Kingston Morning A -FIRST PART

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Introduction to Spiritual Science: Sacred Geometry

In physics- what survives death?

"Adding to the romance and mystery and beauty of sprituality using Physics"

(exerpts only from) Kingston, London, UK Conference Nov 06.. with Dan Winter

acknowledgement to Christian Kyracou- Sacred Architecture..

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Part 1- is Alchemy of Creation, slide 1-88

Part 2- Geometric Origins of Life Force as Charge Attraction , 89-113

Part 3- Tornado Self Steering and the Slip Knots of Creation, 114-136

Part 4 - Understanding Why Fractality is the Principle of LIFE , 137-150

Part 5- Pure Geometric Origin of Alphabets:To Symbolize is to EMBED, 151-207 (the animations are avail at: )

Part 6- Heart Harmonics and the Programming of DNA by BRAIDING , 208- 271

Part 7- HeartTuner, EKG Biofeedback, Heart Coherence plus BLISSTUNER and Physics of Enlightenment, 272-332

Part 8- BIOLOGIC Architecture and Intro to GRID Engineering , 333-380

Part 9- Implosion, Orbital Nesting: Self Similarity the BIOLOGIC CAUSE of Gravity, 381-422