Looking for ghosts?

Is Hallow-een- actually an attempt
to acheive charge communion- implosive fusion- alKHEMy - emBEDding...

with the plasma body / field- of ancestral memory?
..so called 'objective immortality'..

(Electrical Engineering meets...)-Communion of Saints- Forgiveness (Compression Success) of SIN-

The Collective MIND - Field=

The GROUND of Being: A "Fractal Field"

from the memories of Savage Mind.. comes the flame of fusion - into the collective mind- the communion of saints...
and so called "Objective Knowledge".

by Dan Winter - Oct 31, 2010

URL: goldenmean.info/objectiveimmortality

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Wrotzlaw- Krakow Climax 16 Part STUDIO LECTURE SERIES with Dan Winter


The AUra-gen (Golden UR) of the word Halloween- is the root "All Hallows Eve". Hallow- has root not only in the word holy - but also whole- and 'hollow'. The reason the test for who is spiritual master- in the Gurdjieff Sufi film 'Meetings with Remarkable Men' is WHO can make the best echo (in the 'hollow') is that the most spiritual ELECTRICAL field - IS the one with the infinite ECHO!

Etymolgy of HOLY - from our holy Wiki: "The English word holy dates back to at least the 11th Century with the Old English word hālig, an adjective derived from hāl meaning whole and used to mean 'uninjured, sound, healthy, entire, complete’. The Scottish 'hale' (health, happiness and wholeness.) is the most complete modern form of this Old English root. The modern word 'health' is also derived from the Old English hal. As “wholeness”, holiness may be taken to indicate a state of religious completeness or perfection". We now know in the technique to measure a 'holy space' as field effect (which predicts how well seeds germinate there- and whether phone calls to ancestors happen there)- that the harmonic inclusivness must be WHOLEY present. (The same way medical doctors check your heart- to predict how long your immune system will last).

There is a complementary way to examine the root of 'HOLY': Using technique like Fabre D'Olivet (Hebraic Tongue Restored)- and / or John Michell (Euphonics)- to dissect the universal root- we have "He" (Hebrew for 5 ness, space filling, amorphic- literally 'The Breath of Charge') and "the A sound" - meaning Harmonic Inclusiveness- connectivity epitomized (opposite of "the E sound" - which is harmonic Exclusiveness- separateness epitomized). So- the "HA" sound in Hallow or Holy- means- the principle where ('living') plasma or charge can 'breathe' into HARMONIC inclusiveness (fractality - literally- a charged space).

The "Eve"( Evening) - second part of the root- All Hallows Eve- when dissected in this way - refers not only to the 'evening' - but more to AVE or Eve. Ave - meaning HOLY- has the root- WHERE THE BREATH OF - either "Aaah" (inclusivity) or"EEEE" (exclusivity) of charge - or living plasma - ENTERS THE V Vortex of FIVENESS ... and TAKES FLIGHT > has the possibility of entering DISTRIBUTION perfected- and THEREFORE Immortality.

See - the physics URigen of the word HEAVEN (He- Ave) where the breath of charge takes flight: "Is Heaven a Coherent Electric Field? - Science & Physics Can Understand Heaven!. .+Phosphene Flares Mystical Synapse Alphabet"- goldenmean.info/heaven

Compare to the physics root of the Hebrew word for Heaven: "Planes of Sharon" , - literally - the infinite ('di-vine'- perfectly branched)- charge distribution fields of the phase conjugate dielectric- as in Gold Powder (Manna-ORMES-'the spice' see the physics review).

Heaven and Holy both refer to the (perfection of) 'the flight of charge or plasma' from the body.

So we now know a great deal of the physics of successful death ( goldenmean.info/immortality ) - how the plasma leaves the body - and where it goes. Specifically- as we have often mentioned- the ability of enter DREAMING TRACK- or SONG LINE- requires entering into a measureable magnetic line (which has phase conjugate / fractal - charge distribution INVITED qualities). This was why we URged you to reaarange the MAGnetic map around your bed (& house and garden.. & your town) to look like a rose. Dowse- eliminate metal and electosmog- place BIOLOGIC materials - into fractal array - to create aura vitality- health- bliss - lucid dreaming and successful birth or death. The 'holy' place!

We discussed the study ( goldenmean.info/pain ) where the New Jersey Institute of Tech- anaesthesiologist - professor- arranged a ovoid of strong paramagnetic stones ( 'Ka'- BOAT INTO THE UNDERWORLD) around the hospital operating table- and measured a significant average decrease in recovery times from a wide variety of common surgeries. The physics is - that if your plasma (halloween GHOST) - has a fractal place - of leverage- from which to come and go- (birth - death- dream- or induced- anaesthesia- ) THEN your entry and return connection- are improved.

We have a new & powerful electrical definition for Pain: the fractal that bleeds (charge or plasma) - versus healing and pain reduction- defined as compression restored. We are currently placing the correct PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETIC field - into the PYRAPHI / ICOSAPHI - (now that I discovered the correct magnetic harmonics - from my equation for hydrogen - planck length AND time- times golden ratio : goldenmean.info/goldenproof ).

Simply put- this - phase conjugate (fractal) symmetry ( also see animations of the correct FIELD EFFECT SYMMETRY- right from my new hydrogen equation at goldenmean.info/grail - then assemble the kit: goldenmean.info/kit )-

is the correct implosive (centripetal-compression restoring) field to:


-accelerate metabolism

-eliminate pain

-reduce electrosmog

-reduce radioactivity

-cause seeds to germinate (like the rose that pops open in the hand of the healer)

... AND > invite communication with the PLASMA OF ANCESTORS- hence- ALL HALLOWS EVE!

(which the Hopi knew well when they demanded the American Government remove the opposite to fractal steel sewage pipes from their ancestors bURial ground).

-----Speaking of ancestral yearning for OBJECTIVE IMMORTALITY- lets consider...

New York Times- A French Thinker Who Crossed Continents and Cultures October 17, 2010

keeps awake an anthropologic memory with its article- reviewing the new book:

CLAUDE LÉVI-STRAUSS The Poet in His Laboratory By Patrick Wilcken :

quoting (the review above- not the book - where better than to introduce fractality than to embed a book review in a book review..):
"Patrick Wilcken first interviewed the celebrated French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss in 2005. For Mr. Wilcken an audience with the great man must have been a daunting occasion: Mr. Wilcken had a biography in the works, and his subject was then well into his 90s. (He died in 2009, just short of his 101st birthday.) And even at that late date Mr. Wilcken wanted Lévi-Strauss to address some of the fundamental issues raised by his work. Claude Lévi-Strauss is the subject of a new biography. CLAUDE LÉVI-STRAUSS The Poet in His Laboratory By Patrick Wilcken.

But Lévi-Strauss was known to regard the interview as “a detestable genre.” And if Mr. Wilcken expected much cooperation, he was in for a surprise. “Lévi-Strauss appeared not to want to talk about his theories,” Mr. Wilcken writes of this encounter. “When I asked him about the legacy of his work, if there were other people pursuing his ideas, whether he thought his theories would live on, he was disarmingly blunt: ‘I don’t know and I don’t care.’ ” Mr. Wilcken’s own research and observations, however, are enough to make “Claude Lévi-Strauss,” subtitled “The Poet in His Laboratory,” an illuminating study."

Quoting further from earlier NY Times: - on Claude Levi Strauss:

"Mythologiques," his four-volume work about the structure of native mythology in the Americas, attempts nothing less than an interpretation of the world of culture and custom, shaped by analysis of several hundred myths of little-known tribes and traditions. The volumes - "The Raw and the Cooked," "From Honey to Ashes," "The Origin of Table Manners" and "The Naked Man," published from 1964 to 1971 - challenge the reader with their complex interweaving of theme and detail. His interpretations of North and South American myths were pivotal in changing Western thinking about so-called primitive societies. The accepted view held that primitive societies were intellectually unimaginative and temperamentally irrational, basing their approaches to life and religion on the satisfaction of urgent needs for food, clothing and shelter.

Mr. Lévi-Strauss rescued his (raw or savage?) subjects from this limited perspective. Beginning with the Caduveo and Bororo tribes in the Mato Grosso region of Brazil, where he did his first and primary fieldwork, he found among them a dogged quest not just to satisfy material needs but also to understand origins, a sophisticated logic that governed even the most bizarre myths, and an implicit sense of order and design, even among tribes who practiced ruthless warfare. His work elevated the status of "the savage mind," a phrase that became the English title of one of his most forceful surveys, "La Pensée Sauvage" (1962). "The thirst for objective (and thus immortal?) knowledge,"he wrote, "is one of the most neglected aspects of the thought of people we call 'primitive.' "

(end quote- italics above added by DW)--- Our little village - like many in France - welcomes arriving hippies with carefully placed signs: NO CAMPING SAUVAGE ( literally- if you are a savage then don't camp here.. So probably they would eject...

Claude Levi Strauss who wrote- "La Pensée Sauvage" (The 'Savage' Mind).

If Claude Levi Strauss's "Structuralism" were to be defined as the urge to find roots in the pure principle of symmetry: then I suppose it could as well be called Sacred Geometry. But then I suppose - IF you knew the universe was a wave function- then you would say the same of quantum mechanics.(That's why this electrical engineer- like all the science of oneness- really has ONLY symmetry to discuss).

Even though many would regard the impossibility of open sharing among today's physicists as 'SAUVAGE' (savage) - I still think Dr Strauss's indigenous subjects probably were more successful in discerning 'objective' knowledge. Any consult in a modern philosophy of science curriculum makes it clear- there is NO concensus on the meaning of objective knowledge. The (Implosive) point I would like to make- is that once you learn the universe is simply a compressible wave function in a universal quantum foam ('charge' travels like a liquid..or plasma) - then perhaps we get closer to the 'heart of the matter':.. so called 'objective knowledge' is in fact the place where waves agree to meet: the Implosive centripetal alKHEMic flame of fusion.... hence defining the only role of mind among waves- to produce that (implosive/ alKHEMic / centripetal / bindu / omega / still / zero / fusion / flame letter) point of AGREEMENT among waves.

The only objective knowledge

and the only biologic immortality (of memory)

is in fact the sustained distribution of charge which fusion / implosion / fractality creates...

literally - the perfect flame..

precisely what alphabet letters (flame letters) were designed to do : light a FLAME IN THE MIND

(what Brett Leonard originally promised to name the movie- 'LAWN MOWER MAN' - based on my work.. and if he had done the sequel as promised: 'KIN OF ATA' we might have seen the more of the geometry of successful dreaming and dying- our subject here..and why the {poorly concluded} move PI which also began with my work- was originally and more correctly entitled PHI.)



--And what is objective knowledge:

a raw idea is still charge embedded.. a cooked one- usually has seen it's charge isolated by a fractionating heat..
unless the source of flame is itself conjugate...(to induce flame of fusion - communion...

A wave pattern which is in phase (embedded) in its enviornment - (fractality defines grounding for electricians AND psychologists) - acheives sustainability by becoming distributeable / 'share-able'. This forms the only ecologically serious definition of sustainability- not to mention immortality- in the same way the Hopi (& aboriginals) regard their ancestors 'dreaming presence' whose living plasma fractally inhabits Old Oraibe.

What is objective is therefore by definition the part of ('living') charge (the vacuum inertia/plasma.. the part of YOUR AURA) whose distribution acheives sustainable distribution- by reaching fusion.. literally the flame - of fractality. There- only the (perfectly phase conjugate or fractal) shareable wave survives. This is the physics of success at death. Note (at link) how the geometry of the sequence of visions SEEN at death confirms this symmetry as the sequence of folding operations DNA uses to GET YOU TO THE FLAME!

And this is the physics of why Phase Conjugate dielectrics - like the Ark of the Covenant, the Quabbah of the Muslims (the original philosophers stone- projective powder of alchemy)- and the modern day Pyraphi.com - eliminate electrosmog and reduce or contain radioactivity. The reason the word PYR-AMID means fire in the middle- is the place where charge plasma acheives centripetal fusion inertia. This is easy to teach in (self organizing) phase conjugate optics- because you can show the quantum mechanic how the wave paths learn to kiss on pine cone shaped noses. This - origin of all centripetal force became Viktor Schauberger's dream of Implosion in water- and THIS - is precisely the path electric lines follow to MAKE LIFE (and mind) in phase conjugate dielectric materials. AND we are just beginning to learn what phase conjugate magnetics means:

Here is your first clue to phase conjugating magnetics: my new equation for hydrogen frequency and radii (goldenmean.info/coincidence) - predicts THESE magnetic harmonics- Prof.Elizabeth Rauscher found (in FDA study) eliminate pain and accelerate healing.

More on understanding PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS- invented by Dan Winter. Study the chart of the magnetic frequencies which Elizabeth Rauscher found (in early FDA trials) - ELIMINATED PAIN (and anecdotally- accelerated healing):

rauscher magnetics
Winter has applied precise phase conjugate / caducceus scaling geometry - planck time to golden ratio - to show WHY these frequencies end pain/heal

What Dr.Rauscher later realized was this is an example of Dan Winter's concept of PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS. Later Winter- has shown that you can take the KEY FREQUENCIES in this graph and DERIVE THEM- from his original equation for the geometry of hydrogen (radius AND frequency): proof of the fractal nature of gravity. ( goldenmean.info/goldenproof , goldenmean.info.coincidence ). This much deeper physics now provides the backdrop- as Winter has used ONLY AND PRECISELY THESE FREQUENCIES and geometry IN EVERY INVENTION HERE. (Pyraphi and Imploder are built exclusively with this precise golden ratio TO hydrogen and planck scaling factor - the ultimate global scaling solution! - goldenmean.info/globalscaling ).

We are of course pleased to acknowledge and support dear Dr Elizabeth Rauscher- but now that we know how to complete the harmonic cascade by definition from a deeper physics (phase conjugation to Planck) - we will carry this work to completely new level.

What this means is we now know precisely the magnetic (and by analog-dielectric) FIELD which restores compression and is the FIELD SYMMETRY KEY to healing and tissue regeneration in general. Winter and his team (thanks to Andrew!) are deeply engaged in installing this variable DC optimized field in beautiful 3D array - in Winter's newest invention: the ICOSAPHI (stay tuned). Bone generation / stem cell switching and more- trials planned. Serious collaborator inquiries only please- contact below.

Phase conjugate MAGNETICS- a film interlude:
Take a look at this recent video (affirming Dans work on PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS):



next> exerpt from fractalfield.com/breakthrutechnews

From Dan Winter in South France
The Science behind it all
This memo devoted to the Founder of the E-Z Initiative- Sasha Stone

A Revolution in LIFE AFFIRMING Technologies- based upon the simple but quintessential new understanding that life - and all self-organization to emerge from chaos happens- when fields and waves become CENTRIPETAL. The geometry of centripetal force - inviting perfect compression - is called FRACTAL- here referring specifically to what all the fractal mathematics completely missed: which how to water waves, and light waves, and electric field waves- make a FIELD EFFECT- which is fractal - in 3D.

Mathematics has long known - probably the most beautiful property of fractals- is they are infinitely compressible. But few have conceived the real magic of this property when applied to field theory. It is said that Einstein was quite clear- that if he knew the symmetry (or wave shape) of infinite constructive compression- he would have solved the Unified Field problem. This is because - gravity itself - is said to be infinite or perfect collapse for electric charge. Sadly since- Einstein was never told what a fractal is - he never learned what a fractal electric FIELD could be.

It turns out that the simplest example of what a fractal electric field is- is a dodecahedron. It you extend the edges straight out - by Golden Ratio - it makes an icosahedron. Do that again - edges straight extended by Golden Ratio- you have another dodeca. This makes an infinite nest.

Golden Ratio is the geometry of perfect fractality - because it is the only way WAVES can make their inside- look like the outside. Self-similarity perfected- we later see is self reference perfected- meaning ability to emerge from chaos - which is electrically - identical to the origin of self organization AND self awareness!

You can see that we get into deep water quickly here.

The point is- that once you understand how this golden ratio wave geometry is the origin of all wave shapes that become IMPLOSIVE and CENTRIPETAL- and THEREFORE ALIVE! - You can build LIFE AFFIRMING fractal field- technologies -in virtually every field- and bring life back from the brink of chaos.

What happens is that when waves of electric charge- or compression in the quantum foam- cross in Golden Ratio (the essence of hydrogen formation - AND DNA formation) - they add and multiply their wave speeds ('phase velocities') constructively- turning compression in to acceleration (called gravity).

This is the reason- hydrogen, gravity, life force, perception, color, self-organization - even bliss exists.

SO - once you understand how to arrange waves (of light, of charge, of water, of air) into this pattern - you KNOW how to self organize, eliminate chaos and pollution - and create LIFE.

Scientists call waves in this geometry PHASE CONJUGATION- and they know that self-organization is proven in phase conjugate optics. Other people call this golden mean curve to perfect damping (compression) - the CADUCEUS of HERMES.

What scientists need to learn is that: this golden mean solution to all wave interference- also produces self-organization - in addition to phase conjugation in optics.

A word from Kees Hoogendijk our colleague  from The Netherlands…on Phase Conjugation

The new physics of material engineering, material synthesis and chemistry is based on influencing the spin characteristics of rotating electrical charge (mass). This can be achieved through geometrical designs, ultimately creating perfect embedding. Perfect embedding is equivalent to fractality. A fractal is geometric figure which multiplies recursively and constructively.

Fractality is thus a condition of recursive constructive interference. To conjugate is to add and multiply recursively constructively. Fractal wave patterns create perfect compression and perfect distribution of charge and spin. Maximum constructive wave interference is the perfect solution to optimum compression and distribution.

This process of creating these pathways of least resistance is often named phase conjugation. Fractal phase conjugation perfects coherence, thereby producing hologram like characteristics: “everywhere at once properties”.

This way a small but very precise constructive wave interference can have a very profound effect on a large amount of matter. It is also the preciseness of the wave interference design that negates the need for high temperatures and high pressures in many chemical processes.

Phase conjugation is well known in non-linear optics (NLO), the physics of lasers and holography. NLO describes the behavior of light in nonlinear media, that is, media in which the dielectric polarization responds nonlinearly to the electrical field of light.

Phase conjugation is an NLO process, which exactly reverses the propagation direction and phase variation of a beam of light. The reverse beam is called the conjugate beam and interacts with the original beam to create lasers and holography. The process is also known as time reversal.

Phase conjugation creates the preconditions for every point of the relevant space to reflect the whole at every moment. Phase Conjugation is equivalent to real time holography.

Phase conjugation enables special spatial designs to minimize inertia of all sorts. Phase conjugation can reduce inertia in heat transfer systems, inertia in chemical reactions, inertia in human health or healing of disease, inertia in mass transfer, phase transfer (crystallization, evaporation, condensation) and so on.
Phase conjugation is one of the first experimental physics disciplines to describe apparent self-organization.

Thank you Kees for that very clear explanation…

NOW back to Dan in beautiful South France

We applied phase conjugate MAGNETICS in TheImploder to heal water - and create dramatic growth effects. We combined the conjugation of magnetics- with PHASE CONJUGATE HYDRODYNAMICS. This is Viktor Schauberger's dream of IMPLOSION in water coming true.

To imagine the shape of PHASE CONJUGATION- (light, water, magnetism, electric charge) in all of the above- is simple- just imaging TWO PINE CONES- learning how to nicely kiss noses!

----------- end exerpt. - returning to COMPRESSION MAGNETICS- and Healing /Wholing the Immortal Body- discussion

Unlike Dr. Rauscher- we now know how to accurately complete this cascade in a broad spectra- AND to apply them in full 3D symmetry (my next invention: Icosiphi)

The physics evidence is clear: the reason golden ratio (fractality optimized) among compression waves in the vacuum (charge)
CAUSE gravity (and all centripetal self organizing forces) - is that GOLDEN RATIO is the generalized solution to constructive interference
(and therefore constructive compression) ..ref: goldenmean.info/gravityislove
note my presentation predicting this at the unified physics proceedings 5 years ago
the mechanism which originates the acceleration of charge (which defines gravity)
is golden ratio allows the phase VELOCITIES to add and multiply constructively..(heterodyne recursively)
the most important physics Einstein missed.


The origin of charge: lies in the fact that the ether is compressible ( centripetal and centrifugal: plus versus minus charge )

The origin of spin- lies in the fact (Nassim and I agree) that the compressible ether flows like a liquid- and that movement stores the inertia (which defines mass) - since it's only sustainable movement - is rotation ( origin of mass and time). All other experiments- in moving ether failed because nothing else produced constructive wave interference ( golden ratio). That's how sacred geometry invented quantum mechanics- when golden ratio solved the problem of waves - and produced compression success (gravity, and the self organizing descrimination of phase - called perception- and the origin of color).

When I first presented the evidence that fractal and conjugation based on golden ratio is the cause of gravity to the physics community 6 years ago...

My Paper Presented Sept 2006:-"Is Fractality: The Electrical Mechanism of Gravity, (and Perception and Color Descrimination) pdf - from the CD / Proceedings: (w/ color graphics) 5.1 Meg : Ch19ADanWinter.pdf , Conference Links(w. Nassim, Eliz Rauscher, Richard Amoroso & Many others): goldenmean.info/budapest08/physicsoverview.html

Elizabeth Rauscher asked me : What is Charge?

(Clearly she didn't know)

And it was the right question since- I based my unified compressible liquidity of medium- unified field - ideas- on charge itself.

My answer was not as concise as it should have been. Today - I would say: charge is the compression versus the rarefaction of the liquid like compressible ether. Positive charge and and North magnetic being more centrifugal- to induce rarification, Negative charge and South Magnetic being more centripetal - to induce compression. All of which is a perfect introduction to the essence of fractality electrically ( an idea far too advanced for poor Mandelbrot- rest his soul there..) - which is compression perfected. (The reason a negative ion creates healing - is it is electrically precisely fractal- like my new equation for hydrogen-- a perfect nest for ions... which is why it is called Ion, Scion, John... a divine chip off the original block..

So later- when I pointed out the major limitation in Nassim's understanding: "The problem with physicists- is they do NOT know that golden ratio IS the generalized geometry of most constructive wave interference- (evidence: goldenmean.info/matrix ) AND they are not willing to check. This is why they are stuck not knowing that this is ALSO the solution to (charge) compression- and of course (as Einstein said)- perfecting compression IS the solution to unified field - and therefore the solution to gravity. In this article- you see that even Nassim Haramein- who has concluded with exquisite logic- that Golden Ratio is the universal scaling law to all of matter and black holes -he in fact is unaware WHY (because only this geometry actually permits compression- as constuctive interference) See below- so he says: golden ratio is the RESULT of black hole dynamics- when in fact the opposite is the case: golden ratio (perfected charge conjugation of velocity phases-golden ratio recursive adding and multiplying of wave speed produces the acceleration from compression CALLED graivity) is the CAUSE of black hole and gravity dynamics- which we first taught the physics community 5 years ago in Budapest."

Nassim then took the time to comment on the phone - that if I had explained what I had meant by charge in terms of the liquidity of the vacuum - he would have better understood me in Budapest years ago. ( Now I am having the last laugh- because most of the physicists there Nassim, Rauscher, Amoroso, were dismissive when I presented Golden Ratio Fractality causes gravity - Fred Wolf's arrogance at the second Budapest conference was even worse... Bill Tiller is old enough to be forgiven - at least Tiller figured out THAT focused human attenion compresses charge- you couldn't expect him to figure out why...- see below).

So I thank Nassim and Rauscher for asking the right question...

Even stubborn Paul Laviolette- for all his inability to understand Golden Ratio physics- despite writing a whole book on how (Townsend Brown) capacitors make gravity- (the principle he missed: golden ratio physics)- he actually has a reasonably useful name for the process: sub quantum kinetics. The liquidity of charge in the vacuum is pushed and pulled in and out of compression (and therefore MASS) by ... Golden Ratio fractality.

In other words- the next Earth civilization (this one's pretty much ready for post mortem analysis) - will use the same golden ratio fractality to get it's chargefrom gravity and the vacuum that pine cone's do. Architecture of Life : Hospital design, building design, city design, farm design: no other test for success is required other than IF THEY CAN ATTRACT CHARGE.

FUSION's source symmetry: why the original term SHEM- (fractal capacitor / 'highward fire stone' - the schem-e) became not just the black hole making definition of alCHEMy / CHEMistry- but the word for ALTAR in church.

Well fractally embedded plasma of charge is called life force- precisely the opposite of what is available to your aura's charge inside most poisonous modern metal laced buildings.

.-Hint: why your children are losing their souls- in most deathly non conjugate SCHOOL BUILDINGS: no access to charge or plasma distribution for their aura...

Loss of ground- equals loss of access to fractality.. what are your childrens "sole's" made of?


Access to GROUND is access to the charge distribution of FRACTALITY- true for electricians AND psychologists!

This nature of phase conjugation is inherently broad spectral (the geometry of the GROUND OF BEING- where ancestors ghosts still propagate).

Self organization in phase conjugate optics
(2 pine cones learn to kiss noses..

being only the tip of the iceberg

the real fun is phase conjugate dielectrics
which self organize


and cause growth (bioactive fields


(see bottom there- with Tom Bearden)

This is the physics of


The "point" is a centripetal dielectric field (plasma compression- that is going to revolution elimination of electrosmog
(philips company almost had a clue looking for the right ceramic)- and reduction of radioactivity (centripetal force restored..

Of course it helps if you know what allowed atoms to make gravity in the first place...
hint: self similarity of nucleus to electron:= creation of constructive charge collapse

The PHASE CONJUGATE dielectric principle is clearly also why focused human attention
(measure as golden ratio phase conjugation in EEG power spectra to quantify- peak perception- see: goldenmean.info/clinicalintro

-plant growth
(physics of prayer - larry dossey

- causes electric fields to compress
(Tiller's book"Conscious Acts of Creation" http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=tiller+site%3Agoldenmean.info&ei=UTF-8&fr=moz35

- reduces radioactivity measureably (uri geller's measures


So it comes as no surprise the symmetry set - people see when they die (kluver form constants-mentioned above)

are the DNA fold sequence neccessary to produce plasma compression
(implosion precedes acceleration- only way thru the sun www.goldenmean.info/immortality

So- lets summarize the principle:

Imagine the day- when 'SAVING YOUR SOUL' is something you teach in a PHYSICS CLASS as being: measureably acheiving plasma distribution-

by becoming a SHAREABLE WAVE.- Notice how religion wars are eliminated..

The PRINCIPLE: charge distribution (fractality) perfected is the mechanical origin

the word heaven (he:breath of charge) which (ave: takes flight by entering the vortex which is 5 ness)

and the word
plains of sharon

(hebrew for heaven as- Lawrence Gardner also note is the phase conjugate dielectric field of gold powder - in 'Sacred Ark')

This is the physics of all biologic sustainability

enter into divine IS the discovery of perfect branching: charge distributed...
This begins with plasma compression - the door to (living plasma / charge ) distribution solved..

that's why phase conjugate magnetics in FDA study - (by restoring fractal compression)
not only eliminate pain BUT accelerate healing. See also Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher slide discussed at www.fractalfield.com/bloomthedesert/imploderupdate.html

Which magnetic harmonics produced pain reduction and healing?

It is now clear- the actual harmonics in the 'mag-ic recipe' are in fact predicted by my planck golden ratio equation for hydrogen!

When we do that in 3D... it is stargate time...
Stay tuned as we develop PYRAPHI and ICOSAPHI.

dan winter

appendix / comments:

David M Rountree wrote:
> I am curious Dan. What spurred you into e-mailing me? I like what I have
> read about your work on consciousness. It correlates with a lot of my own
> suspicions about its nature. And I think there may be a form of bio-energy
> associated with it that we have yet to positively identify, because it looks
> an awful lot like low frequency EMF with high frequency modulations riding
> on it. There certainly seems to be a correlation to certain paranormal
> phenomenon and the presence of this waveform type.
> David M. Rountree, AES
> Director - Chief Science Advisor
> Scientific Paranormal Investigative
> Research Information and Technology
> S.P.I.R.I.T. - LAB
> www.spinvestigations.org
> David's book "Paranormal Technology" - The new paradigm in paranormal field
> manuals
> http://www.spinvestigations.org/Paranormal_Technology.html
> -----Original Message-----
> From: danwinter@fractalfield.com [mailto:danwinter@fractalfield.com]
> Sent: Sunday, October 17, 2010 2:27 PM
> To: David M Rountree
> Subject: Re: golden solution
> my original equation to newly derive the radii of hydrogen
> Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^
> 116 power = .282537 Angstrom -The First Radii of Hydrogen (below)
> Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^
> 117 power = .457154 Angstrom -The Second Radii of Hydrogen
> Planck Length (1.616252 x 10^-35 meter) x Golden Ratio (1.618033989) ^
> 118 power = .739691 Angstrom -The Third Radii of Hydrogen
> Compare the calculation from Winter above - with Hydrogen experimental
> base below- (Heyrovska) .28 Angstrom, .46 Angstrom, .74 Angstrom. (1
> Angstrom = 10 ^-10 meter)
> (Equations above from WINTER) - This next section BELOW is exerpt
> fromDr. Rajalakshmi Heyrovska (Raji Heyrovska, Ph. D.)Academy of
> Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic.
> http://www.jh-inst.cas.cz/~rheyrovs/
> goldenmean.info/goldenproof
> also the frequency
> goldenmean.info/coincidence
> applied commercially:
> http://fractalfield.com/bloomthedesert/FractalFieldResearch.html
> --
> David M Rountree wrote:
>> Interesting. I would like to see the math that led to your conclusion
>> David M. Rountree, AES
>> Director - Chief Science Advisor
>> Scientific Paranormal Investigative
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>> Subject: golden solution
>> symmetry of how plasma can compress: (see how ghost is measured
>> goldenmean.info/immortality
>> The physics evidence is clear
>> the reason golden ratio (fractality optimized) among compression waves
>> in the vacuum (charge)
>> CAUSE gravity- is that GOLDEN RATIO is the generalized solution to
>> constructive interference
>> (and therefore constructive compression) ..
>> www.goldenmean.info/gravityislove
>> note my presentation predicting this at the unified physics proceedings
>> 5 years ago
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