Orb of Life: Egg Shape of Charge Creates LIFE FORCE - From the Geometry of CHARGE IMPLOSION..

plus another meaning for Twinkling Eyes.. Lifestyle: REAL Twinkle in the Eye.

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It is interesting how unusual phenomenon can sometimes get us to study some deep even spiritual principles. Thousands of people around the world have studied the unusual 'orbs' or 'rods' (as psychotronics calls them) which show up in fast shutterspeed photos- usually around intense life force kinds of activities. (Psychotronic ROD THEORY - with many pictorial examples: goldenmean.info/namesforspirit/index.html ) They usually occur around biologic organisms that are in the process of giving off more than usual charge. An example is a recently cut pile of strong trees inside a stone barn, will emit lots of these 'orbs'.

Since we observe them particularly in photos when we are giving off a lot of emotion, even affection, or healing energy especially - it gives us a chance to learn a bit about the nature of how biology's electric field works - how emotion can heal - and how science shows us WHY that electric field (called 'spirit') organizes the air itself into orb, or donut, or rod shapes. Perhaps this will help us learn the geometric secrets of life itself - in direct relationship to GEOMETRY OF COHERENT EMOTION.

The orb is an example - of charge domains attempting to sustain self organization by Phi / fractality. They are generally triggered when there is an overflowing of life force - biologically nearby. The very nature of this life force - is the recursive implosive or fractal electric field. That fractality which initiates touch permissive charge distribution - is the very DEFINITION of life force - and as we see below exactly what happens at a party.

Essentially - the charge field dimples, becomes toroidal and then when well defined initates implosion (self organization to participate electrically with the radio station of all of life) by becoming DODECAHEDRAL.

As the psychotronic research has shown, ('rod theory') - they show up near leaking electric sources, or near highly charge biology (even biologic decay like freshly cut trees). They are more picked up by faster camera shutter speeds generally. The ability of the air to reflect the light based on the geometry of capacitive charge - is the ESSENCE of medically proven aura measure. (Kirlian photo analysis - hi voltage charge makes the charge propagation geometry of LIFE visible. Good example: GDV.)

Below where we see the twinkle in the eye is profoundly the dodec icos symmetry - evidences the charge geometry of biologic recursion present on highly charged biologic surfaces / membranes like the eyeball. More evidence of the dodeca nature of color itself. We call hygiene for charge acquisition - ' the twinkling eyes lifestyle'.

Animation illustrates how toroidal waves of charge, approach their most efficient nesting: the dodecahedron.

Also below - see other images showing HOW the toroidal egg geometry by becoming electrically fractal (like the orbs) attracts the voltage from gravity called LIFE FORCE.

In the below - hi res pics of the charge field emerging literally from THE TWINKLE IN THE EYE- notice the actual structure is DODECA / ICOSA!

Compare this to - Golden Mean Ratio and the DODECAHEDRAL origin of Rainbow / Color Itself! - goldenmean.info/fractalcolor

(above link includes Frank's article:

and - Golden Ratio and the Fractal Origins of Life: goldenmean.info/fractalfield

The below orbs (except the last) were photographed at a party in Turin where people were mostly friends and love was in the air! (The Doris Lessing- Sufi- 'substance of we' feeling). Fractality makes air and charge and people touch permissive. THANKS to Khudai - ref: goldenmean.info/italian - and thanks to airbutterfly.com

(end images from our wonderful Italian friends).

Below for clarity we animate HOW the dodeca/ icosa shape of the charge bubble orb which defines twinkle in the eye - achieves growth force by becoming scale invariant (compressible means growable - and that is perfected by Golden Ratio - and that is the ratio created by infinitely stellated the dodecahedron)

The Scientific members of The Budapest Conference. -------------

(here present in that conference room: coherent biologic plasma / presence in that room... see 'ENERGY BALLS'

The person they appeared most often near, was the spiritual healer in the room, Ramesh from Dubai.

Note again - these orbs have highly geometric braided structure. Membrane surface is a plasma standing wave. ("Structural Stability and Morphogenesis" is the geometric music of a standing wave at the bio-membrane level.)

(the below photo is absolutely un-retouched..thanks to Richard P.!)

Below- showing HOW the toroidal egg geometry by becoming electrically fractal (like the orbs) attracts the voltage from gravity called LIFE FORCE.