Extraterrestrial History of DNA - A Summary

DrAG , MAG, AG - the FIRE in the blood AGni
- Draco's Arrive in time to be tested by the Sun's Fire and the Fire in Our Blood.

written by Dan Winter, Mar 3, 2004. Johannesburg,S.Africa. Assembled and published by IMPLOSION GROUP - this article:, main index:

Update: July 2016: This article below developed after many years of collaboration with Montaulk experiment survivors
(in addition to Stewart Swerdlow - below exerpts - we spent time with Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, Duncan, Michael Ash - and others there).
Their perceptions of ET interference I still find generally useful- however a bigger sense of context of the excess and sometimes parasitic involvement of Alien interference on Earth-
is developing with the help of Anton Parks- and many other friends who have had direct ET contact- etc.. - in that regard-
I do highly recomment to read the below- in the context - of our deeper understanding of that alien and Draco history- in our newer article:

The point of both articles is generally the same: namely that doing the spiritual / astral hygiene to fire the human aura to bliss / psychokinesis / immortality / shamanic power-
remains our only real hope of emerging from an ancestry of rather parasitic ET and Drac intervention in human history.

Finding out that your ancestors...were shallow minded parasites- should not really be that shocking.
( in this case the Annunaki Drac /Uru / Enlil-Yalweh crew. If your favorite conspiracy theory flavor of the day- has decided that Jewish story of parasitic bankers are THE problem of history/engines of warmaking - then take a bigger drink from the story of who Yalweh / Enlil was- per Anne Rice- the FATHER of all vampires.
Enki/Nudimud/Sam/Osiris's - Draco Annunaki family hired him to his EA's EArth- be the chief cloner of human/TAK-Adama/slaves- mostly to use humans as slaves and snack food - altho HE had some bigger more romantic ideas..)
When indigenous people worldwide wake up to find out their original Engish and Spanish colonizers- originally 'bringers of God' were in fact mostly murderous parasites is a similar feeling.

Shapeshifting Draco remnant blood line parasitic plasma entities like the ones who apparently took out (became the aura control/alter ego of) Rupert Murdock - and Gunther Russbacher - have no chance if they face coherent aura lucid dreamers- empowered Shaman types - - These ones can quickly can make George Bush's entire military budget obsolete. The computer aboard a military borg like star ship - has little chance against the interfering plasma of a determined lucid dreaming shaman. Also the plasma control of the aura- shapeshifting entities taking over- is ONLY possible with aura's weakened by things like addiction or depression. If your aura is strong with good charge/ spiritual hygiene / bliss process- then YOUR implosion steers the tornado! May 'the FORCE" be with you LUKE!

Updated - Sept 26,07: Dragon History inside DNA: Proven in Alphabet Origin- From Hungarian to Seraphic to Magyar-

Immediate sequel to this note updates- Mar 07 and

This article is PART OF A SERIES: The main index of Winter's articles on Galactic Genetic History & ET Origins of DNA is at - Galactic Context/Genetic History & ET Origins of Religion -Thematic Index ,

Thematically summarized and embodied in story format in Winter's 3rd book Return of Enki -

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Winter's general urging has been that the continued insistence of Western historians to put their immature religion drugged ostrich heads in the sand rather than look at the ET origins of their DNA engineered genepool, is LIFE THREATENING to all here, if it continues.


When steering your starship- the guild navigator -'time lord' - 'tron' - 'timecop' knows that the slightest change in the center of gravity - means a major change in course direction. The fabrication of that center of gravity with the most responsive delicacy to properly STEER - is ulimately something ONLY biology can do. We understand how the fresh egg- and your heart's EKG are fabricating volage from gravity at the moment of implosion / bliss This perfected compression is identical with the gravity making attractive electrical suction we call COMPASSION. See the self- similarity in the di-VINE (heart of GOLDen ratio) branching algorhyrhmn of the fractal nervous fibres where the heart is electrified. We constantly get closer to defining conscious as the perfection of non-destructive charge distribution (the origin of the SCION - in SCI-ence : meaning to BRANCH well). Applying this to economics defines abundance:perfected distribution=no storage. This is something only fractality can RAPTurously lock into symmetry.

Once the EKG produces the PHI Golden cascade - the gravity this produces is only consciously STEERable if the muscles which shape the pericardium around the heart can flex shape the rocket nozzle around the thrust source. This conscious control of the heart's power spectra (Heart harmonics measureable in the HearTuner - ) is evidence that awareness can reach into that shaping of the heart's resonance as a ringing bell shaped in an electrical sacred cave. This is called COHERENCE EMOTION - and emotional intelligence.

The SHAPE of the shadow on the wall of this cave - is called Alphabet of the Heart. The shape of the cave - is the PERICARDIUM around the heart. Shaping this consciously is how your heart can become the STAR NAVIGATOR. This is why the PERICARDIUM became the SHAPE of the HAT OF OSIRIS. Your auric bubble / charge cocoon coherence / KA (boat to the inner world) - is shaped from your heart steering the charge above your crown. Many pages of 'TWO THIRDS' book by David Mayers / David Percy (Aulis Press - London) are devoted to explaining why so many crop circles were dedicated to teaching us about conscious control of our pericardium-HAT of OSIRIS.

There is only one way our Earth community genepool can retain it's identity as our Extra-Terrestrial (Draco / ANunanki) grandparents return- many of them as confused as our own grandparents are now. The culture they represented were trading houses from (Dune) Arrakeis - a star in Alpha Draconis. The only reason they could conceive of for planting a forest (our genepool) - was to later cut it down and sell it. Most of our grandparents also felt this way. The idea of planting a forest for the privelege of setting it free and thus perhaps to LEARN from it - occurred only to us the grandchildren of those same Draco Nephilim. Harvesting indigenous genepools this way - in the way of the parasite - has been the way of the Drac Reptilian empire for millenia (insurance and banking installed in hundreds of Draco planets before the Templars ever learned it from the Mags on Ea's Earth). Yet our DNA would not learn the resilience of it's own FIRE making power without parasites to inform us when we eat a dead idea. Plus much of the gutsy fire in our blood - and my kundalini - is only possible because of part Dragon ancestry. (Read below WHY the URu needed a blood cross with IBI- Hebrew='crossing over').

Lawrence Gardner is saying this Dragon line - has a lisence to be here ..we have a lesson to learn from each other. These same ancestors according to Collier, were in front of the Andromeda counsel (also discussed below from the Montauk perspective) - claiming they had a right to harvest our DNA, since the seeds were theirs. Yet - we the children can be the greatest karmic reward they have - if we show the fire in their blood - the way back into stars. We must stay in the center - we must not react.. only act. (thanks to Roland for this)..

The fallen Drac's (DNA not on Fire from bliss) can only be taught by the one thing they are not. They are not a source of gravity. They cannot steer the wind of magnetism into the PHIre of time. Charge thru light speed screws into time's 'SPIRAL CALENDAR'. Time lords only inhabit fractals in time - the only frabric where synchronicity is born.

The heart of the sun - and hydrogen is the heart of the matter: the musical recipe for fusion. This PHI based harmonic recipe informs us when we have found a shareable wave in our heart. Pure intention is an idea in physics whose TIME has come: compression perfected is the only place where all paths and errands meet - and only the shareable survive. The oxygen which cures cancer does so by using compression to sort. Apply that to the O-x y in the gene braid that sorts (by who has blue fire in the aura) which human thrives among parasites.

The re-arriving of our ancient blood creators is a potent reminder to focus on this BLISS fire making skill in the heart. Neither Oedipus nor Elektra - we need not murder our parents - if we learn the story 'in time'.

From Hex - the flag of Alpha Draconis & Isreal & Shape of their Craft - to PENT - The shape of the fire in Blood and PEND-DRAGON..

URU to IBI to merging of Both - When the Serpent Feeds the Eagle - the SUN Gods Return..

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Volume TWO: "Feeling The MAGnetism!"
Volume THREE: "STARMAPS and The Hygiene for BLISS"
Volume FOUR "Extraterrestrial Origins of DNA & WHAT Turns Planets GREEN??"-Plays Below
>Since this film has been so central,-Dan would now update the story with Anton Parks detail-for example Enlil/Yalweh/Amun- is not the half brother of Enki/Saam/Ea/Atun -rather his failed clone. The "Dracos" in this story are called URU or USU - in the Anton Parks- Girku/Vril/ME-Enki's Digital Voice Recorder-see & Galactic History Index
Volume FIVE: "Physics of the Virgin Myth"-Climax of the ET DNA Origins/Orion Story+Harmonics of Zero Pt+Soul Groups

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* Section 3: Winter's Annunaki / ET Origins of DNA-
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Reading the Origin of the Essenes books "Jesus at Qumran" and "Copper Scrolls" from Robert Feather- we see extensive documentation that the true origin of the Essene culture and spiritual wisdom is Akanaton and his source ATEN. "Aton" is Sumerian for ENKI as opposed to Enlil (Amon) as per Sitchen. Then in Islam - we read "Muhammad regularly visited a cave known as Hira, high in one of the mountains surrounding Makkah. He meditated and pondered over the complications and intricacies of the creation. During one of these days when he was deep in thought, the archangel Jibril of Allah appeared in front of him and asked him to read. Muhammad asked him what was he to read, for he had not received any formal education. Jibril told him again " Read in the name of Allah who created man from but a mere clot. It is only He whom you must trust. It is He who teaches every thing. He is who teaches all that can be inscribed, and it is He who taught man what he knew not."-end exerpt

We suspect - Enki was also called the RA or SUN GOD- whose less descended (less Nephalitic) genetic family was called Seraphim(the UR - Dragons). Jibril was probably the same draco family that visited Joseph Smith - also to try to symmetry track DNA reCORDings.
- We know in those days Enki / Enlil were called God's - and their genetic engineering- the skill to make DNA / the blood in a "CLOT". What is that? Could it be the skill to make DNA tie into a slip knot?? - see ANU below.. Remember- all the Annunaki knew Enlil/ Yalweh / Amun was jealous of his half brother Enki - the original Genetic engineer because he could bring people back from the dead - knew how to make a soul. Was this exactly the symmetry skill to make slip knots? ( ... smoke rings.. breathed in DNA? ).


Insert: May 21,09:

This section is from the article and important films at:

Remember this Angel GABRIEL character- right out of Dee's TABLET of NALVAGE- is the SAME GUY who narrated -origin of Christianity- to MARY, origin of Muslim- to Muhammed, AND origin of Mormon - to Joseph Smith - so.. (if we want to end these bloody religion wars- it seems we damn well better figure out what- GABRIEL's Seraphim - agenda really was!!- The real start- is a bloodline (the Seraphim- Uru / Dragon) had a genetic problem... (see below film) -
AND their representative (yes the SAME secret agent) name GABRIEL - came and announced some necessary hygiene measures to:

1. The Christians (Mary spoke to Gabriel)

2. The Mormons (Joseph Smith spoke to Gabriel)

3. The Muslims ( Muhammed spoke to Gabriel).

SO ... who were these Seraphim whose message Gabriel brought to ALL religions? What is the story? Where do we fit in??

The simple conclusion is that ALL the religions have the same source: The hygiene information for how we immortalize our Biologic (DNA) Energy fields!

There is a certain stage in the Annunaki tales- when we are informed repeatedly that our genepool has been saved (Enki did love his kids).. by the Lucid Dreaming star ancestor named GALZU (Links below) . We suspect he was of the Ophanim, Bird Tribe (Enki's Mother's Paa Taal line). The fun question is - what made him suspect that OUR genepool was SO important and worth saving - that we might BE the vaccine to those nasty Orion Wars (Hint: Empire Strikes Back!!>!>>!>!)

.. kids this is even MORE fun than STAR WARS!!! And you ARE the hero when YOU choose to ignite your DNA with the (microchloridians) of your own BLISS.

For the real LOCAL / Enki history of the URU / USU - Draco/ Dragon blood (Courtesy ANTON PARKS) :

For detailed- URU-opean (European)- bloodline tracking (Hungarian - etc-thru the language lines/ language crystal):

For nice example of the origins of the term Yalweh- misappropriated by Enlil >Enki's nemesis / unsuccessful clone attempt:

This is another look at an even bigger picture of Extra Terrestrial Recent History of DNA - noting how dramatically IN AGREEMENT - radically different sources are. Stewart Swerdlow comes back from Montauk with memories which overall - almost perfectly fit so many other sources - AND add dramatic new pieces. All of this (internal coherence between sources) suggests that these sources should not be ignored. Global events climaxing into chaos as triggered environmental magnetic storm - underscore the seriousness of the Earth situation: a critical turning phase of a Galactic Battle of sorts- with the naive (stupid?) Earth humans completely in denial about their role in a truly important Galactic evolution moment.

We would particularly like to acknowledge- Stewart Swerdlow: and

excerpts of his 2 books, on Montauk memories and galactic history, reviewed with commentary by Dan Winter form the bulk of this article..

We urge readers to honor his work by visiting his web site, noting the books and DVD available there.
(we also would like to thank Nadine and Valerie for connecting us to these ideas)



pic. above and below by Stuart Swerdlow - his books excerpted for commentary below

Note in the above about TAU CETI - compare with the following quote: " The Erideans are also referred to as CETIANS, or Tau Cetians, a sort of human race of Mediterranean or South American and of tan skinned appearance. These are said to be in alliance with the Pleiadians, who have formed a kind of 'Cetian alliance' with others in a desire to establish a common defense against their reptilian nemesis. It is thought that the Erideans are very hypochondriac about making contact as the telepathic noise we create would upset them greatly. In addition our gravity is slightly too much for their comfort, and there is a risk of bacterial or virus contamination."from:

We would like to thank the overwhelming response to .. recent newsletter: Planetary Invasion-Reason for Bliss - .. & add the short sidelight . .. a friendly jab at dear Nancy whose Zeta's at ... apparently forgot to explain why they lied about the date of the Draco comet arrival: They were CREATED by the Rigelians .. whose Drac copper blue blood (Khem / black / nubian / black madonna - ran in Enki/RA/abRAham/Lucifer?EA/EArths) veins! ... We suggest comparing Swerdlow's Montauk Perspective (below) here on the ZETA's with Nancy's : ( not very flattering to 'zetas')
The Rigelians were the cold hearted Engineer Dracs behind Montauk. Thoth / Hermes - Enki's kin announced clearly his Rigelian blood.. Please take the time to read .. how Enki's Nephilic brother Enlil YALWEH /Michael- (the JEWs) designed his religion as a permanent black hole to eat human bliss juice - out of his own immortality frustrated inability to MAKE bliss - specifically out of his anger at Enki's Rigelian winged Drac mother. WAS THAT THE PAPAL WE? article at . Enlil/Yalweh created a permanent storage tunnel to eat all the bliss of those unfortuneate enough to sucked in (to the Jews - & his parallel religions Hurtak / Levites / etc.-designed to prevent DNA from getting Implosively free and gravity making enough to defeat the machine Ashtar 'hierarchy' empire. - Alternative? BE a wingmaker.. ) .
We have made this also a convenient place to summarize the documentation on the Pope's role in making and selling the Nazi's cyanide for WWII, plus the latest updates on the George Bush body counts (The Bush whose new 'license' reads: I killed Iraqi's because of 'flawed data' - makes compelling 'realing' for those who vote in the upcoming American: "Can Bush $100million ad budget cover enough lies? election".- ).

what follows originally from Swerdlow's book - as reviewed in the main link:"Zeta Reticuli I type-They are approximately four feet tall.

These grey aliens were created by the Rigelians to monitor humans on Earth. They are a mixture of human and Rigelian genetics. Similar to a human fetus, they have four fingers and cloven feet. Famous for abducting humans for hormonal fluids and genetic experiments, they have a group mind and hive-like behavior. Their basic emotions are anger, confusion, fear, and surprise.
Given a barren home world in the Zeta Reticuli I star system, they asked for and received asylum on Earth by the United States government. The Rigelians are angry at them. They have also angered the United States government by lying to them. Now a divided group, they have pragmatic alliances. Due to their genetic/hormonal deficiencies, they are rapidly dying out. By abducting others they are trying to create a hybrid prototype to save themselves and their culture."

Intro from Winter: - Those followers of the science of implosion work - who find all conversation of Extra Terrestrials - unpleasant or worse - are invited to press delete now. For the others who consider the overall unified field of consciousness - we suggest there is an important POLITICAL reason to learn about the ET origins of DNA - AND - IMPLOSION. All the sources we have communicated with who understand both terrestrial and ET - PARASITES - both digestive, blood related, and astral - have all agreed that a blissful - imploding - heart - and way of being - is an absolute way to expel all parasites from your body. We have often used the example that if you eat dead food - you must be thankful and learn the lesson from the parasites this invites to your stomach. And if you eat a dead idea - like GOD IS OUTSIDE YOU - you must be thankful and learn the lesson from the PARASITES ( priests and Draco's) this invites to your aura.

So - unlike the obsolete - Pasteur approach - (heated milk is dead milk - just like all biologic and paramagnetic "orgone" capacitors lose the life giving 'organic' charge breathing fractality of molecular symmetry called LIFE - when heated) - the focus is NOT - to SHOOT the parasite.

With this in mind - we would suggest - another look at the big picture - politically. It would be well to point out several basics here - 1. the word POLITICS - is derived from and MEANS - the BODY POLIS. A body has a POLIS ( a magnetic POLE that rises) when it's electrical field (capacitive charge field once crudely labeled 'SPIRIT' ) COHERES enough to RISE! This means that if the charge aura around your body or your nations body or your BEE HIVE - gets coherent - then it can be navigated. Otherwise (without COHERENT EMOTION / LUCID DREAMING ) you do not HAVE a body POLIS. This is the origin of the word SHEM (highward fire stone - or altar- for raising the shem) as in SHEM-AN, and the origin of words like RAISING THE DJED - and DJEDAI - and SWORD FROM THE STONE.

This all gets UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL - when Professor Korotkov measures the charge field of your aura - (effectively for COHERENCE) to determine if you are going to take your memory (the shape of your biologic charge) thru death. ( see : ). Nothing mysterious about surviving death: assemble the capacitance shape of all your memories into the wave discipline of what is SHAREABLE ( coherence limit form: COMPRESSIBILITY) - THEN your DNA can do its job at death and (by Golden Ratio) turns COMPRESSION (the final squeeze) in to ACCELERATION - inside your genes- at death. Squirting you (your "KA" charge envelope / vehicle of light) up the implosive zipper / tornado in your DNA's coeur thru the speed of light - into the necessary gravity making and star inhabiting - required to survive this solar compression (rapture). Otherwise - without the skill to sort for what is shareable among DNA's holy communion making charge discipline - death IS final (and fractionating).

Several interesting wrinkles on the overall colorful bio-game to get immortal ( ) - are currently impressing us. Which brings us to the second basic we would like to bring up: 2. All sources seem to agree the fallen Seraphim called NEPHALIM (Draco's half family - who have lost glandular BLISS - implosion and charge radiance in their DNA ) have a blood problem which prevents them from SURVIVING a thing like a solar maximum (Christian RAPTURE). The REASON that vampires die when exposed to sun is that non-implosive DNA is toasted in the charge presence of implosion / fusion. This then reflects our basic hypothesis that - getting BLISS - (igniting DNA) - wipes out parasites.

Examples we have used is the often repeated story that MARS atmosphere loss - (Total Recall) was triggered when the Dracs using Mars as the usual staging area - in their fearful need to duck solar wind - misused a near comet pass - and WIPED OUR MARTIAN ATMOSPHERE. We could generally assume those same fallen Dracs- reincarnated today (and some - shape shifted in) in the U.S. congress - voted for HAARP- which pretty much promises to do the same thing for Earth atmosphere.

Tal - originally of - pointed out as he mapped underground military bases - that preparing the underground for a solar maxima was a primary reptilian agenda.

The more ensouled indigenous peoples advice that only a DREAMSPELL - has the capability to keep the Earth from being blown away in the solar wind- probably is based on better physics. The coherence of the charge field of the collective DNA (sometimes called the collective unconscious or racial soul) - is the only biological source capable of making the gravity necessary to steer the SUN and therefore Earth - during this genepool turning point - necessary compression sorting planetary test. Read more about the stupid scientists who by failing to even recognize the role of DNA implosion in making gravity - create genetic philosophy which dooms Earth's genepool- etc.

Measurements are clear - that the weight loss at death's moment, the reduction in radioactivity caused by focused attention, the bliss meditator floating under a gold dome, even the solar flares damped by a million children singing together, all evidence the role of biology (particularly DNA) in fabricating our gravity bubble. This is the centreing force created by human bliss that gives us a better (than Draco) chance at survival (compression became acceleration) as the Sun orgasms (Rapture).

The thrust of the below article on the current ET politic (Draco ancestors returning to invade) is to note how logical and consistent is the advice of so many sources on this. , Stewart Swerlow's extensive Montauk inspired galactic history, (Alex Collier) , etc. (& while these sources fit the picture from Sitchin, Gardner - even David Icke - these do not offer real advice). They all have virtually perfect internal consistency. They all have virtually identical primary advice. There is no chance of weaponry to repel the return of our own part genetic ancestor- Draco. Our technology is childs' play compared to their millennia older, and Sirian inspired - weaponry. Combine this with their millennia old strong- unmutating - DNA, and absolute battlefield telepathy - and you give up on conventional weapons. ( as Phil Schneider and friends found as the best Navy Seals died like flies under Dulce.)

All the source say - however that the human genetic has the capability to make a charge field - that under conditions of emotional coherence (the physics of the time traveling lucid dream) - and THIS is something for which the Draco has absolutely NO MATCH. At they correctly describe this only hope against the parasite ET's as Blank State Technology (BST). They describe this basically as functional dynamic interactive time travel. This is something for which non-implosive (Nephilim) & un-ignited DNA have no response. Sadly Wingmakers fails to see this issue as an EMOTIONAL COHERENCE technology (ref 1, ref 2) - a bit more advanced than a circuit design problem. If Johnny Von Neumann, had understand this he might not have had to sacrifice his sanity at Montauk. (the environment for Swerdlow's ET education discussed here).

So again - all sources agree- as soon as we discover that ignited (blissful) hearts and blood - create gravity and release from time freezing death below the speed of light - we also then must take responsibility for the role of that fire in the aura - in the great galactic survival game (gory details below). It is appropriate that those who choose NOT to ignite their hearts and blood with bliss - should become food for parasites - because that is DNA testing for sustainability. Only DNA which can suck in charge (implode ) can steer like a jellyfish (learning to suck). If DNA is not set free, does not learn the harmonic inclusive, genetic diversity, implosion trick - then that DNA gets dizzy and does not steer well - at the moment of death or bliss or dream. IT IS PRECISELY THAT ABILITY TO GET BLOOD DNA SELF STEERING THAT THE DRACO LOST.

So - for sustainability sake - only that skill is worth keeping over the millennia older survival skills of our friendly pet part ancestors - the Draco.

Try to understand the diplomatic WHY - as you read below how the galactic council specifically decided to included THEIR (Draco) DNA ( famous for being absolutely predatory) in the cookbook for Sumerian ADAM and EVE. (Apparently when Enki / Ra / AbRAham used his own sperm in his part drac half sister - with a raped Cro Magnon egg inside- to make the first fertile Eve - he was serving a bigger agenda). Even at a time when humanoid remnants like ours were generally LOSING in the Sirian v. Orion wars around the galaxy. How else could you get a vaccine for an Orion War plague much older than Solar history?

This means in practice some simple things:

- better that you should not read or learn of the return of these ancestors if you respond with fear. (because that is the spin killer)

- expect that continued residence in Draco controlled cities (particularly US) will wipe out your immune system - because implosion of your blood (immune bliss) is the only possible stall to the Draco agenda. Fast Food - Angry DNA - chemTrails - electrosmog - lo oxygen - hi frequency bombardment - these are all perfect tools to squash your bliss and thereby your only hope.

- circulate the demand that all government leaders vote ONLY counts while they are breathing over 20% oxygen. This would immediately kill such shapeshifters inside Dick Cheney - not to mention those who took over the bodies of most military and media leaders (like Murdock , and Raylynn Russbachers mate ). The Orion wars were called the oxygen wars with good reason. Sorting the shape-shifters from your governments using loss of aura ultra violet, or videoing vertical slit eyeballs when they shape shift - is not so simple. (Military leaders they needed to control who were not weak willed enough to be shape shifted out - committed curious 'suicides' like Admiral Boorda, Secretary of the US NAVY - last government agency to meaningfully resist).

- become invisible to your government

- stop eating angry DNA - (all food that has touched metal, monoculture, or brought to you with fear) - because this is how the borg advance.

embark on the HYGIENE FOR BLISS..How To's/Coherent Emotion/Practical Uses/Sacred Twinkle Hygiene 1

Assuras=Targs - Nagas or Targzissians (also called Dracos by humans) ? Inanna says they are called the "Nagas" in
sanscrit. Their lineages are described in great length in the Mahabharata."
(this thanks to Valerie for pointing out!)
inset- additional intro - quote from:

Dear Kent: On your website you depict various types or groups of ETs, Spirits, and
mythological entities. You show a picture of a Draco. This particular
group of interdimensional entities has gotten a lot of attention among
abductees. Historically, these beings are grouped or classified with
demons and the devil. But in pre-Sumer time they may have openly walked
this Earth with humans, considering it to be as much their planet as we
consider it to be ours. The ancient Goddess worshipping period tended to
place the female members of this species in an exhaulted position, as
depicted by the terracotta effigy in one jpeg that I attach. Susan
Ferguson, author of Inanna Returns, said this of these entities:

"While I do not believe that this is necessarily a "Targzissian female" as
Bruce Cornet suggests... I am convinced that this pre-Sumerian image is a
accurate representation of the races who lived here before Inanna and her
family aquired the planet. Inanna says they are called the "Nagas" in
sanscrit. Their lineages are described in great length in the Mahabharata."
(S. Ferguson, 31 July 1997).

Riley Martin, in his description of the Targzissians, who (according to
him) cohabit a 40 kilometer diameter, egg-shaped mothership orbiting Saturn
with the Biaviians (along with five other races, including the Sirians),
gives some drawings. What a wasp nest! I attach a jpeg of a Targ pilot
Riley drew for comparison with the terracotta statuette. I see a
remarkable resemblance, especially when the features of the child's head
are considered (extended skull conical, pointed ears, snout, ridges, and
slanted eyes). Other watercolors of the Targs drawn by Martin give a more
demonic appearance, and I suspect that Riley was influenced by his own bias
when he drew such pictures (see jpeg of fullblood Targ). Nevertheless, the
hostile reputation of these entities, their personalities, and their
dislike of humans, show through in Riley's description and depiction of
them in The Coming of Tan (1995: Historicity Productions, New Hope, PA).

The question I raise regarding the Nagas or Targzissians is what role did
they play in the Sumerian myths translated by Zecharia Sitchin? Even Susan
Ferguson relates, in her story about Inanna, how Enki mated with Id, a
female Nagas, to produce Marduk. Marduk, according to information given by
Inanna, became in essence the epitomy of Satan on Earth in his belligerent
and defiant actions against the Council. If the female terracotta effigy
shows Id and her son Marduk, one can clearly see how he acquired those
distinguishing characteristics which we humans associate with the devil.
But what bothers me is the genetic compatibility of a blue-skinned
Pleiadian and a creature such as a Nagas or Targ (if they are the same).
Personally, I think Enki and Id could not have produced a viable offspring
unless they were very close genetically, much closer than mythology
depicts. Perhaps the Anunnaki were a mixed group of collaborating ET
races, and they referred to each other as half-breeds or cousins in an
attempt to convey to humans socially familiar relationships (al.

We know that the Targs (also called Dracos by humans) can create telepathic
illusions and appear to shape shift. I wonder if the real Enki was in fact
a Nagas or Targ who wanted to appear to humans as a human-like Pleiadian.
We also have Sumerian myths tell how Enki "mated" with many human females
in an attempt to produce male offspring, but he had little success. Enki
was a biologist and genetic engineer, among other talents. The women only
produced females, which a Sumerian cuneiform text says (according to
Sitchin) was an attempt to increase the female population of hybrids
(Nefilim). Nice explanation so as not to lose face. The dominance of
females could be explained genetically if there was sexual incompatibility
(no human male Y chromosome) and if Enki's genetic experiment at producing
hybrids was only partially successful. These are just some thoughts I put
forth in an attempt to make sense of all the information and possible
disinformation or misinterpretation that has been handed down to us.

Inanna told Ferguson that the Targs and Nagas are not one and the
same. And yet some of the images depicted by Riley imply otherwise. I
think the Targs and Dracos are one and the same, as evidenced by their use
of the same icon or logo, the flying dragon! Perhaps the Targs are very
distant relatives of the Nagas, but close enough genetically that they
could produce viable offspring.

I am fascinated with how the Targs or Nagas or Dracos (whatever you want to
call them) seem to fit so deeply into our mythology, fantasies, and fears.
Much like the Native Americans, who were decimated and subjugated by the
invading Anglo-Saxons, the Nagas may have been decimated and subjugated by
an invading group of Pleiadians, who themselves were allied with various
other ET races (including the ancestors of the Nagas, the Targzissians).
The victors in these two wars might tend to look down upon their victims as
savages, evil, untrustworthy, and dangerous (propoganda) in order to keep
them defeated through prejudice, while those who were subjugated hold their
suppressors in equal disrespect and contempt. Within any group of victims
there would be militant individuals who will strike back at their
suppressors when given the opportunity (terrorism). The suppressors, out
of a need to maintain superiority and control, create laws, propoganda, and
prejudice which labels their opponents as criminals, evil, or even Satanic.
And when the political climate required it, they would depict the other
race in the worst possible light (i.e. darkness). If the Nagas were
worshipped in a Matriarchal society by our ancestors, one can easily see
why the Patriarchy and an all male pantheon of Gods (depicted today by the
all male Holy Trinity) was established: There was a fear-based need to
eradicate any and all remnants (memory) of that past so that their (our)
enemy could not once again regain strength.

I cannot help but reflect on how in the Star Trek movie, Generations, the
leader of the Borg is depicted as a diabolical female who controls an
all male work force. What a Freudian slip! Was that idea something that
bubbled up from the unconscious (where our worst fears are stored) into the
minds of the script writers?

The Catholic Church had a very difficult time trying to remove the goddess
in their re-education of pagan worshippers, but had to compromise in the
end with the Virgin Mary.

So who are the villains in this picture? Is not that term relative,
subjective, and dependent on how one is treated and programmed by society?
And naturally, the losers would be called fallen (as in defeated), and
their spiritual counterparts might be called fallen also (as in fallen
angels). But from their perspective, the picture would look very different
indeed! Look in the mirror! Look at the evil humans have done. Is this
an example of the pot calling the kettle black?

So much propoganda in order to maintain the status quo! It is like the
Middle East conflict where each group wants to dominate and claims
ownership by ancestry, but this conflict is on an interdimensional and
cosmic scale with several genetic twists of the DNA!

Yours truly, Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.

They are approximately four feet tall.

Scientiology's ET history (from Wiki): "The idea that Earth is a "prison planet", maintained by "entheta [evil] beings" or Targs (Drac's?) who dumped their enemies on Earth, was first publicly put forward in an obscure taped demonstration of Scientology auditing recorded in April 1952 and released as "Electropsychometric Scouting: Battle of the Universes".[14] In many respects, OT III is virtually a retelling of this early tape, delivered in the first month of Scientology's existence. Hubbard describes how "entheta beings" defeat mutinous "theta [good] beings" and decided that "the battleground is too rough and these things have mutinied so let's put 'em all in one place and lock 'em on to Earth." The entheta beings were "controlled over by religion" end quote

Date: Sun, 11 Feb 96 20:14:07 GMT
From: (Steve Wingate)

What Are Extraterrestrials?

You have the letters E.T., The acronym for Extraterrestrials or Extra-Terra-Astrals meaning Extra beings that are on the planet TERRA (earth) that are Astral of or from the stars. When you look at the very word Planet you see Plan-E.T. So an Extraterrestrial can be any thing from a meteorite or comet to a being from another planet.

There are many kinds of Extraterrestrials in your midst. They live in the waters of the ocean and on the surface of the earth and inside the earth. One type you should be aware of are the Reptilians who humans should feel threatened by. They have been breeding with you and living amongst you for centuries. They are Humanoid in shape and Reptilian in heritage. Their leader Elite are the Draconis. They are from Draco in the Six Star Constellation Orion. Orion is the 16th Galaxy, shares within and lies partly in the 17th and 18th galaxy, The Milky way. These Reptilians stand from 8 feet down to 6 feet in height, with dark green scaly skin. Their leader is Haaton, a warrior, who is a Draconian. He is a Reptilian who defected from them while on Earth and reformed to fight against The Reptilians, on behalf of humans. He is the commander of Ashtar command. The Ashtar command are beings from The Pleiades and Aldebaran Constellation.

There are 16 different kinds of reptilians seen these days by abductees. They are all cold blooded and have to have a balanced environment to maintain body temperature. The "soldier class" species can bury themselves in the ground and wait long periods of time in order to ambush there enemy. These reptoids have scales which protect them from moisture loss. They have long thin arms reaching just above the knees. At the end of these long arms they have 3 webbed fingers with and opposing thumb. The Serpent race lives underground. The reptilian species direct the efforts of the worker class which are about 4 feet tall. These are currently referred to as Greys or EBE's (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities), and are the largest group of E.T.'s to be encountered by the surface humans.

Who Are The Greys? The Greys are really a crossbreed between human and reptilians species. There are several other lines of crossbreeds between Humans and Reptilians species that have various characteristics. Some hybrids have an active pineal eye and are telepathic. The greys are being used as slaves by the Reptilians. They are under close survellience by the reptilians who have them under such a state that they depend totally upon the Reptilians for their reproduction and food absorption. They have been breeding with humans so they can reproduce on their own and have done this succesfully. They were once used by the Anunnaqi and are higly intelligent but began to die off. One variety of tje Reptilian crossbreed is particularly negative and dangerous. This variety, who work with the Draco originate from a system having much more high energy radiation than on Earth. They have manipulated humans into developing sources of Nuclear Power that emit radiation so that they can "feed" from this energy.

There are 70 different species of Greys. Eight of them are still coming to this Planet. There are two major kinds of Greys:

1) Markabians, from the Zeta Reticulans, who are about 4-5 feet tall.
2) Those from Belletrax (also in the Orion System) that are 3-5 feet
tall. And another who ranges in height from 6-9 feet.

The Zeta Reticulans are divided into two social classes. One being more "hawkish" than the other. The more peaceful of the two appears more reclined and has demonstarted a more tolerate attitude towards humans. The Zeta have reproduced themselves for thousands of years by the cloning method. They have sucessfully bred with humans and can breed amongst themselves. The Zeta who are cruel are better known as the Maldekians, who inhabit the seas of the planet earth under the Bermuda triangle area. There is a conflict of control between a covert species, The Maldekians and Draconian linked cultures, and the Orion linked cultures. The so called Orion group is an empire. their purpose is conquest, then enslavement of the Un-elite.

The first Greys were created by the Anunnaqi. The very "high" Anunnaqi reached a level where they overstood how to create and modify life. The Very "high" Anunnaqi are few in number. The Anunnaqi are Nubians with 9 ether hair, dark reddish brown with dark brown eyes. They are of such an advanced state that if you confronted one with a weapon they would let you shoot them rather than harm you. Originally 10,000 were left here to help guid humans. These "very high" live to be quite old according to you time-or what you'd call old age. 1,000 years is not unrealistic to the Anunnaqi, for 1,000 years of earth time is one day to the Anunnaqi. And one day of the Anunnaqi is 1,000 years in your time. The first cloned Greys were good ones- they ere the helpers of the Anunnaqi. The Greys were created vegetarians and were given high metabolism to offset heat-loss. When The Anunnaqi created Humans, they included what was Emotionality and physical characteristics appropriate for earth. The Reptillians kidnapped the Greys after they were set free by the Anunnaqi and altered their genes to enslave them. Not all Greys are from Zeta reticuli. They are everywhere. They are both good (cloned one by the Anunnaqi) and bad (gene manipulated ones by Reptilians. Although they work for the Reptilians, they want to help humans. they want to breed with humans to get that reptilian gene out of their genetics.,

Humans tend to make a savior or satan figures out of extraterrestrials or extra density beings. In doing so, they hope to negate responsibility for their misdeeds by appointing scapegoats. It is a self defeating strategy. Awaiting a savior to come from the skies is a recipe for disaster. God Conciousness, or the first stage being in THE ALL, is started at the 4th density up on to the 9th density is awe-inspiring to humans of the 3rd density. It is far more demanding to develop the full spectrum of awareness. It is up to indiviuals to create their destiny AND IT ALL SOUNDS LIKE A SCIENCE FICTION MOVIE. Don't believe me! Check it out.

selected excerpts from: BLUE BLOOD, TRUE BLOOD, Conflict and Creation - A Personal Story

By Stewart A. Swerdlow- please honor Stewart by ordering materials from his web site..

commentary added by Dan Winter - in italics ( all the text below NOT in italics is directly quoted from Stewart Swerdlow's books as itemized)

The Transparent People

When I worked at Montauk, I encountered an occasional alien species known as a Reptilian. They seemed to pop in and out of physical reality. The Reptilians primarily use the lower astral realms as their reference point, or point of entry, into physical reality. This is the origin of the legends of astral demons. My Montauk controllers explained that these beings were brought to the Draco star system eons ago by another group unknown to anyone. Further, they explained, no one knew anything of their true origins.

Communication with me was entirely telepathic (the Draco reptilian). Mentally, it told me that it came from the far future where humans no longer existed, and that its species was not from this reality. Continuing, it said that its species had traveled back into the distant past to create a race of beings, which I knew as the Reptilians, to antagonize and test humans.

It also told me that they were assisted by the Sirians of Sirius A in the creation of the Reptilians and their placement in the Draco star system.

For the Reptilians to function in physical reality, they needed physical genetics. The transparent people took genetics from the now physical Lyraens, who had blonde or red hair, and blue or green eyes. These genetics were mixed with the transparent peoples collective energy, thus manifesting physically as the Reptilians. This is why the current Reptilians need the energetics from Aryan-type people to survive on the physical plane.

Once the Reptilians were created in the astral, they needed a physical home base from which to accomplish their task. For this, they were taken to many different physical realities in which they could become the dominant species. Mentally, they were programmed to conquer and absorb all of the races and species that they encountered. Those that could not be absorbed were to be destroyed. The purpose of all of this is to determine the most perfect form in physical reality that can exist in any environment. Think of it as a gigantic, cosmic Survivor contest.

The Reptilians are programmed to believe that they are the superior physical form. Scientifically speaking, Reptilian DNA does not change very much over eons of time. It basically remains the same. For them, this is their proof that they are already perfect, without any need to adapt. Mammalian life, on the other hand, evolves and changes form constantly to survive. To the Reptilian mind, this denotes weakness and inferiority? Reptilians are also androgynous, meaning male and female in one body. This is comparable to all non-physical forms that have no gender like God-Mind. For this reason, the Reptilians believe themselves to be more godlike because of their androgyny. Due to their ethnocentric values, they also consider it their right to control and conquer all of space and time.

Although the Reptilians operate out of a general group mind, they are separated into seven different Reptilian species, each created to perform specific functions.

This is their hierarchy, and is based on the nine level Angelic Hierarchy that I discussed in The Healers Handbook: A Journey Into Hyperspace (Sky Books, 1999). As an aside, the Hindu caste system is a direct replica of the Reptilian hierarchy.


Commentary from Winter: The politics of the interventionist Draco trading colonies (see Dune - whose Arrakeis  - the home star of Dracos and Dune - is correctly located in Alpha Draconis) - definitely became represented by Enlil / Yahweh / Michael side of the An - Annunaki family. Also should be seen as the roots of insurance and banking on Earth. The templar followers of the MAG (draco matriliny) line are often credited with 'inventing' insurance and banking for the west. This is absurd - since they had already installed such industry - so close to fear and extortion - to HARVEST COLONIES on hundreds of planets. The "skull and bones" - Orion- origins of the Piracy and Extortion story is an example of insurance and banking that loses its public relations budget. More on the skull of the Mag below.

Later - as Enlil / Yahweh under the name of 'God" Michabo (Michael) installs genetic rules in Aboriginal Australia and the America's he is following the Drac tradition entirely focused on preventing change - and facilitating harvest of colonies- like forests whose only purpose is to be cut down.

At a deeper level we should investigate the connection between loss of DNA implosion - the physics of loss of soul & access to BLISS - called NEPHILIM which befell these Draco (lost Seraphim) families. Loss of fire in the blood created loss of lucid dreaming, loss of "ensoulment" and LOSS OF LONG TERM MEMORY. Part of their problem was loss of ability to navigate in time travel ('`Guild Navigator' in Dune - star navigating time travelers, able to warp space from within) - due to this loss of DNA coherence. Not unlike one of their resultant cultures - TIBETAN - who are intensely aware that their is no steering their collective cultural direction (time travel) without a leader who IS able to remember past lives. This is exactly what Draco lost. It is profound to compare this to Zulu shaman leader last week bemoaning to us how his grand children lost the ability to lucid dream just after they suffered being immunized. This is an example of how borg - fallen Drac empires treat DNA. By not loving their genes enough to set them free - they blind their children.



Is This Planet Taken?

In the below - we suggest comparison to Lysa Royall's "Prism of Lyra" book - a 'channeled' more romantic and intuitive account- which at least agrees surprisingly about the Lyraen origin of todays humans.

Because the Lyraens did not have a defense system in place, they were a sitting target for the Reptilians, also referred to as the "Draco". After being brutally attacked by the Draco Empire, the survivors of the Lyraen society dispersed to other locations throughout the galaxy. The remnants of the Draco attack on Lyrae are still seen by today's scientists. In 1985, a newspaper article stated that scientists are able to observe remnant waves of a blast that fan outward, and emanate from a central part of this galaxy. They believe this blast to be several million years old and of such intense proportions that the wave is still traveling toward the edge of the galaxy before dissipating. They claim not to have any idea of what created the blast.

These survivors went to Orion, Tau Ceti, Pleiades, Procyon, Antaries, Alpha Centauri, Barnard Star, Arcturus, and dozens of other solar systems. In this solar system, the refugees colonized the planet now called Mars. At that time, it was the third planet in the solar system. A world called Maldek was the fourth planet in this solar system, and was also colonized.

The Lyraens were all blonde-haired, blue-eyed people, with an occasional red-haired or green-eyed person. In Lyraen society, red-haired people were considered special with extrasensory powers that connected them to non-physical realms. They were especially desired for breeding purposes. Special permission to breed with a red-haired person was required because of the extra, or superhuman, abilities that came with the offspring.

For this reason, red-haired people were kept separate from the rest, and even had their own subculture. They were also coveted by the Reptilians, who as a species did not have much psychic ability. Often, when Reptilians came to a world for occupation, the Lyraen refugees offered a group of red-haired people to appease them for a while. This practice eventually degenerated into sacrifices to appease the demons.

The planet Earth in those days was a water world in second orbit from the sun. There was little land above the surface. The only intelligent inhabitants were an amphibian race that was completely without technology. The atmosphere of the Earth was mostly liquid. The planet definitely could not sustain any type of human life forms.

The dispersed Lyraen descendants developed their own cultures over the eons of time. Even their genetics manifested differently as a result of the mind-patterns of each of the colonies. For instance, Mars and Maldek were similar to the current Earth environment, with warm to temperate climates and an oxygen-rich atmosphere. The gravity on Maldek was denser that Mars, so those people developed a thicker frame and a more aggressive attitude.

Eventually, skirmishes developed between the occupants of the two planets. Mars was rich in resources. The people of Maldek thought that they deserved these resources for survival. The Martians asked the beings of Sirius A, from the planet Khoom, for defense technology to shield their planet from attack, not only from the Reptilians, but from their humanoid neighbors and cousins. The Sirians are known throughout the galaxy as merchants of technology. They have the best, even sharing it with the Reptilians. So, the Sirians created a defense mechanism located in the Mars underground.

Mars is a hollow planet, as are Earth and Jupiter. Planets created with material ejected from a star have hollow interiors. As a molten ball is thrown from the star and starts spinning away, it begins to cool. The centrifugal force of the globe spinning and moving at great speed pushes the molten interior to the sides, forming the crust of the planet. This, in turn, forces hot gases out of the poles to form openings at both ends. The molten core and gases that remain get trapped between the hollow interior and the plates below the crust of the globe. These are pushed out periodically in the form of volcanic activity.

The nexus point on any such globe is always at the 19th parallel of the planet. It is evident on Earth by the Hawaiian volcanoes, located at the 19th parallel; by the Mons volcano on Mars located at the 19th parallel; and at the red spot on Jupiter, also at the 19th parallel.

The geometry built into the monuments on Mars by the Sirians and Lyraen colonists explains about the 19th parallel through its geometric equations and measurements. This geometry is also replicated and contained within the Giza Plateau in Egypt.

Compare this to Richard Hoagland - still clue less to WHY dolmen like Giza and Cydonia are at tetrahedral latitudes. By modulating (adjusting) the spin rate of planets at tetrahedral hand holds - planetary spin comes into phase with zodiac spin- this self similar spin relation (implosive collapse) is critical to stabilizing gravity and therefore atmosphere.



The Reptilian Agenda

The Reptilian agenda was, and is, to seek out the human refugees for destruction or assimilation, and to use their blood and hormones for sustenance.

It is said those (Ophanim? Seraphim? winged Dracs? Ciakar? Cherubim?) who placed the Draco in our galactic sector knew that the humanoid remnant would need an aggressive parasite to trigger development. Further the result of the part of the humanoid blood on Earth today receiving a blood line cross from Draco (URu cross with Ibi) - is beneficial. (see Lawrence Gardner defending his Drac family root). This is related to usually AN or Celtic or British RH negative blood. The reptilian Drac blood Enki (RA - abRAham) crossed with the cro-magnon monkey blood had DNA was LESS vital than the indigenous (RHesus) monkey blood. So the reptilians had to keep in-breeding (as in Holy Blood Holy Grail) - consistent with what Swerdlow says below. Areas (UK) where this RHESUS Monkey blood is absent (RH negative) may lead the world in lack of compassion. E-liz-a beth (from Lizard born) breeds a line where no permission to cry produces a stiff upper lip.

The remnant Lyraens who colonized other planets formed an alliance against the constant Reptilian attacks. They called this alliance the Galactic Federation, comprised of 110 different colonies. The colonies belonging to the Federation wished to maintain their new identities, and no longer associate with the old way. Together, the Federation colonists managed to repel the Reptilian attacks.

There were three primary groups who did not join the Federation. These three groups were considered extremists, or nationalistic idealists, seeking to recreate the glory of the old Lyraen civilization. One group was the Atlans, located on a Pleiadian planet. The Pleiades actually consists of thirty-two planets orbiting seven stars. At that time there were sixteen different colonies of Lyraen descent throughout the Pleiades. These colonists all wanted to oust the renegade Atlans because they remained independent and did not assist their human cousins.

The other two groups were the Martians and Maldekians, who were already at odds with each other. For this reason, the Reptilians turned their attention toward this solar system with its two human colonies. In the Reptilians estimation, it would be easy to divide and conquer.

The Reptilians love to use comets and asteroids as weapons and ships, using them to travel through the stars. First, they create a small black hole as a propulsion system that pulls the larger planetoid towards its destination. When used as a weapon, they use a particle beam accelerator to create a blast that hurls the comet or asteroid to its target. All of the technology was obtained by the beings from Sirius A[1].

In this way, they hurled a huge ice comet aimed at Mars and Maldek. The Reptilians, not being very technologically oriented, miscalculated the trajectory. The pull of the gigantic gas planet, Jupiter, pulled the comet off course. The ice comet then headed directly for Maldek. The citizens of that planet asked the Martians for help. Even though they were at odds with each other, they allowed some of the Maldekians to move to the Martian underground. The comet came so close to Maldek that the planet got caught between the gravitational pull of Jupiter, Mars, and the comet. This caused the planet to explode, leaving an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.[2]

The explosion pushed the ice comet close enough to Mars to rip the atmosphere off that planet, leaving only an extremely thin atmosphere. The explosion also pulled Mars further away from the sun.

The comet then continued on toward the Earth. The heat of the sun and the gravitational pull between the two globes forced the watery atmosphere of the Earth to polarize. This polarization pulled most of the ice from the comet to the polar regions of the Earth, thus covering most openings to the inner Earth, while at the same time exposing huge land masses for the first time.

The comet then switched places with Earth, taking up the second orbit from the sun, becoming the planet now known as Venus. The heat of the sun melted the ice on the comet, creating a cloudy covering to this new planet. The Earth was pushed out to the third orbit occupying the previous position held by Mars. The Earth was now ready to be colonized. Most of the surviving amphibians were transported to a new home on Neptune. Some stayed in the newly formed oceans.

The Reptilians who were inside the hollow comet, now Venus, came to the surface of this new world. They built seven domed cities, one for each of the seven groups in the hierarchy. In the mid-1980s one of New Yorks daily papers, Newsday, reported that a Soviet space probe penetrated the cloud layer of Venus and photographed seven white domes the size of small cities, all in a row. After a page-long diatribe, the American scientists concluded that this was all a natural formation.

The Reptilians drove a large, hollowed out object into Earths orbit to begin the colonization process. This object is now called the Moon. Conventional science considers the Moon natural, yet it is the only known object in space that does not spin on its axis. The Moon faces the Earth in the same position all of the time, leaving one side in complete darkness. A sonic resonance sent to the surface of the Moon makes a pinging noise like a hollow object. If the Moon were solid, the noise would sound like a thump or thud. The Moon is hollow. A recent article in an astronomy magazine said that the Moon was being reclassified because it is considered to be hollow.

The Reptilians chose a large continental landmass to begin their civilization on the Earth, now referred to as Lemuria or Mu. This was a vast area in what is now the Pacific Basin, extending from Japan to Australia, and from the coast of California to Peru. The Hawaiian Islands are in the middle of this one-time landmass.

Here, an androgynous Reptilian culture developed. They brought with them the creatures that were their sustenance the dinosaurs. All beings create beneath them animals and plants that are a reflection of the mind-pattern. Reptilians create dinosaurs, humans create mammals. They are not designed to coexist on the same planet.

Additionally, the thinking process of the Reptilians differs from the human thinking process. Because Reptilians do not evolve rapidly and remain unchanging, their expansion is also slow moving and insidious. It would take several millennia for the Reptilians to decide whether or not they would coexist with humans. After all, Earth was still an outpost far from the centre of the Draconian Empire.

In the meantime, the Martians were now living underground with their hostile Maldekian guests. Something had to be done quickly to prevent them from destroying one another. So, the Martians petitioned the Galactic Federation to remove the Maldekian refugees to another planet. The Galactic Federation also received a petition from the Pleiadian Council at the same time, asking the Federation to remove the Atlans from their star cluster.

The Federation thusly decided to use the Atlans as a counterbalance on Earth. If the Atlans survived, the Maldekians would also be sent. The human/Lyraen descendants were literally throwing their own riffraff to the Reptilian colonists on Earth. In this way, the Federation would get rid of their undesirables. The undesirables would occupy the attention of the Reptilians. The Federation would gain valuable time to build their own forces against the Reptilians.

When the Atlans arrived on the Earth, they colonized what became known as Atlantis. Their continent stretched from what is now the Caribbean Basin to the Azores and Canary Islands, as well as several small island chains reaching up to what is now the East Coast of the United States, including Montauk Point.

The industrious Atlanteans rapidly grew to a large, prospering civilization needing more territory. The dinosaur population was rapidly increasing and becoming dangerous to the human colonists. The Atlanteans began destroying the dinosaurs to protect themselves. This did not sit well with the Reptilians. Soon major battles occurred on the Earth between the Lemurian Reptilians and Atlantean humans.

At the same time, the Maldekian refugees arrived on Earth. They created a large human colony in what is now the Gobi desert, northern India, Sumer, and other parts of Asia.

The Maldekians attacked the lunar surface where the Reptilians guarded their Earth outpost from invasion. The Maldekians also bombarded Atlantis and Lemuria with laser weapons. The dinosaurs were wiped out.

Additionally, the Martians also attacked the Reptilians from space since they, too, were searching for a Reptilian-free environment in which to live. This might be considered the real First World War on this planet. It was a mess!

The loss of the Martian atmosphere caused by Draco's playing billiards became the "Total Recall" legend (movie about Martian history and the oxygen war). The Draco bases there today still have no hesitation to shoot down a NASA probe, although increasingly as the US government becomes a satellite of the shape-shifters- they begin to let a few Earth probes in.



Conflict & Creation

To stop the fighting and make the Earth peaceful enough for colonization, a meeting was held by a council from the Andromeda Galaxy, on a planet called Hatona. This meeting took place outside of the Milky Way Galaxy with a neutral council because all civilizations within the Milky Way Galaxy were in some way connected to the fighting, and all had some sort of stake in belonging to the winning side.

Interesting prequel to from Alex Collier (author of "Defending Sacred Ground").

The Hatona Council convened for many decades as the fighting continued in this solar system. Finally, with their intercession, an agreement was reached between some of the human factions and the Reptilian Earth colonists. Keep in mind that this agreement was without the participation of the Reptilians from the original Draco Empire.

The agreement stated that a new breed of humanity would be created on Earth that would contain the DNA of all interested parties who participated in the "peace" process. A designated area on Earth would be set aside for the creation of this new species. The Earth-based Reptilians of Lemuria agreed to this under the condition that the Reptilian body be the foundation for this new being. This is why the original Bible states, "Let us make man in our own image." This is a plural statement because it was a group project.

To achieve a new species from a Reptilian androgynous body, it was necessary to separate the genetics into male and female components. This is the allegorical story in the Bible of Adam and Eve. Creating Eve out of the rib of Adam is actually the story of separating the androgynous Reptilian body into male and female. This is why all humans on this planet have Reptilian DNA with Reptilian traits. This is also why human fetuses go through Reptilian-style development in the womb before looking humanoid.

Many prototypes were developed over millennia. Under the supervision of the Hatona Council, races were created and then destroyed when it was not acceptable by all parties. This explains why ancestors of mankind appear and then suddenly disappear in layers of archaeological analysis.

Twelve humanoid, and one Reptilian, groups donated DNA for this purpose. Mankind was developed in the area now known as Iran/Iraq, as well as parts of Africa. Hybrids were also developed on Atlantis and Lemuria. Remnants of these are seen today as the Bigfoot or Yeti in North America and Asia; the aborigines of Australia; and the pygmies and Watusi in Africa.

The African versions were created by beings from a nomadic, artificial planet known as Niburu, or Marduk. These Reptilian-like beings travel in a manufactured world looping our solar system. The Sumerians called them Annunnakki.

It is here - we would have to assume - the family of AN - with son's Enki / Enlil (Lucifer / Michael - Adon / Yahweh) arrived from Sirius techno craft - with all the Nephilim genetic disasters we called THE RETURN OF ENKI - While people like Sitchin can add useful puzzle pieces like how their home atmosphere repair could gain the necessary gravity fractality using gold deposits - the Sumerian basically did not give him a clue as to the bigger galactic politic mess than triggered Enki's (Abraham) genetic experiments. After repeatedly encountering the Enki Enlil story in Australia - (fish or dolphin god vs snake god -LEVITE) - it was cool to listen to Creto Mutwa tell the Zulu KILIMANJARO means ENKI mountain!

The cosmic joke to this project is that all of the groups donating DNA secretly programmed sequences to cause their genetic strand to be predominant. This set the precedent for eternal conflict. Humanity was doomed to fight and be controlled. No one group would ever be in charge. The project was doomed for failure before it even began!

Such DNA programming invites tyranny and oppression. Soul-personalities attracted to such a planet have a victim mentality. Many advanced cultures call Earth a prison planet, and dump their criminals here as punishment. Once in a while, one of these soul-personalities reveal themselves, such as Richard Dahmer, Charles Manson, Richard Speck, and Vlad the Impaler (Count Dracula), to name a few.

DUNE was a prison colony - like Australia. Earth fits the archetype. Like in Dune however- in Earth's genetic cauldron of survival - the strongest DNA emerges: -- A 'VACCINE' for the Orion wars ? built by design? The current expression of the 2 brothers still tossing nuclear bombs then called East of Eden, today called the Middle East Conflict- may be a perfect healthy fractal of the Orion Wars - with the main warring galactic elements all nicely staged to work out a galactic conflict in a micro-cosm. This may be more however than a tempest in a teapot - because the galactic players appear to be willing to up the stakes with more intervention if their chess piece starts to lose. Enlil as Yahweh (the encoder in Bible Code) may not be willing to stand aside as his Israel under the hex Draco flag - is destroyed by yet another nuclear blast. (predicted by Bible Code and Fatima & others) . As so nicely pointed out - only the TRON (BST technology) with (ignited) DNA more time travel capable can defeat such predatory ET's. These genes which time travel are precisely the jewel that always eludes Yahweh Enlil's reptile (levite) family. - they are stuck in THE CUBE - genetic software environment of the tetra- (Hebrew alphabet) which can only make a golem.

Israel was originally the genes of Enki when his Thoth Ptah line Akhanaton - took the gold from Egypt - assuming the Moses identity to start the Essenes. Trouble with the 12 tribes - genetic implosion symmetry - was when the oriental (queen Drac) Ashoka Ashkanazi - usurped the Sephartic - installing Enlil's control in Israel. (also founding the Bank of England- described below as owning the US banking).

The Reptilians ensured that the new Man would be forever attached to the Reptilian frequency because the foundational prototype was Reptilian. This meant that the new Man could easily be mentally controlled by them.

Upon discovery of this information that the Reptilians wanted control of the new race, the Atlanteans began a severe electromagnetic bombardment of Lemuria. This bombardment caused the bulk of the continent to submerge into the ocean, now called the Pacific Ocean. The only parts left above the water are the Hawaiian Islands, the California coast west of the San Andreas fault, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific Islands, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and the islands of southeast Asia.

The Reptilian survivors went to Northern India, the Earths interior, the planet Venus, and parts of Central and South America. Inner Earth became the "homeland" for most of the surviving Reptilians of Lemuria. Here, they created a vast underground civilization. This started the legends of hell and demons living in fire under the Earth. They built tubes containing fast, subway-like vehicles that can travel to any point on the Earth within a few hours. They created the famed underworld cities of Akkadia, Agartha, Hyperborea, and Shamballa that are sought by explorers to this very day. These cities are built along the inside wall of the inner crust that lines the interior of the Earth. Remember, the hollow Earth is not a theory, but a scientific fact caused by the cooling and spinning of a planet as it is ejected from a star or sun.

Shall we check to see if Meredith Lady Young, author of "AGARTHA" (book about the civilization of the inner earth) agrees?

The primary entry points to the inner Earth are via the North Pole, where there is an opening of 1300 miles, and the South Pole, with an opening of 950 miles. These can be seen from space. That is why commercial aircraft are not allowed to fly over these areas; not because of magnetic disturbances, which is the "official" reason. Admiral Byrd reported on these openings in the 1920s until his information was concealed by the government.

At the very centre, or nucleus, of inner Earth, there is a globe of energy left over from the creation of this planet that acts as an inner sun. It is the light from this object suspended by gravity and centrifugal force that causes the light of the aurora borealis.

Numerous cave entrances to the inner Earth exist in the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Mountains in the western United States, as well as less numerous openings in the Ozarks and Appalachian Mountains. Entries also exist in the Alps, Himalayas, Andes, and the Caribbean. There are also numerous sub-oceanic entry points, particularly in the deep trenches of the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic submarine mountain ranges especially on or near the Azores, Canary Islands, and the Falklands.

All of these areas are closely guarded by local governments and N.W.O. elite forces. Artificially created entrances exist under the new Denver airport, the Giza Plateau in Egypt, major Air Force complexes around the world, and many of the Temples in India and China. A major Chinese entry point is under the Shensi Pyramid that is out of bounds for everyone in Western China.

Of course, with the Reptilians off the Earths surface, the Atlanteans were free to play with this new mankind and establish humans as the ruler of this planet. They established colonies all over the remaining portions of land. They invited the Sirians to come and play with them. They booted the Marduk beings off-world and took control of their slaves. They created new hybrids for sea and land, one of which became the Merfolk, a genetic blend of human and dolphin. The dolphin species was brought here from the Andromeda Galaxy to monitor all of these events.

Whenever the Atlanteans detected underground Reptilian activity, they blasted the inner Earth with lasers and electromagnetic pulses to kill them. Unfortunately, this weakened the upper crust of the Earths top mantle riding over the trapped magma between the upper and lower crusts. After several millennia of these attacks, the Atlantean continent started to break up. Their civilization began to break up as a reflection of the physical deterioration of their continent. The Atlanteans became even more belligerent as fear and destruction overtook their mind-patterns. Black magicians and sorcerers took the place of scientists and religious leaders.

Fortunately, the population foresaw the destruction that was coming. Many refugees relocated to what is now Egypt, Peru, the Appalachian Mountains and Western Europe, just before the continent collapsed into the upper crust of the Earth. This collapse caused the Earth to flip on its axis, creating the legend of the Flood written about in the Bible, and in other world cultures.

This catastrophe was used as a window of opportunity by the groups that donated DNA to create mankind. They immediately began reorganizing the humans into new groups that became the basis for future nationalism. The Sirians helped to create the ancient Egyptian culture. Those from Tau Ceti organized the Slavic culture. The Rigelians were busy in China and the Orient.[3]

While all this was transpiring, the Reptilians saw an opportunity and seized it!




The inner Earth provided a subterranean locale for the Reptilians to regroup and formulate plans to retake the surface. At this point, the Reptilians were completely cut off from their home in the Draco constellation. Their spaceship, the Moon, was in human hands. They were alone, isolated on a now hostile planet. They needed to defend themselves.

They developed a plan to insidiously retake the surface by blending their genetics with the genetics of the surface humans. Because the human prototype already had Reptilian genetics, it was easy to access the mind-pattern. The Reptilian frequency was already established in the brain stem as well as the Reptilian brain section of these hybrid humans.

The population of Sumer was chosen as the starting point. These humans were primarily descendants of the Martian, Maldekian, and Lyraen refugees. The Reptilians have a preference for the genetics of blonde-haired, blue-eyed people whose mind-patterns and genetics are so easily controlled. They abducted members of the ruling classes, including political leaders.

Using these humans, they began a new hybridization program that took several generations to perfect. Their goal was to reach a human/ Reptilian genetic 50/50 split. This would produce a human-looking Reptilian that could easily shapeshift from Reptilian to human, then back again. Shapeshifting was accomplished simply by concentrating on the genetics the hybrid wished to open, or lock up, whatever the case may be.

For this program the Reptilians engaged the help of the Sirians who had the technology to implement such a program. The Sirians knew a lot about genetic alterations and mind-programming, which they freely shared with the Reptilians.

Once the hybridization program was complete, the Sumerian leaders were now shapeshifting Reptilians. The new Reptilian hybrid became the elite of that culture. Their blood, because of the increased Reptilian DNA, contained more of a copper content. Since copper-based blood turns blue-green upon oxidizing, these Reptilian hybrids were called "Bluebloods".

American government is probably the main focus of the current reptilian shapeshifters. Your attention is drawn to the vertical slit eyeballs which shape shift in to many US military leaders - Norman Russbacher, Rupert Murdock, etc. Pictures: We suggested new rules requiring all government decisions and voting must take place in 20% oxygen air, to kill the shapeshifters.

The Bluebloods quickly realized that with a 50/50 human/Reptilian genetic split, it was necessary to intermarry to maintain the 50/50 split bloodline necessary to shapeshift. When the split increased too far to the Reptilian side, shapeshifting became difficult, and holding human form became impossible. In these cases, it was discovered that the ingestion of human hormones, flesh, and blood, allowed the Reptilians to maintain the human form.

Human form was necessary to maintain to avoid scaring the population, which was now not accustomed to the Reptilian form. Control of the masses was easier when the orders came from a humanoid. The Reptilian format was kept to religious icons and legends. The statues of their gods and goddesses reflect the Reptilian influence, even showing a female Reptilian holding a hybrid baby.

The shapeshifting Reptilian Bluebloods asked the Sirians for help with the daily maintenance of their human forms. The Sirians determined that feeding the hybrids human hormones and blood in an altered animal form would be the easiest way to do it unnoticed by the population.

The sacrificial animal used by most Middle Eastern people was the wild boar, so the Sirians chose it as the basis for this new animal hybrid. Human genetics were mixed with those of the wild boar to create the domesticated pig. This animal was served daily to the Bluebloods as a method of temporarily maintaining their human form until they could use an actual human in a sacrificial ceremony.

Because the domesticated pig is a combination of human and animal genetics, eating it is a form of cannibalism. This explains why the Hebrews considered it unclean to eat. This is also why the pig is considered to be the most intelligent animal on Earth, why pig skin can be grafted directly onto humans in burn cases, and why pig heart valves can be used in humans with little difficulty. Cancer drugs and other chemicals are often tested on pigs before humans.

The domesticated pig frequency, or group mind, is the perfect vehicle for animal species to enter before entering human form on their evolutionary progression. In many respects, pigs can be considered a form of humanity. To a lesser degree, the same is true about cats.

As time progressed, the civilization of Sumer declined and transformed into other cultures. Vast migrations from Sumer to other locations in Central Asia occurred. The migrating peoples took their Blueblood leaders with them, as they were their royalty and kings.

The Sumerians became known as the sum-Aryans, or just, Aryans. They spread out across Asia into the steppes of Russia and into the Northern Indian subcontinent. In India they encountered the dark-skinned Dravidians, who were Reptilian remnants from Lemuria. The Dravidians were driven to the central and southern parts of India, while the Aryan hybrids took control of the north, and into the foothills of the Himalayas. The Aryan leaders, all Bluebloods, became the Sultans and Rajas of legend and history. Sumerians also created Babylonia.

The Sumerians also migrated to the area known as the Caucasus Region, where the Khazars developed. From the Caucasus Region, the Blueblood kings and their people spread west toward Europe, developing into the Franks, Cambrians, and Teutonic nationalities. These nationalities were also being manipulated by various alien cultures like the Antarians, Arcturians, Aldebarans, Tau Cetians, and other remnants of the Lyraens, such as the Atlans. The Atlans located here eventually became the Celts.

To back-track for just a bit, I had said in a previous chapter that the descendants of the Reptilian hybrid Sumerians went into Central Asia and the Middle East. They mostly established themselves in the Caucasus Mountains and became the Khazars. From here, they spread west toward Europe, seeding the national identities for the Vikings, the Franks, the Teutonic peoples, and the Russians. Keep in mind that when Atlantis sank, some of those refugees went to Western Europe and developed into the Celts. Some went to Greece and others to the Italian Peninsula. These peoples were here before the hybrids moved in. It was during the interim time period from the destruction of Atlantis until the Sumerian descendants moved in that other alien groups started to add their genetic mix to the pot and develop individual cultures based on their home worlds.

These Blueblood leaders also infiltrated the Middle Eastern peoples, such as the Biblical Canaanites, Malachites, and Kittites.

At the same time in Egypt, the Sirians were reorganizing the Atlantean descendants there, known as the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians were blonde-haired, blue-eyed, with some green-eyed, red-haired people among them. The Phoenicians colonized the coastal Middle East and the British Isles. They even colonized parts of the North-eastern North American continent, all the way to the Great Lakes area. Some of their mines and writing son stone tablets can still be found in the woods of North America.

The Sirians were also genetically creating the ancient Hebrews. The Jewish people are actually a combination of these genetically manipulated Hebrews and the Sumerians. These Jewish people were then released into the Palestinian territory. The name, Palestine, comes from the ancient people, the Philistines, who were actually Phoenicians.

All of these mixed in the coastal plains of Palestine and created a new religion based on sacrifice and an avenging alien controller, that they called God, or Elohim.

Similarly, when the Aryans mixed with the Dravidians in India, they created the Hindu religion, which is actually a recreation of the Reptilian seven-tier hierarchy. The caste system of India is a direct copy of the Reptilian division of function.

At the same time that all of this was going on in western and central Asia, the Rigelians, were developing the remnants of Lemuria who escaped to the coast of eastern Asia. The Rigelians were a human civilization that was controlled, and eventually assimilated, by the Reptilians. The Rigelians assisted the inner Earth Reptilians in developing a hybrid that included Rigelian DNA. The Rigelian/ Reptilian hybrids set up dynasties in what is now Japan and China that developed independently of their western cousins.

In their mania for control, the Reptilians used the various races that donated DNA to the original human project. They fastidiously monitored these related sections of hybrids to determine which was best suited for overall control, and which for subservience. All the hybrids could be controlled through the Reptilian brain that hooked them into Reptilian mind-patterns, but some were more controllable than others.

In Europe, the Bluebloods insidiously took control of the various tribes and groups, becoming their kings and royalty. They infiltrated the Arcturian experiment, called the Etruscans and started to create a new global empire through the Romans. These European Bluebloods then entirely eliminated the Antarian experiment in Greece, and instigated their plan for globalization through the Roman Empire.

The Reptilians even offended the Sirians by infiltrating the Egyptian experiment and implementing their religion there.

The Reptilian hybrids became like the endometriosis of the known world, slowly growing into all areas and creating control through the Blueblood system.



Other alien groups

While the Reptilians were the first colonists on Earth, they were not the only ones who interfered with human development on this planet. In all there are twelve other groups who donated DNA to the production of the experiment. Add the Reptilians to the twelve groups, resulting in human beings with a genetic mixture of 13 different strains.

The result was a general free-for-all. While all these humanoid aliens were Lyraen/Reptilian descendants, each group was culturally and physically manipulated by different groups. This is similar to a lab professor who leaves the door open while he is gone, and all his assistants add their own genetics to the experiment.

The Tau Ceti aliens centreed their attention on the eastern European area, from what is now Serbia to the slopes of the Ural Mountains. From here, they influenced the Slavic and Russian peoples. The geographic conditions resembled that in the Tau Ceti star system, and its colony Epsilon Eradanus. The Tau Ceti added their DNA to the human prototypes that were already established there, creating what is now known as the Slavic peoples. The results were a race of humans who were stocky, barrel-chested, and averaging 5'6'' to 5'9'' in height, with a dense bone structure and dark eyes. They were aggressive, and preferred a cold climate.

These Tau Ceti/humans were virulently against the grey alien race and the Reptilians, because their worlds had been attacked, and their children stolen and killed by both races. The Tau Cetians vowed to follow the grey race and destroy them.

In the 1950s, the Soviet Union signed an agreement with the Tau Cetians to use bases in Siberia and under the Ural Mountains. For this reason, the city of Sverdlovsk, named after my great-uncle, the first president of the Soviet Union, was closed to outsiders. Many experiments involving radiation on the public were performed here from 1958 through the 1980s. A United States spy plane was shot down over Sverdlovsk in the early 1960s when the United States was trying to learn about the secret activities taking place there.

In central Europe, the German tribes were genetically manipulated by beings from Aldebaran. These people are very intelligent and scientifically-oriented. They are generally blonde-haired and blue-eyed, with a minority of dark-haired, light-brown to hazel-eyed people. They are militaristic, and prefer to keep to themselves. For almost 2,000 years, the Aldebarans have been energetically connecting to the Germanic peoples, telepathically sending information to them and promoting a national sentiment.

Many humans of the Aldebaran frequency have mixed with the Tau Ceti descendants in the Slavic area, particularly in Poland and Russia. Hitler knew this. That is why he was so adamant about invading those countries and incorporating them into his empire. Hitler was only half Germanic. His father was a wealthy Jewish businessman in Austria. His mother worked at the home as a maid. She had an affair with the master of the house, and when the wife found out about it, had the maid thrown out. The Jewish businessman did nothing to help Hitler's mother. For this reason, Hitler hated the Jews and sought to destroy his own genetic lineage, basically because he hated himself. He was also deeply mind-controlled.

The Aldebarans also genetically infused the Vikings. These Nordic people inherited the aggressive and militaristic tendencies that are also seen in the Germans. The Vikings plundered and raped across Europe for centuries, but did not have the technological ability to stay in power.

An accidental manipulation of genetics occurred on the Italian peninsula 3000 years ago. A ship from the Arcturus star system crashed landed on Etruscan territory. These humans were actually extremely spiritually-minded, and instead of trying to get back home, stayed and blended into the humans of that part of Earth. Their descendants became the Romans who were then infiltrated and mixed with the Central Asian hybrids.

Beings from the Antarian star system were behind the genetic manipulation of ancient Greece. These people were a society predominantly based upon homosexuality. Females were used for breeding only. In fact, there were Antarian observers at the Montauk Project who were interested in the programming aspects of sexuality as they related to the Wilhelm Reich methods. The Antarians are dark, often with olive skin, dark eyes, and short, thin bodies. They have a fabulous musculature due to the density of their home-world, and are known for their body-building goals.

The Greek-Antarians colonized Spain and Portugal. Their descendants further mixed with the Romans, and Arabs who are predominantly Sumerian/Reptilian. These then colonized Central and South America, mixing their genetics with the native Indians who were of Atlantean-Procyon descent.

The Procyon star system does not have much technology. The Procyons were brought to this planet after the fall of Atlantis to boost the survival rate of the refugees. They became the Maya, Aztec, and Inca. They were given ancient Lemurian and Atlantean outposts in the Andes and Sierras of Mexico. They tried unsuccessfully to recreate these cultures, including emulating the building of the pyramids, performing medical procedures, and finally, sacrificing to the Reptilian gods. This is why their legends speak of blond men returning in chariots from space to take them away.

The Anasazi Indians of the American southwest were also brought from Procyon. It was the Sirians who so generously provided transportation. The Sirians even attempted to bring the Hebrews to the American west. Ancient Hebrew coins were found in New Mexico and other parts of North and South America.[4]

Over the millennia and recent centuries, movements of nations, colonizations, war, and famines, have thrown the Earths population into a giant melting pot. Strands of genetics have continuously mixed with one another, especially in North America, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, and South America. The result is that there are few pure races left, and the racial and cultural unity makes it easier for group control.

While all of this was going on in Europe and the Middle East, the Chinese Empire was expanding over East Asia, and the Dravidian-Reptilian culture in India was being replaced by the Aryan (Ari- and Sum-Arian) hordes from Central Asia. In South America, the Inca Empire was flourishing as it was mixed with the genetics of the Procyon star system.

The same mixture was happening in North and Central America creating the Toltecs, Mayans, and Aztecs. All of these cultures, used blood-ritual and human sacrifice. This indicates that the Procyonians were themselves conquered by the Reptilians and did their bidding, even though they were humanoid. All of the Central and South American cultures used snakes and Reptilians as symbols. These people have a unique blend of Lemurian/Draco and Atlantean/Human genetics mixed with the Procyonian DNA.



The Crystal Skull

When the Hatona Council convened to determine the development of life on Earth, they pondered two questions. First, if the Earth beings were left to develop on their own, how would they know their true origins, and second, if there was no interference, how could they be prodded in the correct direction.

One E.T. group that was primarily non-physical decided to leave a repository of knowledge for those who evolved enough to understand it. These muscular beings were tall with golden-bronze skin, golden hair, and violet eyes. On an etheric level, this E.T. group created an object that contained within it the sum total of knowledge of the Mind of God as they knew it. They also programmed this object with the history of the universe and all the technology that would ever be necessary.

For the object this group chose the shape of a female human skull without any racial features. The skull represented all humanoids, symbolizing brotherhood and harmony. The female was chosen because it was to be placed in physical reality as a symbol of ego being overcome. Crystal was chosen because it represents the highest vibration possible in physical reality - purity, clarity, focusing, and magnification. The movable jaw piece symbolized the fact that it was a communication device. The E.T. group left the Crystal Skull with the first Lyraen/ Atlantean civilization where it was placed in a temple pyramid to be energized by the Lyraen/ Atlanteans over many aeons of time.

When the Sirians infiltrated the second-generation Lyraen/ Atlantean civilization, they negotiated with the Atlans to study the Crystal Skull. Over time, they created an exact duplicate that they brought back to Sirius A. Other alien groups made inferior copies of it for use with their own human creations. By the time the third generation Lyraen/ Atlanteans were well established, the true purpose of the Crystal Skull was almost entirely forgotten.

Those in power tried to use it for negative purposes, not realizing that this magnified and reflected back all their evil deeds and intentions. In addition, the Crystal Skull was created in such a way that whatever is thought in its presence reflects back, becoming a part of the thinker's experiences. The Crystal Skull teaches that the physical universe mirrors thoughts.

When Atlantis sank, high priests fleeing the continent brought it to Central America to where the Procyonians brought the Maya. Here, it was used as an object of worship and reverence until the Maya were removed from the Earth. Eventually, the Crystal Skull remained buried in ruins until its discovery in the early part of the 20th Century, when the Crystal Skull allowed itself to be discovered.

The Crystal Skull operates through the trinity of communication color, tone, and archetype. When any combination of these three is beamed or thought of in the presence of the Crystal Skull, it opens a program that is coded to a particular frequency resonance.

An infinite number of combinations can be used, and any one will unlock a program in the Crystal Skull to teach mankind. The left-brain represents language, and the right-brain represents pure thought. The pineal gland of communication balances and translates the left- and right- brains with the use of archetypes.

Archetypes can be geometric shapes, letters, numbers, Ancient Hebrew symbols, pictograms, or any combination of these. Colors are also part of the triad with a language all their own. The left-brain is dark, the right-brain is light, and once again, the pineal gland balances and translates this through colors. Tones also represent the trinity of sound, balancing music and silence. In the same way, the Crystal Skull balances the Mind of God and physical reality.

At times, the Crystal Skull becomes non-physical. Because it was created without a body, this symbolizes the needlessness of the physical body. The Crystal Skull is a bridge between all levels of reality. Anyone who knows the sequences of the trinity of communication becomes all-powerful and omniscient.


9 The Ancient Hebrews

Most modern Jews have absolutely no genetic link to the Middle East. There are in fact, many different physical types of Jews, covering many racial characteristics. This supports the fact that they are not a homogeneous group, but a religious group that spans many cultures. The story of Abraham going out from the city of Ur and coming to Canaan is really telling the story of the Reptilian hybrids leaving Sumerian territory and colonizing other parts of Central Asia and the Middle East. The vast majority of European/American Jews can trace their genetic lineage to the Khazars, mentioned in the last chapter, who all converted to Judaism in the 800s to circumvent the Catholic rule of the Holy Roman Empire.

In the year 2000, the University of Pavia in Italy did a genetic study of European men. They found that 80% of them had a direct lineage to Central Asia and the other 20% to the Middle East. This supports the statement that the Sumerians entered into Central Asia and then migrated to Europe and the Middle East. This also nullifies the theory of Africa as the birthplace of mankind. There is absolutely no genetic connection from Asia or Europe to Africa.

The ancient Hebrews have nothing to do with modern Jews. As mentioned in the previous chapter, the Hebrews were Sirian-created in Egypt by combining Sirian and Lyraen genetics. These people were tall and powerful, and spoke the Sirian language which is the equivalent to the ancient Hebrew language. Scholars agree that the Hebrew language suddenly appeared on the scene.

The ancient peoples of Palestine spoke Aramaic, which was the parent language of Arabic, Farsi, and several other Middle Eastern dialects. Originally, Hebrew was a language used exclusively by the priesthood and the Egyptian secret society. Eventually, ancient Hebrew began to mix with Aramaic, among other languages.

The Hebrews were actually paid workers in Egypt. They went to Canaan to assimilate the native cultures for the Egyptian Empire. They mixed with the local tribes of Sumerian-hybrid descendants, practicing blood-ritual and human sacrificed. All of this was incorporated into a conglomerate religion based on ancient Egyptian/Atlantean/ Sirian beliefs. That is how Judaism was born.

The story of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt is a poor retelling of the destruction of the island of Santorini in the eastern Mediterranean Sea by volcanic explosion. The lava dispersed into the sea causing it to turn blood-red. The volcanic ash and rock that spewed forth created the legend of the plagues on Egypt. Many citizens fled the area. The Red Sea parted when the ground under the water rose up, exposing land that could then be crossed. Several hours later, it sank back down, drowning whoever was still trying to cross.

The actual translation of how the Ten Commandments, or the Bible codes, were transmitted to the people of the Exodus, states that the people spontaneously started speaking the instructions. This is a demonstration of mind-to-mind communication. In this case, programming was electromagnetically activated, revealing DNA instructions that were then written down. These instructions were designed to keep the experiment/ project in line.

The Middle East became a focal point for the Sirians and their Reptilian allies. Together, they generated a new version of religion and culture for ease of global control and domination. What better way to do that than by programming a race of nomadic people that would carry the religion and culture everywhere on the Earth.

Whenever the conditions within the experiment became unmanageable, the particular overseer group made corrections. For example, most people are familiar with the story of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, where a group of humans in the mankind experiment went awry. Their sexual habits were not conducive to propagation since they were predominantly homosexual.

A virus was introduced into the population to destroy it. However, it started to spread outside the immediate region. This disturbed the controllers, so they sent two agents to investigate, and to determine if anyone was salvageable. The local inhabitants called them angels, because of their blonde hair, blue eyes, and perfect bodies.

Lot and his wife took the agents into their home to protect them, since all the men in town wanted to have sex with them. Soon after, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. To this day, radiation can be detected at the site. Melted rock is seen in the canyon walls. Sodom and Gomorrah were eliminated with a nuclear weapon.

In the early 1960s, Israeli scientist digging at the site of Sodom found remnants of bone and body tissue encased in rock. American scientists were called in because they had better equipment. What they found in the preserved body tissue was a sample of the virus. The Americans reconstituted it with living cellular nuclei. Quietly it was tested on a terminally ill patient in a St Louis Hospital in 1967. The man died a horrible death. The virus was called AIDS because it removed whatever immune system the man had left. The American research determined that this thousands-of-years-old virus was artificially genetically created.

The ancient Hebrew religion was a conglomeration of the Sumerian-Reptilian belief system, ancient Egyptian-Atlantean-Lyraen belief system, and the Reptilian tribal subcultures found in the land of Canaan that were incorporated into one acceptable dogma. It included blood-ritual and human sacrifice, which is why Abraham was so eager to please God by killing his own son on an altar. This symbolism came in handy later on for religious purposes.

The Hebrew language itself did not appear until after the Hebrews left Egypt, and then only for religious ceremonial purposes by the priests. In fact, many of the terms and names used in the Hebrew religion came from the Egyptian ceremonial rites. The name, Moses, originates from the title given to adepts of the secret Egyptian pyramid cult. This Egyptian ceremonial title, Moshe, means "he who is anointed with crocodile fat from the Nile River."

Here, we suggest Swerdlow does not deal well - with the academic evidence Moses was Akhanaton - ref: Out of Egypt , House of the Messiah , books etc. But at least he perceives correctly that the best Hebrew rites were mostly descended from Egypt. The ongoing conflict between Enlil's Amun Ra priests, versus Akhenaton's ATUN ( Enki) probably reflects the Enlil more Drac reptilian persuasion, versus Enki - the rebellious son from Sirius, pushing the possibility that a (his?) genetic experiment here could produce a blood line recovery from the catastrophic Nephilim DNA condition. With the beneficial result to the advanced Draco's of new access to a blood line that COULD resume star navigating - where the big salaries are made- because of renewed gravity making power in imploding ignited DNA.

This ceremony was performed inside the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid. In Hebrew it meant "out from the water", in reference to the crocodiles. The Egyptian word for crocodile fat was Messeh from which the term Messiah is derived. To be anointed with crocodile fat rendered into an oil, was to absorb powerful, unchanging Reptilian energy and assimilate this into the body. Moshe, or Moses, was a ritual title, not a persons name and was a reference to the crocodile fat used in temple and pyramid ceremonies.

A leader such as a Moses was a logical choice to spearhead a migration of people to safety from a place of turmoil, such as when the destruction of the island of Santorini, also known as Thera, blew up and created havoc on Egyptian territory, causing many to flee. It would also make sense for the Sirian controllers of Egypt to send out their genetic creations, the Hebrews, to a place of safety in the Sinai desert like a safekeeping until needed.

It was then that the Torah, or Holy Commandments, was given to this people as a code by which to live. This document is in a code that can only now be deciphered with the use of a computer. The land of Canaan needed to be conquered in order to give development room to the new creations. In effect, the Hebrews were the next sequence of the experiment, and the old versions were to be eliminated or assimilated.

The Hebrews carried the new coded laws in the Ark of the Covenant (Coven of Ants), that only the priests could touch. When the University of Minnesota in the 1960s attempted to build the Ark as described with instructions in the Bible, it was so electrically charged that it had to be dismantled! This is why the ancient Hebrew priests entered into the Ark area alone, for safety reasons. They also had to wear white linen, as non-conductive clothing, and wore a special breastplate that grounded them electrically and acted as a protective shield. The Ark was really a communication device. This is why the priests had messages from God whenever they were in the Arks presence.

The Ark also acted as a location device for beacons originating outside of this planet. The Ark was originally kept in the Great Pyramid to focalize energies. It was sent with the Hebrews for safekeeping. It has since traveled from Egypt to Canaan/Israel to Ethiopia, back to Israel, and now is located under the pyramid again. However, there are actually two Arks. The second one is in Jerusalem.

We feel this information is incomplete, in that clearly the Ark was a fractally arranged (Orgone) capacitor - whose charge compression could contain radioactivity. And that feeding the charge of this device is the reason it must be located on a major ley line - today it appears- precisely on the Michael line - St Michael's (Enlil) Island cave in the Azores (Assuras = assa uru)- where Jacque Cousteau's son lost his life for getting too close.



The Annunnaki & The Black Race

The creators of the black race, the reptilian beings of Marduk known as the Annunnakki whose planetoid travels in an elliptical orbit of this solar system every few thousand  years, are due to arrive in 2003.

It is now 2004 and reasonable to surmise that massive arrival / invasion is immanent. We recommend isolation in community, hi ground, shelter from hi wind, good water, seeds, and being transparent to government. Good shaman lucid dreaming skill to set up boundary.

The Annunnakki like to develop slave races for specific purposes, creating them out of lower animal forms. In the case of their Earth creations, they used simians to create a slave race to work the mines in what is now known as Africa. This race was genetically designed to work and live in hot, humid conditions with a limited life span. Diseases were programmed into them to prevent development of culture, and cause them to become dependent on their creators for existence. This is why in the genetic memory of all other races, the blacks are slaves.

The American and European Illuminati decided to use the AIDS virus as a weapon to remove the black race from Earth. These Illuminati concluded that if the Blacks were no longer here, the Annunnakki would find the condition of their slaves unacceptable, and not interfere with Illuminati plans. The green monkeys of east Africa were subsequently infected with the AIDS virus, along with the blood supply of Haiti. In Africa, AIDS is a heterosexual disease. The World Health Organization, WHO, was also used to directly inject the AIDS virus into the population under the guise of immunization.

"The 1971 flowchart makes it perfectly clear, the design, intent and purpose of the U.S. Special Virus program. As Dr. Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDS says, the HIV/AIDS virus is the result of many steps in the laboratory, it was no accident. The 1971 flowchart provides absolute evidence of the United States' intent to kill its own citizens and others."  Dr Boyd Graves

However, a monkey wrench turned up in the plans. A gay French-Canadian flight attendant had sex with a bisexual partner in Africa. The infected flight attendant angrily spread the disease wherever he went. New York City and San Francisco were two of his primary destinations. He alone is determined to have been the main carrier outside of the intended target. The Illuminati does not think of everything.[5]

By 2003 when Marduk returns, most of Black Africa will be infected. Those who are not infected will be killed via Ebola, war, or famine.

Most Caribbean and North American blacks have a high percentage of European genetics that are not considered desirable for slave purposes.

In 1999, newspapers reported that US astronomers said that a huge planet had been detected beyond Pluto with an elliptical orbit opposite to all the other planets in this solar system. They said it was on a trajectory that would take it to near the Earth in 2003! Not another word was printed about it after that.



quotes from - Planet X, Comets and What NASA is Hiding (not from Swedlow - exploring the parallel to the interventionist comet theory)

An Interview with James McCanney, by Rick Martin-published: Nexus Magazine-Dec03, They excerpted from . also see:

"... the other factor... In 1991 what Harrington saw was two things: he saw Hale-Bopp, and he saw something much bigger beyond Hale Bopp. That's Planet-X. .. In 1991, Hale-Bopp was on a near direct collision course with Earth. With a couple of quick photographs they could chart the orbit, and it was on a new collision course with Earth.

Martin :(Interviewer): No wonder there was such a scramble.

McCanney: It was a huge scramble. When it was discovered, I called up Goddard Space Centre- I knew the secretary there- and I said: 'What's Going On?' I heard there's this comet...' You could hear the screaming in the background. And she said: "Oh my God, this comet is huge!". But I thought she meant in the sense of being a news story. No, it was huge in the sense that is a planet-sized object. They had been tracking it.

You see, this is where the division comes in, because it wasn't until then that even a lot of the scientists at Goddard found out about it. But they had been tracking this since 1991, possibly earlier. Harrington discovered it, and you see it in the 1991 memo that he knew exactly where to go and look at it.

A long time ago, what happened is... it was one of the companions of Niburu that did the damage to Earth.

Martin: A Companion?

McCanney: A companion. It was the one that became Venus. Velikovsky was very right that Venus was a huge comet that worked its way through the solar system, and it took about a 600 year period from the time it was captured by Jupiter to the time it encountered Earth. and then worked its way in to become the planet (VENUS) that we know today.

So, originally, what happened was that Hale-Bopp was here about 4,200 years ago. They were, literally, smaller companions to Niburu. That's why they didn't want anybody to know about the companion, because they knew it was on a collision course with Earth, and they knew it was the companion to the bigger one that caused the problem. But they didn't realize that Hale-Bopp was, literally one of the companions itself.

Now, when the destroyer, the Big Guy, Niburu, comes in, it has an entire entourage of these things.

Martin: I guess Coment NEAT would be one of those?

McCanney: And that's the thing. When we got barraged a few weeks ago by all these comets, and they never announced Comet NEAT,C-2002/VI. Clearly all of this stuff is coming from the southern hemisphere.

Then of course, Harrington knew very well where that was, the reasons that I gave; they were 'pulling down' on the planets Uranus and Neptune. It's interesting to note that when the story of Harrington came out, the government tried to make a statement through some of these astronomers that on the radio, the disinformation guys, who came up with a story: "Oh well, we have corrected the masses of those planets due to new information, so that has taken care of the problem"

Well, no, that doesn't correct anything, when you see these planets being 'pulled down'. That would only correct things in the plane of the planets. This object was big enough, back in 1991, that it was pulling Uranus and Neptune down out of their orbits. That's how BIG this thing is!

So, you see the concern over the companion. Because they all know, and the Vatican knows, that it was the companion that did the damage the last time. The only problem is, the companion became the planet Venus. What they don't understand is that it's a very different thing to produce the orbits for these, and NASA is learning the hard way. They couldn't keep track of Hale-Bopp; it changed on a daily basis. That was the one thing we did in The Millenium Group: track the dailing changing of its orbit on the government ephemeris pages.

Martin: Was Comet NEAT a surprise? Did that come out of nowhere- or did they expect that?

McCanney: No. Comet NEAT is another VERY large nucleus; planetary in size- probably the size of our moon, at least; probably larger. They probably saw it coming in years ago, as part of this entourage of things coming in -- which I think of as things that are coming in as part of the Planet X entourage. They didn't want anybody to know about it, for the simple reason they knew it was going to come in right around the Sun and it was big. They probably never expected it to become as bright as it did. But it was literally visible in the daytime sky, right next to the Sun, as it passed - over about a 12 hour period when it was coming in.

Martin: The obvious question is: how many more of these companions can we look forward to ?

McCanney: We don't know. Of course though, NASA would have a very good knowledge of this. The other important thing that I wanted to say earlier about Hale-Bopp is that in the six year period from 1991 to 1996, where it actually hit perihelion with the Sun, it lost three months time in arriving due to the tail-drag of the huge comet. That's why we didn't have a direct collision with it. And when I say "direct collision", I don't mean hitting Earth; I mean we would have been within about one million miles. By anybody's standard, it would have been total devastation of this planet. The flooding would have been enormous. It was only due to the fact that this thing slowed down that we missed it.

Martin: I guess another question would be; where is NEAT going?

McCanney: NEAT headed back out. That is object number four of my South American Harrington Expedition to chart the new orbit for NEAT, because it clearly lost a lot of its energy as it came around the Sun, as it picked up a lot of tail material. So, it's not going to come and hit Earth. That's what NASA always says: "Oh these people think it's going to hit Earth". No, no; nobody said anything about it hitting Earth. They try to make fun of people and, in fact, they actually have people who set up those stories on the Internet so they can go make fun of them. It's part of their disinformation campaign.

Martin: When a comet the size of NEAT, swings by our Sun, how does 'action at a distance' come into play?

McCanney: The flare that came off (the Sun), that you see in many of the photos, came and hit the back side of the comet tail.

Martin: The five-million-mile flare?

McCanney: Yes. Now, if that were to have come at Earth, it would have knocked us to our knees. But it went off in a totally obscure direction. Let's look at something else. What you didn't see there, but I could see it coming off of NEAT... if you look very closely, you'll see a pin-thin streak coming directly away from the Sun and out away from the nucleus, out the right of the screen. That's connecting with planet MERCURY. Mercury was in a direct alignment with NEAT as it came across the ecliptic, the plane of the planets. That line, that you can actually see on solar photographs, is connecting to Mercury.

So, now let's put Earth over there. What if Earth had been over 90 degrees around, and we were not broadside to it? Then, we could have very easily been in a position to take that flare, for example, or take an electrical discharge directly from NEAT. That is what the ancients talked about with the comets, the lightning bolts flying across the heavens; they saw these things - Zeus throwing lightning bolts to Mars. They saw this stuff.

Martin: It was literal; it wasn't metaphorical?

McCanney: No, it was not metaphorical. When Venus came around Mars, it lashed out with an electrical discharge and auroras in the atmosphere of Mars lit up; it looked like a snake grabbing Mars. It literally sucked the oceans and atmosphere off of Mars as it passed by. And they saw this. They knew that Mars, prior to that, was a water planet, was a blue planet, just like Earth. Mars has a very thin atmosphere. Venus has a massive atmosphere, thousands of times denser than Earth's atmosphere. But percentage wise, the chemical composition of the atmospheres of Venus and Mars are exactly the same- which means they were formed in the same boiling pot there, as they passed by each other.

Martin: I wanted to ask you about Velikovsky. You're very similar to him in that he was given a hard time and ridiculed, and it turns out he was right.

McCanney: There's no question any more that Velikovsky was right. And, I think the biggest thing that I want to say about Velikovsky is that he was not studying astronomy. He was studying CALENDARS!


( In the next section-McCanney reviews more of his interesting work on how controversial he has been - "COMETS ARE NOT DIRTY SNOWBALLS- BUT large electrical VACUUM CLEANERS in outer space" - by demonstrating against the Science community opinion - that the plasma of space is active - full of charge - and NOT electrically neutral. This has profound implications for what comets do in near misses - and perhaps - how in part - "planets experience gravity relations erotically" - a Gurdjieff sentiment.)

--the last section of the article is nice to add here: (fits nicely with the dozens of new web sites comparing George Bush's laws passed since 9/11 to Hitler)

Martin: Are there some closing comments you would like to make?

McCanney: I would say, number one that the rest of the world is advancing far beyond the United States in consciousness and in progress as a human species. The other thing I would say is that as a country, as a civilian population, we have to grab hold of this country and turn it around because, literally, the whole rest of the world depends upon it. We are at a stage right now that is equivalent to 1939, pre- World War II Hitler's Germany.

They did not turn that country around - and if we don't turn this country around, we're going to be in a far bigger world problem than World War II ever thought of being.

This inset thanks to MALU for passing on: [Planet_Alert] April 2004 Issue "...Anyone hear David Booth on Coast to Coast Monday night February 23? He says a planetary object will pass by (passará pelo) the South Pole sometime this year and will cause a shock wave (causará uma onda de choque) around the world. -"
From: "Webmaster" <
To: < . Sent: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 5:37 AM
Subject: [Planet_Alert] April 2004 Issue

Spring is almost here, and with it comes a strong wave of energy. There is always an energy wave that comes to Earth at the time of the Spring Equinox.
This year the wave will start on March 13, and will continue until the new moon of April. We have readied the mid point of the seven-year tribulation period that started on September 13, 2000. From this time forward, the Earth will go through major changes.

I have a book called The Nature of Reality which was written, or channeled, by Hilarion and published in 1978. This book says that in the midst of the tribulation, a number of natural catastrophes will be arranged to afflict the Earth. One of the most frightening of these catastrophes will be the discovery that a large asteroid will collide with the Earth and will be felt throughout the world as a tremendous shock-wave, initiating earthquake and volcanic activity on a scale unheard of in the written history of man. Anyone hear David Booth on Coast-to-Coast Monday night February 23? He says a planetary object will pass by the South Pole sometime this year and will cause a shock wave around the world.

David also says that this spring will bring to the Southern Hemisphere an incredible once in a lifetime event with the passing of Comets 2001Q4 NEAT and 2002 T7 LINEAR. Perhaps more interesting though is that the point of crossing for these two comet's occurs by the star Sirius. Sirius is the largest and most brilliant star in our heavens. It is known as the Dog Star and is 8.6 light years from Earth. It is visible in the Northern Hemisphere evening sky from November through April.
An ancient Hopi prophecy states, "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge". The Blue Star is Sirius. And soon, very soon afterward, Pahana (Christ) will return.

Perhaps more ominous though will be that these two comets will form an X, or cross, directly under the Earth over the south pole at almost the same time Venus begins eclipsing the Sun on June 8, 2004. Venus is the ruling planet of the Mayan Calendar and signifies a very important time period. The Mayans look to this time period as the return of Quetzalcoatl, also known as Jesus.

I received an email from Carl Johan Calleman, who wrote an article about the passage of Venus. To read this article, go to He says, "To become real, the energy of Quetzacoatl must manifest in human beings. At this time this must happen through the absorption of the energy of light on the right brain and unifying this with the left. This is really about activating Kundalini energy for which humanity is now ripe. This is a winding energy of light in our bodies, a manifestation of the movement of the serpent of light".

Another interesting event is that Supernova 1987 has become a raging ring of fire. This Cosmic Pineal has caught on fire. As above, so below! The Astronomers expected this to happen in 2005. It is happening now, and we will soon feel our Kundalini rising, and our bodies will fill with light. To obtain more information on this, go to the web site

The book, The Nature of Reality, and the Bible states that it's now time for the SE Asian countries to come into the act with war and aggression. This could be either North Korea, China, or Taiwan. It's time for the Kings from the East to play their part.

This book also says that before the march of the Chinese army has been completed, there will be a great storm over the entire world, which will be caused by the Earth passing through a cloud in space which contains harmful chemicals, hydrocarbon materials, debris and larger pieces of solid material. The hydrocarbons will ignite in the higher levels of the atmosphere and produce smoke and other products of combustion which will greatly cut down the amount of light that the Sun and Moon give to the Earth. The burning of the hydrocarbon gases will produce a terrifying display for all to see and will convince many that God is real, and that the final days have come.

The Bible says in 2 Peter, chapter 3, verse 10, that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night, and then the heavens will pass away with a loud noise, and the elements will be dissolved with fire. Then we will have a new heaven and a new Earth in which righteousness dwells.

The Nature of Reality book says, "Prior to the passage of the Earth through the cloud in space, a great sign will appear in the heavens, to indicate to those who have realized the truth, that the last days have come. This is the sign of the Son of Man spoken of in the scriptures.
It will be constituted by a comet (or comets) whose tail is divided into a couple of spikes or fingers extending in different directions. Those finger's as seen from the direction of the Earth will exactly form the Greek letter Chi, which is an X or the word Christ". I believe this is what David Booth is talking about.

The Southern Hemisphere will start seeing the comets soon, and by the end of April they will be at the closest point to Earth. The comets will be in the heaven during the Easter season, which to me represents the risen
Christ. It's time to manifest the golden light of the Christ that is within all of us.

The planets are very stressful in April. Toward the end of the month, the planet Mars with be opposing Pluto, with the moon making a 90 degree angle to those two planets. This is a very fiery, violent, explosive, energy. The whole world will feel the explosive aspect of this energy. The areas most likely to be affected are the Yellowstone area, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. This could also affect Mexico. This explosive energy will come back even stronger in September.

The book goes on to say that those who fail to understand and heed the meaning of this sign in the heavens will not be able to escape the final period of the Tribulation. This means to choose love in your heart instead of anger, violence and hatred. Up to the time of the appearance of these comets, all of those who earnestly and with their whole heart change their old ways and take up the cross of service and dedication to their fellow man will become entitled to what the Scriptures call the

The Rapture is essentially an escape from the horrors of the Tribulation to a place of safety where those who have assembled can work and learn in order to prepare themselves for the new world. The Rapture can
work out in different ways. The Bible says we rise to meet the Lord in the air. This could mean being beamed onto a ship or a raise in consciousness into a higher dimension. However you perceive it, that's how it shall be.

This book also says that after the sign of the cross (X) in the heavens, there will arise a great wave of religious zeal, which will burn like a flame in the hearts of its new converts. This religion will be the seed of a
new Universal Faith for mankind in the years following the tribulation.

First, there was the book, the De Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, which is about Mary Magdalene. She is the Virgin Goddess, or connected with the sign of Virgo. All of the Temples in France are dedicated to Mary
Magdalene, and the temples are built in such a way as to form the symbol of the sign Virgo. Now there is the movie The Passion. It is hitting the world like a steam roller.

The movie was released in the sign of Pisces. The planets signify religious zeal because Uranus is in Pisces and it will remain there for seven years. Pisces rules suffering, both emotional and physical. It signifies a suffering Messiah, thus the movie and the cross in the heavens. Don't you think it's time to take Jesus off the cross and honor him as the risen savior?

The Bible says that Jesus (Yeshua) was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The Lion signifies the sign of Leo, which rules the heart. He gave us one commandment, which is to express unconditional love. He was born a Leo in the age of Pisces. Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion, has been moving through the sign of Leo for the last 2,160 years. Now it is on 0 degrees Virgo and in the transition stage to the feminine energy.

The mirror image of Pisces is Leo. The mirror image is experienced by being six signs away from each other like Pisces/Leo - Aries/Virgo - Taurus/Libra, etc.
We have been in the age of Pisces/Leo. The Pisces influence has brought us much suffering until we can open our hearts to experience unconditional love. The Leo energy rules kings and queens. England's symbol is the Lion.

Now we are in the goddess energy, which started in July of 1991. This is when we first started experiencing the energy of Virgo. The mirror image of Virgo is Aquarius. Now we are in the transition stage of blending our male and female energy into one. This will happen during the time period of Uranus moving through Pisces. In 2010 Uranus moves into Aries, and we start a whole new cycle.

We are also moving from a 26.000 year cycle of Capricorn (materialism, structure, and control), into the Age of Aquarius ruled by Uranus. Tenth level light body is associated with Capricorn, and rules body pain such as knees, bones, dizziness, stomach pain, blurred vision and headaches.

Aquarius roles eleventh level light body. It also rules light, freedom and the Golden Age. We first started feeling the effects of this sign in February of 1962 when most of the planets lined up in Aquarius. Remember the song, This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

We have been moving into this age of freedom for a long time. Now, it's time to start manifesting that freedom. Remember, there is a world of light that is overshadowing this world of darkness. Those who are ready will soon be living in the world of light, and will be through experiencing pain and suffering.

So Be It!, Mahala, ,


The remnants of the Marduk/ Reptilian experimentation in Central and Southern Africa were basically left on their own. The beings from Marduk, the Annunnakki, also known as the Abbennakki, left the Earth, continuing on its elliptical journey through the solar system and beyond.

This artificial planet passes near Earth every 12,000 years. A complete orbit takes 24,000 years. The last time they passed Earth, approximately 10,500 BC, its gravitational pull exerted in conjunction with Atlantean crystal experimentation, caused the Earth to flip on its axis, sinking Atlantis.

The Annunnakki/Abbennakki have robotical scout ships that monitor Earth when the artificial planet is not close. These ships have a crew of workers that look like dwarfed bears. They are known to be aggressive, even attacking humans in the past. These bear-like creatures are cyborgs with brain implants that allow control from a distance. Their bodies are organic and powerful.

These creatures started appearing in the late 1960s. Government- released UFO investigation reports document their existence. More of these creatures will be seen in the next two years. Stay away from them! They are dangerous.

Most likely, they will surface in Africa to check on the Black race for their masters on Marduk. Louis Farrkhan, the Black Moslem Leader, has often spoken about his UFO contacts. According to Farrakhan, these contacts explained that the Black race was created by them. They further told him about the need for the Blacks to develop without interference from other races.



Mind-Control Via Religion

The first religion on Earth was the Reptilian belief system brought by the colonists of Lemuria. Their religion believed in a God-Mind that contained a hierarchy, or caste system. This caste system was extrapolated to the several Reptilian species incorporated into the Draco Empire. Each species had its own place in the structure of their society. Every individual knew its functions and respected these boundaries. To violate these rules meant death.

The Reptilians operate as a group mind, meaning that no single Reptilian can make a decision for itself. Only the upper caste, or winged ones, have the semblance of individuality. They were, and are, the leaders.

When this religion was brought to Sumeria, the caste system was infused into society as a religious hierarchy. Remember that the colonists of Sumeria were refugees from Lyrae/Mars/Maldek. They, like the Atlanteans, maintained the original belief system of the Lyraen culture. The Lyraen belief system encouraged individuality, as well as promoted service to others as a pathway to self-growth. The Lyraens believed that red-haired people were connectors to God-Mind, and as such, used them as oracles.

The Reptilians worshipped the transparent beings from the astral planes as their creators. The transparent beings have a mass consciousness, like an Oversoul. They are basically genderless, although in terms of physical reality, their characteristics and traits render them more masculine than feminine.

When the Reptilians brought this religion to the Sumerians, they were careful to introduce it in a way that would be accepted and followed. First, they created a gender base for a gender-minded population. Then, they instilled fear to control the mind-patterns. Cleverly, they devised a religion based on a male-female, god-goddess control system. The male god was called Nimrod; the female goddess, Semiramus. They are depicted as half-human, half-Reptilian. Their appearances were designed to frighten the humans into submission.

Nimrod and Semiramis eventually became the Osiris and Isis of Egypt, and the Apollo and Athena of Greece, among many other gods. All used the male/female, god/goddess theme because it represented the original Reptilian androgyny and the separation of the human prototype into the male/female, Adam/Eve.

Because of the "masculine" tendency of the transparent people, and despite being androgynous themselves, the Reptilians prefer the powerful male over the female. They represented their androgyny in Sumer by placing three horns on the Reptilian God, Nimrod. There are many layers of symbolism to this:

Thus, the number three was an important symbol to the Reptilians on Earth. They represent this in many ways, including the lily, or fleur-de-lis with its three points. They also use the scorpion with its stinger and two piercing claws.

The advanced version of the scorpion is the eagle, which represents the scorpion in its higher form. Because of this, the eagle came to represent raising from a lower form to a higher one. It represented power and globalization. Because it was a bird of prey, it was able to capture everything beneath it, especially live food. For these reasons, the Romans always used an eagle on their staffs whenever they marched into a city or country.

Most people do not realize that all birds are descendents of Reptilian dinosaurs. Many corporate logos and superheroes of today have wings attached to them. The wings also represent the winged Reptilian leaders in the upper echelon of the Reptilian/Illuminati flowchart.

Half a continent away in China, the remnants of Lemuria created a male-dominated Empire system. Here, the male Emperor would always have a Empress. The people were told that the Emperor and Empress were descendents of the Sun-God. The symbol of the Empire was the dragon, another Reptilian figure. This "royal" family created a dynasty that ruled tight-fisted for millennia.

The Chinese Reptilian religion spread across Eastern Asia, while the Sumerian version meandered through Central and Western Asia. The spread of these religions was intentionally controlled from the underground Reptilian population, primarily centreed under Tibet. Looking at a world map, one can easily see that this is the best underground base location in Asia to reach all areas of the continent. These Reptilians were aided by beings from Sirius B who developed the Buddhist philosophies, as well as a group of renegade Lyraens trying to reproduce a Lyraen civilization under Reptilian control. Strange bedfellows!

At the same time in India, the Lemurian Reptilian refugees created a caste system that was a direct replica of the Reptilian hierarchy, from the lowly workers/untouchables to the Brahmin/winged ones. This Indian/Reptilian culture remained localized, writing the ancient Vedas and building temples to the various Reptilian gods.

Meanwhile, the Egyptians, who were Atlantean/ Lyraen refugees, were in the process of building a new civilization from the remnants of their two major ancestral ones that were destroyed. The beings from Sirius A helped them, as they were a major factor in the interactions of Atlantis.

As previously stated, in Egypt, the Reptilian gods were known as Osiris and Isis. The Egyptian panacea of gods included a large variety of hybrid creations, half-human, half-animal. This was reminiscent of the Atlantean hybrid experiments that found their way into Egyptian culture, and was promoted by the Sirians who were preparing that culture for a Reptilian takeover.

The Atlanteans were so entrenched in the original Lyraen belief system, that it took several millennia for the Reptilians to get a stronghold in that culture. Now that the remnants were scattered over the Earth and non-cohesive, it was easy to send in infiltrators (in-full-traitors) to sway the belief system toward a Reptilian flavor. This began with the introduction of the cat as a focal point of worship.

In the Sirius A star system, the main world is called Khoom. The ancient name for Egypt is Khem. There is also a correlation with Mexico. Some researchers say that the Bay of Campeche translates to the Bay of Old Egypt, indicating a connection between Egypt and the Yucatan Peninsula. This is not so. Sirians who interacted with Atlantis named this area after their home world, and then carried the name on to the new refugee culture in Egypt.

Our info- is that the word KHEM for Egyptaus (Egypt) meant from the BLACKNESS- for the black or dark copper based nubian blood of Thoth / Enki RA line- which founded it. Evidence would include the black Zulu culture whose name for God - ENKI as in the KILIMANJARO - suggests their own black genetic origins with Enki (RA - abRAham) and his son Thoth. Later the word KHEM meaning BLACK hole became alchemy and CHEMistry - from the IMPLOSION principle of the ABILITY to MAKE black holes (which Gold's electron valence fractality enables). Hence alCHEMy of the heart is the fusion ability which results from perfecting compression (compassion) implosion.

Another planet in orbit around Sirius A is a world called Kilroti. Here, the Sirians created high-intelligence cat-like beings. These cat-like beings are called the Lion People. In the 1970s and 1980s, the government created a cartoon for children that described these beings.

In the high astral levels, there is an etheric race of Lion Beings who are gold, have wings, and violet eyes. The name of the race is Ari. Ari is also the old Hebrew word for lion. Their frequency is more powerful than the dolphin frequency. The Ari created the Ohalu Council that governs the Sirius A star system.

This fits interestingly with Anna Hayes (Voyagers series books, and Amenti - see also ) who claims that the REASON the Sphinx is Lion or cat lion shaped is that the star elders of the interventionist Annunaki (Nephalim) were Leonine or cat/lion like. So it was politically correct for the fallen Annunaki to claim that THEIR God was the Lion being. If your God is stronger than your enemies God, you have a problem in war, so your statue (the Sphinx) proves you have the right God (The Lion elders of Sirius) on your side.

We wonder why Swerdlow did not suggest that ARY - an .... means LION-based An-nunaki - instead of sum-aryan.

The Kilroti were generated by mixing the genetics of the Sirians with the energy of the Ari. This is what was brought to ancient Egypt. As the non-physical energy descended into physical reality, DNA formed that could be used to create corporeal life.

This was then mixed with human and wild lion DNA to form the common house cat found on Earth. The cat was given to every home in ancient Egypt, and programmed to leave at night to report back to their alien controllers. This is why cats to this day have the urge to go out at night. This also explains their aloof nature.

The Sirians incorporated worship of the cat idol into the Egyptian religion to ensure the perpetuity of this method of spying. The Sirians also built the Sphinx as a symbolic reminder of the blending of human genetics with lion frequency. This was a way to energetically bind future civilization to the Sirians. The Sphinx was designed to face the morning star Sirius A every day. The face on the Sphinx is identical to the face on the Mars monument that looks down to the Earth at the Sphinx.

Sirian technology built the complexes at the Cydonia plateau on Mars, upon the arrival of the first Lyraen refugees. The new Martians were unaware of the close Sirian connection to the Reptilians.

The original pyramids, built after the destruction of Atlantis, were energy points. They were the same shapes underground as above, making them into octahedrons. At their centre is a tetrahedron. This master shape is the archetype symbol for God-Mind totality. Anything at its exact centre is absolutely protected. The octahedron is also the shape of the Delta-T antenna used at the Montauk Project. This shape, when energized in the proper color codes, causes interdimensional rifts, creating vortices and wormholes. Rituals performed at this centre point produce vast energies that can be transmitted through hyperspace to anywhere in creation.

We saw Preston Nichols spin the Delta T - octa antenna of Montauk - in model - at various psychotronic conferences. It seems neither he nor Swerdlow understood the reason it was later called DECA DELTA- as only when the octa/cube is tilt spun into dodeca ( ) do you get implosive compression that becomes superluminal and time penetrating acceleration thru C light speed. Observe to dodeca antenna required for time travel in the movie "CONTACT".

Some researchers claim that the pyramids were pumping stations for underground Nile tributaries. This is only partially true. Because water is an electromagnetic amplifier, it was used to surround the ritual chamber located in the Delta-T to boost ritual energy. Using these methods, the ancient Egyptians controlled weather, destroyed enemies, created stargates, and boosted their Reptilian energies in ceremony. This is also why the Montauk Project was located near vast amounts of water.

The Great Pyramid is part of a protective solar system grid, linking the Moon and Mars monuments together to produce a force field to repel invaders. The Great Pyramid is also connected to other points on the Earth such as Stonehenge, a submerged Atlantean crystal, Tiahuanaco, Ayers Rock, and the White Pyramid in western China. Together, they form an energy containment field similar to an electric fence. The HAARP project in Alaska taps into this.

Meanwhile, a dynastic culture similar to the Reptilian Chinese dynasties was forming in Egypt. The Reptilian control religion based on Osirus and Isis fanned out over northeast Africa and the Middle East. At the same time the Reptilian Sumerian cult of Nimrod and Semiramus fanned out over Central Asia.

A unification of these beliefs was necessary to accomplish the plan set forth from the beginning. This is why Abraham originated in the Sumerian city of Ur, journeying westward toward the Middle East. It was no accident that the followers of Abraham wound up in Egypt, where the Sirians then created the Hebrews. The Hebrews were destined to be the cultural prototype for the future world.  This is why they were programmed to wander all over the Earth and influence all existing cultures.

(again-Italics are Dan Winter comments) This would all imply that if Enki is in fact the RA in abRAham - that his genetic engineering exploits with his sperm to make Eve fertile using cro-mag egg implanted in his half sister Draco Inanna / Ninhursag - - - was part of a more insidious plan from his Sirian AN family? It fits that his exploits descend from UR because that is the name of the DRAC line. (n-ibi-URu, URushalaem / Jerusalem, il-UR-u, h-ibi-URu / Hebrew , ur-man /roman/romanian ,UR-ban ) We would have to expect that the (part DRAC?) Father he shared with Yahweh Enlil, was half borg machine (Hark-onen, Sarkdauer, Darth Vader...etc). more at Return of Enki - It also fits that Enki's dad AN = antu the sirian SUN GOD (tuethe de dANaan- people of the Gods) (called BIKI by Australian aboriginals) - was able to act distant and aloof even seemingly heartless to the creature-lings of Earths seeming pathetic slave borgs. Today - Swerdlow's description of the Sirius A politics perfectly fits that picture. They will stand back, having sold guns to both sides, impartially waiting to see who wins- and assume education and evolution requires the blood spill. Very much connected to the politics of the west Europe arms munitions families (presumably in Bush's family group) who got great corporate return for their investment in paying for the sub-sonic scalar device (a near tower base lo frequency vibrator) that took down New York's twin towers (evidenced by the seismic trace).


 ...(excerpts)"the seismic signals from the five events on 11 September differed from a small earthquake in significant ways. They were richer in low-frequency energy and poorer in high-frequency energy. "..."While going over some of the footage I had taped on a Tivo recorder, a clip caught my attention that hasn't been noticed by anyone. A shot from the top of a building looking south shows both towers burning and still standing. Then in the lower left of the screen, at ground level quite a distance from the base of the towers a completely separate building collapses in a huge dust cloud. I repeat, this is before the collapse of the towers"

update-July 05: from

Update (speaking of squeezing the truth out...) for those interested in following the demise of George Bush, + thus possibly - avoiding the necessity of a complete (economic/social/spiritual/political) near death experience for the USA: - Corroborated on site eyewitness data now completely proves the tower destruction of 9/11 started in the basement: ,
Here is a discussion of WHY they used sub-sonic scalar resonators - , whose lo frequencies are proven so clearly in the Seismic Data from 9/11 : . The George Bush family of arrogance combined with ignorance is reminiscent of the Republican tradition from Eisenhauer. That president's egotism / and old world arrogance decided rather than admit the Drac controlled Greys had demonstrated complete ability to make playthings of his Air Force, just after the Roswell incident..- that the American people needed to be 'protected' from real information about the ET's. He could not admit after winning WWII, the US was in fact occupied by some very lo grade ET's. The result was the decades of tradition of large scale lying to the American people - and the resultant schizophrenia which necesitates the country's upcoming near death experience. From the NSA converup, to the large scale abduction / shapeshifting of the US key military leaders (by the Greys) - ultimately leading to the abortion of the CIA Manchurian mind-control project, whose rejects became the FBI WACO slaughter - leading to the Oklahoma bombing lies, which leads to the CIA need to murder Kennedy etc etc. Today - with huge chunks of the Bush theocracy funded originally by the CIA laundering of drug money - the sheer amount of lies upon which America is based - staggers the imagination. The current political situation - documentably imminant invasion - from the Drac moon and Mars bases - wholesale control of American politic by lo grade parasitics. The US- budget - decades of huge percentages - NSA and CIA budgets devoted to nothing but continuing lies - you can see why the US legacy needs to die. The Andromedan's were correct that Religion's were obsolete (hygiene instructions for immortalizing bliss based on personality worship) - on this planet about 500 years ago, more so now that we have the electrical proof and measure of the principles of surviving death as a field effect. Basing a (George Bush) government on the neurosis and disempowerment / miracle worship of that obsolete religion - is nothing less than suicidal insanity. - The definition of the original biologic need to create death - was specifically the need to PREVENT attempts to store what is fundamentally NOT SHAREABLE into the charge fusion core of DNA. The implosion in the core of genes - the death / dream test for entry - by compression - SQUEEZING OUT THE TRUTH - (phase conjugation ) SORTS for what is shareable: By electric charge distribution > determining what (inertia spin symmetry pattern memory) can serve (survival in ) ALL of DNA - in holy communion.
Proof that we are succeeding is that a search on "Impeach George Bush" now produces 400,000 and growing Web Hits.


Our supposition that Enki (Ra, AbRAham, Aton, Thoth, Hermes and the Akhanaton- Moses - Jesus myth / line they sired) was colored to try to prevent the total parasitic eating of the tak-adama (adam and eve) blood line (you and me) even against the more DRAConian wishes of his family- because he essentially fell in love with his own genetic creation. And even possibly that he perceived eventually that the blood lines he crossed could be the vaccine in the Orion wars giving the remnant humanoids from many star cultures a chance IF they could (bliss) ignite their DNA to enough gravity making to out-steer their creator parasite ancestors??? (the BST of

With all of this as a background, the Reptilian Bluebloods now needed to form a global empire that would encompass the cultures that they had inspired. They needed to counteract the other alien groups that had been working diligently in Europe to create more human civilizations.



The Illuminati Hierarchy

The leader of the Earths Illuminati is called the "Pindar". The Pindar is a member of one of the 13 ruling Illuminati families, and is always male. The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for "Pinnacle of the Draco", also known as the "Penis of the Dragon". Symbolically, this represents the top of power, control, creation, penetration, expansion, invasion, and fear. The holder of this rank reports to the purebred Reptilian leader in the inner Earth.

Recently, there are reports that the Marquis de Libeaux is the Pindar, but this is disinformation. The true current Pindar is the head of the Rothschild family, as has been for several hundred years. He is based in Germany near Frankfurt. In the late 1970s, he oversaw the sister project to Montauk, called M.A.L.D.A. is an anagram for Montauk-Alsace-Lorraine Dimensional Activation. This project was located near the city of Strasbourg, France, historically once part of Germany.

Interestingly, there is a winery on the east end of Long Island, not far from Montauk Point, called Pindar Vineyards. This wine is growing in popularity, gaining international accolades. This fits nicely into the plan, as this area will be a part of the capital district of the Earth/United Nations in the Empire State! Red wine is symbolic of the blood ingested by the Reptilians. The wine can become sanctified as it did in the Roman Catholic Church, a patsy for the Reptilians. In the Catholic Church, wine replaced the blood in ceremony.

The Illuminati here on Earth have established a pyramid structure of control identical to the system that exists in the Draco Empire. The pyramid with the Reptilian eye, located on the American one-dollar bill, is symbolic of this control structure. The eye is the cap on the pyramid, thus explaining why the original surface of the Great Pyramid in Egypt was capped in solid gold.

The Pindar is represented by the gold cap on the pyramid. The next layer, or "eye", on the pyramid represents the 13 ruling families. They are as follows:

  1. Rothschild (Bauer or Bower) - Pindar
  2. Bruce
  3. Cavendish (Kennedy)
  4. De Medici
  5. Hanover
  6. Hapsburg
  7. Krupp
  8. Plantagenet
  9. Rockefeller
  10. Romanov
  11. Sinclair (St. Clair)
  12. Warburg (del Banco)
  13. Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)

Each of the 13 ruling families is given an area of the Earth and/or a particular function to fulfill on the Earth. These particular functions include global finances, military technology/development, mind-control, religion, and media.

Each of the 13 ruling families has a council of 13 as well. The number, 13, has great significance to them. They know that there are 12 types of energies that pass through the 10 aspects of God-Mind. The totality of the 12 energies equals a 13th energy. This is considered the most powerful knowledge.

They also know that there are really 13 Zodiac signs, not the commonly acknowledged 12. They have kept the 13th hidden for centuries because it is the sign of the Dragon. They keep the qualities and traits of this sign secret to avoid giving away clues to the Reptilian mind-pattern.

The next layer is the second-in-command families who do the support work for the Pindar and 13 ruling families. While all of the 13 ruling family members are shapeshifters, all members of the 300 supporting families are not. They do, however, all have a high percentage of Reptilian DNA.

They are known as the "Committee of 300".These families include such notable names as Agnelli, Balliol, Beale, Bell, Bouvier, Bush, Cameron, Campbell, Carnegie, Carrington, Coolidge, Delano, Douglas, Ford, Gardner, Graham, Hamilton, Harriman, Heinz, Kuhn, Lindsay, Loeb, Mellon, Montgomery, Morgan, Norman, Oppenheimer, Rhodes, Roosevelt, Russell, Savoy, Schiff, Seton, Spencer, Stewart/Stuart, Taft, and Wilson. There are many others.

The Committee of 300 use many well-known institutions to accomplish their goals, including the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderburgers, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Mafia, CIA, NSA, Mossad, Secret Service, International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve, Internal Revenue Service, and Interpol, to name a few. All of these are private organizations or corporations set up as public service devices, but this is far from the truth.

The Illuminati structure also creates artificial countries to further their goals. Examples of these are the United States, Switzerland, Kuwait, the Soviet Union, Panama, Israel, Italy, Yugoslavia, the United Kingdom, most of Black Africa, all of the Arab countries, and all of Central and South America. These nations were created to amass wealth for the ruling families and their supporters, to hide or keep their wealth, and to create unstable conditions necessary to start wars or increase military budgets.

Switzerland was created as a neutral banking centre so that Illuminati families would have a safe place to keep their funds without fear of destruction from wars and prying eyes.

The United States was established with 13 colonies, one for each of the Illuminati families. The original flag had 13 stars, and still has 13 stripes. The eagle, the symbol of the United States, holds 13 arrows in its talons. The United States is actually a corporate asset of the Virginia Company that was established in 1604 in England with direct involvement of the Rothschilds. The finances of the Rothschilds were necessary to fund the exploration and exploitation of the North American continent.

The assets of the Virginia Company, including the United States, are owned by the Holy Roman Empire via the Vatican. This occurred in 1213 when King James gave all English assets to the Reptilian Pope. Executorship remains with the British royal family, but actual ownership lies with the Roman Catholic Church.

The United States of America is not named after Amerigo Verspucci, as you learned in school. The Illuminati would never name a continent, actually two continents, after an Italian mapmaker. The name is actually a combination of words. "Am" is the Hebrew word for "people". "Ame" is also the command form of the Spanish/Latin verb "to love". "Eri" or "ari" is a Hebrew term for "lion". "Rica" is the feminine form of the Spanish word for "rich". "Ka" is the ancient Egyptian word for soul, or spirit force within a body.

There are two layers of meanings. The Ancient Hebrew/Egyptian translates to say, "the people of the lion with spirit force". Hence, the pyramid and all-seeing eye on the one-dollar bill. The Latinized version translates to say, "love riches", in a feminized/physical reality way. This gives an idea of what they had in mind.

Take this a step further, and one sees the mixture of the feminine Latin/eagle ideas with the masculine Hebrew/lion ideas. The symbolic statement of America is that it is a combination of Lemuria and Atlantis; a blend of the human/Lyrae with Reptilian/Draco. Perhaps the anagram LSD, an Illuminati created drug, has a hidden meaning as well:

Lyrae-Sirius-Draco! The combination of these three civilizations would produce the most powerful, technological Empire ever known!

In 1776, the creation of the United States as an independent nation coincided with the declaration into public existence of the official Illuminati organization by member Adam Weishaupt, in Bavaria. Publicly, Mr. Weishaupt appeared to be determined to create an organization comprised of the European elite that would uplift mankind.

Of course, this was part of an Illuminati global ceremony. The creation for the United States and the Illuminati global ceremony. The creation of the United States and the Illuminati organization were artificial beginnings for public consumption. The United States was the device to be used to bring the Illuminati into public acceptance. Current Illuminati members believe that Adam Weishaupt was a look-alike for George Washington, and it is actually Weishaupts image that appears on the one-dollar bill.

George Washington was a wealthy slave and plantation owner. He is known to have raped some of his female slaves and used some of the male slaves in ritualistic ceremony. There are many people of the Black race who can literally trace their genetics to the founding fathers. George Washington also ordered the building of the Montauk Lighthouse in 1796. This lighthouse included an underground area for supply storage in case of a British coastline invasion. If he had only known what that area would become - or did he?

The 13 ruling Illuminati families constantly vie for control amongst themselves. During this time period, the Spanish, British, and French Illuminati all fought to win control over North and South America. The Rothschilds kept these Illuminati factions in line by sending Hessian troops to monitor the situation. The leaders enjoyed these war games, pitting one against the other to see who would win. The hundreds of thousands of lives lost were meaningless to them.

The Manifest Destiny of the United States was created to expand the territory of the Aryans at the expense of the native populations. As always, the Illuminati seek to destroy native peoples and their cultures. This is an attempt to destroy their knowledge of God-Mind, as well as the possibility that the natives will impart this information on to others. Especially important is their need to eliminate native cultures with ancient knowledge of Atlantis and Lyrae.

The natives that gave them the most problem were the Cherokee Indians because this tribe retained most of their Atlantean knowledge, even accessing the Bear/Bigfoot frequency for information. For this reason, these people were uprooted from their homeland in the southern Appalachian Mountains, and forcibly marched to Oklahoma on what is now known as The Trail of Tears. Many died along the way. Only a remnant remained in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. In the north, the vast Iroquois/ Mohawk nation was disbanded. The Montauk, direct descendents of the Atlanteans who call their leader Pharaoh, were systematically eliminated.

The Rothschilds were aggressively involved with the slave trade from Africa, importing slaves to North and South America as well as the Caribbean. They were very careful not to import Blacks from the eastern areas of Ethiopia or Sudan where the descendents of Solomon were located, instead concentrating on western and central Africa for the slave populations. These areas had the pure mixture of Annunnakki and simian genetics, and the programming desirable for the Illuminati agenda.

The Rothschilds decided that splitting the United States colonies would double their profits. So they politically created, and financially supported, the Civil War. The Civil War was actually a global ceremonial ritual to bring slavery to its next level. This war allowed the North to win, and publicly abolish slavery. The best slaves are the ones who do not realize that they are slaves. This alleviates rebellion and resistance. This was the status immediately following the Civil War. Blacks in the South are still slaves. There is still segregation, even in the North. The Illuminati still consider Blacks to be second or third class citizens. Only now the slavery is subtle and masked.

Since the Civil War, there have been other staged wars that entrenched the trend toward globalization. The Spanish-American War of 1898-1899 acquired more land for the American Illuminati, placing a greater portion of the Earth's surface under American jurisdiction. World War I was designed to change the map of Europe as well as test germ and chemical warfare technology for future use. This coincided with the worldwide influenza outbreak designed to reduce the global population, making control easier. World War I also laid the foundation for the German role in the next war.

World War II was a test of the final globalization and extermination projects. It was also designed to test mind-control machinations; to test the use of fluoride which deadens brain activity and slows resistance to authority; to experiment with slave labor camps and study the development of resistance; and to teach the masses to spy and report on one another.

World War II brought three primary goals of the Illuminati to fruition. The first was that hidden Illuminati symbolisms were brought to public attention from the underground strongholds in Tibet and Egypt, such as the Swastika and the ankh. The second was the creation of the State of Israel as a foundation for the New World Religion. The last was the creation of nuclear weapons as part of the Illuminati global ceremony.

During World War II, the Germans helped to perfect "sex-slaves" as a means of transmitting information amongst the elite. Sex-slaves can be either male or female, who are sexually programmed using Wilhelm Reich procedures, which are illegal in the United States, but used by the Illuminati and government.

These sex-slaves deliver messages and keep programmed sleepers in line. The sex-slave is downloaded with a message or function through various sexual acts and drugs, which can only be released by repeating the same sexual act with the target, or person, to be activated. They are trained to know their target's trigger words and trigger events to activate, delete, or change programming.

In recent years, several women have come forward claiming to be the sex-slaves of globally recognized political figures. Many were used as information couriers between high-level male Illuminati. Usually, lookalikes of the political figures are used in the incipient programming as a focal point for the sex-slave. The slave is put through a desensitizing process, so there is no pleasure in the sexual act; it is merely a duty to be performed. Many times the slave becomes sexually promiscuous, repeatedly having sex with people who look like the intended target. It is a sad life.

By the end of World War II, one of the three major Illuminati global rituals was accomplished. This was the nuclear explosion that took place in 1945 at the 33rd parallel as a test for the nuclear attack on Japan. This explosion was symbolic, representing the simultaneous creation and destruction of matter and energy. The year was symbolic as well. In numerology, 1 + 9 = 10, representing the 10 aspects of God-Mind. The number 10 further breaks down to 1 + 0 = 1, representing a new beginning. Continuing, 4 + 5 =  9, representing the end of a cycle. Symbolically, the entire event represented the end of a cycle to prepare for a new beginning using the new creation of God-Mind out of destruction.

Additionally, a cylinder containing material still not explained by the government was trucked into the nuclear explosion testing. This cylinder was made from pure steel and allegedly was the same physical dimensions as the Kabala describes for the creation of Golems. Kabala is ancient Hebrew metaphysics that has been a staple for the Illuminati for millennia. Golems are artificial beings that are used as a slave force. It is highly probable that this was a symbolic ritual for the creation of the society of Golems.

World War II also allowed the European/American Illuminati to destroy the Japanese Illuminati desires of global domination. The Japanese royal family, represented by Emperor Hirohito, have always been ostracized as non-legitimate by the ruling 13 families. The Japanese claim to be direct descendents of Lemurian purebred Reptilians.

The European/American Illuminati claim that the Japanese Illuminati are descendents from a lower species in the Draco hierarchy. This lower species is considered a worker class without any political clout or influence. The European/American Illuminati also claim that East Indians are a lower species in the Draco hierarchy. The 13 ruling families consider light skin and hair to be an elite characteristic.

On January 17, 1994, Japan sent a seismic event to California. Exactly one year later on January 17, 1995, the city of Kobe, Japan was seismically destroyed. Kobe was the home of the Japanese electromagnetic weaponry centres. The European/American Illuminati will not tolerate thorns in their sides. The destruction of Japan and its royal family will continue in the coming months.

Every year, the Illuminati hold meetings to plan the events of the coming year to accomplish their main objective formulated millennia ago of global control and domination. In the 1850s, they pinpointed their target date for complete domination with an agenda called Plan 2000. This has since been revised to 2003. The fiasco election of George W. Bush Jr. to office is a key sign that they are on target. The public lesson of the United States presidential "election" of 2000 is that the citizens do not vote for anyone! Even the Illuminati are now finding it increasingly difficult to conceal their plans.


p.158 Draco


Created by an ET group, the creators traveled back in time and space with genetic material to support the disintegration of the Lyraen civilization. With seven different types of Draco races, the leader group is a seven to eight foot tall winged reptilian-type creature. Above is pictured a warrior used to conquer and occupy a planet. The slender four to five foot Draco similar to a lizard performs menial tasks and aids in abductions.

Harsh, warlike beings who feel little emotion, the Draco have no regard for culture or other beings. Most Draco are androgynous and reproduce by parthenogenesis, or cloning. One special group that is completely male creates hybrid races that conquer others.

The Earths Moon is a Draco planetoid placed in orbit aeons ago during the time of the Lemurian colonization. With the intention to divide and conquer, they are known to be brutal, as with Rigel by boiling oceans, scorching landmasses, etc. The Draco have vast underground bases on Earth and colonies on Venus.

A second Moon has been stationed over the Earth. It arrive behind the Hale-Bopp Comet in 1997. These are pure Reptilians. The hybrids, Illuminati, are in control of the Earth.


1. The Sirians were at war with the Orion system. This hostility exists to this day.  It is intriguing since the beings in Orion were once very human, as Lyraen colonists, and then were taken over by the Reptilians. However, the Sirians and the Reptilians trade with each other and the beings from Sirius A sell weaponry to the Dracos! A complex political situation indeed.

2. The comet also caused the planet Uranus to flip on its side. It is the only known planet that rotates north-South instead of East-West.

3. Refer to Milky Way Galaxy chart

4. For further details of the flow of genetics an alien intervention in mankind, please refer to the Milky Way Galaxy chart in this book.

5. This was augmented by experiments on gay men in New York City under the guise of Hepatitis shots.

6. he names in brackets are the original names, or a related name.

There follows excerpts from the book:

Montauk:The Alien Connection, by Stewart Swerdlow

Edited by Peter  Moon, Expansions Publishing Co.

Comments in italics are from Dan Winter, the rest is a quote directly from the book- pages mentioned..


Speaking in succession from right to left, the first one was a large reptilian creature who looked like a lizard stuffed into a black uniform. He spoke with a hissing noise in a language that sounded guttural and severe. Simultaneously, I heard the meaning of his words in my head. A member of a vast empire that spanned a large portion of the galaxy, his people are attempting to occupy all of the star systems on the outer fringes of this galaxy, eventually working their way inward. A defector, he now advises this council on the possible activities of these invasion forces.

According to the lizard, the Earth was invaded many thousands of years ago by an army of his people that arrived in a huge ship that is now the moon of Earth.

numerous sources- including we understand NASA's seismic data - confirm the moon is a hollow metal framework, towed in here, and infested internally with Greys and Dracs

Another such ship is on its way, he said, destined to arrive before the end of this century (as we calculate time).

Several sources - among them Alex Collier, have insisted artificial planetoids - like Hale Bopp's tow ins - were headed here in comet gravity tails - filled with invading Dracos. The sun cruisers in the solar / mercury near orbit - visible on several web sites - are said to be examples of these. Alex's Andromedan material specifically predicted the comet would drop the invasion ships in a temporary near Mercury orbit.

After being driven off the Earth by settlers from the Lyraen Empire, his people went underground.

Most of the Lemurian epoch stories suggest that the end of the Lemurian continent was a war with a reptialian race, which the humanoids won against the reptilians - but at the cost of the environment- forcing the humanoid surviving remnant underground- where their blood became more red and dependant on iron to bond oxygen (as opposed to the humanoid remnant who fled at that point largely to Sirius and Pleades where they became more blue / copper blood.)

There, they remain in stasis until they are to be reactivated by the incoming ship. These reptilians also maintain bases on Venus and on some of the moons of the outer planets. Because his people are male only, they created females for the sole purpose of breeding. Despite this, cloning is their primary method of reproduction. In conclusion, the lizard added that I would someday convert his people to the Light because my soul was an emissary to them many years ago. Remembering me, they would respect what I said to them.

The next one to speak was an amphibian-type being who looked very much like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.Slimy and moist, his body was covered with a scaly, greenish-grey skin. Breathing heavily, his thoughts flooded my brain. His civilization was the original inhabitant of Earth before the others arrived. At that time, Earth was mostly water and marshes. Devastated by mankind and aliens alike, there remain only a few pockets of his people at the deepest depths of the oceans. From time to time they come to dry land to sun themselves, thus creating the basis for the legendary mermaids and mermen. This species worked closely with the Atlanteans before that continent sank. They served as liaisons between mankind and the whales and dolphins. He said that these sea mammals are advanced races from another galaxy. Most of his people were lifted off-world to underground oceans on Neptune. This maneuver was facilitated by benevolent ET groups. Continuing, he told me that I have dolphin DNA; therefore, I could learn to communicate with his species in order to help mankind and the dolphin/whale systems.

Next, a being on the opposite side of the table spoke. Looking like a small dark-haired human, his eyes were so dark that they almost shined. His eyes seemed to pierce right through my own, and I found it difficult to look at him. Claiming to represent the Federation of Planets of this galaxy, he said that there are over 120 different member civilizations. Someday, Earth will be asked to join, but only if they are successful in repelling the invasion force. Otherwise, Earth could become a target by the Federation until the reptilians are removed.

This dark-haired human said that I was selected to speak with all of these aliens because each species had contributed to my DNA creation. I was made for the express genetic purpose of belonging to many different groups. Because of that, each group would be more willing to listen to me and accept my ideas since I partially belonged to them. Continuing, he said that my soul-personality had agreed to this mission long ago, undergoing training in many galaxies and alternate universes. He said that much of what they told me now would stay hidden in my cellular memory until each piece of information becomes necessary. Future hardships and sadness would condition me for my mission. Not wanting to hear any of this, I tensed up to the point of vomiting. The next thing I remember, I was still in the chair with another being talking to me.

This creature was a pale greyish-white. He possessed large, round, black eyes and a long nose. A short curtain of material draped around the back of his large head. His thin mouth did not move as he spoke words inside my head. With a harsh attitude, this grey claimed to be from the Rigel star system. Although he did not want to be part of this meeting, his overlords insisted that he attend it. His job was to monitor the procedures since I was once a part of their race, too. His home world was once part of the Lyraen civilization. After that culture disintegrated, the reptilians invaded his planet. Now his people are part of that empire and as such, do their bidding. From time to time he would send his workers, smaller grey creatures, to check up on me. Most of the time I would not remember it except as a bad dream.

Michael Ash - the supposed chief time empath from Montauk - had described to me how unpleasant and interventionist the many Rigelians were - who he encountered at Montauk. Also notably in the Buehler / Thoth materials- Thoth ( son of Enki / Adonai / Ra / Hermes) insists his blood is blue / black because HE WAS FROM RIGEL IN ORION. I suspect this was the ancestral family of Enki / Ra 's mother AIDA who was winged Drac.. "Ptah Taal" (Thoth - Nubian - blue black blood - was the reason the original name for EGYPT was KHEM - which means from the BLACKNESS - the term alCHEMy therefore means- science of making black holes. It was Thoth - Hermes family who impregnated Aksenpaten - which became the Tut / Magdalen story - and BLACK MADONNA). In Alex Collier - Andromedan papers (Defending Sacred Ground - etc.) Read about the origin of the term PTAH in Egypt (RA /ENKI'S line ) from the term PTAH TAAL - meaning 11th dimensional or Bird Tribe - but more probably WINGED DRAC or CIAKAR or MOTHMAN - The source of the psychokinesis in the DNA - ENKI - RA - AbRAham - used in his own sperm to make Adam and EVE fertile. (read Return of Enki- )

There would come a time when these greys would be at war with some of the worlds represented at this meeting. My job would then be to monitor the activities and report the findings to my controllers. My body contains chemicals needed by his race. The grey said that his race also looked human until war contaminated their environment, genetically degenerating them. My body was presented to them as a temporary token of hope and peace. Allowed to use my genetics for the purpose of upgrading their dying species, they could not purposefully harm me, permanently kidnap me, or allow me to remember what they did to get what they needed from me. These were the rules that all abided by to keep the status quo while at the same time benefiting from my creation.

If my mission failed, or if any of the participants in this project no longer wished to continue, then I would be removed to a safe place while the others fought amongst themselves, possibly even on the surface of the planet Earth. Finally, he told me that his people merely wished to correct the errors committed against them in order to evolve. They wished to become independent of the reptilians and recreate their old civilization before it was too late. Their dilemma was that, if they attempted this, they would be destroyed completely by their masters. On the other hand, if they continued with their masters orders, they would be targeted by the Federation planets. Because they felt hopeless, they looked out only for themselves.

At this point, the last being at the council tale, who sat in the middle, interrupted the Rigelian. This being was very tall. Standing up, he raised his arms to either side. The beautiful white robe he wore was trimmed in a blue that I had never seen before. His large head was round on top with a pointed chin. Standing with his arms outstretched, he remarkably resembled a living ankh. His oval eyes were brilliant blue; his skin ivory white. By far, he was the most impressive being at this gathering. When his thoughts filled my head, I could not even think of my own name! As he spoke, I saw words in a strange language swirling ethereally around his head.

Sequences of brain cortex charge domains in compression symmetry - origin of ancient alphabets - (compare- Hebrew - the software environment for a central borg computer doing genetic intervention - versus OPHANIM - bird tribe- origin of STARGATE the movie).. and physics symmetry elements of creation..

He told me his name, but I cannot remember it. Coming from the planet Khoom in the binary Sirius star system, his people were descendents of non-physical beings who inhabited hyperspace, a region of consciousness existing outside of linear time and space. They created the ancient Egyptian civilization as well as the Jewish people and gave them the Torah. The Crystal Skull was their creation, and they were in charge of many events in the galaxy and beyond. My soul-personality was from his people because it was the only type advanced enough to animate such a hybrid body as my own. Possessing the most advanced technology in the universe, all the other species came to these Sirians for information. Now, as an adult, I realize that this group also plays one civilization against the other to benefit evolution as well as their own species.

We know Enki / Enlil (Adonai - Lucifer - versus Yahweh Michael) father was most likely from Sirius. In a holdout position trying to save the last humanoid remnant against the onslaught of the borg machine Empire (Empire Strikes back become real). We suspect he (ANTU / or BIKI as the abos call him- literally SUN GOD / AN ) was half machine - but not happy about that (correct history describing Muab Dib's father line - Harkonen - half machine in DUNE - and Luke Skywalker's father Darth Vader - half machine in Star Trek - a Phyllis Schlemmer originated story). What is confusing is the Andromedan material - has insisted Sirius A was non-interventionist in it's political relation with EARTH - while Sirius B was more interventionist (interfere with indigenous genepools without regard to the PRIME DIRECTIVE).

This note hints that all the good DNA called Hebrew - actually descended from Enki in Egypt (the books: OUT OF EGYPT, & HOUSE OF THE MESSIAH & COPPER SCROLLS - present overwhelming evidence- the Rabbi's lied about Israel being Moses origin - Moses was the name Akhanaton took - when Enlil / Amun - took over Egypt & while he swiped the family gold to found the Essenes). The thing missing here is the SOURCE of the good Sirian DNA - which is actually winged Draconian.. Enki's mom. The crystal skull was a decadent control device used later by a fallen MAG matriliny who lost the skill to pass racial memory in a real skull touch. - see origins of BAPHOMET.




p. 77- 84




The apartment in Holon became my home base. From there, I left on many trips around the region, sometimes for days at a time.

One particular adventure took place while on an excursion to the Negev desert in the south of Israel. I had just passed the restricted area around Dimona, a town where Israel has its secret nuclear facility. This place is guarded by the Falasha, the Black Jews from Ethiopia who claim to be descendents of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. The Queen supposedly returned to Ethiopia with the original Ark of the Covenant where it remained for safekeeping until only a few years ago.

so called Black Jews are the real nubian copper blue bloods kids of Enki / RA.. seed of Sephartics... not the usurping (Enlil's) Ashkanasi - Innana Drac descendants - founders of China and Bank of England.. It is not over trivializing to characterize the continuing dialectic by the Enki vs Enlil halfblood brothers - lines.

King Solomon was a powerful mystic. (Akhanaton - whose Amarna - solar capacitor for igniting DNA became the Solomon Temple myth). His advisors always discussed the future with him. It is believed that he was warned of a future time when Israel would be overrun with evil foreigners. (Ashkanazi- who now fly the Alpha DRACONIS flag - the hex dounble triangle - over Israel - also happens to be the shape of the interventionist Draco craft coming to invade). The Holy Ark of the Covenant would most likely be a prime target.

I believe that Solomon, in all his wisdom, decided to hide the real Ark of the Covenant in a place where no one would think to look. Conveniently, the Queen of Sheba was looking for a major token of faith and affection from her current lover. Solomon sent the Ark back with her to Ethiopia and made a facsimile for the public to view.

The ark of the covenant is a fractal self similar capacitor ('orgone') with enough implosive compression to partially safely contain radioactive power. (Radioactivity is the opposite of fractal charge compression - which is why Uri Geller could mea

In order to solidify his trust for Sheba and the Ark, Solomon saw to it she had his child so that she would always feel an obligation to her childs people. His was the perfect plan.

The Queens descendents became the Falasha, a numerous faction in Ethiopia. At one time, it is believed that there were over 500,000 Falasha in Ethiopia. In fact, Heile Salassie, the ruler of Ethiopia until a military coup toppled his regime, called himself the Lion of Judah.The Israeli Mossad, or intelligence agency, helped the province of Eritrea break away from Ethiopia because the Ark was hidden there and the military government refused to cooperate with the Israelis. Consequently, the Israelis created their own country with whom to negotiate. The Ark was successfully transferred to the Holy Land at the same time the military government of Ethiopia allowed the Israelis to airlift all of the remaining Falasha out of Ethiopia. A strange turn of events, but one that portends the coming of the Messiah for the Jews.

It was near Dimona that I was abducted by the Sirians for a major adventure. As I walked around some rock formations that jutted up out of the desert, the sun was hot and the air extremely dry. Perspiration evaporated in a manner of seconds after appearing on my skin. Suddenly, a tremendous flash of light blinded me. Raising my hands to shield my eyes, I realized that there were no sounds around me; in fact, there was an eerie silence all about.

Opening my eyes, I found myself in a great room that resembled an ancient Greek or Roman throne room with huge columns and a screen on the wall. Lighting was subdued and without a visible source. There were no windows or doors. From a space near the screen, a tall Sirian dressed in a white and blue robe appeared. He was nearly identical to the Sirian I had seen as a child. About seven-feet tall, his skin was pale. He had large pointed ears, a long pointed nose, and big, blue almond-shaped eyes. His mouth and lips were very small. His fingers appeared long and graceful as he stood in front of me with outstretched arms. The way his robe touched the floor, combined with the shape of his elongated head, he looked exactly like a living ankh! What a beautiful sight! I felt no fear because I had seen one before and felt at home with it. The screen came on behind him and allowed me to see the outline of Earth as we moved swiftly away from it in some sort of a craft heading toward Mars. In that room, there was no sensation of movement. It felt soft and comfortable even more comfortable than home.

The being moved forward and smiled, telepathically welcoming me. Through his thoughts, he told me that we were on our way to Mars to see something that would help me at a later time. Continuing, he said that his species created people from stock brought to Earth from elsewhere. These creations are known as Hebrews, as is their language. Much of this had been distorted and interfered with over the millenniums. His species was now in league with the remnants of these original creations, the Israelis, to correct and purify them before the next wave of interruptions occur. Apparently, the Sirians felt that these Hebrew remnants were not the genetically-whole beings that they originally created. Because it was too late to change their physical structure, it had become necessary to change their mind-patterns, thus enabling them to interface with other alien beings. As he communicated, pictures of his words appeared on the screen behind him. I actually saw history from the dim past as though it was happening at that moment.

Next, I remember lying on a table in a brightly lit clinical-looking room. The Sirian was there with a tall grey being who had round, black eyes and a goofy look on its face. Identified to me as a Vegan, it was a creation by the Sirians out of their own genetics mixed with the little greys. Although not strapped down, I could not move, and I realized that I was naked. For the first time, I felt fear with the Sirians. A bright device was placed over my face as they probed my genitals, stomach, and chest. The Sirian said that they needed to test for residuals of genetic resonance identifying my body with theirs. He said they had manufactured my body in collusion with certain Earth forces for the purpose of completing their agenda. I was some kind of pawn in an interstellar game. What was going on here?

To complicate matters further, he said that my soul-personality was some type of entity from a non-physical aspect of Sirius which was an even higher form than himself. My body contained Sirian DNA which was necessary for the soul-personality to operate it. As he spoke, I began to glimpse in my mind my true identity which was simultaneously magnificently beautiful and frightening. Tears flowed uncontrollably down my face. This seemed to amuse the Sirian and the Vegan. I thought to myself, If I looked like either one of you, I would not laugh!

Next, I was stood up instantaneously. Wearing only a Sirian robe, I could not see my feet. I felt elation, like I was on a natural high. I cannot compare the feeling to anything another can understand without having had the experience themselves. I felt a complete knowing of all things; a connection to all beings. Yet, I retained my identity of self. I followed the Sirian out through the wall to what appeared to be a maroon-colored cave with a high ceiling that seemed to go on for miles. Glancing back, I saw the craft that I had just been in it resembled a gigantic pearl. Completely white, with a soft whitish-violet glow, there was no sound coming from it. Instantly, I knew that it traveled through space like an electron as it becomes a particles wave somewhere between the physical and spiritual planes.

In front of me, I saw a large group of men. Most of them were in their twenties, a few were teenagers, and some were older. Digging in unison with shovels, they moved like automatons. Large, melon-headed beings watched them work. Apparently, these were their overseers. A few four-foot tall greys moved about. I saw tunnels and crafts that looked like discs. Suddenly, all the men stopped and looked up toward a platform. Loudly, a voice called out, The Emissary from Rigel will speak now.

At that moment, a five-foot being with round, black eyes appeared on the platform. His large head was draped with a kind of short curtain around the back of it. Dressed all in black, his clothing appeared to be a uniform. Looking ominous, he carried a rod that looked both metallic and crystalline at the same time. Everyone seemed to understand his mental communication. Explaining that this group of men had completed their service on Earth and the Martian outpost, he told them that they would now be examined for possible transport to Rigel for experimentation. Those not used would be eliminated. The men were then led into the open port of a silver disc. I noticed that their legs were chained together. The entire scene appeared to be orchestrated just for me. I do not know if it was. If so, what would be the purpose? Perhaps the entire incident is an implanted memory.

The next thing I remember, I was back on the Sirian ship. Traveling in hyperspace, I sat in a darkened room on the floor with the Vegan and the Sirian. Soft lighting allowed me to see inside and outside the ship simultaneously. Hyperspace was a beautiful shade of dark blue and violet. The ship appeared to be diamond-shaped as it traveled. The Sirian said that we were going back to our home world, Khoom, which orbited Sirius A in that binary star system. Later, I could decide if I wanted to return to Earth. I realized we three were the only beings aboard that great ship. Overrated totally by our will, I felt completely safe and at peace. I knew that I was going home.

I do not remember much of my stay on Khoom. I was told that my memory would return at the appropriate time. A frozen world covered in ice and snow, the suns glare on the surface was blinding. The inhabitants lived underground. An elaborate and impenetrable defense system protected the entire planet. Once a subtropical world, Khoom was pushed out of its original orbit by war eons ago. From space, it looks blue and white. The planet has no moons. A victim of the original battle between good and evil, Khoom was blown from its cradle orbit by those who created the Draco race, the reptilians who seek to dominate the galaxy and beyond. The creators of the Draco races came from another time and space. The first genesis of Lucifer, their name denotes the epitome of evil.

Occupying the same physical location as Khoom, but at a different vibratory resonance, is a non-physical world governed by a council of nine beings known as the Ohalu Council. While not the same beings referred to as The Ninein other literature, they do communicate with The Nine as well as participate in joint projects. The Nine first appeared in literature in the works of Dr. Adreja Puharich. In his work with channelers, he came across a few individuals who claimed to be in contact with this ET group. Uri Geller was the first to actually identify them as former physical beings who transferred their minds and soul-essences into nine advanced computers. Each one of these computer represents a different aspect of the Mind of God. The Nine communicate with a few select individuals across the planet in an effort to upgrade the collective consciousness of humankind.

The Ohalu Council also governs the planet Khoom in the star system Sirius since the Sirians are really the lower vibrations of the council beings in the same way that humans are lower vibrations of their ET selves.

I was originally sent to Earth by the Ohalu Council who directed the Sirians on the creation of my physical body. They told me there are nine beings on Earth who are like me. Each one is directed by a member of the council. I was shown my past and future while I was on Khoom. I was taken to a planet orbiting Sirius B that was a tropical, swampy jungle world occupied by short, stocky beings who live in huts. Extremely advanced, these creatures can astral project anywhere they want to at will. They rely on others for physical transportation off-world but as they have no need to go anywhere else, they rarely do so. Communicating exclusively by mind-linking, they do not have a spoken language.

The Sirians told me of the coming Earth invasion by the Draco; that the Orion Confederation was working with the Draco; and that there is a war going on right now between the Sirians and Orions. The supreme merchants of the universe, the Sirians actually supplied the Orion groups with the weapons that are now being used against them. However, the Sirians keep the best and most powerful for themselves, so they never lose. The Sirians see the Orions as bad children who play with matches. They do not seek to destroy them, but they keep them in check. They allow humans, Orions, and the Draco to follow their own destinies.

Despite not wanting to leave, the Ohalu Council convinced me to return to Earth. Arriving back in Israel I found that only three days had passed. I was unceasingly thirsty, had lost ten pounds, and was so tired that I could not see straight. Returning to Holon, I slept for almost an entire week.

During my return rest, I realized that the Ark of the Covenant is actually a communication device between the physical world and hyperspace. The Sirians apparently gave the Hebrews instructions for building it. A reconstruction of the device was built by the University of Minnesota years ago, following the instructions given in the Bible. It was so electrically charged and dangerous that it had to be destroyed.

I believe that the Sirians are trying to undermine the plans of all the factions involved on Earth: the New World Order, the Draco, the Greys, the Tall Blonds, etc. Their agenda is to bring all events to a climax, then usurp all power, possibly via the Israelis. This is only speculation on my part. Time will tell.

P. 130 - 132

That night, the session was most interesting. After I was entranced, a small white being, who looked like a typical grey, entered my body. Speaking at first in a strange language that only Duncan understood, it then spoke in English as the tone became more ominous. This being said that it had every right to take possession of my body because I was one of them! Challenging this remark, Preston said that I was a human being with a soul from God, and no one was allowed to use the body except Stewart. The entity cursed Preston and called him Pressed On. It said I worked for them and was carrying out a mission vital to the success of their program on Earth.

Both Preston and Duncan saw the physical shape of my body change as if it were a grey alien body. The outline of my face similarly changed. Then, the being started to move my body. Getting up, it walked around while making nasty comments about those present. Although my eyes were closed, my body walked around the room as if it were wide awake.

When Preston started to ask questions about their agenda, the being hesitated. Next, an extremely powerful entity literally pulled the grey from my body as it took over. Identifying itself as a Draco commander, it gave its name as Gengeeko. Preston immediately understood the Draco to be powerful, reptilian warriors. The creature told Preston that an invasion force was on its way to Earth and that nothing could stop it. The moon orbiting the Earth was their first craft. It had arrived here aeons ago to control the planet. After creating the Lemurian civilization, they had been removed from the Earth by the Atlans and the descendents of the disbanded Lyraen Empire with the help of the Pleiadians. Now, the Draco were returning to reclaim the Earth and use it as a military base for entry into the rest of the galaxy. At this point, I realized that this was why so many races were interested in the Earth. If this planet falls, then the rest of the galaxy is in danger.

The Draconian then stood up and rasped a warning at Preston not to use his equipment or Pleiadian contacts to try to stop them. Next, he physically attacked Preston! Both Duncan and Preston had to restrain this being in my body until it finally sat down and resumed its speech. Claiming that humans were weak, it said that humans needed the order that an invasion would bring. This way, the invasion would benefit everyone. The Draco would receive the raw materials, workers, and food that they needed for their invasion into the rest of the galaxy. The Earth would be protected forever by the Draco Empire.

Our leaders were well aware of the impending invasion, gradually preparing the world population via television shows and movies. Even rulers in some countries were humans with Draco soul-personalities. The reptilian within my body expanded upon his ideas by saying that the United Nations would be the forum for a central planetary government. United States leaders were in league with Draco allies without realizing it. Some of the leaders of this planet had prepared escape plans to Mars where equipment was already being activated, as well as to other planets and moons in this solar system. Mars has a huge underground facility built by the Sirians over 500,000 years ago.

Gengeeko said that my body could be used since I was once an ambassador to their home world from the Ohalu Council, the ruler of the Sirian star system. I was neutral and not really concerned about who was in power. This is basically true for me; I am not a political person. My main interest lies in helping individuals to advance their souls and minds. Continuing, Gengeeko stated that I was created with alien genetics and that my soul-personality was not human nor from this star system. This explains why I have so many mental abilities that are considered unconventional on Earth.

When I came out of this trance several hours later, my body was dehydrated and extremely cold. Disoriented and confused, I did not return to normal for almost two days. In addition, I suffered rectal bleeding, shortness of breath, and severe shivering. Overall, it was not a pleasant experience.

P. 137 - 139




The next time Preston used Wilhelm Reich procedures, he brought his tape recorder. An entity calling itself Tubor entered my body with such force that I shuddered hard and nearly fell to the floor. Claiming to be the Draco controller of a mission to prepare Earth for occupation, Tubors main concern was other alien and human influences on the population that might thwart their plans. These reptilian beings were extremely nasty and hostile toward anyone who questioned them. Tubor commented that it was disgusted with my body and detested the way a human felt. Humans were considered to be weak, fragile, and too prone to emotional reactions.

Insisting that I had a contract with them which permitted them to use my body before their official arrival, Tubor said that I was also destined to be a liaison during the invasion. Using a human in this way would allow both sides to understand the mind-set of the other. I had supposedly agreed to this because I was once the Sirian ambassador to their home world as well as to Arcturus and a planet called Umo. As the Sirian ambassador, I had successfully negotiated a technology contract between the Draco and the Sirians, Sirius A agreed to provide the Draco with high technology in exchange for free trade and passage of their vessels anywhere within the Draco Empire. This contract upset the Orion Confederation because, being controlled by the Draco, they would never be free. The signing of this contract eventually provoked a war between the Orion Confederation and Sirius A which continues to this day.

Tubor also told us that the Montauk Project employed Sirian technology. The Draco observed all experiments but were especially interested in the ones that involved genetic manipulation. Because they are an androgynous race, the Draco are exceptionally interested in species that procreate sexually. Using sexuality as a means of programming people and gaining mind control over the masses was particularly fascinating to them.

Whenever Preston asked questions or stated an opinion, Tubor became angry. He called Preston Pressed Onand referred to Duncan as Dunk Can.At times, Tubor hissed and swung his arms toward them. Tubor even tried to hurt my body by hitting or twisting parts of it. About an hour later, another entity pushed into me and threw Tubor spinning away. After falling limp to the floor, my body then stood up again.

Claiming to be a Sirian, this being gave its name as Mishka. He said that he forced his way into the body to show me how to deflect hostile use of my body. Since I had Sirian DNA, I could easily learn how to defend myself using my abilities. Mishka said that he lived on a large Sirian space station called Calumba which orbited between Earth and Mars. This station was designed to monitor interference on Earth and surrounding planets. The Sirians were independent and considered to be the merchants of the universe. With the highest technology available in their possession, many races came to them for help. Even all the weapons used by the Draco came from Sirius. When Preston remarked that this made them guilty of hurting others, Mishka had an answer. He replied that without Sirian weapons, the Draco would use brutal force to overwhelm their targets. In this way, the Sirians considered themselves to be a mitigating force in the galaxy.

Over the next several months, Mishka, Mishkas assistant Marshak, Tubor, and Gengeeko used my body to deliver warnings and ultimatums. I was given information that the USSR was in league with the Draco and allowing them to use Soviet bases for advance operations. But, the USSR would eventually break up into smaller nations and disrupt the agreement. When this happened, I was told that this was a deception to lull the rest of the world into a false peace. The various Soviet governments were closely aligned with each other. When the opportunity was right, the Soviets would pounce on the unsuspecting countries. In this way, the Draco had a powerful ally on Earth to do their dirty work for them.

P.142 143

The rest of the conversation involved information about the Sirian interest in Israel and the Jewish people. The Jews, he said, were created as a joint effort between the Sirians and the Draco. The genetic stock came from the Hebrews, a race of Sirian origin. The Ohalu Council, comprised of the leaders of the Sirian civilization, provided the Torah (the first five books of Moses, i.e., the Old Testament of the Bible) with its coded information that I would learn to decipher. In fact, the Ohaluans are nonphysical beings who remain in hyperspace. The Sirians are their physical descendents. Ancient Hebrew is the language of this council. A holy language, it comes directly from the Mind of God. Each letter is a symbol, number, archetype, and geometric shape that is used to translate from the spiritual into the physical.

In fact, each chapter of the Old Testament can be decoded to letter patterns. When recurring patterns are matched against one another, geometric shapes are formed.

These include a doughnut shape, diamonds, three-dimensional triangles, etc. When all the patterns are enfolded on one another, a tetrahedron is formed in multidimensionality. That is to say, the shape can only be demonstrated on paper by drawing a three-dimensional tetrahedron. However, its actual shape goes far beyond anything that can be shown graphically with current technology. All letters of the Hebrew alphabet can be seen within the shape of the tetrahedron.

In the ancient Hebrew alphabet there are four letters that have a stylized crown on top of them. No one knew why. However, if all of the other letters were somehow forgotten, except for those four special ones, by using these four, the tetrahedron could be reconstructed and all the other letters again found within the shape.

Scientists in Jerusalem and New York are only now realizing the information encoded within the Old Testament as they review it by computer and research the various letter patterns. What type of mind could have created such a timeless document? Certainly not a human one.

At the conclusion of our conversation, Elsinob told me to return to bed. Walking back to my room, I noticed that the glow suddenly stopped. The moment my head touched my pillow, I went into a deep sleep. At 4:45 A.M., the alarm rang. When I awoke, I remembered everything. That is when I became afraid.


I also learned that there were originally twelve root races on the Earth at the beginning of life on this planet. What this means is that there were twelve original alien races that agreed to genetically manipulate and seed life on this planet as part of a great experiment. The purpose was to determine if all of the man frequencies in the galaxy could live together harmoniously or if they would destroy one another.

These twelve alien races monitored their contributions to the experiment over the millennia. Some lost interest while some completely altered their original ideas. In any event, the twelve races are returning to remove or aid their part of the project before invasion forces arrive on Earth and usurp all of the resources and people. The outcome of this invasion is yet to be determined.

Many of the original races keep bases in this solar system to watch the Earth. A Sirian base on Mars has existed for many thousands of years. The Amphibians have bases on Neptune and on Titan, a moon of Saturn. The Draco, who are the invading reptilians, have bases on Venus as well as under the Earth. The Pleiadeans have a base on a moon of Jupiter. Many others maintain platforms or stations in orbit around the Earth and other planets in this solar system. Most of them do not want to be discovered yet.

In the early 1990's, I was contacted by a man in Los Angeles on behalf of Marina Popovich, the Soviet cosmonaut who was on a lecture tour in this country.  Secretly, she was investigating the disappearance of a Soviet spacecraft that had been on a reconnaissance mission to Mars. While approaching Phobos, a Martian moon, a strange- looking craft emerged from behind that moon, fired something at the Russian probe, and the ship was never heard from again.

Ms. Popovich knew my family history in Russia (remember, my great-uncle was the first president of the Soviet Union), and she knew about my background and training. She was interested to hear what I had to say about the missing Russian craft.

After several attempts to converse via phone, Marina was suddenly sent back to Moscow. To my knowledge, she never returned. I never had the chance to tell her that a Sirian vessel destroyed the Soviet probe on behalf of the U.S. government and the Israelis! Apparently, there were those people who did not want the world to find out about the monuments on Mars. These same people did not want the public to know that Americans were already working with beings from Tau Ceti who were the progenitors of the Slavic races. Although the Sirians, Tau Cetians, Russians, Israelis, and Americans were theoretically all working together against the Orion Confederation and the Draco Empire, each had their own agenda and withheld information from each other. The Americans and the Israelis wanted primary control so they can eventually dominate the world. They reasoned that the government with the most exclusive information and technology would win.


Montauk: The Alien Connection Reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the area of alien abduction. This is an autobiographical and factual account from Stewart Swerdlow, a gifted mentalist who was born clairvoyant but haunted by strange time-space scenarios. After suffering alien abductions and government manipulations, Stewart found Preston Nichols and discovered his own role in time travel experiments known as the Montauk project. After refusing to break his association with Nichols, Stewart was incarcerated by the authorities, but the truth began to reveal itself. Struggling for his life, Stewart used his mental abilities to overcome the negative influences surrounding him and ultimately discovered the highest common denominator in the alien equation an interdimensional language which communicates to all conscious beings.


Montauk: the alien connection is an intriguing new twist to the Montauk saga which elevates the entire subject to a higher octave.




Victim Mentality

This planet primarily attracts two types of beings those with a victim mentality and those with an oppressor mentality. In order to be a victim, you must have oppressors. In order to be an oppressor, you must have victims. Together, this creates balance in God-Mind.

This planet is designed as a place where beings with a victim mentality can learn to overcome it. Therefore, any ìhigher levelî being will not become involved because it is necessary for those here to have the opportunity to work through their victim mentalities. To become involved would mean interfering or taking away the lessons of those with victim mentalities. Higher level beings will be objective observers who will guide and instruct you through your victim mentality once you reach them, but that is all. They are not here to ìsaveî you or this planet.

Any being who says that they are here to ìsaveî you is interfering in your soul growth. Only you can ìsaveî yourself from a victim mentality. Only you can ìsaveî yourself from a victim mentality. Only you and the lessons you self-design will teach you about victim mentality. Only you can move through these lessons that will allow you to make a final release of your victim mentality. No one is waiting to help you do not be fooled by any being making such promises.

When you learn to move through your victim mentality, your mind pattern will no longer attract oppressors. The more stubborn you are in your determination to hang onto your victim mentality ways, the more intense the lessons that you attract to get you to release those ways. This means, metaphorically speaking, a bigger, meaner, stronger, stick until you finally ìget it.î

You have to get hurt, belittled, and finally, angry enough to stand up for yourself and declare that you will no longer be a victim to anyone, anywhere, any more! Perhaps when you finally have had enough, you release your victim mentality by saying, ìI just donít give a dam anymore what anybody thinks! I am speaking my mind regardless! I am taking care of myself, regardless!î

Sometimes, people are beaten up so much that instead of releasing the victim mentality, they decide to become the oppressor when the opportunity presents itself. This is why cycles repeat themselves. People who were oppressed find other victims, because this gives them a sense of control. In doing so, they relive their earlier experiences when they felt like they had no control. They become the perpetrator, just so they can be the ìwinnerî for a change. Of course, this is another imbalance, or extreme flip from victim to oppressor.

The ideal is to find a happy medium, or balance, between victim and oppressor. Victim and oppressor are opposite sides of the same coin in the Mind of God. In this case, two individual soul-personalities are needed to maintain an equilibrium in God Mind. One carries the weight of a victim, one carries the weight of an oppressor. What you need to do is find the balance within yourself, so that equilibrium within the Mind of God is maintained within one soul-personality instead of two.

Yes, you must learn to speak your mind and not allow anyone to walk on you. Yes, you must sometimes be harsh and cruel with words and sometimes even actions. But when this must happen, it must be done in an objective manner what is best for everyone involved to get the point across while causing the least amount of pain. Boundaries must be set.

What are your boundaries? Who crosses them and how? Who is a belligerent person in your life that you try to avoid because of their bullish, pushy ways? Why do you avoid this person? Why not practice letting go of your victim mentality and speak your mind to him/her? So what if your knees shake so hard that you think you will fall down, and your voice is shaky, squeaky, or barely audible? Somewhere along the way, you must stop your victim mentality before it stops you. Learn to be proactive instead of reactive.

When you allow others to push you around, you become angry, sullen, and introverted. Then, you lash out at the undeserving with misdirected frustration and anger. Sometimes your body becomes ill because of all that you suppress, or you insulate your body, or perhaps stop eating. One way or the other, you suffer.

But, there is a part of you that feels that you deserve to suffer. There is a part of you that enjoys this pain and self-punishment. It feels good to some part of yourself, or you would not do it. Some people create others to give them pain, sometimes physical, sometimes emotional, sometimes both. Some people do it for themselves a self-contained, fully functional, victim mentality unit. Some people are extremely successful at this.

Why do you feel so bad about yourself that you feel like you are meant to suffer, to be alone, to feel guilty, to have ill health, to be over or underweight. Did it start in this lifetime, or did it start before? Follow those feelings,and allow yourself to release it. This physical reality is your chance to overcome it. The more you ignore this situation, the harder and more intense lesson you will attract to beat it out of yourself. You came here to learn now do it. Quit whining moaning, and complaining because there is a part of you that enjoys that too.

Aches and pains can create a lot of entertainment. You can run from doctor to doctor, trying to find a cure for something that will never be cured as long  as you maintain your current mind-pattern.

ìBad luckî can attract a lot of attention and sympathy from others. Dire circumstances will force someone to pay attention to you. Never getting a raise or a promotion is an excuse not to climb higher in your career or company. You can moan all you want about being alone, with a partner who does not understand you, or without one at all. But this self-imposed isolation also gives you time to selfishly take care of yourself without any interference. The same for saying you want children but are unable to have them. A part of you does not want a spouse, or a caring spouse, or children, because if ALL of you wanted this and it was truly in your mind-pattern, you would have it!

Victim, victim, victim! Let us count the waysÖ Refuse to be a victim. Find a new source of entertainment. Release yourself from this mind-pattern so that you can move into new vistas of growth - ones so vast that you cannot even imagine or comprehend them. You must let go of the old to make room for the new. No one can do it for you. No one can ìsaveî you from yourself. No one is waiting to help this planet. Only you can make a difference. Only you can save this planet. Do it!



Are you A Mind-Control Candidate?


Does mind-control sound like a foreboding subject that people in dark, mysterious places practice upon unsuspecting victims? Do you read about other peopleís claims with interest, while thinking that it really has nothing to do with you? Remember, if you are reading about it, it is in your world. If it is in your world, it is a reflection of some part of yourself or it could not exist. So, are you a mind-control candidate for sinister forces?

To fit the profile they are looking for, you must be controllable. Are you? What does your mind-pattern look like? Are you in control of your own life, or is your life in control of you?

If anything, anywhere controls you, you have an established mind-pattern that any force can use and manipulate. All the force has to do is enter your auric field through this ìholeî in your mind-pattern. To close the holes and correct the mind-pattern, it is important to find out what in your life is controlling you so that you can stop it.

What controls you? Is it a person? Anyone who ìpulls your stringsî or ìpushes your buttonsî is controlling you. Anyone who you allow to put you down, or who makes you feel like less of a person is controlling you. When you react to their manipulation, you are not in control. The other person controls you. This could be a parent, spouse, child, relative, co-worker, or neighbour, for example.

Do your emotions control you? When emotions are out of balance, they can create their own subpersonalities. Each emotion has its own color, tone, and archetype within your auric field. Anger is comprised of the color red, Fear is yellow, Jealousy is green. Every time you have experience these emotions without passing them up to your Oversoul, the energy of these specific subpersonalities are fed. Anger gets stronger, Fear gets stronger, Jealousy gets stronger. Now, they are in control of you. You can make all the promises you want, but what happens when your buttons get pushed? All of a sudden, Anger is controlling you, or Fear, or Jealousy. You have lost the battle. Your emotions are in control.

Perhaps it is illness that controls you. Do you need that illness in order to feel important, or as a way to get attention and/or love? Do you have chronic health issues that never seem to go away? Or you just get rid of something and something else pops up to take its place? What part of you needs and allows this type of control?

Do alcohol and drugs control you? How about tobacco? Sex? There are support groups for alcoholism, drug, and sex addiction; for people who cannot stop shopping, gambling, and/or shoplifting. There are support groups for people controlled by bulimia, anorexia, obsessive compulsive disorder. You name it, it is out there controlling somebody, somewhere. Is it controlling you.

Does food control you? Food controlling you does not imply that you are overweight. Could you go a day without chocolate or sugar? Could you fast for 24 hours without anything but water? Most likely you would not starve to death and dieÖ so could you??

How about fashion? Are you the first to get the latest clothing, hairstyles, home dÈcor, without thinking if you even like them or not? How about cars, motorcycles trucks, motor vehicles, boatÖ the list is endless.

Or fads, be it body-piercing, tattoos, or acquiring all kinds of doodads and knickknacks that will be useless practically before you even have them out of the box. Do you have to have whatever everyone else has.

Plastic surgery controls people. They keep going back and redoing every part of the body until there is nothing left to redo. Then they start over again.

Some people start exercising and cannot stop. They exercise continually and constantly, sometimes building up muscle masses that would put Hercules to shame. Others exercise until they do not have a drop of fat on their bodies, then begin destroying their muscle tissues, ligaments, and internal organs.

Do your experiences use and control you, or do you use and control your experiences? This is the bottom line. If anything or anyone controls you in any way, shape, or form, you are a prime candidate for mass and/or individual mind-control. When you are in control of your own self, no one and no thing can control you. Everything in moderation is acceptable, but when something takes over your life to the degree where it controls you, you create a mind-pattern that says ìoutside forces can and do control me.î

This leaves holes in your mind-pattern and auric field that tells anyone who can understand this information that you are a perfect candidate for mind-control. Learn to breathe yourself into your centre. Identify the strong aspects of your mind-pattern and the ones that need strengthening. Anchor yourself in the strength of your own Oversoul and God-Mind. Take control over absolutely anything that has control over you, remembering to keep the balance. You can be pulled off-centre in every way imaginable, and you will be. These are your tests.

Be the monitor of your own progress. The more you use internal monitors, the less chance outside monitors can step in to do the job for you. Whenever you let your guard down, there will be somebody or something that will knowingly and gladly push you out of your centre.

Part of your reason for existing in physical reality is to find out who and what you are. Being pushed out of your centre tells you who you are not. Operating from outside of your centre allows others to define you according to their terms. They can mould and bend you like clay to create the person that they need for their own purposes. You are so busy moulding and bending that you do not have time to recognize what is happening to you.

Only when you stand firm in your centre, in control of absolutely every aspect of your life, are all the holes of your mind-pattern completely sealed shut. When this happens, no one or no thing can control you. But even when the door is closed to outsiders, remember that they will still come knocking. It is up to you to ensure that they do not enter.


John Titor-recommended web site: " Greetings. I am a time traveler from the year 2036. I am on my way home after getting an IBM 5100 computer system from the year 1975......My "time" machine is a stationary mass, temporal displacement unit manufactured by General Electric. The unit is powered by two, top-spin, dual-positive singularities that produce a standard, off-set Tipler sinusoid."

1 Dual singularities in kerr field
2 Output of negative time field
3 Output of null time field
4 Output of positive time field
5 X-ray venting zone
6 Vertical safe distance (6 meters)

7 Mass offset (5 meters)
8 Rear mass dist. (8 meters)
9 Forward mass dist. (11 meters)
10 Negative time event horizon
11 Null time event horizon
12 Positive time event horizon
 "This is a picture taken in the fall of 2035 during my training. It shows my instructor beaming a handheld laser outside the vehicle during operation. The beam is being bent by the gravitational field produced outside the vehicle by the distortion unit. The beam is visible through smoke that is coming from his cigar."

Note from Dan W.-if our scientists were not so primitive to see that self similarity can turn charge compression in to acceleration-(time travel) - we might not be in so much trouble as a genepool. Without lucid dreaming (time travel) teams - the genepool is eyeless. No wonder the returning Drac parasites are free to eat souls.

Summary-the civil war that takes down the US and with it - most of the world's population starts just after the 2004 election and by 2007 or so.. all Western stability is pretty much gone...


What are your memories of 2036?

I remember 2036 very clearly. It is difficult to describe 2036 in detail without spending a great deal of time explaining why things are so different.

In 2036, I live in central Florida with my family and I'm currently stationed at an Army base in Tampa. A world war in 2015 killed nearly three billion people. The people that survived grew closer together. Life is centered on the family and then the community. I cannot imagine living even a few hundred miles away from my parents.

There is no large industrial complex creating masses of useless food and recreational items. Food and livestock is grown and sold locally. People spend much more time reading and talking together face to face. Religion is taken seriously and everyone can multiply and divide in their heads.

Life has changed so much over my lifetime that it's hard to pin down a "normal" day. When I was 13, I was a soldier. As a teenager, I helped my dad haul cargo. I went to college when I was 31 and I was recruited to "time travel" shortly after that. Again, I suppose an average day in 2036 is like an average day on the farm.

There is a civil war in the United States that starts in 2005. That conflict flares up and down for 10 years. In 2015, Russia launches a nuclear strike against the major cities in the United States (which is the "other side" of the civil war from my perspective), China and Europe. The United States counter attacks. The US cities are destroyed along with the AFE (American Federal Empire)...thus we (in the country) won. The European Union and China were also destroyed. Russia is now our largest trading partner and the Capitol of the US was moved to Omaha Nebraska.....

You assume I am here to start a war?

Consider this: You are a time traveler who wishes to go back in time to 1941 because your grandparents live close to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. You realize you can't stop the war but you may be able to help them prepare for it. Strangely, December 7th comes and goes with no sneak attack. As the war in Europe rages on, Japan fails to join the axis power, there is no war in the Pacific and the United States remains neutral. Then, you watch as Germany begins to develop the atomic bomb all by themselves.

For a change, I have a question for all of you. I want you to think very hard. What major disaster was expected and prepared for in the last year and a half that never happened?

As far as war goes, I have faith you are quite capable of starting one all by yourself. I am hard pressed to accept any criticism on my outlook on that subject. Growing up might have been a vastly different experience for me than it was for most of you. Personal responsibility, determination, honor, friendship and self-reliance are not just words we try to live up to or fantasize about.

On my worldline, life is not easy. We live in a world recovering from years of war, poison, destruction and hate. All of it, courtesy of the thinking and actions of people that live right now in the same world you do, worrying about which stocks to buy or whether or not a stranger is lying to them on the Internet.

I believe that hardship and challenge develop character and community. My first experience with war came when I joined a shotgun infantry unit at the age of thirteen. In the 4 years I served as a "rebel", I watched hundreds of people get shot, burn and bleed to death. I know exactly where I was and every detail of the exact moment the first nuclear warheads began falling on Jacksonville. I know the pain and regret of not acting soon enough to enjoy a relationship as a loved one dies of brain cancer from a war that gained nothing.

How can you possibly criticize me for any conflict that comes to you? I watch every day what you are doing as a society. While you sit by and watch your Constitution being torn away from you, you willfully eat poisoned food, buy manufactured products no one needs and turn an uncaring eye away from millions of people suffering and dying all around you. Is this the "Universal Law" you subscribe to?

Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically ignorant sheep. Perhaps you should be less concerned about me and more concerned about that.

Imagine you are Jewish and you are able to travel back in time to Germany in 1935. All around you are the patterns of thinking and action that will lead to a great deal of harm, death and destruction in just a few years. You have the advantage of knowing what will come but no one will listen to you. In fact, they think you're insane and the situations you describe could never happen.

What I feel is not anger, it is sadness that you cannot see what I see.

What event started the war? Can it be stopped?

The war is a result of faulty politics and desperation from Western leadership during the US civil war. Yes, I suppose you could stop it.

Are some areas of the United States safer than others?

Take a close look at the county-by-county voting map from the last

Were biological or chemical weapons used in the war? Were any weapons used that effected people's minds?

Yes there were biological and chemical weapons used. No mind control weapons but there are new "non-lethal" weapon systems that turn out to be quite lethal.

What would you say to any world leaders who might be reading this right now?

Revel in your confidence today because you will not win tomorrow. ....

As far as the war goes, my best advice is to find at least 5 people within 100 miles of you that you trust with your life.

Can you give us some personal stories of your past?

I was born in 1998 so I do share some childhood memories with all of you. I remember going to Disney World at Christmas and I remember going to the beach in Daytona. When the civil "conflict" started and got worse, people generally decided to either stay in the cities and lose most of their civil rights under the guise of security or leave the cities for more isolated and rural areas. Our home was searched once and the neighbor across the street was arrested for some unknown reason. That convinced my father to leave the city.

From the age of 8 to 12, we lived away from the cities and spent most of our time in a farm community with other families avoiding conflict with the federal police and National Guard. By that time, it was pretty clear that we were not going back to what we had and the division between the "cities" and the "country" was well defined. My father made a living by putting together 12-volt electrical systems and sailing "commodities" up and down the coast of Florida. I spent most of my time helping him.

Outright open fighting was common by then and I joined a shotgun infantry unit in 2011. I served with the "Fighting Diamondbacks" for about 4 years. (Hearing in my right ear isn't as good as I would like it). The civil war ended in 2015 when Russia attacked the U.S. cities (our enemy), China and Europe. As unusual and bad as my childhood might seem, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Africa is not a pleasant place to be in 2036 although I would characterize it as recovering.

(5) Will it still be lawful for me to own handguns?

I thought owning a handgun was legal in the United States? Yes, being familiar with firearms (along with the other responsibilities of the Constitution) becomes an important part of people's lives in thirty years.

Russia and China have always had a very strange relationship. Even the news I see now indicates that continued weapons deals to allies, border clashes and overpopulation will lead to hostilities. The West will become very unstable which gives China the confidence to "expand". I'm assuming you are all aware that China has millions of male soldiers right now that they know will never be able to find wives. The attack on Europe is in response to a unified European army that masses and moves East from Germany. Also, please be aware that from my viewpoint, Russia attacked my enemy who was in the U.S. cities. Yes, the U.S. did counter attack.

I would characterize world politics as two boxers who have just gone multiple rounds and they're both pretty beat up. I'm sure someone out there wants to kill us but no one is very organized yet. There is a great deal of fear over rogue groups coming across un-launched missile systems, 55-gallon drums of Anthrax or portable nuclear weapons.

Korea United?

I guess you could say that. Taiwan, Japan and Korea were all "forcefully annexed" before N Day.

I don't remember a great deal about media coverage during the civil conflicts. I would probably characterize it the same way you see coverage of Waco, Ruby Ridge and Elian Gonzalez.

From my viewpoint, yes, this is an alternate timeline. From your viewpoint, no.

Australia is sort of interesting in what is unknown. After the war, they were not very cooperative or friendly (can't blame them really). It is known they did repulse a Chinese invasion and most of their cities were hit. They have a trading relationship with the U.S. but I would characterize them as reclusive and ticked off.

The "enemy" that was attacked by Russia in the U.S. was the forces of the government you live under right now.


Your enemy was in the cities. Was the President in 2005 also on the enemy side? How did you feel personally about the President then?

The President or "leader" in 2005 I believe tried desperately to be the next Lincoln and hold the country together but many of their policies drove a larger wedge into the Bill of Rights. The President in 2009 was interested only in keeping his/her power base.

Was China your enemy?

Not my enemy? I never fought any Chinese but their ability to hit Western cities with missiles made a lot of people unhappy.


Your prediction of (national politics) pending disintegration, beginning in three short years, is impossible.

Have you see the documentary on Waco? Just for argument's sake, what do you think would happen if information were discovered that confirmed the worst accusations made against the law enforcement officers there? Would you hope nothing?


How far from what size city is it the safest to be?

A 10 Kiloton nuclear weapon will vaporize metal for about 12 a mile and have a heat effect for about 3 miles. A 100 Megaton nuclear weapon will vaporize metal to 35 miles and have a heat effect to about 250 miles. I believe the largest nuclear weapon ever built and tested was about 60 megatons.

As I recall, the popular strategy toady is to strike targets with multiple numbers of smaller warheads. The 100 Kt to 1 Mt are the most popular. I believe there are about 150 - 200 major cities in the US and half as many military targets. Please correct me someone if I am grossly incorrect.

Should we be stockpiling guns?

The answer to this is NO! You will draw a great deal of negative attention to yourself. I recommend becoming familiar with firearms. This means taking a safety course and learning to shoot and clean many different types. There will be plenty of guns around when you need them.

What kind of people will be the ones least trustworthy?

The people with the most to lose if the world changes, Camel through the eye of a needle?


Does the civil war start in such a way that those willing will have time to remove themselves to safer locations.

Yes. You will be forced to ask yourself how many civil rights you will give up to feel safe.

Will you readily be able to identify the enemy?

They will be the ones arresting and holding people without due process.

Does living near a river take care of water problems?

There is an odd saying that might be appropriate here. Safe is anywhere a hungry person can't walk in three days. Water is important but you must consider that when people need it they will know where to get it. I would not plan on planting myself permanently next to a water source. Yes, distillation dose make water safe but the runoff is highly dangerous. Please remember that distillation is not boiling.

How are the five people within the 100 miles contacted?

The goal is to have a place to go other than your house and to be able to trust someone with your life. Foster those relationships now.

Do communications stay intact during the war?

Main communication systems no, CB, sideband and non-repeating short-wave, yes.

Be mobile. Set aside the things you absolutely would need and can carry on your back. You will not be able to stay anywhere indefinitely even with provisions and firearms.
....You said that your culture was centered around Universities. Weren't they wiped out in the war?

Not all major universities are in large cities.

How do most people die during the war?

In this order: Starvation - Disease - Bullet Wounds - Radiation.

You said that there will be a big war. Can you at least tell us which cities will be nuked?

No I won't do that. However, I submit to you that when the moment comes it will be absolutely plain as day that you are unsafe in the cities. The millions people that stay will choose to stay. That's what comes as a surprise.

You say you don't want to effect anything by giving information but you could change this worldline just by talking about the war, or anything for that matter.

I don't believe that knowing a possible future makes it happen. You are capable of changing your worldline for the better right now. None of the things I have said will be a surprise. They were set in motion ten, twenty, even thirty years ago. Are you really surprised to find out that Iraq has nukes now or is that just BS to whip everyone up into accepting the next war?

Nuclear warfare doesn't seem to be the biggest form of fighting in the future.

Nuclear war will be very effective at destroying an enemy's economy and the people's will to fight.

I doubt nuclear warheads are going to be shot from each end of the globe.

I would caution against that. That's exactly what "they" want you to think while they continue to develop smaller and more accurate MIRV's. Have you ever seen a neutron bomb the size of a basketball?

John, you say one of the hardest things to do in 2036 is find clean water. You also say you only trust food you've grown. Is any of this a result of your experiences with biological warfare?

Yes and no. Yes, biological warfare and accidents do cause a great deal of problems but the lack of a working infrastructure also hinders the continuation of the food manufacturing you depend on now.

The most likely leader of a war movement like the one you describe would most likely be a Farmer.

Throughout history, farmers have often been a target of oppression because they are absolutely necessary to civilization but too busy to defend themselves. If you push a farmer too far, they stop growing food and have nothing to do but hide in the woods and shoot back.

You say you were in the militia fighting the US Army. I would think civilians would have no chance of successfully fighting the military.

You must realize that why people are fighting is more important that what they are fighting with. The conflict was not about taking and holding ground it was about order and rights. They were betting that people wanted security instead of freedom and they were wrong.

Is it a stalemate with the resistance/militia hiding out until the cities are wiped out allowing them to surface?

The cities were not isolated because of them; they were isolated because of us.

You cite the approximate number of cities and military bases intact before the nuclear attack. Are they all hit?

Nuclear weapons and guidance systems are less than perfect. Most targets receive more than one warhead but some of them were more accurate than others. I would estimate the overall accuracy was around 60 to 70 percent.

Three days walk from where?

In my experience, a motivated starving person is only capable of walking about three days. The more distance you put between yourself and anyone who is likely to be hungry, the better.

Does anyone stay neutral during the war?

Some try to.

Does anyone lead a normal life during the civil war?


You say the civil war lasts from 2004 to 2008 and then the short big war in 2015. What do the years from 2008 to 2015 look like? How long does WWIII last.

I'm not sure I said that exactly. By 2008, I would say the civil conflict is pretty much at everyone's doorstep. Western instability during the conflict leads to the attack in 2015. WWIII is very short with a longer period of mop up.

You mention Canadians but I don't think you mentioned the impact on that country.

There's not a great deal I know about Canada except to say they were pretty much in the same type of conflict. They did have the Dew Line you know


I would still like to know what population makes a city big.

Cities become targets because of their military and economic value. Any large area supported by a civil infrastructure is likely to be on that list.

Your time sounds grim. Are you tempted to finish your mission and then retire in the 1970's?

Not at all. I'm anxious to get home.

Do they start pushing for legalization earlier than the war?

It's not really an issue of the government letting you do something; It's more like they have other things to worry about. Don't you feel you're capable of taking care of yourself? If you want to take mood-altering drugs, why should my opinions stop you from that? They don't stop you from taking alcohol, tobacco or fast food.

In any case, it also lets Darwin take over. One of the reasons drug abuse isn't a major problem in 2036 is because no one wants to die from it and everyone else who did is dead.

WACO with criminal violations of the law either directly or impliedly as is done in this video, simply doesn't accord with the real facts.

A large point of contention seems to be the "flashes" of light that appear to be gunfire that were recorded from the aircraft flying over the compound. The FBI has stated that these flashes were sunlight reflections. I find that rather interesting since the camera was not a visible light camera, it was a thermal camera. If the federal forces learned anything from WACO it was to install more reliable suppressors on their automatic weapons and don't use flash grenades that leave shell casings after the fire......

And - as you are planning to follow the old instructions:

1. High ground, 2. Shelter from High Wind, 3. Far from Cities (100=?mi), 4. Access to Non-Surface Water, 5. Seeds store, 6. Extended Family Community, 7.Fenced or secure large garden.

we suggest you add:

8. Team of psychic / shaman :

as confirmed be:

Ingo's book, Penetration: (which is also nice confirmation of the {Montauk} information in re: our moon as Reptilian fired in - hollow metal death star full of parasite ET's)

Not worth $1500 for something you already know, though.

And a comment from Amazon america:

Earth psychics are their only enemies..., September 26, 2000
S. Ferguson
Ingo Swann is THE 'original' remote view-er. He worked with The Stanford Research Institute, SRI, and many government agencies for years.

Ingo Swann tells of his involvement with a very secret government agency that asked him to remote view the dark side of the Earth's Moon. Swann saw extensive buildings, roads, and human forms digging.

Swann makes it very clear that our government is very much intimidated by these ETs. He says to the government agent: "They've somehow got you by the balls, haven't they? That's why you are resorting to psychic perceptions...They are NOT friendly are they?..."

Swann also describes his encounter with a live alien in a Los Angeles supermarket and confirms that ET civilization has been infiltrating the Earth in humanoid bodies. Swann's friends warn him: "There are alot of THEM, you know, and many of them are bio-androids...they realize that Earth psychics are their only enemies."

People advised Ingo Swann NOT to write this book because " challenges those echelons of conventional credibilty that lasciviously get off on deconstructing those unfortunates who experience what they can't prove."

Ingo Swann understands the perils and pain of being someone who has had "experiences". Many of you, like myself, fall into this category.

He also talks about the fact that DENIAL of the ETs is a "...patent fact. The question is WHY?...Earthsiders [he calls us] as a whole seem to be caught up in some kind of strange but broadly shared amnesia induced..."

I recommend this book as an antidote for what I have frequently called Earth's miasma of amnesia. ---V.Susan Ferguson


Ingo Swann's Remote "View' of the dark side of the Moon In 1975, Ingo Swann was approached by an unnamed branch of US intelligence and asked to take on an assignment remote viewing the dark side of the Moon. Here is an excerpt describing some of the things he saw: SWANN: I see lights...rows of lights at football arenas....up on towers of some kind....
GOVT. AGENT: How high are the light towers?
SWANN: Well, tall- about or let's say over a hundred feet. But I think I got aglimpse of the crater's edge. On it I saw a very large tower...if I compare it to something I am familiar with in New York, about as high as the Secretariatbuilding at the United Nations.
AGENT: You can see that then.....
SWANN: But this stuff is big....I thought everyone was having trouble just gettinga couple of guys and a dog into orbit. I thought the only thing we got on the Moon was a flag planted in some crater somewhere....You mean-- am I to assume this stuff is not OURS! Not made on Earth?
AGENT: Quite a surprise isn't it?....We have all experienced a considerableamount of emotional surprise....Frankly, no one has known what to do, and many mistakes have been made....the problems are more than you can imagine. Swann also saw machinery, tractor-like marks, tractor-like machines going upand down hills, strange buildings, bridges, roads, domes and obelisks. He was flabbergasted and frightened by what he saw. When Swann asked the agent whythey were using a remote viewer as opposed to just sending a manned mission to the Moon to find out what they needed to know, it was made clear thatprevious manned missions had met with unsuspected difficulties precluding the continuation of similar missions. It was further intimated that there was apresence on the Moon that was not friendly and that this information was not being made public, for obvious reasons. Swann told the agent that he wanted more information and the following exchange ensued:
AGENT: I can't tell you very much since doing so would endanger our missionand perhaps you, too. But I could ask you what YOU think is going on?
SWANN: ....from all I can tell, Earth is under some kind of are desperate enough at least to try to employ psychics to help you out.
AGENT: You see, I don't have to tell you anything.
Swann was asked not to divulge any information with respect to the assignment for at least 10 years. He waited for twenty and found that none of the publishers his literary agent approached would touch the manuscript. This despite the fact that he was a previously published author with a respectable track record in terms of book sales. While it is feasible that the rejection of this manuscript wasdue to the incredible nature of the contents, there are many books that have been accepted for publication that are comparable to Swann's account in terms of "incredible' content. From firsthand experience, I can vouch for the fact that most of these books are of inferior quality, relative to Swann's account, in terms of both writing style and entertainment value. Swann self-published a small number of copies over two printings and gives no indication of plans to print anymore. Dr. Courtney Browne, Director of the Farsight Institute that is dedicated to the scientific study of remote viewing, states that many other remote viewers have confirmed Swann's Moon findings independently through their own efforts

Ingo Swann's book, Penetration, is a nonfiction remote-viewing thriller if there ever was one.

Ingo Swann is one of the more important historical figures in the U.S. government-funded efforts to investigate the phenomenon known as "remote viewing." His participation in highly classified research is now public knowledge and not disputed. Mr. Swann is also somewhat elderly as of this writing, and I can find no reason for him to lie now about what happened to him during his most bizarre interactions with elements of the U.S. intelligence community.

Penetration is Mr. Swann's most riveting book. The first 100 pages of the book is just about guaranteed to keep any reader flipping the pages as fast as the eye can read. In this book, Swann forever banishes the idea that a remote viewer's life need be dull. This is a story of how badly the government needed to know some information, and to what extent it was willing to go to get it. I suspect that most readers will be grateful that Mr. Swann finally decided to tell this most intimate history of his involvement with those in our government whose activities only rarely become visible to the common citizen.

Minimally, this is a story about remote viewing and its use by Mr. Swann to explore the idea of extraterrestrial life. On the surface, this would be interesting enough for many readers to want to hear what he has to say. But Mr. Swann's tale is not of a coolly academic nature. Rather, he tells of how in the past he interacted with some of the most deeply buried U.S. government intelligence personnel to help them understand the "ET enigma." This is not a story of academic researchers wanting to know if extraterrestrial life is possible. This is a nonfiction drama involving elite elements within the U.S. intelligence community wanting to know more about extraterrestrials whom they knew were operating on and near Earth. This is the UFO hypothesis turned fully around into a confrontation with reality that destroys more passive "what-if" scientific speculation. From Swann's perspective, it is not a question of whether or not UFOs and extraterrestrials exist, or whether or not the U.S. government knows about them. Rather it is a question of how intensely the intelligence apparatus of the government is trying to learn more about the activities of the extraterrestrials without letting the public in on the story. Mr. Swann gets caught in the middle, a middle from which he eventually escapes with the publication of this book.

This book is essentially two books in one. The first is about 100 pages long, and it details Mr. Swann's interactions with U.S. spies who study extraterrestrials. This is where the action and drama in this book resides. After this the book shifts gears to more general discussions (and speculations) about the subjects of telepathy, remote viewing, and extraterrestrial life. In all honesty, the latter parts of this book are not as interesting as the first 100 pages. Perhaps some readers will find the later pages helpful not so much because of what is said, but because of who is saying it. Nonetheless, I doubt many readers will criticize Mr. Swann for the later sections of the book given the visceral reward of the first part.

This book will not convince anyone that extraterrestrials exist. Rather, this book is for those who simply want to hear more about Mr. Swann's past. The fact that his involvement with the U.S. intelligence community is already so well documented lends credibility to his discussion in these pages. But this is not the smoking gun that will force the government to reveal all. The story in this book is too wild for the masses to embrace, and it is unlikely that the government would ever confirm what Mr. Swann writes about here, especially if it is true.

My suggestion is that readers take this book at face value, neither accepting it fully nor rejecting it as impossible. This is Mr. Swann's story, his own personal story. It may be true. On the other hand, some may conclude that it is either false or delusional. Since it is impossible for most readers to know for certain one way or the other, it makes more sense to simply accept this story as an honest statement that is as true as Mr. Swann can remember it. At least it does not hurt us to keep our minds open. Mr. Swann has contributed so much to our current understanding of the human psyche and the process of remote viewing, it seems only reasonable that people should give him the courtesy of allowing him to tell this most personal and intense story. As a society, we owe him that much at least. On the other hand, we owe him a lot more if what he writes about in Penetration is a true recollection from his past.

One side note, this book is somewhat hard to obtain since it is self-published. Interested readers may want to go to Mr. Swann's web site to find out how to obtain this book.


Ingo Swann gets feedback regarding naked men on the moon
Remote viewer sees more than a "man in the moon"

The View from Marrs by Jim Marrs challenges bureaucratic secrecy and the status quo. Big Media watch out!

Naked male workers working under bright lights on the moon, tall buildings, exotic machinery, and strange vehicles leaving tracks in the lunar dust - all this and much more was seen by Ingo Swann, the man most responsible for the phenomenon known as remote viewing.

Swann was invited to take a mental look at the moon by a man he knew only as Mr. Axelrod. This man might have been a real-life counterpart of the cigarette-smoking man of .X-Files. fame. Mr. Axelrod claimed to be part of an ultra-secret government group investigating alien activities on both the moon and the Earth. This actual .man in black. took Swann, blindfolded, to an underground government facility and had him agree to a remote viewing session.

Remote viewing is a psychic method of acquiring intuitive information about people, places and things. It was researched for more than a quarter of a century, first by the CIA, and later by the U.S. Army, which created a unit of operational remote viewers to spy on the old Soviet Union and others. Swann, who coined the name .remote viewing. as an alternative to the term .clairvoyance,. studied the phenomenon at Stanford Research Institute and helped train many of the Army.s viewers.

During his remote viewing for Mr. Axelrod, Swann realized he was viewing scenes on our moon, but not anything remotely like the moon that we have learned about. He saw water and a weak atmosphere on the moon, essentials for life. He also saw structures, machinery, bridges, tracks, and other evidence of an active presence on this supposedly dead world. His incredible adventure with Mr. Axelrod and the moon is detailed in Swann.s 1998 book Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy.

But, as in so many bizarre remote viewing sessions, Swann received no immediate .feedback. following his strange mental vision of the moon. Swann himself has stated that without adequate feedback, no remote viewing can be said to have taken place. It was about a year later when Swann felt as though he finally got feedback on his strange mental journey to the moon.

It came in the form of a book published in 1976 titled Somebody Else Is On The Moon, by George H. Leonard. The book arrived in the mail with no return name or address. In this book, almost impossible to find today, Leonard reproduced many NASA moon photographs as well as tapes from Apollo missions and concluded that .a highly advanced underground civilization&is working the surface of the moon - mining, manufacturing, communicating, and building!.

.Leonard.s book was filled with verifiable data, official photos, and sketches of structures, etc., he created from the photos,. stated Swann. .Many of Leonard.s sketches resembled some of mine..

Yes indeed, the mysterious Mr. Axelrod had provided me feedback as promised, for there could be no doubt that it was his jolly self that sent Leonard.s book to me..

Swann.s adventure with the moon occurred in 1975-76. Since then, several other authors claimed to have found the same evidence as Swann and Leonard, regarding aliens on the moon.

In 1982, author William L. Brian II in his book, Moongate: Suppressed Findings of the U.S. Space Program, detailed information about activity on the moon and posited .In all probability, the United States manned exploration of space never stopped after the Apollo missions. It is an interesting possibility to consider that Russia might be sending cosmonauts on extended trips to the moon or other planets for up to six months using the Salyut 6 space station as a cover. Of so, what might the United States be doing, and could the Space Shuttle Project be another decoy for military space operations?.

By 1990, author Fred Steckling had printed five editions of his book, We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon, a collection and analysis of 125 official NASA photographs. Steckling too concluded there was water, atmosphere, even vegetation on the moon and, after a careful examination of the photos, concluded, .There seems to exist a tremendous technology on the moon&.

Since the books mentioned above are hard to locate, current researchers might study the second revised edition of the 1995 book by David Hatcher Childress.s, Extraterrestrial Archeology, available through Adventures Unlimited Press. This book is rife with NASA photos, drawings, and maps detailing what the author says are pyramids, domes, robot mining vehicles, tunnels, bridges, and other structures on the moon.

Most compelling is a NASA blowup (NASA, VII Gassendi S 2.4) which shows two rounded objects leaving tracks across the lunar landscape. The larger object leaves behind irregular track marks, while the smaller object appears to have rolled up the side of a moon crater, then moved down the crater and out onto flat ground, leaving behind a slightly curved track.

Also fascinating are other photos. NASA No. 16-18918, which clearly shows a large oval object jutting out over the lip of a large moon crater, and No. 16-19265, which seems to show a large circular/domed object nestled next to 10 regularly-spaced objects, in what appears to be a partially underground hangar.

In 1968, a year before U.S. astronaunts landed on the moon, NASA published Technical Report R-277, titled Chronological Catalogue of Reported Lunar Events, which lists more than 570 moon anomalies from 1540 to 1967. Some of the more intriguing events in this study include:

- A .star. was seen within the body of a crescent moon .directly between the points of her horns. on March 5, 1587.

- During March and April of 1787, Britain.s Sir Frederick William Herschel, pioneer of the reflecting telescope and discoverer of Uranus, claimed to have sighted three .bright spots,. four volcanoes,. and lights moving .above the moon..

- In July 1821, a German astronomer reported sighting .brilliant flashing light spots.. His was one of numerous reports of flashing or blinking lights seen on the moon.

- In February 1877, a line or streak of light was seen stretching across the crater Eudoxus. This light was observed for about an hour, ruling out the possibility that it was merely a meteorite striking the lunar surface with a flash.

- Two steaks of medium intensity light were recorded on June 14, 1940, in the crater Plato, a location where reports of lights have numbered in the thousands.

- A .black cloud surrounded by violet color. was seen in the Sea of Tranquility by Canadian astronomers on September 11, 1967.

- New York Herald Tribune science editor John J. O.Neill on July 29, 1953,claimed to have seen a 12-mile-long .bridge. straddling Mare Crisium. After reporting his find to the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers, O.Neill was scorned by astronomers. However, a month later, the .bridge. was confirmed by British astronomer Dr. H.P. Wilkens, who told the BBC, "It looks artificial. It.s almost incredible that such a thing could have been formed in the first instance, or if it was formed, could have lasted during the ages in which the moon has been in existence." Further confirmation came from Patrick Moore of the British Astronomical Association, who declared the .bridge. had .popped up. almost overnight.

Such Lunar Transient Phenomena (LTP) are well known among veteran astronomers. Bright and blinking lights, colorful displays, clouds, or mists have been reported in many lunar craters, especially those of Aristarchus, Plato, Eratosthenes, Biela, Rabbi Levi, and Posidonius.

Then there are the numerous NASA photos of UFOs both on and near the moon. A 1972 16mm film taken from Apollo 16 (NASA File Roll 9361) clearly depicts a spherical craft with a domed top, flying far over the moon.s cratered surface. Just as amazing are photos of gigantic cigar-shaped objects traversing the moon.s face in NASA No. 16-19238 and 11-37-5438. A Lunar Orbiter IV photo (No. LO IV 89-H-3) depicts a large, cigar-shaped object reflecting light while sitting on the surface near the crater Romer.

One thing seems clear - the moon is far from being a dead world. Something is happening on our moon, something so profound that, despite our capability for further exploration, we are prevented from returning.


For further details on concerning UFOs and the moon, read Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs, available at bookstores everywhere. Also, Jim Marrs.s book on the U. S. Government.s remote viewing program, Psi Spies, which was suppressed by the government in 1995, available online right here at AlienZoo. Purchase and download your copy today


We have now started the 4th "Day" of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle of the Mayan calendar as of Dec 4th, 2004.

For those not yet familiar, In the Mayan calendar there are 9
distinct levels of consciousness development that are each separated
into 7 sections of time called "Days" and 6 periods of "Night". These
13 equal sections of time each have particular intentions that create
similar effects during the time they occur. The effects of these
"Days" and "Nights" of the Mayan calendar through-out creation, is
very similar to the occurrence of the seasons, spring, summer, fall
and winter here on earth. Each of the seasons has its own effects that
WILL come to pass when its time has come. By studying the record of
astro-physics and the evolution of our own planet next to the Mayan
calendar we can plainly see a repeating pattern formed and even today,
continuing to unfold. It is during this 4th "Day" section of time in
each of the previous 7 Consciousness cycles that the foundations have
been laid for the structure of new consciousness to be erected.


The Greek civilization was built during one of the 4th "Days". That
particular 4th "Day lasted nearly 400 years and produced the
developments of Art, Theater, Philosophy, Advanced Mathematics,
Architecture, Politics and codified Laws. These developments did
become the foundation of civilization. The next 4th "Day" was between
1873 and 1893. It was during this 20 year period that many new
developments occurred that have become the foundation of our current
civilizations consciousness. Included amongst them are; the telephone,
electric lights indoors, the automobile, the first oil pipeline, the
trans-Atlantic cable was laid, and in a lawsuit, corporations
(fictitious entities) wrested power from nations (the people) by
winning the status of individuals with all associated rights. It was
here at this time, that corporations overcame Law with raw Power. One
of the demonstrations of this new Power was the creation of WW I in
1914. Starting in 1870 the financial intrigues and military adventures
financed by the bankers were being played that would build into WW 1
during the 4th "Night (1873-1913). This was a deliberate plot by the
leading financial groups to usurp Europe's Monarch governments and
re-create nations that were deeply in debt and beholding to the banks.
Over 10 million men and women were killed and over 6 million crippled
during WW 1. As we can plainly see today, these developments have also
become the foundation of our current consciousness.


The 4th "Day" we have just begun, will continue until November 28th,
2005. It is during this 360 day period that once again, new
foundations of consciousness shall be laid. In this case, the
foundations laid will have to do with ethics and sustainability with
new perspectives on human relations as well as our more fully realized
position as stewards of our planet and solar system.


The Orange Revolution going on in the Ukraine, as this paper is being
written is a wonderful example of these new perspectives. In a seeming
miracle, as millions gather in brotherhood against a corrupt
government, crime of all types has stopped in the whole country. The
entire news media of the Ukraine has come off of self imposed strikes
and has pledged to the public on air, to report only the truth. While
the Supreme Court of the Ukraine has called for a new run off election
in support of the public. This is not a fluke, nor a ploy. This is the
result of new consciousness, Ethical consciousness in this case,
producing sweeping change in our reality just as it is called for by
the Mayan calendar at this time.


* Note * There is a twenty times acceleration with each repeat of the
cycles of consciousness so each of the "Days" or "Nights" are twenty
times faster each time as well. In effect, more and more happening in
less and less time. This is why time seems to be speeding up.

So what should we look forward to in the next 360 days or so of this
4th "Day"?

1. Dramatic swift change and a huge polarization in the consciousness of the

2. The complete failing of the western economic system and governments.

3. Cities will become unsustainable and awash in chaos.

4. Religious fundamentalism will rage against any personal freedoms.

5. Medical science will slow, may stop, and may even reverse the human aging

6. Free energy (5th dimensional energy) will be demonstrated as a fact.

7. Levitation (anti-gravity) will become understood.

8. Movies and TV will become holographic projections.

9. Teleportation of objects will begin.

10. Telepathy will become an acknowledged means of communication in some persons.

11.The schedule and pattern of the evolution of consciousness will become
known and studied for application world wide.

12. Ethical conduct and the importance of personal and organizational integrity
will be the natural and sustainable state of consciousness of most
people that survive the turmoil.

These will be the foundations of
consciousness that will carry us forward in the evolution of mankind's
consciousness. And although there will be upheaval and many persons
will "opt out" of their physical existence during this period, it
should be noted that more good has always happened in creation than
bad or we would not still be surviving at this time. The intent of
creation to evolve over these last 16 billion years is a huge momentum
that nothing, not even the evil plans of our current overlords can
thwart. Please understand that the persons who are planning our total
enslavement are all part of this evolution. They are only players in
this unfolding. They are merely playing their part to; by
demonstration and necessity, steer some consciousness away from what
is doomed to failure and to drag the rest down with them in order to
clear the decks for the continued evolution.

So what to do with these circumstances approaching?

Very simple, follow what the Hopi people have been giving as advice.

1. Know where your water is coming from. Most cities import 90% of
their water over long distances.

2. Know where your food is coming from. (Know your garden) Again,
cities import all food. Most cities have only a 3-4 day supply of
produce and meat in stock.

3. Know all your relations. In the cities the vast numbers of persons
are strangers to one another and so are not responsible to and for one

This basically means, get out of the cities to be near fresh water and
land to grow your food if you want to survive. If a person's life
style, status and holdings are so important that they can not imagine
making such a move, this then is why they may not survive. Some types
of consciousness are not sustainable and those will be eliminated so
that the greater good can be serviced in continued evolutionary steps
and stages.

These measures, even if they sound frightful are something that you
can prepare for without having to take drastic immediate actions. When
it is time to move you will know, but you must be basically prepared
to make that move and here are a few suggestions.

1. Have a full tank of gas and 10 gallons in your trunk along with 2
gallons of water for each person that will be in the vehicle. Gas
lines are no fun when you gotta run.

2. Have 5 lbs of rice and 5 lbs of beans for each person along with
some simple spices, dried soups, fruit ECT.

3. Get camping gear including shelter, cookware, flashlights (lots of
batteries) and a first aid kit.

4. Have a plan to meet your loved ones and a planned route out of the
city and toward some rural area where your face and smile are known.


Actually, most of us that will be making these journeys will find
that it produces a great freedom and a rebounding of personal worth
and well being. (I just did this recently so I know from personal
experience.) Imagine a world dotted with "Burning Man" or "Wood Stock"
(for us oldsters) type settlements where people have gathered together
to help each other over come great difficulties. This will be similar
to what is going on in the Ukraine with the Orange Revolution but on a
much larger scale.


Remember above all, that these changes are not only unavoidable but
are in the best interest of our continued evolution. You are going to
become the manifestation of the statement "We are the ones that we
were waiting for." and then, the waiting, is over.


And now for the best part, Choose Your Destiny.

For those of you who were wondering how all the chaos and
advancements in consciousness could be happening at the same time.
Here is your answer;


During this 4th "Day" the new foundations of consciousness that lead
to the future evolution of mankind are laid down. The future of our
destiny contains the conscious co-creation of our reality. The persons
who will take those completing steps will do so by creating their own
reality as they go. "What you pay attention to is what you become
conscious of." Your consciousness is your total experience. What you
pay attention to, then becomes your experience doesn't it? As we walk
forward from this point what you pay attention to will become even
more important as more and more becomes possible in every moment. Once
you have establish a solid connection to your present moments in
creation by paying attention you are then from that solid position,
able to project an intention into creation. Out of all the
possibilities that are around us and in all of the growing
possibilities in every moment both good and bad, what are the most
likely things to show up? What ever you intend or believe will occur,
that's what!


Do you doubt that from your experience? Oh yeah? Let's take another

What has most shown up in your life so far, is what you have intended
or believed. Take your first breath for example. Ever since your first
breath you have been intending to get your next one and evidently it
has arrived or you would be dead. You have intended approximately
21,600 or so breaths each day and you got every one of em too! I'll
bet you have intended to eat at least once a day haven't you? And if
the meal has showed up every day then you probably intended to
eliminate the waste from your body haven't you? How bout your
intention to learn to walk and talk and then your intent to remember
how to do those things? You get the point? The vast majority of your
life experience has been due to your intention and the manifestation
of that intention. Now with more possible in every moment, it is ever
and ever more likely that your exact intent is what will manifest in
your life. Trust that you do intend your reality into being and grow
like you have only dreamed. Doubt you can or should intend your own
reality and you will be at the mercy of fate my friends. And fate is
extremely fickle as has been amply demonstrated by billions who have
come before you.


We have only begun to learn the odds stacked against basic survival.
Between the unthinking greed of some here on earth, environmental
threats and disasters and panicked people committing mass murder, the
only way through what is coming is going to be from your own intention
to survive. And the success of that endeavor or the level of comfort
and ease of that survival, depends only upon the amount that you trust
your ability to create your own experience. It is within your power to
choose your own destiny to such a degree that none of those warned,
dangerous eventualities become part of your personal experience. Want
an example? Chances are that you are not sitting in a fox hole in Iraq
right now. If you are sitting there in an Iraq hole I am sorry, but
you know full well you chose that destiny rather than jail or being
made less of by family, friends and neighbors and you chose what ever
may come from your experience.


The point here is that all the rest of you have made choices in your
lives that do not include those deathly experiences other than to hear
about it going on somewhere over the horizon.


This is you, creating your own destiny just as the guys over in the
Iraq hole are.

We are already doing this creating you see? But, with very little
trust that we humans are actually able or supposed to be doing it.
(Really a weird situation isn't it?)

This mind set or belief in human in-ability (the victim, I am created
rather than an "I CREATE" view point) was brought forward from times
past when much less was possible in any given moment and a persons
intention was not as straight a shot to an available possibility as it
is today. Then there have been those pesky religious dogmas railing
against any individual's spiritual abilities for centuries. The 4th
"Day" is the time when the two realities of victim and Creator begin
to really diverge. Eventually, maybe by the 4th "Night" something akin
to the rapture just might start to happen as people leave one reality
for the other completely and just flat disappear.

But for right now; "We are the ones we have been waiting for" and the
waiting period is over.


Now people, it is all very good for me to sit here and tell you these
things. I do think that anyone could come up with sage advice with
enough time and thought given to develop it. But sage advice is not
good enough during these times. This is going to take actions not just
thoughts. That is why I hit the road and started manifesting my intent
to speak to thousands. I left with nothing but trust and that intent.
Now, seven months later I have a car, a motorhome, a network of
hundreds of like minded people and dozens of homes or farms at which
to live and work in beautiful territory with fresh water and lots of
land to grow on. If I can do it, so can you.


Just to let you know, I am now on to much BIGGER intended
manifestations that you will be hearing about soon. This is not for or
about me, myself or I, this is a test and demonstration that what I am
saying actually works in the real world, only then is it actually


Intending all of you the very best through our greatest tests.


In service to the God~Us


Ian Xel Lungold,

12 Ahau, Bearer of the Codex

In honor of Nov 2004 in which ONE IN THREE Voters in OHIO emerging from the voting booth claimed they were a Christian Fundamentalist...
"It's Not Fascism When We Do It"-from Wake Up and Smell the Fascism-


! Wake-up  World  Wake-up ! ~ It's Time to Rise and Shine ~

We as spiritual beings or souls come to earth in order to experience the human condition. This includes the good and the bad scenarios of this world. Our world is a duality planet and no amount of love or grace will eliminate evil or nastiness. We will return again and again until we have pierced the illusions of this density. The purpose of human life is to awaken to universal truth. This also means that we must awaken to the lies and deceit mankind is subjected to. To pierce the third density illusion is a must in order to remove ourselves from the wheel of human existences. Love is important but knowledge is the key!

Dan Winter Interview...

Burning Bush: Why America Attracts a National Near Death Experience

Nov 7. Interview with Dan Winter (DW) by Implosion Group (IG):
(the nexus of things for Nexus Magazine).

Implosion Group: Dan Winter's current research is described at IG's web:

IG: Dan - What is your view of the current world situation.

DW: As with much of our planetary drama, the big picture concerning the
current FEAR OF TERRORISTS concerns the interplanetary scramble for
sustainable DNA. The interplanetary economic interests wanting control and
distribution (stewardship) over the valuable genetic library of Earth -
which invested so heavily in the Sumerian / Annunaki genetic engineers we
later called Ptah, Enki, and 'Genesis of the Grail Kings'. (N'Iburu /
H'Iburu was an EXPENSIVE artificial genetic engineering planetoid). The
gene splicing which resulted in donkeys they called TakAdama (we later
called Adam and Eve) to make gold mining borg clones was because of their
blood addiction to the Gold /Manna / Ormes / Spice eating. That addiction
(Akhanaton as Moses was a reluctant gold powder cook) was caused by their
('Nephilim'/fallen) failure to re-learn to implode their DNA (make glandular bliss
or passion) sustainably.

So the Gold harvesting here on our planet (Elohim's Nephilim meaning FALLEN
blood) was merely a by product of a GENETIC problem. The existence of more
gold then normal in our planet vein structure was also a by product of the
magnetic line self-similarity/fractality which more importantly made DNA here
which could more readily learn self-similarity -- self-organizing -- self awareness .
The effect of magnetic environment on DNA determines the fractality of the
braiding algorhythmn which limits the evolution to implosion / self awareness
and gravity making power of those genes.

So understanding the magnetic implosion. Self embedding potential
geometrically of our solar system (position with respect to stellar masses -
see "peshmehten" article at the next link below) is necessary to
understand the high POLITICAL leverage of our planet in the on-going Orion
war conflict, for which most of Earth history since Sumeria is a mere
recent skirmish. Earth human's who choose to ignore the ET history of their
own DNA are stupid Ostriches with their head buried in sand, soon to die.

(IG's web site references for this section: )

The family (An , Antu from Sirius) which funnelled the Orion (Peshmehten , calls the returning genetic predator ET's) "Mag's" money in
our planet, exemplified the severe split between wholly DNA intelligences
vs. machine hybrid borg intelligence which epitomized the Orion wars. (much
older than Earth). Steiner called this Luciferic vs. Arhimanic. The 2
battling brothers ENKI / ENLIL took turns labeling each other the DEVIL in
the religions which propated like a smelly disease of the stupid on this
planet. Enki / Ptah / Adonai no more wanted his kin 'Tut" to become the
false centerpiece of the lie filled Jesus myth of the priests, than he
wanted Thoth or the fallen Drac's to make an interplanetary black market
for live human glands.

The real issue behind the battle of the brothers
(Israel / Yalweh / Enlil - vs. Muslim / Enki / Arab.. East of Eden..) was
over whether or not to give emerging genepools like ours enough freedom to
hang ourselves. If you left a dangerous genepool like ours (something of a
contagious virus that could have military implications) get loose beyond
our solar system in the galactic politics, the WHO behind steering major
black holes tunnelling expensive cargos between stars might change dollar

On the other hand, if you failed to self-empower emerging genepools like
ours, there might not be enough coherent DNA field effects to REGULATE
IMPLODING SUNS GRAVITY like ours. Something of a 2 edged sword. This is an
oversimplification of the political squabble behind the humanoids versus
the machine hybrids whose genetic star battles overflowed the Orion sector
to become our Solar politics. (Sumeria / Shining Ones / Elohim .. Annunaki..)

So the essential split in the conflict as it arrived on Earth might be
oversimplified as: (war of the - half-brothers - East of Eden.. etc.)
interventionist vs. non-interventionist (Those who believed DNA could learn
to steer itself as a wave in time, vs. those who did not respect DNA's
internal self-organization) (see the various ET groups categorized as
interventionists versus... at ).

Enlil (Yalweh) vs. Enki (Adonai) - (An's sons - different Mother's, only
Enki / Adonai spawned the line which became Tut -whom Rabbi's distorted
into the Jesus myth - were able to en-soul / raise the dead / properly
initiate DNA implosion. )

DNA centered / individualizing vs. machine hybrid / borg (both Luke
Skywalker AND Muab Dib / Dune wake up to find Dad was half machine -
example; Stephen Hawking speaks from half machine to advise humans they
NEED soulless genetic engineering in order to keep up with machine

The Mag orion syndicate started the largely disempowering Christian ( "God
is outside your body" is a phrase only required by parasites / 'priests'.)
AND Muslim religions for largely the same purpose. Gold powder addicts
(like Germain, "Ascended Masters" Sai Baba etc. ) become imprisoned in the
astral, unable to fabricate the glandular bliss juice necessary to free
themselves, thus becoming increasingly enslaved to the astral milkhouse we
call religious fervor. It is like an endless colony of stranded worms
feeding voraciously. (The ultra violet' bliss cocoon of partially ignited
DNA is their food - which they themselves lost the ability to make internally).

Their problem climaxes when our Sun is about to orgasm, (now til 2011)
whose compression wave stands to toast most of the DNA here. This 'rapture'
is not designed naturally to end genepools like ours, but merely to
appropriately test for non-destructive compression which DNA has acheived
the braid implosion gravity making potential necessary to steer stars like
ours. You can feel the gravity making force of the imploding field around
your cells during bliss (it is sometimes called centering force - balance
is the result of 'self wareness' teaching waves to agree / fuse by imploding).
The amount of gravity making force of your genes is most easily
measureable as weight loss at the moment of death ( less than a pound for
most un-evolved people).

Our Sun, like all stars, desperately needs an inhabiting genepool /
soul-group to stabilize the life-force body we oversimplify as her gravity
field. This is why Star Being, Solar Logos, like An , An-Tu, Vairachoca,
were called "Sun" gods. It is not so dramatic - it is merely 'normal'. If
you cannot imagine what it is like to live in the Sun, that is your problem.

I know lots of people who have had the experience. ( IG's web: ). Not too many physicists took up the
challenge to describe the principle WHY focused human attention measureably
repairs radioactive half-life (Uri Geller study) or why millions of children
singing in unison effected Solar flares by measurement more than
once. After they cogitate that, I dare them to understand how Tut's blood
was used to regulate the timing of the Nile flood. Until a generation of
Earth's ego driven physicists die off to allow the kids to learn how to
steer tornadoes and gravity using excited genes, there is not much hope
for the children of Earth.

The physics of why parasites die in Sunlight is most instructive.
(implosion / fusion is a wave which SORTS for the SHAREABLE). Lo grade /
non-self imploding / non self-steering DNA (the 'let God do it - because I
can't' - crowd) cannot withstand the phase discipline which implosion /
fusion requires. In other words as we say, not only should you not buy a
used car from shifty eyes (inability to produce coherence -
coherence=survival, see that measured with HeartTuner), but you DEFINITELY
will not get ensouled (sustainable tornado thru lightspeed in your genes)
from that salesman (however religiously 'fundamental' they may claim to be.)

Let us apply this to practical Earth politics. There is so much literature
on this, the reason most Earth people have not looked at it is not because
it is not available, but rather they are of the "well ET origins of Earth
politics is probably true but it might be scary so I don't want to know"
type. I will only do a VERY rough overview, with reading suggestions. But
it IS necessary to see a little past WHO is most religiously 'fundamental'
in order to get the flavor of current Earth wars.

Let us begin with the origin of Insurance and Banking on this planet. The
western view that the Templar's invented Insurance and Banking in order to
fund Gothic cathedrals is such an interesting paradox of the real truth.
The Gothic cathedral is a prime example of a mostly parasitic
(non-self-empowering) structure. How come only priests got use of the only
bathroom for hundreds of miles? The real truth is much deeper and concerns
the Templar service to the MAG tradition they learned at Uru-shalem
(=Jerusalem - means literally place of the URU - home of the Snakes
- LEVIathan). Mag was a name assigned to the Orion telepath's whose
matriarchy ruled from the bloodline of the velociraptors. MAGdala means to
TOWER snake like.

Nothing wrong with snakes in your DNA as long as their is
some bird brain to steer. That MAG culture had set up parasitic harvesting
of numerous planets by installing insurance and banking, before they
repeated their old trick here. This industry of fear was more accurately
labeled piracy and extortion only for a short time (under Mag's skull and
bones), when the King and Pope reduced their Public Relations budget

The skull (and bones) touch (Baphomet) was a ritual mechanism of
transferring the capacitive spark gap necessary to carry on hive memory
thru death. (The hybrid borg culture could create immortal bodies but NOT
long memory - only those who knew HOW DNA implodes could do that - note
bene - Earth genetic engineers.). The skull and bones society of the
displaced Templar Navy (pirates) wealth was the result of anchoring
extortion sites on trade routes. However more deeply, it came from
regulating the consumption of psychoactive substances which so controlled
their inner magnetic wormholes / gravity fields they so desparately needed
to steer. (Guild navigators soaked in soluble gold - kind of thing). Kind
of gives the phrase: 'wealth from the SPICE trade' new meaning doesn't it?'.

So Skull and Bones became synonymous with "if you want Psychoactive
substances, pay me first". The relationship of Skull and Bones to the
origin of the U.S. CIA versus the drug cartel has been explored elsewhere /
"Nexus Magazine" etc. I am trying to extract the cultural meaning of the
institution here.

Let us move from the Skull and Bones society at Yale (Bush family history),
to the more recent CIA. The CIA was so shocked at losing the obedience of
John Kennedy when his drug / oil cartel father Joe died, that they staged a
military coup to assasinate him. Even Clinton the bastard love child of the
Arkansas Rockefellers did not satisfy the obedience level needed. The Bush
family on the other hand, has ALL the right roots. I would speculate the
current president does not KNOW the dirty laundry of his father's Zapata
Oil CIA drug money laundering. The Bush family IS CIA. The CIA is an
insitution dedicated to making memory NOT shareable. Therefore, it is an
instrument of death. (Waves which cannot become distributable by phase
ordering / fusion / union / implosion, are SELF canceling).

American's chose to ignore the illegalities (see below) which allowed Bush
to cheat the election, they sealed their fate choosing a NATIONAL NEAR
DEATH EXPERIENCE. The NAME in principle for a near death experience in
which the electrical tree structure of ones memory storage IS NOT FRACTAL
(sharable) is CALLED: A BURNING 'BUSH' EXPERIENCE. (I do enjoy the irony).
A tree structure which is not fractal or phi-lotactic WILL CREATE HEAT WHEN
COMPRESSED. This is the "Burning Bush". That heat, is the destructive
compression which results from memories being not able to fuse / share at
their coeur.

Religious fundamentalists are the most easily mind controlled group. They
actively seek to ENJOY the feeling of being controlled. By calling control
outside their body 'GOD', they exalt the process of becoming a borg / slave
/ golem / food for parasites. All parasites (worms, Draco's, CIA, priests
etc.) exist because lack of life force inside a body needs to be eaten out
if it. Studying one's parasites is how you learn about what is not vibrantly
alive and shareable in your body.

The term GOD while not fundamentally a mistake, is only self empowering
when it refers to the POSSIBILITY of genetic biology being able to generate
a field effect which becomes self-organizing (& therefore self-aware). This
requires hygiene and pure principle, which are generally the opposite of
dogma. George Bush is a religious fundamentalist, elected illegally (see
below) by religious fundamentalists, who has now ironically declared war on
religious fundamentalists. That kind of religion is based precisely on the
notion, the universe is too complicated, so let God and not your
self-empowerment control it. The very IDEA of worshipping miracles requires
wanting to believe that the pure principles behind universal creation are
not KNOWABLE OR STEERABLE by you. This is simply a facade for: 'It is a
privelege to be assimilated'. (the borg - the Ashtar command.../ a central
computer intelligence).

The angry "God" Yalweh of the Christian Bush, and the God behind the Dome
of the Rock of the Muslim's, is the exact same medium grade genetic
interventionist, reptile Enlil. That (Sumerian / Annunaki / Draco) family
tragedy of loss of DNA sustaining skills by loss of how to hold glands in
bliss from within (Nephilim), is precisely being played out on our global
stage today.

One simple glance at George Bush's own skull geometry makes it clear to
anyone biologically informed he will never have the glandular equipment
required to support self-organizing bliss, which is the ONLY way DNA get's
ignited enough to become self steering. By 'electing' such a lo grade
genetic specimen (nothing personal George, kindergardners just need special
classrooms), America put their steering in the path of needing to taste death.

My own oversimplication is that probably the CIA is catching up with the
Catholic church in being the instigator of the most planetary wars.

Issues which DO need to be made shareable include:

-the CIA was so embarassed about the rejects from their Manchurian
candidate mind control experiments next door to WACO they had to shoot them.

-then the survivors got so pissed they bombed Oklahoma city.

-Osama Bin Laden is another recent survivor of a CIA experiment (fund the
war on the soviets, then dump the experiment victims).

While I think the evidence from the seismic data (~10hz) that a separate
sonic scalar really brought down the World Trade Center
( ) is probably meaningful,
it is not the real ISSUE that needs dealing with. (Who done it locally - is
not the same as WHO SENT those who-dunnit. ) Hoagland's pages of
numerological rambling about the disaster pointing to the Templar's etc.
( ) is his usual 'find somebody
to blame while totally missing the point' drivel. (Like he never understood
a magnetic line needed to cut a tetrahedral latitude since he did not
understand how only fractal self-similar magnetic arrays stabilized
gravity.) I would recommend the links at ,
mostly to begin to track the recent history of the US government dirty
laundry which MADE these enemies.

The 'war on terror' serves the parasites of self-determining DNA by using
fear to eliminate individual freedoms. The rate at which law changes
destroyed individual freedom in America just after Sept 11, is probably
unprecedented in history. DNA cannot take responsibility for it's own
steering in the time wormholes / destiny, unless people can take individual
responsibility for the same (their own destiny). For example DNA cannot
self steer if idiot people (genetic engineers) hack up it's braiding
algorhythmn not even understanding that it HAS a field effect - much less
that the faster than light sustainability of that field effect is the ONLY
way to immortality.

If you think this is terror, wait til you feel the terror at discovering
all your children's DNA lost the ability to self-steer and have a soul,
just because you believed the parasite genetic engineers who said - we
don't need to know how DNA gets ensouled and self-organized before we hack
up the genes in your kids breakfast. THAT is terror. Eliminating that kind
of terrorism (genocide) could give the death's in NY some meaning.

The point of unpacking unshareable dirty laundry, is to eliminate the need
for the near death experience. When Doc says: you are about to die so sort
your memory. If you sort well enough, you harvest so much electrical tingle
(charge fractality) you then eliminate the biological requirement of dying.
How about that for the opposite to a self-fulfilling prophecy? That is the
spirit in which I write this. America: I challenge you so truly SORT your
national memory - do it and you live, fail and your nation dies. Death will
occur by the hand of the chaos that results from storing too much national
secret. (example USSR) . Non-destructive compression - eternal life - is
the privelege of only those who do not require secrets.