state he DEFINED as brainwave TRANSCENDANCE; it is clearly related to the triggering of CROSS HEMISPHERIC brainwave coherence. -

... and this sets the stage for the next ELECTRICAL bliss precedent history... our friend: Dr. Korotkov in Russia - found and published clear evidence that Golden Mean ratio was the KEY ATTRACTOR - identifying BLISS / Euphoria in brainwave harmonics. See

also see Cross Hemispheric COHERENCE in his BLISS measures -below: ( Dr.K.-of the famous GDV clinical aura discharge diagnostic tools- was first also to measure how death is successful when CHARGE propagates successfully from the corpse - suggesting a whole new industry instructing people on the electrical hygiene to survive death - non destructive / fractal charge distribution - see .)

Dr. Korotkov was invited to document the intensive bliss related visualization training used in the successful WORLD WITHOUT BLINDNESS PROJECT in Russia. There - children who were blind - began to literally see thru their inner sight - using a bliss training. The project received a lot of media attention. (Pics below & Films of TV shows available- acknowledgement again to Dr.K. - link above).

In the process- Dr. K was able to consistently document the electrical description of this state of consciousness- which we have called bliss:


Summarizing (simplifying) the above electrical measures to identify / teach BLISS:

1. The ratio between (principle) brain harmonics goes to GOLDEN RATIO..

2. Left and right hemisphere - come into COHERENCE (phase lock)

3. Minimizing Temporal activation corresponds to reducing the EEG map Dr.Wilson correlated to Dissociation (vs. Transcendance which is Golden Ratio phired CROWN activation).

4. Increase SIZE of the aura - (GDV)
(Dan Winter, Dr K., & Heart Coherence Team strongly hypothesize that GDV area -'aura radiance'- WILL correlate to Heart Coherence- as HeartCoherence correlates to muscle strength enabling HeartTuner to measure kinesiology.)

5. Increase in FRACTALITY (folded-surface) of the aura.


Also note that there is precedence confirming the power of acheiving cross hemispheric coherence in EEG - in triggering Healing. The Mind Mirror literature above is as well clear - that this form of coherence - WHEN ALSO COMBINED WITH COHERENT LINK UP TO A SECOND PERSON BEING HEALED - is a clear correlate / indicator - that functional energy healing occurs.

The Heart Coherence team - using the basic insight from Winter, successfully launched Heart / EKG biofeedback making empathy (phase lock ) and coherent emotion (passion) measureable (using 2 channel ceptstrum of EKG). Now in the next generation release of HeartTuner Pro04 Software ( ) Heart Coherence team is launching

One of the many new modules in the new HeartTuner Pro04 software being released in the next weeks - is explicitly designed to allow 3 of the most important features of BLISS - to be gently and carefully teachable in the new 2 channel brainwave setup for HeartTuner. This design - a BLISS TUNER?- specifically allows - at a glance biofeedback to teach:

A- Golden Ratio between the Major Harmonics - Usually Alpha to Beta in EEG Spectra

B- Cross Hemispheric Synchrony (Both Hemispheres in Symmetry )

C - Overall Internal COHERENCE.

In the tests here - both Dan & John & Frank whose brainwaves are shown felt clear 'rushes' or tingles of BLISS presence when the succesful graphs were taken.


3 Sessions In Sequence
Showing Golden Ratio Replicated
In Brain WaveEEG During Bliss Visualization
Vs. Charge Attraction

Above.. Dan Winter brainwave bliss series.. below.. John - during alpha bliss visualization in Germany

In addition the new software module will graph the overall coherence as 'rising thermometers' - plus the key harmonic RATIO to optimize for Phi/ Golden Mean.

Plant Substance Life Force Power Spectra
Represented as Concentric Bands..Life Force Radiance Made Visual. This kind of visualization - enables you to see when you create HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS - which by building on what we know about HeartRateVariability - Winter teaches is the way to MEASURE THE VITALITY OF EVERY LIVING THING! (Inclusiveness of harmonics in an oscilator indicates biological embedding and therefore infomation connectivity to its environment. Ultimately harmonic inclusiveness is perfected by the compression which Golden Ratio enables.

Count the number of generations since the wheat DNA in your white flour knew genetic diversity (harmonic inclusiveness would set it free) you learn WHY it creates mucous (poison).

Learn about the Potent Essential Oil - Taken INTERNALLY- 'ParaMirum'-formerly Aurea Cento-
Measured LIFE FORCE - later Clinically tested with Success AGAINST AIDS!-

So - if Golden Mean ratio Brain ( and indirectly- Golden Mean arithmetic cascade Heart) music create BLISS / Euphoria and Expanded PERCEPTION....

then WHY not just mechanically induce Golden Ratio and MAKE people make bliss??

(but as for living- we'll let our machines / servants do that for us)..

The problem is that only the WORK to make the BLISS for yourself MAKES it self-empowering (why biofeedback is only YOU learning to do it for yourself)..

If you MACHINE induce Golden ratio.. You get -- RETURN OF THE BORGS..(dis-empowerment and hive mind borg unindividuated non creative intelligence).

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Below- the work of Dr Konstantive Korotkov:-- with World Without Blindness - project..

The young people most of whom were totally blind, learned to see - after learning a series of disciplined inner excercises involving color and clear visualization.

After some months / years- the young people were able to acheive a distinct altered state of consciousness - directly linked to what we label bliss and euphoria.

The acheivement of that state of awareness - ability to draw in charge- was a direct cause of their being able to SEE even while blind.

Imagine that you understood the true meaning of the term:


Now visualize exactly the mathematics of what would allow waves to CON CENTER ..

(pic: circles in radii of Golden Mean)..

Recursion creates CON=CENTERING!!!! - Now understand by this what Golden Mean ratio does for BRAiN WAVES.

That Golden Ratio perfected ABILITY TO SELF REFER-is also a definition of consciousness in the Vedas:

We can then apply the principles of embedding as what the aura does during compassion..(measured in the EKG by Harmonic Inclusiveness)

This becomes the skill to steer tornados ( see )

By embedding using compassion to make gravity - we enter the center of the vortex... and become the storm.

Unsteered tornadoes, hurricanes are a form of biofeedback for culture: teaching responsibility for the principle of what steers:

Teaching your TORNADO to become steerable:

Once we understand the skill to arrange charge into fractality- the resultant ability to breathe information / charge recursively efficiently to center- results in the 'self referrent/self organizing' electric field (spirit) we call life and consciousness. ( see caducceus & phiricais). Test it by feeling your pet rock.. (Touch it lightly even with only your 'chi' it will quiver back to you). If it breathes charge- then it feels alive. The same is true of your favorite sacred space and your lover's field. The secret is that the waves of charge (spirit) once phase locked into this 3D geometry of recursion (holy grail-only 3d fractal-dodeca stellation-dna/grid/zodiac-star mother) acheive perfect distribution with zero storage (also defines abundance in economics).



This then enables us to define the geometry of material for (and re-invent) architecture and agriculture which will permit life to form / thrive:

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This then is the (eggs-acting) key to building a space (tecting an arch) ..

which will cause life / bliss / seeds to thrive.

Imagine .. life -that is the first living cell was invented .. when the first protein chains- spun into DNA by lightning..

learned to cohere an electric charge field (spirit) organized enough by compression to steer water and mineral into the first living cell (cause a seed to germinate):

The morphology of this life cyle is now extended as that same field becomes macro-cellular enough to spit a worm out your crown (kundalini).. the eye of Quetzlcoatel .. Serpent force above Buddha's head.... Once you learn to see thru this.. (Listen to the conch at Teohtihuancan)..

Then: the serpent feeds the eagle- the reptilian brain stem (the mouth of the amygdala:to tower).. held in the rapt-ur-u-s vice like grip of icy stillness - feeds the bird (ibi)brain..

Quetzlcoatel returns..

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topo map:


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