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Implosion's Grand Attractor:

Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion

Course Study Guide and Practioner's Handbook

New Blockbuster Book from Implosion Group

Summarizing Daniel Winter's work..

Translations in Italian (+book in Italian), German (+book in German), French , Spanish (NEW!!book in Spanish), other languages

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See Table of Contents Below:


Implosion's Grand Attractor

Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion:

Course Study-Guide and Practioner's Handbook.

Feng Shui, Sacred Architecture, Scientific 'Charge' Basis of Consciousness, Heart Coherence,

Genetic History and Destiny of Consciousness in Fractal Making & Gravity Making ..

..Persuading Waves to Agree.


Course Materials

from the work of

Dan Winter

- assembled and

distributed by

Implosion Group


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new Annotated Bibliography

AND Glossary.

Part One: Course Materials for 1st Week- See Table of Contents.

Dedication , Intro , Syllabus, Sacred Geometry - Pure Principles,

Hygiene for Bliss, Geometry of DNA, Architecture of LIFE FORCE, COHERENCE as Attractor.

Part Two: Course Materials for 2nd Advanced Week

Origins of DNA, Gravity Making, Tornado Steering, Soul Pod Navigating, Physics of Shamanism, Galactic History, Science of Self-Awareness vs.Recursion, Kundalini













Implosions' Grand Attractor

Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion

Course Study-Guide and Practioner's Handbook

* Grand Attractor

Coherence Science

* Sacred Architecture

* Science of Feng Shui /


* Physics of Consciousness

* Origins of DNA

* Biophysics of BLISS

Kundalini / Tantra


Biofeedback Breakthru.

* HeartTuner Background

* Magnetism, Earth -

'Grid Engineering'

& Rainmaking.

* New Physics of Implosion

Assembled, Edited & Distributed

from Daniel Winter's writing by

Implosion Group

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Sacred Geometry Learning Materials,

CD's, DVD's, Kit's, Study Guide & THIS BOOK-

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HeartTuner: Measure Emotional Coherence & Empathy


Table of Contents:

P 1. Frontispiece - Announcing PhiR.I.C.A.I.S. The Phi Recursion Induced Charge

Acceleration Implosion Solution

P 2. Contact Info - Course Info

- Materials Info.

P 2-3. Table of Contents

P 4-5. One Crystal's Dance & WordStar

Role of Mind Among Waves Poem.

P 6-8. Guide to Sacred Geometry -

Who Is the Course For? - The Program.

P 9. Sacred Geometry: Eternal Essence - Quest For the Fundamental Dynamic

P 10. What is Sacred Geometry?

P 11. The PRINCIPLES of Sacred Geometry.

P 13. Anu / Slip Knot & Sun's Heart (Graphic)

P 14. History of Sacred Geometry.

P 17. New Life Force Measure Sample Graphs.

P 18. The JOB for the Sacred Geometer.

P 19. Introduction to Survival Requirement:

Charge Density of Bliss Process.

P 21. Child's Guide to Unified Field (Precis)

P 22. Intro to DNA History versus Hygiene for BLISS - What the Homework Means?

P 24. Section ONE ( 4 day course core curriculum)

Introduction to Unified Field Thinking

Universal Compressible Ether

P 26. Origin of Plus versus Minus CHARGE (Vor tex Centripedal vs Centrifugal - Graphic)

P 27. Origin of Donuts / Torus - Self Organization of Field Domains..



Table of Contents: continued

P 30. Origin of Geometry among Donut Domains.

Platonic Tilts of the Donut Fields Create Atomic Table (Graphics)

P 36. Self Organization in Waves of SACRED or Divine Proportions.

P 37. Quantum Mechanics is a name for Wave Symmetry and Geometry.

P 38. What is a Fractal Attractor.

P 40. What Causes the Centering Force of GRAVITY?

P 41. What is Coherence? (also see Glossary on this)

P 43. Origin and Meaning of The Golden Mean Ratio

P 45. What is Embedding?

P 45. What is the Symmetry of Compassion?

P 50. How Does CHARGE Itself Become the Vehicle of LIFE FORCE

AND in so doing - become the ARCHITECTURE of the SACRED.

P 52. Intro to Life Force Measures - How Life Forceis Predicted by ElectroNegativity &

Intro to Phi-R.I.C.A.I.S. (Phi - Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration Implosion Solution)

P 61. The Life Force Cycle Map: Water follows Magnetism follows Symmetry follows Implosion follows Awarenss. .. follows Water.

P 62. Water Nozzle for Implosion to Sort Pollution.

P 64. Application to ARCHITECTURE - Pure Symmetry Science of CHARGE.

P 68. In cube ation version PHYcycle in Architecture - Hex versus Pent.

P 69. Holistic Architecture - Examples ( Michael Rice - )

P 70. SACRED Architecture - ATTRACTING RAIN - IS Attracting Charge.

P 71. RainMaking Science and Intro to Labyrinths

P 75. Intro to IMPLOSION Science.

P 76-77. Implosion Graphics

P 78-85 Labyrinths and RAINMAKING continued.

P 86. LightCity - Bringing LIFE Back to Cities and BioRegions by Attracting /Repairing Magnetic Lines

P 88. Grid Engineering as a Tool for Peacemaking.

P 89. Microwaves versus Your Health.

P 90. Addictive Behavior versus Mucous versus Bliss.

P 92. International University for the SCIENCE OF PEACE.

P 94. Harmonic Module - Peacemaking by Linking Hearts and Minds. Corporate Coherence Training.

P 98. PeaceMaking in the Land . PeaceMaking in the SHAPE of TOUCH.

P 102. PeaceMaking in Human Movement : Bliss Kinesthetic Introduction.

P 103. PeaceMaking in the Breath. - Exercises in BLISS Process.


P 117. The RING in DNA.. "Sacred Geometry of LORD OF THE RING"


P 122. Ring DNA - Academic View ... & "Supercoiling in DNA".

P 127. Shaping DNA into (Charge) RADIANCE: The Role of BLISS.

P 128. History and Pure Geometric Origin of the GRAIL.

P 130. Golden Mean Ratio research in the Musical Recipe of Self Empowering BLISS.

P 131. Rock and Rave: Ecstacy with Purpose.

P 136. Kundalini: Biological & Environmental Power of Extreme BLISS.

P 143. Sacred Geometry of Music. Musical Language of the HeartTuner / Healing with Music

P 144. Intro to Feng Shui - Practicum - & How to steer the tornado of Magnetism.

P 146. Reprise: Summary of the First Part - Perfect Branching

P 147. Sacred Geometry Dialog for Dummies. (Review)

P 152. Course Syllabus- Keyword Review in Outline Form. followed to Intro to Advanced Syllabus.

P 157. Intro to Home Study - Assignments.

*P 158. ADVANCED Science- PHI Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration Implosion Solution. Outlines/links

*P171-174 Implosion and Gravity / Energy Device Technology - Fractal Thrust from Capacitors.

*P175 True Physics of ALCHEMY

*P180 Modeling and Science of Heart's Electrification During Euphoria. Heart as Attractor.

P 183 Bibliography - Extensive - with detailed annotations.

P 193 Glossary - detailed background on many new keywords used.


Newest book in process: (download first part)

Conscious Kids :Bliss, Ecstacy & Immortality Explained
Spiritual Path Based on Simple Science
for the Young & Young at Heart