Channelling from “the three” that turned into something unexpected, two nights before the “Calling All Angels” class

Context: Black Moon, a week of feeling like something was trying to “come through,” domestic stress and drama about finances, workload, etc.;

Alaerian does the whole Watchtower “stack” after crushing up new ground frankincense: LBRP/SIRP/opening of the veil then connecting to the crystal generator.

(Usually, when the Veil is open we might state an intent, or Alaerian might connect to the crystals, and he might just use them to “look around,” or something might come through.  Usually Terry would help.  At times when there was much energy and several people present, one might go ‘out’ to ground the energy.  If there is a channeling, Alaerian might not remember any of it.  The first words might be unintelligle as they ‘tune’ him or phase lock to come through)

Terry went “out” i.e. became a ground (not usual)

Alaerian did remember much of the channeling (not usual): “At first I could hear myself talk and it sounded and felt like I was repeating something I heard (internally.)  At some point it shifted and they were talking. 

“They” were different from the usual beings we talk to, the three who are physical multidimensional/interdimensional beings who (among other things) can somehow serve as communication interfaces for other intelligences like huge “Ophanic” plasma beings. 

“They” used pronouns in a very strange way; the reason becomes apparent at the end.

The Ophanic words at the end—I-A-I-Da-A—are the words for God in the Highest.

Start recording:



[Breathing and sounds of Alaerian activating the crystals.  Feeling the sphere go out around our room.  Sending up/out the shaft of light from the main crystal.  This is how he usually “sees” what is going on—energetically—around the planet.  Explain more in talk.  Also how he sometimes communicates with the three, a process they or those connected to them initiated back in the 1980s.  One of the three, usually the one who “seems” female, merges with him.  Again, more in the talk.  Later—early 2000s—he noticed that the structure he would see around Nalvage, the one Vincent said was a 24 cell, had the same shape as one of the structures he often sees coming out of the crystals. ]

I see three beings of light are manifest in our space.


Our friends “the three” are connected,,, but beyond the three beings of light I think are the Great Plasma beings of the Ophanic intelligences,

[pause.  Alaerian said later that what he was seeing]

[4:45] We are receivers of the light, light comes to the earth and it is radiating outwards.  It is filling the deep and dark places in our souls and in our psyches, surrounding us in our space, and radiating out, influencing the world around us.

[6:00] We sent energy to help boost your centeredness.  The connection we have to the life force that is within us and without us.  Work that we need to be doing, we are doing.  We are also two of many who are doing different roles and the same work around the glove.  The light is coming into our dimension and our physical world from the higher and finer realms within the galaxy.  It is coming in through the agency of the higher minds, plasma beings, the intermediary beings between them and us, to us, and through us, and radiating out from us, and filling the world around us, to all those who are connected to the work both consciously and unconsciously are part of the same thing.

The different pieces all over the world are radiating that light now.  It is our task to spread that light by our movements, by our presence.  We do not note or can we hold the complete awareness or understanding of this light and its source within our conscious minds, but when we do know where we are being sent, and where we are to move and spend time, and through the agency of our movement and our physical presence in places this light is taken there and being radiated.

A great geometric structure around the earth is being formed and being reinforced.

It has been coming into being for some time and it is now manifesting in its totality.

We are to spend the next year reinforcing it, strengthening it, and working with it and through it.  This you will become more and more aware of as you work and as time goes on.  It is easy to become subsumed in the despair of humanity at this time. All of the areas of darkness that humanity has carried with it throughout its epochs on the earth is being opened and revealed, all the areas of darkness, so that they might be healed and

So that manifested crystalline forms that are being trans-dimensional realities of our consciousnesses may radiate cleanly and clearly.

The next decades will be ones of opening, revealing, unveiling, healing and clearing, so that the full manifestation of the plan on earth that has been so long in unfolding can take place.  But it is in process and the form around the earth, the geometric form around the earth, which is fractal in its nature, has been completed. 


It is now for us to work with it and to increase the charge, maintain it, that in the fullness of time the changes that it heralds will be manifested on all the levels of reality from the finest and most subtle to the densest and most physical, and the entire body of the world, the consciousness, and all the conscious individual entities on the earth, will be accelerated, expanded, raised in vibration, so that the manifestation can become purer and clearer over the next century and beyond.


We are to follow where we are led to the best of our ability that this might continue and grow in strength. It is important to release as much as possible of the despair, of the panic, the anxiety, the depression, and the sorrow that the awareness of the reality of the manifestation on the earth and in human society might lead to its transformation.  To heal and release the pain and darkness, the despair, the hurt, and the fear.  It must be felt.  But allow it to pass through.  Do not hold on to it.  Do not maintain attachment to it.  And release it as it passes through,

Passes through awareness, passes through our bodies, our hearts and our minds, and

Allow the different aspects of our beings to begin to synchronize with the truth, with health and light, that all of manifestation within and about the planet reflect the truth reflect the truth and reflect a higher light.


The more you can connect consciously with the light that is flowing into this work and into your lives and your own spheres, the easier it will be to move and to manifest in the world.  Do not give in to despair when different aspects of trauma and pain and the darkness that you have experienced are brought out into the light to be seen.  Allow them to be known, and let them go. Release them; do not hold on to them.


They are not nor have they ever been part of your essential being.  They are part of your vast experience.  You have carried them within you—all of you—all of the world—have carried these within you.  It is time to allow them into awareness and to release them lovingly as the lessons that have led you to where you are and more importantly to where you will be.  The awareness of the true Truth, the truth of your manifestation, is taking form within you.

Allow that to be as much as you can to be the center of the awareness of your reality of yourself, and all the pain and trauma, all the discord that is around you, may be experienced but released without attachment.  Allow it to pass through your vision and your feeling and continue on so that you might be who you are.  Remember that who you are is not your experience, but your experience informs who you are.  Allow it to catalyze your growth and your evolution, your compassion, and your awareness, without allowing it to fester and poison you by holding on to it and attempting to keep it within.  Let it go.


This is a message to all of those who are experiencing these times in your manifestation.

Beware of these things that hurt so much and allow them to pass on.  Become more and more filled with the present knowledge of the pure being at your heart.  The more you can be aware of it, the more it will come through, the more it can be seen, the more it will be felt.  This will not only clear your own path but it will clear the path of those around you and the space about you.

Your obstacles and your trials are part of the healing process.  Do not hold on to them.  Allow them to help catalyze and bring about the change that heals you without holding on to them.

Release bitterness and anger, fear and pain.


Focus on the pure light that is within you, the true awareness that is your being, the trueth of your past, the truth that is your future, because truly all is one in the great continuum of reality.  As it was, it shall be, and there is a point in you that knows this well.


There is a greater truth in that that is obvious.  We were with you before the beginning and we will be with you at the conclusion of the great circle, the spiral is always. And wherever you exist within that spiral, we are, for we are manifestations of your highest and truest selfhood, which for all of you exists at the center of your reality, in the center of your space in the universe, about which all things spiral around: health and healing, protection, these are flowing to you.  Allow them to flow through you. Protection and safety.  Things about you and within you. 


We are always with you.  As you touch others, as you speak to others, as you interact with others, we touch and speak and interact through you.  We are all part of the same individual…indivisible life.  Through you and many others like you all over the world here and now, our essential long wave-length selfhood awareness and purpose are manifest. That which you call God the Highest,



[shifting to Ophanic-sounding language]

Zo nor de cila unda mardosa naguphe. E la

E da I ma zorno


I A Da


[Whoosh of something and it ends]