Consultant Data:Can Life Force Be Measured in Capacitive Terms?

info for Technical Consultant Only- from Dan Winter

for Imaging Lab in Hilversum, Netherlands



Stated Research Goal: To learn more about the SOURCE of the measureable DC Voltage which appears to consistently predict and perhaps quantify the freshness of an EGG.

(Townsend Brown et al. taught us the exquisite non-linearity for example of baked egg white for capacitive dialectric purposes - a precedent perhaps to the ability he along with Searl et al used to build the concave capacitors they used to create gravitational thrust. Altho the builders of Stealth do not want us to know that capacitive fields focused like a lens lay radar hiding technology to waste and make conventional rocket thrust obsolete - biological skill to create sustainable life may require we learn anyway.)

This is intended to provide more accurate physics description to the working hypothesis being investigated by Dan Winter with the lab.

The Hypothesis is: LIFE FORCE - is electrically defined as - the ability to (fractally) ATTRACT AND SELF-ORGANIZE CHARGE.

This requires reading please the background discussion for the research consult at:Measuring Life Force - & Making Love Visible?

Please note numerous additional data samples in that article supplementing those below - the advantage of those depicted here, is that the capacitive fields were perhaps 'focused' usefully by the unique spherical capacitor depicted below - used for the results on this page - and also the data here represents the averaging of far longer periods of data to reduce noise input.

Abstract: The concept is inspired from the film we made with Professor Phil Callahan. There we saw him observe with his liquid crystal portable Fluke scope that the more harmonics which were present in the weak capacitive field around a tree - the healthier the tree was. There we learned to use the hemp 'biological capacitive probe' used for the EARLIER data on the above linked page.

The point is that the concept - THE MORE HARMONICS PRESENT AT ONCE- THE MORE LIFE IS PRESENT - is PERFECTLY reflected in the EKG literature! Namely that the fractality of harmonic INCLUSIVENESS of the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a very reliable predictor of immune health and longevity!.

Reference 1:The Origin of Disease and Health Heart Waves

Reference 2:Heart Rate Variability Comparison using HeartLink / HeartTuner

- The principle is simple: the MORE waves of electrical charge which can simultaneous agree to meet at once - in any biological oscillator - the more ALIVE it is. While this concept seems absurdly simple at first inspection - in fact it makes perfect sense. When a biological structure finds a way to attract waves of charge - it sucks in the energy of its environment. The more waves of charge it can suck in a one time - the more energy and LIFE it absorbs.

This is VERY parallel in some ways - to the notion that LIFE FORCE IS ROUGHLY EQUAL TO BIOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE CHARGE DENSITY (Thus explaining for example why most metal structures deplete life force when they even TOUCH food!)

The nice thing is - we can now depict exactly HOW a biological structure gathers that charge :

It arranges the elements of it's 'nonlinear' dialectric to become fractal or self-similar. In this way - the recursive non-destructive (or re-cursively CONSTRUCTIVE) interference of the charge waves in its interior becomes a FRACTAL ATTRACTOR. Or - more specifically - it adds and multiplies the wave lengths and wave velocities in THIS geometry depicted below:


When Nick Thomas lectured on Lawrence Edwards 'Vortex of Life' his projective geometries of WHY pine cones changed there conic angle according to how much life they needed to suck from their enviornment - reinforce this idea. Clearly, pine cones AND eggs and human EKG sucks power (measureable wattage) from the gravity field precisely like an implosion motor - by arranging their capactive elements (dialectric array) into conic implosion symmetry to begin the fusion thru light speed which makes them able to continually suck in more charge.

Please read here: 1.Fusion-Phi Phenomenon-Unlocking Ultimate PHIre.

2. The Perfect Geometry of Wave Collapse - Neurophysics Solution the Nature of Consciousness


So -successful life structure create by IMPLOSION (infinite non-destructive compression) a contiguous spin path to send waves of charge thru the speed of light. (In another research project we develop why that spin path thru light speed is precisely the relationship of charge to fabricating gravity. - which we believe will become measureable in capacitive fractal devices evolving from these recursive capacitive arrays:

Eseentially- gravity happens because recursive implosion of charge creates a contiguous spin path thru the speed of light - like pulling the plug in bathtub - gravity is the resultant suction.

While this idea to solve Einstein's dilemna (what is the geometry of infinite non-destructive compression) does answer why Faraday called the form of a capacitive field a gravitational one - it is NOT the subject of this study. But it is necessary to mention because it explains why biological structures can fabricate gravitational fields (TM siddhi meditators float better under gold domes for good physical reasons - gold is capacitively fractal particularly in thin films).

All of the above is by way of hypothesis - until we measure and predict something.

The hypothesis would predict - the waves of charge would best implode when their symmetry of Golden Mean ratio. This is because the Golden Mean (Phi - .618033989.... etc.) perfects self-similarity and implosion and compression and de-compression and fractality. Evidence is PHYLOTAXIS - tree leaves unpack this way - Phi-Lo-Tactics:(Phi)Recursion/Self Re-Entry-Heart of Self Organization?

- AND that the electrical harmonic cascade of BLISS and EUPHORIA in brain waves (korotkov) as well as the electrical symmetry of bliss and compassion in EKG is also Golden Mean ratio by repeated measurement: BrainPhire?Fractal Golden Ratio Harmonics in BrainWaves as Mechanism of Euphoria / Active Visualization / Bliss?

For more on what this theory based on Golden Mean ratios implications for physics would predict - including the physics papers on Golden Mean from Finland see:





The investigation here - however is very focused:

If we are correct - that life force IS the ability to attract and self organize charge- then of course that should allow us to consistently measure and supplement life force as good electricians.

First we must show that life force is consistently measureable in the harmonic COHERENCE and harmonic inclusiveness of the charge radiated by anything alive enough to be electrically self organizing.

In order to understand any of the following it is essential the reader has at least a basic notion of how electrical coherence is measured when the coherence needs to be quantified INTERNAL to a single oscillator. For this measure of INTERNAL or AUTO coherence - we use a radical new tool : The mathematics of the SEPTRUM - which is a dynamic 2nd order power spectra (FFT related - it is NOT an inverse FFT). Please read at least the basics of : Breakthru in Measuring INTERNAL COHERENCE.Teaching Biological Oscillators SUSTAINABILITY -

The early attempts to measure coherence and charge density in living things are depicted at the above link (life force).

We realized we needed a more sophisticated way to focus the charge envelope or dialectric field to charge amplify, spectrum analyze, and then produce the Septrum coherence measure. This required a spherical capacitor as a biological transducer. We wished to FOCUS THE CAPACITIVE FIELD LIKE A LENS. So we chose to measure the capacitive field around living things using 2 halves of an ostrich egg whose inside had been coated with a thin film of GOLD. (see pics below)



First below here is the power spectra of the capacitive field around that VERY live fresh egg - averaged over a 100 second period to average out background noise.

The Measuring Tool, and PreAmp - the Software for FFT Power Spectra and Septrum Coherence Measure Used here is described in detail at


Now below we illustrate the SEPTRUM to allow viewing the COHERENCE of that field.



Below - Septrum of a PLUM


What we wish of consultant expertise is:

1. The beginnings or start of a set of physics references or precedent for this notion.

2. Critique of the concept - with a view to improving the model and the research approach.