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from Dan Winter 10/3/99,url:../lionpath

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When you sniff the (kunda/tantra) juice coming from the mouth of your reptilian brain stem at your Amyg-dala, do you resist/smell fear? (Mygdala means tower or 'to tower'?)

Here is an Atlatal genetic projectile, djed just waiting to thrust your biomagnetic pining thru light speed into stars.

ode to Charles Muses, Museos, "LIONPATH" book , timing the worming of Pluto into the Pineal.

ode to "Secret Places of the Lion" book noting fearless entry into the Lion-nine doorways, Sphinx/ Cat-mandu... Sehk-met.

ode to the Hancock LEO horizon point of Giza's starmapping.

ode to Sehkmet. (zqu- ana)

Showing Morph from Draco/interventionist to Sumerian Goddess Statue 5000BC , Best link to other ET faces..'Red World'

I commented in the conversation about the "wormhole recursion" geometry of what became known as the "hall" of AMENTI ( at ...amenti )...

regarding the origin of the term Hiburu / Hebrew. I believe from sources like Morningky and Collier, the term refers the original Orion dialect (our word ori-gin MEANS linked to ORION) to the 'crossing over' of the blood lines of the NIB.. (Nib-elung) as human / bird DNA with the URU, which was the Draco or Dragon.(Reptilian)..

Il-URU is the aboriginal name for the EL place of the URU. (Ayers Rock), place of El or phase shift or Shem. See also El-ims sport... in Pennsylvania near the Eye of the Eagle (../eaglemorph ).. This was the place where the "El's" (El-ohim) could make their 'EL' or phase shift thru light speed from circle to line in their DNA, were 'ported'. Land embed geomantic fold nesting G-land. The place where shaman could use the folding foci of the eye of the eagle to see thru the heart of the sun.

Ur is Orion/Sirina for 'Light", H'UR-tak = light from Orion. UU is puure tone, gone thru RR turn, back into Light/UU. Uru. Those Drac's great worms able to navigate their genetic waveform thru lightspeed's slipknot wormhole, and emerge with memroy/ UR intact.

adapted from Gardner:'Genesis of the Grail Kings'

was this InANna? above from Sumer,

(Isis in Egyptian and Innana in Sumerian, Isis is the daughter of Sekhmet in Egyptian Mythology)

Ea (ANnunaki -for whom EArth was named) was called EL, whose parents were An & Annu.. Enki and Enlil were sons of Ea or An..

quoting Sitchen, Earth Chronicles: ARY-AN Gods were listed with their parents and grandparents, the "Olden Gods", Anu & Antu, Enlil & Ninlil, Ea & Damkina.. ... then p 80-81 War of Gods & Men., For Enki was the first born son of Anu by Id, one of his 6 concubines, and could have been expected to follow Anu on Niburu's throne... but then- as in the biblical tale of Abraham, his concubine Haggar and his half sister Sara - Anu's half sister wife Antum, bore him a son Enlil, and by the Nibiruan rules of succession - so faithfully adopted by the biblical patriarch, Enlil became the legal heir instead of Enki.. And now this rival, this robber of Enki's birthright came to Earth to take over the command" (& SO began the tirade of the angry interventionist Enlil Yalweh.. AND the war of the brothers in Edin..)

Image below is adapted from Anna Hayes, Voyagers - Amenti, of Intruder/Interventionists, on the left is Sirian Annunaki (An?), on the right is Draco - see morph above to Sumerian/An lineage.. (An=Annu in Akkadian/societe Akhaldan)

More Info on Draco / 'Targs",Nagas or Targzissians from Bruce

& then compare to Sekhmet profile (Leo's royal origin of Annunaki, see why Sphinx reminded Annunaki of Leonine past below, in Amenti book etc.) image below

(color pencil & charcoal drawing by Elizabeth Hinshaw )


This further fits the multiple sources (Roger Kerr, Max in HI), which refer to the royal family blood line of their own explicitly DRACO ancestors as Solaruus..or Sol-URU-us , or URU worm/snake which can go thru the SUN /SOL. (Details in Roger Kerr's Draco SolarURUs story exerpt:"An was what was considered to be a 'Sun God', meaning that he had the ability and the power to open and close and transit the interdimensional Wormholes and Portals that exist within many Stars or Suns. I had several lives as a Draco 'Sun God', or 'Soluruous', which was the Draco name for them. " end exerpt)

This is not unlike William Buehler's reference to the Templar dialect for those genepools able to enter our time wave as Sol-arians. Literally sun gods. (all this in reference to HOW to enter EYE of the SUN ../eyeofthesun , by inhabiting/embedding magnetically the HEART OF THE SUN : ../heartsun ). This was THE skill of immortalizing / enSOLment.

Quabalah teacher friend , responds: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 From: "Joseph-Mark Cohen" <>

Dear Dan, ...The word hebrew is pronounced eevree and means " to cross over" You
can guess that the crossing over is a dimensional crossing or galactic space if
you wish. Jesus was referring to the word hebrew when he said ( Gospel of
Thomas) " become passersby " Whether this was a 9th a 12th or 26th
dimensional Master, I'm not sure we are at liberty to guess or channel or
gossip! I'll read Anna Hayes book. Good luck with your translations &
skipping stone vectors tossed at the Wormhole ! The aboriginals in Australia
spoke of a place called the Warramhool. Hope you boomerang makes it
end quote.

Clearly wormhole access is the issue, not insulting Hebrew's about their Reptilian genetic origins. The Hebrew Rabbi's are only equally guilty in not informing their sheep about their ET & Reptilian origins AND quarantine, as the Pope sitting on the pile of gold robbed from the murder of 1/5 the women in Europe/inquisition.

This all fit the Sitchen-esque sense of Niburu the place where the Annunaki brought their gold mining gene splicing operations at Edin. Ea/An's sons Enki vs Enlil (Angry Yalweh) had different ideas about whether to immortalize their Adama (clones), with the Leonine. This Eden-ic Arab/Isreali legacy of the war of the brothers, began BECAUSE THEY CAME FROM DIFFERENT MOTHERS. Their fractal wormhole pointed to different different embedding vectors.

Portions of the Annunaki line joined the interventionist philosophy (no allegiance to the PRIME DIRECTIVE.. autonomy for local genepools)... see book pictures of Sirian Annunaki, Dracos, Zeta-Grey-Rigelian etc. See Enlil.

The LIONINE (Enki? founder of Atlan-tis/haven from of Atlatal-projecting...dna) hi side of the Annunaki blood is interestingly commented in Anna Hayes (see my Amenti article, her Amenti book): The Sphinx was built around 50,000 years ago to remind the rebelling interventionist Annunaki that they DID NOT SIT ON THE SHOULDERS OF THE LION+INE sacred Ancestors of the An's. (Lion people were the star elders of the Annunaki like Birdtribe Adawi -Enochian Ophaninc script people...were the star elders of the Cherokee..).

Secret Places of the Lion (George Hunt Williamson/Brother Phillip), meant enter the places by holding no smell of fear/no resistance to spin. ..

"The SERPENT and the EYE" ("wink, wink") - Archeologic Evidence Linking Reptilian Origins to Annunaki / & Biblical History?

Earthquest Newsletter (referred to us by Tal)
"Eden - The Andrew Collins Web Site" <>
A Newsletter from Andrew Collins. Vol. 4, No. 2, Summer 2000
Excerpt follows :


Another key lecture given at the San Marino conference in March was that by
Vittorio di Cesare, one of Italy's top archaeologists. He started with an
account of the Dead Sea Community at Qumrn and the discovery in 1947 of
the Dead Sea Scrolls, hidden by members of the community in caves in an
attempt to preserve their history and teachings for future generations.

Di Cesare then turned his attention to one scroll in particular. Known to
Hebrew scholars as the Testament of AMRAM, it was written around 200 BC. He
said it concerned two strange beings that appeared to Amram, the father of
MOSES. One was unnamed (although in my translation of the fragmentary text
he is identified as MICHAEL or Melchizedek), while the other was BELIAL,
the teacher of the Children of Darkness. Amram is asked to choose between
the two, who represent, respectively, the truth and the lie. This was a
concept that came originally from the Iranian religion of Zoroastrianism.
It entered the Jewish religion at the time of the Babylonian captivity
following the conquest of Babylon in the mid sixth-century BC by the
Persians under Cyrus the Great. Yet it was the appearance of Belial that di
Cesare focused on. The being is said to have been dark with a VIPER-like
face and "blazing eyes". SERPENTS, he said, are universally associated with
the principles of knowledge and wisdom.

Di Cesare showed next a slide of one of the SNAKE-headed clay figurines
found with frequency by Sir Leonard Woolley alongside burials excavated
during the 1920s at sites in Lower Iraq. Many, for instance, were found in
cemeteries at UR, the former great city identified by scholars as the
biblical "Ur of the Chaldees". Since the level at which these figurines was
found corresponded to the time period in which Iraq was inhabited by the
so-called Ubaid peoples, who came originally from the ZAGROS mountains of
Kurdistan, it meant that they dated to c. 3500 BC (although di Cesare spoke
of them as dating to 6500 BC). Di Cesare said that mystery surrounded the
purpose of the statues, which showed males, females and females holding
babies. He suggested that they were buried in order to protect the souls of
the dead and to prevent the deceased from becoming victims of Vampires, a
common belief among the peoples of ancient Iraq.

Di Cesare saw the Ubaid statues as representations of the same SERPENT-like
figure featured in the Testament of Amram. He went on to propose that these
beings were an actual RACE that lived in the Near East in prehistoric times
and were responsible for providing the knowledge of civilization. All these
matters are dealt with in great detail within my own books FROM THE ASHES
OF ANGELS (1996) and GODS OF EDEN (1998). As you can imagine, I sensed what
only can be described as a slight case of dej vu the same feeling I
experienced when reading Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas book URIEL'S

I listened carefully as di Cesare turned his attentions to the significance
played by the abstract EYE goddess statues found at a temple site called
Tel Brak in northern Syria. These, he said, were yet another link to the
SERPENT cult. Yet he failed to note that the veneration of the EYE in the
Near East derived from its associations with the vulture, the ultimate
symbol of the Neolithic cult of the dead, which went hand-in-hand with
SERPENTINE symbolism. Di Cesare then showed slides of other "guardian"
statues from Palestine, Syria and even Italy that bore a resemblance to the
Ubaid figurines, suggesting that these were likewise connected with the
same tradition. This is a matter I also deal with in FROM THE ASHES OF
ANGELS, published in Italy in 1997 under the title GLI ULTIMI DEI ("The
Last Gods") by Sperling and Kupfer. In here I point out that the beak-like
faces of these statues, some of which have cobra hoods (and are thus
representations of ASTARTE, the Canaanite form of EVE, the SERPENT mother
of the Nephilim), derive from the earlier association between SERPENTS and
abstract vulture symbolism. Di Cesare went on to show a slide which
featured a group of Mesopotamian figurines that he said were Anunnaki, the
Sumerian pantheon of lesser gods. Like me, he too identified these beings
with the strange figures featured in the Testament of Amram and the Ubaid
SERPENT-faced figurines.

The only topic he subsequently covered which is not in FROM THE ASHES OF
ANGELS was the possible link between the SERPENT-like "GUARDIANS of
knowledge, as he referred to them, and the phallic standing stones found
at many Canaanite and Phoenician sites in Syria and Lebanon (and generally
considered to be symbols of the goddess Asherah). He concluded his lecture
by saying that we have here evidence of a widespread cult which revered an
ancient race, connected with the symbol of "The SERPENT and the EYE" and
thought to be the givers of ancient knowledge and wisdom.

As soon as Vittorio di Cesare came off stage I asked him if he was aware of
my own work on the same subject. From his reaction, this seemed not to be
the case. So I offered to send him Italian translations of both works as
quickly as possible (he has acknowledged receipt of them). Vittorio tells
me that he is preparing a book on the subject to be entitled GODS OF FIRE.
I have offered an introduction and wait intriguingly for new developments
in this area. I am left with the prospect that one of Italy's most eminent
archaeologists has independently confirmed the existence of a previously
unrecognised race connected with serpentine symbolism and the spread of
ancient knowledge. As you will know, this shamanic ruling elite are to be
associated with the Watchers of Enochian/Dead Sea literature (and through
them the angels of Judeo-Christian tradition), the Ubaid statues of Lower
Iraq, the EYE goddesses of ancient Syria and the Anunnaki of Mesopotamian
myth and legend. We must not forget, however, that some of these ideas,
especially the human origin of the Watchers of Eden and the Anunnaki, were
explored originally by Christian O'Brien in his landmark book GENIUS OF THE
FEW, first published in 1985. Yet I believe I was the first writer to
identify the Watchers as a shamanic ruling elite that controlled the spread
of the Neolithic revolution and paved the way for the foundations of
ancient world civilisation.

Check out my web site which now includes an in depth article on the history
and development of the Watchers of Eden. So until next time, Ciao for now.

Andrew Collins

Eden - The Andrew Collins Web Site.
Side Note :
SERPENTS IN THE GNOSTIC TEXTS: There are three powers:
the High God, who is most powerful ; ELohim, the male God and
co-creator with his female partner ; and EDEM/Eden, the goddess
associated with the Earth, half maiden and half Serpent, who creates
the cosmos with Elohim.

The Garden of Eden ("Edem")
Ancient Hebrew religious texts refer to the SERPENT of the
garden of Eden as "Nachash", which many Hebrew scholars
contend was a bipedal or hominid reptile of great intelligence.

A "Wink of the EYE" = "There is a Conspiracy in motion". "J.B.III"

"Nudge, nudge, wink, wink." Monty PYTHON ;-)

Subject: Please RE-SUBSCRIBE INI... Sat, 2 Oct 1999, From:
Greetings Dan and all Sacred Geo Friends,
Dan, please make a note that our e-mail has changed from ----We en-joy your newsletter
and would like to received continued info. We may have lost the last two or three
e-mail from primeline. Could you please re-fresh us with these missing
e-mails? Thanks for the recursion... We are still interested in the
collaborative work with EThiopic ancient SACRED GEOMETRY and have some
really interesting first hand facts that share valuable facts on the Giza Plateau
and the correlation with ancient Kuft (Copti). I don't know if you received
any of the Circular E-mails that was initiated by to some of
our list friends. We encountered some 'bible thumpers' amongst our list
friends and were involved in some clarification exercises to help truth
surface yet much of what we had to say was un-said due to the "resistance" to
the thesis of our initial essays. Yet, we are hopefull that more will be able
to be communicated shortly as many were actually helped by the debate between
I and some other 'Rastafaris" online recently.

GIZA and the Ancient EThiopi Ag'Azi?
We now propose a connection between Giza and an ancient Ethnos (tribe) of
people known as the "unconquered" or THE FREE. These people inhabited the
"northern sector" or sides of the north-east horn of David and Africa
respectively. These people build tetra-based structures in Nubia and Kush and
also Egypt known as pyra-medos/light measurers. They were called the Ag'Azi
which means "the free; migrators?" This is why some say that the so-called
Abysinnians came from "across the sea" yet we ask which Sea? The greater Sea
or the lesser Sea? Or both? It is through our subsequent essays and publish
works that we will further outlne. prove and confirm our initial postulates.
The main paradim is RASTAFARI today and the AG'AZI of yesterday. They
had/have many features in common with other alleged "highlander" groups such
as the Merovigian 'kings' and even the mystery schools which were
in EArth's Her-Story for countless millenia. We have been following up on
many of the published works of Dan Winter and the friends of Sacred Geometry
on .. and have collectively decided that the "time" is coming
nearer for the truth to be known from the EThiopi Collective through the
"lionbearer", the Lion of Juda Collective and Ark of Maryam (Rastafari)

Keep us updated on any further research which you feel is of interest to
us of the Lion of Juda Collective. By the way, its interesting that the word
for "lion" in Hibiru is "Ari" and this (leo/solar principle) in Amharic, the
Royal Language of Compassion of EThiopia is "AN-BESSA" which has the
of AN (self? ani from 'ana'/'enê means "I") and BESSA from BE'ISI/BE'SI
meaning Man/Human (incarnate) Being (Seb'a) in ancient Ethiopic (Ge'ez). Also
the name of EThiopia in ancient times was BIHERA AG'AZI... there that word
Ag'Azi has the G-Z root (like GiZa) which refers to "the land or nation
(bihera) of the FREE (Ag'Azi)"... the name of the EThiopi language of ancient
time superceeding Sumerian is called GE'EZ/ETHIOPIC... the relative word for
"time" is GEEZE/gize... And also the Primordial name for the GOD-principle
who had no temples, statues, idols etc. (His/Her/Their temple/structure being
means the SUSTAINER
(EGZI'/eGZee') of the NATION (Bihêr), CHOSEN (bihwir) and LIGHT (Birha).
There's more yet these primary finds have inspired I to write and composed
much related materials to further expound the present thesis regarding the
intimate relation of the GP (great pyramid) and the Altar of the LORD (IHWH)
mentioned in Isaiah 19:19.

Now RASTAFARI is about the PERFECT "heartbeat" (the substance of "WE"
feeling) as Bob Marley's "one drop" musical sound evidences. This ancient
ritualistic, estactic/ECK-Stasis or coherent ET-Nos (ethnos)/tribal rhythm
basically reflects the "heart beating" based upon a "trinity" (triune/tri-An)
or rather TRI-UNITY (three beating as ONE/AT-ONE/ATON (atum?) and
is a good re-cursion maker of the SHARABLE and TOTALLY EMBEDABLE
WAVE/MAGNETICS called THE WIND OF LOVE. INI (we) are all about that
love" or total embedabilty, fracticality, com(one)-passion(love)...

HERE at the S.E.L.A.Ministry and School of the Lion of Juda Koleji
(college) we are seeking to TEACH and BAPTIZE as YENAZRET (of nazaret)
(the I in us) our Sovereign Saviour, the Blameless One has instructed us via
His compass and guide... THE BOOK OF THE SEVEN (7) SEALS which gives
"blueprint" for the optical and magnetic waves to embed and "create"
recursion... for us, The EThiopi language is a significant system for the
further study and implementation of the ideas of teaching peace and sacred
geometry. This is what we would love to share with those willing to learn. If
you're interested please tell us how we may start this process in coherence
with you and the others who are seeking to make SACRED GEOMETRY

In-PHI-nit LO-PHI,
Ras Iadonis
LOJ Collective

PS: Dan, you may post this message on your site. In fact it would be greatly
helpful for us to contribute towards what you and the sacred geometry friend
are doing and seeking to accomplish. Remember the saying about the "stone"
which the builder's rejected? Yes, it becomes the "head corner stone" like
Ori-An, on the "sides of the north"... things are coming to a head... to
recapitulate... Mek we do it!

note from Dan W., I would like to conclude this memo with exerpts from the original

LIONPLACE ../lionplace graphic article.

Collusion Illusion at Giza

The REAL Cocoon vs. Orion StarMap


"I have passed on the path of Rostau, whether on water or on land,

and these are the paths of Osiris, they are in the limit of the sky.

As for him who knows the spell for going down into them, he himself

is a god in the suite of Thoth and he will go down to any sky he

wishes to go down to...." - Coffin Texts: Spell 1035 (quote courtesy of Amargi..)

> I remember the feeling in tut's bones as we sent magnetism into the stars, from the map on the land..


> Why does Giza point to the galactically self aware implosion wormhole in the heart of Orion?

> Why is Deep Space Nine the "Peshmehten" of the Hopi star elders

and why is SUSTAINABLE navigation there always Glandular?

lo phi, dan winter

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note: I have decided to make SHAREABLE this correspondance and graphic I undertook with Larry Hunter. It is incomplete and not properly aligned, however

1.) it still may convey a very important educational principle about how proper "fractal" morphic projection of large scale star magnetics on landscapes allows inner glandular emotion magnetics to unpack and inhabit those stars using landscape as slingshot lens by fractal morphic resonance.

(presumeably essential to effective:

a.-bardo navigating,

b.-lucid dreaming/shamanic star penetrance/time travel,

c.-survival of solar magnetic implosion/suction into peshmehten/nexus.


2.) it may stimulate useful dialog to complete the mapping

I consider the recent breakup of Amargi Hillier and Larry Hunter to need a bit more context, in light of what I recently learned in Australia. I now deeply believe that indeed ------ and the lineage of Sadat in the Egyptian government have over the span of years engaged in a huge coverup of explorations under the Giza plateau. I believe they chose secrecy for the usual childish reasons of fear driven academia: "we immature kids need to formulate a complete theory of what we think we have tripped over and therefore 'own' before we can let any other kids in the schoolyard even look at OUR new playground."

The level of detail coming out of the ------ reports defy any possibility of being simple fabrication. Clearly the Egyptian government was impressed enough with ------ use of the Sonic H'Iburu Flame Letter calls to allow him to access the sonic holography further in those sub-pyramid passages, plus of course his knowledge of new ground penetrating radar. To the naive, when the simple sonic symmetry of (implosion) ritual changes the air pressure in a room (Druidic etc.), it literally "blows their doors off".

------ clearly is of the N'Iburu staff who were quite happy to call themselves (H'Iburu) priests, necessitating you pay their fee before making ANY phone calls to God.

I personally do not feel it is efficient to locate access to centering force (God in the Fractal), outside your body (in a priest). Because it is disempowering. Exactly what leads to the present borg situation.... those same priests are themselves so unable to sustain the DNA coherence of time travel, they still need to abduct human teenagers to steer the ("time empath") chair at Montauk.

So ------ participates in the global lie which is their UNSHARED continued exploration of that underground cocoon for soul launching, because of their complicity with the priests of fear and secrets. This offends the law of the universe (chemical degrees of freedom defines how much the chemist learns from his reaction, and how much the dreamer learns from the character in her dream.... SET THEM FREE!) . As a result the naive school kids of this Ea's earth are deprived of the pure principles of the library left here for them.

I hereby call their bluff and dare them to speak the truth of what they have illegally (by natural law) hidden, by "stealing" their "secret" to release what is the REAL principle of that cocoon.

When you "N'iburu" Annunaki arrive at a planet you have been able to achieve lifespans of tens of thousands of years by the technology of Gold eating and creation of perfect envelopes of capacitance arranged in 3D fractality (based on PHI).(Merkabic cocoon, chamber which turns gold power to ORMES/Manna/Spice). This makes cellular metabolism go to zero electrical resistance, and become sustainable. The upside is apparent technological immortality. The downside is the risk of long term glandular disempowerment if the technique of raising internal capacitance to fractality was technological instead of HEART electricity. Specifically this is not unlike what happens to human glands when you come to rely on psychoactive drugs instead of your own gland juices to launch ecstatic superconductives from synapse to the "molecules of ecstatcy".(Terrence McKenna may not now be able to make the juices of passion HIMSELF.) So the Draco's rush now requires eating HUMAN glands instead.

There is colorful irony in friend Amargi and Hunter both still emailing me for the location of Leo/Regulus in the fractal projection of stars on Giza. The meaning is that the "Secret Places of the Lion", are the places into the map where only no smell of fear (which the Lion sniffs out) may enter. Absence of fear is the total absence of resistance to spin which only TOTAL EMBEDABILITY (compassion) permits. So by looking for the El Dorado, doorway into golds fractality, on the land they seek the place where icy still centering holds lightning (compression) with no heat. (scale invariance.) Mind creates by the fractal creating still centering which permits compression in the ether.

The Annunaki were about to engage in the creation of large scale re-embedding of planetary long magnetics, to stabilize the atmosphere and gravity. (a simple charge fractal.) This was accomplished planet wide by the placement of magnetic lenses (dolmen) at tetrahedral nodes (giza, cydonia), to adjust (spin weight) planetary orbits to better embed zodiac spins. This stabilized the long wave magnetics/spins to embedabity which IS the one way wind to center (magnetic monopole) which Earth so little understands called gravity. This stabilizes the necessary electrical environment to:

1. hold atmosphere

2. fertilize self aware evolution (in DNA braiding by recursion).

Until such time as the Earth's electrical cocoon would stabilize embedably, it was necessary to have a micro electrical cocoon in which aura projection could still unfold nondestructively. Otherwise, there would begin a discontinuous relationship with the inner lucid dream magnetic wormhole leveraging. This would mean a weakening of the NAVIGATOR. If the star navigator does not have soul (inter lifetime) memory, his wormhole steering skills get dizzy. This could entail relegating them to traveling in heavy metal, a definite sign of being low end. This was the function of the giza cocoon, similar to the one on Mars.. Total Recall, and "Two Thirds" (book by Myers and Percy, Aulis Press, London).

Dan Winter,

realigned Golden Spiral on Orion:

is this where star births become sustainable by squirting in the recursion of awareness at stellar scale (Ophanic birthing)?

( Why does Giza point to the galactically self aware implosion wormhole in the heart of Orion?) (Spiral Mathematically Accurate):


showing properly aligned galactic cross, from Giza:


today is the 22nd of April, and I have been watching ../lionplace for you to superimpose the sacred geometry over the stars of the Orion Constellation as per my instructions. I have already located all the terrestrial counter parts of Orion and they are the same as the celestial picture of orion. I made a terrestrial sacred geometry drawing that I superimposed over the Duat located in Egypt. Very interesting.

I see you have not lined the Sacred Geometry up with the stars. the stars are in a N/S axis relative to the earth and the sacred geometry should be too. the GP is lined up to true north also, so you have all three north and south. Star Alnitak is bearing 180 deg. from the pyramid. Picture the interaction in your mind, Light entering a manufactured machine or device equivalent to a black hole.

Plus if I were a particle or wave of light coming from The Orion Constellation, the star Alnitak in particular, and I wanted to enter the shaft of the "GP" that leads to the "Kings Chamber". the technology of this system and the way it functions amalgamates humanity with the light.

When it is in alignment, a time when there are no refraction errors, the time is Local Apparent Noon of the body passing south, 180 deg., of the Great Pyramid. Think of it like this: look at a star through a straw - now send your thoughts to that star, that's easy to do; now figure your thoughts got there and were reflected back. Could you design something that would receive your thoughts back to your mind but instead of a leaving through the straw you must now come back through it.

this e-mail should help you see and understand my theory and discovery, if you didn't already know this.

Larry Hunter