Dan Winter's - (Phase Conjugate, Fractal and Implosive...) updated March 09- Powerpoint!

"An Electron in a FRACTAL Electric Field-

is So Well Distributed - You Call That GOD!"

"Pure Intent is the Wave that is SHAREABLE With ALL of DNA - Because it Serves Survival.
That is how Fractality defines PURE INTENTION: A Perfectly DISTRIBUTEABLE Wave."

Winter's powerpoint visuals - of his Fractal / Phase Conjugate Field Theory of GRAVITY - AND- Consciousness.

Last Chance- Prague in APRIL- with Dan & Vincent Bridges (pic below)-
Prague-Science Alchemy April 9-16, South France Grail Tour July 1-8
More-European Tour Conference Options for 09 with Dan Winter and Valerie Sandelin: Calendar:goldenmean.info/course

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