Pain is the bleeding of charge when fractal compression is lost. Restoring that compression can be accomplished by phase conjugation. Human attention is one example of a restorative of charge compression.

Here Elizabeth Rauscher - presented at our Budapest conference, our UK group, and in this example- at our Calgary

She took a power spectra of a magnetic field around pain versus healing. Later she recreated those MAGNETIC harmonics- and created dramatic pain elimination in FDA study. Altho they also increased healing rate - that was not documented by the study.

She later agreed - that principle of restoration of compression by magnetic frequency recipe - was an example of PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS.






Above- 1 example of many charts of success in the study. For more information- I may be able to privately offer exerpts of the film from Elizabeth. I would offer to collaborate in communication with her.


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Transition to Magnetic Memory..

The Role of WakeFul Awareness/Coherent Emotion/Biofeedback
in Healing Process..
or A New Approach to Embracing Pain

Preliminary Outline for

Presentation to University Medicine and Dentistry, NJ, and Pain Clinic

by Daniel Winter

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Psychophysiologist, Polygrapher/IBM Systems Analyst,

prepared for Thurmon Hunt and Karriem Ali, and Mona.. MD's

One philosophy of medicine used to be "we serve by excusing the patient from experiencing pain".. However this approach becomes lackluster in light of a newer idea. Pain generates focus which aligns magnetic waves, which organizes tissue, which heals. Electrical spin density we now know is required to geometrize cell metabolism. Dense symmetry makes order self-replicate and disorder self destruct by the simple principles of wave interference. Dense electrical spin symmetry is probably an exact description of intense focused awareness. It appears that attention/awareness/pain is the evidence that spin density is being aligned & focused. This being true, then we only increase the likelihood of death (tissue disorder) by diffusing awareness/pain. In other words, pain killing in the classic sense may be inherently order killing in tissue at the same time.

A better way to look at pain may be that assymetry in tissue magnetism is being phase or spin balanced. The amount of pain indicates the rate at which fields are re-developing symmetry.

Mind inhabits field effects. The coherence and recursion in the symmetry of those fields, limits the amount of self-reflection or awareness present. Pain is the report of the bleeding away of the magnetic fields which mind inhabits, due to asymmtry.

Symmetry's optimum bridging the scales of size, is fractal recusion. This is awareness's optimum also. Think here of symbols in general as little 3D golden mean tilted infinite fractals for optimized psychokinetic leverage on matter using symbols as morphic resonant qunatum wave operators.

To correct assymmetry in fields, as tissue is a liquid crystal of electrical symmetry, pain is used to attract the undivided attention of the inhabiting mind. In wave terminology we may think of the inhabiting mind as the resident most fractal attractor. This is how the body always measureably loses weight at the moment of death. The recursion due to focused electrical attention has mass, because wave recursion is what creates the attractor we call gravity in the first place.

Our human role in adding to the recursion or awareness of wave systems, is indicated by the seed role of human attention in adding weight to the human body. As the inertia of our attention increases, the electricities of the human nervous system develop the potential to leverage field effects the scale of galaxies. Initially, the wave mechanical leverage in human glands to move manetism BETWEEN THE SCALES OF FREQUENCIES, is labeled emotion. Ultimately it has planetary significance, we'll get to that more as we describe the electricities we've measured cohere-ing in the EKG during compassion.

For the discussion about pain, the point is that completing the cycle of focus into attention coheres fields by aligning them to the point of attentive focus. By aligning fields, non-phase coherent harmonics are self-canceled. Think of a finger on a guitar string making a still points which decides on how the whole string will ring. The result of total focus is the magnetic symmetry which heals. Magnetism is the stuff which aligns colloids and water to make metabolism a dance instead of chaos. We quote Hilarion here also: "Magnetism is the wind on which love travels."

Pain is a simple invitation to place attention where ordering is now needed. When we response with relaxed love and say, yes here bleeding tissue, here is all the adding wave aligning power you need. Then instead of the emotive chemistry of panic and pain killers, the tissue is fed by a warm burning which quickly turns into a gentle tingle of tissue made young again.

The more pain or awareness generated at once, the faster tissue regeneration can occur. If the patient is taught that focused sharp pain creates almost immediate healing, whereas long term dull pain diffused by pain killers, slows healing... then the patient reinterprets the pain intensity from seeing in panic a body "at mutiny", to instead seeing a body doing wonderful work to intensify spin re-ordering healing.

I remember choosing to have all the mercury drilled out of my teeth without novocain. I so convinced my nerves how wonderful this sharp pain was, that it was almost a pleasant purifying flame. I felt absolutely no sense of agony since my body was in complete agreement with my decision to focus my awareness and not diffuse it.

In a broad sense this may redefine what is most important for the anesthesiologist during surgery. It used to be that returning a patient from surgery with no memory was good. Now we see that the magnetic coherence we have called memory is also what holds tissue together. Let me present examples.

As a graduate polygraph circuit designer, we noticed how quickly emotional responses became electrical.. We think we need optical switching in computers so the on off relay can work fast enough to semiphore information density. (holograms need to have each node flip on and off fast, sub-sonic holograms are very lo-resolution...less interesting). Yet the speed of the switches flipped in biotissue when emotion hits muscle nerve tissue, may be the fastest around..

I had to wonder what was the evolutionary importance that biology designed emotion to be such a fast switch for voltage in tissue. (When we showed a photo of a naked lady to a young college male, lo voltage input to hi amperage output, male hormones put transistors to shame for switching power.. we measured GSR/Plythismograph).

In graduate school my mentor Al Ax team who was the first to psychophysiologically differentiate fear and anger.. in JUST ELECTRICAL TERMS.. I felt really ready to pose the question: What was the evolutionary meaning of emotion having such elegant and distinct electrical signatures?

After grad school and IBM, I had the opportunity to design a study at Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, Sleep Research Lab. We had a trained student of meditation and yoga connected to the elaborate bed transducer harnesses. A film team walked into the lab, saying they were filming our work for children in China.. At that moment we happened to be monitoring the frequency signature power spectra of his EKG in the 0-50 hertz lo frequency bandwidth. Amazingly, just as our meditator said he was sending love to the children in China, we got this beautiful coherence sweep on the computer screen. The harmonics contained in the heart's electricity became a nice harmonic musical lo frequency chord.

Since that time our work has been replicated around the world, and incredible connections have been made. We have actually measured the information impact of coherent heart electricity on the charge envelope around a tree. We have measured change in DNA's braid helix wrapping, when exposed to coherent EKG.. It appears coherence in the glands called emotion, was designed to permit human feeling a direct role in the fabrication of inner and outer environments. It may even be that the most high leverage environmental movement of al time, is to teach coherent emotion.

Sacred geometry enters the picture because the timeless ratios which permit the tetra and cube to nest in the dodeca and icosa are exactly the ratios which we are finding most permit the EKG to extend it's frequency coherence range. (Fibonnaci/ Golden Mean ratios.) Also, after Dr. Ed Wilson, chief consultant to the Monroe Institute, saw that we were getting wave ratios related to Fibonacci in the EKG during compassion, he drove all the way to our lab. There he made a film with us documenting his work showing that fibonacci audio harmonics fed binaurally to the brain, increased the rate at which EEG brainwave measures, showed what he called transcendant coherence. Specifically, he showed with Lexicor 3D color landscapes maps of onset brain coherence, that the "lighting up" of coherence in the top center of the brain was associated with what patients described as transcendant experiences. (This is as opposed to the centering of coherence regions in the brain at the ear side extremities which patients described as dissociative experienced.. literally "spaced out".) The important thing to realize here is that indeed fibonacci audible frequency series, did precipitate measureable transcendance experience in the geometry of what I now choose to call the possibility of "distributed awareness".

What you should leave this conversation with, is a hint that indeed awareness distribution depends explicitly and measureably on the geometry or symmetry of electrical wave distribution!

This discussion often concludes with overhead projection of realtime EKG Telemetry Color Landscape Spectrum Analysis at peak audience emotive moments. As the crackle of feeling and compassion sweeps through the audience, there is beautiful "music" in the shape of the harmonics in the heart's power spectra. We generally conclude with a multimedia slide show on "Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion", with Dan Winter and friends.

Coherence in the heart's beat follows attention on the heart, just as coherence in the tissue follows attention there. Pain is nature's useful reminder to increase focus. By choosing chemicals which diffuse awareness instead of focused healing attention itself, as a response to pain, we create only a little death. Enough little death's in the tissue, create a more final form or death. Choose to perceive pain as an invite to focus, and the spin of universal mind enters you. The alternatives are not inviting in the long run.