Pure Geometric origin of RAINBOW:

Photons traveling as toroidal donut domains.

encounter the one lane traffic jam called PRISM,

forced to SHARE SPIN then most efficiently

they discover that they can nest 7 different ways

to tilt ALL IN ONE SPACE, by entering the

7 spins of the tetra.. (see heartsun image at www.../millennium

thus emerges from the foci of the prism, the only surviving (ABLE TO SHARE!)

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photon donuts SORTED into the 7 tilts of the tetrahedron,

(see semi transparent CONIC tetra prism as sorting device in animation, same symmetry as heart muscle -above link- which is designed to sort for the shareable - labeled "pure intention")

which are then measured in their tilt or phase (which measurement of donut photon tilt WE CALL "COLOR")

by the CONE of the eye


note that when the 7 tilts are superposed the LIGHT IS WHITE (delay frame in animation)..

see purple 1/2 wave length to red, 440-880 angstroms is one incubeating octave..

side view tilt of photon donut tilt is 1/2 width/wave as front..

("all we see are shadows on the wall of the cave", up from flatland..grokking dimension is to get up off the cross [fft] to the heart of the matter)


the tetra prism is almost transparent purple just visible in the middle frames,

note: purple is the blue merging inside out of red..

red (adom=red=adamic=HARD making) is centriPEDAL, converging, yang, male, seed making..

the blue is the true unpacking flux divergent side of the photon, "sacre blue"-centriFUGAL... yin, female, wet making "ieve"=make permission to touch..

Adam as adom Hiburu for RED .. to make hard, make separate, make seed


Ieve= to make wet, make permission to touch, to make word=create domain symmetries which interfere constructively- touch permissive - pure geometric origin of alphabet as fields spiral element vortex nested into touch permissive platonics.. tetra symmetries incubeate non implosive field alphabet domains.. Hiburu syntax for dna tilts into un-ensouled golem.. IN CONTRAST to field domains nested into the superset DODECA symmetries CALLED OPHANIM or ENOCHIAN or ADAWI alphabet [used to make the movie STARGATE] see ../orion -bottom section-..

to make egg is the most fractal operation possible.. key to merkabbah access..

to all reach into the lucid dream (merkabbah) as ONE (common vortex wormhole songline), RE MEM BER the turns of intent spin path back into mothers egg, which since already born in HER mother... takes each who RE MEM BER back into the common POINT of reference.. "big bang"..

re-mothering as a theory of CONTINUOUS CREATION (duane elgin)..

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