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related- Dan Winter's new book- Origin of Negentropy!

from Dan Winter-
Accurately modelling hydrogen and gravitation itself!

-Physics update May 2017:

Note: new 2021-> Please order your STAR MOTHER KIT - directly from wonderful Tufan Guven- (shipping costs there much less & see our other models) ->

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It is ESSENTIAL that kids be taught the correct physics:

Fractal /self-similarity (perfected golden ratio charge collapse/ implosion) - is not just the physics of the CAUSE of gravity- (why objects fall to the ground) ,
it is also how gravity orbits are maintained and stabilized- and therefore key to stabilize ATMOSPHERE !

( See 'your life depends on making gravity' - so called - 'planet taming': )

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note added - Feb 2017: Star Mother- and IMPLODING THE CHARGE WITHIN- ... and Reiki


A "Cosmic Fractal BioCrystal"

New MAY 2013: Star Mother Kit Updated:


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The Star Mother Kit here- is a precise model of - The Geometric Origins of Biologic Negentropy
Literally Fractal (Conjugate) Space-Time- Dan Winter's new book- Nov. 2014- order it here!


Proof this is the correct model of hydrogen radii:

Zooming in on each dodeca symmetry axis of star mother- we see the cadduceus (how golden ratio creates phase conjugation):

Thus revealing HOW golden ratio phase conjugation defines WHICH frequencies create life! - Fractal Photosynthesis
(charge distribution perfected wave mechanics/ perfected EMBEDDING - IS Life and mind)..

ALL modelled beautifully by the Star Mother Kit- (below)


See the top down view of the STAR MOTHER- in the physics of hydrogen radii - in this exerpt from new- April 21, 2014 article:

The hydrogen center bond of each codon is phase conjugate / fractal / implosive /negentropic! - - The center of each implosive CODON rung (image above) on the DNA ladder- IS the HYDROGEN atom which is precisely implosive / phase conjugate in nuclear structure:
(since my new equation proved that at least 3 radii of hydrogen are precisely whole number golden ratio exponents times planck length-
therefore here is a corrected picture of the radii of hydrogen- at the heart of DNA's implosive braid:

Phase Conjugate TORNADO- to the SOUL: the black hole wormhole down the center zipper of DNA!

Recursive phase conjugate phonon pump wave braiding (EKG / EEG harmonics of bliss emtion)- make this broad spectral / enveloping / long wave embedding..

We suggest the mechanism which allow human emotions like love and bliss- to program DNA to implosive soul making-

is long wave piezoelectric BRAIDING- phase conjugate 'pump waves'

- from the frequency signature of EKG and EEG during love and bliss - shareable wave- emotions of pure intent
- measureably causing implosive braid in DNA. - more at link above..




Mathematic Evidence this is the actual field effect symmetry which causes gravity and centripetal forces (phase conjugation):

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- ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS , Printer Friendly (pdf) Version of Kit Assembly Instructions: StarMother2.pdf


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Embeds: StarTetra (Green) / Octa (Red) / Cube (White) 1.0 / Inner Dodec (White) .618 / Icosa (Yellow) 1.618 / Outer Dodec (White ) 2.618 .

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NEW! Star Mother Kit DVD (video PAL)- Instruction, Assemble, Interpretation and Scientific Implication

This is a perfect model of Perfect CHARGE Collapse: THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY!

From Dan Winter: the inventor of the Star Mother- (modelled originally from Theosophy's "Greater / Lesser Maze" see below)
Thank you for your interest- this is a kit - which in my electrical engineering view- is a PRECISE GEOMETRIC MODEL OF:

a) The Radii of Hydrogen in relation to planck radius core: from my new equations for hydrogen:

b) The generalized geometry of all phase conjugation and fusion (alKHEMy) and perfected fractality, commercial examples: (bioactive electric fields), , and the concept in essence- complete physics summary

Included with the Kit / and with DVD set orders..

Visual Review of the Physics behind the STAR MOTHER KIT:



This is the precise animation of Dan Winter's new equation for the radii of hydrogen- in relation to Planck- (length AND time):ref
It is also the proven precise geometry of photons angles for the primary colors- which is the reason color AND photosynthesis exist (phase conjugation):
This also precisely the geometry of the relationship of the proton, to planck, to black holes (ref:Nassim) see
It is also the proven geometry of the DNA, Earth's magnetic lines, and arrangment of masses in the UNIVERSE!
It is also the basic geometry of (golden ratio based) E8- Unified Field by Lisi
It is also the precise geometric relationship of brainwaves during PEAK PERCEPTION/ BLISS (the reason attention is electrical CENTRIPETAL)

In summary- this PHASE CONJUGATION optimized by golden ratio is the CAUSE and MECHANISM of:

- HYDROGEN (+ all atoms have gravity/'implosive collapse' only because their nuclear geometry is golden ratio fractal to their electrons)


- all FUSION / black holes / all centripetal forces / all self organization

- all LIFE / PERCEPTION / BLISS / - and the CAUSE of color / and photosynthesis (



 NEW Hi Res - animated DVD Video! -
Real Science of Holy Grail:Fractal Implosion in DNA Creates Electrically SUCCESSFUL DEATH! -

NEWest Online Video.. Exerpt from Above!! English & French - traduction:Valerie Sandelin

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Above: The Icosahedron (light blue) animates from perfect HEX to perfect PENT view..

(Visual Basic animation courtesy of Frank B.)



Star Mother Kit II

from Dan Winter-
with Editorial Thanks to Colin Hirsch

Welcome to the Star Mother Kit II instruction page.

The Star Mother Kit II builds a 3-dimensional fractal that can be used for meditation, for visualising and understanding sacred geometry, and, as the geometry of the Star Mother Kit II is closely related to the five platonic solids, even for teaching mathematics.

This page gives detailed instructions on how to build your Star Mother Kit II and how to recognise some of the contained geometries and their relationship to each other. All photos on this page can be clicked to obtain larger copies.

More information on the meaning of the Star Mother Kit II can be found under

  Star Mother


The Star Mother Kit II is built from 286 individual items, 58 ball connectors and 228 rods.


40 white connectors


12 yellow connectors


6 red connectors


90 long rods


30 medium rods


72 short rods


36 green rods



size comparison

Printer Friendly (pdf) Version of Kit Assembly Instructions: StarMother2.pdf

or use this:

Stage 1

The first stage consists of building the inner octahedron. For this you will need

  • 6 red connectors,
  • 12 green rods.

Connect two green rods to one red connector as shown, from two different angles, in the two photos to the right.

Repeat one more time to build a total of two.


Connect the two "open triangles" with two new red connectors to form a – seemingly slightly lopsided – square as shown in the top photo.

The new connections for the two new corners of the square are different to the connections built above, the two lower photos show this new type of connection from two different angles.


Connect four new green rods to one new red connector to form a pyramid cap as shown in the photo.

Repeat one more time to build a total of two.


Connect one of the pyramid caps with the square to form a complete pyramid as shown in the top photo.

The second photo shows how to align the pyramid cap with the square so that all connections fit.


Add the second pyramid cap to the other side of the square to complete the octahedron.

Note how the result is completely symmetric – it looks the same from every corner.


Stage 2

The second stage stellates the octahedron to form a star tetrahedron plus a cube. The required pieces are

  • 8 white connectors,
  • 24 green rods,
  • 12 short blue rods.

Connect three new green rods to one new red connector as shown in the photo. Note the counter-clockwise orientation of the three rods.

Repeat three more times to build a total of four.


Connect these four three-sided pyramid caps to the octahedron as shown in the top photo.

Note that the pyramid caps will not fit on all triangles of the octahedron; they have to be chosen such that the connection to the red connectors is just as in the lower photo.


Connect three new green rods to one new red connector as shown in the photo. Note that the orientation of the three rods is now clockwise.

Repeat three more times to build a total of four.


Complete the star tetrahedron by adding these four three-sided pyramid caps to the free triangles of the octahedron.

In the end, every triangle consisting of three red connectors, the outside triangles of the octahedron, must have a pyramid cap attached.


The 8 white connectors at the tips of the star tetrahedron simultaneously form the cube shown in the top photo.

Add the 12 short blue rods to the star tetrahedron to form this cube by making the connections as shown in the photos.

The lower photo shows the connections of the rods to the white corner connectors in greater detail.


Stage 3

The third stage consists of building an icosahedron and the corners of a dodecahedron. For this stage you will need

  • 12 yellow connectors,
  • 12 white connectors,
  • 60 short blue rods,
  • 30 medium blue rods.

Connect five short green rods to one yellow connector as shown in the photos.

Repeat eleven more times to build a total of twelve.


In the next step the twelve "spiders" will be added to the cube, and the missing white connectors added, to form what is shown in the top photo.

The twelve yellow connectors outside are in the shape of an icosahedron, the twenty white connectors inside are in the shape of a dodecahedron.

The four red connectors in the lower photo illustrate how one square face of the cube fits together with the dodecahedron.


Connect the twelve spiders to the cube as shown in the photos.

Note that the resulting pattern is asymmetric in that every spider has two legs connected to two cube corners, and three legs floating in mid-air, two on one side and one on the other.

The lower photo shows the detail at one of the cube corners. The two blue rods pointing upwards are part of the newly added spiders.


The first spider can be connected arbitrarily. All further spiders have to be connected such that, outwards of each cube face, there are two points where three floating spider's legs meet. The twelve white connectors are added to these spider-legs meeting-points, each one connecting three legs as shown in the top photo and detail in the middle photo.

(The two white connectors exactly on the line connecting the left-most and right-most yellow connector in the top photo, and the center-most white connector in the middle photo, are such floating connectors.)

The lower photo shows the finished construction with all spiders and the connecting white connectors added.


Connect every adjacent pair of yellow connectors with a medium blue rod to complete the icosahedron.

The top photo shows the icosahedron alone, the lower photo shows the completed stage with the new icosahedron edges added.


Stage 4

The final stage consists of stellating the icosahedron to form the outside dodecahedron. Required are

  • 20 white connectors,
  • 90 long blue rods.

Connect three long blue rods to one white connector as shown in the photo.

Repeat nineteen more times to build a total of twenty tents.


Connect one tent to each of the twenty icosaeder surfaces, that is each of the outside triangles made from yellow connectors, as shown in the photos.

In the middle photo, the five blue rods pointing slightly towards the viewer belong to five tents; the five blue rods pointing slightly away from the viewer are five edges of the icosaeder, that is they lead to other yellow connectors.

The lower photo shows the icosaeder with all twenty stellating tents added.


Connect every pair of adjacent outside white connectors with a long blue rod to complete the dodecahedron.

The middle photo shows the alignment of the dodecahedron rods. The two rods in the foregrond pointing north-east and north-west are dodecahedron edges; the three rods in the foreground pointing north are the stellating tent.

The top photo shows the dodecahedron alone, the lower photo shows the completed kit with the new dodecahedron edges added.



Moving from inside out: Octa edge 2^1/2 / 2, Red Vertex -

Star Tetra edge 2^1/2, White Vertex

Cube edge 1.0, Same White Vertex

Inner Dodec edge .618 (Nodes in Place, edges implied), Same White Vertex

Stellations of that Dodec : length 1.0

Icosa: Edge 1.618, Yellow Vertex

Stellations of that Icosa: lenth 2.618

Outer Dodeca: edge 2.618, White Vertex.


Kit Description:

The essential notion is that you extend the edges (waves?) of the DODECA straight out by Golden Ratio, you intersect at the outer embedding ICOSA. And Doing that again to the ICOSA you make the next DODECA.. infinitely. Because this is how waves might interfere CONSTRUCTIVELY INFINITELY in 3D 'fractal' perfect compression - this (perfect PHIlotactic Embedding) appears to be the shape of:

1. DNA

2. Earth Grid

3. Zodiac


And if completed d,f - 10/14 -5/7 pair spin electron subshells are what make GOLD noble... then this is likely a useful 3D model of fractality in ATOMIC shape as well. (Also see Moon's notes on platonic Nuclear array, and Palladium's key to FUSION as clearly DODECA).

Each vertex of the infinite nest of stellating DODEC to ICOS is sustained in a simple Golden Ratio lengths from center:

Mind inhabits this PHIRE..


The original inspiration for the Star Mother Kit, came from the LESSER MAZE description in Gordon Plummer's Theosophic classic text: "Mathematics of the Cosmic Mind". (He also kiindly wrote the intro for my original less sophisticated Star Mother Kit - pic below).

Original Star Mother :

Rich Philosophical Background of the Zometool

from Dan Winter..

Zometool Web Site


Here is an earlier less complete version of the Star Mother nest, ('Cosmic Fractal Biocrystal'):

The ability to accurately model and visualize true 3 dimensional wave nests - the origin of chemistry - is vital to the evolution of the powerful pyschokinetic psyche. This hi-resolution leverage to visualize light mechanics accurately in what I have called 'recursion' implosion symmetry - is one of the gifts unique to Zometool.

As we illustrate below, this pent based dodec and icos symmetry structure is the true essence of ALL living forms - from DNA, to the Earth Grid to the 12 faced Zodiac idea.



The Zometool descends from the rich philosophical line of Buckminster Fuller and the world of "Sacred Architecture" which that implies. What is also rich is that the modern world of chemistry has beened richly rewritten recently with the discovery and naming of "Buckminster Fullerene". The shape of which dodeca-icosa carbon array is based on Bucky's inspired Geodesic domes. (below pics). What is also ideal, is that the Zometool Rhombi-Icosa connector design makes it ideal to assemble such pent- dodec based shapes.

One among many reasons that Fullerene Chemistry is so profound, is that the excited carbon trigonal bond when launched from simple octa-diamond symmetry literally by a spark gap, forms the UNPACK triangular bond of a DODECAHEDRON. Upon doing so chemically - a NEW KIND OF MOLECULAR SPACE is created in the center. This has profound implications for the discovery of implosion and fusion ( ). It also is the symmetry base of the "Clathrate Cage" dodeca water molecular nest, upon which the health miracle Microhydrin is based. ( , , , )

The point for discovering how to ESCAPE HEAT, is in the recursion geometry of perfect EGG-ness. We track our genetic roots to the first woman "Eve" in Africa due to the literal fractality of EGG cell mitochondria. The foldedness on surface becomes so self embedded, the fractal amount of 'coastline' goes toward inPHIknit. Your mothers Egg born whole and fractal inside her mother, inside her mother, inside her mother.... creating a perfect biologically grounding fractal tornado wormhole contiguous in it's fold between you now, and the "big bang'.

If turning the inside into the shape of what is outside, becomes the suction to center we call compassion - then this new COOL insight may hold a key to keeping our planetary cool...!



Perfect embedding SUCKS! (becoming sacred / sustainable means assuming the position/geometry which can change scale without changing ratio ).

Acheiving 'NON-DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION' (NO-HEAT GENERATED - same as NO FEAR emoto-magnetically) requires ASSUMING THE POSITION called de-VINE-ness (which means perfect PHI - Golden Ratio based branching / nesting).

This can be accomplished on the land, in the same way the EKG accomplishes this at the moment of BLISS and COMPASSION (pictures at (link at sitemap) ).

The heart discovers a way to nest it's harmonics in such a way as to create EMBEDDING. This creates the electrical RUSH (implosion) we call BLISS. ... and sucks 'inside out' the magnetism (FEELING) which was outside, IN to inside. This creates the identification (eye-dent-eye-tie) of what was outside with was IS inside. Hence, magnetic EMBEDDING IS the electrically accurate DESCRIPTION (topologically) of COMPASSION.

animation at

Above and below - dodeca / icosa stellating Earth grid magnetics permits us to embed and thus survive ... heat?



(above) Outside - 12 faced dodec zodiac, mid sphere dodec Earth, inner sphere dodec core which wratchets into DNA..




Infinite Dodeca Icosa Stellation - basis of DNA - Earth Grid - Zodiac - perfect embedding. Labeled also: "lesse maze" , "star mother", true Merkabbah, and the true symmetry of the City Of Revelation - ref. John Michell


Note how the x,y,z values of each of the vertex of all the nodes in the star mother- are simple exponents (whole number multiples) of Golden Mean .618 , 1.0, 1.618, 2.618

This is mathematic evidence- further- that since by trig- we see- this confirms that in addition-EACH POINT IS ALWAYS A MULTIPLE OF GOLDEN RATIO ALSO- IN DISTANCE TO CENTER POINT!

This- as has been recently proven in the structure of hydrogen - is how this model- is effectively (quoting mathematician - El Naschie) - how the GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY- is EVIDENCE THAT FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY.


So - we reprint the list here - as Dan Winter published in his first book ONE CRYSTAL'S DANCE- (over 30 years ago)-

of the Golden Coordinates of the Star Mother:

This set assumes- cube edge = 2 units

So the tetra edges would be square root of 2 times 2

Dodeca edge = .618 times 2

Icosa edge = 1.618 times 2

and the NEXT outer dodeca stellation edge 2.618 times 2


Vertex of the octahedron: (6)



0, -1,0





Vertex of the cube (8)










Vertex of the dodecahedron (20):

The dodeca vertex are composed exactly of the above 8 vertex of the cube- PLUS-these additional 12:

-.618, 1.618, 0

.618, 1.618, 0

1.618, 0, .618

1.618, 0, -.618

-.618, -1.618, 0

.618, -1.618, 0

-1.618, 0, .618

-1.618, 0, -.618

0, .618, 1.618

0, -.618, 1.618

0, .618, -1.618

0, -.618, -1.618


Vertex of the Icosahedron (12):

2.618, 0, 1.618

2.618, 0, -1.618

-2.618, 0, 1.618

-2.618, 0, -1.618

-1.618, 2.618, 0

1.618, 2.618, 0

-1.618, -2.618, 0

1.618, -2.618, 0

0, 1.618, 2.618

0, -1.618, 2.618

0, 1.618, -2.618

0, -1.618, -2.618


Quoting further from One Crystal's Dance by Dan Winter - in his 20's

"Note how simple it is to continue infinitely..

simply extend every icosahedron edge length straight out by ratio Golden Mean, to make another Dodeca, then extend that dodeca edge straight out again by Golden Ratio longer to make another

icosa etc. Alternating (interdigitating) infinitely.

Each succeeding dodeca or icosa can be plotted digitally by simply multiplying by Golden Mean squared (2.618) to the vertex coordinates of the previous!

Use vision to understand the physical (phi cycle) significance of this. The distance from every node to every axis of symmetry, AND to the core (center point) is ALWAYS a power of the GOLDEN MEAN. See 12 golden mean, spiral cones, in this required pyramid like angular relation, making our STAR MOTHER, and indirectly the dodecahedron of DNA. See concentric spheres as wave bubbles. The wave length must divide evenly into the RADIUS AS A POWER OF THE GOLDEN MEAN. This fulfills the requirement that waves colliding toward center of gravity (mass), in order to conserve momentum (order, memory, mind) must not interfere with each other. The harmonics make ONLY constructive interference as they nest in this way."

(30 years later this seems precisely predictive of El Naschie's GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY- MATHEMATICS- agreeing that this FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY.

(see golden ratio proven in the structure of hydrogen.. - bottom

see this nest become the atomic table:


click for pdf exerpt

Continue with the physics;