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Main Link to Polish Sacred Geometry Web Site and Forum in polish:

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New films online- In Polish and English:

Added Nov 6, 2010:sobotkaONE

New added Oct 26,2010: Wrotzlaw- Krakow Climax 16 Part STUDIO LECTURE SERIES with Dan Winter (Originally presented before the below)








Harmony of the Cosmos Festival Poland:

3-5 September 2010. with Janusz Zagórski

Also : Krakow, Poland Conference Sept 11-12, 2010 :


Films in polish (Most in ENGLISH with POLISH Subtitles)

new on the Web: Dan Winter's Famous Classic Film: THE PURPOSE OF DNA - Complete in 12 Parts- In English with Polish Subtitles..

Fims are available on YouTube:

new sept 09 English and Polish: Dan Winter - Explaining gravity [polish subtitles]
Two other excerpts about gravity from your films was added to the playlist.

Dan Winter - Science of Successful Death & Real Grail Physics [polish subtitles]

1) Purpose of DNA ..(new link)

2) lecture (February, 2009 in Barcelona)

Excerpts from your work (with short descriptions) are here:

More Polish translations on Brightcove..
First is available for download:

Beginnning of - "Dictionary of Jesus Physics- and the Grail: Manifesto"

Link to "The EggX Files & Bliss Practice" in polish (parts 1 & 2 are finnished):
Dan Winter - The EggX FiIes (1-6) & Bliss Practice (7-13)

Link to Polish Sacred Geometry Web Site and Forum in polish:

(was originally)

-Many thanks!!! to Lech Barylski

Above^ Dan Winter's Classic: "Eggx Files"-the ET Context- Film - Intro- in English with Polish Subtitles thanks to Lech..