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Nov 2016- on How HARMONIC INCLUSIVEness / Fractality creates membrane and immune health

--PROLOG - UPDATE ADDED - March 2020 from Dan Winter

Dan Winter's video conference presentation - on HOW HARMONIC INCLUSIVE / Conjugate / Fractal Fields- Like charge the immune system- against infection
Film with Dan Winter, Paul Harris - and host Roger Green :


Theraphi charges the immune system by adding (implosive) centripetal force- from precise equation based conjugate harmonic inclusive (fractal) frequencies- that is the general principle.
The 'fractal' harmonic inclusiveness which medically best defines immune health by hrv measurement (article below) -
is precisely what the Theraphi frequency signature perfects by equation.

Just like a perfect (love) hug is the theory and practice - of coming to stillness electrically- exactly the principle of EEG harmonics for BLISS

"Phase Lock to EMBEDability" - HOW Grounding Heals (Inflammation..and more):Fractal Charge Implosion Explains New Research:
exerpt from

from Dan Winter: I recently overcame almost a month of fever and infection ( covid- almost certainly, happily for months now I am great again). In particular the infection attacked my throat - my usual weakness (too many lecture tours?). When I used the Theraphi - usually 4-8 min. sessions I could literally FEEL it kill the bugs in my throat and reduce the swelling. In synergy I did gradually learn many of the natural correlate solutions: started with hi doses of C, then got diarrhea - then oceans of fresh squeezed OJ (it’s the flavonoids they say), green tea, then in particular ARTEMESIA , and Mercola’s Liposomal Vitamin D etc- were turning points. One of the key side effects - well known for Theraphi and many of these treatments/issues - was feeling UNGROUNDED: head buzzing, metabolism overspeed, feeling floaty etc etc (unable to focus both physically and mentally).
“Not quite- Barefoot in the Mud.. but..” I do want to tell you about a turning point day- when my partner took me out just up the mountain and stuck my bare feet in the ice cold river (irrigation canal) just behind the house. I IMMEDIATELY felt relief / different- more grounded. — We have long taught the critical importance of grounding for healing ( with many health issues- and particularly needed when adding healing spin/charge with Theraphi). So much so- that we have urged our Theraphi centers consistently to recommend the book “EARTHING” - with their sessions- their motto: RE-HYDRATE and GROUND. Many don’t know that MEDICAL RESEARCH IS ALSO CLEAR: GROUNDING REDUCES INFLAMMATION - facilitates healing:

Our purpose here is to articulate the physics of HOW grounding helps heal. In our teaching of physics - our koan has been: Grounding is the same for electricians (me) AND psychologists (me also?)- Grounding always means ACCESS TO FRACTAL (implosive/ negentropic) CHARGE COLLAPSE. My “Origin of Negentropy” (book and) equation has shown that the frequency cascade of perfect charge collapse and implosion - (perfect golden ratio series exponents of PLANCK- which is how we drive Theraphi) - is the only way charge implosion GAINS inertia during compression / collapse. In this way the charge (which causes mass) gains centripetal force and thus negentropy (self organizing quality). As we have explained exhaustively- this explains ALL negentropic centripetal forces- including Gravity (why objects fall to the ground ), how zero point energy arises ( ) , and MIND ( ) , and LIFE FORCE ( in water implosion for example )
GROUNDING PERFECTED: The cold water I touched that day linked the fractal hydrogen short wave implosion in my water and blood- to a much longer wave ( broad spectral charge implosion). So- next time your kid naturally wants to be barefoot in nature.. take a lesson.


ABSTRACT: In this study, airborne MS2 bacteriophages were exposed for subsecond time intervals to atmospheric-pressure cold plasma (APCP) produced using different power levels (20, 24, and 28 W) and gas carriers (ambient air, Ar-O2 [2%, vol/vol], and He-O2 [2%, vol/vol]). In addition, waterborne MS2 viruses were directly subjected to the APCP treatment for up to 3 min. MS2 viruses with and without the APCP exposure were examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR), and sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). Viral inactivation was shown to exhibit linear relationships with the APCP generation power and exposure time (R 2 > 0.95 for all energy levels tested) up to 95% inactivation (1.3-log reduction) after a subsecond airborne exposure at 28 W; about the same inactivation level was achieved for waterborne viruses with an exposure time of less than 1 min. A larger amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS), such as atomic oxygen, in APCP was detected for a higher generation power with Ar-O2 and He-O2 gas carriers. SEM images, SDS-PAGE, and agarose gel analysis of exposed waterborne viruses showed various levels of damage to both surface proteins and their related RNA genes after the APCP exposure, thus leading to the loss of their viability and infectivity.

INTRODUCTION: Inhalation of microbial aerosol particles can cause various health effects, ranging from moderate respiratory impairments to death (13). Studies showed that large-scale infectious disease outbreaks, such as the outbreaks of severe acute respiratory syndrome in 2003 and influenza virus H1N1 in 2009, were triggered by airborne transmission of the viral agents (47). To reduce exposure to viruses, various methods have been developed and evaluated, including UV irradiation (811), chemical agents (12), electrical fields (13, 14), ion emission (1518), ozone generation (19), and microwave irradiation (2023). In recent years, atmospheric-pressure cold plasma (APCP), a low-temperature decontamination technology, has gained increased attention for the inactivation of microbial agents due to its high degree of effectiveness and low cost (24). APCP is known as the fourth state of matter, which consists of free charged ions and radicals moving in random directions. Although APCP has been extensively applied to the inactivation of liquid-borne or surface-borne agents (2530), only a few inactivation studies exposing airborne microbial agents to APCP have been conducted (3134). A recent study reported that a significant fraction (>85%) of airborne bacteria and fungi from both indoor and outdoor environments lost their viability within 60 ms of exposure to APCP (34). Reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as OH· were observed in the plasma produced using the air carrier, and bacterial membrane damage was detected in APCP-treated samples (34). Zimmermann et al. (2011) studied the inactivation of adenoviruses in a liquid suspension using APCP; up to a 6-decimal-log reduction was achieved following a 4-min exposure (35). In another study, a more than 7-decimal-log reduction of surface-borne MS2 viruses resulted from a 9-min exposure to the APCP produced using a helium-oxygen (0.75%, vol/vol) gas mixture (36). That study also reported a positive association between the percentage of oxygen in the mixture and the virus inactivation rate (36). To our best knowledge, the APCP technology has yet to be applied to the in situ inactivation of airborne viruses. ( Editor - they were unaware of


Also important note- we have updated our world's most powerful bioactive bliss - healing - binaural drive software for multiple of our plasma device options-
to drive published viral solutions harmonics- into multiple of our plasma / and phonon devices- see:

NEW- outputting key body longitudinal frequencies- INCLUDING IMPORT FILES FOR THE KNOWN VIRUS ATTACK FREQUENCIES-
uses - software- inputs to the follow rejuvenation system hardware choices: , , AND (also Paul is currently testing these viral harmonic solutions directly with Theraphi)
You can feel /trigger specific body parts- like the heart or the crown etc- films show people can feel it directly !
- Option for body frequencies to generate and interact with specific body frequencies

We deal also below with our example of how the opposite - 5G- as the worst of opposite to conjugate / implosive/ fractal
frequencies appear to be part of the problem exacerbating the infection spread.

Dan Winter's Harmonics of Infection Resistance Lecture - March 2020 - visuals and notes below
The cell membrane charged with HARMONIC INCLUSIVE SPIN/CHARGE - has more tumblers as the lock faces the key- harmonics in the virus.

The harmonic INCLUSIVE (fractal and therefore blissful) HEART- phonon drive of membrane immune health.

Breath excercise / breathing trainer to learn (the yoga of) - harmonic inclusive HRV/ heart: -- details on the itHRVe breath training

Here is the original classic text in biophysics- on HOW Cell membranes in biophyics- are basically a folded surface STANDING WAVE OF MUSIC- which must be phase / 'coherent'
- in order to have immune identity

Dan Winter's discovery is HOW Fractal / Harmonic Inclusive PHASE CONJUGATION perfected (as in ) - perfects that mathematically- AND in practice - to drive rejuvenation.


Also for completenesss here- adding our partner Jack W. from Thailand's suggestions:
Chinese herbs for the virus:
Jack wrote: "his medicine has 4 Formula
1. Five-root medicine, Very cold medicine, resolve Pita (Fire)
2. Hom Nawakot drug, Mild medicine, cure Wata (Wind) as a heat lightening
3. Aphaisali drug, Mild hot medicine, cure Wata (Wind) as a heat lightening
When taking the medicine, hot and sweating is because there are 2 drugs that ignite the element of fire, reduce the coldness of the five roots medicine
In the opinion of the teacher, the five-root medicine should not be used if there is no heavy fever that requires strong medication. But if helping the respiratory system, lung system, allergies Together with forgiveness of wheat is enough
4. Jantaleela Mild cold medicine, resilve Pita (fire)
People will have a solution for treatment. Not only wearing a mask throughout the city as they did not had the way to cure or protect COVIC 19
Admirable to Dr. Jack Wong who Inventing and mixing Thai traditional medicine To help alleviate or treat COVIC 19 using drugs from the Ministry of Public Health. Promulgated in the Government Gazette - This set of medicine GMP and Thai FDA approved used in That hospital around country for 50 years

In light of the current immune pandemic- we present the follow references simply as a public service for your research - NOT AS MEDICAL ADVICE

Perhaps one of the better summary docs on the current virus natural solutions:

Our group passionately believes- India natural viral solution- ACTRX
will be effective against this virus
David F. and Jay help represent Actrx  (pdf from jay- of energime- our energy project leader)
note tests in Phillipines - certified effective against things like dengue, zyka, and malaria-
legal for other virals- in India (by Indias  -fda- tests)
- trials on corona 19 underway at univ. texas
attach pdf-  significant evidence of viral effect for that product
--(spoke to the formulator co. in India today -very helpful

Note- for what it' worth - our groups famous lawyer David F.
on the Actrx foundation also says- about another development:
their group expects international announcement within days
the preliminary successful treatments of french study (low numbers)
clinical testing now in FL and TX- showing
virtual 100 percent preliminary success in treating this virus
with combo of
zithromax and hydroxychloroquine and zinc
catalyzing the zinc function in the upper respiratory is what kills it before it goes lower
example note
Just to say fairly however that Jay - also however believes strongly
that chloroquinine is dangerous- even mentally.- and that the ACTrx solution is poweful and much safer
but working on the delay to make more of that available.

Well known Dr. Thomas Cowan, CA - Theraphi operator discusses his hypothesis re- Infection vs 5G

We deal more below with our example of how 5G- as the worst of opposite to conjugate / implosive/ fractal
frequencies appear to be part of the problem exacerbating the infection spread.
" on the surface there appears to be some corona virus outbreak- correlation to major 5g launch areas- but no government accepts this yet... the simple physics is the medically proven 'harmonic inclusiveness'/ fractality - in hrv- is the premiere way to measure and define immune health- and is precisely what is poisoned by the wrong harmonics broad spectral hi rf- of 5g -- what I can say personally having on many occasions toured the northern italian small towns- around Torino (where we taught for many years ) - where it had just become the norm to install all the microwave and wifi antenna in the church and school towers-(often important magnetic line cross points) PRECISELY WITHOUT ADVISING THE LOCALS- and I CONSISTENTLY FELT THE RISING WAVES OF NAUSEA- ( as I admittedly do within seconds if the wifi is switched on here....) ----- in summary it may take a while to prove it - but hi frequency electro smog must inevitably be proven to be the fundamental opposite of immune health... we know from even the ringing in my ears at this moment the high frequency recipe for peak perception- (that charge implosion is THE principle of immune vitality) - the more the aura evolves the more natures coherence is the only environment to enable this - I can feel the birds sing miles away here- with my hyper acoustic sensitivity - which I know is also in large part capacitive coherence - a charge cocooning.
Example - 5g inhibiting your blood oxygen

Dr Klinghardt>
(working also with friends Joachim ) beautifully presents excellent medical summary of current state of pandemic. Note- Powerful ability of HOCL spray to take out virus in throat in early stages, also sauna/ hi temp / steam heat kills it during early stages, -
(however when the Dr gets so enthused about the new study 100percent viral elimination by the choroquinine combination claimed by the Chinese, he REALLY should mention the drugs nasty side effects include frequent deaths-
our friends also say nasty psychological negatives as well)

== the POINT we would like to emphasize here- where the Dr notes in the hospital -Kirkland,WA where the death rate went to about 60% - not only was the area leading 5G rollout - also the level of wifi electrosmog measured there was highest they had ever measured. It has also been suggested not only was Wuhan leading 5G rollout- but also that Princess cruise ship- was rolling out 5G. (major cities leading the rollout -lead the deaths??) - We are finally getting a bit of biophysics depth here on how the hi ghz in the 5G causes oxygen loss in the blood / viral susceptibility - intro:
( blood oxygen loss is not only THE key factor in majority of cancers/treatments - it is also invitation to infect).
Acknowledgement to Joachim’s german partner Harald- who emphasizes watching the films of people originally falling over in China- it was visually evident they were suffocating- could not get oxygen in their blood ( hint- building more ventilators may not exactly be the right solution). See also>
I suggest when we calculate the biophysics of the electron spin rates at the oxygen bond sites on the hemoglobin- we will find why when the critical ghz in 5G electrosmog densities go over a certain threshold the electron spin excitation necessary to phase lock the oxygen bond is inhibited. Harald says that happened near Berlin when they launched the extra microsatelites to boost the 5G saturation. Interestingly he hears this (parallel to our measurements of kundalini ear ringing ) - as a 20-40khz hi pitched ear ringing which increases as a result. We are studying this (my hearing this has also increased dramatically -recent weeks). Meantime suggest victims learn to hyper ventilate several times an hour- also move out of 5g / wifi.
(background- professor presents 5G: Stupidest Idea in the History of the World

New from Patrick Botte and Iris Huising : 5G VS Oxygenation- The Science

 - see links for the video:


It is well known that 60ghz is a favored communication frequency PRECISELY BECAUSE IT IS ABSORBED BY OXYGEN

(google: 60 ghz oxygen ) so it is chosen specifically to make those frequencies ABLE TO TRANSMIT SHORT DISTANCE ONLY.

Unfortuneately - research done MAKES THE CLAIM THAT 60 GHZ DOES NOT HARM LIVING CELLS:

This author believes that further research will show- the above study- was one of the most fatal mistakes in the history of science.



- returning now below to the original article HOLARCHY- HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS/ FRACTALITY AND HEALTH
from Dan Winter, Below-

we present the beautiful 'fractal heart' medical evidence:

The Lo Frequencies of your Heart Harmonics - called Heart Rate Variability -(HRV)- are one of the most important medical indicators of overall (immune system) health.
The more frequencies present- called Harmonic Inclusive - or "fractal field' in your heart's harmonics ( ) - indicate how long you will live (controllable with your breathing).

return here- to the iPhone HRV (Heart Rate Variability- easily measured on iPhone!) Empathy Breath Biofeedback app:

return here to main index:

Update here- Nov 2016: - Embed-ability / Fractality / Nesting Perfected - as the electrical mechanism of CHARGE DISTRIBUTION EFFICIENCY- and therefore NEGENTROPY- is breakthru core concept revolution for everything from particle physics, to HeartRateVariability to Architecture of Life Force... (compare to the meaning of ‘to conjure / conjugate’) - ''consciousness is present in the particle field to the extent it is electrically phase conjugate (embedded) -thus able to generate the mechanism of negentropy and biological communication - phase conjugate longitudinal emf ''.

Updated physics article:


Preface: March 2012

Defining Ascention: by Dan Winter.

Watch in your heart harmonics as you FEEL compassion- more spin symmetry implodes your hearts perfect compression the number of harmonics ASCENDS!

Below you see the medical science- that harmonic inclusiveness- the number of contained harmonics in any living oscillator predicts how long it will live. This is well medically proven for your heart (HRV harmonic inclusiveness defines the viability of your immune system- see below). But also- I have now shown how this (harmonic inclusiveness / ascention- defined as charge rotation superposition by fractality) applies to EVERY LIVING THING- babies, atoms, galaxies. (Bioacoustic habitat theory for example).

Note how the 2012 mythology- is functionally the invitation for the solar system into non-destructive compression / solar max ( ). You invite compression- called 'dreamspell'- coherent emotion. So - in effect- as the solar system undergoes the PLASMA COMPRESSION- we call the 2012 Solar Max (as in "The Galactic Superwave" from LaViolette)- only the harmonic inclusive ASCENTION in the fractal compression of our aura- made more charge transparent by compression- do we learn survival. (article: ).

Below- we explain how this works- HOW compassion causes your EKG to increase in the number contained harmonics - perfected embedding = perfected compression/ fractality. ( see HeartTuner my invention: )

What has not been well understood is the symmetry principle- which invites compression - embedding - nesting- multiple connectedness. This defines ASCENTION- namely ascending number of present harmonics- WHICH is functionally equivalent to adding superposed spins of charge to any rotating system. A good way to understand this- if you visualize the symmetry principle - of the stellated dodeca- which I have personally proven is the very nature of hydrogen (planck length times golden ratio exponents / dodeca stellations -IS hydrogen radii : ). That dodeca - which is how golden ratio is added to wave harmonics- ONLY happens when the tetra/cube is first perfected (all octaves)- and THEN you add the next axis of spin (ascend to the next dimension) - which IS how the dodeca is wrapped around the cube (real meaning of hypercube).

The point is that rotating charge systems ONLY invite compression / implosion WHEN this golden ratio centripetal force symmetry occurs ( all the animations and principle: ).

The plasma compression / fusion that results is ONLY possible when the golden ratio allows more harmonics to be superposed in rotation constructively (ascention mechanics).

The ONLY biologic mechanism in which this plasma implosion compression - can take place- is the braided wratcheted dodeca- DNA- which implodes (makes a soul) when the seventh recursive superposed braid (tetra axial) turns DNA inside - out ( visuals: )..

SO- functionally the only definition of ascention - (ascending the number harmonics included in recursive braiding plasma compression) - is when DNA implodes in the presence of bliss / kundalini.


Note on the right in this image, how the harmonics present in your EKG ascend (in the power spectra) when you feel COMPASSION.

IF you remain centripetal - (it really sucks) - THEN you get to squirt and steer. Every shaman who ever lived taught that you gain inertia when you FEEL compassion. Now we have the physics.


- nested donut compassion

Compassion sucks in the embedding inertia of larger ambient field plasma (domains- the name for God is DOMINus).


Prequel: Meditating Creates Heart Frequencies Medicine Struggles to Understand: Maybe the Fact that Your Doctor Cannot Differentiate between Dying and Bliss IS Causing our Problems????
Death AND Bliss -Flat Line the HRV Heart LO Frequencies - BUT
BLISS Cascades the Higher (non HRV- HeartTuner Measured ) Frequencies- Into HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS (Implosion?)
If you are interested in Fractality - vs the Heart - vs. Health.. You are in the right Place:

Holarchy: The Solution to the Heart which is both COHERENT - AND - FRACTAL / Harmonic Rich (Inclusive)

The Coherence 'Wars' : Heart Math vs. HeartTuner..

"Freezing a Frame"-reducing breath/ and HRV to ONE 'Exclusive' harmonic - may be "DETRIMENTAL"
- from Health Perspective? - ref: Dr.Ary Goldberger

Holarchy: Healthy Harmonic Inclusiveness (taught by HeartTuner & Caducceus Breath Trainer)
IDENTICAL to Perfect Embedding / Nesting.. Optimized by Golden Ratio - perfect COMPRESSION .- Self Similarity.
Winter predicts Harmonic Inclusiveness / Fractal Compression in Biologic Systems Will Become The Equivalent of Genetic Diversity in Predicting VITALITY / Sustainability / LIFE!

Anthology - with Intro & Commentary from Dan Winter - as Edited & Publish by Implosion Group. June 15,04 - url with graphics: , main index: ,
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recent new articles by Winter: Global Scaling/Scale Invariance revealed in Power Spectra.. ( )
& Does Seed Germination Triggered by (Fractal) Charge Compression Prove A New Pure Symmetry Physics for Electrical Origin of Life..
( ).

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 Scale Invariance('Global Scaling') is key to making gravity and making life
BECAUSE self-similarity (embedability) enables (non-destructive) COMPRESSION (/ fusion / collapse )
What Dan Winter has done is develop the power spectra tools to optimize / teach this....-
The perfectly coherent FRACTAL HEART is self-similar... A HOLARCHY.

Imagine 1 simple experiment: paramagnetic stones (calcium/quartz base etc) are arranged to look like a pine cone from the top (like Stonehenge, Machu Pichu etc)- in the center the time lapse photos show seeds germinate dramatically better . (Charge compression = life force- the basis of year long university study /uni ). Then placing capacitors in the same geometry MAKES gravity + extracts wattage from gravity (self-similarity creates gravity and LIFE - the way EKG and pine cones do.. not to mention DNA). We have now re-invented architecture and agriculture -based on a new understanding of the pure electrical symmetry (self-similar enabled compression) which CREATES LIFE (& ensouls DNA)... - AND replaced Einstein (& the energy crisis) with the more correct:
ONLY Self similarity enables the (charge) compression that turns in to acceleration (gravity)... and LIFE!

I remember the day Rollin McCraty - Research leader of Heart Math Institute - showed me the flat Heart Rate Variability of the meditator and explained - this was why he had stopped meditating.

This loss of all peaks visible in the EKG lowest frequencies (HRV) during deep meditation was then featured by his writing partner - Prof Bill Tiller - and became the the beginning of Implosion Groups - now perhaps infamous joke: "Here is why your average Doctor cannot tell the difference between BLISS and Death" - reference: Hygiene for Successful Dying. (

The problem was not helped when showed that the TM meditators (whom we like to say - still have no clue how to measure the COHERENCE - which is their buzzword) -
research was skewed, biased, self-serving, and in a large number cases actually mis-leading and wrong. exerpt:
Renowned social scientist Daniel Druckman reports on a three-year study that found TM ineffectual in enhancing human performance -- and discusses the flawed methodology of pro-TM researchers' meta-analyses. Finally, two psychologists look at meditation techniques, including TM, and their use in therapy and find nearly two-thirds of practitioners experience negative side-effects, ranging from anxiety and panic to suicidal depression -- even psychosis-like symptoms. These findings are similar to those of a German study that the TM movement has derided for 20 years.....Two new web resources hold great promise for the critical TM researcher. presents a "Public Warning Service" of the negative side-effects that many TM meditators experience -- referred to as the benefits of "unstressing" or "stress release" within the TM movement.

The majority of meditators in INPEDENDANT studies - actually lost concentration, had headaches, and had MORE health problems. Often a meditator becomes stuck at one frequency in their Heart Rate - and this loss of variability - is not in itself productive. In addition to failing to measure coherence, TM fails to include the Heart biofeedback with their EEG/ head focus, and like Heart Math, apparently fails to provide tools to teach what appears to be the more self - empowering HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS. Winter now believes the solution to this problem - is when Golden Mean ratio allows those harmonics to nest non-destructively into BOTH harmonic inclusiveness AND coherence- see measurements: ( Dr. Korotkov , Winter, Dr. Ed Wilson, et al) : Teaching Bliss / Ecstatic and Insight States as Science in Feedback: A Bliss Tuner? - . Additionally we are testing this PHI issue -somewhat proven in EEG - bliss state measures, to the EKG (Winter hypothesizes role of PHI ratio in the EKG of COMPASSION) ..

Note from Frank- HeartCoherence Team on this:
  (The new software includes option to test)....the occurrence of any arithmetic cascades (that is, how the heart optimizes its electro-physiology) yet to be found that may prevail as they match the (linear) Fourier - "Golden sequence / binary Fibonacci" of a ubiquitous Golden Mean heterodyne system (how the heart optimizes its attention-focus / self-awareness / bliss) - - along with e.g. the Shumann earth system. ( NOT to test "numerological multiples of Golden Mean"). This statisical test (for Golden Mean heterodynes ) may provide a clue of how apparently unrelated, or not obviously related frequancy systems are connected / embedded / mutually defining.

Golden Mean arithmetic cascades (as opposed the observed geometric multiples) would not fit current logic because..:
A) Golden Mean is per definition a Ratio - not a dimenion;
B) Golden Mean is proven physically only relevant in heterodyne physics, not in linear- / power physics
C) Golden Mean in arithmetics would imply that the time standard ("second") be "sacred", which is very unlikely.

..simply, Golden Mean optimizes spectral equipoise, whereas sensory physics (yogic elementary factors) is optimized power equipoise / entropic strata - where they exist together, this is necessarily a fractal, possibly (magneto) hydrodynamic setting, which IS life & perception (like the Mandelbrot is the negotiation of the -linear- x-y field, and the -non-linear- itteration algorithm)

therefore the PROVEN morphological link between Mandelbrot set -- icosa-dodeca "cosmic fractal" -- golden sequence binary Fiboncci Fourier of Golden Mean heterodyne ( ... hence the "fractal heart" / Ari Goldberger..? THIS is what we try to verify statistically with a background routine in the new Heart Tuner

Winter's overall work (Implosion:Secret Science of Ecstasy & Immortality) strongly suggests: the onset of Golden Mean or PHI numbers (- both geometric multiples and arithmetic cascades) in biology's power spectra (EKG and EEG for example) indicate biology is learning the geometry of successful compression - to thus attract the electric charge he calls the DEFINITION OF LIFE.

( Touch permissiveness=geometry of PHI. See Golden Mean arithmetic versus geometric cascades in EKG spectra samples and discussion at - another critical view of Heart Math. It is important to be clear here- Winter's hypothesis that Golden Mean cascades indicate Healthy biology -(as is blisstuner) include measured observations agreeing with Korotkoc and Wilson - that Golden Mean geometric cascades indicate Bliss and Insight States in EEG. Essentially - it should not be news that Golden Mean - PHIbonacci - Fibonacci - branching identifies the success of biology and harmonic inclusiveness - ref Dardik below . Since this is clearly the origin of our term DeVINE. What is news - is the Power Spectra as the tool to optimize LIFE - and teaching Embedding - Dardik Super Looping or Nesting to people like George Bush - who need to learn the SCIENCE of what is EVIL - the opposite of that which embeds as a wave. Winter says this redefines the science of LIFE and how architecture and agriculture should define success.-- use a capacitor and MEASURE harmonic inclusiveness to measure life force.. Winter says this technique would quickly result in all square cornered metal buildings and refrigerators to be declared EVIL in the scientific accuracy of the term - because by bleeding & leaking capacitance - harmonic inclusiveness- they measureably destroy all life / seed germination - within. As do most cities. This is similar to the concept 'leaking' Orgone. Properly compressed "Orgone" which regularly produces 40% increase in seed germination success. Winter says the tragedy here is that Reich invented the word ORGONE to alienate every scientist because he did not know that capacitance could be focused like a lens. - something which makes billion dollar Stealth radar hiding technology worthless. Winter - says the military help hide the key to making life with recursive capacitance because it is key to making gravityh thrust electrically - and ...'a threat to national security!!!')

Later - such related issues as Meditation vs Harmonic Inclusiveness - Heart Tuner vs Freeze Framer-- became known jokefully as the COHERENCE WARS - by those who have been studying the ongoing controversy between Rollin McCraty of HeartMath/ Freeze Framer users - versus Dan Winter - whose philosophy and (cepstrum / coherence) mathematics inspired HeartTuner - ( & their new Bliss Tuner ( ).

Dr. Saskia Bosman ( and Pineal research - & long term HeartTuner researcher )- writes recently:

Dear Friends,

I would like to see William Tiller's original article, book or pictures which have been shown. I think there is no need for Coherence Wars (how did they come about anyway? - and how incoherent!), as I suspect the two devices can really be complementary to each other, which is how I use both.
I think we need some good research (funded, please). I think we need to look at the spectrum of the HRV as well and ask the questions:

1. When there is a periodic, sinusoidal HRV, is the HRV-spectrum showing balance between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system? In certain heart pathology there is also a very periodical, sometimes-sustained, sinusoidal HRV that usually starts and stops abruptly, but the HRV-spectrum shows imbalance between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system. (Goldberger)

2. How does the HRV spectrum appear when someone in a deep meditative state has an HRV, which is almost a horizontal line?

Finally, as I know at least from neurofeedback, the training of FLEXIBILITY may be very important, meaning: training to be able to easily move from one brainwave frequency pattern to the other. So I suspect it may be important to train to be able to easily move from one HRV pattern to the other (poor, periodic, chaotic), while keeping health and inner peace and compassion intact. So let's do research and create Coherence Peace.....

Reference: Ary L. Goldberger, "Is the normal heartbeat chaotic or homeostatic?" printed by the Open University, UK, No. s131876 (Goldberger is a Harvard Professor of Medicine,)

Best regards,

below we add a short starting point list for Ary Goldberger's famous Heart and Fractality - research - plus some annotated exerpts...-also see further below Dr Alan Watkins gives more on the Goldberger paper..

The chaotic rhythms of life ... Ary Goldberger-Harvard Medical School, has argued, that chaos ... of stimuli, and in particular that the rhythms of a healthy heart are chaotic. ... 42k

The Art & Science of Sustainable Collective Growth, [PPT] , Heart patterns studied by Goldberger. Chaotic patterns in the evaluation of team performance.

Dynamical analysis methods of heart rate behaviour ... spectral pattern (in which the power density is inversely related to frequency) is highly suggestive of a nonlinear or chaotic process (Goldberger &West , - 19k

Application of Fractals in Ecology.. are intrinsically chaotic. Such a mechanism might offer greater flexibility in coping with emergencies and changing environments. Lipsitz and Goldberger (1992 ... botany/labs/ecology/fractals/applications.html - 28k

Decrease of cardiac chaos in congestive heart failure ... Phys. Today40-45 (1996). 8. Goldberger, AL Is the normal heartbeat chaotic or homeostatic?
News Physiol. Sci. 6, 87-91 (1991). | PubMed |

Nonlinear Man - Chaos, Fractal & Homeostatic Interplay in Human ...(exerpted below) ... the vast weight of current scientific evidence put forward indicates that these erratic arrhythmias are not chaotic." Professor Goldberger proposes... dchaos1/new_nonlinear_man_article.html - 25k

Fourier spectrum analyses for identifying the possibility of a chaotic system.... AL Goldberger, Physionet Dataset CSERProceedingsPDFsPPTs/CSER_Stanley.ppt

Is the normal heartbeat chaotic or homeostatic? Goldberger AL. Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02215. cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=11537649&

also see (more social / psychologic than mathematic) : Understanding COHERENCE - In Health and Holisitic Systems..( the Meaning of the Holon? or Holarchy?) -

The basics insight that Fractality then equalled Harmonic Inclusiveness in the healthy Heart - was then elucidated beautifully in Irving Dardik MD - famous paper - reprinted below - "Origin of Disease and Health Heart Waves The Single Solution to Heart Rate Variability ".. His point:(fig5) Heart Waves of health (variability up) and disease (variability down); an expanding Heart Wave (rate) range corresponds in maximum heart rate and HRV (heart rate variability) which promotes health - while a decrease in Heart Wave (rate) range corresponds to a decrease in maximum heart rate and HRV which promotes disease."

Compare this with pictures of the HOLOARCHY during compression / compassion in the EKG.. from Winter..(next below)

Is Healthy Inclusiveness NOT IDENTICAL to Perfect Embedding / Nesting.. Optimized by Golden Ratio - perfect COMPRESSION .- Self Similarity
We already know in mathematics the only infinite compression is fractal - how ironic science has not discovered how the wave mechanics of Golden Ratio is KEY to this compression- - identiPHI-ing LIFE and SELF ORGANIZATION- and GRAVITY MAKING - what Winter calls - PHIRICAIS- Phi Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration Implosion Solution..


EMBEDDING pic from Winter- source of his geometric model of what fires the heart during compassion/ compression..

and the origin of Winter's GRAIL ANIMATION...

(link to braidingDNA article)

..THE PERFECT GOLDEN FLEECE!!..(what a technicolor genetic coating you have Joseph)

is exactly based on

(link to Torrent in the SUN/Heart/Anu-Hydrogen Coeur Article)

is exactly based on the vortex PHI implosion geometric (& grail animation derived from the red spiral above) of the heart.. DNA/EarthGrid/Zodiac as fractal dodec light cones gone inPHIknitly embedable.


 Above we see that EMBEDDING or PERFECT NESTING.. are the physics of charge compression making matter (creation)- .. AND the physics behind correct charge PLACEMENT in FENG SHUI..

Below we see the way Dr. Dardik (see also 'Making Waves') teaches harmonic inclusiveness in HEART RATE VARIABILITY (creates disease resistance)..

THEN - compare to: from(as quoted more below): HEALTHY Chaos: from:The Body of Education :What might a 'healthy' education system look like? , by R. Darren Stanley, University of Alberta , Plexus Institute

next section- exerpt from

"Making Waves":->"Consciousness is an electrically implosive jellyfish like gravity making charge field that sucks its way thru the universe
growing until it can choreograph the birth of stars sustainably - from within its own electrical FIRE!
This field effect requires the environment of fractality electrically -
(what you call SACRED) in order to breath charge and grow.
This is because successful charge compression (the medium of all biologic information)
is THE prerequisite to the efficient charge distribution/ radiance you call life and consciousness."

 Grail Animation- GRAIL IN THE DNA BRAID EMBEDDING "Royal Blood", dan winter 3/98 ( ) - see also the true PHYSICS of the Grail ( )As the field's nest in IN-PHI-KNIT ratio,
allowing their pressures to beat or heterodyne recursively infinitely,
(at the moment of maximum dynamic pressure,
at the moment of maximum feeling/compassion)
the resultant "spin path to the zero point" pineal revolve creates the HOLY GRAIL, which is what light sees as it enters DNA which has been braided to the perfect geometry of embedding by the feeling of compassion. Royal blood is so fractal it contains a complete map of the land in it's foldedness, so that when Arthur's love ended, the rain stopped.
(Arthur and the land were one,
whom does this grail serve... it's self... embedded.)

 Mal G. wrote: > Hi, I had this experience recently where I was being sucked thru the images I see you have posted on your web site. (Implosion?) Its uncanny how close (my experience) resembles your images. Have you experienced these on the "inside"? I don't know what happened. I just felt I was falling into the floor and then I felt I was travelling thru a cocoon of sorts with all sorts of geometrical shapes spinning like a web around me. I then got thru that into a space where I saw these huge brillant white balls. They where awesome. I heard two voices telling me it was time to cross over. I got scared. I felt all this tension in my chest like my heart was going to explode. At all times I never lost body awareness of me lying on the sofa yet at the same time i sensed i was travelling They said it was inevitable about me crossing over
oh dan yes this is so true I can't believe what i'm seeing in your inages they are picture perfect repressntations of what i've seen. This latest intense experience i had went so much deeper - > From the ages of 23+ it would always be going thru the tunnel cocoon spiral - The compression makes sense because as I travel thru the tunnel, basic shapes seemed to morph into other shapes and i'd see them spiraling around me as I was sucked thru the tunnel .
.. ciao, malbo.

Dan replied: "Appreciate your encouragement..
The animations are real- sights into dna's charge-
So this is what you should see going inside
as at

Your healthy DNA want's to start this KA coherence field thru implosion and light speed - if you want to steer and make it sustainable- study the hygiene.. Learn from the Shem - An..-one introduction: "Ecstasy & Immortality" book. + Check - Ben Bentov +kundalini story below..

* Section 4: Book Review One:Dardik's 'Making Waves' Extending Global Superwave Principle-

Book review 1:  Making Waves : Irving Dardik and His Superwave Principle

here-from the publisher: The biography of a medical maverick who is challenging scientific convention with his astounding approach to achieving and maintaining health.

Dr. Irving Dardik's radical notions about how all matter moves in interconnected waves has drawn deep skepticism from physicists, and his early attempts to put his theory into practice in the field of health care got him banned from practicing medicine in the 1990s. But now, after a decade's worth of rigorous research that seems to support Dardik's SuperWave theory, scientists at such esteemed institutions as MIT, Harvard, and Stanford Research International are signing on with Dardik's team to probe the possibilities. For example, Dardik's unique approach to physical exercise, based on his Principle, has achieved some remarkable successes in reversing symptoms of chronic disease.

Making Waves weaves together two fascinating stories: Dardik's personal progression from vascular surgeon to scientific iconoclast and pioneer, chronicling his struggle to convince the scientific community to take him seriously; and the evolution of his mind-expanding SuperWave Principle. Colleagues--skeptics as well as supporters--consider the impact of SuperWave theory on current thinking about nature on all scales, from the universe to the subatomic world, and in the realms of biology, applied science, and medicine. The resulting read will interest those concerned with their own health and vitality as well as those curious about the fundamental workings of nature.

Intuitive revolutionary idea.... As a science writer Roger Lewin has always been on the cutting edge of science and as a gifted writer he has made the most difficult scientific concepts read like a novel. He does it again in "Making Waves." Weaving a biography, science, and the evolution of a revolutionary idea, Lewin hits on a big idea, that we can "cause health" rather than attack disease. Beyond the intellectual argument, the power of "Making Waves" strikes an intuitive chord. In a society where the pace is fast and flat, where we grow ever more disconnected from nature's cycles, intuitively it makes sense that if we recreate cycles of exertion and rest, of action and reflection, that we will be healthier because we are in rhythm with nature. It's provocative to look at life through the lens of waves,cycles rhythms or lack of them--according to Dardik everything is waves.
Although controversial, Dardik has to be commended for his tenacity against a lot of resistance. From Galileo to Darwin, new ideas are not received quickly--people resist change when their foundation of beliefs are challenged. But like his predecessors,
Dardik perserveres because he has a gem of truth that can revolutionize our world--from cold fusion, metallurgy, to health. This book is a great and fast read and will leave you thinking. It offers ideas for small actions we can all do to get back into sync with ourselves and with nature. And for those with chronic disease it is a ray of hope.

...Revolutionary Wellness Program Works - I have had personal experience with Irving Dardik's revolutionary wellness program, and I can vouch for its efficacy. Making Waves tells the story of Dardik's journey to developing a revolutionary approach to health and disease, based on his SuperWave Principle. The Principle is far reaching, and goes far beyond the health/disease realm. It's a terrific read, and details Dardik's struggle with the medical establishment, and his ultimate vindication. I recommend the book to anyone who is interested in learning more about their own body, and about the interconnectedness of nature throughout all of nature. It's a true story, but it's so fantastic that it reads like a novel!


Explains- evidence that harmonic inclusiveness in your heart heals most disease. And helpfully shows that exercise (breath rate / heart rate) which varies heart rate in waves (caducceus would be the correct term - not used in the book) does that healing. (Real miracle cures - replicable!) The good thing is that the medical evidence that the wave cascade of harmonic inclusiveness- is becoming something of a popular phenomenon. This might soon lead science to ask the RIGHT questions ... like.. the role of Golden Ratio perfected compression in allowing charge to converge into INTELLIGENCE / FUSION / SELF-ORGANIZATION ... and ultimately the gravity making business of charge ignited (blissful) DNA.

Specifically - what Dardik misses / does not explain :
a)- that the
perfect change in heart rate / breath over time is exactly the caducceus optimized by Golden Ratio
b) that for perfect harmonic inclusiveness to fit into one place (your heart) COMPRESSION must be perfected - THAT is why fractality is critical.
c) that perfect compression and fractality require Golden Ratio
d) how to teach compression + harmonic inclusiveness - using power spectra + biofeedback ( see:
e) the result of perfected compression symmetry macro cellularly attracts the charge into (IMPLOSION) self-organization, emergence from chaos, and disease solution - we call LIFE.

What we would like to ADD to this book - is this description why perfect embedding creates the perfect compression phenomenon to allow humans to recreate their sick biology from within- electrically. We discussed this at length in our review of Dardik's HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS in EKG predicts all survival? - -Wherein we strongly suggest that Dardik did not go far enough - while he showed helpfully medically why :


This includes your DNA, your forest, your planet, your SUN and your galaxy This reason is as elegantly simple as understanding how constructive charge compression of as many different waves as possible (Implosion) - includes survival information into the gravity center of each living thing. While this does correctly explain the physics of how our blood CAN with charge compression ignition make us into gravity making SUN GODS - this advanced perception is too much for most. .(except those who personally know kundalini -see'Bentov'below) .. even while science has measured DNA making black holes.
BUT at a much more basic survival level - .... This concept of charge implosion feeding LIFE - is also why it is so survival essential for science now to understand the fractal symmetry of charge which creates gravity, self organization, implosion, and DNA life in general. Those who understand shudder with horror to realize that those who build our schools and farms and hospitals have no clue to the electric field (capacitor that is not fractal) they build which BLEEDS the DNA of all those who enter!!!
( )

Now we cannot even imagine how anyone could even begin to design a dance for kids to teach them to pop into bliss and creativity (see the physics)
- without knowing how charge waves NEED to look like a rose in order to become and create biology itself.
In summary NO PART OF BIOLOGY SURVIVES without learning fractality and thus peaceful constructive compression. A molecule of mineral and water- never become part of efficient cell metabolism without first being nudged into the charge symmetry of fractal self- similarity (see water molecules in Dodeca below , and witness the Triplet State electron in the cell water - which prevents cancer in Nobel Prize winning "Electronic Biology & Cancer" Albert Szent Gyorgyi..). -{ also new PDF - "chargeinwater.pdf" - pictorial on life force, vs Charge Compression, vs dodec molecular geometry in water..}
Urban designers who DON'T know this unfortuneately deserve the death they create for themselves - in the cities they build whose magnetism does NOT look like a rose.
Choosing to fail to embed (called 'evil') - is choosing death. Biology's biofeedback if anything else is also LAWful.

Dardiks favorite picture of heart harmonics including inclusiveness: - - . The only way waves could be superposed upon each other like this (hint: cadduceus)- with destructive interference is Golden Ratio. Dardiks'does not account for the simple mathematics (Golden Ratio) for what would allow many harmonics to exist in one place (your heart) compressed non-destructively. He gets that such compression requires fractality - but doesn't understand how that fractality would show up in a power spectra ( Golden Ratio) (and the basis for HeartTuner) - or that such self similarity is in fact electrically implosive and 'self organizing' or 'healing' to biology. To Dardik's credit - he was encouraging in some of our phone conversations - admitting that he did not do math - accounting for why his contributions to cold fusion research (mentiond in the book) - were not grounded. Unless you model the math for the symmetry which allows charge to compress, implode and fuse - you cannot understand the Heart's source of voltage ( from gravity) or cold fusion.

On the PLUS side - we see dozens of dramatized examples- that if people learn how to use breath / exercise to make their heart rate curve into a perfect cadduceus - virtually any chronic disease can be treated - medically..

Notice how a revolved caducceus in water - would CREATE a water drop emerging from water. Instead of the cadduceus ripple - being CAUSED by the water drop -as in the book cover picture,
the cadduceus ripple could then CAUSE the droplet! .. Harmonic Inclusiveness- casting the wave cadducceus is like this - the created becomes the creator.

.. as in the grail revolution animation at )

.. Try to visualize the caduceus REVOLVING around its own center in 3D- recreating the compression bubble (droplet) in its midst - in these 3 images from



While simple- Dardik's profound insight (Harmonic Inclusiveness = vitality in Heart / HRV ) - becomes probably one of the most profound medical insights of all time. (It is said the American medical literature now includes more than 10,000 papers on HRV). Dardik (formerly Olympic Medical Committee) (his paper exerpted below) then goes on to coin the most used and exciting terms to describe this phenomena like - SUPER-LOOPING, and NESTING - which become buzzwords for every kind of SPIRITUAL discussion. This became the basis and philosophy for Dan Winter's EMBEDABILITY landmark article ( ) which launched his cepstrum mathematics for measuring coherence - and the HeartTuner.

This became the coeur of Winter's central watershed hypothesis that HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS - by Quantifying successful charge compression- MEASURES the VITALITY and SUSTAINABILITY of EVERYTHING THAT LIVES!. ( measurements: ).

In the dialogs between Dardik & Winter..- his (Dardik's) research director ( Dr. Ken Thorp - circadian rhythmic fractal scaling of hrv,clinical cardiology -
CENTER FOR HUMANITIES IN MEDICINE AT HOSPITAL, Williamston, MI, USA.) was then introduced to Dardik by Winter. Dr Thorp is another in the archetype of researchers who began at the Winter inspired HeartMath Institute- only to quickly perceive the limitations of the Heart Math - (spiritually bankrupt?) philosophy. Another case in point in the world renowned Dr. Allen Watkins - Cardiology author / medical writer. Formerly he was the flagship of the Heart Math publications fleet - until the Institute elected to sue him in their 'we own the idea' paranoia. His original work - showing the Heart Math 'Freeze Framer' is little more than a tool to learn to breathe at one frequency - is now expanded into more powerful tools at: . Also, James Barrett ( ) whose web site ironically - began with Winter's ideas (&early Heart Link) which started the Heart Math research, received similar threatening phone calls from Heart Math - voracious legal team.

(Responding note from Dr Allen Watkins- - "I have observed this discussion with interest. You may like to know that I am currently in the middle of a study looking at the effects of meditation on HRV with some of the world's leading experts in the "contemplative sciences" who have done thousands of hours meditative practice. We designed a very interesting protocol to answer the exact questions you have been wrestling with. We are currently analysing the data. I will keep you posted. ... In terms of the "coherence wars" I echo Saskia's sentiments however, you may like to know that HeartMath are currently attacking (again) an HRV equipment manufacturer, falsely claiming that their Freeze Framer technology is being infringed. This is actually just a naked attempt to stop competition. So I would advise you all to be careful. Peace would be very good but it is difficult to achieve when there are very aggressive and litigious people about. Sadly like so many others who may preach "loving care" the reality is markedly different from the rhetoric. , I will let you know how the research pans out. Warm regards, Alan Watkins" BSc MD PhD,Honorary Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience & Psychological Medicine Imperial College, London.

(insert note here: new evidence- Fractality SOLVES the problem of COHERENCE -AND-INCLUSIVENESS.. see "The HeartMath Mistake"

"Freezing a Frame"-reducing breath/ and HRV to ONE harmonic - may be "DETRIMENTAL"- from Health Perspective? - ref: Dr.Ary Goldberger

In a subsequent note- Dr. Allen Watkins kindly adds the following interesting note - also not very encouraging to Freeze Framer users.."Dear All: For those that want the original reference and abstract for the article that Saskia mentions, here it is: Goldberger AL. Is the normal heartbeat chaotic or homeostatic? News Physiol Sci. 1991 Apr;6:87-91.
Limits to the usefulness of homeostasis as a guiding physiological principle are revealed by new mechanisms derived from study of nonlinear systems that generate a type of variability called chaos. Loss of complex physiological variability may occur in certain pathological conditions including heart rate dynamics before sudden death and with aging.
However Goldberger has written since and continues to suggest that the loss of complexity (as may be occurring when teaching individuals to focus on just a single frequency in their HRV spectrum) may be detrimental. (Added here by Implosion Group- this again suggests a possible PROBLEM with Freeze Framer - which encourages people to produce the single harmonic in the HRV spectra - as depicted below. Heart Coherence team Caducceus Breathing trainer -& cepstrum coherence cascade indicator- instead by contrast specifically teach Harmonic INCLUSIVENESS instead of Freeze Framer monotonic exclusiveness..)..References have appeared in high profile journals such as : 1. Ivanov PC, Amaral LA, Goldberger AL, Havlin S, Rosenblum MG, Struzik ZR, Stanley HE.Multifractality in human heartbeat dynamics. Nature. 1999 Jun 3;399(6735):461-5.
2. Lipsitz LA, Goldberger AL. Loss of 'complexity' and aging. Potential applications of fractals and chaos theory to senescence. JAMA. 1992 Apr 1;267(13):1806-9.
I hope this helps. , Regards, Alan Watkins BSc MD PhD)

...Dr. Allen Watkins - in conversation with Frank - of Heart Coherence Team - recently drew an interesting graph of their perceptions of the controversy between Heart Math and Winter's HeartTuner - ( the "Coherence Wars" - what a beautiful oxymoron - like Military Intelligence - "how incoherent" as Dr Bosman states - a little like : another example of recursion: ANGRY FIGHT erupts at a conference on preventing anger.. -Brawl (recursive anger) breaks out at anger management assembly!...

Some notes here thanks to Frank , Heart Coherence Team---- "after my talk with André Spijkervet yesterday, on Heart Tuner internal coherence .. vs. Heart Math method .. vs. general HRV ..
all seem to agree Heart Tuner IS measuring (internal) coherence, HeartMath Freeze Framer is not, but is entraining tacho handsomeness (thru various bio-psychological means and various rewards protocols)

André showed Tillers pictures on "zero HRV" during coherent (internal) spectrum... by advanced meditators..!!"

It seems McCraty (Heart Math) criticizes Dan Winter's philosophy for entraining low HRV which medicine associates with death (and meditation ... and bliss??). While ironically Tiller is Mc. Craty's co-author - yet Tiller does not claim that meditating is bad. He at least sees the irony / limitation in Heart Math's shallow medical interpretation of what is a healthy heart. (Is Heart Math saying the majority of spiritual traditions which teach some meditation are all wrong- since they flatten the HRV???)

(back to Frank's notes) "meanwhile I showed André harmonic explorer's cardiac simulator creating "ideal" spectrum (coherent) - when disturbed by an HRV tachogram, showing that HRV doesn't do much to the (internal) spectrum. In other words:
- internal coherence is proven mathematically highly unrelated to hrv (harmonic explorer)
- Tiller showed that biology chooses to associate high internal coherence with low hrv (at least, measured with long time meditators)

so Mc. Craty may technically be right, BUT is concealing that in fact internal coherence may entrain let's say psycho-spiritual qualities ( insert here - HIGH harmonic inclusiveness in the EKG power spectra - particularly when in non-destructive Golden cascades.. CAN produce a misleading FLAT HRV!!! - This is explained in 2 ways... 1. HRV sees only belo 1.5 hz or so response.. , and 2. most ALL power spectra and cepstrum by nature are not designed to see harmonics cascading in non-linear PHI geometric progression- EXCEPTION- Dan Kunkle's "I-DENT-I-PHI".. original modified FFT software - inspired from Winter...)

(again back to Frank ) 'moreover, if Tiller is right, then the Freeze Framer is in fact entraining LOW internal coherence.. (and the so called "love & empathy" feeling of Heart Math is aimed at psycho-physical intent + performance..?!) Isn't this the same as Mc.Craty saying internal coherence entrains low HRV - while physical health is wasted in a bliss-experience ???..

Well, a yogi in a state of exaltation looks pretty much dead (breathing reportedly suspended..). In other words, low HRV as a result of internal coherence / bliss practice, is VERY different from - and in fact the opposite of - low hrv as result of emphatic stupor or simply bad health (added here - YES - Flat HRV without HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS in the higher EKG power spectra - measured by HeartTuner's Cepstrum - WOULD be deadly!)

So here is Alan's recent picture which I think is VERY to the point:

conclusively suggesting that the FreezeFramer may be a psychologic -- health trainer


the HT is rather a psycho -- bliss trainer

let's think positively of a very COMPLETE package for allround teaching & therapy..!

(Learn to breathe at one frequency 'Freeze Frame' is not a bad start - BUT then learn to breathe and Heart Beat - with harmonic INCLUSIVENESS ... -- see CADDUCEUS breathing trainer... and - soon to become part of Alan Watkins - trainer- - this is the path to Bliss Tuning! )

Here now is the drawing produced by Dr Alan Watkins in collaboration with Frank- Heart Coherence Team.

While looking at this chart - suggest you consider - that calling Heart Harmonics which are (healthy) Fractal and Harmonic Inclusive - CHAOS - is quite wrong. Dr.Ary Goldberger merely labels the healthy heart chaotic because he does not understand the math tools (recursion measuring tools like the Cepstrum) - to measure the ORDER there!.

(back to Frank's last comment) " Wondering, to make the picture complete, what is entraining chaotic HRV????? -
Isn't this, ultimately, the capability of ideal fight-or-flight response - which is ALSO good for you... afterall? ... so that freeze-framing your emotions between bliss and fear is NOT always helpful..?"
:-) Frank

... now the readings .. we promised...exerpts from literature...

A Mytho Psychologic Look at our NEED For The Touch to the Infinite "Chaos" which Fractality Permits?

from: "Hidden Harmony"

How is it that certain earthly places have unearthly power to fill us with awe and spiritual contentment? The answers may be at the core of our chaotic being.

exerpt from - Article by Nicholas Regush ,Article published in Sept 1998 Issue of EQUINOX magazine

"What may seem mystical to our culture, however, can perhaps be illuminated by dramatic developments in physics, math, and medicine. When at Harvard Medical School recently, I told Ary Goldberger, a cardiologist and research scientist, that I was planning a trip to the Green Mountains. He speculated that I would likely feel well because of my body's potential to resonate well with the forest and mountains. He suggested that the branchings of trees, the jagged features of the mountains - in fact, the full impact of the irregularities of the fine details of the landscape - were similar to patterns in the human body itself. "Just look at medical textbooks," he said, "and you'll notice drawings of treelike branchings of blood vessels and neurons, the intricate patterns of the lymph system, the lungs, muscle tissue. There is likely some deep connection between these internal landscapes of the body and the outside landscapes that we see."

The patterns he spoke of are often referred to as fractals, geometric patterns with similar detail at many scales that are the products of complicated nonlinear processes. "You can see these tracings of change in nature in the form of coastlines, clouds, and tree and rock formations," Goldberger explained. If you look through a microscope at brain cells, for example, you can see branches on branches on branches - asymmetric fractal-like entities called dendrites.

In recent years, Goldberger has paid special attention to the cardiovascular system. He contends that just as the changing form of an individual tree is the result of many variables, including soil composition, magnetic fields, and ever-changing weather, so is the integrity of the human heart the result of all bodily activity, as well as stimulation from the external environment. Goldberger has used the computer to analyze intervals between heartbeats and has shown that the tracings of healthy heartbeats exhibit remarkable similarity to fractals in nature, such as the jagged lines of a coastline: the patterns of the heartbeat are varied and thus more adaptable. The patterned beating of an unhealthy heart, by contrast, may become all too regular. "

Yasha Kresh, professor of cardiothoracic surgery at the MCP-Hahnemann School of Medicine in Philadelphia, points out that more goes on in the human body than is readily apparent. The irregularity of the healthy cardiovascular system has an underlying order; that is, the system is highly interactive and possesses many interdependent processes. "Many of the mechanisms we attempt to study in isolation are coupled and function in parallel, and many of the actions/reactions take place simultaneously," he said. "The heart and circulation operate on multiple time scales or frequencies and vastly distributed space. It is this complexity that allows the system to remain organized. When you lose this interconnectedness - when the system loses integration - that's what disease is."

The force behind these interdependent processes in the body, as in nature, is what scientists refer to as chaos. This is not the type of chaos typically defined in dictionaries as utter confusion, but rather the type now viewed, using the calculating power of the computer, as complex systems in nature that have underlying patterns, even though on the surface they appear unpredictable or random.

One hallmark of chaos theory is that seemingly insignificant changes in the system (whether in nature or in the human body) can lead to bigger changes. As Taoists have imagined, for example, when a butterfly flaps its wings in Canada, it may have some impact on the weather south of the border. In other words, in nature, everything can influence everything else. Everything matters. In this context, fractals can be seen as the irregular tracings of self-similar structures of ever finer detail, created as nature shapes itself and evolves, such as in the form of mountain ranges or bodily structures. Is this seemingly unpredictable exuberance of nature the cause of as much pleasure when we give ourselves a moment to dispose of our selves and connect to the chaotic world?


Understanding Harmonic Inclusiveness: from: BioHarmonics Forum-

The research of Heart Intelligence by Dan Winter (Sacred Geometry, The Loving Heart, The Holy Grail),Paul Pearsall (The Heart's Code), Doc Childre (The Heart Math Solution) and A.R. Damasio (The Scientific American Book of the Brain, Looking for Spinoza) that healing is always achieved through coherence between patient and healer. Consciousness can only be developed through adjustment, expressed through the vibrational integrity in the sense of resonance and synchronicity.

Innumerable scientific reports have made plausible that the process of ageing, as well as all physical and psychic disorders, can be carried back to a disturbance of the different rhythmic vibrations that are created inside the body, like breathing, heart and brain functions. Likewise this is the case when the unison among the different rhythms is lost. On the other hand, in the case of unison, that is, resonance or synchronicity, subjects reported healing, well-being, "flow", creativity, intuition, extrasensory perception, remote viewing, bliss and other positive states. Such a unison among vibrations is also defined as coherence that is, harmony or adjustment.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which has become so important in current understanding, can be entrained. According to modern cardiology, the HRV represents the most important prognosis parameter for heart- and immune health and furthermore makes a statement on the general regulative capability and health of the whole organism ("Cardiac Age" or "Global Fitness") . People,who?s HRV is reduced, in due time develop statistically significant, chronic health disorders, like heart diseases, depressions and neuropathies up to cancer. The HRV can ideally be entrained, along with the vibrational intensity and adaptability of bio-psycho-socio functional circuits in exchange with organism and environment. An improvement in HRV through sports or through biofeedback allows reduction of all sorts of allopathic psycho pharmacies, while the adaptability of the complete organism is improved.

It has been proven that frequencies employed in our electr(on)ic infrastructure can cause damage to our DNA (so called "entrainment") and eventually result in physical defects. This includes not only theVHF range (mobile phones), but also LF as in powerlines. The crystal-based materials being developed can be attuned for suppression within a desired bandwidth, and will be employed much as possible directly at the source.

The more harmonics which were present in the weak capacitive field around an organism - the healthier it is. THE MORE HARMONICS PRESENT AT ONCE- THE MORE LIFE IS PRESENT - is PERFECTLY reflected in the EKG literature! Namely that the fractality of harmonic INCLUSIVENESS of the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a very reliable predictor of immune health and longevity!

The MORE waves of electrical charge which can simultaneous agree to meet at once - in any biological oscillator - the more ALIVE it is. While this concept seems absurdly simple at first inspection - in fact it makes perfect sense. When a biological structure finds a way to attract waves of charge - it sucks in the energy of its environment. The more waves of charge it can suck in a one time - the more energy and LIFE it absorbs.

This is VERY parallel in some ways - to the notion that LIFE FORCE IS ROUGHLY EQUAL TO BIOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE CHARGE DENSITY (Thus explaining for example why most metal structures deplete life force when they even TOUCH food!)

The nice thing is - we can now depict exactly HOW a biological structure gathers that charge :

It arranges the elements of it's 'nonlinear' dialectric to become fractal or self-similar. In this way - the recursive non-destructive (or re-cursively CONSTRUCTIVE) interference of the charge waves in its interior becomes a FRACTAL ATTRACTOR. Or - more specifically - it adds and multiplies the wave lengths and wave velocities in THIS geometry.

Harmonic Inclusiveness (sometimes called fractality ) -which is how many different frequencies at once you can "invite" into your heart (Heart Rate Variability / HRV) clearly predicts resistance to MOST known chronic disease!

Exerpts from : Nonlinear Man - Chaos, Fractal & Homeostatic -Interplay in Human Physiology-
© 1997, Gary Bass

An interdisciplinary team under the direction of Prof. Ary Goldberger, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Director of Cardiography at Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, has been developing the concept of a new kind of chaos-based physiology. This is built on the idea that mathematical tools can help scientists understand global complex systems independent of local detail. This holistic approach was outlined by James Gleick, author of the book 'Chaos' (1) "... researchers increasingly recognised the body as a place of motion and oscillation - and they developed methods of listening to its variegated drumbeat. They found rhythms that were invisible on frozen microscope slides or daily blood samples. They studied chaos in respiratory disorders. They explored feedback mechanisms in the context of red and white blood cells. Cancer specialists speculated about periodicity and irregularity in the cycle of cell growth. Psychiatrists explored a multidimensional approach to the prescription of anti-depressant drugs. But surprising findings about one organ dominated the rise of this new physiology, and that was the heart, whose animated rhythms, stable or unstable, healthy or pathological, so precisely measured the difference between life and death."

The two most surprising findings of Prof. Goldberger's team may be summarised as follows:-

1. Ventricular Fibrillation and related tachycardias causing sudden death are relatively periodic, not chaotic processes.

2. In contrast, the healthy heartbeat shows chaotic dynamics. Sudden death, therefore, may be viewed as a bifurcation out of, not into, chaos.

Researching modern cardiac monitoring and defibrillation devices, one is immediately struck by those statements and by Prof. Goldberger's findings as documented in 'Nonlinear Dynamics for Clinicians: Chaos Theory, Fractals and Complexity at the Bedside' (2) ; "At first it was widely assumed that chaotic time series were produced by pathological systems and that this new non-linear theory would be extremely useful to the clinician as a method of modelling cardiac arrhythmias and in understanding the dynamics of atrial and ventricular fibrillation. However, contrary to earlier theories, the vast weight of current scientific evidence put forward indicates that these erratic arrhythmias are not chaotic." Professor Goldberger proposes "that the most compelling clinical example of cardiac chaos is paradoxically found in the dynamics of normal sinus rhythm".

Although the focus of much recent attention, chaos 'per se' is a concept which is often misunderstood. The complex variability that arises from an equation which does not contain any random terms is known as deterministic chaos. The colloquial use of the term chaos to describe unfettered randomness, usually with catastrophic implications, is quite different from this specialised usage.

The extent to which chaos relates to physiological dynamics is a subject of active investigation, and not without controversy. Originally it was considered that chaotic fluctuations were caused by disease such as cardiac electrical activity during arrhythmias, but this has been challenged by the Harvard team and the weight of present evidence is that fibrillations and tachycardias sometimes labelled 'chaotic' do not in fact meet the technical criteria for nonlinear chaos. The hypothesis advanced by Professor Goldberger is that the subtle but complex heart rate fluctuations observed during normal sinus rhythm in healthy subjects, even at rest, are due in part to deterministic chaos and that a variety of diseases, such as congestive heart syndromes, may paradoxically involve a decrease in this type of nonlinear variability (Fig.1). Because the mathematical algorithms designed for detecting chaos are not reliably applied to the nonstationary, relatively short and often 'noisy' data sets obtained from most clinical and physiological studies, the intriguing question of the role of chaos remains uncertain.

As new generations of detecting devices are devised, such as in the front-line work being carried out in University of Ulster, Jordanstown by NIBEC, it is suggested that the work of Prof. Goldberger's Harvard team could yield significant clinical benefits.

Figure 1 - Heartbeat time series for a healthy subject (top) and one with severe Congestive Heart Failure (centre). Note nearly identical means and variances (bottom) but very different dynamics. Note also the complex, erratic pattern of data from the normal subject compared with slow, periodic oscillation in CHF that correlates with Cheyne Stokes Breathing.

Figure 2(a) - Self-Similar Structure Figure 2(b) - Self-Similar Dynamics

The term fractal is a geometric concept related to, but not synonymous with chaos. While classical geometric forms are smooth and regular with integer dimensions - 1, 2 and 3 for line, surface and volume respectively - fractals are highly irregular and have non-integer, or fractional, dimensions. A fractal line, which has a dimension between 1 and 2, is wrinkly and irregular. Examination of these wrinkles with the low-power lens of a microscope reveals smaller wrinkles on the larger ones, a property referred to as self-similarity. A wide variety of natural shapes share this property, among them branching trees and coral formations, wrinkly coastlines, rugged mountain ranges, clouds, lightning flashes and winding rivers. A depiction of this self-similar property is given in Fig. 2(a). Examples of fractal-like anatomies include the vascular system, the His-Purkinke electrical system in the heart (Fig. 3), the tracheobronchial tree, as well as the folds of the bowel and brain. A surprising discovery in nonlinear dynamics is that these fractal architectures are also exhibited by chaotic processes (when these are depicted as geometrical structures). The self-similar cardiopulmonary structures all serve a common physiological function - rapid and efficient transport over a complex, spatially distributed system. In the case of the ventricular electrical conduction system, the quantity transported is the electrical stimulus regulating the timing of cardiac contraction.

An important extension of the fractal concept was the recognition that it applies not just to irregular geometric or anatomic forms that lack a characteristic single scale of length, but also to complex processes that lack a single scale of time; fractal processes generate irregular fluctuations on multiple time scales. Furthermore, such temporal variability is statistically self-similar.

For example, Fig 2(b) plots the time series of heart rate from a healthy subject on three different scales. All these graphs have an irregular (wrinkly) appearance, reminiscent of a coastline or mountain range. The roughness of these time series, therefore, possesses a self-similar, scale-invariant property. A disease state tends to cause complexity loss and tends towards highly periodic dynamics.

Professor Goldberger suggests that fractal structures in the human body arise from the slow dynamics of embryonic development and evolution and that this evolutionary advantage accounts for their ubiquitous presence in biomedical phenomena (2). Fractal branches (Fig.4) or folds greatly amplify the surface area available for absorption (as in the small intestine), distribution or collection (by blood vessels, bile ducts and bronchial tubes) and information processing (by the nerves). Fractal structures, partly by virtue of their redundancy and irregularity, are robust and resistant to injury. The heart, for example, may continue to pump with little mechanical dysfunction despite extensive damage to the His-Purkinje system, which conducts cardiac electrical impulses.
Figure 3 - Fractals Bifurcation in the His-Purkinje Network.

What is the mechanism in this unexpectedly healthy chaos of the normal heartbeat? Professor Goldberger suggests that the answer appears to lie in the chaos of the nervous system, since parasympathetic stimulation decreases the firing rate of the pacemaker cells in the heart's sinus node; sympathetic stimulation has a 'speeding up' effect. The competing influences of these two branches of the nervous system result in a constant tug-of-war on the sinus node. The result of this constant neural buffeting is the type of chaotic heart rate variability that is recorded in healthy subjects, even during resting or sleeping hours.
Figure 4 ­ Fractal self-similarity occurs in the small intestine right down to the microscopic level.

An analysis was carried out (4) by Peng et al in 1993 on the digitised ECG's of beat-to-beat heart rate fluctuations over long time intervals, up to 24 hours, recorded with an ambulatory monitor. The time series obtained by plotting the sequential beat intervals (Fig. 1) typically reveals a complicated variability. There is a much more complex pattern of fluctuations for a representative healthy adult (a), compared to the pattern of interbeat intervals for a subject (b) with severe heart disease associated with congestive heart failure.

Dr. Peng observed that the long-range power-law correlations present in the healthy heartbeat imply that the underlying control mechanisms actually drive the system away from a single steady state. Therefore, "... the classical theory of homeostasis, according to which stable physiological processes seek to maintain 'constancy' and its more recently proposed modifications under the rubric of 'homeodynamics' need to be revised and extended to account explicitly for this far from equilibrium behaviour."

The principle of homeostasis in heart rate fluctuations was developed by Dr. Cannon of Harvard Medical School in the 1920's, and was generally accepted for more than half a century later. This states that physiological systems normally operate to reduce variability and to maintain a constancy of internal function. According to this theory, any physiological variable, including heart rate, should return to its 'normal' steady state after it has been perturbed. The principle of homeostasis suggests that variations of the heart rate are merely transient responses to a fluctuating environment. Chaos theory is not completely incompatible with the classical concept of homeostasis, but there are several fundamental differences between these approaches to the understanding of physiological variability. These are summarised in Table 1 (5).

Homeostasis Chaos
System will settle down to a steady state (constancy) if unperturbed. System does not settle down to constant state.
Fluctuations result from external influences. Fluctuations arise from internal feedback and do not require external perturbation.
Destabilising factors such as disease or ageing are anticipated to decrease order (increase chaos). Destabilising factors such as disease or ageing usually decrease the degree of complex variability (reduce chaos).
Table 1 - Homeostasis vs. Chaos as defined with reference to Physiology (5).

Chaotic systems generate variable behaviour even in the absence of external stimuli, whereas homeostatic systems should settle down to a constant steady state in the absence of perturbation. Therefore, the type of nonlinear mathematical modelling required to simulate chaotic systems is quite different from the linear equations that suffice for systems with one steady state. Furthermore, homeostatic systems might be expected to become more variable as they are destabilised.

Chaos theory predicts just the opposite - namely, that factors such as disease and ageing may decrease the dimensionality or degree of chaos. On the other hand, chaotic systems are not random and, like homeostatic systems, the range of chaotic fluctuations is constrained. Chaotic systems may also be perturbed by external stimuli that further complicate their dynamic patterns.

Evidence for the existence of chaos in the central nervous system is also supported by the dimensional analysis of EEG waveforms of healthy individuals which shows a broad type of spectrum and a phase space attractor that is very unlike a limit cycle. Furthermore, chaos in neuroendocrine function is suggested by time series analysis of serum hormone levels in healthy subjects (2). Such plots do not display the regularity expected by a classical homeostatic system.

A revealing group of graphs (Fig. 5) summarises the findings of Professors Goldberger's Harvard team using the above described tools of dimensional analysis in describing the heart rate dynamics of healthy subjects and different pathological conditions. (5)

(note inserted by Implosion Group: when the EKG harmonic power spectra shows an ordered cascade like the Healthy Heart shown left column center - then the HEART TUNER - coherence measure -cepstrum rises --- versus when the breath and HRV spectra become monotonal like the pathologic heart shown center - then the HeartMath Freeze Framer - actually rewards the user???)

Figure 5 - Heart rate dynamics: left column is a healthy subject, middle column a patient with oscillatory sinus rhythm, right column a patient with overall loss of sinus variability. (5)

Analysis of the phase-space representations of normal sinus rhythm in healthy subjects (left side column) shows complex variability with a broad spectrum of frequencies and consistency with a strange (chaotic) attractor. Patients with heart disease may show altered dynamics, sometimes with oscillatory sinus rhythm heart rate dynamics (middle column). The spectrum in this case shows a sharp peak, and phase space plot shows a more periodic attractor, with trajectories rotating about a central hub. The right column, for a patient with overall loss of sinus variability, has a flat pattern time series, the spectrum shows an overall loss of power and the phase space plot is more reminiscent of a fixed-point attractor.

The periodic patterns in diseases and the apparently chaotic behaviour in health do not imply that all pathologies are associated with increased regularity. In some cardiac arrhythmias the pulse rate is so erratic that the individual may complain of 'palpitations'.

Some of these events actually represent oscillations that seem irregular but when carefully analysed are actually periodic. In other arrhythmias the heartbeat is in fact unpredictably erratic. None of those irregular pathologies, however, has been shown to represent nonlinear chaos - although the pulse may feel quite 'chaotic' in the colloquial sense.

Professor Goldberger (2), summarised the way forward as follows:-

* Broad spectra of time series appear to be markers of physiological information, not 'noise' as might appear from a casual glance.
* Deterministic chaos, contrary to its vernacular connotation, is not a completely random state. Instead, chaos gives rise to fractal structures and complex variability that bring an elegant and essential order to physiological self-organisation.
* In regard to novel therapeutic interventions, certain mathematical or physical systems with complex dynamics can be controlled by properly timed external stimuli, i.e. chaotic dynamics can be made more regular (chaos control) and periodic ones can be made chaotic (chaos anti-control).
* Nonlinear dynamics can yield practical bedside physiological monitoring. A number of indices derived from chaos theory have shown promise in forecasting subjects at high risk of electrophysiological instability, including

1. automated detection of the onset and departure of pathological low frequency (<0.10 Hz) heart rate oscillations'
2. detection of a breakdown in fractal scaling
3. quantification of differences or changes in the nonlinear complexity or dimension of a physiological time series.



Current proposals that fractal geometry enables us to understand and manipulate many aspects of physiology (such as circulatory, respiratory, cardiac and nervous phenomena), however attractive and innovative they may appear, may be over-simplistic and as equally limited as other theories and methods which they are intended to replace.


The concept of fractals was devised by Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975, his book 'Fractals: Form, Chance and Dimension' 1977) becoming a modern classic soon after appearing on the bookshelves. Mandelbrot coined the word 'fractal' because he assigned to each of the self-similar curves in systems like tree branches and roots a fractional dimension greater than its topological dimension. Fractals refer to any geometric pattern (other than Euclidean lines, planes and surfaces) which display the remarkable property that no matter how closely you analyse, subdivide or magnify it, any given segment of the pattern always looks the same. This property is known as 'self-similarity'.

Thus, if we look at a large branch of a tree with many smaller branches extending out from the main stem, we will notice that the selfsame pattern of branching continues right down to the tiny branching displayed by the veins in the leaves or the roots supporting the trunk. Applications in physiology draw the parallel that the dendrites of neurons, the veins and capillaries of the circulatory system and the network of airways associated with the lungs all display the same sort of branching within branching, like the old 'boxes within boxes' game known since ancient times.

Ary Goldberger of Harvard Medical School and colleagues have been especially active in modelling various physiological systems in terms of fractal geometry (Goldberger A & West B Yale J of Biology & Med 1987, 1: 421- 435; West B & Goldberger A American Scientist 1987, 75 (4): 354- 365; Goldberger A et al Experientia 1988, 44: 983-987), especially insofar as fractal theory is related to so-called chaotic processes in biology, which have been shown to innovatively explain sudden heart death, cell division, sudden changes in hormonal levels, apparently erratic nervous events and other non- linear processes in many life forms. Other work and theories by scientists such as Ilya Prigogine ('Dissipative Structures'), David Bohm ('Implicate Order') and Rene Thom ('Catastrophe Theory') also relate to the same type of non-linear or indeterministic processes.

Besides stimulating the development of a new paradigm in the biological sciences, many popularisations of the applications of chaos, catastrophe, quantum, relativistic, fuzzy logic and other latter day physical theories and models have even reached the general public in the form of books such as 'The Tao of Physics', 'The Dancing Wu-Li Masters', 'Fuzzy Thinking', 'The Search for Schrödinger's Cat', 'Order out of Chaos' and 'Chaos: Making a New Science'.

Chaos and other non-linear theories explain that highly deterministic and linear processes are very fragile in maintaining stability over a wide range of conditions, whereas chaotic systems can function effectively over a wide range of different conditions, thereby offering adaptability and flexibility. This plasticity of function enables these systems to cope with the unpredictability and variability of the environment, bestowing dynamic adaptability instead of a more vulnerable precise homeostasis.

In this context, the psychiatrist, A Mandel reflected: "Is it possible that mathematical pathology, i.e. chaos, is health? And that mathematical health, which is the predictability and differentiability of this kind of a structure, is disease?". Furthermore, he added: "When you reach an equilibrium in biology, you're dead!" (Gleick J 'Chaos: Making a New Science' 1987).

More Applications

Dorko has suggested that fractal models of physiological systems be used to take conventional physical therapy further. In doing so, he applies the categorisation that the nervous system and the skin are fractal or non-linear in character, whereas muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons are linear or non- fractal. This classification leads him to suggest that linear tissues display a highly predictable response to irritation, stimulation or injury. Dysfunction or pain arising from these structures, therefore, is easily interpreted. On the other hand, disorders affecting fractal systems like the nerves and skin are often idiosyncratic and difficult to analyse and control. This leads him to propose a fractal model and therapeutic approach which may overcome some of the problems not adequately explained by what might be termed the classical mechanistic model of physical therapy.

Further along the Branches

If we travel further along the branches of fractalism in biology, we reach the stage that Alice reached when she tried to look beyond the Looking-Glass: what happens when we reach the level of magnification or subdivision where the apparent boundaries suddenly become living cells and components of cells?

That is precisely the question posed by the ancients when the atom was defined as that smallest indivisible particle which remains when you continue to subdivide matter indefinitely. This is the same issue which is captivating the attention of many of the world's greatest physicists who long ago progressed to a level of scrutiny and imagination that postulated the existence of quarks as even tinier constituents of matter.

At some stage of subdivision of the dendritic, alveolar or dermal branches we have to reach the point where the boundary must be seen as cell membranes, myelin sheaths, the constituents of the cells and ultimately the molecular building blocks of the cellular material, RNA, DNA and so forth. Does fractal theory then imply that all physiological fractal systems remain fractal even to this level of subdivision - or is there a breakdown of fractalism at a certain stage? Can we then deduce that the molecular structures comprising many physiological systems are really fractal? Maybe we can view them as being non-linear in structure and function, but does this entitle us to regard them as fractal? Is fractalism (fractality?) identical to non-linearity in such contexts?

Are we justified in classifying the musculotendinous and ligamentous systems as linear, when microscopy has shown very clearly that their fine structure is actually helical, similar to that of DNA? At an even more microscopic level, many proteins also exhibit helical structuring. Indeed a major question concerns the reasons why and how newly made inactive and loosely coiled proteins wind themselves into specifically shaped biologically active balls able to perform their particular tasks in a living cell (Richards F The Protein Folding Problem Scientific American Jan 1991). While we are at this level of conjecturing, we have to ask if we are justified in referring to helically twisted, dynamically strung sequences of amino acids as linear systems? Or would Mandelbrot be more satisfied to call these structures fractal?

Are we justified in focusing on the fractal nature of neurons and neglecting the interactive role of the surrounding neuroglial cells, which are far more numerous than the neurons? Traditionally the neuroglia are often thought of only as supportive tissue which play some role in neural nutrition and stability, but for many years have been known to exhibit slowly varying electrical potentials.

What are we to make of the electrostatic, electrodynamic and electrochemical processes associated with these biologically alive chemical aggregates? Do we consider these forces and processes to be fractal or linear? What are we to make of the 'life force' associated with these biochemically wedded units? Would it be better to think of them as bits of information or packages of entropy, so that we should rather look at this microscopic melee in terms of mathematical non-linearities rather than structural fractals? After all, matter and energy have, since the days of Einstein, been regarded as two faces of the same coin.

Now this is tending to sound very abstruse and mathematical with very little attachment to the 'real' world of anatomy and therapy - but this foray into the microscopic world had to be done to examine whether or not the notion of fractality may break down somewhere en route to explaining or controlling 'reality' or the apparently macroscopic problems of medicine.

Fractal Structure or Fractal Function?

Fractal theory has been used successfully to describe and analyse physical structures such as nervous, venous or river systems, as well as the outputs or functions of these and other structures. This brings us to the very fundamental issue of the differences and relationship between fractal structure and fractal function.

After all, Dorko and others imply that non-linear, non-deterministic, fractal output is of necessity produced by fractal or non-linear structures. Are we justified in making this deduction? Is it not possible for a linear structure to produce a non-linear or fractal output, or for a non-linear or fractal structure to produce a linear output? To enhance adaptability and survival, might biological systems not sequentially flip-flop between fractal and linear function or simultaneously exhibit linearity and fractal behaviour (these possibilities are allowed for in certain books on fractal mathematics).

Is Alice looking from one side of the looking glass at her reflection and her reflection is simultaneously looking at Alice from its side of the mirror, so that part of the answer lies in understanding the nature of the mirror and another part lies in understanding the nature of the viewer? How self-similar is a mathematical model to the structure or function it is attempting to describe?

How much is the fractal map the territory?

In trying to apply theories of fractal mathematics and non-linear dynamics to physiological systems, are we not raising more questions that may be misleading us almost as much as the classical models that have served us so far? Are these borrowings from 'modern' physics not simply a matter of describing the same phenomena in a different language, rather than offering a method of real advancement of knowledge and application? Or do they really add a valuable dimension to what we have been using blindly for many decades? After all, Mandelbrot himself acknowledged that his system described better than it explained.

from "Guerilla News": (which referenced:

The purpose of this document is to update leaders with a perhaps even more radical and far reaching concern about genetic engineering as it is now practiced.
Could DNA be in fact literally self-organizing and self-aware by virtue of the geometry of it's "wratchet and braid" and if so, what does re-splicing and re-spacing of codon groups do to that self steering ability.
Two years ago, Dr. Depak Chopra invited Systems Engineer and Biofeedback Inventor, Daniel Winter to present a new theory at their LaJolla, CA lab. Dr. Chopra had already concluded that SELF-REFERENCE was the limiting and defining condition of SELF AWARENESS and therefore consciousness. After his presentation there, Chopra and his research director Dr. David Simon, indeed concluded that Winter had in fact found a way to MEASURE that SELF-REFERENCE and thus measure SELF ORGANIZATION in wave function.
Since that time, Winter has successfully invented, and offered to the world his technology of measuring SELF-AWARENESS - as applied specifically to the heart. His invention - the HEARTLINK ( , , ) measures internal COHERENCE and something he calls EMBEDDING in the heart's harmonic music. (power spectra of EKG ). He found that when people are feeling open and blissful - literally compassion, their heart's voltage sings a chord which chooses a measureable musical fundamental based on the Golden Mean Ratio, and not Octave powers of 2. This also turned out to be a way to measure the "FRACTALITY" or simple - harmonic inclusiveness in the Heart Rate "Variability" which Dr. Dardik of the Olympic Medical committee showed statistically correlates with ended MOST KNOWN CHRONIC DISEASES ! ( , ).
So what does this have to do with the surival of DNA?
Well recently Winter has extended his model to suggest that in fact Golden Ratio harmonics are the key to EMBEDDING in general, and therefore the key to self-organization out of chaos, FOR ALL WAVE SYSTEMS. You see it just happens that DNA as a wave structure has more Golden Ratio nesting in it, than just about any structure alive. First, Winter's theory of Artificial Intelligence based on the harmonics of perfect embedding or nesting, was written up for a University in Portugal ( 71 Pages being re-translated at ) .
Then Winter traveled to genetic engineering research centers in half a dozen or so countries proposing his model for testing ( Decode Genetics, Iceland ; Gene Control s.a. Geneva ; Genetic Lab, Univ Basel, etc.) .
What Winter is saying is simple to summarize, yet it is helpful to see the pictures. He contends that the wave organization of DNA by being so Golden Mean based, or recursive, or 'fractal' allows it's nesting structure to BRAID itself in such a way as to produce IMPLOSION (the opposite of explosion).

first: Exerpt from: The Heart of Complexity, The Dynamics of Healthy Living Systems

by: Ary Goldberger, M.D.
Linearity vs. Nonlinearity

* We perceive the world as very linear... but it's really very nonlinear. Nonlinearity is the rule, not the exception.

* Characteristics of linearity:
1. Proportionality - Output and input are related by a straight line on a linear graph. (Turning a knob proportionally changes output.)
2. Superposition: Global behavior equals sum of the parts

* But nonlinear systems violate those two principles.
o Output is not proportional to input. Abrupt changes, chaos, fractal organization, etc
o Superposition is not applicable; components interact

* So is your world linear or nonlinear? If it's linear, things add up; high predictability. If it's nonlinear, the whole does not equal the sum of parts (emergent properties; small changes may have huge effects; low predictability.)

* Chaos: Just one part of nonlinear dynamics. Refers to complicated behavior from very simple systems. Very simple equations create complex outputs. It's doubly counterintuitive: simple systems generate random behavior (which blew much of traditional western science); buried inside randomness is hidden order - chaos makes patterns, which are fractals or the Mandlebrot set.


* A fractal is a tree-like object composed of subunits that resemble the larger scale structure. This internal look-alike property is known as self-similarity or scale invariance. Much of what we find pleasing in nature is fractal. Turbulence is one of the most complicated subjects in physics, but it turns out it is fractal. Mountain ranges are also fractal. Some quilt designs are fractal - self-similarity at many scales.
* A coastline is fractal. But the more small scale detail you pick up, the longer the line is. The smaller the ruler, the longer the line! It's a paradox.
* " An anatomy book is an atlas of fractals!"
* Fractals aren't just physical objects in space. They are processes in time, too. (E.g., heart beats, classical music, etc.)
* The Fractal heartbeat:
o Healthy heart rate fluctuates in a manner consistent with fractal processs. If you look at closer scale, it is wrinkly and irregular.
o Disease is associated with breakdown of fractal structure, loss of complexity.
* The nonlinear mapping of Bach concertos and a healthy heartbeat are almost identical. Perhaps the root of musical genius is the ability to recognize biological patterns. It is the complexity of the human spirit, which is physiological.
* Shakespeare recognized this when he wrote: "Ecstasy! My pulse, as yours, doth temperately keep time, and makes as healthful music

Health and Nonlinear Dynamics

* Why is it healthy to be chaotic/fractal?
o It leads to a large repertoire of responses.
o It gives the capability to cope in an unpredictable environment.
o Our system can't be too organized, but it can't be too random either. A fractal structure is a nice in-between point.

* Concept of Decomplexification of Disease is where the output of systems becomes more regular. The loss of variability creates breakdown. Disorder is actually healthy!

The Final Big Questions

* How can we restore fractal chaotic-like complexity to individuals?
* How can we restore this same property to organizations?
* Does your organization chart look like a tree, with nested hierarchies, or do you basically have a bunch of middle managers talking to themselves?
* How efficiently does information percolate throughout system?
* How varied is the repertoire of the organization?
* Markers of Healthy Organization
o Fractality (tree-like complexity)
o Feedback (parts of system talk to each other in nonlinear interactions)
o Ferment (systems are not at equilibrium)

Question and Answer

"I'm a manager of quality. My job is to decrease unpredictability. My fear is that we are overdoing it. Should we be increasing fractals?"

"There is a paradox, because we do have to do things in a linear way. There will be a certain amount of homogeneity... but there does need to be fractal underpinning. If you overregulate, you lose creativity. Ask yourself, is this physiologic? Does the human body do this?"


"We have compressed all of our communications according to technical limitations - faxes, e-mail, etc. I wonder if we are over-compressing our communications."

"Yes. There's a new stress where we get to work and have 60 e-mails. That's not physiological. How can we turn that back and get a physiological time frame?"


"One of the things we do clinically is restore partial variability but not complete."

"There is no recognition of what health is. It's just seen as homeostasis. So with no definition, how do we treat people? How can we see how whole system is fluctuating? There is hidden information. Some of the greatest disasters in therapy have been in linear thinking. Extra heartbeats after a heart attack were thought to be bad... but when they tried to stop them, it was killing patients. The most effective treatment for heart attack is to lower the contractive heartbeat of the heart, which prevents it from becoming stronger. Very counterintuitive, but it works."


"In my practice, I noticed that if I got patients who were older out of bed and try to restore balance, they got better. Hospital people thought I was out of my mind. We are dividing people's bodies up into parts. What we do is put people in bed, minimize their variability and try to control them, getting them on our schedule. That's part of the problem with delirium in older people, I think. I'm rethinking what aging and health is, but it's politically incorrect. "


"Aging does involve a loss of complexity. And what we do further kills what variability there is. I agree that things like exercise, music, dance therapy can further increase complexity. But drugs are bad. We're asking if there's an arc of complexity in life, where you peak at some age, and begin losing as you get older? Is there a way to prevent the decline? It's an exciting challenge."

exerpts (only) from: Nonlinear Dynamics, Fractals, and Chaos Theory: Implications for Neuroautonomic Heart Rate Control- in Health and Disease
by Ary L. Goldberger.....

D. Fractal Anatomy

The term fractal is a geometric concept related to, but not synonymous with chaos (29, 30). Classical geometric forms are smooth and regular and have integer dimensions (1,2, and 3, for line, surface, and volume respectively). In contrast, fractals are highly irregular and have non-integer, or fractional, dimensions. Consider a fractal line. Unlike a smooth Euclidean line, a fractal line, which has a dimension between 1 and 2, is wrinkly and irregular. Examination of these wrinkles with the low-power lens of a microscope, reveals smaller wrinkles on the larger ones. Further magnification shows yet smaller wrinkles, and so on. A fractal, then, is an object composed of subunits (and sub-subunits) that resemble the larger scale structure, a property known as self-similarity (Fig. 3). A wide variety of natural shapes share this internal look-alike property, including branching trees and coral formations, wrinkly coastlines, and ragged mountain ranges. A number of cardiopulmonary structures also have a fractal-like appearance (2, 3, 30, 31). Examples of self-similar anatomies include the arterial and venous trees, the branching of certain cardiac muscle bundles, as well as the ramifying tracheobronchial tree and His-Purkinje network.


Figure 3. Left, schematic of a tree-like fractal has self-similar branchings such that the small scale (magnified) structure resembles the large scale form. Right, a fractal process such as heart rate regulation generates fluctuations on different time scales (temporal "magnifications") that are statistically self-similar. (Adapted from Goldberger AL. Non-linear dynamics for clinicians: chaos theory, fractals, and complexity at the bedside. Lancet 1996;347:1312-1314.)


.......E. Scaling in Health and its Breakdown with Disease

An important extension of the fractal concept was the recognition that it applies not just to irregular geometric or anatomic forms that lack a characteristic (single) scale of length, but also to complex processes that lack a single scale of time (29, 33). Fractal processes generate irregular fluctuations on multiple time scales, analogous to fractal objects that have wrinkly structure on different length scales. Furthermore, such temporal variability is statistically self-similar. A crude, qualitative appreciation for the self-similar nature of fractal processes can be obtained by plotting the time series in question at different "magnifications," i.e., different temporal resolutions. For example, Fig. 3 plots the time series of heart rate from a healthy subject on three different scales. All three graphs have an irregular ("wrinkly") appearance, reminiscent of a coastline or mountain range. The irregularity seen on different scales is not visually distinguishable, an observation confirmed by statistical analysis (34, 35). The roughness of these time series, therefore, possesses a self-similar (scale-invariant) property.

Since scale-invariance appears to be is a general mechanism underlying many physiological structures and functions, one can adapt new quantitative tools derived from fractal mathematics for measuring healthy variability. Complex fluctuations with the statistical properties of fractals have not only been described for heart rate variability, but also for fluctuations in respiration (36), systemic blood pressure (37), human gait (38) and white blood cell counts (39), as well as certain ion channel kinetics (3). Furthermore, if scale-invariance is a central organizing principle of physiological structure and function, we can make a general, but potentially useful prediction about what might happen when these systems are severely perturbed. If a functional system is self-organized in such a way that it does not have a characteristic scale of length or time, a reasonable anticipation would be a breakdown of scale-free structure or dynamics with pathology (35). How does a system behave after such a pathologic transformation? The antithesis of a scale-free (fractal) system (i.e., one with multiple scales) is one that is dominated by a single frequency or scale. A system that has only one dominant scale becomes especially easy to recognize and characterize because such a system is by definition periodic - it repeats its behavior in a highly predictable (regular) pattern (Fig. 4). The theory underlying this prediction may account for a clinical paradox: namely, that a wide range of illnesses are associated with markedly periodic (regular) behavior even though the disease states themselves are commonly termed "dis-orders" (39).

NOW Compare the above image from Ary Goldberger - on how fractal self-similarity (and therefore successful compressibility) are accessed using SCALING in looking at heart harmonics..

to- the first image Dan Winter published about 10 years ago as part of EMBEDABILITY -

exerpted here, showing how 2nd order Power Spectra ( Cepstrum - as used in HeartTuner ) accessed SELF EMBEDDING in the EKG during - moments of coherent emotion:


by Dan Winter, 3/3/98
This article documents the concept that in both physics and emotion, any wave that can nest or embed itself from inside out, can survive. since embedability can be mathematically perfected by golden ratio based recursion/branching/nesting, this literally becomes a prescription for how to make ANYTHING sustainable and thus immortal! -
related by Jonathan Dickau: Are the Boundaries of Consciousness a Fractal?


(the egg survives in the womb to the extent to which it is.. able to embed -refer: egg and ensoulment )

This PHI Golden Mean geometry is the PRINCIPLE of idealized embedding in all systems.

... in practical terms this means we can tweak any chaotic oscillator

(like a heart or brain or a power distribution grid or a planet climate) toward self organization

by simply nudging a critical few of it's key wavelengths toward PHI (Golden Mean) embedability...

the tricky part is that whenever we do this- we are waking up a being who will become self aware and have intention.

Below, the voltage waves around the heart arrange their "con-cresent" center in PHI harmonic ratios, so that the magnetic/emotional pressures can touch and sort and center, non-destructively: The Geometry of successful compression is the Geometry of successful compassion. Here in these waves of magnetism, the wind on which love travels, is contained the information of feeling outside you that now becomes inside you. Permission for waves to center/ turn inside out, IS permission to feel more feeling. The moment the heart chooses to experiment with the new symmetry of dimpling the little donut to reach out to bigger ones, is an inversion moment, quantifiable as the Heart's electricity chooses the ratio of successful embedding. This is the subject of the biofeedback geometry below. Successful self-embedding, here quantified, reports on the moment of increase self-reference electrically. Turning inside out the heart wave REFERS back to itself. This is the moment of increased self-awareness, triggered by the feeling of reaching out magnetically, called compassion.

More on HEALTHY Chaos: from:

The Body of Education :What might a 'healthy' education system look like?
by R. Darren Stanley, University of Alberta , Plexus Institute (exerpts here - recommmend the visual- PowerPoint at the link)

Conventional medical wisdom holds that..... disease and aging rise from stress on an otherwise orderly and machinelike system ­ that the stress decreases order by provoking erratic responses or by upsetting the body's normal periodic rhythms.

Counterintuitive findings suggest that... ..various physiological systems have a capacity for rather erratic behaviours when human beings are young and healthy. It is counter-intuitive, but as human beings age or develop certain illnesses, particular systemic behaviours become increasingly regular.

Some lessons from medicine and human physiology - A. L. Goldberger et al. "Chaos and fractals in human physiology", Scientific American, Feb 1990.

Changelessness is a sign of death, transformation a sign of life. - Commentary on the I Ching

Put differently, irregularity and unpredictability are important aspects of healthy physiological systems ­ indeed, for a healthy life.

Decreased variability and accentuated or increased more regular, periodic interactions tend to be associated with or increase the possibility for disease and dying.

Promising advances ....from paradigmatic complexity

Healthy variability can now be understood and even quantified through an increasing growth of concepts and tools introduced by mathematicians and computer scientists to the biological systems.

In particular, fractal geometry and non-linear dynamics have become very useful tools for thinking about, exploring and understanding complex systems. Moreover, medical clinicians and researchers are just finding ways to quantify and understand the "chaotic" dynamics of fractal structures or architectures.

Medical research studies of complex biological phenomena - Fractal structures and processes have been observed in a variety of different physiological contexts:

blood vessels , nerves , bronchial tubes... Images from:, (Wilhelm Wundt, Principles of Physiological Psychology (1902),

White blood cells and circulatory dynamics... Disorders affecting the human gait...

Why fractal anatomies?

Fractal anatomies in different organ systems serve seemingly different functions. Fractal branches and folds...

Increase the surface area for absorption (intestines)

Amplify the distribution or collection of various fluids or gases (blood vessels, bile ducts, bronchial tubes)

Facilitate information processing (nerves, nervous system)

These structures exhibit redundancy and high irregularity, and thus are more robust and resilient to injury or perturbations.

Normal sinus rhythms of the heart, Cardiologists regularly refer to the seemingly constant, predictable pulse in the wrist of a healthy person at rest as a regular sinus rhythm.

The healthy record (B), far from a homeostatic constant state, is notable for its visually apparent nonstationarity and "patchiness." These features are related to fractal and nonlinear properties. Their breakdown in disease may be associated with the emergence of excessive regularity (A) and (C), or uncorrelated randomness (D).

Of note in (C) is the presence of strongly periodic oscillations (~1/min), which are associated with Cheyne-Stokes breathing, a pathologic type of cyclic respiratory pattern. Quantifying and modeling the complexity of healthy variability, and detecting more subtle alterations with disease and aging, present major challenges in contemporary biomedicine. -A. L. Goldberger, Physionet Dataset

... a REGULAR, SINUS rhythm is not the sign of a healthy heart at all. In fact, a regular, predictable, sinusoidal heart beat pattern is the sign of an aging or some cardiac disorder. In addition, uncorrelated random patterns are signs of disease as well.

Thus, variability appears to be a necessary organizing principle for a healthy heart. That is, some variability is necessary, but not anything goes.

Lessons learned... Complex dynamics...

A variety of tools exist for analyzing the dynamics of complex non-linear systems. Fourier spectrum analyses of time-series data would work in this case for identifying the possibility of a chaotic system. Given any waveform, a Fourier analysis would reveal the presence of any periodic components.

Also, tools for representing the "phase space" of complex non-linear systems are convenient for identifying classes of behaviors over many different initial conditions.

Trajectories in these phase spaces tend to follow what are commonly referred to as point-attractors, limit cycle-attractors, or strange attractors (chaotic attractors).

Research seems to indicate that healthy heart beat (beat-to-beat variability) is more chaotic in nature!

The functional advantages of chaotic systems

Chaotic systems operate under a wide range of conditions, thus making them:


Flexible or plastic

Capacity to cope with an unpredictable and changing environment

Perturbations to the system

Depending upon the 'health' of the system, perturbations can have some profound affects ... or not.

Ensembles of perturbations ­ they are seldom single in number ­ may have the affect of pushing a system out of its equilibrium state into another qualitatively different one. On the other hand, particular features may persist under certain perturbations to the system.

In the latter, it sometimes said that the system, particularly a biological system, is robust. That is, the system has a capacity to withstand perturbations in structure without changing its overall function ("mutational robustness"). Robustness can also be seen as a system's ability to perform different functions without the need to change the structure of the system ("phenotypical plasticity").

- Erica Jen, "Stable or robust? What's the difference?",
SFI Working Paper

Toward a view of a 'healthy' education system

It would seem apparent that certain pathologies arise under particular conditions that might be otherwise described as "unhealthy".

This view of physiological health might be useful for thinking about the sorts of conditions for a 'healthy' education system. And, indeed, the notion of "diversity" within social systems is a common enough notion discussed at this "level".

The notion of "variability", however, seems to have a much wider connection with organizations of all kinds.

Variability across bodies and boundaries (see picture reprinted above)

Davis & Sumara. (2000). "Curriculum forms: on assumed shapes of knowing and knowledge", J. Curriculum Studies, 32(6), 821-845.

By shifting focus to relationships instead of separate entities, scientists made an amazing discovery system properties are awesomely elegant in their simplicity and constancy throughout the universe, from suborganic to biological and ecological systems, and mental and social systems, as well. - Joanna Macy

'Healthy' bodies in educational contexts

Biological Bodies: Sleeping patterns, eating habits, exercise, social relations

Social Bodies (Collectives): Classroom structures, relationships ­ implications for teaching (early childhood development, schooling, post-secondary, adult education, professional programs)

Political Bodies: Actions celebrating cultural differences, recognizing differences in the work place/society/schools; critical discourses in academia; economics and the business of education; service to communities

Ecological Bodies: Degradation of and being out of touch with the environment

From a management point of view, the current division of human knowledge into disciplines is managerially stupid and an often evil design of science, which blocks off inquiry into critical issues because the issues don't fit into the disciplines., C.W. Churchman

Change the environment, not the person., Buckminster Fuller

What unites all beings is their desire for happiness., Dalai Lama

Creativity comes from freedom., W. Edwards Deming

A human being is part of a whole, the "universe." Our task must be to free ourselves from the delusion of separateness., Albert Einstein

Some final thoughts...from others

Suggested Readings:

J. B. Bassingthwaighte, L. S. Liebovitch and B. J. West. (1994). Fractal Physiology. Oxford University Press: Oxford.
B. Davis and D J. Sumara. (2000). "Curriculum forms: on assumed shapes of knowing and knowledge". Journal of Curriculum Studies, 32(6), 821-845.
B. Davis, D. J. Sumara, R. Luce-Kapler. (2000). Engaging minds: Learning and Teaching in a Complex World. Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates: Mahwah, NJ.
A. L. Goldberger. "Fractal variability versus pathologic periodicity: complexity loss and stereotypy in disease". Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 40(4), 543-561.
A. L. Goldberger, D. R. Rigney and B. J. West. (1990). "Chaos and fractals in human physiology". Scientific American, 262(2), 42-49.|
K. McCandless and K. Yu. (2001). "Images of simplicity on the other side of complexity". Plexus Institute presentation.
D. W. Orr. (1994). Earth in Mind: On Education, Environment, and the Human Prospect. Island Press: Washington, DC.

Now- the original Reprint from Dr. Irving Dardik - with comments.....I would like to thank Dr. Irving Cardik and Cycles Magazine for the reprint below, and would like to suggest that

1. This concept of "superlooping" and Rate Variability and Fractality be applied to understanding what sustains (not just the heart but) every biological oscillator (you and me & planets) as the "embedability" which creates a "a sacred circuit".

2. That perfecting this nesting of the loops is acheivable with the feedBACK mathematics of PHI the Golden Mean (Phi-lotaxis as maximum exposure minimum superposition really means waves nesting perfectly.).... Dan Winter www.

Please see the new LIFEFORCE article - to apply this concept of HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS (Fractality) to evaluating life force (and VIABILITY) by harmonic analysis of charge in ANYTHING ALIVE! (abstract in this box)

 Abstract: The concept is inspired from the film we made with Professor Phil Callahan. There we saw him observe with his liquid crystal portable Fluke scope that the more harmonics which were present in the weak capacitive field around a tree - the healthier the tree was. There we learned to use the hemp 'biological capacitive probe' used for the EARLIER data on the above linked page.

The point is that the concept - THE MORE HARMONICS PRESENT AT ONCE- THE MORE LIFE IS PRESENT - is PERFECTLY reflected in the EKG literature! Namely that the fractality of harmonic INCLUSIVENESS of the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a very reliable predictor of immune health and longevity!.

Reference 1:The Origin of Disease and Health Heart Waves

Reference 2:Heart Rate Variability Comparison using HeartLink / HeartTuner

- The principle is simple: the MORE waves of electrical charge which can simultaneous agree to meet at once - in any biological oscillator - the more ALIVE it is. While this concept seems absurdly simple at first inspection - in fact it makes perfect sense. When a biological structure finds a way to attract waves of charge - it sucks in the energy of its environment. The more waves of charge it can suck in a one time - the more energy and LIFE it absorbs.

This is VERY parallel in some ways - to the notion that LIFE FORCE IS ROUGHLY EQUAL TO BIOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE CHARGE DENSITY (Thus explaining for example why most metal structures deplete life force when they even TOUCH food!)

The nice thing is - we can now depict exactly HOW a biological structure gathers that charge :

It arranges the elements of it's 'nonlinear' dialectric to become fractal or self-similar. In this way - the recursive non-destructive (or re-cursively CONSTRUCTIVE) interference of the charge waves in its interior becomes a FRACTAL ATTRACTOR. Or - more specifically - it adds and multiplies the wave lengths and wave velocities in THIS geometry depicted - see link..



reprinted from "Cycles Magazine", CYCLES Vol.46,No.3,1996

large font emphasis chosen by Dan Winter

The Origin of Disease and Health Heart Waves
The Single Solution to Heart Rate Variability

and Ischemic Preconditioning


In the world of medicine are two extraordinary experimental mysteries that intuition at first suggests are totally unrelated. The first mystery, which comes from the field of cardiology, is:
Why does a decrease in heart rate variability(HRV)emerge as a single common risk factor for virtually all chronic diseases at all ages? The second mystery, which comes from the field of cardiovascular surgery, is: Why should the process of cyclically clamping and declamping the coronary arteries called ischemic preconditioning just prior to clamping them for a prolonged period during coronary surgery protect the myocardium from cellular death?

The first mystery is associated with disease and death, whereas the second promotes survival and life. However, rather than representing opposed phenomena, the two are actually sides of the same coin. Researchers are looking for answers in the same place,within molecular biology. But there is, in fact, another place to look. Moreover, they look for two different answers where, in truth, there is only one.

As a vascular surgeon dealing with life threatening situations, and then as Founding Chairman of the United States Olympic Sports Medicine Council dealing with elite athletes, I had the unique opportunity to consider the behavior of the heart in both

Irving Dardik is a vascular surgeon and Founding Chairrnan of the United States Olympic Sports Medicine Council.

CYCLES Vol.46,No 3,1996

worst-case circumstances of acute distress and intervention in the operating room and in best-case circumstances of sports performance and fitness training on the playing field. By stepping outside of the constraints of each specialty, I was able to discover a completely new understanding of how the heart behaves as a wave - Heart Waves T'J, which further led to a new understanding of how waves truly behave in Nature.

This new understanding of wave behavior explains how the seemingly complex, disparate information of the body's behaviors, molecular biology, and genes is organized into a single coherent picture. I call this the Wave Theory. ~

The theory's implications are vast. It not only solves the two mysteries but also explains the underlying origin of chronic disease; at the same time, it provides themeans for prevention and reversal of those diseases and the means for optimizing health, perforrnance, and longevity. This paper presents the Wave Theory, previously described in the context of universal lawl, as it relates to the function of the human heart in biology and medicine.

Mystery No. 1: Why is Lo Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Associated With So Many Health and Behavior Disorders ?

HRV is a sirnple measure of the beat-to-beat degree of evenness of consecutive heartbeats. A decrease in HRV means the beat-to-beat time interval is more and more the same. The more even (metronome-like) the frequency changes, the lower the HRV.
Conversely, the more uneven the frequency changes, the greater the HRV.

HRV is easily determined mathematically by measuring the time between successive beat-to-beat R-R mtervals of QRS complexes as recorded on an electro-cardiographic strip (Figure la,b). To measure HRV and heart rates o~er linear time, each heart-beat cycle of systole and diastole is treated as a dimensionless point. Medicine ignores Nature's cycles of systole and diastole in favor of idealizing and then analyzing the cycles as serial points in a straight line to mathematicauy measure beat-to-beat heart rate variability. The patterns of natural heart beats are converted into numbers, points, and lines (as if there were gaps from point to point with nothing going on in between).
What is lost in this dematerialization of the cyclic heart pattern into abstractions is the natural continuum of the heart beating as a wave (see Figure

Over the last thirty years a decrease in HRV has received increasing attention as a prognostic indicator of risk associated with a variety of chronic diseases, behavioral disorders, mortality, and even aging. The finding of one single risk factor for such a wide variety of problems is unexpected. Historically medicine has searched for a single causal agent such as a molecular abnormality, a virus, or a defect in a geneas the etiology of any particular disease. Similarly we tend to think of a specific risk factor as being associated with a particular disease. Consequently the discovery of a single risk factor associated with the widest spectrum of disorders is strong evidence of some underlying connecting phenomenon of disease and health that we have not yet understood.

Examples of Decreased HRV in Health and Social Disorders

The following examples and quotes areprovided to offer the reader a glimpse of the magnitude of decreased HRV as one sin- gle risk factor involving a surprisingly wide spectrum of disordersfrom in-utero and infant mortality to geriatric mortality; from cancer and cardiovascular oisease to autoimmune and behavioral disorders; from HIV/AIDS infection to drug addiction and juvenile delinquency. No other single risk factor has been implicated so convincingly and in such a wide range of condi- tions.


The first description of a decrease inHRV as a risk factor for disease was pub-lished in 1965 by E.H. Hon and S.T. Lee when they observed its association with in-fant mortality:There is minimal beat to beat variationin the rate so that the baseline is much smoother. . . As death approaches . . .the baseline heart rate is extremelyregular. . . With successful resuscitation, the smooth baseline is rapidlyaltered by the minor heart rate irregu-larities which are present in most fe-tuses as well as new born infants.3


Infants who subsequently succumb toSudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS) have higher heart rates and re-duced heart rate variation comparedwith other mfants . . . the changes indynamic pattems of cardiac rate re-ported here indicate pronounced al-terations in autonomic control of theheart in infants who succumb tosID5.4 Intriguingly a more recent study on SIDS, presented at the 1995 meeting of the Society for Neuroscience reported a low variability in the intervals between breaths in SIDS babies: The respiratory system [of the SIDSbdbies] appears to be more rigid at slow breathing rates," says RonaldHarper of UCLA. "It was obvious which were SIDS babies and which were not. . . Though this breathing rigidityitself does not cause death, it suggests that the brain regions that control respiration develop abnormally in SIDS infants.5la

The end point of this study was au-cause mortality. . . Among the 736 eligible subjects, the mean follow-uptime was 3 .9 years, during which there were 74 deaths. the two most common causes of death were cancer (n=21) and coronary heart disease(n=18)- there were 9 deaths due toother cardiovascular conditions (in-cluding stroke), 16 deaths from other causes, and 10 deaths from unknown causes. . . A 1 SD decrement m natural log-transformed low-frequency power was associated with a decrease of 70% in the hazard for all-cause mor-tality. . . The biological mechanism explaining the association of heart ratevariability with mortality is un-known . . . We conclude that the estimation of heart rate variability by am-bulatory ECG monitoring offers prognostic information beyond that provided by the evaluation of traditional risk factors. Clearly, this last statement has enormous content and implications for all of medicine and science.


Figure la Decreased HRV on an ECG. The time (t) between R-R intervals is even.
Figure lb. Increased HRV on an ECG The time (t) between R-R intervals is uneven.
Figure lc. Decreased variability of systolic/diastolic heart beat cycles which correspond to figure la.
Figure ld. Increased variability of systolic / diastolic heart beat cycles which correspond to figure lb.


As part of the Framingham Heart Study,H. Tsuji reported that, in an elderly cohortwith a mean age of 72 + /- 6 years, reduced HRV was found to predict mortality from all causes.The association of reduced HRV with new cardiac events. ..(angina pectoris,myocardial infarction, coronary heartdisease death or congestive heart fail-ure)... There were 2,501 eligible sub-jects with a mean age of 53 years. Dur-ing a mean fOuow-up of 3.5 years car-diac events occurred in 58 subjects.After adjustment for age, sex, cigarette smokmg, diabetes, left ventricular hy-pertrophy, and other relevant risk fac-tors, au HRV measures except the ratio of low-frequencey to high-fre-quency power were significantly as-sociated with risk for a cardiac event(P=.0016 to .0496)... k addition,subjects in the current imvestigationwere excluded if they had evidence ofprior coronary disease or congestive heart failure.The biological mechanism explainingour present results remains unknown.

Heart rate variability is a marker ofsympathetic and parasympathetic in-fluences on the modulations of heartrate. In patients with heart disease,increased sympathetic tone and/ordecreased parasympathetic tone,which predispose to ventricular fibril-lation, have been proposed as mecha-nisms explaining the associations ofreduced heart rate Yariability with m-creased mortality. However, our sub-jects were free of clinicauy apparentcardiac disease at base]ine, and thevast majority of our outcomes werenot arrhythmic (eg.,sudden death);hence, it is difficult to attnbute ourresults to autonomic imbalance pre-cipitating fatal arrhythmic events.Rather other factors such as cardiacchronotropic responsivesness mayplay an important role. In this sense,reduced heart rate variability may reflect subclinical cardiac disease. Alternatively, autonornic imbalance or other factors related to heart rate variability such the renin-angiotensin system, may contribute to the pathogenesis of coronary heart disease, but this hypotheses requires additional support...

This is the first prospective study to identify an association between heartrate variability and heart disease risk in a comrnunity-based population.The estimation of HRV by ambulatoryECG monitoring offers prognostic in-formation beyond that provided by the evaluation of traditional cardio-vascular disease risk factors."7


Many recent studies have shown thatpatients with reduced vagal cardiacfunction assessed by heart rate vari-ability have increased susceptibility tosudden coronary death, increasedsubsequent mortality after acute myo-cardial infarction, or increased late mortality after coronary angiography.Our data suggest that the patientswith greater reduction in the vagal car-diac function might have more severelesions in the coronary arteries.3


Subjects displaying greater autonomicreactivity [increased HR reactivity]. . .and more relaxed baseline were foundto have survived significantly longerthan others. . . Thus the subject whowas likely to live longer and to havemore NK [natural ki]ler] cell activitywas one who both became readily aroused during emotional reliving,
CYCLES VoZ.46,No.3,1996

Thus, heart rate variability particu-larly at higher frequencies (parasym-pathetic power) rose with low-caloriefeeding or with weight maintenanceat weights lower than the 'usual' for agiven subject. Contrariwise, weightmaintenance at higher than 'usual' ledto decreased overauvariability asweuas decreased parasympathetic power.This approach shows promise as amethod for the rapid measurement of autonomic activity in man as relatedto the dissipation or to the conserva-tion of stored energy.l4

DRUG ADDICTION and who was also able to relax andreturn to baseline more quickly after-ward. It has recently been proposed that this combination of strong sympathetic reactivity with rapid return torelaxed baseline is indicative of 'physi-ological toughness,' a pattern associ-ated with advanced mental and physi-cal health.9 l·


A simple method requiring only an ordinary ECG apparatus and a ruler has shown a hitherto unknown abnormality of the autonomic nervous system in patients with multiple sclerosis.The main findings were that both long-term and short-termvaliations inheart rate were reduced in patientswith multiple sclerosis. . . The generalpattern of the ECGs from patients withmultiple sclerosis seemed to consist of an abnormally great regularity, broken now and then by peculiar bursts ofchanges in heart rate.


These results show that not only wasthere an increased mean resting heartrate (as measured by RR interval) inthese [42insulin-dependentmale] dia-betic subjects but also a striking reduc-tion in heart rate variation. . . The pre-sent study shows that the reduced RRinterval variation can be present evenwithout any clinica~l features of auto-nomic neuropathy.The main findings were that all kindsof variation in heart rate were reducedin long term [44 juvenile insulin-de-pendent] diabetics and that the sever-ity of these abnormalities correlatedwell with the duration of diabetes.l3Cocaine resulted in initial tachycardia and reduced HR variability. This re-duction in variability was inde-pendent of changes in the averagerate: during the recovery, HRreturnedto baseline values, but the reduced variability persisted. . . Cocaine intro-duces a high correlation between onebeat and the next, and a tendency forcardiac accelerations to be followedimmediately by deceleration and viceversa. The overau effect of the drug isto restrict deviation from a fixed rate.. . One important effect of cocaine onthe heart is to reduce sharply the natu-ral physiologic variability in HR. . .Normal behavior often requires rapidresponse of the cardiovascular systemto physiologic demands. A primary effect of cocaine is a loss of this respon-sivity; the major effect is to fix cardiacinterval variation within narrow lim-its. Loss of responsivity to physiologic demands after cocaine administration apparently places the organism at risk for cardiovascular


Anti-social adolescents who desist from crime by age 29 have greater physical arousal . . . than anti-social adolescents who become adult criminals. . . The findings suggest that individuals predisposed to adult crime by virtue of showing anti-social behavior in adolescence may be protected from committing crime by high levels of autonomic arousal 6~ Though heart-rate variability was not specifically measured, the decrease in autonomic arousal as a "sluggish heart rate" would correlate with a de-crease in heart-rate variability. The significance of the finding of de-creased autonomic arousal associatedwith a low heart rate has been con-firmed through additional research by Adrian Raine in Mauritius. He studied 1,795 children between the ages of3 and 11 and found a statisticauy sig-nificant correlation between the inci-dence of aggression and those turningto juvenile crime with a decrease inautonomic arousal and heart rate.l8 (References to Adrian Raine, 16 and 17 in printed article)


. . . the normal cyclic changes in heart-rate are reduced in the presence of severe brain damage [10 patients].Variability decreases rapidly if intrac-ranial pressure rises and the rate ofretum of variability reflects the sub-sequent state of neuronal function,even when intracranial pressure hasbeen restored to normal. In this limited setting, then, it appears that heart-ratevariability may reflect the functional state of the central nervous system.


In 1994, an International Task Force rep-resenting the European Society of Cardiol-ogy and the North American Society for Pacing and Electrophysiology was estab-lished to study HRV. The task force identi-fied. . . several primary neurological disor-ders, including Parkinson's disease,multiple sclerosis, Guillain-E~arre syn-drome, and orthostatic hypotension of the Shy-Drager type, are associatedwith altered autonomic function . . .where changes in HRV may be earlymanifestations of the condition andmay be useful in quantitfying the rateof disease and/or the efficacy of thera-peutic interventions. This same ap-proach may also be useful in the evalu-ation of secondary autonomicneurologic disorders that accompanydiabetes mellitus, alcoholism, and spi-nal cord injuries... "


..., HRV may provide important infor-mation about deconditioning withprolonged bed-rest, with weightless-ness, and with the zero G that accom-panies space flight.2·Bed-rest deconditioning is suspectedto reduce cardiac reserve, possibly byimpairing autonomic function. Heartrate response in normal subjects re-veals considerable variability. . . Wepostulated that prolonged bed-restmight cause a sirnilar reduction inheart rate variability associated withautonomic alterations. The results ofthe present study are consistent withlhis hypothesis.


The heart rate variability under rest-ing conditions of 14 normal male sub-jects, age range 22-63 years, declined with increasing age. . . HRV in normal male subjects clearly declines with age in a substantially linear manner. ~A computerized method of measure-ment of R-R interval variation wasused lo study heart rate responses of310 healthy subjects age 18-85 years. . .In view of the decline of heart ratevariation with increasing age, normalranges for tests of autonomic function must be related to the age of the subject.Though aging is not a chronic diseaseper se, a decrease in HRV associated withaging is significant for two reasons: (I) theFigure 3a. Progressive increase and decrease of heart beat cycles (systole/diastole)diagrammatically depicted as a heart rate on a linear time axis. The increasing anddecreasing amplitude reflect the increasing and decreasing strength of muscle contractionand cardiac output.Figure 3b. Resting heart rate (RHR) and maximum heart rate (MHR) are in reality a wave continuum of energy expendlture and energy recovery.Figure 3c. The Heart Wave is waves within a wave: waves of systolic energy expenditure and diastolic energy rccovery (light line) within a wave of exercise energy expenditwe andenergy recovery (heavy line).Figure 3d. In contrast to the traditional linear electrocardiographic format used in medicine,in Nature the QRS complexes wave up and down behavioral waves such as exercise and recovery. Note that the frequency and amplitude of the QRS complexes increase and decrease as the behavorial waves cycle up and down.

general incidence of chronic disease increases with increasing age and (2) both a decreased maximum heart rate, and a decrease in HRV, are found to be associated with increasmg age.

The HRV International Task Force

The examples given above point out the extraordinary fact that HRV stdnds alone as

CYCLES Vol.d~6,No.3,1996

Figure 4a. In Nature the branches of a tree climb up with increasing frequency and down
with decreasing frequency just like a wave

Figure 4b. Lining up the branches (from tip of branch through to base of trunk) on a straight
line axis is obviously not true to Nature.
In Nature, the ECG is shaped as a Heart Wave .

a single risk factor of virtuauy all chronic diseases and behavioral disorders at all ages. However, however despite HRV being easy to quantify, without a definitive understanding of what HRV truly represents, it has remained a complex issue for medical science. This was emphasized by the HRV Intemational Task Force of mathematicians, engineers, physiologists, and physicians.

The Task Force's objective is to study the many ramifications of HRV:

As many commercial devices now provide an automated measurement of HRV, the cardiologist has been provided with a seemingly simple tool for
both research and clinical studies. However, the significance and meaning of the many different measures of HRV are more complex than generally
appreciated, and there is a potential for incorrect conclusions and for excessive or unfounded extrapolations.

I hc Task Force goes on to specify its goals:

Standardize nomenclature and develop definitions of terms to specify standard methods of measurement

Define physiological and pathophysiological correlates

Describe currently appropriate clinical applications

Identify areas for future research2·

The Solution to the HRV Mystery: HRV, Maximum Heart Rate, and Heart WavesTM

The solution to the HRV mystery requires a new understanding of how HRV is connected to maximum heart rate and to what I call Heart Waves.


Exercise physiologists and fitness buffsuse a different kind of heart rate measure-ment that, unlike HRV, is well known tothe general public: maximum heart rate.Maximum heart rate has been routinelyused to assess one's target heart rate zonefor linear aerobic exercise. The rough ruleof thumb to determine one's maximumheart rate is to subtract your age from 22n.The key point of this htness formula is sim-ple, yet compelling: as one gets older, themaximum heart rate drops (Figure 2).This lowering of maximum heart ratewith increasing age is accepted as a givenbecause of the perceptions that (l) it is justthe way Nature works and (2) there is noth-ing one can do about it. Indeed, exercisephysiologists do not consider raising themaximum heart-rate level as a way to in-crease longevity because training to a maxi-mum heart rate is itself considered a riskfactor for a heart attack.


As a matter of course, medicine and sci-ence plot heart-rate changes (maximumheart rate, resting heart rate, target heartrate, and HRV) on linear electrocardiog-raphic strips. The assumption is that boththe heart beat ibelf amd heart beats aver-aged over time as a heart rate are linear inNature. We are so accustomed to seeingand using linear electrocardiograms and av-eraging heart rates over linear time that itseems to make sense that that's the way itworks in Nature. The inference is that aheart beat can be treated as an abstractmathematical point moving step-by-step ina line to be averaged out into a heart rate(beats per minute).

The fo]lowing three steps show that,
though the linear analyses of maximum
heart rate and HRV are useful from a meas-
urement perspective, they do not reflect the
way the heart behaves in Nature. In the
three steps that follow I will explain:

1. The way the heart beat is a wave.
2. The way the heart rate is a wave.
3. The way the heart beat as a wave and the heart rate as a wave simultaneously wave within one another in what I call the Heart Wave.


Currently, medicine analy~es HRV bytreating each heart beat as if it were a di-mensionless point on an electrocardiogram.Instead, I view the heart beat as it actuallyexists in Nature: a cycle of systolic contrac-tion (work) and diastolic relaxation (recov-ery). The heart beat itself is an inherent wave continuum of cnergy expenditureand energy recovery (see Figure 3a).


Maximum heart rate, as achieved by in-tensive exercise, is currently viewed as anisolated, Imear measurement averaged outover time (heart beats per minute). How-ever, in Nature as with HRV, the maximumheart rate is a wave continuum. Beginningwith one's resting heart rate, exercise in-creases metabolic activity until the maxi-mum heart rate is reached. As one recovers,metabolic activity decreases and the heartrate slows toward the resting heart rate.Therefore, in Nature, "maximum heartrate" and "resting heart" are not separateentities. Like systole and diastole, maxi-mum heart rate (as achieved through theprocess of exercise) and resting heart rate(as achieved through the process of recov-ery) is an inherent wave continuum of en-ergy expenditure and energy recovery(Figure 3b).From this same understanding ofwaves, it follows that the two so-called"cornponents" of the autonomic nervoussystemthe sympathetic nervous system,which expends energy, and the parasympa-thetic nervous system, which recovers (con-serves) energyare not two separatecomponents "in balance" or dynamically in-teracting but are, in reality, a wave contin-uum.


The measurement of beat-to-beat intervals (HRV) is, in reality, the combination of steps 1 and 2: The heart beats as a contun-
uum of waves (systole/diastole, systole/diastole, etc.) that climb up and down the body's behavioral waves of exercise and recovery.
Expressed another way, successive systolic/diastolic waves of energy expenditure and energy recovery accelerate up and decelerate down within the body's exercise/recovery waves of energy expenditure and energy recovery. Thus, in Nature, HRV is a wave within a wave: the Heart Wave (Figure 3c). This new understanding means that, in reality, the QRS complexes of an electrocardiogram do not evolve in a linear fashion but ride up and down behavioral Heart Waves (Figure 3d).

The conformation of a tree is a wonder-ful model of what ECG Heart Waves wouldlook like in Nature if we could see the real-ity repregented by the graphic tracings. The natural pattern of a tree is shaped as a wave(Figure 4a). As the branches rise to thepeak, they get thinner, closer together (in-creased frequency), more dense.If we were to graph this tree as an ECG graphs a Heart Wave, it would look like Fig-ure 4b. E~ach vertical "branch" representsthe distance from its tip to the base of the trunk. Consequently, the peak shows thethinner, denser pattern of the topmostbranches as taller (increased peak-to-troughamplitude).If Figure 4b became known as "tree" the same way an ECG tracing has becomeknown as "heart" (the way the heart reallyworks), we would now accept that a tree issomething flat on a linear axis. However,we all know what a tree truly looks like in Nature; the graphed branches, lined up horizontally, look awkward and unreal.

Figure 5. Heart Waves of health and disease; an expanding Heart Wave range corresponds to an increase in maximum heart rate and HRV (t HRV) which promotes health while a decreasing Heart Wave range corresponds to a (~HRV) which promotes disease.

We understand that the representation of the"tree" graph is artificial, the graph is notthe real thing it seeks to describe.With Heart Waves, we have the oppositecase. We straighten out the spiralmg electri-cal signals onto the linear axis of an electro-cardiogram and assume that this abstraction is how electrical Heart WaDes ex-ist in Naturc. Reliance on the ECG as ameans to understand the patterns of theheart is as limiting to our greater under-standing as claunmg that the flat tree graphwith lined-up tree branches is an ac~uraterepresentation of thc nature of a tree. In the real world, Nature is not linear, printed graphs; it is waves within waves.

What is extraordinary about HeartWaves is that it is an inherent wave contin-uum connecting two different hierarchicallevels of structure: the heart and the wholeorganism. In stark contrast, medicine and science currently treat the heart and the whole organism as two separatc "parallel" levels of structure. This simple yet pre- viously unappreciated phenomenon of waves waving within waves is the single continuum connectmg all hierarchical lev- els in Nature which has been previously de-scribed in this joumal.l~2decrease in maximum heart rate and HRVThe Connection BetweenHRV, Maximum HeartRate, and AgingBecause the Heart Wave is the combina-tion of heart beats as waves unside of behav-ioral waves of exercise/recovery, anydecrease in maximum Heart Wave rangeneccssarily results in decreased HRV. Thenarrower the 11 eart Wave range, thegreater the decrease in HRV. Conversely,an increase in Heart Wave range results inan increase in HRV (Figures 5 and 6).

The higher the Heart Wave range, the greater the capacity of the heart rate tovary, to be able to responsively bounce around within its range. From this under-standing, one can see that both HRV andmaximum heart rate are aspeCts of theHeart Wave. Thus, a decrease un range of theHeart Wavea decrease in HRV and a de-crease in maximum heart rateis associ-ated with decreaging longevity.Conversely, an increase in Heart Waverangean increase in HRV and an mcrease in maximum heart rate is associated with increasing longevity.

Figure 6. Increasing the ECC wave range results in an increased capacity for HRV (~HRV). Decreasing the ECG wave range results in a decreased capacity for HRV (IHRV).

Heart Waves: The Master Wave of All Behavioral Waves

All of our behaviors, not just exercise and recovery, have a common underlying language of waves. Anxiety and relaxation, eating and not eating, being awake and asleep all are waves of energy expenditure and energy recovery. In this way waves explain the connection between mind and body
. Physiological relaxation from emotional stress is the same as the physiological recovery from exercise stress.

The mind's "relaxation response" is a generalized metabolic slow-down: the heart rate and breathing slow down, blood pressure lowers, muscles relax, oxygen consumption decreases, and stress hormones drop. This mental relaxation response is the same as the physiological response that occurs during recovery from physical exercise; however, in the case of physical e xercise, the recovery side of the WAVe starts from a higher level.

On the other side of the wave, both mental arousal and physical exercise are identical physiological stress responses (the survival-oriented fight/flight, or adrenergic response). Heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, muscle tension, oxygen consumption,and stress hormones increase m both mental arousal and exercise.

Though they seem different in our experience, mental anxiety/relAxAtion and physical exercise/recovery are identical; they are an inherent wave continuum, except that rccovery from exercise begins from a higher wave range.
This single underlying language of waves is the long sought-after mind/body connection.

1 our behaviors (not just mind /body) are an indissoluble wave continuum that happens simultaneously. Behavior is the extemal manifestation of waves. Though our behaviors appear different from one another, at root, they are actuaUy the same; they have the common underlying language of waves. 'Iherefore, they are connected and continuously communicating with one another. For example, if one is afraid and takes off running, the heart wave range will be much higher than if the two behaviors occur at different times.
Thus, the Heart Wave is the "master wave"that represents the collective simultaneity of all the behavioral waves waving within one another.

Heart Waves, Chronic Disease, and Health

The most obvious characteristic of a wave is that it repeats itself over and over. In this sense, a wave is memory just as memory is waves.
Rather than defining memory in terms of underlying molecular biological or physiological time-keeping mechanisms, the wave itself is memory. This simple yet astonishing new way of seeing waves explains the characteristic repetitive patterns of all our behaviors as well as the underlying intractability of chronic disease.

Wave memory is extremely important to understand. For example, waking upand going to sleep repetitively throughouta lifetime is a wave memory. The shape of the sleep/wake wave can be changed bygoing to sleep earlier or later, but one way or another it will repeat itself throughoutlife. 'Ihe same is true with any chronic dis-order, all of which exhibit cyclic patterns ofbehavior. Thus, manic depression is a pow-erful wave of energy expenditure and en-ergy recovery with a long wavelength thatrepeats itself as a memory over and overthroughout the years.In this same way, autoimmune diseasessuch as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, asthma,or ileitis are wave disorders. That is, the im-mune system cyclicauy becomes "manic";it goes on the attack of "self" as it moves to-wards its peak amplitude of energy expen-diture, then recedes into the recovery or remission phase where energy is con-served. Both manic/depression and manic immune arousal/remission are the samewaves of energy expenditure and recoverythat repeat themselves cyclically.Another example of a powerful wavememory is drug addiction, such as cocaineor crack, with its characteristic cycles ofenormous energy expenditure initiated bythe drug (the high), fouowed by a sharp withdrawal and energy recovery (thecrash). From that point on, this powerfulwave inherently repeats itself. Therefore,the drug itself is not the addiction - thewave is the addiction. This wave addictionrequires the drug to be taken periodicallyin order to fulfiu its cyclic memory pattem.What is being demanded physiologicauy is the making of the wave - that is the addic-tion. The drug is just thc means by whichthe wave is initiated.
The demand for the drug is secondary to fulfilling the primacy of the addictive wave memory. The significance of this new understanding can not be overstated. It is the wave that is the addiction .
If the wave pendulum swings too far in the direction of recovery, and the physiology is unable to ~pull out of the dive" the resulting "crash" may lead to coma and even death.

This same pattem of cyclic wave behav-ior, with its highs and lows, explains suchmysterious periodic behavioral phenomenaas the serial (wAve) killer, post-traumAticstress disorders, and post-war syndromeswhich have been associated with armedconflicts at least since the U.S. Civil War,the latest example of which is the Gulf WarSyndrome. Military personnel who par-ticipated in the Persian Gulf War experi-enced an enormous mctabolic wave ofenergy expenditure from the combination of emotional and physical stress, lack ofsleep, high ambient temperatures, etc.their immune systems became highlyaroused in preparation for action over anextended period of time. This is consistentwith recent research that demonstrates thatthe primary action of the imrnune system isto respond to danger and not "self."26Fol-lowing their retum home, many veteranssuffered a major metabolic downwardswing on the recovery side of the energywave with variable degrees of immunological compromise (the crash). Those veteransunable to "pull out of the dive" to reestab-lish normal, healthy wave patterns are expe-riencing diverse nonspecific symptomssirnilar to chronic fatigue syndrome. Ashas been found with other chronic disor-ders HRV and the Heart Wave range wiu bedecreased in these individuals.
Therefore the Gulf War Syndrome can be reversed by increasing their Heart Wave ranges .

Though the term "addiction" has a negative connotation, it is, in reality, the underlying phenomenon responsible for ll our behaviors. In this way, all our behaviors are wave memories with characteristic cyclic pattems of varying power and impact. Fundamentally, all behaviors and chronic disorders are wave addictions with the same underlying language of waves that differ only in shape, pattems of communication, longevity and stability.

In addition to having the memory of the full and correct musical score, one needs the full range of the body's biochemical symphony to achieve optimal health. A decrease in Heart Wave range is equivalent to a pianist trying to play a piano concerto using only one octave of a piano's full range.
Just as a decrease in the Heart Wave range (decreased HRV) leads to decreased longevity and chronic disease, expanding the Heart Wave range (increased HRV) leads to increased longevity and health.

In this regard, the implications for fitness training and for space travel are significant. When we speak of fitness, we infer a positive relationship between fitness and health; fitness should cause good health. However, this is not always the case. In fact, there are reports that suggest an association between continuous, long duration exercise with infectious diseases including polio, echoviral meningitis, respiratory and gastrointestinal infections27 as weu as with cancer, cardio-vascular disease, and multiple sClerOsis ,2~,29,30,3l

This association between fitness training and chronic disorders can now be explained by recognizing that prolonged continuous training in a narrow target heart rate zone, through aerobic exercise or any other form of linear stress, actuaUy wiU train I IRV to decrease. The
same would apply to any behavior done in a continuous fashion. By teaching HRV to become more linear, more evenin other words, flattening the Heart Waves the individual is actually training to become more susceptible to chronic disease and all-cause mortality

Instead of linear areobic fitness, which is designed to push the limits of oxygen con-sumption (Vo2max) but ignores oxygen re-covery, we should be trarning the HeartWave range to expand. In fact, physical fit-ness (like energy) generauy is defined as"the ability to do work." What this defini-tion does not take into account is "the abil-ity not to do work"; i.e., recovery. Incontrast to linear fitness, Wave F~tnessTM, anew program designed to expand the HeurtWave range, incorporates both work and re-covery as a wave.From this new wave pespective,Vo2max is a partial linear measurementthat reflects increasmg oxidation (energy ex-penditure), which, in Nature's reality, isonly one "side" of the wave. The other"side" of the wave is a decrease in oxygenconsumption that reflects antioxidation (en-ergy recovery). Therefore, in Nature, oxida-tion and antioxidation are inherently continuous waves.The mystery of HRV is solved, and thegroundwork is laid for awhole new ap-proach to preventing and reversing chronic disease as well as optimizing health, per-formance, and longevity by expanding the Heart Wave range (Figures 5 and 6).

Mystery No. 2: Why Does Ischemic Preconditioning Protect the Heart?

The Wave Principle explains HRV by
connecting two hierarchical levels: the heart
and the whole organism. In the same way,
the Wave Principle explains ischemic pre-
conditioning by connecting two hierarchi-
cal levels: the heart and molecular

Biochemical Oscillation

Figure 7a. Continuous coronary clamping results in an initial arousal of myocardial
chemistry followed by dampening of biochemical oscillations (decreased biochemical
variability) which results in progressive ischemic necrosis.
Figure 7b. Successive clamping and declamping of the coronary artenes (heavy Ime)
followed by continuous clamping results in increased swings of biochemical oscillations
(increased biochemical variability) and preservation of myocardlum (light line).

-~ ~ The experiment, which came to becalled "ischemic preconditioning," was de-signed to measure what was believed to becumulative damage to cardiac muscle fromrepeated episodes of coronary angina. Totest this hypothesis, Murry et al.3 simu-lated heart attacks in a group of dogs byclamping the coronaries for 40 minutes tomeasure the mass of cardiac necrosis. Then,to determine how much more damagewould be created by anginal-type ischemicepisodes, they simulated repeated anginalepisodes in another group of dogs: four cy-cles of clamping the coronary for five min-utes was followed by five minutes ofdeclamping with resumption of blood flow.After these cycles, the coronanes wereagain clamped for 40 minutes.The results were not as expected, as anSeveral years ago it would have beenincomprehensible for a rational physi-cian or scientist to conclude that myo-cardial ischaemia might somehow actto protect the heart from necrosis.Then Murry et al. reported their im-probable observations that an isolated40-min. occlusion in dogs resulted inan infarct whosc mass could be de-creased by 75% if the animals werepretreated with four cycles of 5-min.coronary occlusion plus 5-min. of re-flow. . . Recognition of the benefits of ischemic preconditioning has un-leashed efforts to define its characteristics, study its mechanism, and ap-ply the pnnciples clmically.33Since that first animal experiment, thesame surprising finding has been shown to occur in humans as well. At the UniversityCollege 1 lospital in London, cyclic ischernic preconditioning was performed on ten pa-
CYCLES Vol.46,No.3,1996


Heart Beat Systolic/ Diastolic -Wave

Figure 8.
The superlooping of biochemicAI waves (light line) within systole/diastole heart
beat waves (medium line) within the behavioral body wave (heavy line). In Nature the
diffcrent hierarchical "levels" are inherently continuous as waves within waves.

tients, after which the coronaries wereclamped for approximately 12 minuteswhile coronary bypass surgery was per-formcd. Cardiac musclc was biopsied tomcasure the conccntration of adenosinetriphosphate (ATP). The muscle of patientswho ~mderwent the preconditioning con-tained 30·/0 more ATP than the ten controlpatients without preconditioning. Accord-ing to Derek Yellon, who headed the cardio-vascular surgical team: " [his could reducecell damage by 50%-70%."34

Similar to the approach used by research teams trying to understand heart-rate variability, research into the mechanisms behind ischemic precondition-
ing has focused on molecular biological phenomena, such as adenosine receptors, ATP, and heat-shock proteins. The following quotes describe this approach:

A brief period of ischemia followed by
reperfusion renders the heart very re-
sistant to infarction from a subsequent
ischemic insult. . . 'Ihe mechanism for
preconditioning is unknown. . . We
propose that the preconditioning phe-
nomenon is mediated by the buildup
of adenosine during the precondition-
ing occlusion, which in turn stimulates
cdrdiac Al receptors . . . which leaves
the heart protected against infarction
even after the adenosine has been

One of the novel findings of this research is the mechanism of the memory. We believe that the heart 'remembers' that it has been preconditioned through a translocation of PKC from the cytosol into the cell membranes. How might one desigll a pharma-cological approach to confer preconditioning's anti-infarct effect to patients7. . Putting preconditioning in a bottle remains a pharmacological challenge.33

The Solution to the Mystery of Ischemic Preconditioning

Clamping and declamping the coronary artery are not two discrete phenomenon but rather a powerful wave contmuum of energy expenditure and energy recovery. The underlying Wave Principle is the same as it is for systole and diastole, exercise and recovery, oxidation and antioxidation, all behaviors, chronic diseases, and the autonomic nervous system. Prior to cyclic coronary clamping and declamping, the oscillatory myocardial chemistry cycles up and down; it increases in frequency, amplitude, and concentration with systole, then reverses with diastole.

When the coronary arteries are clamped, there is a dramatic increase in a survival-oriented metabolic expenditure of energy This can be likened to an exaggerated systolic contraction but without the physical work of the muscle contracting. Without the declamping phase, the myocardial biochemical oscillations rapidly dampen, leading to myocardial necrosis (Figure 7a).

When the coronary arteries are declamped, there is a dramatic recovery of energy metabolism, which can be likened to diastolic relaxation. By creating several powerful waves through successive clamping and declamping, the complex biochemical oscillations within the myocardium swing up and down cyclicauy, resulting in increased variability (Figure 7b).

From the new understanding of waves waving, biochemical variability is the same as HRV except that it occurs in a different "hierarchical level." During the upward exercise-like swing of the wave, the oscillatory myocardial chemistry (including the energy cycling of ATP, GTP, etc.) rapidly increases in frequency, amplitude, and clustering, which then reverses during the declamping phase. Aftel several cycles of clamping and declamping, the coronary artery is clamped for a prolonged period of time. However, despite this linear prolonged period of coronary clarnping, the myocardial oscillatory chemistry continues to swing up and down within its amplified, preconditioned memory wave (Figure 7b).

The preconditioning waves organize the chemical oscillations into an expanded Heart Wave. Just as an expanded Hearf Wave increases HRV, so too does the expansive coronary preconditioning Heart Wave increase biochemical oscillatory variability. The result is that the myocardium is substantially protected because of the heightened biochemical communication, organization, and coherencesolving the mystery of ischemic preconditioning.

Of interest is the terminology, "ischemic preconditioning," used to describe the clamping and declamping procedure. The word "ischemia" refers only to the lack of blood flow during the clamping phase; the declamping phase is ignored as if it were a passive phenomenon. In the same way, the term "exercise physiology" ignores recovery. Appropriate terminology should describe both sides of the wave.

Preconditioning Resembles a Far-From-EquilibriumWave Fluctuation

The Wave Principle also solves llya Prigogine's enigmatic concept of far-from-equilibrium and close-to-equilibrium fluctuations. The cycles of coronary clamping and declamping create a high-amplitude wave, which is analogous to Prigogine's far-from-equilibrium fluctuations. Clamping the coronary without prior cycles of clamping and declamping dampens the biochemical oscillations, which is analogous to close-to-equilibrium physiological fluctuations. The followmg quotes from Prigogine's book, Order Out of Chaos, can now be understood within the context of the Wave Theory:

Matter near equilibrium bchaves in a 'repetitive' way. . . The remarkable feature is that when w e move from equilibrium to far-from-equilibrium conditions, we move away from the repetitive and the universal to the specific and the unique . . . far-from-equilibrium we may witness the appearance of chemical clocks, which behave in a coherent, rhythmical fashion. . .

Over simplifying somewhat, we can say that in a chemical clock all molecules change their chemical identity simultaneously, at regular lime intervals. . . A new type of order has appeared. We can speak of a new coherence, of a mechanism of 'communication among molecules. But this type of communication can arise only in far-from-equilibrium conditions. It is quite interesting that such communication seems to be the rule in the world of biology. It may in fact be taken as the very basis of the definition of a biological system.

We come back to one of the main ideas of this book: nonequilibrium [fluctuations] as a source of order. Here, the situation is especially clear. At equilibrium molecules behave as esscntially independent entities; they ignore one another. We would like to cll them 'hypnons,' 'sleep-walkers.' Though each of them may be as complex as we like, they ignore one another. However, nonequilibrium wakes them up and introduces a coherence quite far-from-equilibrium.36

The concepts of far-from-equilibrium and close-to-equilibrium fluctuations are not separate entities. Like systole and diastole or clamping and declamping, they are a continuum of Waves within Waves. The cycles of clamping and declamping in ischemic preconditioning is a high-amplitude (far-from- equilibrium) Heart Wa7~e, which creates amplified biochemical osallations. Prolonged clamping of the artery without preconditioning creates a flattened (close to equilibrium) Heart Waue, within which biochemical oscillations are dampened. Consequently, cyclic coronary clamping causes the preservation and health of the myocardium, whereas prolonged clamping causes myocardial necrosis. This is the same underlying phenomenon as increasing or decreasing Heart Wave range.

Connecting HRV and Ischemic Preconditioning With the Heart Wave

As with HRV, which connects different hierarchical levels the whole organism and the heart ischemic preconditioning also connects different hierarchical levels -the heart and the chemistry.
All three levels: the whole organism, the heart, and the chemistry are a continuum of waves within waves, which I Call "superlooping"
(Figure 8).

Figure 9. The expanding Heart Wave of health versus the flattening Heart Wave of disease.

No matter how different and discontinuous hierarchical levels of structure appear to be on the surface, the deep regularity of waves are continuous and simultaneous. Decreasing behavioral wave amplitudes from the top/down means a simultaneous decrease in Heart Wave amplitude, which simultaneously decreases biochemical and gene-wave amplitudes, and vice versa if you start from the bottom/up.
There is no separation betwcen hierarchical levels; all is waves. The fundamentality of waves explains the ubiquitous finding of fractal scaling in Nature that has so intrigued and yet perplexed science and medicine. the following quotes describe the fractal character of Nature and its potential for playing a significant role in medicine:

Compared with a smooth, classical geometric form, a fractal curve appears wrinkly. Furthermore,
if the wrinkles on a fractal are examined at higher magnification, more wrinkles become apparent. If these smaller wrinkles are now examined at even higher magnification, still smaller wrinkles (wrinkles on the wrinkles on the wrinkles) appear, with seemingly endless levels of irregular structure emerging. . .

The concept of fractals, therefore, applies not only to complex geometric forms with self-similar length, but also to certain dynamical processes which have fluctuations over multiple scales of time.37

Certain diseases may be associated with a disruption of a normal fractal process; that is, by a loss of the variability associaled with fractal structure and function. . . One may ponder how an awareness of the fractal nature of biomedical processes might guide the development of medicine in the twenty-first century. . .3


Both experirnental mysteries -decreased HRV as a risk factor in all chronic disease and -ischemic preconditioning as a protective factor against myocardial infarct are explained and solved by the same principle of waves waving. A decrease in Heart Wave range (a decrease in HRV, or that which occurs with prolonged coronary clamping) is the ultimate underlying cause of chronic disorders. An increase in Heart Wave range (an increase in HRV, or that which occurs with cyclic preconditioning) is the ultimate underlying cause of health (Figures 5 and 6).

The Heart Wave is the body's master wave that reflects and organizes the degree of synchronization of all behavioral waves from those of the whole organism through molecular biological and genetic oscillations. As all hierarchical levels wave within CYCLES Vol.4h,No.3,1996 one another as a contmuum (superloop), the organization of the organism as a whole is simultaneously a top/down (outside/in), bottom/up (mside/out) phenomenon.

The solution to the biological mysteries of HRV and ischemic preconditioning shows that the nature-nurture divide is, in reality, a simultaneous continuum of genetic and environmental/experiential waves within waves that encompasses the concept of causality. An editorial in Science written by Torsten N. Wiesel, president of Rockefeller University, described the complexity of the nature-nurture controversy:

How much of our fate is in fact written in the DNA inside our cells? And how much freedom do we have to reach our full potential as human beings through our education and experiences? These questions ultimately involve the enormously complex interaction between the genetic information that flows out from DNA into developing and mature brains and the experiential information that flows in through our nervous system as we perceive and act in the world. We are only beginning to understand the rudiments of each information path-Way

, with Wave Theory, the enormous complexities of molecular biological, genetic, and experiential information can be organized finally into a coherent, seamless picture. Wave Theory explains how the fractal wave behavior of genes ~4·~4~'4~43 , protein folding 44~45 , cell shape 46 , and our experiential behavior as waves are the extraordinary simplicity of waves waving within one another simultaneously and continuously.
~ This is a new way to view Nature, which gives us a new approach to medicine, fitness, and health.
From this direction, the answers to the organization of life do not lie within the body's molecular biology, which happens to cycle (as if cycling were secondary to the primacy of the biochemical, structural agents). Rather, the answer lies within the cyclesthe waves themselves which organize the chemistry.
Thus, the core of energy metabolism the glycolytic and tricarboxylic acid (Krebs) cycles is not the chemistry itself but rather the simplicity of waves waving, which organize the complexity of oscillatory chemistry into the pattems of life (Figure 9). The waves themselves dictate growth, maturation, and decay.
This view redefines medicine's absolute commitment to loca:l cause and effect, and gives us, individuauy and coUectively, the unprecedented opportunity to truly take charge of our own behavioral waves to achieve optimal health, performance, and longevity. The secret of life and of Nature is the fundamentality of waves waving within one another.

CYCLES Vol.46,No.3,~996


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