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from the Puivert Castle Region of South France -Conference... - with Dan Winter - hosted by Valerie Sandelin
This 3 Part - Film - English

New Science of LIFE! .... in Spirit of Giambatista Vico's Origin New Science of Life..

we Present the REAL Science.. how did the Pyramid Cement Polymer Effect DNA Growth???

Could this secret of LIFE FORCE- be Applied Today?

Filmed Dec 28, 08 with Dan Winter- in the shadow of Puivert Castle - South France-

a fast moving presentation for those interested in the serious science behind - Fractality and Phase Conjugation- A NEW SCIENCE OF LIFE


3 PARTS- in Steaming Real Format:

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Part ONE:

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This presentation is in English- a Prelude to the Dec 30 (Tomorrow) Presentation from Dan Winter- Hosted by Valerie Sandelin
in FRENCH and ENGLISH- in Perpignan - Aero- St. Esteve- see below..

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In response to many requests here is an updated reading list to accompany the film:
Here are the links, discussion and films - about - WhaleDreamers and The Last Mimzy- and plasma storm..(phase conjugate 9 concentric vortex Sri Yantra- the Nine)

The physics of how heart imploding does tornado steering

Here are the notes about Ophanim/ Enochian / John Dee

Notes to the advanced Angel Science:

Here are the notes about the serious physics of Braiding in DNA - in response to Bliss experience- the way you get a soul:

Here are the notes about the physics of Origin of Alphabet - Language of Light- as the science of how DNA absorbs and spits charge as plasma residue/ the elements of self organizing symmetry of Charge Domains: ( )

Here are the notes about the physics of what defines (biologic) ARCHITECTURE: the ability to craft a building (shem) which can implode (phase conjugate) enough charge to immortalize DNA's field (how electric fractality defines the sacredness or vitality of space):

Here are the serious physics notes about the ALCHEMIC science of PHASE CONJUGATION - cause of Gravity, Perception, Color, Rainbows, Consciousness- etc.- AND successful death!

Also new on the Web: Dan Winter's Famous Classic Film: THE PURPOSE OF DNA - Complete in 12 Parts- In English with Polish Subtitles..


If You are near South France- Join us Dec 30th!....>

Nous proposons une après-midi en compagnie de Dan Winter le 30 décembre à partir de 16 heures - 2, rue des Artisans à St ESTEVE près de l'aéroport de Perpignan.
Même si nos activités semblent nous diriger pour un temps vers la Grande Bretagne, notre attachement pour la France et la région pyrénéenne demeure.
Cette rencontre sera l'occasion de vous faire part des dernières découvertes dans les biotechnologies.
Espérant vous voir nombreux à cette occasion, 
Nous vous adressons tous nos voeux de bonheur et d'harmonie et de paix pour 2009.
Valérie Sandelin

( compagne et aussi traductrice de Dan Winter ).

We propose an afternoon in company of Dan Winter on the 30th of December starting from 4PM at 2, rue des Artisans at Saint ESTEVE near Perpignan Airport.
Even if our activities seem directed for the time being towards UK, our attachment for France and the Pyrenees area remains.
This meeting will be an opportunity to share with you the latest discoveries in biotechnologies and consciousness research.
Hoping to see you numerous on this occasion,
We address you all our wishes of happiness, harmony and peace for 2009.
Valerie S.
Dan's partner and also translator )

Nouvelle Science du Vivant:
dan winter
psycho-physiologiste - analyste programmeur - inventeur - ingénieur en biofeedback et science de la conscience
Galerie "st germain"
Mardi 30 decembre 2008
à ST ESTEVE - près de l'aéroport de PERPIGNAN
2 rue des Artisans
16 -19 heures
réservations souhaitées:
04/68/05/75/10 ou 06/25/82/98/60
Participation : 10 euros

Nouveau Regard sur la Physique et la Science du Feng-Shui et de la Géomancie
(ou vitalité d'un lieu).

Comprendre la relation entre les lignes magnétiques et la force de croissance et de germination
et l'agriculture en général.

Une introduction au principe de Fractalité en Géobiologie.

L'auto-organisation et la voie hors du chaos
émergent quand le cartographie magnétique
de votre terrain et de votre maison ressemblent à une rose.
Leader mondial de graphiques et visuels multamedia
en géométrie sacrée, la grille et le magnétisme terrestre

New Science of LIFE FORCE
with Dan Winter
Psycho-physiologist - system analyst  - inventor - biofeedback and science of consciousness engineer -
New look at the physics and science behind Fengshui and the spirit of place.Understanding the relationship of magnetic lines to growth force, germination and agriculture in general.

An Introduction to the principle of fractality in Geobiology.

Self organization and the path out of chaos emerge when the magnetic picture of your land and your house look like a rose.

World leading graphics and multamedia visuals about sacred geometry and the spirit of place: magnetism in the land.

Or Join us for some SERIOUS FUN-- later in the Summer here in France!

Click for More Info--: Holy Grail Sites AND Science in South France - July 1-8, 09 (Film Clips here from last year!)... our South France 2009 - Science and Experience of the HOLY GRAIL IN THE BLOOD - tour and conference


Finally- exerpts from the Slide Show- as at : - on the New Science of Phase Conjugates and LIFE!!

Reports from the Budapest 08 - Unified Field Theories Physics Conferences-

Conjuring Up the Phase Conjugate World:

by Dan Winter

We all dream of a unified world. We would all like to understand how to make it possible. Communication of course is the key. But the most efficient communicator on Earth is clearly biology herself.

In our exciting conference in Budapest this year, Peter Gariev explained at length how his laser polarity matching technology worked to prove how DNA communicated at distance ( - for Peter's DNAWAVE background). Peter G. has become somewhat world famous, after Fosser and Bludorf, wrote so much (expecially in German) about how his work evidenced BLACK HOLE MAKING - in DNA. I also have written about the gravity making cohering field of DNA. ( ).

We all agreed with Richard Amoroso, that calling the ability of DNA to leave a residual field - which would then affect a laser, even after the DNA was removed- was probably NOT best labelled a BLACK HOLE. Since, for the conventional science community - the concept of BLACK HOLE was very specifically limited to hugely massive gravitational phenomenon. This is again where a more precise language is useful to describe the efficiency of this magical 'DNA Radio". Enter- the concept of PHASE CONJUGATE fields.

The photon toroids HAVE to approach each other in only THESE phase angles (of the dodeca stellated by golden ratio)-
and that is why these ANGLES OF TILT (from Frank's chart) are called COLOR (determining the exact wavelength of primary colors).

This presents us with further proof of the GOLDEN MEAN phase conjugate physics ORIGINS OF COLOR.

I hypothesized originally that fractality optimized by Golden Ratio PHASE CONJUGATION was:

1. the electrical cause of gravity ( - experimentally )

2. the electrical cause of PERCEPTION ( )

3. electrical cause of LIFE / perfected charge distribution ( , ) ,

4. the electrical cause of all healing and self organization ( , )

5. the electrical cause of ENSOULMENT and immortality in DNA ( ).

6. the electrical mechanism of how memory is imploded (KA) out of DNA for successful DEATH ( )

In summary- THE principle behind life force and all self organization is nicely summarized by Golden Ratio perfected- fractality.. and phase conjugation. ( Note especially how the -phase conjugate- PATH into the dodec forms the GRAIL CUP. )

The evidence presented for the above, was that the stellated dodeca (power of golden ratio x,y,z coordinate value to every node infinitely-dodec/icos/dodec/icos....)

The evidence presented for the above was that the stellated dodeca (power of golden ratio x,y,z coordinate value to every node infinitely-dodec/icos/dodec/icos....)
was the essential and proveable symmetry of

= S3 symmetry group of gravity

= the symmetry array of nuclea hadrons (protons and nutrons )

= the symmetry array of the p tetra cube electron orbital inside the d,f - dodec icos electron orbital

= the self similarity of the nucleus to the electrons

= the essential outer symmetry of PALLADIUM - key to cold fusion

= the golden ratio symmetry of hydrogens balmer series spectral emission lines ( Randy Masters)

= the symmetry of the planetary orbitals ( by Phi / platonic nesting )

= the symmetry at the core of DNA

= the symmetry at the core of optical PHASE CONJUGATION / 4 wave mixing:

= the essential symmetry of the vacuum / time space manifold

= the essential symmery of the UNIVERSE

Below- understanding how PHASE CONJUGATION in the electric field of the brain is the essential MECHANISM OF PERCEPTION:

below- another neuroscientist concludes PHASE CONJUGATE MIRROR is the PRINCIPLE OF PERCEPTION:

Above- see how PHASE CONJUGATION (the Hermetic Cadduceus-symbol of life /DNA / healing) works in 3D.