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below: Joan W. - "Best Overview I've seen on Alternative Technologies / New Physics !"

Recent Breakthru-Technology Conference has Participants in Tears... - Event Reviewed:

by Regina B. Jensen, Ph.D. ( Editor: )
- reprint below here...

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May 21-28, - South France ! - New : with Vincent Bridges, Roger Green, Dan Winter:
Gypsy Pilgrimage, Saintes Maries de la Mer, France
Each year, thousands of locals, gypsies, pilgrims and tourists travel to the picturesque seaside town of Saintes Marie de la Mer to participate or witness this incredible Gypsy Pilgrimage. Our retreat/tour is lead by Vincent Bridges, well known TV expert on Nostradamus (his house is nearby), John Dee and the ancient knowledge of Alchemy, and author of the 'Mysteries of the Great Cross at Hendaye'. This is our 8th year hosting a retreat in South France, where we enjoy the food, wine, culture and sacred sites and mysteries that only South France can offer! more details soon..
Vincent discovered what dramatically 5 sided magnetic line geometry was key to the function of St Remy the trigger site of Nostredamus work-is ALSO the geometry around the tower John Dee used to actually make gold south of Prague- and as we have known was always the real key to the grail mystery of Rennes le Chateau..
Dan explains the phase conjugate nature of how THAT geometry
made the plasma field of Nostredamus scrying projective to the future..
and was essential to the Alchemy of Dee and Kelly.. just as it as key to building a successful Necropolis- city of the dead - at Rennes le Chateau (Holy Blood Holy Grail)

Sept 3-5, International Harmony of the Cosmos- Conference- Poland with - Janusz Zagórski - group - Cosponsored by our Polish Translators Group - Lec Barylski -

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Facebook | Joan Wheaton: Best Overview I've seen on Alternative Technologies / New Physics !

" Best Overview I've seen on Alternative Technologies / New Physics !
reprint from:


Best Overview I've seen on Alternative Technologies / New Physics !
Recent Breakthru-Technology Conference has Participants in Tears...

by Regina B. Jensen, Ph.D. ( Editor: )

Who can imagine crying at the thought of a physics lesson? I can! I hated physics and tried to evade, ignore and forget as much as possible of the boring, forced attempts at introducing me to the laws of physics in High School. So, observing a perfectly intelligent, heretofore powerfully engaged woman break down sobbing in her chair isn't so far from my idea of watching a physics presentation and neither is the idea of a traditional physicist starting to pop Valium. Maybe he is bored or anxious too? But wait, these people aren't in school! No-one is forcing them to sit still. They have been participating in the recent Breakthru-Technology Conference in Calgary, Alberta all weekend and seem to be aroused from positive excitement and even joy, rather than displeasure. What are they watching now? A web-presentation by scientist and physics researcher Nassim Haramein.

Haramein is one of the carefully chosen presenters at this conference which seems to hold true to the promises of co-organizer Roger Green: There appear to be breakthroughs here on all levels - technological and psychological. It is almost the end of a jam-packed weekend conference. Haramein, although unable to attend in person, does not lose any of his legendary charisma while presenting via "webinar" technology. Neither do we miss those participants who, unable to travel to Calgary in person, are likewise attending via web technology. They are right with us here and we hear them ask the very questions we were about to clarify and, far away and yet so close, they get them answered by the equally close-feeling online presenter.

Indeed, Green, the main organizer and sponsor, ever committed to make available hard to find, cutting-edge information, has opened up the world "to the world" with the help of co-sponsor and whiz of fractal geometry, physicist Daniel Winter and assistant Paul Harris. Winter has continued to amaze and delight participants with a series of his legendary visual and mind-bending presentations all weekend. All of us here who want to understand the deeper gifts conferred by fractal mathematics research, and even more importantly so, how the idea of fractality can make sense of - and give tangible guidance for - so many senseless puzzles of modern living, have been listening intently with ears perked for two days. Dan is indeed a pioneer in this new "theory of everything" based on fractal geometry. Each month, he gets over one million hits on his mind expanding website. The organizers were not bragging in their online conference material. I am reading one of my print-outs:

Chances are you are as passionate about innovations in agriculture, new energy systems, carbon neutral sustainability, architecture and health as we are. The applied Fractal Field theory is an inspiring new order of pure scientific principles, which clearly explains magnetism, how gravity is produced, how seeds germinate, and how life is supported. When the electric field is fractal and phase conjugate all the life force energy is massively optimized.

Yes, we did see Dr. Sal Giandinoto's stunning presentation of plants growing three times as large and as strong from applications of those very principles, notably phase-conjugated water treatment.

We now know the symmetry and frequency recipes to cause this to happen. This has never been achieved before - the potential for commercial applications are huge. This is the physics behind reducing aging, massive increase in agricultural yields, splitting hydrogen from water efficiently, creating implosion rather than 'explosion' and other commercial applications. Many of these innovations will be presented for the first time after many years of research, providing us with much needed global solutions to our planetary problems such as green house gases, energy supply, and feeding the world.

Helpers are already busy arranging the next and last presentation which requires a connection to Germany, where the time is after midnight. There is only a moment to let some eyes dry and heart rates settle from the excitement of seeing, on the projection screen before us, the riddles of the ages solved by Haramein. We now actually understand and can - almost - reconstruct, for the first time, the utterly ludicrous idea of the entire mass of the universe fitting into the nucleus of a single cell of ours with lots of space to spare for our extra luggage and winter clothes [10 to the power of -33 or some such number, an amount of space hard to imagine at any rate, but not for Haramein who proves that space, facilitated by its very own boundaries, becomes infinite (((@@))) ].

Yes, even this writer and physics dunce, who admittedly has experienced presentations by this humble genius before, feels quite certain that, guided by Haramein's paper The Schwarzschild Proton (see: she too could prove what the ancients have said for Millennia: that the Universe lives, and fits, inside of us - - an apparent impossibility also alluded to by the Alchemists' obscure "as the inside, so the outside - as above, so below." That's how easy Haramein makes it for his audience to love and understand the most complicated concepts. His innocence, excitement and brilliance are those of a divine boy who has discovered the secrets of the Universe by way of constantly asking why various emperors of the land of the traditional physical sciences are looking very naked.

Naked or not, by way of bestowing their prestigious Best Paper Award in the field of “Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Field Theory, and Gravitation” upon Haramein, eleven Belgian peer reviewers earlier this year honored him and therewith supported his work:

This significant paper marks a new paradigm in the world of quantum theory, as it describes the nuclei of an atom as a mini black hole, where protons are attracted to each other by gravitation rather than some mysterious undefined 'strong force.' This radical new view of the quantum world produces a unification of the forces and appropriately predicts measured values for the nucleon of atoms.

To us, sitting there with our heads spinning in more ways than one (not the least of which was caused by a most amazing visual sacred geometry experience over Roger's hosted gourmet dinner the night before, courtesy of artist and geometry wizard Jonathan Quintin) "entanglement of all protons" has taken on a whole new meaning.

Alas, the connection to Germany is made and we are on to another kind of excitement, unbelievable in its own right. The amazing footage before our eyes, introduced by Georg Gaupp-Berghausen is of quite another astounding technology. Now, our minds are being stretched from the physics of our very nuclei as black holes which therewith seem to connect us to the entire Universe, to the idea of dousing for...unlimited Primary Water?

Dousing is an activity that looks like so much hokus-pokus to some people. But not much woo-woo magic here. We are watching a well-respected, elder Austrian dowser, Hans-Anton Rieder, take risks that few of us would ever take. The videos offered by Georg Gaupp-Berghausen - take us to the deserts of Africa and India, where we are literally shown how to make the desert bloom: We are joining, if only metaphorically so, the doubtful, thirsty locals. These are desert dwellers used to disappointments when it comes to rain and dried-up wells that are supposed to produce water. So we see the locals smile politely, and increasingly so when they hear that even the local geologists have calculated and assured everyone, along with their very own Shamans, that to produce water here via drilling is as unlikely as producing water in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica.

The drilling begins there, in the middle of a most unlikely desert region and when it gets to the dowser's appointed depth, heads nod and smiles broaden. "See, we told you so!" But Anton checks with his rods. "Keep drilling," he says with a professionals certainty, but he now thinks it's a few dozen feet deeper. Now, we are all holding our breath at his audacity - or is it the certainty of a master? - while receiving explanations of what exactly he is looking for: Primal Water...Rock Water, he says, water which is available in abundance and independent from rain water. Hard to believe but true. A breakthrough technology in the truest sense of the term - but only if you know what you are looking for, how and where.

Just as the drill-bit hits water and dancing locals dip their bowls into this new, everlasting well, I have to leave for the airport, exactly three minutes by foot away from this surprisingly beautiful, gracious hotel with food that delighted my hard-to-impress pallet which is quite spoiled by many a talented chef's creation. Much too soon, I am settled in my airplane seat while it feels as if my spirit is still there, remaining with all those new-found friends and colleagues. I wish I could have stayed for the wonderful TechThinkTank Retreat to follow the conference, in the beautiful lake area on the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, but duty calls.

As we soar into the sky, I sort through my notes; so much incredible information in such a short time. One of the many presenters was multi-talented, internationally renowned astrophysicist and nuclear scientist Dr. Elisabeth Rauscher, whose work on seismic, geophysic monitoring devices I used to support and follow over twenty years ago. She presented on pain reduction and the newest (and forgotten) healing technologies by way of Magnetic Phase Conjugation which can "gradually reverse the damaged or diseased cell back to an earlier physical condition, before the damage or disease was there." Rauscher is also combining efforts with Haramein on several scientific papers. (The Institute of HeartMathTM is collaborating with Rauscher as well, with the development of their global monitoring system to measure the "brain waves and heart rhythm" of Earth in a real-time format.)

Patrick Flanagan, also presenting via web-presence, held people spell-bound with his expertise on water and his patented technology for rehydrating ourselves by reducing surface water tension. With micronized water-molecules, he assures, we can get the water all the way into the cell itself where dehydration does most of its damage. "Absolutely fabulous presentation," I overhear someone in the lobby. Yes, I think, Green knows what he is doing with his choice of scientists. Flanagan has been far ahead of the game for many years. I search for bottles of his Microhydrin water-treatment drops whenever I start feeling the worst hallmarks of aging and beginnings of disease: lack of water in the deeper tissues

Ah, yes, water! Now I know, that it can definitely be used for more than just thirst and watering crops. "Just as I publish an article to promote the use of Ethanol via use of certain sustainable crops," I am musing to myself, " to help us get away from fossil fuels, along comes Ross Spiros with his amazing fuel-technology producing Solanol." While we have all heard rumors about free energy from water, it was hard to believe until this conference, which presented us with yet another amazing set of information: "A unique method of electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water." Much more efficient and affordable, so claim the scientists, than any other method on this planet for producing "renewable, carbon-neutral, cost-effective" transport fuels. I look at their carefully developed presentation print-out. Wow! I will certainly stay in touch with that group of mind-boggling entrepreneurs ready to take on the world of petroleum. Here is thorough documentation that we can fill all our fuel needs while honoring our planet and answering so many of the global warming and climate change realities.

I close my eyes. We are leveling off. Phase-conjugated water treatment devices, hypersonic transportation propulsion technology presented by Sapoty Brook and so much more. Hopefully, all that filming and recording will result in some DVDs. This kind of information you want to visit and revisit many times. I mumble some of Haramein's formulas as I nod off into a delicious slumber: "Thank you Roger, thank you Dan, thank you Universe for using your fractal secrets to guide me to this gathering. You always do that so perfectly, as long as I resonate with your secrets, the best of which I saw in everybody's eyes: Love and Gratitute - simple algebra. I think I will take off my dunce hat now - which, by the way, Dan says facilitates thinking by way of Golden Mean ratios when we are dull-witted and 'fractally impaired'. No more dunce hat, because I CAN remember this: Love + Gratitute = Divine Joy and Guidance, which can exponentially multiply from the innermost cell to the outermost edges of the Universe - instantaneously. It's a black hole kind of thing, you know!
* * *
by Regina B. Jensen, Ph.D.

Regina Jensen can be contacted at

Roger Green is the founder and CEO of the Academy of Sacred Geometry; the Academy of Healing Nutrition; and Feng Shui Seminars. He can be reached at

Dan Winter maintains a busy international seminar and travel-schedule. His website is,




For those ready for the Science- we reprint the new- March 2010 article:





& of the origin of (self organization) in Time!

Evidence that phase conjugate dielectrics are bioactive: (bottom)

This article continues from the original presentation Phase Conjugate Golden Ratio-Gravity's CAUSE-by Dan Winter,
in the proceedings International Unified Field Physics conference(s) Budapest 06(&08):

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new- Scientific MECHANISM:How the GMO Corn Killed the BEES..(spread this) :

also new -interview with the REAL- whaledreamer:


The essential mistake of Einstein and the science community- is their failure to notice the most simple essential principle:

(also below- major update with our correspondance with him & 4000 links on the boiling Dr El Nashie GOLDEN MEAN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY CONTROVERSY)


This is a simple - testable fact


And yet because physics has in the past been ignorant of this- they have failed to recognize that this Golden Ratio Fractality or Phase Conjugation - IS the solution - not just to wave interference- but also- THEREFORE the solution to wave COMPRESSION!

... and therefore - (as Einstein rightly surmised- the solution to charge compression ) IS the cause of gravity!

This is why Golden Ratio is key to converting charge and gravity.

Electromagnetism and gravity are one unified field of charge when Golden Ratio fractality is understood.

Unified physics is waves- all waves are made of 'charge'; the compression/rarefication of the ether.

The origin of spin is the only way charge waves can store inertia- all other rotations are cancelled by destructive (non golden ratio) wave interference.
- This is why the Universe in order to have gravity HAD to be Golden Ratio dodecahedral in symmetry!

Note the explicitly dodeca symmetry of: Hydrogen [see equation from Dan Winter -proving this, below], the explicitly fractal relationship of all nucleus to electrons-causing the gravity in atoms, DNA, Earth grid, and Universe..
Not to mention the REASON for the pent Golden Ratio[phase conjugate electrically] symmetry of every living protein.
See also Dan Winter's proof below- every vertex of inphi-knit stellation of dodeca icosa is simple multiple of golden ratio.
Golden Ratio [perfected conjugation of the phases of waves of charge]
- dephines the diphine and the sacred- and gravity [G-ray of vita] and life and perception - and the 'collective unconscious' DNA field effect radio [phase conjugate dielectric]
- because it dephines charge distribution perfected.

Stored inertia when charge rotates is called 'mass'.

The period of that rotation of charge is also the only definition of TIME.


This is therefore the necessary and exclusive POSSIBLE (and proven) geometry for HYDROGEN (see equation below from Winter), DNA, Earth Grid, and Universe..(how gravity is produced...



In this article we are going to summarize the COMPELLING NEW PHYSICS:

Golden Ratio Fractality (Phase Conjugation) :Pure Implosive Self Organization

IS the clear cause and mechanism of:

1.Gravity ( , , ,

2. Perception

3. Color

4. Life Force

5. Time.


Power of 2 / Octaves / in Charge Symmetry (Tetra/ Octa / Cube)
Produce CHARGE ISOLATION - because among waves this produces maximum DESTRUCTIVE WAVE INTERFERENCE
GOLDEN RATIO (Golden Quantum Field Theory)
in Charge Symmetry (Pent / Deca - Dodeca / Icosa)
- because among waves this produces maximum

Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part ONE of 14
Best of Dan Winter-Australia Tour 2010:


Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part TWO of 14

Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part THREE of 14

Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part FOUR of 14


Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part FIVE of 14


Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part SIX of 14


Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part SEVEN of 14- (The Science Principle Climax- here is where we explain HOW this centripedal force - causes ALL self-organization.)

Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part EIGHT of 14


Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part 9 of 14


Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part 10 of 14


Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part 11 of 14


Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part 12 of 14


Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part 13 of 14


Pure Self-Organization from Implosive Fractality Part 14 of 14


Origin Synchronicity.. Self Organization+Awareness in Phi Electric Fractality..

a pictorial update from Implosion Group - originally from Dan Winter - June 24, 06 index:

As a stone thrown in a pool, creates more and more circles... if that pool is fractal - it allows such perfect radiance of those waves of charge from center- that we call the electric field which results- SELF AWARE - Synchronistic..

His soul was like a giant sea, flooding the world in front like giant wings....

The job of each human being is to experience the divine (fractality... bliss ... charge radiance .. access to the well of perfected biological survival info / symmetry)..
then use what he has learned - to make the world a better place..

That means you want love, harmony, no deception - you don't want to exploit others..


WHAT IS THAT DIVINE?- is it perfect branching for charge optimized by Phi?


Now ask -Why would fractality (in time AND space) specifically by a prerequisite to enable synchronicity? ...
>> BECAUSE constructive charge compression allows radiance - from the fusion point
>> which is specifically super luminal..
>> therefore.. time travel (synchronicity).

( see equation for Golden Ratio defining TIME and charge transfer synchronicity:
Golden Ratio times PLANK TIME= Hydrogen Frequency, the Solar Year, and the Venus Year>


The Golden Fractal Wave-

Origin of Centripedal Forces: Gravity, Color, Life, Consciousness and Perception.

by Dan Winter


We are clear the universe is made of waves. Those waves move in a universal compressible background substance ("ether"). Those waves then store compression versus rarefaction (packing versus unpacking - sometimes called yin/ yang)- in that substance called (electric) CHARGE. So in physics 'charge' is in effect the unified field.


Because that fluidly moving hydrodynamic substance called 'charge' stores INERTIA- it then has the quality - of creating MASS. This is because inertia stored (by waves of charge rotating) is the only definition of mass. It is as simple as realizing that when a wave is able to go in a circle instead of a line, it begins to STORE more of its inertia - just like a gyroscope. So - as we have often said- 'God' or the creative principle in essence is the skill to teach waves to start going in a circle (creating mass) instead of line.

The tricky part of keeping a wave going in a circle - instead of in a straight line - is that when the wave finishes making it's circle - it has to meet itself - ('phase lock') - by agreeing on where the crest and the trough will fit. Otherwise - it creates destructive wave interference ... and kills itself.

image- wave rotation

This need for waves to agree on where to meet- forces them to always obey a simple rule. The number one rule for waves is: The wave length must divide evenly into the circumference of the circle they are making. This rule- the origin of 'quantum mechanics' - is the reason there is geometry in the universe. This is because fitting wavelengths into circles - in 2D and 3D- causes those wave to make the pretty pictures - tetrahedron, octa, cube, dodeca, icosa etc. These become group theory.. and the fact that electron shells are basically platonic solids- the same way nuclear particles- (protons/neutrons) nest in the platonic solids.


The illusion that there is such a thing as a particle arose because of the way these waves of charge store their inertia in discrete or 'quantized' little 'envelopes'. These bubbles or wave packets of charge storing inertia - came to be named particles. They are absolutely not 'silver bullets' (which is to say they are NOT solid - but only wave bubbles). The reason the amount of inertia (or mass) stored in each little bubble of waves is so regular or discrete (electrons and protons each store the same amount) - is fascinating.

As waves ran around the universe- for eons- they discovered there were some basic agreements required in order for the survival of those waves. An extremely elegant single universal standard for all waves- call PLANK - (length, time, and energy) - evolved because - right from the beginning waves which did not fit the agreed standard of fitting together - would immediately die (experience destructive wave interference).

In effect - since this one unit of length and time and energy - fit ALL of the waves of the universe- these so called PLANK dimensions define the so called 'sacred' (gold standard of agreement that fits all of physics) - for waves.

The other tricky part about keeping a wave going in a circle ( and thereby creating mass) - is that the inertia the wave stores - tends to immediately get thrown OUT of that circle by centripedal force. (For the same reason your laundry gets pressed on the outside of the drum during the spin cycle).

So - the only way those waves get to KEEP going in a circle - and remain part of the exclusive club of 'mass creators' is when there is some mysterious centripedal force- which keeps them attracted to the center of the circle (gravity). The cause of THAT force is one of the primary subjects of this book.

We all know that Einstein did not figure out why any object falls to the ground. He got one thing right- that infinite constructive wave compression was the solution to his unified field. The reason physics has not figured out why an object falls to the ground til now, is because of TWO fundamental stupidities:

1. Not knowing how fractality - was a wave / electrical solution to perfect or infinite compression. (Although mathematics has long known fractals are infinitely compressible - physics was slow to figure out what a fractal electric field looked like).

2. Not knowing that Golden Ratio was the ultimate solution to all constructive wave interference - and therefore especially the solution to Einstein's pesky problem: infinite compression. And therefore Golden Ratio is the ultimate solution to fractality.

The essential issue of unified field thinking is to know what electric field shape or symmetry causes gravity to happen. This problem is resolved once we understand for example - that the fractal 'self similarity' (perfected in Golden Ratio) of the nuclear shapes (symmetry) to the electron shells- is the reason atoms have and make gravity.

Gravity is only one of the centripedal forces. Others are color, life force, perception, and consciousness itself. All of these - by appearance- self organizing forces are caused by Golden Ratio - fractality among waves of charge. The purpose of this book is to present the scientific evidence for this statement. And then to explore the technologic and spiritual implications of this new fractal unified field.


The evidence the Golden Ratio - fractality ( constructive charge collapse perfected) is the cause and mechanism of gravity:

1. Golden Ratio times Plank length produces exactly the radius of hydrogen. ( My equations:> insert equation.

So- Golden RATIO constructive charge collapse- is evidentially what is holding hydrogen - and most likely the entire atomic table together.

2. Golden Ratio is the quintessential element of E8 - Unified Field model ( Garrett Lisi et al).

3. Golden Ratio is the universal container of Nassim Harramein - universal of global scaling - of - Length vs Frequency of - Big Bang, Atom, Galaxy and Universe ( Nassim's Table here)

4. The infinite stellated dodecahedron ( dodeca / icosa/ dodeca...) main characteristic is each node has x,y,z values which are simples multiples of Golden Ratio. This produces perfect constructive wave compression and collapse. For this reason - this is the exact geometry of:

a) The universe ( Nature and New Scientist magazine covers)

b) DNA and every living protein

c) the outer electrical shape of gold, palladium, platinum (pgm's), fusion, black holes, the noble gasses, and their corresponding electron valences and nuclear symmetries.

d) the Earth grid.


Understanding the mechanism which allows Golden Ratio fractality to BE the cause of gravity is essential to this:

The top down view of the Golden Ratio - pent dodeca- which is the shape of every wave in the above list (DNA, Every Living Protein, Gold/PGM's, Earth Grid, Universe etc) - is essentially 10 spirals of the Golden Mean

pic and animations here

The reason this shape - essentially accounts for all the universe's centripedal and self organizing forces (gravity, color, consciousness, life force, perception etc)- is as follows:

When waves meet in rotation - at each wave node cross- a portion of the inertia of the wave node (or cross point) - must radiate out in all directions. The wave interference produced in 3D quickly makes DESTRUCTIVE wave interference - (especially if it is cubic) - unless it finds the ONE geometry which allows the wave to continue radiating in ALL directions constructively. That solution is GOLDEN RATIO - and the 3D - what that looks like is the stellated dodeca (pent stars within stars).

As the waves keep crossing- at each point along the Golden Spiral they create,the keep doing what all waves must do in wave interference (called 'heterodyning'). They keep adding AND multiplying (recursive addition) - their wave lengths and their wave (or phase) VELOCITIES.

The Golden Ratio is the obvious only solution to this geometry problem which all waves encounter because this is the ratio that allows BOTH adding and multiplying to continue- in such a way that all the produces (children of the waves) continue to FIT the nest.

Science review continued below with El Naschie...


pdf imploder

Fractal Field: Technology: The IMPLODER- Prototype Now Available for Testing:

for our commercial partners



with Dan Winter

in collaboration with Roger Green

Thanks to intense global interest, we can now make available to a limited number of research partners: a new prototype version of
THE-IMPLODER- see images and lab reports below.

Imploder Prototypes can be ordered thru:

for 750 US plus 150 trackable shipping in special container- for hi magnetic= 900 US$

Paypal, Visa, MC -to (bank transfer by request)

Shipping time 2-4 weeks.

We certify all results shown were taken in good faith. You agree that this is experimental, and you agree to make diligent and meaningful scientific measure of result. You further agree not to dissemble or in any way distribute the intellectual property contained.

-More on research suggested protocol on request.

--Note the preliminary growth effect and reduction in entropy etc below.


Copyright: Daniel Winter 2009-2010








Dan Winter - personal background / intro - 1.

Dan Winter- personal background - 2.

Fractal Field- the core science - background

The IMPLODER- the hardware- introduction:


Agricultural / Growth Water Treatment- Using the IMPLODER:


Nozzle Images- for the IMPLODER


Water Purification and Sewage Treatment - and Tar Sands Sedimentation- using The IMPLODER:


Fuel and COMBUSTION EFFICIENCY - Application using the IMPLODER:


Phase Conjugate DIELECTRICS- FRACTAL FIELD- Metabolic Acceleration-


Measuring Effectiveness- Using the IMPLODER- and the Dielectrics..

Team- Lead by Daniel Winter ( Implosion Group : )

Creating the Electric Field which Causes Life:

Phase Conjugate / Fractal Field

& Breakthru in Water Treatment

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PHASE CONJUGATOR: Uses Hi Magnetic Flux Density - In Proprietary PHASE CONJUGATE ARRAY-

Worlds most potent Water Restructuring Device- Fast / Efficient / Safe - VERY Lo Cost:

Phase Conjugate Magnetic Water Treatment - tests

below: Plant weight increase in response to phase conjugated water: over 300%

Tests performed by Sal Gino PhD.

Note: these are the tests so far for effect on growth / germination / biologic benefit - of treated water.

Preliminary indications are: effect on SEDIMENTATION RATE - for breakthru in water treatment- will be equally dramatic.

More info on Dan Winter's work on the theory of electric self organization by PHASE CONJUGATION is here.

Note: Self Organization during phase conjugation is well documented in Optics, it is becoming known in phase conjugated dielectrics (links) -

Dan Winter has invented PHASE CONJUGATED DIELECTRICS (separately from his work here on PC Magnetics) which have produced a measured 50% increase in glucose uptake -fermentation RATE increase. (Documentation on those measures IS AT THE BOTTOM HERE).

Dan Winter is the inventor of the concept and here the demonstration of:

PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS ( the reason like poles of a magnetic can ATTRACT in the correct geometry- his first paper on PHASE CONJUGATOR MAGNETICS - he is co-authoring with ELIZABETH RAUSCHER).

TEST APPARATUS: THE IMPLODER - phase conjugate hydrodynamic NOZZLE- from Dan Winter - is fitted to: A series of Neodymium Iron Boron magnets are precisely set in a unique design: “Phase Conjugate” position . Like poles of the magnet can actually attract each other. We utilize the enhanced 'z pinch' effect of our custom phase conjugate array.

Each of the individual magnets had a 1/2" diameter hole at the centre to allow for water flow. The magnet array was attached to a diaphragm water pump which allowed for recirculation of water using a 20 Liter reservoir. Water was re-circulated for a period of approximately 15 minutes before measurement or experimentation.

Redox Results – After circulating water through the new air-core magnet stack encased in copper tubing for 8 minutes, there was a noticeable 6.5% drop in Redox potential of the sample compared to the control. This is advantageous for drinking water since a lower value in Redox potential is healthier. There was also a 5% drop in pH from the control value of pH 8.0 to 7.6. The ORP (redox potential) readings were as follows:

Control: 738.5 mV

Test sample: 690.2 mV

Measurements were made in reference to a saturated Ag/AgCl calomel electrode.


-- ealier test:

GDV Entropy results- Ordinary tap water (15L) was re-circulated through the magnet stack for about 15-20 minutes. A sample of this ‘magnetized’ water was compared to the original tap water prior to passage through the magnet stack. The two samples were analyzed using the Kirlionics GDV device with the water attachment plate which was submerged in 1 Liter of water in a glass beaker. The results, shown below, indicate a 46% reduction in entropy of the magnet water compared to that of the tap water. 100 data points for each sample was taken for the measurements.

Tap water (BLUE) Magnet Water (RED)
Entropy Avg. (magnetic water)= 1.43, Entropy Avg. (tap water)=2.66

Germination Results- Two individual germination studies were conducted using mustard seeds. In the first experiment, 25 mustard seeds were planted onto a square cotton mat inside of a shallow plastic container about 7 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in height. For each experiment three dishes were set up prior to planting. One was used for the control water sample and the other two for the magnet water sample. In the first experiment 25 mustard seeds were planted in each dish and 50 ml of test water was added to each dish. The dishes were covered initially with paper towels and the evaporated water was replenished periodically as needed. After 7 days of germination the seedlings were weighed on an analytical balance to the nearest milligram. The results showed an average increase in germination yield of 12% with the magnet water compared to the untreated tap water. A second experiment was conducted in a similar manner except that 30 seeds were used in each dish and the dishes were covered with plastic wrap to avoid evaporation and subsequent water replenishment. The plastic wrap was ideal since the initial water charge of 50ml was more than enough to keep the seedlings moist over a period of 7 days without having to replenish the water. The results of this study showed a much more prominent effect with the average germination yield of the two magnet water samples at 25% greater than the control water sample.

Plant weight increase in response to phase conjugated water: over 300%

Laboratory comparison on plant weights - as seen above:
Subject: Weights on plants
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 18:14:47 +0100
From: Sal Giandinoto
I weighed the plants and placed them in sealed plastic bags for shipment for more tests. The weights were:

Magnet Water Plant 12.864g

Tap Water Plant 3.925g

That is a yield ratio of 3.28 to 1.
Quite impressive.


--Now - a March 2010 Update ...

Over 4000 web links on the boiling

A continuation of our correspondance with Professor El Naschie:
originally- Dr Nashie wrote:

Dear Dr. Winter, Thank you for your email. Let me attempt to answer your first questions first. I don’t know if I agree or disagree that golden ratio based fractal self similarity can be practically applied and mathematically proven to be functionally the electrical cause of gravity. I have to go step by step and make no jumps in analyzing the question and then attempting to find the answer. To start with: why base self-similarity which is a very wide concept on the golden ratio which is much narrower?

  1. If we start by rabbits, camels, dogs or any configuration and go on reducing it in size indefinitely by splitting each camel into three camels and take one of these camels out of our set, then we end up in all events with a cantor dust. It makes no difference what we start with. The differences between the objects will disappear in the limit. In fact we could start with President Bush or Obama and we will end in all events with the same Cantor dust. If our process is random and we use uniform distribution, then the Hausdorff dimension of the cantor dust that we obtained will be equal to the golden mean. Two Americans proved this theorem namely, Mauldin and Williams. By pure coincidence I proved the theorem in four dimensions and later on realized that I generalized Mauldin-Williams theorem without knowing. That was the start of my work. The Hausdorff dimension of a 4-dimensional cantor set is necessarily equal to 1 + the golden mean all to the power of 3. This is exactly equal to 4 + the golden mean to the power of 3 which is exactly equal to 4.236067989. Please work it out yourself. Interestingly, this Hausdorff dimension lives inside a smaller dimension, namely exactly 4. Four is the topological embedding dimension. It is similar to a melon. The outer surface is smooth and the dimension is 2. But the inside of the melon is non-smooth and the dimension is more than 2. The whole object is of a dimension equal to 3. Similarly, our spacetime, I reasoned much much later, has a topological dimension equal 4 and a Hausdorff dimension equal to 4 + the golden mean to the power of 3. And the whole thing can be embedded in different ways including 5 + 5 to the power of 3 dimensions and so on….In fact we can reach the dimensionality of electromagnetic field that way which is equal to 20 multiplied by 1 + plus Phi all to the power of 4. This gives exactly 137.082039325. We can go on reasoning things in a similar but more complex manner until we reach the conclusion that Newton’s dimensionless gravity constant is equal to 2 to the power of the inverse electromagnetic fine structure constant (the one I have just mentioned) minus ten which gives approximately ten to the power of 38 as is well-known experimentally. The theory from which I obtained all the result I named E-Infinity theory and when specializing it to quantum field theory, I call it quantum golden field theory. So in a sense you are right after all. But the way you wrote your sentence is rather provocative to the mainstream physicists. I am not saying that how I am doing it is less provocative to them, but there is a difference which at least excludes the common accusation against non-mainstream theory of being esoteric supernatural, or simply descriptive non-mathematical work of fantasy as if fantasy is something one has to be ashamed of while lack of it, is a quality about which one has to be proud.
    ---Update: Dr El Naschie and friends just wrote:
    Subject: Golden ratio, Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 15:27:52 EST
    Dear Dr. Winter,

    You may like to see the comment copied below which was found on the net. Prof. El Naschie approves of it but it is not by him. Regards, H.G. Boehm

    There is a highly interesting connection between science and religion which comes out as a by-product of El Naschie’s discovery of golden mean geometry and quantum golden mean theory. For a few hundred years facts and values were separated. Science is the world of facts. Morality and art is the world of values. Since Islamic science and later on Francis Bacon, the scientific method dealt only with facts. Anything dealing with values was called philosophy or religion even when facts are also involved. Needless to say art, music, emotions and beauty are all things related to values. It follows then that the golden mean which was used by the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Renaissance artists is a fundamental tool in the world of values. It is fundamental to art and consequently emotions, morality and religion. It has something to do with good and bad. You cannot give a definite objective reason for something being beautiful. Never the less we know and feel the beauty of a golden mean composition whether it is in the visual or audio arts. Here comes then the surprise. To discover the golden mean as the basis of quantum mechanics is tantamount to discovering that there is a bridge between the world of values and the world of facts. The experimental confirmation of the golden mean in quantum mechanics and the basic correctness of Mohamed El Naschie’s theory of Cantorian spacetime, which is based on the golden mean, is an irrefutable proof of what people sensed long ago but were not able to demonstrate in a mathematical way, namely that art, religion, mathematics and natural science are somehow deeply interconnected. The experimental work at the Helm Holtz Inst. in Germany and the theory of El Naschie and his colleagues is a radical departure from an old paradigm which lasted for over a thousand years. We can no longer claim that there is no connection between love and reason or emotions and facts. We do not yet have a complete proof. We are not even at the beginning. However with El Naschie’s theory experimentally confirmed, we may be at the beginning of the beginning of a new era in science, philosophy, art and religion., Ed Nash

  2. Here is some of our earlier notes regarding Dr. El Naschie: Numerous of the magazine comments suggest both El Naschie and Lisi for Nobel consideration. ... El Naschie's earlier paper said: Dimensional symmetry breaking, information and ... Caught in the MATRIX:..Lisi E8 "Surfers" THEORY OF EVERYTHING is based on El Naschie GOLDEN RATIO -symmetries ... Physics World Implodes:Confirming Fractal Phase Conjugation ... El Naschie - mentioned for Nobel Prize- - calls this "GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD

  3. and exerpts from Dr. ElNashie's work on Golden Ratio physics: El Naschie MS, Transfinite harmonization Mohamed El Naschie answers a few questions about this month's emerging research



An outline for a quantum golden field theory, M.S. El Naschie a,b,c,*
Abstract:Conventional quantum field theory may be advantageously reformulated in terms of a golden mean based number system. The present short paper is devoted to outlining such a quantum golden field theory.
1. Introduction: Mathematics in some views is nothing but a good system of notations [1]. Somewhat analogously, physics is highly
affected by a good or lucky choice of physical units. If all this is true and it is to a large extent true, so what about the
role played by number system in mathematical physics [1,2]? The answer is really simple as it is definite: if notations and
units are important, the number system we are using is crucial. In fact it is almost everything [2,4].
The golden mean and the golden mean based number system upon which QGFT is based is anything but mystical
[2,3]. Human beings may be fooled in doing many things the wrong way, but at least because of the infinite time which
nature had to perfect itself, it makes far less mistakes than we do. After all infinity is in the Cartesian philosophy an
attribute of the omnipotent. Looking at organic forms for instance as well as many mathematical facts, one finds
the golden mean because a golden mean based theory is simply the simplest and most perfect. This is visible every where
on the macroscopic level. For the micro cosmos on the other hand, and in an even more profound way, the golden mean
seems to dominate in every rational mathematical modeling because it is the very principle upon which nature has constructed

Quantum golden field theory – Ten theorems - M.S. El Naschie *
Abstract - Ten theorems and few conjectures related to quantum field theory as applied to high energy physics are presented.
The work connects classical quantum field theory with the golden mean renormalization groups of non-linear dynamics and E-Infinity theory.

The golden mean in the topology of four-manifolds,in conformal field theory, in the mathematical probability theory and in Cantorian space-time, L. Marek-Crnjac
Abstract: In the present work we show the connections between the topology of four-manifolds, conformal field theory, the mathematical probability theory and Cantorian space-time. In all these different mathematical fields, we find as the main connection the appearance of the golden mean.

On the mass spectrum of the elementary particles of the standard model using El Naschie’s golden field theory
L. Marek-Crnjac *
Abstract: In this note we will give an expression of masses of the elementary particles of the standard model in terms of the golden mean.



What and where is the "fusion point" in the phi geometries' constructive charge compression , that"allows" radiance ?

Is the term "allows" similar to"emits" ? Is "radiance" a wave phenomenon , or a scalar potential ?

Dan's response:

Fusion point is the center of the fractal.. an example of fractal or recursion center creating charge compression
(sacred space)/ radiance point - in space - would be dowsed labyrinth / sigil / or yantra center in the referenced

for an example of a center of fractal in time (golden spiral in time)- see the book: Spiral Calendar
> that "allows" radiance ?

once fractality recursively multiplies the phase velocities into the implosive compression point
radiance of charge is made infinitely efficient..


This is why it is so profound and self-empowering when we learn (with biofeedback ..or?) from within to MAKE these golden ratio metrics in EKG and EEG- because we then become a massive charge attractor- accounting for not just bliss and creativity - but the end of parasites and the BEGINNING of self-steering (by implosive suction) our own aura. Death survival / lucid dreaming - even ensoulment are the result. Altho the problem of getting self-empowered from an electrical viewpoint is quite simple (attract charge or die) - the psychology of DOING that is the fun part. It literally means determining which intention or wave is shareable -and embedding ourselves in that (pure coherence is always fractal). It means the REASON we don't eat most red meat is we recognize the WORK it is going to take to restore the internal memory structure to fractality (from anger/ destructive inner electrical interference symmetry). It means the REASON we eat only happy DNA and live in fractal pristine magnetics is we realize it is only from there can we radiate the charge called immortality. Etc.This is literally the physics of becoming the diVINE.


..Imagine each ball when locked into the dodeca fractal stellation is like the billiard balls perfectly touching each other on the swing below..

the result is perfect distribution with zero energy loss- when one ball bounces in at one end- it's radiance is perfeced.. (zero energy loss).

Perfect distribution with zero energy loss - defines not just abundance for economics, but moreover the perfected (and superluminal- faster than time) charge distribution - defining consciousness- self organization and synchronicity. ONLY from the center of the fractal can a field effect be inhabited / made self -aware / emerge from chaos.


- + yes - emits would be a good word for allowing charge radiance.. As for differentiating a wave phenomenon from a scalar- once we see that what has been called scalar or torsional is the superluminal aspect of phi heterodynes. SO - the only perfected scalar is pure recursion. There the charge wave which has turned compression in to acceleration - while a faster than light scalar is still very much a wave. In this writers view - it would be schizophrenic to consider anything in physics- particularly consciousness - to be anything other than wave.

.. finally - a pictorial update.. on self similarity created implosion / gravity / synchronicity / awareness.












reprinted here: from

Dan Winter- publishes his new mathematic 'golden' proof: June 14, 09
- How Golden Ratio (Phase Conjugate / Fractality) Causes Gravity

(Credits- site index- see bottom here-- this is - where else would you expect to read the new proof THAT GOLDEN MEAN- causes gravity.. )

What other explanation could there be?...>

(Dan's new mathematics reveals) - The THREE known GOLDEN RATIO radii of HYDROGEN - actually are a PERFECT MULTIPLE of GOLDEN RATIO times the PLANCK LENGTH (to within about 1/1000 accuracy).

There could be no other explanation than it is this GOLDEN RATIO - that holds these waves of charge together!
- Producing the electrical centripedal force - called GRAVITY!
The ULTIMATE form of global scaling:

(you might click -save -on this page - because the frequency recipes may be the most important and powerful that have ever been published on this planet- .This is proof- that only fractal fields- actually make gravity AND life- AND implementing this is the ONLY hope our civilization has of survival in the VERY near future.)

Original Physics Equations from Dan Winter: June 14, 09 - as Published - all other physics journals will need to credit this as first source.

Dan Winter- is well known for being the first to announce Golden Ratio Fractality as the Electric Cause of Gravity- in his Budapest 2006 Paper, Presented & Published with the proceedings- International Unified Field Conference: .- a view now supported by the mathematics of El Naschie. Here are Winter's new-elegantly simple equations. He also has widely published his prediction: Atoms MAKE Gravity to the Extent that their nucleus is FRACTAL TO - SELF SIMILAR TO- EMBEDDED (by Golden Ratio) - in & to their electrons:

Acknowledgement for support from Salvatore Giandinoto PhD for help with the mathematics and for his help making the biological measurements!

So - our international-research team- on the- Frequency Keys- to Hydrolysis & Hydrogen- just came up with HOW - the famous KANSIUS ('Can Water Fuel the World!) - got his frequency key to split hydrogen. He took the known sputtering frequency of Palladium (phase conjugate/ PGM!) - 13.56 Mhz. He found out that this radically reduced the power needed to split hydrogen from water. Even the noble Rustum Roy - quickly realized this was the end of Earth's energy crisis. (Check the films and links- water IS power- when you can directly ring out the hydrogen).

I decided to apply the mathematics I had originally discovered to produce the key frequencies I use to make phase conjugate dielectrics. With these frequency recipes- in Phase Conjugate dielectric- materials - I have been able to produce 50% growth increase- measured - in bioactive fields. ( The key is to know that the GOLDEN MEAN- and PLANCK TIME CONSTANT (and PLANK LENGTH) define the sacred- and the bioactive - and phase conjugation (and gravity)! I had multiplied the Plank time constant times PHI powers- to get my magic frequency for EVERYTHING. (Take a lesson - you folks who talk about 528 hz - Len Horowitz- and 8 hz etc. being sacred- we KNOW what sacred frequencies are!).

So I took my same original equation- and applied it to Kansius's Palladium / Hydrogen frequency - guess what - I got a perfect multiple of GOLDEN RATIO - to many places of accuracy:

So now I knew how to derive most any 'sacred' and bioactive - and hydrogen ringing frequency.

Note here: if you have commercial resources to participate- in our Hydrolysis & The FREQUENCY Solution- project- we have films of results (hydrogen overflowing)- we are ready for your serious partnership:

SO- I decided to go deeper. I had been so thrilled to find the work - of Heyrovska (below) - showing GOLDEN RATIO - accurately in the radii of hydrogen and many related ions. I devised a test. If I was right- that:

Gravity is an electric field coupled by Golden Ratio (perfect charge collapse) at (universal ) quantum distances:
(Perfect Charge Collapse- IS Golden Ratio Phase Conjugation - / Fractality)

Then - the exciting new listings of the Golden Ratio radii in hydrogen ( from Heyrovska- below)
- I hypothesized SHOULD be whole number multiples of GOLDEN RATIO - times the PLANK LENGTH...

I did the calculations (thanks Sal for your moral support).. and guess what-


Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 116 power = .282537 Angstrom -The First Radii of Hydrogen (below)

Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 117 power = .457154 Angstrom -The Second Radii of Hydrogen

Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^ 118 power = .739691 Angstrom -The Third Radii of Hydrogen

Compare the calculation from Winter above - with Hydrogen experimental base below- (Heyrovska) .28 Angstrom, .46 Angstrom, .74 Angstrom. (1 Angstrom = 10 ^-10 meter)
(Equations above from WINTER) - This next section BELOW is exerpt fromDr. Rajalakshmi Heyrovska (Raji Heyrovska, Ph. D.)Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic.
"...the energy of atomic hydrogen is actually equivalent to the energy of the simplest atomic condenser with the Golden mean capacity"

The Golden ratio, ionic and atomic radii and bond lengths
Author: J. Heyrovsky, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic - This work arose from the author's finding that the ratio of the radius of hydrogen, estimated recently (C.H. Suresh, N. Koga, J. Phys. Chem. A, 105, 5940 (2001)) by density functional methods, to the ground state Bohr radius is the Golden ratio, which operates in a variety of natural phenomena. It is found that the Golden ratio indeed plays a quantitative role in atomic physics. The interesting results are (1) that it arises in atomic dimensions due to the electrostatic forces between negative and positive charges; (2) that the energy of atomic hydrogen is actually equivalent to the energy of the simplest atomic condenser with the Golden mean capacity; (3) that the origin of two terms in the Rydberg equation for absorption and emission is in fact in the ground state term; (4) that all atoms can be assigned definite values of cationic and anionic radii based on the Golden ratio and covalent radii; (5) that these radii are additive and explain quantitatively bond lengths like those of alkali halides, of hydrides of many elements and of many other bonds, whether covalent or ionic or both; and (6) that the work functions of alkali metals can be evaluated using the bond lengths.
R. Heyrovska- Articles on the Golden ratio-based ionic radii and on the additivity of atomic and ionic radii in bond lengths etc:
132. The Golden ratio in the creations of Nature arises in the architecture of atoms and ions. Chapter 12 in: "Innovations in Chemical Biology", Editor: Bilge Sener,, January 2009; ISBN-10: 1402069545, ISBN-13: 978-1402069543 (Proceedings of the 9th EurasiaConference on Chemical Sciences, Antalya, Turkey, September 2006; Invited Lecture).
133. Golden Sections of Interatomic Distances as Exact Ionic Radii &Additivity of Atomic and Ionic Radii in Chemical Bonds ( 1. ) ( 2. 134. Golden sections of inter-atomic distances as exact ionic radii of atoms
135. Atomic Structures of Molecules Based on Additivity of Atomic and/or Ionic Radii
1. The Golden ratio, ionic and atomic radii and bond lengths, R. Heyrovska, Special Issue of Molecular Physics, 103 (2005) 877 - 882.
2.  Fine structure constant, anomalous magnetic moment, relativity factor and the Golden ratio that divides the Bohr radius
4.  Dependence of the length of the hydrogen bond on the covalent and cationic radii of hydrogen, and additivity of bonding distances
5. Dependences of molar volumes in solids, partial molal and hydrated ionic volumes of alkali halides on covalent and ionic radii and the Golden ratio.
6. Atomic Structures of Molecules based on Additivity of Atomic and/or Ionic Radii.
7. Various Carbon to Carbon Bond Lengths Inter-related via the Golden Ratio, and their Linear Dependence on Bond Energies.
8. The Golden ratio in the creations of Nature arises in the architecture of atoms and ions.
9. Golden Sections of Interatomic distances as Exact Ionic radii and Additivity of Atomic and Ionic Radii in Chemical Bonds.

Commentary from Dan Winter- continued-

HOW Golden Ratio Fractal Phase Conjugation - Causes Gravity: Perfect wave collapse- (Einstein's definition of gravity) has to couple the inertia of compression during rotation - with that of acceleration. This is the very nature of gravity. Only the golden mean path with the power to make wave interference constructive in both addition and multiplication- solves this problem. Gravity is the Golden Ratio CONSTRUCTIVE adding and multiplying of (charge) wave VELOCITIES- producing ACCELERATION.- The portion of the rotational inertia known as mass- is coupled to the experience of acceleration which waves of charge experience in the presence of this golden ratio fractality ('golden quantum field theory' El Naschie) which causes gravity. Gravity is a coupling of electric fields which happen due to how they are phase locked at very short wave (and very universal) quantum lengths. The premiere spectral distances being in the golden ratio wave fractality or 'self similarity' which describes how the nucleus must embed in its electrons- which allows atoms to make gravity.

In this model - further- charge is identified as the net difference betweeen rarefaction and compression generated when these compressional waves traverse the either. The electron then becomes not a point source, but rather a very small slip knot - we point to the work of Gautier.. (below). That slip knot itself participates in the fractal or gordian knot that is gravity precisely by utilizing again golden ratio curvature- because that defines optimized translation of vorticity. Hydrodynamics has long known this optimized coupling of rotational inertia to linear inertia - was the definition of the golden mean spiral path . What they had not discovered - was that it is precisely this characteristic of the golden mean curvature - which makes this spiral wave path for charge- the only way to acheive non-destructive wave collapse. therefore making this golden mean fractality the creator of the phenomenon of charge acceleration .. called GRAVITY.

Dan Winter

How the solution to Unified Fields- is solved by the Golden Ratio key to Perfect COLLAPSE- Perfect Compression:

Compare Garrett Lisi's internal folding of the (Golden Ratio based) E8..
to the internal folding -called perfect collapse- of Bucky Fuller's -vector flexor- JIITTERBUG-
as the CubeOcta (octave geometry) COLLAPSES PERFECTLY to the (Golden Ratio ) ICOSA/Dodeca...
In the below table- click on the link to the animation source- 4 from Garrett Lisi- 2 from Bucky animators.

Image / animation credit: by Michelle Chang with Helen Han and Temple Simpson.
"This animation presents the geometry that is the basis of many of Fuller's key ideas and concepts. At the beginning, twelve spheres are packed as closely as possible around a single central sphere. As the spheres shrink and disappear, they generate a polyhedron in which all edges and all radii are of equal length. This shape is what Fuller called a vector equilibrium. One of the characteristics of a vector equilibrium is its ability to contract by folding in on itself. The animation demonstrates how this simple geometric shape can be transformed to create several complex polyhedra. Next, it produces a different version of a vector equilibrium that Fuller called tensegrity‚Äö-short for a stable structure of tensional integrity. In the last part of the animation, a map of the entire globe is transferred onto the vector equilibrium, which unfolds to produce a flat map of the earth made from six squares and eight triangles." more at linkh -note from Dan -prelude to HOW- Earth Grid Fractality IS the solution to .. Global Warming.. and Magnetosphere..

The magazine article comment (about Lisi) even says: "Harken back to the Buckyball."(Dodec / Icos)

As you watch the JITTERBUG- the wave collapse of the CUBEOCTAHEDRON (powers of two internal wave ratios) - to the ICOSA (/dodeca ) (with its powers of GOLDEN RATIO internal wave geometric)- observe that you are witnessing the beginning of PERFECT WAVE COLLAPSE.. This jitterbug has been presented at international conferences as the MECHANISM OF SUPERCONDUCTIVITY (Tom Sawyer) .

It is reassuring to find out now - that when my friend Bucky Fuller taught me personally that this JITTERBUG (standing wave?) was important because it had (quoting) " the characteristics of a vector equilibrium is its ability to contract by folding in on itself". The great part is that in this sentence Bucky himself had identified the (Golden Ratio) - mechanism of the CAUSE OF GRAVITY (perfected wave collapse) : a perfect golden path for waves of charge to fold in on themselves!

Bucky Fuller's VECTOR FLEXOR doing the JITTERBUG- revealing as the (octave) CUBEOCTA- JITTERBUGS (perfect heart centered collapse) it creates a GOLDEN MEAN FOLDING PATH- to the (golden ratio stellated) ICOSA...

..revealing as the THIRTEENTH SPHERE (nested in perfect cubeocta) - DISSOLVES BY PERFECT EMBEDDING / COMPRESSION- IN TO THE OTHER TWELVE- which then collapse inward to the ICOSA>>

-below E8 Image- credit Garrett Lisi

(return to commentary from Winter): E8 is easier to grasp when we see that golden ratio is the glue that holds it together...

By not emphasizing the fact that E8 is based largely on Golden Ratio - Garrett Lisi misses the principle.. namely what produces - the centripedal force holding it together (producing gravity). Thus as El Naschie's work on the golden ratio mechanism thruout E8 - demonstrates- this is the primary geometry which holds it together.

If you read El Naschie's 108 or more international papers - on largely Golden Ratio nature of E8- it becomes easier to understand why he calls this 'golden quantum field theory' the basis for how - as he suggests- the fractal nature of space CAUSES gravity.

(BELOW- From our original discussion of Garrett Lisi and E8:
More Thoughts on El Naschie - Physics of GOLDEN RATIO symmetry- from":
1. Fractal Vacuum:Fractality Ultimately Defines Energy Efficiency AND Sustainability-&Consciousness?
construction recently expounded in the book by Lapidus and Frankenhuysen, it is shown how the complexified extension of El Naschie's Cantorian-Fractal spacetime model belongs to a very special class of

(animation exerpted from Lisi - see youtube film at link> label added by Winter...)
from: Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything. "An impoverished surfer has drawn up a new theory of the universe, seen by some as the Holy Grail of physics, which has received rave reviews from scientists
" Several theoretical physicists and scholars have pointed out that the Egyptian scientist, M. S. El Naschie reached the same conclusions of Lisi some 14 years earlier and that M. Green of Cambridge, UK and J. Schwarz of Caltech, USA and E. Witten of Princeton, USA were the first to discover E8 for high energy physics. (see S. Traener comments on November 23 (2007) and Maurice Meyers November 19 (2007)link) ..... Following P. Gerard’s comments posted a day ago on December 19, I decided to find out about this Mohamed El Naschie. I searched for him on SPIRES Web Page of Stanford Slack (see:; (link). I found a staggering 106 papers by him - at least 25 of them are related to Exceptional Lie groups, quarks confinement and quantum field theory. The son of a gun has cleaned up the site. He started from the platonic bodies with golden mean proportions and worked his way via Coexter's 120-cells and 600 cell polytops to a golden mean constructed exceptional Lie group hierarchies. Subsequently, I was amazed that he made predictions for a total number of missing elementary particles: 9 or 12 or 20 or 24 depending on various increasing energy scales. These particles are over and above the ones already found in the standard model.
It seems that Garrett Lisi's colleagues have triggered a tidal wave...... 5. Some have proposed that Lisi, Green, Schwarz and El Naschie should share a Nobel prize in physics " end quote..

versus: -next Paragraph - exerpted from

4. The cover of Nature Magazine announced THE UNIVERSE IS DODECAHEDRAL - while the cover of New Scientist magazine announced THE UNIVERSE IS FRACTAL. What is the one way - they BOTH could be right? If the best (electric compressibility) Fractal in 3D is the stellated Dodec - AND - if this is the only way the wave system of the universe COULD emerge from chaos IN to stable gravity!

The CHALLENGE: Provide evidence that the stellated dodecahedron (dodeca/ icosa) is the optimum 3 dimensional fractal for electric fields. If possible (not necessarily required) - provide further mathematic / experimental evidence that this is also the essential geometry of Poincare S3 symmetry associated with gravity, and possibly Cabali Yau , and probably - that this is the reason for the major 26 string theory hypothesis- namely that the 26 holes the the ZOME dodec/ icos symmetry (6dodec axis + 7 tetra=13*2) are the reason for the 26 string model. Discussion: ,

Note Dan Winter - was probably first to publish (book"One Crystals Dance") that the x,y,z coordinate of every node in an infinite dodeca/ icosa nest is a simple whole number multiple of Golden Ratio. Indicating that distance to centerline (x,y z) remains in Phi proportion - thruout it's scale invariance - clearly for quantum mechanical reasons of constructive charge interference: the implosion of charge called Gravity.

3. Golden Ratio solar system: (above) has provided significant mathematic evidence that Golden Ratio is the key geometry factor in the arrangement of the major planets of our solar system. This indicates Kepler was right to look for the platonic solids nest in planetary orbitals. Little did they guess this was the cause of gravity.

The Challenge: provide significant mathematic and or experimental evidence that the solar system requires the Golden Ratio geometrics in order to stabilize her gravity (for example that each time major solar system masses are pushed out of Golden Ratio, their gravity field stability is reduced significantly.). Thus further evidencing that Golden Ratio is the cause of gravity. (end exerpt from link)

The following 3 visuals(2 animation) are graphed from my original equation of Golden Ratio on the correct conic dodeca stellation - (see vertex coordinates below)
of how Hydrogen Radii- nest / embed into the PLANK LENGTH (field coupling- to MAKE GRAVITY) - using GOLDEN RATIO - successful wave adding and multiplying (non-destructive compression) :
(the next 10 graphics are original from Dan Winter)

< Star Mother- infinite Dodeca Stellation by Golden Ratio (heart of E8)

Note how the x,y,z values of each of the vertex of all the nodes in the Infinite Dodeca/ Icosa golden ratio Stellation - we call - The "star mother"- are simple exponents (whole number multiples) of Golden Mean .618 , 1.0, 1.618, 2.618
This is mathematic evidence- further- that since by trig- we see- this confirms that in addition-EACH POINT IS ALWAYS A MULTIPLE OF GOLDEN RATIO ALSO- IN DISTANCE TO CENTER POINT!
-This- as has been recently proven in the structure of hydrogen - is how this model- is effectively (quoting mathematician - El Naschie) - how the GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY- is EVIDENCE THAT FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY.
So - we reprint the list here - as Dan Winter published in his first book ONE CRYSTAL'S DANCE- (over 30 years ago)- the Golden Coordinates of the Star Mother:

This set assumes- cube edge = 2 units / So the tetra edges would be square root of 2 times 2 / Dodeca edge = .618 times 2 / Icosa edge = 1.618 times 2 / and the NEXT outer dodeca stellation edge 2.618 times 2

-- Vertex of the octahedron: (6) / 0,1,0 / 1,0,0 / 0, -1,0 / -1,0,0 / 0,0,1 / 0,0,-1

-- Vertex of the cube (8) / 1,1,1 / 1,-1,1 / -1,-1,1 / -1,1,1, / 1,1,-1 / 1,-1,-1 / -1,-1,-1 / -1,1,-1

-- Vertex of the dodecahedron (20): The dodeca vertex are composed exactly of the above 8 vertex of the cube- PLUS-these additional 12: -.618, 1.618, 0 / .618, 1.618, 0 / 1.618, 0, .618 / 1.618, 0, -.618 / -.618, -1.618, 0 / .618, -1.618, 0 / -1.618, 0, .618 / -1.618, 0, -.618 / 0, .618, 1.618 / 0, -.618, 1.618 / 0, .618, -1.618 / 0, -.618, -1.618

--- Vertex of the Icosahedron (12): 2.618, 0, 1.618 / 2.618, 0, -1.618 / -2.618, 0, 1.618 / -2.618, 0, -1.618 / -1.618, 2.618, 0 / 1.618, 2.618, 0 / -1.618, -2.618, 0 / 1.618, -2.618, 0 / 0, 1.618, 2.618 / 0, -1.618, 2.618 / 0, 1.618, -2.618 / 0, -1.618, -2.618

-- Quoting further from One Crystal's Dance by Dan Winter - in his 20's

"Note how simple it is to continue infinitely.. - simply extend every icosahedron edge length straight out by ratio Golden Mean, to make another Dodeca, then extend that dodeca edge straight out again by Golden Ratio longer to make another icosa etc. Alternating (interdigitating) infinitely. Each succeeding dodeca or icosa can be plotted digitally by simply multiplying by Golden Mean squared (2.618) to the vertex coordinates of the previous!

Use vision to understand the physical (phi cycle) significance of this. The distance from every node to every axis of symmetry, AND to the core (center point) is ALWAYS a power of the GOLDEN MEAN. See 12 golden mean, spiral cones, in this required pyramid like angular relation, making our STAR MOTHER, and indirectly the dodecahedron of DNA. See concentric spheres as wave bubbles. The wave length must divide evenly into the RADIUS AS A POWER OF THE GOLDEN MEAN. This fulfills the requirement that waves colliding toward center of gravity (mass), in order to conserve momentum (order, memory, mind) must not interfere with each other. The harmonics make ONLY constructive interference as they nest in this way."

(30 years later this seems precisely predictive of El Naschie's GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY- MATHEMATICS- agreeing that this FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY. (see golden ratio proven in the structure of hydrogen.. - bottom see this nest become the atomic table:

MORE EVIDENCE GOLDEN RATIO CAUSES GRAVITY: (and now a short GOLDEN RATIO nod to Nassim Haramein-)...note how GOLDEN RATIO (phase conjugate) animates the UNIVERSAL SCALING of FREQUENCY vs Radius of UNVERSAL MASSES.
The remainder of this article- below - exerpt reprinted here from Nassim Haramein,
We originally discussed these opposing conic relations- from Nassim- as evidence for PHASE CONJUGATE symmetry among stars:

Below - legend for the above: (U,G,S,A - datapoints defined)

* Scale Unification ‚- A Universal Scaling Law For Organized Matter (PDF), by Nassim Haramein, Michael Hyson, and E.A. Rauscher.
From observational data and our theoretical analysis, we demonstrate that a scaling law can be written for all organized matter utilizing the Schwarzschild condition of a black hole, describing cosmological to sub-atomic structures. Of interest are solutions involving torque and Coriolis effects in the field equations. --- Significant observations have led to theoretical and experimental advancement describing systems undergoing gravitational collapse, including vacuum interactions. The universality of this scaling law suggests an underlying polarizable structured vacuum of mini white holes / black holes.- --- As the atomic and subatomic data points levels obey the scaling law, a computation is given demonstrating that the proton can be defined in terms of a Schwarzschild condition, when the vacuum structure is considered. Further, we briefly discuss the manner in which this polarizable structured vacuum can be described in terms of resolutions analogous to a fractal-like scaling as a means of renormalization at the Planck distance. Finally, we describe a new horizon we term the “spin horizon” which is defined as a result of a spacetime torque producing boundary conditions in the magnetohydrodynamic structures of galactic center black holes, which we demonstrate obeys similar dynamics as the interior of our sun., Preprint: N. Haramein, M. Hyson, E. A. Rauscher, Proceedings of The Unified Theories Conference (2008), Budapest, Hungary, Scale Unification: A Universal Scaling Law for Organized Matter, in Cs Varga, I. Dienes & R.L. Amoroso (eds.)