Hex vs Pent: Emerging from the MATRIX: Octaves vs Golden Ratio in Brainwaves -
Proving HOW Harmonics Interfere
in Dialog with Academics..

Implosion Group (originally by Dan Winter) newsletter 'Valentine Feb 14,07
VALENTINE's Day-to the Heart of Life's Music url: goldenmean.info/matrix
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Valentine of Harmonics:
Caducceus of 2 Golden Spirals Perfecting Phase Conjugation
from Dan Winter,

"Vortex Cells" ( from Luke G) - Phi is the "ideal" attractor at many places, and in greater assemblies takes the form of a fractal..

See for the first time - scientific software which proves how Golden Ratio waves produce more charge distribution (power is area under the curve summed in the next graph ): Implications for WHY we see Golden Ratio in Brainwaves during Peak Experience / Peak Perception / Peak Performance - will changeBrain Science forever! See WHY Golden Ratio - Charge Wave Heterodyning is the Electrical Cause of GRAVITY, LIFE, and CONSCIOUSNESS.

master principle

.. paper shows that at certain ideal projected cluster sizes related to one another by the golden mean (tau=(1+ radical 5)/2), constructive interference leading to tenfold diffraction patterns is optimized.


Pent vs Hex
Phi / Golden Mean vs Octaves
Charge DISTRIBUTED vs Charge Isolated / Stored

Showing Golden Ratio In Brain WaveEEG During Bliss Visualization
Perfected = Charge Attraction

'Bliss' / Creativity state
(Phi or Golden Ratio EEG Brainwave - cascades)

- in dramatic contrast to 'Channelling' / telepathy state (Octave or powers of 2 - cascades) above
More On How BRAIN (Meditation ) COHERENCE is MEASURED
+Empathy Measured 3 Ways.

Read WHY (Golden Ratio optimized) Harmonic Inclusiveness -Bliss training - in EEG practically allows biofeedback solutions to Attention Deficit and Addiction: goldenmean.info/ritalin

Re:Phi harmonics in the GLOBAL SCALING of Heart Rates-above- see also the discussion below about using Phi harmonics times the Planck Time constant to rescale TIME - to find which wave fits / embeds into biology (the sacred). It is very logical to consider with Global Scaling principles - that Heart Rates must nest / or scale like all biology (uses Golden Ratio and the possibility of embedding / nesting ).
We begin this newsletter- extending the conversation with Maharishi University (complete at HeartTuner users group) - about Golden Ratio vs EEG in brainwaves- to measure conscious growth. (BlissTuner Measures Peak Perception / Peak Experience- with TWO Revolutions in Neurofeedback a) EEG Coherence Measure/Cepstrum , b) Golden Ratio EEG Training)

First we reprint Vince's (from the University) latest kind letter, asking the group again:
Are Octaves in Brainwaves BAD???
(After he forwarded the letter to us from his Graduate Dean Fred Travis - Maharishi International University - admitting that upon inspection - he HAD found that their prior EEG meditation brainwave data did often show either Octaves or Golden Ratio!)

Subject: -------- Original Message- Heart Coherence Discussion
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 17:47:49 -0500
From: bataoel@aol.com
To: HagelinJ..., fredt..., danwinter@goldenmean.info, mkroeks...

Hello Everybody,

I would like to contribute to this discussion, regarding defining coherence and progressing within the science of consciousness. I am a student at Maharishi University, enjoying my senior year at the school. I am not a physicist or a scholastic scientist - but my familiarity with consciousness enables me to make some contribution.

(1) Perhaps octave based ratios in the brainwaves (of meditators) does not mean a negative state of mind. I feel like, the Heart Coherence team discussion has been underestimating the importance of the octave in favor of the Golden Mean discovery. I suggest that coherent octave based ratios in the brain serve as a prerequisite for the emergence of the threads of the Golden Mean. In other words, the octave based ratios could provide a sort of geometrical stability necessary for the maintenance of the Golden Mean (and higher states of consciousness). This kind of self-referral stability may be necessary in order for the physiology to mature along the Golden Mean. I feel like (it is my experience that) the establishment of the discriminative quality of intelligence (discrimination between silence and dynamism) occurs prior to the unfoldment of the potential of the heart. This concept would be equivalent to a geometrical progression: consciousness growing from a point to a line and THEN unfolding the hidden (PHIbonnaci) symmetry inherent in the line.

(2) I feel like there should be an equal treatment of the meaning and occult potential of the octave function. Maharishi has stated that the discriminative quailty of intelligence (Nyaya sutras in the Veda) serves as the 'lamp at the door' to higher states of consciousness. Further, if intellectual discrimination (between silence and dynamism) runs parallel to the occurance of octave based ratios (as Dan Winter suggests) then it may be that some sort of growth, progress, or refinement happens within the octave based ratios. An investigation of the potential of both Octave and Golden Mean will yield substantially balancing results.

(3) Maybe the Heart Coherence Team can donate its technology (equipment) to the university - and the university can, in turn, run the research necessary in order to develop this Golden Mean coherence theory within the scientific community. Joint collaboration could be rather progressive. Perhaps Fred Travis (and/or a student researcher) can run the trials on sidhas (meditators). This kind of science would be rewarding for both parties - and especially rewarding for a student researcher.

(4) I feel like the technology of consciousness (like TM) ought to meet the scientific measurement of coherence. I think that reliance on biofeedback machines for the entrainment of higher states of consciousness is not a great idea. The utilization of biofeedback for measurement and demonstration purposes is fine. I wonder about the long term value of using a machine to reach nature. The very theory of utilizing biofeedback to contact a higher state pulls the attention outward, out of the self. Further, how can one establish meditative self-sufficiency when one needs the technology to find the Golden niche? I suggest that the Heart Coherence Team refer to some meditative procedure - maybe TM, maybe some Ananda Marga technique, that would be very productive for those aspirants on the path of self-development.

(5) This whole conversation (between Maharishi University and the Heart Coherence team) has brought to light the fact that the scientific community at large, especially those with interest in consciousness and cognition, can use some input from the Transcendental Meditation movement. I feel like, so far, the TM movement has been very quiet, minding its own business, and has not been participating in the dialogue happening in the world. I mean - there are tons of conferences about consciousness happening all over the place; so why doesn't TM send representatives to showcase this great consciousness-based technology? TM has done this in the field of education - it would be progressive to see TM act at these kind of consciousness conferences -- or bring such conferences to the campus of Maharishi University of Management.

I hope you all will have some comments about these points. I am happy to be in the midst of this conversation between you all (some great souls). I appreciate our correspondance and discussion.

Best Wishes,
(Vince also responds below)

(from Dan)- Vince: Octave harmonics are no more 'evil' than the hex (octave/cube) shape of a HONEYCOMB! However nature would never choose to use a geometry designed to store and isolate (charge) - for a place in which to do LIFE!! This discussion.. is precisely the same- as the FLOWER OF LIFE - confusion. By choosing everything HEX based - we find the majority of those who get stuck in cubes- by attempted to isolate rather than EMBED their charge - end up losing life force / immune health.

It is almost ironic that the Flower of Life people call HEX to be life- when no flowers and no life is ever Hex or a cube. We kept finding Flower of Life meditators experiencing astral and physical bleeding as a result of focusing their aura only in Hex (tetra cube) octaves based symmetry. The astral hygiene problems associated with the Flower of Life is directly related to people who ONLY do OCTAVES in their brainwaves. (Correction well taken from Dr. Fred Travis: -regarding the octave harmonics in the TM publication-" 1) this was one person 35 years ago, 2) harmonics that happen during TM happen naturally--it is not a process of manipulation, and 3) that I looked at 5 people in my database and found that some had octave and some golden mean relations in their coherence and power during TM practice." - in other words TM research simply had not descriminated the important difference?)

Octaves (the hex shadow of a cube) are not bad - they are necessary to produce the initial stability - standing wave - upon which pent / implosion can be woven. Exactly in the same way the way to START building the pent (dodecahedron) is to get a cube stable first - then rotate it (five stops/72 degrees) into the pentagonal dodecahedron.

Notice here how the cube rotating into the dodec.. becomes not just the (fractal making) DNA / EarthGrid / Zodiac geometry - but notably the symmetry of Cold Fusion / Palladium - and specifically the symmetry of the S3 Group - which Poincare etc - use to model the field effect of GRAVITY! see- goldenmean.info/gravitycode animations + physics.
We are the first to explain WHY charge in a (Golden Ratio) Stellated Dodeca (animation below) MAKES gravity: because infinite charge collapse due to golden ratio heterodynes (phase velocity) charge compression - IN- to charge acceleration (translation of vorticity). Einstein knew infinite collapse of charge WAS gravity, he did not know a fractal- or implosion. This is what LEAD to his painful error saying infinite energy would be required to accelerate thru the speed of light, (tachyon) - when in fact all DNA does it- in order to commune efficiently with the charge field (the 'force') called LIFE!

No one would ever say - making that cube was evil. HOWEVER we now all know - that making that cube - is INCOMPLETE. If you stop there - you end up with all your charge ISOLATED (unable to touch / that is interfere CONSTRUCTIVELY). By making the tetra cube shape around their bodies - the Flower of Life meditators DID accomplish a kind of individuation. They did complete THE EXPERIENCE OF SEPARATENESS. In nature - we call this inCUBEation. When babies are incubeated (separated / isolated) it is not evil. BUT it is certainly not sustainable or desireable as a finished product.

See goldenmean.info/merkabbah - history of discovering astral descrimination in - Flower of Life - hex - Also... (in a 'nutshell') let us be gentle with the FLOWER OF LIFE - Hex- as Ron LaPlace kindly suggests- "you choose when to emerge from your own 'egg shell' (membrane generated by inCUBEation) just when YOU are ready." First- inCUBEate- later, rePENT and be saved (distributed into the immortal fractal).

In short - our view has been that Drunvalo was right to suggest that the last step (clearly visualize the 32 tilt which turns your HEX/6 sides aura tetra cube INTO a PENT dodeca) - was potentially dangerous (in exactly the same way dying unprepared is dangerous). This is always the RIGHT test DNA has to do (Electrically speaking about death: it was only a temporary invention of biology to teach us to learn to inhabit / embed in THE SHAREABLE!) - if you cannot get compressible - you cannot get SHAREABLE / IMMORTAL. SO - Drunvalo was wrong not to explain that also if you never complete this discovery of moving from the HEX /OCTAVE / STORED CHARGE - secrets mode - into the SHAREABLE / immortal (Phi distributed- PENT ) wave - then you lose the opportunity to sort ... (parasites from your aura, and the unshareable from your thoughts- the only real way to prepare to die.). SO- you DO stay in the tetra / octa / cube (inCUBEating just like an infant) - until your intuition tells you that you have located SHAREABLE emotions (waves) - then you know you are ready for the test of immortality that is Phi implosive compression. THAT is when you visualize your change (32 deg tilt) from hex/cube - to PENT/ dodec (and Golden Mean.). This kind of implosive coherence is then your preparation for successful lucid dream and death.

Thus really understanding (octave vs Golden) harmonics - provides the ONLY real science to explain the difference between imagining yourself SEPARATE / LONELY / INDIVIDUATED - versus what it means to embed. Again - the psychogy only makes sense in the context of physics. The REASON parasites die in the presence of implosion (Golden Ratio / pent) - and NOT in octaves - is because the self organizing / sorting charge force is generated at the center of fusion. This is for example why the Negative Ion therapies which eliminate infection and imflammation - stop working in rooms full of non-organic material.

See here the pictures illustrating that measured FRACTALITY in a) liquid / redox potential, and b) air /IGA - ALWAYS predict ABILITY TO SUPPORT ALL LIFE AND HEALING - at goldenmean.info/fractalfield This is the truly new and serious physics of energy medicine!

Living materials are 'phase conjugate' (Golden Ratio perfected) lenses to allow charge to make the beautiful little black holes that communicate efficiently. LIFE and CONSCIOUSNESSS are words we use to describe efficient distribution of charge. Efficient ways for waves to distribute that charge - is what Golden Ratio optimized fractality is about. Using geometry (musical ratio - Golden vs Octave) to understand how waves distribute charge is clearly the ONLY way we are ever going to understand the very nature of consciousness itself! (Option a) teach Biologic Architecture, ... or option b) - be stuck in nauseous 'matrix like' hospital buildings like the picture above- where only sickness is created.. square aluminum lattice EVERYWHERE.. nausea - electrosmog - thruout! Imagine finally instead of denial, physics will explain WHY a PYRAMID - / hex-cube - sharpens razor blades and preserves meat - measureably. NO - hex is not evil - but it IS evil not to know what it is for! )

You see - in this article - conclusive proof- that octave harmonics cannot interfere constructively with their neighbors. Remember psychology and religion will ALWAYS descend into psychobabble unless they are guided by a precision language. The only language of real accuracy in nature- is wave mechanics. Psychology and religion were invented as a temporary abbreviation among those who could not understand the details of how wave mechanics produced biology. For example our word ENLIGHTENMENT - is merely a name for the (Golden Mean) situation which allows a body to attract an electric field of CHARGE (whose waves we call information and therefore represent survival). So - obviously all these centuries of religious fervor over sainthood and becoming supposedly 'spiritual' is merely a childish story to introduce us to the real physics. When we can teach the (electric field) PRINCIPLES of the evolution of consciousness (biological efficient infinite charge distribution based on fractality) then - we can invent - healing, meditation, architecture, true spirituality etc. ( discussion / links: goldenmean.info/fractalfield ). If we lose track of the fact that spirituality is NAMED for that (charge) which is ABLE to successfully move in a SPIRAL.. then we fall off that path.


SO- here is the way for you to try and prove for yourself - the difference between OCTAVES vs Golden Ratio - when waves interfere. In Phi (Golden Ratio) waves maximize the amount of inertia or charge - that is conserved - and able to be DISTRIBUTED. In octaves- as waves interfere (as they must) they produce a maximum of CANCELLATION!! We emphasize - this inCUBEation phenomenon is not evil. Of course in some ways, the difference between a hex vs pent in witchcraft or chemistry is the difference between good versus evil. The witch and the chemist both know - that the HEX (example ice or quartz) preserves and fixes (the 'spell' - or the field)- whereas PENT symmetry (example DNA or RennesLe Chateaux) distributes the charge or SENDS the 'spell' /field effect. EVIL came to be defined as THE WAVE WHICH FAILS TO EMBED OR NEST (into the fractal of charge distribution that is LIFE!) - be kool if someone would tell George Bush -he might have to include himself... BUT - as Frank is concerned to emphasize- we cannot define OCTAVE relations as evil - no more than a cube is so. The truth is - you cannot get a dodeca (Fractal) nest - without first STABILIZING the cubic waveform (octaves). The problem arises when you have one WITHOUT the other!

Quote from frank@goldenmean.info - "The central issue is how these subtle phase-waves not only manage to survive in the turbulent and unpredictable thermodynamic ocean, but actually start controlling material processes from a cosmic ("super-luminal") vantage point. This phenomenon of phase-waves literally getting in charge results in nothing less than the advent of life in the universe, on all scales - atomic, biological and cosmic. This is what makes the cosmos a place of meaning, purpose and beauty. The physics principle of subtle phase-waves taking control is called "heterodyne phase-conjugation" and especially in relation to bio-physiology it is usually called "coherence".
With Heart Coherence team's Fractal Synthesizer software you can visualise and explore the basic forms of coherence among heterodyning waves, and how they dynamically interact with the force waves of the Newtonian universe"

And speaking of "subtle phase-waves not only manage to survive in the turbulent and unpredictable thermodynamic ocean, but actually start controlling material processes from a cosmic ("super-luminal") vantage point. This phenomenon of phase-waves literally getting in charge results in nothing less than the advent of life in the universe" - I just feel inspired here to repeat the quote from Douglass White, Observer Physics - we reprinted in our last newsletter- the FRACTAL VACUUM:
The electric origin of what you call ME?? : Does CHARGE RECURSION / 'dimpling' - CAUSE YOUR TO BECOME The OBSERVER (phase conjugation) PHENOMENON?
ACCESS TO BLACK HOLE (embedding in the superluminal / faster than light) or IMPLOSION OF FRACTALITY physics

In the following-ask yourself: could Golden Ratio be how you 'phase conjugate' your charge into the 'faster than light' phase wave stillpoint??.. in order to BECOME an OBSERVER? (the phase conjugate mirror for charge -time reversal - self aberration correcting etc. check the physics.. 'Bounce off a Phase Conjugate Mirror").

Meditate on Bill Tiller's latest physics book:"Conscious Acts of Creation"- proving FOCUSED HUMAN ATTENTION COMPRESSES ELECTRIC CHARGE- and simply ask yourself - HOW else could this happen except the Fractal Compression of (Phi) perfected PHASE CONJUGATION ( Hint-Golden Ratio EEG Brainwaves!!)

* Discussion with Douglass White - an advanced physicist - formerly with the TM movement (like our other friends Alex Hankey, Istvan Dienes- and now Fred Travis). Douglass's quite wonderful discussion of the serious physics of what is an observer - is at his web site OBSERVER PHYSICS dpedtech.com (Douglass White:) "The slower a massive object moves, the faster its phase velocity becomes. If the object comes to rest, its phase velocity encompasses the universe in a flash. An observer generally has attention on a relatively motionless environment around him. The phase velocity thus generates the impression that the observer and his local environment is embedded in a virtually infinite universe. This is the motivation for meditation. If you bring your attention on the physical world into a state of deep rest and silence, the phase velocity of your attention instantly spans the universe."
...(in his pdf paper) "in the case of light passing through a dispersive medium, or a klystron, or the electron, or any other particle of matter, the group velocity of the wave packet -- the velocity of the packet's maximum amplitude, an illusion produced by the interference of the various superposed phase waves (DÉ÷ / Dk) -- is less than the speed of light. Therefore, there must be phase waves associated with the particle's wave packet, and these must move faster than light. Most physicists prefer to disregard the curious superluminal phase waves as irrelevant. However, I believe that this equation actually constitutes a precise definition of cosmic consciousness (cc). The group wave represents the object of perception. The phase wave is the perceiver's consciousness, his imagination. Multiplication of the two represents their interaction, the process of perception. One (c) is the retarded wave, and the other (c) is the advanced wave. The equation tells us that, when we detect the material particle (the so-called "observable" group wave packet), we tend to miss the superluminal phase waves associated with it. In cosmic consciousness we learn to appreciate the dynamics of the phase wave as well as the group wave."

Ok- enough theory ... If you are ready to try it- the FRACTAL SYNTH -
try for yourself what it is like to test how waves interfere. How muchpower is left - IF.....
Perhaps we can finally define HARMONY and therefore BEAUTY - by understanding what allows waves to nest!

here are some fun starting example output screens :

Now, allowing the base frequency 8 +the number of overtones (4)+undertones (1) - we reset from PHI (golden ratio).. the RATIO between all tones to be first OCTAVE, then PSI (Phi's cousin).

NOW.. - we do a SCAN.. here we measure the amout of AREA UNDER THE CURVE - for all possible ratios

(given the same input base frequency and ratio of overtones and undertone)-

THIS WILL TELL US HOW MUCH POWER from the original waves was SAVED or LOST - when they interfered with each other..

depending on whether they were in what RATIO!

This proves that GOLDEN RATIO (and cousins ) produced dramatically increased CONSTRUCTIVE wave interference. While OCTAVE (cubic / hex geometry) produces relatively (*see Frank's note below) DESTRUCTIVE wave interference. (You can actually test this with an almost infinite number.. of base frequencies, overtones, and ratio choices using the FRACTAL SYNTH software. The result - is always the same - PHI increases power which can DISTRIBUTE.. whereas OCTAVES (powers of 2) causes relatively DESTRUCTIVE interference and power loss (energy drain.)- this article and Frank's 'more on the value of octaves' note below discusses how nature USES this difference.

-Technical note: (Above picture explanation) The software when you press scan, uses whatever base frequency, and what number of harmonics you have set...and then scans the output heterodyned wave, for total power (area under curve) according the range of POSSIBLE RATIOS. SO - we see what geometry has POWER ( charge distribution = survival).
In new versions- by blowing this up - we can study more and more pure geometry - here is Tribonacci...(Michael Heleus: "...the one at 1.839+ is pretty definitely the Tribonacci Constant, the principal positive root of x^3-x^2-x-1=0. And it looks like there are traces of the multinacci numbers nearer 2, since the series starts with the pp root of x^2-x-1=0 being phi with a big side-band buttressed phi peak (sidebands present suggest auto-corrrelation), the tribonacci/multinacci next member with less amplitude, and next multinacci at 1.927+ hardly noticeable til equation sequence limit of 2, the octave, is reached. The sizeable peak at 1.22 bears a special note since that might be either of these at 1.2205+: 1+phi^-pi(phi^pi is very close to inside-outside balancer constant 4.5349+), or the (1+2^.5) root of phi. I have found the multinacci numbers highly indicative of dimensionality, fractal recursive especially, in a system. Each ascending order constant is a step in bridging the phi-2 gap, each the limit from ratchetting backwards thru one more term of a fibonacci like addtion sequence." end quote



What we have learned here in summary- reminds me of Bucky Fuller showing audiences how weak and floppy cubic structures were in architecture compared to other choices. When waves are nested in a cubic (hex) lattice - they DESTRUCTIVELY interfere when the charge tries to distribute. The result: cube / hex structure causes inertia to be trapped inside the field effect created. Nature uses this to preserve honey. Not EVIL - just not LIFE!

So now let us apply this to our observation of BRAINWAVES...

My statement to you obviously uninformed TM teachers - we do not apologize for 'no studies done' - we rather ask you - WHY ARE YOU IGNORING THE COMPELLING INFORMATION ALREADY OUT THERE!? When I presented this to Depok Chopra personally - he admitted - after thinking about it- Golden Ratio was SELF EVIDENTLY the only way to embed in biology! In summary I would say it is probably not exactly the moral high ground for Professor Travis, Dean of Graduate Studies on Conscioussness to righteously pronounce from his ivory tower - that he has not seen the expensive 'study' yet. You can wait with the stuck in the mud (octave EEG) academics for a 'Bushed' government to fund some billion dollar study - OR - you can share what is clearly the truth : for brainwaves (and heartwaves) like any other wave in biology and nature- the physics is simple: EMBED or DIE! ( www.goldenmean.info/embedability - ability to embed wave into wave optimized by Golden Ratio)

Notice in the early table we published when I invented the BlissTuner - we showed that there were 4 separate bodies of research evidence which indicate the power of Golden Ratio in brainwaves (pictures below exerpted from- www.goldenmean.info/clinicalintro ).
1. When - Golden Ratio / Fibonacci - triggered first EEG definition of TRANSCENDANCE: When Dr.Ed Wilson (then research director / Monroe institute) found Fibonacci to Golden Ratio (binaural beat) audio tones in headphones triggered the end of OCTAVE BASED measured BRAINWAVE DISSOCIATION- and instead transformed into his FIRST TIME BRAINWAVE MEASUREMENT DEFINED TRANSCENDANCE (eeg coherence zone switched from octave triggered DISSOCIATING zones of coherence only at hemispheric extremes near the ears - INTO - eeg coherence zone climaxing / fusing at the TOP OF THE HEAD: Transcending - literally!)

2. When thousands of users of MIND MIRROR ( see also the book - Awakend Brain,+ links in the table below) found that their definition of creativity / enlightenment - was an EEG picture which clearly showed peaks approximating GOLDEN RATIO between Alpha and Beta in EEG. The only problem was - THEY NEVER NOTICED THAT THIS RATIO WAS GOLDEN!

3. When Dr. Korotkov in Russia - did his documented study on the brainwaves of the many young people who DID acheive peak perception (peak experience / bliss?) - and WERE successfully taught to see without their eyes. (links below) His conclusion- SUCCESS IN PEAK PERCEPTION (awakening??) was possible when the two highest power peaks of their EEG spectra was WITHIN 10% of GOLDEN MEAN RATIO!

4. When now hundreds of BlissTuner users, and audiences around the world have confirmed with the BlissTuner (the first time Golden Ratio EEG has actually been TAUGHT intentionally) - that this indeed correlates to peak perception / peak experience / awakening ( see the many examples on film).

(So - I have another question for Dr. Travis- the Dean of Graduate Studies in the school for consciousness - + John Hagelin there whom I told about this more than 7 years ago - how was it that in your esteemed position as worlds expert on the definition of enlightenment in brainwaves - you happened to miss the fact that there are 4 serious research histories here showing that peak experience / enlightenment are defined by Golden Ratio in Brainwaves. Was this because you weren't looking - or because there was no profit in spreading important new information that your group could not claim to have invented?)

 Dan Winter discovers apparent Golden Ratio based cascades in Heart Harmonics- indicate empathy / compassion.


and also Peak Creativity?

Example JR's Story: Reaching thru the Veils of Disability using the Heart!- Armoring is no barrier.


Teaching EMPATHY / CONCENSUS PROCESS / CONFLICT RESOLUTION - at the corporate level-

using biofeedback measurement ("HARMONIC MODULE")

see goldenmean.info/corporate

 Dr.Ed Wilson, then research director: Monroe Institute- independantly discovers that Fibonacci (to Golden Ratio) Audio Tone Headphone cascades trigger TRANSCENDENCE in Brainwave mapping. He redefines transcendence for Brainwave study. Dr.Wilson discovers Dan Winter's similar work linking Golden Ratio in EKG cascades to Compassion- travels to NY and creates documentary with Winter (1992).  source: VHS Video: "Fibonacci Resonance, The Brain, & Consciousness"
with Ed Wilson, MD, & Daniel Winter 1992

at Crystal Hill Farm, Eden, NY

 1990's: MindMirror biofeedback systems (book:"Awakened Brain" by Cade)
consistently shows the particular cascade of brainwaves harmonics in symmetry produces "CREATIVE INSPIRATION, PERSONAL INSIGHT, & SPIRITUAL AWARENESS".

MindMirror groups fail to notice that the KEY RATIO in EEG which triggers this CREATIVITY phenomenon is GOLDEN MEAN in brainwaves- the PRINCIPLE OF NON-Destructive Compression.

    Mind Mirror (3 times the cost of HeartTuner with less than 1/3 the features).. correctly describes this brainwave picture- but misses the PURE PRINCIPLE (Golden Mean / Implosion- RATIO in the cascade symmetry) triggers BLISS & Learning. Their database describes this Brainwave harmonics picture:

"The AWAKENED MIND brainwave pattern combines the intuitive, empathetic radar of the delta waves, the creative inspiration, personal insight, and spiritual awareness of the theta waves, the bridging capacity and relaxed, detached, awareness of the alpha waves, and the external attention and ability to consciously process thought of beta waves, all at the same time. It is a brainwave pattern shared by people in higher states of consciousness regardless of their philosophy, theology or meditation technique. This brainwave pattern can be found during "peak experience" and in all forms of creativity and high performance. The awakened mind is also the "ah-ha," appearing at the exact instant of solving the problem, or getting the insight."
 2001: World Without Blindness project in Russia- develops a peak experience mental state protocol enabling large numbers of totally blind Russian children to begin to see - and return to regular school.
Procedure includes imagining BLISS IN NATURE.

Dr. Korotkov in Russia - measured this state (CREATIVITY / BLISS) found and published clear evidence that Golden Mean ratio was the KEY ATTRACTOR - identifying BLISS / Euphoria in brainwave harmonics. See goldenmean.info/brainphire

 World Without Blindness:


Dr. Korotkov: Founder of GDV- Gas Discharge Visualization a Kirlian aura measure tool - calibrated accurately enough to be used globally for clinical diagnostic by thousands of Medical Doctors. The SIZE and FRACTALITY of this aura were 2 of the clear scientific correlates of the BLISS CREATIVITY STATE.


 2004: Dan Winter- with help of Heart Coherence Team ( goldenmean.info ) develops and tests a new component to HeartTuner Pro- A BLISSTUNER.

BlissTuner - newly available - now offers full dynamic interactive feedback environment - with synchronized audio cascade cues for each hemisphere- to


+1. Develop Cross Hemispheric Alpha (7-12hz)

+2. Learn to add Beta (higher frequency ) in GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - aided by computer generated Ball and Stick game (see pic) .. AND by musical audio tones differentially in headphones for right and left, based accurately on multiples of your real brainwave frequencies.

 New in 2005: Real Biofeedback for BLISS- PEAK EXPERIENCE-CREATIVITY MAXIMA:
The BLISSTuner


Read WHY Harmonic Inclusion in EEG practically allows biofeedback solutions to Attention Deficit and Addiction:



Next lets apply this embedding idea - to heart rates .. heart harmonics:

In our early research - we had noted the vast majority of heart rates, when they stabilized or 'parked' they tended to do that in 3 basic places. (This would be revolutionary for medicine - if they would just notice.)

(bottom left pic is cepstrum of EKG to measure coherent emotion. Note- that the cepstrum shows the musical key of the EKG - again parking in 1 of 3 places,
the bottom right pic - also shows the Cepstrum of EKG - again - see the labelled common parking places for EKG - PHI, Square Root Phi, and 1.0)
-important note to researchers: in the above pic and comments- to convert to HEART RATE the number at .62hz Heart Rate in the Cepstrum (related to Golden Ratio) - must be inverted 1/.62= 1.62 hz to get BEAT INTERVAL and see what Heart Rate most often correlated to touch permissive emotion - etc, 1.0 hz remains the same. The other 'parking spot' for heart rates- square root Phi, .79- also must be inverted 1/.79 to get Beat Interval.

Hundreds of HeartTuner users agreed that persons whose Heart Rate parked at near .62 (Phi?) hertz were definitely more emotionally TOUCH PERMISSIVE than those whose heart rate parked near 1 hz. So much so - that we called the 1.0hz parked heart rate the "Bank Executive" (stuck in the head?) Octave based condition.

At that point - others asked the appropriate question. That if indeed Global Scaling of Heart Rates applied - based on PHI or Golden Ratio - then for it to truly be RATIO - then the duration of the second had to be pure ratio to something in physics. (Is the second - a 'sacred' unit of time??).

Marvelously, when we corrected the duration of the second to be 'sacred' or embedded properly in nature (we multiplied the planck time constant times powers of PHI- you Mayan calendar afficionadoes take a lesson- define sacred time by nature- the moon is the opposite -a metal parasite),...

THEN we got the RED LINES IN THE BELOW GRAPH (Actual HeartTuner screen).

Do you see that the CORRECTED PHI harmonics in time (not the second but PHI times Planck time) - STILL is close to the parking place (near .6 hz) we got for EKG from people whose emotion was more "heart centered" / TOUCH PERMISSIVE. Do you now see why? Because - harmonic multiples of Golden Ratio allow WAVES to touch (above physics) - and THEREFORE people!!


Vinces reply:bataoel@--.com wrote:
> Dear Dan, Thank you for this kind and informative (educational) response. I found that the /matrix link was easy to read, well organized and clearly addressed my comments. Thanks again for your time and attention. I look forward to what the others on this list say as well. With Respect,Vincent


The electric field you call your conscious self, your "I" (Ahh-'eee' sound makes a vortex sonically connecting inclusive to exclusive harmonics) - is actually a double cone phase conjugating vortex. It sucks and implodes charge thru the speed of light into connectivity at coeur. The result is an information communion whose fractal coherence allows you to have a 'self correcting' phase conjugate mirror for charge - you call ME. This little superluminal multiply connected charge wormhole navigates its way thru charge space- as the YOU that lives or dies depending on whether you know you to FEED its (fractal) electric PHIRE! Unfortuneately this means that every time you follow Earth's insanely stupid biophysicists into cities which are unfractal metal electrosmog hell - you soon murder everything sustainable about your own DNA's 'soul'. The simple truth is - that if you want to continue having the privelege of inhabiting this phase conjugate tornado you call LIFE ITSELF- you are definitely going to have to learn about what electric fields KILL it. Arrange about 5 transformer power supplies (from all your toys) spitting out their poison around your body- take 5 minutes- and notice the absolute nausea and complete loss of attention (& loss of digestion). Next step: fire your idiot university biologists if they cannot explain WHY you felt like shit in the center of electrosmog. EVERY electric wave which cannot be EMBEDDED or nest non-destructively (fractally) -based on the Sun's (hydrogen fractal) master wave- is eventually going to KILL everything that lives (especially germinating seeds, the bliss and souls of your kids). The fact that your university biology department has not taught you this - means they should be reported for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.


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