Example film: Using Biologic Probe to Measure Life Force -using HeartTuner

A Streaming Video Instructions / Example - Measuring Tree Harmonics Capacitively Using HeartTuner:
with Dan Winter -10 Minute - Filmed 2004 -

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Note This Film is Contained on the ORIGINAL HeartTuner (Pro) Installer CD

Narrated by Dan Winter, the voice you hear in the beginning saying:"there the Schumann Resonance" is Dr.Saskia Bosman- see: www.spiralsofevolution.nl - She has worked extensively with lo frequency Earth measurements, Schumann vs EEG etc, and she ( sothis@euronet.nl ) is the recommended source for the Hemp Fibre Probe (shown) and the Gold Egg Spheres- both optional input transducers for HeartTuner-the preamp used. Simple power spectra 0-20hz of highly amplied electric field (capacitively coupled) of the tree- or anything alive - reveals its electrical ability to organize its field- and BE ALIVE! - Acknowledgement to Dr.Phil Callahan-for originally pioneering this technique- without spectrum analyzer - he used just his small liquid crystal portable oscilloscope.

Reference- Measuring Power Harmonics and Entrainment with TREES

Also see the Gold Coated Egg contained technique - for Measuring Life Force

Applied to Architecture: goldenmean.info/architecture

Applied to Water: goldenmean.info/watercharged

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