New Fractal Unified Field Science: Solution to Religion Wars,
Understanding Spirituality with Science.
- with Dan Winter .. a School Piece about School Peace!


(90 minutes- hi quality flash large screen full controller- video presentation - filmed Oct 8,09)
Special thanks to Valerie Sandelin for film-making and coordination!
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Dan Winter teaching in Alternative School: Healing Religion Conflict Using Science

A special invited to 90 minute lecture at Copland Community School, Wembley, near London, UK. Special acknowledgement to Mauricio Galeano, dedicated teacher there- who arranged such a wondrous 90 minutes.. with students from many levels- in the auditorium as you will see.

A special High School specializing in science, and clearly specializing in diverse religious backgrounds- with a large number of Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, and most every denomination and nationality. Talk about genetic diversity.

Dan explain's how empowering Unified Field thinking- means understanding your spiritual body - as an enery body using science.

Freeze Frames from School Conference

Science references for the lecture:

Understanding fractality as the cause of gravity:

External References:

Nassim Harramein - on Fractality, Golden Mean - Black Holes and Physics of Atoms:

On defining the living field in living things- electrically:

On Golden Mean and Fractal geometry in DNA:

On Golden Mean and Fractal geometry in origin of alphabet:

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