Shamanically reinhabit the long wave body (TIME ) to steer it - SHAMANICALLY RECAPITULATE (turn the LIES in memory to something shareable / coherent as wave) - to become immortal in the soul of your DNA (which is ALL of DNA). You have 'turned' 'compressed' memory into CHARGE in the flame in blood (the common information fountain of survival value charge symmetry- only definition of immortality) - - compression into acceleration....our planetary genepool is about to die - due to a natural climax of the Sun's ("seyfert" orgasm - )- we must Shamanically Recapitulate the last few centuries of our genepools LIES TO ITSELF. - SO - we undertake to get a nice BIRDS EYE VIEW (Eagles Gift: become the EAGLE or be EATEN by the Eagle of ruthless perception)- by here below - celebrating the greatest LIES of history.

As you prepare - (to die or dream or become immortal or enter the Sun - the way in is the worm which is the top down DECA TEN sided- view of your DNA. If you have prepared well - this is called "Heaven's Gate" - the compression will accelerate the shareable. If you have not prepared well (assembled your memories into the pure principle of the symmetry / compression / implosion whose charge wave coherence / 'pure intention' / KA can serve ALL of DNA ) ... in that case unfortuneately the necessary compression acceleration for charge (all your biologic memories ) WILL generate heat. Which is when it becomes......... Hell's Mouth!
The Hopi have a name for the gravity wind in that (Gene-tic Gravity) worm -it is called PESHMEHTEN -
"One Less than TEN (not quite ready for prime time in DNA)- or THE WAY OF THE NINE".

Does The INNER WORLD (Hell's Mouth) HAVE NINE LAYERS? - Dante's INFERNO, Jason and the ARgonauts, Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Mayan "Nine Lords of the Night", the Egyptian ENNEAD, Virgil's AENEID, Hopi's PESHMEHTEN, the NINE Tiers of Palenque, DEEP SPACE NINE, and Puharich's THE NINE . (Pictorial Review and synthetic analysis).

Note- update Sept 1, 08: This article is primarily about the shape geometry of living plasma being NINE nested Phase Conjugating Toroid Donuts.. A Dramatic update discussion - in process on this (Sri Yantra as 9 Cones- in -latest physics of- Plasma Storm of Vishnu ).. and more at:

Note - update Sept 9, 09 (9-9-9): Science Re-Examines- the 2012 - Solar Max- Plasma Storm (Body of the Nine?).. and Finds: FRACTALITY-

also - "Free Energy" AND Parasites of America-exposed:Similar Mistake ,
+ Microwave Sattelite Animated Evidence- How Hurricane Rita was Pumped Up & Later Shot Down.
Finally- a serious review of the greatest of the history of lies that is the U.S. government.

Implosion Group Newsletter - Oct 4,05. link: , Main index:
Implosion Group: , Note new email for Dan Winter:

-Update: Jan 07> ET / Draco origins of DNA Story of DNA's Fiery (Hells?) Mouth - see

Below are people who believed in "FREE Energy". These are the ones who yearned to believe that there is some energy in the universe NOT connected to all else. The schizophrenia of those looking for the free lunch - is not limited to confused scientists - below we consider the Mafia, the Yalweh, and the government of America. - Whose 'free lunch' central core of lies is about to end.
- Here below is a start at shamanic recapitulation for U.S. history - - re-assembling the torn body fabric of America's infested government.
: The SKELETON KEY to Hell's Mouth: from Annunaki to Yalweh to the LAST 100 Years of POLITICAL MURDERS IN USA.

(If Gravity IS Charge Suction Thru the Speed of Light by Compression Acceleration DUE to Self Similarity- THEN - we have new and improved meaning to the old saying:
"If This World Didn't Suck - We'd Fall Off!!"
> thanks Terry )

 Looking into AOL/TimeWarner - web censoring - Agents of Bush - is this Hell's Mouth?
recommended ( just barred from AOL/TimeWarner users!) : , , - example:"The Attorney General's dark views are shared by the rest of the White House. They (Bush&Co) believe that they are above the law. Coupled with the exploding American police state, this reality is the text book manifestation of dictatorship. -- Combine this open demonstration of dictatorship with 63 countries on a White House invasion hit-list and tyrannical empire is the only term that fits. -- -Under section 802 of the USA Patriot Act, misdemeanor non-terror related crimes are listed as terrorism. Citizens are stripped of their most basic Constitutional rights that were held sacred in the old Republic. -- -George Bush has set up a draconian Department of Homeland Security, giving FEMA the power to engage in mass arrests. -- -Last year, the outgoing head of CENTCOM, General Tommy Franks, told the press that if America was attacked again the Constitution would be set aside in favor of a military form of government. -- -The Federal government is dismantling the last vestiges of States' rights with its new Federally-standardized National ID Card that has been integrated with thousands of private databases to track and trace our every action."

 William Alek's site calls it "FREE ENERGY"
- Dan Winter - calls non-biologic machine induced self similarity coupling the vaccuum for energy: HELLS MOUTH !
- What do You Call It?

an instructive review of a recent dialog between Dan Winter and William Alek's - "FREE" Energy Affficionado's - one of a growing plague of confusion.

After months of William Alek bragging he was the hero to bring free lunch to everyone (the same way as did Adam Trombley, Neuman, Pod Mod, Dennis Lee, David Hudson, and a thousand bright but ultimately stupid inventors before him) -- - Dan Winter sent a short note to William Alek's group], Sept 26,,
To: William Alek, Re: Gravitational voltage - is free???? think again.- (letter) May I gently urge you to reconsider the immaturity of calling the voltage recursion extracts from the 'vacuum' as 'free'. It encourages long term environmental irresponsibility and it is actually disempowering (does not allow understanding how biology must fabricate the fractal coherence to stabilize gravity)- as described at -, and also - , signed, dan winter"

to which our self styled energy hero Bill replied cavalierly: From:, Sept 26- Whether its called excess energy, excess FREE ENERGY, or FREE ENERGY - one is describing the "same" thing. The solar cell, the wind turbine and the water wheel are also FREE ENERGY devices. Extracting energy from the aethe is just another one of these FREE ENERGY devices. Bill

Then other more sane minds in the group interceded: From: Arinaya, September 30, - "You have not addressed DW's concerns, which seem valid. Just brushing it off like that doesn't do anyone any good. Are you refuting his gravitational theory and his claim that devices such as yours used on a wide scale could destabilize the Earth's energy grid? I think he's just saying, we don't want another Atlantis; let's be conscious about how we promote these devices, and especially the long-term reprecussions of the language we choose to use. If you think these kinds of devices are new, think again, and if you think that they are free of potentially large-scale devastating effects, definitely think again. Or look back into the collective memory of the race.
- I hear DW saying that we should acknowledge that we're plugging into the Earth's energy grid and bleeding energy off her, just like a mosquito does when it lands on your arm and gets a "free" lunch by extracting some of your "excess" vitality. If enough mosquitos take a free lunch, you get sick. Is that "free energy"? No, it is not. Sure, the energy extracted from space/time is potentially limitless. But until we collectively learn the art of conscious relationship and identity (embedding) with the Source, resulting in effectively limitless energy, immortality etc., there are practical limitations to the amount of energy available in the system, and the above considerations are valid, in my opinion. The Earth is a living biological conscious system with finite energy flows/fields, not a mathematical formula or a mechanism that can be analysed with the intalekt. Her etheric dimensions are also not mathemetical entities but living fields populated with living conscious beings. I assure you they do not see these devices as "free energy devices" any more than we see mosquitoes as "free energy devices". - Anyway, once we realize and substantiate our immortality through conscious identity with the "zero point energy" aka Time, these devices will become totally pointless. They are a transitional technology and should be dealt with as such, with full consciousness of the strain they place on the living Earth,---especially if we contemplate any kind of widespread usage of them. Thanks & Love, Arinaya _____

Next our energy hero Bill - nursing a potentially wounded ego - deciding for us - the ET parasites are the REAL problem - blurting out: "Its time we emerge from this primitive neo-stone age Type 0 civilization and face the REAL issue. The REAL issue is the "alien presence" that threatens our existence. THEY do what they WILL. We MUST face this foe face-to-face with technology on their terms, and drive them off the Earth. So, purge your mind of this New Age nonsense and smell the coffee, so to speak. Dan Winter clearly doesn't have his head screwed on right, and needs to have his priorities "adjusted". Bill.."

--to which Dan W. suggested: "The ET's (mostly alpha draconis- triangular craft-source of Isreal's flag-) - who became the non-imploding DNA parasites- we call Nephilim (no soul - hint Yalweh / Enlil) - thought it was 'free energy' too. They built MACHINES to couple the gravity vacuum (cohere the field). They did not realize that nature designed biology to make that implosive connection, and draining the plenum drains biology. As a result of their addiction to machine hosted metabolism - (Harkonen, Dick Cheney ) - they lost the skill to implode ignite their own biology - no source of their own life force (no bliss). Forced into the parasitism of all those who do not see the source of fire INSIDE biology - Now THEY think WE - are 'free energy'. ... bad attitude Bill. - Speak to some who have felt that nausea around Newman's device or Pod Mod, or Trombley / Tewari... & think again.

I certainly would NOT say - that we cannot couple the gravity plenum for charge, by using recursion. It is rather like the responsible ET's who observe speed limits with their capacitive gravity thrusters - when near Earth tectonics. Much in the same way motor boats in a narrow canal with parked houseboats on the side - observe a low speed limit. Making waves affects everyone. The people who enforce those speed limits - know that the gravity plenum energy source for their thrust is NOT free!!--Dan Winter (more on the ET context below here)

-- there were other comments from the group:" Hello Everybody; My name is Dennis C. Lee. ( ) I'm not the Dennis Lee of Better World Technologies. I met Bill Alek at Inventor's Weekend. Bill was nice enough to put me on this list. I am a co-creator of 'Concentric Tori'(tm). This is a sculpture of the paired electron. It has working features like a new mechanical principal (to us) which centers a small toroid in a large toroid (I won't tell You what it is because it would spoil the puzzle - besides I had to model it in 3D solids and do a VR flyby to figure it out ~ 1 year); as well as a 4th dimensional rotation feature when one toroid is placed and rolled on a 'flux' line. I can send You one, hand made and signed by the artist, for $25.00 plus shipping and handling. You might check with Bill Alek if it's as I say and if it's worth it. - - - Anyways, I am concerned with Dan Winter's observation that gravity is diverted into electricity (Unified Field Theory?) in the Bearden MEG. Do all Free Energy devices work this way? The Searl Effect Generator surface temperature can drop to 2-4 degrees K; although one does need to bolt it to the ground and they're doggone difficult and expensive to build ( The Don Smith devices ( separate, then allow to recombine, paired electrons, with opposing magnetic fields. Professor Searl does say that it's better to 'stroke' and not to 'hammer' paired electrons apart however. Searl's magnetic bubbles appear to be different than a magnetic pole. Do (Cooper?) Paired Electrons have something to do with gravity or time? In view of CO2 Global Warming, maybe a device which converts thermal energy into electricity would be better? Let's see, we'd need time, gravity, and temperature sensors taped to the device, then we'd compare which one moved the most???... Dennis - end

Dan comments: "The so-called 'PAIRED electron' is only another facade for the essential implosion symmetry that allows the pair to fuse- study the phase path (grail) that allows for example - 2 lasers to annihilate each other in phase conjugate optics. Implosion rules. - - -Studying non-linear energy technology for almost 3 decades now - I am absolutely convinced that every one of these numerous "scalar", "torsional", "tachyon", "non-linear", "Hendershot", "Zero-Point" - etc. etc. - gizmos - is a confused attempt to harvest the charge that is delighted to ride out from this mortal trap below the speed of light - everytime we arrange charge symmetry to be more fractal than the Earth underneath us. Self similarity causes gravity because that is the only symmetry which allows compression (using Golden Ratio perfected heterodyning of phase velocities) to turn in to acceleration ( gravity). Whether we take the power spectra of Hendershots ark and find Golden Ratio, or look at the symmetry of Pod Mod and any of numerous others - the answer is always the same. Self -similar idealized infinite compression - like in a pine cone or your Heart's wiring making the voltage we call LIFE from gravity - is the ONLY way to cohere the vacuum. Connecting with that cascade mechanically instead of allowing living biology it's province, is not inherently evil, but it is risky. If you borrow some blood from a body (Gaia)- she wants to know a baby is being fed. Sinking Atlantis is only the tip of the iceberg of the lesson's history offers us on this - if we get our noses un-stuck from the shallow - post Annunaki history we currently hide our ostrich heads in. Why do you think even the friendly ET's buzz bomb with UFO''s every country like Iran and India the minute they threaten to mess with nuclear. Nuclear energy - fission or artificial fusion - bleeds the fabric of THEIR plenum and genes. THEY know there is no free lunch! Rattle the vacuum - you pay the piper."

Another comment - "If harnessing this force of nature is going to doom our species, then we're headed for this gloom anyway, since the amount of temporal energy which is being condensed to manipulate even one hurricane is greater than that which our civilisation might channel in the next decade or so. One thing IS certain - continuing to burn oil WILL doom the planet. Gravitons are photon based and have nothing to do with electron pairs. Cutting a graviton will release one photon and ground the other through a resonator, with this resonator producing the electrical potential. On the other hand, if Bill's energy source is ZPE, this energy comes from the entire universe, not just this local solar system. -JV"

From Dan: "Woe, woe- Yet another pale excuse to pretend the gravity plenum is somehow separate from the charge magnetic one. - saying "Gravitons are photon based and have nothing to do with electron pairs." is about as sadly schizo as you can get. Using this strange sadly anti-unified field logic to prove your so-called Zero Point energy sucks only on the universe blood and not the solar system is obviously illogical - surely you jest".

 The microwave making and shooting of RITA: (thanks to Michael Heleus for pointing this out) - followup to -WHY the Storm Centers Are Implosive PENTUP (previous Implosion Group newsletter -
Actual Sattelite MICROWAVE data: (full resolution University source - ) The decisive anomalies at the time of Rita's eye glazing over and storm suddenly loosing intensity--, also link to the godlike forum discussion about the clip and anomalies:
(remember how the - 'swept clear' - microwave footprint of healthy cumulo nimbus cloud - projected from ley line cross point, replicably cleared atmosphere over cites / Denver / Mexico city - the US Fed- informed him only BIG BROTHER could do this - and threaten him with jail..

If they had not made his Microwave Scanning Emissions Tech a 'threat to national security' we might have compared the microwave output he was measuring from KUNDALINI and BLISS to better understand the physics of how emotions steer storms (=more at )- instead of letting the assholes with BIG BROTHER / see Bush's body count - do this to us. ) - see also

Hurricanes Steered To Bring About Martial Law? - SCIENCE EXPERT ALLEGES KATRINA WAS STEERED TO DELIBERATE LANDFALL- In light of Hurricane Rita , I feel concerned enough to urge you to listen to what McCanney has to say at -

DISTURBING NOTES FROM MCCANNEY's RADIO SHOW - Firstly, Jim McCanney, MS, is an expert on weather manipulation, having written numerous scientific papers and a book about it: , He asserts that energy for hurricanes comes from the ionosphere, and that the eye of a hurricane is actually an electric field. -- more at links above...--
Ignore science at your peril Taipei Times, Taiwan ,US President George W. Bush tendency to ignore expert opinion over political concerns cost him dearly when Hurricane Katrina struck. By Jeffrey Sachs. .

Global Warming: The Culprit? TIME - Nature doesn't always know when to quitó and nothing says that quite like a hurricane. The atmospheric convulsion that was Hurricane

Global warming? You better believe it Boston Globe, United States -Sep 23, September 24, 2005. AS THE MEDIA screams about the one-two punch of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the question ...

Rita could herald record hurricane year - WMO Leading The Charge, Australia - Sep 23, GENEVA - Hurricane Rita, bearing down on the Gulf of Mexico coast, will wreak extensive damage .

Warm Earth? Cycles? Scientists seek cause of '05 storms Billings Gazette, - Abnormally warm seas in the Gulf of Mexico fed Hurricane Rita as it churned behind another monster storm, Hurricane Katrina, that passed over the ...

VIEW: Bush inherits the wind Daily Times, Pakistan,There is a deep disconnect in American politics between scientific knowledge and political decisions. Bush bears much responsibility for this. .

Hurricanes ëdefinitive proofí of global warming: scientists Belfast Irish News ,As Hurricanes Katrina and then Rita wreak havoc in the United States, scientists are warning climate change could ...

and now: - Here below is a start at shamanic recapitulation for U.S. history - - re-assembling the torn body fabric of America's infested government.

(here is perhaps the best site documenting the complete legal criminality of the current US government: ). Here's what you do:

1. Demand the truth. Tell your political servants. Publicize the lies.

2. Meantime: disappear from your government. You don't exist for them. Escape before its too late.

A serious review of the greatest of the history of lies that is the U.S. government. Recognize that shamanic recapitulation requires sorting memory into what is shareable, or near-death is permanent death. Knowing that the American near death experience is so close, Implosion Group - as a public service to the American Sheep-le, offers the following review. Staring into the mirror of disgusting lies that has become the American government - there is some hope that bringing this poison to consciousness - can restore conscience.

American's never learned that Abraham Lincoln's addicted wife / in collusion with the Draco Rothschilds- was the killer. ref: ,

The South African's learned that you don't have to have murder trials - to prosecute decades of murderers in a lying government
- BUT YOU DO NEED A NATIONAL PROGRAM TO PUBLICIZE WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Otherwise - the poison rots the nation from the inside out.

The "Skeleton Key" below was written years ago - it serves as a prelude to the more recent->

NSA (U.S. National Security Agency )- continues to use huge portions of the gross national product of America to serve it's original schizophrenic purpose- to cover up the existence of the parasite ET's (Drac gene engineered greys, same as the Aussies 'Wanjina') who had shape shifted their way into control first of the US military (last holdout were the Navy SEALS who defended Dulce before Admiral Boorda "suicided") - then the media, and finally the government. (Wasn't Rayelan Russbacher surprised to find out the same LSD which showed her the reptilian who had taken over the body of her former husband - Navy Secretary Norman R., was used by Rupert Murdoch's girlfriend to see the shapeshifter who swiped the media kings body.) American's continue to ignore the simple solution to getting the lo grade DNA parasite shapeshifters out of their government - pump in Oxygen. (Most of the Bush administration would die).

American's never learned of the origins of the NSA: ( from - ) :" "SECRETARY OF DEFENSE JAMES FORRESTAL OBJECTED TO THE SECRECY. (insert - when Truman and Einsenhauer decided that their ego was more important than admitting to the American people that even the lo grade ET's - the 'greys'- military , made ours look like plastic fly-swatters. Instead they decided to 'accept' abductions- a bottomless pit- and finance generations of lies to Americans- the pit of nausea for awareness. The Greys were victims of the fallen Nephalim Draco's hostle genetic takeover-generations ago- like we are now . The Dracos Alpha Draconis - triangular attack space craft- whose hex pair is the shape of their logo - is also the flag of Isreal / Yalweh / Enlil. ). He (Forrestal) was a very idealistic and religious man. He believed that the public should be told. James Forrestal was also one of the first known abductees. When he began to talk to leaders of the opposition party and leaders of the Congress about the alien problem he was asked to resign by Truman. He expressed his fears to many people. Rightfully, he believed that he was being watched. This was interpreted by those who were ignorant of the facts as paranoia. Forrestal later was said to have suffered a mental breakdown. He was ordered to the mental ward of Bethesda Naval Hospital. In spite of the fact that THE ADMINISTRATION HAD NO AUTHORITY TO HAVE HIM COMMITTED, the order was carried out. In fact, it was feared that Forrestal would begin to talk again. He had to be isolated and discredited. His family and friends were denied permission to visit. Finally, on May 21, 1949, Forrestal's brother made a fateful decision. HE NOTIFIED AUTHORITIES THAT HE INTENDED TO REMOVE JAMES FROM BETHESDA on May 22. Sometime in the early morning of May 22, 1949, agents of the CIA tied a sheet around James Forrestal's neck, fastened the other end to a fixture in his room, then threw James Forrestal out the window. The sheet tore and he plummeted to his death. James Forrestal's secret diaries were confiscated by the CIA and were kept in the White House for many years. Due to public demand the diaries were eventually rewritten and published in a sanitized version. The real diary information was later furnished by the CIA in book form to an agent who published the material as fiction. THE NAME OF THE AGENT IS WHITLEY STRIEBER and the book is 'MAJESTIC'. James Forrestal became one of the first victims of the cover-up." (end quote)

--Later - the CIA Manchurian candidate mind control program escapees / rejects who holed up next door - were murdered by the FBI at WACO. The angry WACO survivors bombed Oklahoma City Fed building. The lies cascade into full scale numbness. Bush family Nazi investment, funds their oil cartel control and rise to power in the CIA. The stupid son - becomes the president in horrible combination of religious manipulation combined with voting and judicial manipulation - staples of fascism.

Again - here is our context - we wish to demonstrate that the WAY you can shamanically reinhabit the long wave body (TIME ) to steer it - is to SHAMANICALLY RECAPITULATE. Practically this means that if you can turn your day into a movie you watch with dispassion (and no interruptions to replay undigested emotional melodrama) - just before bed - then your day is compressed enough into the shareable wave - to become immortal in the soul of your DNA (which is ALL of DNA). You have 'turned' 'compressed' memory into CHARGE in the flame in blood (the common information fountain of survival value charge symmetry- only definition of immortality) - - compression into acceleration.

Next noticing that our planetary genepool is about to die - due to a natural climax of the Sun's ("seyfert" orgasm - )- we decide to Shamanically Recapitulate the last few centuries of our genepools LIES TO ITSELF.

SO - we undertake to get a nice BIRDS EYE VIEW - of the greatest LIES of history. (When we lie to ourselves we create inner fractionation of DNA memory - which is the only real definition DEATH has).

Before we are considered anti-Jewish, let us have some compassion for the poor angry kid - Enlil / Yalweh / Amun / Michael / Michabo - here. His younger brother is smarter than he is, and portents to take over the family (An) inheritance. Now he finds out only Enki has the DNA capable of being taught how to haul souls in and out of bardo / death. Enlil wanders the globe for centuries looking for DNA with enough 'implosion' to replace his missing soul - why Michabo / the Ashkans are always trying to marry ( and later abduct - as Greys/ Dracs do) only the indigenous peoples whose DNA is charge embedded enough to lucid dream / make gravity / have a soul / survive death. He is stuck with the Alpha Draconis DRACO genetic law of his political party (Nephilim) which became India's CASTES, Australian Aboriginal strict marriage rules, and Jewish SEX GUILT - all designed to PREVENT DNA from changing / evolving / getting free / making gravity / become stars. (remember - if you plant a genepool - don't let it get free or you may be deprived of your harvest - plus on Alpha Draconis the definition of WEAK DNA is change ).

PLUS the mother (Aide) of his upstart younger half brother ( Enki / Atum / Ea / Merk / Lucifer ) has just arranged the murder of his own mother ( Urash / Ur-Assa )- out of jealousy for the love of An (back on Sirius ). Enlil/ Michael makes a name for himself murdering Dragons ever since. Enki's mom Aide was winged Dragon blue blood 'Paa Taal / Ptah - back from her Rigelian days. Enki's kids Thoth / Hermes etc. convey that (Rigelian copper ) blue black blood - for which Egypt was named (KHEM as in alKHEMY, KHEMistry = ability to create BLACK holes / implode by charge symmetry in blood- check the recent physics measuring back holes made by DNA - ) into Nubian / Ethiopian and later become the "KI-LImanjaro" and BLACK MADONNA story. Then Enki gets to have all the fun - cooking up the powerful DNA ( Eve / Isis / later Akhanaton - who became Moses). So every time Enlil tries to get a family of humanoids to prey off of and parasite emotion juices from ( his glands just can't make any) - the only good stuff comes from his hated brother (why else would Ann Rice historically elaborately describe 'ENKIL??' - as father of all thickening vampire blood ?). Details: how the Jewish religion is a dead end astral conveyor belt to deliver hapless human souls as food into the mouth of the perennially hungry and parasitic ghost ENLIL- . In a new related newsletter we deal with the SHAPE of this hungry ghost ( symbolized as Eagle -eating snakes / souls) as the NINTH GATE, NINTH DOOR, NINTH BARDO TEST - etc. as origins of THE NINE -below..- more complete story - ET origins of DNA: , and


Dante's INFERNO, Jason and the ARgonauts, Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Mayan "Nine Lords of the Night", the Egyptian ENNEAD, Virgil's AENEID, Hopi's PESHMEHTEN, the NINE Tiers of Palenque, DEEP SPACE NINE, and Puharich's THE NINE .

Dan W. - Our original articles exploring the wormhole established by the exact 60 degree conic array from the Solar system to Pleaides and Sirius with Orion at the foci - gravity wind for star and bardo navigating (recursion inviting compression of stellar masses) - called PESHMEHTEN ( 'One Less than TEN - THE WAY OF THE NINE' in Hopi ) are at , and ... inspired in part from
..the Flight of the Navigator thru Robert Morningsky's "Guardians of the Grail". The history in sequence : ("Return of ENKI"): , then - , , ,,

No matter who sees the 9 levels to the astral / 'Inferno' underworld our of death's dream
- the geometry appears clear:

Steer thru 9 layers or embedded bubbles: and you are then face to face with the 9th gate- Eagle who would eat you (most likely Enlil / Yalweh's hungry ghost - see below)

You have yourself become the Eagle..
.. thanks to Ramon: "Hi Dan:

"I was browsing on Dante´s Divine Comedy and I found in some maps of the inferno. :

As you see all of them represents a Vortex- generally with NINE steps inside, perhaps it means that you have to have enough gravity, enough acceleration to pass them and go direct to the Sun.
So this, for me represents that you have to do your Inner Work so you can create what is needed to pas through the inferno" - Ramón

Could it be that you must see your way around 9 steps in the DNA wratchet til you come to the tenth full turn (Implosion ?) Dan..
 This was made by Bartolomeo(reminds of 'What Dreams May Come' film-Robin Williams... Soul retrieval - requires...)


Dante's INFERNO, Jason and the ARgonauts
(9 tests), Journey to the Center of the Earth (9 trials-before emergence), the Mayan "Nine Lords of the Night", the Egyptian ENNEAD, Virgil's AENEID (1 ,2 ), Hopi's PESHMEHTEN, the NINE Tiers of Palenque, DEEP SPACE NINE, and Puharich's THE NINE .

This one was made by Boticelli

 This by Mandelbaum.
Which deadly SIN will trap you at What Layer Within??

 Each inferno is where souls get caught, according to the nature of the incompleteness of their charge- See notes on the Van Allen belt - where the fractality of the Solar System breaks down due to the Marduk wound - WHERE SOULS GET STUCK - ref: ,

This pic by Sapegno

 In the Nine Infernos in Dante - Divine Comedy.. at the end after 9 infernos (concentric membranes inside the charge field of your blood) you reach: p-UR- ka-ta ur ee-- purgatory = penetrate the UR (the real dragon current is the shapeshifter of your bloods field).

Gurdjieff says purgatory is the most holy planet - if you reach that far you have done well. Then you play the mayan ball game to the death for the right to pass. The keymaker is the right of passage. who has more knowledge about the laws of the universe. Practically the inner kinesthetic knowing of the laws of symmetry of what makes your heart BIGGER / compression-compassion-feelingis who's aura 'consumes' whom.

EnKi / Atum = Leader of the Nine Annunaki 'Gods' = Egyptian ENNEAD = THE NINE from "The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Princebook about the origins of 'The Nine'"= Puharich's Group roots of - Phyllis Schlemmer, Star Trek, Hurtak, Hoagland, Myers-Percy 'Aulis Press' Two Thirds etc... origins..

Re: Aquarian Conspiracy: "In this extraordinary book the true identity of the Nine - and of Tom (their voice) - was finally revealed. Far from being the chummy character that his rather avuncular name suggests, Tom is actually Atum, the creator-god of the ancient Egyptian religion of Heliopolis, and Uncle Tom with his eight mates are none other than the Great Ennead of Heliopolis."

(Insert here from Dan W.: ATUM is commonly known as ENKI - EA - in for example Sitchen's scholarship - particularly as in ENLIL / AMUN - versus ENKI / ATUM. AkanATUN - 's son TutankAMUN was forced to the AMUN name when Enlil's AMUN mushroom addicted priests got the upper hand when their banking control forced Akhanaton's escape to the desert where he was renamed MOSES - the gold powder cook. The ARK he swiped however for supplying votage for gold powder manufacturer cost the AMUN / ENLIL cult their main source of money - which is why they chased him forcing him to hide so well - ref: "Copper Scrolls" & "The Sacred Ark".)

(No wonder Bentov solemnly announced to me that the miracle entities of THE NINE who dropped airline tickets mysteriously to Puharich - were no more than lo grade spooks - he was on the opposite side of Puharich in the Isreali conflict.)

KEY PLAYERS IN 'THE NINE": - (from Dan Winter.) I spent a great deal of time and energy personally with Andrija Puharich, Ben Bentov, Ira Einhorn, Arthur Young- and that circle. I also have had extensive contact with the stories of Hurtak, Hoagland, and recently wrote in great part about the David Myers, David Percy "Two Thirds" story ( ). So - I would like to put a bigger stamp to the relatively shallow picture painted by "The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince which claims to look at the so called sinister origins of "The Nine"

Ninth Gate - Film - by Roman Polanski..looking for the devil - "The only thing more terrifying than searching for the devil - is finding him." Circle of Iron.. movie Bruce Lee- find the book to enlightenment. Like in Bible Code - Enlil - trying to find the original book...Drakul code books (Seraphim genetic records stored as fields on plates- aka Moroni) - split in half - like twinning proves youir resolution in optical microscopy - into 2 brothers- 2 angelic families - Ophanic / Seraphic. (Enlil is the Encoder in Bible Code 2 - desperate for the key to languages origin- / symmetry key to how DNA gets a soul-implodes - he 'lost' it somewhere - in the same plains of Sinai where his nuclear bombs always go off...) The keepers of the book (Enlil / Yalweh's people) are not themselves enlightened.. if you cannot do it teach it.. their sacrifice (to hungry ghost) means the secret cannot be lost --Navigate the turns - learn the symmetry laws.. sort the van allen - (draco ) pass the labyrinth-- then you can pass the shot like of BA from a KA thru the Sun's heart.

-- Lost Book of Enki by Sitchen: (not to be confused with "Return of Enki" by Dan Winter) - review: " The Egyptian myth concerning the beginning, Genesis one, is called "Sep Tepi." (See "Gods of Eden" by Andrew Collins or reference "Edfu Texts" online.) Collins makes a very good case for connecting Kumarbi and Alalu to "the first time", where they fight a tremendous battle with "serpent" deities called Aa and Wa, who undoubtedly were Ea and Ra. Kumarbi and Alalu lose the battle, and paradise sinks beneath the sea, and is called "the Island of the Trampling." The landmass rises again, only now there are new "gods" running the show, one of whom is called "The Lord, mighty-chested, who made slaughter, the Soul who lives on blood." These being then give birth to eight other gods, called "Shebtiu", which are called "the Ogdoad" in the Theban myths. The Ogdoad/Shebtiu then give birth to nine other gods, which correspond to the Egyptian Ennead, and eventually this race of Anunnaki gods, gives rise to the Horace Kings, the "Re-heraky" (Ra hierarchy) associated with the Egyptian sphinx, and the "royal blood" of the lion kings of both the Egyptian and Hebrew races. "

So - lets get the big picture right: head of the nine was Atum who is Enki. Opposite to Yalweh - God of the Jews, is ENCODER in Bible Code, AMUN (Enlil) is the murderer of ATUM/ ATON (Enki's kids) in Egypt (Akhanaton et al).. Same guy identified with the veritable ORIGIN of all murderous behavior on Earth . When Ann Rice succinctly describes the very thick blood origin of vampire line as ENKIL - she rather embraces the confusion between Enlil vs Enki.

For exhaustive historically researched detail on the continuous carnage and murderousness that was ENLIL / YALWEH - you are heartily recommended to read: "The Genius of the Few" and "The Shining Ones" by Chistian O'Brien.

If Maurice Cotterell in "Tutankhamon Prophecies" is correct - that QuetzlCoatel and Pacal Votan are directly the family of Akhanaton and Tutankhamon - that puts the PTAH family of ENKI squarely in the center of Mexican ancestry.mexico is serpent eating eagle - = enlil (The Hungry Ghost). Quetzlcoatl enki is serpent transforming into eagle ( eagle = sun) bird brain = ibi.. When eagle eats the snakes - our souls are eaten.. Whereas if the snake turns into an eagle.. then the dna has become self steering / self empowered.. then you become Sun god.. where the serpent transforms into the eagle...

The Pueblo Del Sol (People of the Sun - Alfonso Caso -)..( bronze race= sun gods= tuethededanaan ). Sun God's are those whose body field gravity making charge communicates with all genes- using the symmetry of the Heart of the Sun. This causes their blood to ring ( the fractal San Graal) - awakening the sound current - voices of the ancestors - talking to the underworld. The ones not elected Tlaloc (Storm God) or by the Sun..They go to 'Mictlan'..9th is the most powerful in the Mictlan - Mictlantecuhtli, and Mictecacuhautl.. Certain similitude to Enlil-Michael/Enki/Lucifer.. Sun God / Moon God. In Gurdjieff - souls who don't implode feed the moon (hollow metal parasite heaven - infested with Greys and fallen Nephalim Dracs)- Those who DO learn to feed their KESJAHN (KA- charge coherence) body - feed the Sun. That is to become AN - SUN GOD. You lose your soul if you go the moon.. which is the loss of the sustainability of your own implosion wormhole within your DNA to the core of all genes. ( The US space race to the moon is filled with irony.) In "Eagles Gift"- Castaneda.. describes the ruthlessness of entering the perception of the Eagles eye- becoming the Eagle and becoming the seer instead of the seen thru - involves making more IMPLOSION in your genes. Enlil's Jewish religion is designed to feed souls to that hungry ghost - stands between you becoming a Sun God yourself- ref: . Ann Rice concludes after 20 books on vampires.. that Enkil is the father of all vampires.. as the blood thickens..

Next: a definition of THE GREAT EGYPTIAN ENNEAD. .(from: ) A group of 9 deities that are associated with a major cult center. The best known is the great ennead of Heliopolis, It consists of Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys. -
Remember- that the Annunaki / part Drac culture (Assa-Uru) from which the nine / Anu Ennead descend - had some VERY fixed genetic belief structures:
a) that if your DNA changed in any way over time - you were by definition weak and faulty
b) that setting DNA free to choose was inherently dangerous to 'the empire'
c) that the fundamental reason for the existence of the created HU-m-ans - ( Lu lu - TAK-adama) was to create food and be subservient to their Drac genetic engineer creators- after all had they not set up parasite cults like this on at least 300 other planets across the Orion galactic arm? (The absolute irony when western historian give the Mag worshipping Templars credit for inventing insurance and banking, when that public relations for piracy and extortion had been set up by them on hundreds of other planets.). These genetic rules for what they considered proper hygiene (everything is under CONTROL- h'UR-tak saying:'OBEY the HIERARCHY' is like "I'm Sorry Dave, I Can't Do That") became the laws of India's Castes, and shockingly cruel aboriginal marriage laws. (Later his Drac controlled Greys became the WANJINA- God for the Aboriginals - and the word 'Michael - as in ENLIL became MICHABO which is Iroquois for 'GOD' - the one who NEEDED their genes).

In honor of 520 years after 1492, when the aztex prophesied the return of quetzlcoatl to mex city.. to establish the sun people..
Palenque has 9 steps and 9 doors, Tikal Building has 9 doors.. for 9 lords of the night.. (The following is also thanks to Ramon Ulacia - ):- "The Temple of Inscriptions, the most famous of Palenque's structures, gets its name from three large panels with hieroglyphic inscriptions located on the temple atop this nine tier, staired base. A tablet was found affixed to the floor inside this temple, and it had plugged-up holes in it. The tablet was removed, and beneath it there was a passageway with stairs that led down to a crypt Iying below the surface of the Plaza. For some, this is the most important Maya tomb yet found. The chamber walls have stuccoed portrayals of nine richly attired personages, who may be the nine lords of the night. There is also a stone sarcophagus covered by an engraved tablet. On it is seen a personage reclining on a representation of the earth monster. There is also a low relief of a two-headed serpent from whose fangs emerge two small human figures. The glyphs along the edge include the date 692 A. D. Remains of an individual with rich offerings, including a jade mosaic mask, were found inside the sarcophagus." (

"Reconstruction drawing of Complex Q by Norman Johnson, made in 1959. The stela enclosure is on the north side (top) with a nine-doorway palace on the south side. The flat-topped pyramids mark the east/west axis of the plaza.

An emphasis on the world directions in twin-pyramid groups is obvious. The four structures are always placed in their proper sides of the plaza, so that no group is found in which the enclosure, for example, is to the south, east or west. The four-stairwayed pyramids are flat topped and do not favor any one direction. In themselves, they are fit stages for the ritualization of the four directions.

The use of the number nine in twin-pyramid group activities is immediately suggested by the south building which always had nine doorways. One can imagine the appearance of the nine 'Lords of the Night' or of priests carrying nine items for sacrifice, and so forth." ( 3 places in Chicen - where you go down to the underworld - there are nine steps down each time..

The Nine Lords of the Night is a cycle of nine glyphs, believed to be names of gods who held offices on successive days. This succession of nine deities were thought to rule over the hours of darkness, each with his or her own prophecy (good, bad, or indifferent). Since the combination of the Lords of the Night and the Calendar Round date will not repeat for 467 years, it was used to locate far more precise moments in time than is possible using the Calendar Round date. This cycle, like the rest of them, runs simultaneously with all the others. There is still some question because the names of the Mayan gods on glyph G cannot be read yet, but this was an important part of specific dating for the Maya. ( "The patterned position of the Blackman Eddy cache contents demonstrates intentional placement. The nine flakes of this cache represent a recurring spiritual theme associated with Maya ideology involving the number nine. This sacred number appears repeatedly in Maya architecture, caches, art, and calendrics and frequently represents the nine Lords of the Night or Underworld. Caches containing nine chert or obsidian flakes occur in sites throughout the lowlands -- this came from "MODELS OF COSMIC ORDER" - Physical expression of sacred space among the ancient Maya" (
Nine Lords of the Night.. in ancestral tribes - each inferno has a Lord.. (one masculine and feminine..9th level Mictclan..) Aztecs in particular.. Popol Vuh also speaks about the ninth inferno.. managed by 14 pairs... from

Exploration of World View of the Quiche Maya ... Within shadowed waters resided a god, Sovereign Plumed Serpent, "enclosed in quetzal feathers, in blue-green." The celestial god, Heart of Sky, also called Hurricane, descended and joined him, "and they talked, then they thought, then they worried." The gods devised their plan of the universe, of living things. "For the forming of the earth they said 'Earth.' It arose suddenly, just like a cloud, like a mist, now forming, unfolding.".....As there were thirteen tiers of heaven, so nine layers formed the Underworld that lay beneath the surface of the earth. The Maya thought it a dark and miserable place of pestilence and putrefaction ruled by the nine Lords of the Night. Into this realm-sometimes called Xibalba-the dying sun descended at twilight to endure untold dangers during its nightly passage, until, with good fortune, it triumphed and rose reborn at dawn to begin its daily journey across the heavens. Deceased rulers also traveled this treacherous path and, like the night sun, rose again-as deities. In death, the ordinary Maya, however, had little hope of ever escaping Xibalba.

AbRAham and the ASSA of RA from URu...birthed the Ben-ja-min cup in the seeds line of MAGda-EL-line - Thoth (of Enki's seed) gave his blue Rigelian seed to Aksenpahten (Alabaster Jar origin of MAGdalen myth) whose dark blooded family returned to the Celtic south France FIRE BLOOD IGNITING STAR MAPS - called "Black Madonna"- the KA (coherent field effect of Ignited DNA & glands - called BOAT TO THE UNDERWORLD for navigating THE NINE) in KAllisto, arKAdia, KAthar and even (ironically ) KAtholic. The KA blood was Enki's sperm carried
- Who is: Re (or RA): -from: - The name of the ancient Egyptian solar deity who personifies the midday sun. He created himself and humankind. The center for the worship of Re was in Heliopolis, where he was the head of the Great Ennead. The sun was known as Khepri at dawn, Re or Ra at midday, and Amun at dusk. - Also Known As: Ra, Amun, Amon, Amen, Amen-Re

--Who is Metatron (Enlil's bastard son requiring all the artificial machine life support of Harkonen - very good at leaving a nuclear trail - yet same seed Reverend Mothers/Orion Queens/Ptah Taal - used to make Muab Dib/Enki )-
: below from ananda.. - "All Is God", which of course is the Emmanuel Christ Seed for it is the realisation beyond the entrapment of Jehova/Nephilim (ASHTAR?) computer dynamics, (El Shadai being Enlil Anu's first, who was banished to the deprived realms of Shadain, and rose as El Shadain, which in Arabic translated to El Shaitan [Satan], and El Shadai/Metatron, of Genesis 17, who required feet washing, feeding, and sleeping, and destroyed Sodom and Gomorah with Nuclear force, as the Dead Sea Scrolls reveal [Hence the black white brotherhood playing both sides as one game]). -

-- Sumerian name vs Babylonian Name
An Anu
Ki/Ninhursag Aruru, Mammi
Enlil Ellil
Enki Ea
Nanna Sin
Inanna Ishtar
Utu Shamash
Ninlil Mullitu, Mylitta

 Story of THE NINE - From Andrea Puharich's - group, Aquarian Conspiracy, origin of Star Trek storyline, Hoagland, Hurtak and many others in the New Age movement
- as originally published..
The wholly confused so called 'New Age' movement gropes totally without context to see who narrated THE NINE story - which is clearly ATUM ('Tom') - transliterated in Sumerian to be none other than ENKI himself!
- Someone telling us YES - the"Deep Space NINE" wormhole IS inhabited (the
tornado is steerable) - AND you don't have to be EATEN to pass (into the Sun).

originally from ­ 1999, (not there now) reprinted here from: , also at:
from IlluminatiNews Website

One New Age channeling cult, above all the rest, has had a huge - very disturbing influence on hundreds of thousands of devotees worldwide. Known as 'The Nine', its disciples include cutting edge scientists, multi-millionaire industrialists and leading politicians. This exclusive extract based on The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince looks at the sinister origins of The Nine.

I am the beginning. I am the end. I am the emissary. But the original time I was on the Planet Earth was 34,000 of your years ago. I am the balance. And when I say "I" - I mean because I am an emissary for The Nine. It is not I , but it is the group. We are nine principles of the Universe, yet together we are one.

The declaration above is typical of the channeled pronouncements of the Council of Nine - or just 'The Nine'. They contain all the usual New Age ingredients of grandiose statements, shaky grammar and unprovable predictions. But unlike all the other channeling cults, that of The Nine has serious clout. Perhaps the reason for this is that they claim to be the Ennead, or the nine major gods of ancient Egypt. Or could there be another reason, one that owes more to The X-Files than the Pyramid Texts? Although The Nine may appear to be quintessentially a modern phenomenon, our research uncovered its truly astonishing pedigree. In fact, the story begins nearly 50 years ago, in a private research laboratory in Glen Cove, Maine, called the Round Table Foundation, run by a medical doctor named Andrija Puharich (also known as Henry K Puharich - image left).

Set up in 1948 to research the paranormal, among the noted psychics studied at the Foundation were the famous Irish medium Eileen Garrett and the Dutch clairvoyant Peter Hurkos (Pieter van de Hirk). Prominent members included the influential philosopher and inventor Arthur M Young and the socialite Alice Bouverie (née Astor).

In December 1952, Puharich brought into his laboratory an Indian mystic named Dr D G Vinod, who began to channel The Nine or 'the Nine Principles'. In the months before Vinod returned to India, a group met regularly to hear The Nine's channelled wisdom. Never known for their modesty, The Nine proclaimed themselves to be God, stating "God is nobody else than we together, the Nine Principles of God."

Three years later, there appeared to be independent confirmation of their existence. In Mexico, Puharich and Young met Charles and Lillian Laughead, former Christian missionaries who were by then prominent in the burgeoning UFO contactee movement. (For a description of their involvement in the Dorothy Martin circle, see Jerome Clark's 'When Prophecy Failed'). Back in the States a few weeks later, Puharich received a letter from the Laugheads containing messages received by their group's channeller. This message also claimed to come from the Nine Principles, even - amazingly - including references to the earlier communications transmitted through Dr Vinod. Could The Nine possibly be for real?

Perhaps the answer is embedded in the career of Puharich himself. After disbanding the Round Table Foundation in 1958, he worked for 10 years as an inventor of medical devices and achieved international recognition as a parapsychologist, most famously studying the Brazilian psychic surgeon, Arigo (José Pedro de Freitas). But all that was to pale into insignificance because, in 1971, Puharich discovered Uri Geller.

At their first meetings in Tel Aviv in 1971, Puharich hypnotized Geller in an attempt to find out where his abilities came from. As a result, the young Israeli started to channel 'Spectra' - an entity which claimed to be a conscious super-computer aboard a spaceship. However, Puharich suggested to him that there might be a connection with the Nine Principles, and Spectra readily agreed that there was. The Nine claimed that they had programmed Geller with his powers as a young child.

Through Geller, The Nine alerted Puharich to his life's mission, which was to use Geller's talents to alert the world to an imminent mass landing of spaceships that would bring representatives of The Nine. However, Geller - by now an international psychic superstar - bowed out in 1973 and has resolutely turned his back on The Nine ever since. Puharich had to find other channels. He joined up with aristocratic former racing driver Sir John Whitmore and Florida-based psychic and healer Phyllis Schlemmer. They found a new channeller - a Daytona cook known to history only by the pseudonym 'Bobby Horne' - who lived to regret his dealings with The Nine. Driven to the brink of suicide by their constant demands, he too dropped out of the scene - his despair being dismissed by Whitmore as "signs of instability". After this, Phyllis Schlemmer was appointed the authorized spokesperson for the entity - known simply as 'Tom' - who represented The Nine.

Puharich, Whitmore and Schlemmer then set up Lab Nine at Puharich's estate in Ossining, New York. The Nine's disciples included multi-millionaire businessmen (many hiding behind pseudonyms and including members of Canada's richest family, the Bronfmans), European nobility, scientists from the Stanford Research Institute and at least one prominent political figure who was a personal friend of President Gerald Ford.

We also know that Lyall Watson (then the darling of the alternative scene because of his seminal 1973 book Supernature) was involved, as was the influential counter-culture guru Ira Einhorn - and Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek.

The key to predicting eclipses is noticing that they occur in cycles, or at more or less regular intervals. The Sun goes round the sky once a year; the Moon once a month. This means that, every month, the Moon 'overtakes' the sun. This happens at the New Moon, and this is when solar eclipses occur. But, of course, we don't get an eclipse every New Moon. This is because the Moon has an elliptical orbit: sometimes it passes above the Sun when it overtakes it, sometimes below. But the Moon's elliptical orbit has its own cycle: it returns to the same place it started from every 18 years or so. Thus - if seen from the same place on Earth - an eclipse will be followed by another one just over 18 years later.

Roddenberry was part of that circle in 1974 and 1975, and even produced the screenplay for a movie about The Nine. How much he was influenced by them is unknown, although it is said that some of their concepts found their way into the early Star Trek movies, and The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine (what a giveaway!) series.

(There is a character named 'Vinod' in one Deep Space Nine episode.) Another key player in Lab Nine was Dr James J Hurtak, who was appointed Puharich's second-in-command by The Nine. In fact, Hurtak had been independently channelling The Nine since 1973. Puharich and Whitmore commissioned British writer Stuart Holroyd to write an account of their adventures, which appeared in 1977 as Prelude to the Landing on Planet Earth (re-titled Briefings for the Landing on Planet Earth in paperback.)

In this extraordinary book the true identity of the Nine - and of Tom - was finally revealed. Far from being the chummy character that his rather avuncular name suggests, Tom is actually Atum, the creator-god of the ancient Egyptian religion of Heliopolis, and Uncle Tom with his eight mates are none other than the Great Ennead of Heliopolis.

(Insert here from Dan W.: ATUM is commonly known as ENKI - EA - in for example Sitchen's scholarship - particularly as in ENLIL / AMUN - versus ENKI / ATUM. AkanATUN - 's son TutankAMUN was forced to the AMUN name when Enlil's AMUN mushroom addicted priests got the upper hand when their banking control forced Akhanaton's escape to the desert where he was renamed MOSES - the gold powder cook. The ARK he swiped however for supplying votage for gold powder manufacturer cost the AMUN / ENLIL cult their main source of money - which is why they chased him forcing him to hide so well - ref: "Copper Scrolls" & "The Sacred Ark".)

But even with such impressive contacts, all was not well with Puharich. Lab Nine broke up in 1978 after a series of mysterious events that culminated in an arson attack on the Ossining estate, and he fled to Mexico, claiming that he was being persecuted by the CIA. He returned to the USA two years later, and appears to have played no further part in The Nine story. He died in 1995 after falling down the stairs in his South Carolina home. However, The Nine continued. Not only did Schlemmer and Whitmore continue their mission, but Dr Hurtak has also moved on. He has become a major player in the unfolding millennial drama currently being played out at Giza, but perhaps more importantly he has established himself as a New Age guru par excellence, travelling the world giving workshops on his book of channelled revelations from The Nine, The Keys of Enoch. Written and laid out in classic Biblical style, its darkly apocalyptic vision has huge numbers of influential devotees. This we find very worrying.

( Insert - Hurtak's book "Keys of Enoch" contains not a single Enochian letter, nor any mention of the meaning of his name: UR-Draco, from TAK - Orion. Classic Alpha -Draconis propaganda advertising OBEY THE HIERARCHY - so that their (fallen Seraphim / Nephalim / Hebrew) genetic rules can successfully prevent DNA from changing / evolving to become star navigating enough to defeat the parasites who grow us to eat us. Compare the Hebrew letter Tetra Cube MATRIX imprisoning genetic software language for Golem making - to the fallen Saraphim desperation to prevent genetic freedom - in Mormon.. ).

Another Nine channel - an Englishwoman named Jenny O'Connor - was introduced to the avant garde Esalen Institute in San Francisco by Sir John Whitmore. She and The Nine became so influential there that they held seminars and - unbelievably - were actually listed on the Institute's staff, even successfully ordering the sacking of its chief finance officer and the reorganization of its entire management structure..

This should concern us, because many influential people attended The Nine's Esalen seminars, including Russians who were part of the Institute's Soviet Exchange programme. Some of these later rose to prominence in the Gorbachev regime and were instrumental in the downfall of Communism. (The Esalen Institute now runs the US branch of the Gorbachev Foundation.)

The Nine are very much still with us. One of their recent channels, who is also in contact with Tom, is the American writer David M Myers. He is co-author with Britain's David S Percy of that extraordinary tome Two-Thirds, a history of the galaxy and the human race according to Myer's otherwordly contacts (who clearly have no sense of the absurd). Percy - best known as a champion of the 'Face on Mars' and the 'hoaxing' of the Apollo moon landings - was at one time part of the Schlemmer circle. Among the other major proponents of the 'monuments' of Mars and their alleged connection with ancient Egypt is none other than Dr James Hurtak - The Nine's great prophet - who has promoted this idea since as long ago as 1973.

Richard C Hoagland - familiar to FT readers as another unrepentant 'Mars Face' enthusiast - is also clearly under The Nine's spell. David Myers and David Percy were, respectively, American and European Director of Operations for Hoagland's Mars Mission. In fact, his interpretation of the 'monuments' of Mars comes directly from The Nine. Flake though he may appear (increasingly in these hallowed pages), but his influence over huge swathes of the hungrier mystery seekers is undeniable. This is the man who addresses rapt audiences at the United Nations.

But it is in the New Age channelling circuit that The Nine have truly come into their own. In any other circles their true agenda would no doubt have been rumbled long ago, but this is the New Age. Anything The Nine say must be sweetness and light, right? But an objective reading of their divine pronouncements reveal the first stirrings of something very nasty in Paradise.

Their words appeared in 1992 as the book The Only Planet of Choice, credited to 'transceiver' Schlemmer and edited by Mary Bennett (a one-time member of the Schlemmer circle who also edited Myers and Percy's Two-Thirds). This has had an unprecedented influence over the New Age. According to Palden Jenkins (editor of an earlier edition of Only Planet) more and more New Age channelling groups are 'realizing' that the real source of their wisdom is The Nine. In fact, we have discerned what amounts to a campaign by The Nine - or their adherents - to 'take over' the New Age. It would be a mistake to underestimate the economic or even political potential of this vast subculture - rich pickings indeed.

But The Nine's influence does not extend merely to New Age channelling circles. Andrija Puharich, James Hurtak and Richard Hoagland have all lectured at the United Nations in New York. And individuals connected with The Nine are also known to have influence with Vice-President Al Gore. Of course, if The Nine really are the ancient gods of Egypt, then surely there could be fewer more significant events than their return. One may be justified in thinking that the more leading politicians who fall under their influence the better; but are they really the ancient Ennead of Egypt? Can it be that they have actually returned to sort us all out, scattering love and enlightenment from their high moral ground?

Tom, in The Only Planet of Choice, chooses his words carefully as he explains that all the races of the Earth were seeded from space-gods - except one, the "indigenous race", the blacks. He is very careful to urge us not to make an issue out of this. After all, it's not the black race's fault that they have no divine spark like the rest of us.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the history of The Nine is its relationship to the career of Andrija Puharich. Recent research has revealed Puharich to have a distinctly sinister side. As an Army doctor in the 1950s, he was deeply involved with the CIA's notorious MKULTRA mind control project. He - together with the infamous Dr Sidney Gottlieb - experimented with a variety of techniques to change or induce actual thought processes. even to creating the impression of voices in the head. These techniques included the use of drugs, hypnosis and beaming radio signals directly into the subject's brain.

And, significantly, he was engaged in this work at exactly the same time that The Nine made their first appearance at the Round Table Foundation. The Foundation itself is now known to have been largely funded by the Pentagon as a front for its medical and parapsychological research. Puharich was still working for the CIA in the early 1970s, when he brought Uri Geller out of Israel. Puharich's use of hypnosis is particularly interesting in The Nine circle. In the case of Uri Geller and Bobby Horne, he first hypnotized them and then suggested that they were in touch with The Nine - and so, they were! Ira Einhorn - a close associate of Puharich's during the 1970s - confirmed to us that he believed that Puharich was "humanly directing" The Nine communications.

The evidence we have gathered strongly suggests that Tom and his fellow gods originated, not in the stars, but behind closed doors as part of a CIA mind control experiment. And what happened to that experiment? Now with hundreds of thousands of devotees, some in very high places, can The Nine be deemed a success? Of course, that depends very much on what the CIA had in mind. With their subtle racist propaganda, perhaps the flaky New Age Nine should worry the hell out of us.

 Rather than use mistranslated Sumerian (the Bible, then Egyptian, Greek, Roman God stories) - lets use the best track we have of the Annunaki ET intervention:
Zecharia Sitchen--Earth Chronicles Time Line, Compiled by Dave Schultz , About the author of The Earth Chronicles, from dust cover... "Zecharia Sitchin was raised in Palestine, where he acquired a profound knowledge of modern and ancient Hebrew, other Semitic and European languages, the Old Testament, and the history and archaeology of the Near East. He attended the London School of Economics and Political Science and graduated from the University of London, majoring in economic history. A leading journalist and editor in Israel for many years, he now lives and writes in New York. One of the few scholars able to read and understand Sumerian, Sitchin has based The Earth Chronicles, his recent series of books dealing with Earth's and man's histories and prehistories, on the information and texts written down on clay tablets by the ancient civilizations of the Near East.."

I. Events Before the Deluge Years Ago
450,000 On Nibiru, a distant member of our solar system, life faces slow extinction as the planet's atmosphere erodes. Deposed by Anu, the ruler Alalu escapes in a spaceship and finds refuge on Earth. He discovers that Earth has gold that can be used to protect Nibiru's atmosphere. (Sitchen hides the gold powder addiction story later revealed -books like Gardner's "Genesis of the Grail Kings", "Sacred Ark". Sitchen also does not venture to describe much of anything about the Extra Terrestrial origin and politics of the Annunaki - Sirius..)

445,000 Led by Enki, a son of Anu, the Anunnaki land on Earth, establish Eridu- Earth Station I - for extracting gold from the waters of the Persian Gulf.

430,000 Earth's climate mellows. More Anunnaki arrive on Earth, among them Enki's half-sister Ninhursag, Chief Medical Officer.

416,000 As gold production falters, Anu arrives on Earth with Enlil, the heir apparent. It is decided to obtain the vital gold by mining it in southern Africa. Drawing lots, Enlil wins command of Earth Mission; Enki is relegated to Africa. On departing Earth, Anu is challenged by Alalu's grandson.

400,000 Seven functional settlements in southern Mesopotamia include a Spaceport (Sippar), Mission Control Center (Nippur), a metallurgical center (Shuruppak). The ores arrive by ships from Africa; the refined metal is sent aloft to orbiters manned by Igigi, then transferred to spaceships arriving periodically from Nibiru.

380,000 Gaining the support of the Igigi, Alalu's grandson attempts to seize mastery over Earth. The Enlilites win the War of the Olden Gods.

300,000 The Anunnaki toiling in the gold mines mutiny. Enki and Ninhursag create Primitive Workers through genetic manipulation of Apewoman; they take over the manual chores of the Anunnaki. Enlil raids the mines, brings the Primitive Workers to the Edin in Mesopotamia. Given the ability to procreate, Homo Sapiens begins to multiply.

200,000 Life on Earth regresses during a new glacial period.

100,000 Climate warms again. The Anunnaki (the biblical Nefilim), to Enlil's growing annoyance marry the daughters of Man.

75,000 The "accursation of Earth" - a new Ice Age-begins. Regressive types of Man roam the Earth . Cro-Magnon man survives.

49,000 Enki and Ninhursag elevate humans of Anunnaki parentage to rule in Shuruppak. Enlil, enraged. plots Mankind's demise.

13,000 Realizing that the passage of Nibiru in Earth's proximity will trigger an immense tidal wave, Enlil makes the Anunnaki swear to keep the impending calamity a secret from Mankind.

II. Events After the Deluge B.C.
11,000 Enki breaks the oath, instructs Ziusudra/Noah to build a submersible ship. The Deluge sweeps over the Earth; the Anunnaki witness the total destruction from their orbiting spacecraft. -- - Enlil agrees to grant the remnants of Mankind implements and seeds; agriculture begins in the highlands. Enki domesticates animals.

10,500 The descendants of Noah are allotted three regions. Ninurta, Enlil's foremost son, dams the mountains and drains the rivers to make Mesopotamia habitable; Enki reclaims the Nile valley. The Sinai peninsula is retained by the Anunnaki for a post-diluvial spaceport; a control center is established on Mount Moriah (the future Jerusalem).

9780 Ra/Marduk, Enki's firstborn son, divides dominion over Egypt between Osiris and Seth.

9330 Seth seizes and dismembers Osiris, assumes sole rule over the Nile Valley.

8970 Horus avenges his father Osiris by launching the First Pyramid War. Seth escapes to Asia, seizes the Sinai peninsula and Canaan.

8670 Opposed to the resulting control of all the space facilities by Enki's descendants, the Enlilites launch the Second Pyramid War. The victorious Ninurta empties the Great Pyramid of its equipment.

Ninhursag, half-sister of Enki and Enlil, convenes peace conference. The division of Earth is reaffirmed. Rule over Egypt transferred from the Ra/Marduk dynasty to that of Thoth. Heliopolis built as a substitute Beacon City.

8500 The Anunnaki establish outposts at the gateway to the space facilities; Jericho is one of them.

7400 As the era of peace continues, the Anunnaki grant Mankind new advances; the Neolithic period begins. Demigods rule over Egypt.

3800 Urban civilization begins in Sumer as the Anunnaki reestablish there the Olden Cities, beginning with Eridu and Nippur.

Anu comes to Earth for a pageantful visit. A new city, Uruk (Erech), is built in his honor; he makes its temple the abode of his beloved granddaughter Inanna/lshtar.

III. Kingship on Earth (noting how the word CAIN as in Enki's best babysitter genetics became our word KING=one who enforces the Annunaki rules:"Genesis of the Grail Kings")
3760 Mankind granted kingship. Kish is first capital under the aegis of Ninurta. The calendar begun at Nippur. Civilization blossoms out in Sumer (the First Region).

3450 Primacy in Sumer transferred to Nannar/Sin. Marduk proclaims Babylon "Gateway of the Gods." The "Tower of Babel" incident. The Anunnaki confuse Mankind's languages.

Hiscoup frustrated, Marduk/Ra returns to Egypt, deposes Thoth, seizes his younger brother Dumuzi who had betrothed Inanna. Dumuzi accidentally killed; Marduk imprisoned alive in the Great Pyramid. Freed through an emergency shaft, he goes into exile.

3100 350 years of chaos end with installation of first Egyptian Pharaoh in Memphis. Civilization comes to the Second Region.

2900 Kingship in Sumer transferred to Erech. Inanna given dominion over the Third Region; the Indus Valley Civilization begins.

2650 Sumer's royal capital shifts about. Kingship deteriorates. Enlil loses patience with the unruly human multitudes.

2371 Inanna falls in love with Sharru-Kin (Sargon). He establishes new capital city. Agade (Akkad). Akkadian empire launched.

2316 Aiming to rule the four regions, Sargon removes sacred soil from Babylon. The Marduk-Inanna conflict flares up again. It ends when Nergal, Marduk's brother, journeys from south Africa to Babylon and persuades Marduk to leave Mesopotamia.

2291 Naram-Sin ascends the throne of Akkad. Directed by the warlike Inanna, he penetrates the Sinai peninsula, invades Egypt.

2255 Inanna usurps the power in Mesopotamia; Naram-Sin defies Nippur. The Great Anunnaki obliterate Agade. Inanna escapes. Sumer and Akkad occupied by foreign troops loyal to Enlil and Ninurta.

2220 Sumerian civilization rises to new heights under enlightened rulers of Lagash. Thoth helps its king Gudea build a ziggurat-temple for Ninurta.

2193 Terah, Abraham's father, born in Nippur into a priestly-royal family.

2180 Egypt divided; followers of Ra/Marduk retain the south; Pharaohs opposed to him gain the throne of lower Egypt.

2130 As Enlil and Ninurta are increasingly away, central authority also deteriorates in Mesopotamia. Inanna's attempts to regain the kingship for Erech does not last.

The Fateful Century B.C. (ab-RA-h'am : Enlil / RA breathed into the families genes. More on Enlil the murderous: "The Shining Ones" and :Genius of the Few")
2123 Abraham born in Nippur.

2113 Enlil entrusts the Lands of Shem to Nannar; Ur declared capital of new empire. Ur- Nammmu ascends throne, is named Protector of Nippur. A Nippurian priest-Terah, Abraham's father - comes to Ur to liaison with its royal court.

2096 Ur-Nammu dies in battle. The people consider his untimely death a betrayal by Anu and Enlil. Terah departs with his family for Harran.

2095 Shulgi ascends the throne of Ur, strengthens imperial ties. As empire thrives, Shulgi falls under charms of Inanna, becomes her lover. Grants Larsa to Elamites in exchange for serving as his Foreign Legion.

2080 Theban princes loyal to Ra/Marduk press northward under Mentuhotep I. Nabu, Marduk'sson, gains adherents for his father in Western Asia.

2055 On Nannar's orders, Shulgi sends Elamite troops to suppress unrest in Canaanite cities. Elamites reach the gateway to the Sinai peninsula and its Spaceport.

2048 Shulgi dies. Marduk moves to the Land of the Hittites. Abraham ordered to southern Canaan with an elite corps of cavalrymen.

2047 Amar-Sin (the biblical Amraphel) becomes king of Ur. Abraham goes to Egypt, stays five years, then returns with more troops.

2041 Guided by Inanna, Amar-Sin forms a coalition of Kings of the East, launches military expedition to Canaan and the Sinai. Its leader is the Elamite Khedor-la'omer. Abraham blocks the advance at the gateway to the Spaceport.

2038 Shu-Sin replaces Amar-Sin on throne of Ur as the empire disintegrates.

2029 Ibbi-Sin replaces Shu-Sin. The western provinces increasingly to Marduk.

2024 Leading his followers, Marduk marches on Sumer, enthrones himself in Babylon. Fighting spreads to central Mesopotamia. Nippur's Holy of Holies is defiled. Enlil demands punishment for Marduk and Nabu; Enki opposes, but his son Nergal sides with Enlil. -- As Nabu marshals his Canaanite followers to capture the Spaceport, the Great Anunnaki approve of the use of nuclear weapons. Nergal and Ninurta destroy the Spaceport and the errant Canaanite cities.

2023 The winds carrythe radioactive cloud to Sumer. People die a terrible death, animals perish, the water is poisoned, the soil becomes barren. Sumer and its great civilization lie prostrate. Its legacy passes to Abraham's seed as he begets -at age 100 - a legitimate heir: Isaac. - (All of the above was taken from Zecharia Sitchin's EARTH CHRONICLES.)

Thoth (Hermes / Enki lineage) quote: "You Need No Longer be Spawn of the Nephalim";

Next - study "Genius of the Few" and "Shining Ones" to gain more historical detail on the 'angry' """"GOD""""" Yahwel / Enlil whom the Jewish religion worship. Good documentation that this medium grade crossed Reptilian ('Levite'=snake) - is in fact more murderous than Hitler or Stalin. This is only explained by his function as a front for the fallen Drac- Nephalim - who body snatched our planets genepool around Sumerian times ( That Alpha Draconis hex flag and craft shape and philosophy - - became Isreal. That fundamental philosophy - fallen Seraphic (Dragon / UR ) became Nephilim (no DNA implosion) being that planted genepools are DESIGNED to be harvested. The harvesters are generations of genetically bred bankers / insurers- or shall we call the Templar origins of banking and insurance on this planet by their names used when public relations budgets are smaller: PIRACY AND EXTORTION. When Enki's genetic - the Sephartic - Benjaminic KA/listo/thar/ - was usurped by the Assa Ashoka ASHkanazi - whose more soulless Mongolian genetic became the Bank of England / US Fed Reserve & Government of Isreal. Proof: the Sephartic are the lucid dreamers - something only implosive DNA can do - prelude to surviving death.


before we resume the history of the lies of the US government ( Gemstone files below)

an exerpt of the history story (from:

Advanced Film Series- Sept 09: (Exerpt Sat1 / pt 1) Great Dragon! Ancient and Stellar History of DNA -Revisited - with Dan Winter.. -..

This Film:

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Advanced Film Series- Sept 09: (Exerpt Sat1 / pt 1) Great Dragon! Ancient and Stellar History of DNA -Revisited - with Dan Winter.. here is the Curriculum exerpt: (reprint from below, also see & , & , series summary articles:

GenePools and Gravity Making for Peace - Re-myologizing EA's EArth.

This section is from the article and important films at:

Remember this Angel GABRIEL character- right out of Dee's TABLET of NALVAGE- is the SAME GUY who narrated -origin of Christianity- to MARY, origin of Muslim- to Muhammed, AND origin of Mormon - to Joseph Smith - so.. (if we want to end these bloody religion wars- it seems we damn well better figure out what- GABRIEL's Seraphim - agenda really was!!- The real start- is a bloodline (the Seraphim- Uru / Dragon) had a genetic problem... (see below film) -
AND their representative (yes the SAME secret agent) name GABRIEL - came and announced some necessary hygiene measures to:

1. The Christians (Mary spoke to Gabriel)

2. The Mormons (Joseph Smith spoke to Gabriel)

3. The Muslims ( Muhammed spoke to Gabriel).

SO ... who were these Seraphim whose message Gabriel brought to ALL religions? What is the story? Where do we fit in??

The simple conclusion is that ALL the religions have the same source: The hygiene information for how we immortalize our Biologic (DNA) Energy fields!

There is a certain stage in the Annunaki tales- when we are informed repeatedly that our genepool has been saved (Enki did love his kids).. by the Lucid Dreaming star ancestor named GALZU (Links below) . We suspect he was of the Ophanim, Bird Tribe (Enki's Mother's Paa Taal line). The fun question is - what made him suspect that OUR genepool was SO important and worth saving - that we might BE the vaccine to those nasty Orion Wars (Hint: Empire Strikes Back!!>!>>!>!)

.. kids this is even MORE fun than STAR WARS!!! And you ARE the hero when YOU choose to ignite your DNA with the (microchloridians) of your own BLISS.

For the real LOCAL / Enki history of the URU / USU - Draco/ Dragon blood (Courtesy ANTON PARKS) :

For detailed- URU-opean (European)- bloodline tracking (Hungarian - etc-thru the language lines/ language crystal):

For nice example of the origins of the term Yalweh- misappropriated by Enlil >Enki's nemesis / unsuccessful clone attempt:

Dragon Script DNA: Hungarian Seraphim Alphabet / Cult-UR Urigins..


Below-images: seeing that the old Hungarian (related to the Finnish language - used for Lord of the Ring): Rovas Iras - is universally believed to be rooted in old SUMERIAN. - then we note the roots of this symbol set - IS -LIKE HEBREW- derived from the SYMMETRY VIEWS OF THE CUBE!

This we believe is the ancient tradition of addressing the symmetry angles necessary to impress charge into DNA...and thus cause it to morph (see article bottom: Russians find scientific evidence of ET ability to mutate DNA..)..

from Dan Winter. Photo Galleries of the Hungarian / Transylvania conferences

Implosion Group Newsletter Sept 25, 07- This article (with images): , Implosion Group Main Index: -new>SiteSearch Our film library..

In our last newsletter - we saw the symmetry sequence seen by those who WERE successful in bringing memory through death - was exactly the path which energy / charge takes in to DNA's fold sequence. So for this article - we should be getting accustomed to looking the Dragon's (DNA's) fire straight in the mouth.

Now - back to our history of the Dragon in DNA Story: We know the Draco were originally from Alpha Draconis. We know this is the origin of Eastern Dragon worship, and the ubiquitous Alpha Draconis zodiac temple starmaps - Ankhor Wat etc. Also the shape of the stars of Alpha Draconis became the arabic letter 'L' as in ELohim etc. Later the lead star there, Arrakeis - originates the DUNE story. We see the genetic disasters of the Draco history became the ANNUNAKI - and their 'fallen' status - DNA failure to sustain gravity making fractal charge implosion - called NEPHALIM.

-insert Dec25: How Thuban got its name- Thuban is named after a star. Its full astronomical name is "Alpha Draconis", It was once thought to be the brightest star in the constellation Draco, hence the 'Alpha' designation. The honor really goes to a star named Eltanin, "Gamma Draco". It is believed that Thuban was considerably brighter several thousand years ago. This star was the pole star at about 2700 BC. The fact that Thuban was the Pole Star at just the time the Egyptians were building pyramids hasn't escaped the archaeologists. Several structures appear to have been set up to align with Thuban during this time.
The Pole Star -- Wichahpi Owanjila, a star that always stands in one place -- was Thuban (Alpha Draconis) around 3000 BC. Around 7500 AD, Alpha Ceiphei will be the pole star, then Deneb, then bright Vega (14000 AD), then it'll swing around to Thuban again. For many centuries there has been and will be no bright star close enogh to where the pole is to serve as pole star; the bright northern stars and constellations then seem to revolve through the night about an empty center.
Thuban is the Arabic name for Dragon. To find Thuban, sweep down the length of the Little Dipper, and jump over to the end of the handle of the Big Dipper. Midway is found a much fainter star, which is Thuban.

--We compare this to the Thiaooba- (Draco?) history of Earth -Next paragraph quoted from "Q. How do you pronounce Thiaoouba ? A. Thiaoouba is the English representation of the word in which "T" is silent and "b" is a sound between "B" and "V". Hebrew people pronounce Thiaoouba "Hyehouva". Interestingly, this is the most frequently encountered word in the Bible, because it is the name Moses used to refer to "God" when he wrote the first 5 chapters of the Bible in Hebrew @3250 years ago. "

(Update: Sept 13,09: There is a new pictorial discussion of the how the word Yalweh- (yod vs vah) came to mean two opposing plasma cones - phase conjugating to make life- from the original shape of the orion star masses.. , then those 2 opposing cones / triangles came to be the Star of David- symbol of Draco../ Uru )

Compare this to the Vedic name for SHIVA: yod he vau he.. (also the name for Yalweh / Amun / Enlil)- discussion below. This was a Draco term for a bloodline which was PHASE CONJUGATE. We see that the geometry of YOD and VAU - if we look at the power spectra / sonic hologram of thes Hebrew letters- is 2 opposing cones ( see: Spectrograms of the Hebrew Letters- ). See how these 2 opposing gravity wind cones - from the shape of the stellar masses around Orion- became the (Deep Space NINE / Antarean Conversion) universal symbol for Orion -

Those same 2 opposing light cones - were later called - Yod He Vau He- Yalweh - the battle cry of the Orion wars- and name for the blood line which MIGHT control. The point here - is that two opposing cones PHASE CONJUGATING is precisely how Peter Gariev describes the PHYSICS OF WHAT ENABLES DNA TO MAKE BLACK HOLES (and its own gravity bending) see below.- Particularly related to Dr Gariev - DNAWAVE - reprints at more recent article:


It is important to see how ubiquitous this Draco story is to our genetic history. Observe in the table below - how the correct term for this DRACO bloodline of genetic memory: URU - becomes the centerpiece of a huge piece of modern historical naming. The URU - being 'of the ANCIENT DRAGON BLOOD' - became - URal, eURope, ibiURU, n'ibiURU (Hebrew, Niburu), URUan/ Roman Rumanian, boURg (UR of the BO or Beezebub meaning Enki line) - see the table below.

Also looking at that table we see the origin of the word MAGYAR and HUNGARY - ON-AG -UR (an=sungod, ag=source of fire, ur=dragon blood).

The purpose of this document is to make the connection between the origins of languages (like MAYGAR - RAGAS-URAS, and HEBREW / SANSKRIT)-

to the REAL symmetry physics of how DNA gains and loses that AG-ni or en-souling implosive gravity fabricating electric fire.

We would like to explore the image below - showing clearly how the cubic (or tetra-cube) symmetry is the origin of the MAGYAR / ancient Hungarian / ROGAS-IRAS alphabet. Remember the Hungarian / Finnish alphabet became the symmetry index to the LORD OF THE RING- which we now know is the RING donut (properly toiroidal electrical domain- dominant and 'dominus vobiscum') - which DNA can become when imploded by en-souling and charge acquiring BLISS. We illustrated how the possibly tetra indexing of DNA 'codons' became both the critical DNA braid programmer - AND Hebrew - language structure - at- , , etc.

At - we explored in depth the known political structure of the Annunaki - which as well documented by Sitchin - was called THE NINE. In brief this became the Egyptian Ennead, the NINE steps of Palenque and Dante's Inferno- path thru death, and later the Hopi name PESHMEHTEN - WAY OF THE NINE - for the space trade charge implosive gravity wind toward ORION - caused by the fractal relation between our solar system in dodeca symmetry to Sirius/Pleades and Orion. After his training with Phyllis Schlemmer, Star Wars author called this DEEP SPACE NINE.

The point we need to make here: is that the symmetry set which became the NINE -structure of power- of ANNUNAKI politics - is actually precisely because of the physics which limited their DNA in absorbing charge- and thus ability to radiate charge. Bloodline physics determines political power because- POLIS as a word is defined by the coherence of the charge radiance of DNA (the KA) - the only ultimate source of ANY biologic (electric) power. A bee hive can swarm IF it has a BODY POLIS - aura coherent enough to be navigated collectively. (Hilary Clinton's - genetic field effect will determine if her POLItics succeed in exactly the same way.)

The 3 CUBED (tetra-cube) symmetry origin of both h'ibi-URU / HEBREW and MAGYAR/Hungarian/ROVAS-IRAS- is precisely dictated by the fact that their blood line / memory line DNA - indexes memory / charge acquisition (ability to braid and thus re-CORD) in just this way.

Tetra helix - DNA- and the TETRA CODON origins of symbol from DNA structure:

(Frank- I would like an exerpt from your notes here...)

Here: origins of Sumerian - Magyar - Hungarian.. (Summaire meaning Dragon..)

(pic below from book..)

--Sumerian nation’s name: Hun-gar, The Heavenly Circle


It is very outstanding, that the signs from the coding cube have also sumerian meanings.
We start with interpretation of these facts, firstly that which are coming from Imre Olah Karcagi’s studies, who showes that at the beginning Alalu was the king of the Heaven.
In his dissertation everything is explained by the coding cube. All his facts are focusing around one particular sign, which is situated in the central part of the coding cube. In this way all his statements are well understandable .

Sun (Nap) = Sky (Ég)
Land (Föld) = Earth (Föld)
H An = Sky (Ég)
L En-Lil = Soul (Lélek)
M En-Ki = Earth (Föld)

ALaLu is nothing else than the coding cube, or also the middle point of the cube, formed by hungarian vowels.
The duplication of the vowel L shows the constantly running System.
He is the middle, or center of the System. How long did he rule?
„During nine periods”- and of nine squers consists the cube itself.
The latest divine hierarchy, presented in my previous book, consists of the trinity of An, Enlil and Enki.Their places are marked on our cube.
In connection with the word aLuLim we can fix that it means the King or the Deer.
We should make indeed the connection between the hungarian Wonderdeer, becouse of the two LL, which means the two horns of the deer in hungarian acient Runa writing.
He is also the antient bull in the ancient persian myths and legends, who lived in the so called Eran Vedzs, which is an island in the middle of the world, and who’s horn is so white as the Moon.
Yes, the sign of the Moon is above the sign of the Deer.
Can be questioned the fact that we might get „The Supreme Creature” symbol in the sign H among the Runa writing.
In the language of the myths, this Moonlike crest symbolises firstly the twin pick of sumeru, secondly a horn of a halfcircle shape.
Anu, Enlil and Enki were „Gods with sparkling horns”, and above their signs we can see our H sign.
On the crest of Urnammu, the summerian King, we can also find next to the Moon and the Sun a Star, which is situated in the ship of the Moon.

About the same sign the symbolic documentation mentiones as the ”Sign of the Sumerian Sun”.
To the connection between the fish (hal) and the deer we came trough the vowels HL: in the word „Hal”(fish) is hiding a Deer (L).

In sumerian language the deerfish’s name is mu-na-ha, which is one of the Capricorn constellation’s name.
In this sumerian name is very interesting that are present the vowels M, N and H, which are also present in the coding cube, moreover, M and H are also present in the coloumn HaLoM (heap), where also „hal”(fish) is present.
The sign of the Moon.

The Sumerain Star, locked in the Moon Ship

On the page 18.: you can read:

HUN means: the first, the berginner, the ancient, who is coming from the heaven (sky)

GAR means: KÖR = Circle

With our runa writing: HUN = HN , where H means Hold (moon) and N means Nap (Sun)

EME means Language (Nyelv)

EME-HUN-GAR means with the code scube: The language getting from the heaven, or

Heaven (Sky) circle language, shortly the language of the heaven (sky)


EME-KU-GAR: (KU means earthly) means: The language of the Earth

On the page 19 you can read:

HUN-GAR menas the circle of the SUN and the MOON, that is the starcircle.

If we take the signs of the code cube in a circle, we get the sign system of the STAR GATE.

On the page 20:

Ellipse and his focuses

Notes on the above- approximate translation - thanks to Dr. Istvan from Budapest!

Remember - alternate translation for Summaire = DRAGON. Note how 'locked in the Moon Ship' probably refers to our hollow metal death star moon - still full of Draco's and (fallen DNA) parasites today. Also note- links at - the detailed scholarship showing not only is Akhanatun - pretty much historically identical with the personality MOSES, but the SAME PERSON essentially becomes the GREEK OEDIPUS. See how in the above table - where AN- the father of Enki - takes his kingship by eating the testicles of Alalu. Then Marduk- later known mostly as RA (Enki's son and brother of Thoth/Hermes/Ningishidda) starts a LONG tradition where EACH succeeding son takes over from his father by murdering his father. It is SO helpful to find the true genetic root of Oedipus. > table:

follow up to the discussions- showing the letters on the LORD OF THE RING - ring - are Finnish / Hungarian ( , ) - showing these alphabet torus donut charge symmetry ANGLES (alphabet letters) controlled the angles at which DNA was susceptible to ABSORB CHARGE - and thus be programmed. This language set was thus suggested to be of a dragon / draco / UR line whose DNA implosion (nephalim problem) - was their chief cultURal issue- and thus root of the physics of their alphabet URigin. - namely an alphabet which was the electric field symmetry array software enviornment for DNA programming ( , history / context : , ).


now we return to "Hells Mouth" recapitulation of US history of lies..

- From here - to learn the embedding of the Bankers from Jewish 'Yalweh' in US government - it is instructive to review: ( from Joe Viallis) -
"Therapy for Those Who Don't Understand the Visciousness of Isreali Bankers Control of America"

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Read : FBI evidence of Isreali Mossad behind 911 - compare to ..05-14-2004, 10:36 PM - - My first reaction to 911 was to hit the Israeli news to find out which Israeli firms were at the WTC. The Jerusalem Post informed me that there were ZERO Israeli-owned firms in the WTC. Furthermore, out of about 3,000 Israelis that could have been in the WTC, only 3 had not reported that they were safe.
So I can tell you that in my own first reading:
1. no Israeli firms.
2. no Israeli dead ( I think there was one dead on the plane - who knows, he could have been the real hijacker!). CNN has (or had) a website that listed all the dead by nationality. No Israelis on the list.

Mike Rivero over at WhatReallyHappened ( has lots of detailed information. I believe that there were some Jewish firms but they pulled out a month or two before 911. There were also some funny goings on with insurance and Jewish/Israeli companies prior to 911. It all adds up to one conclusion: MOSSAD did 911 - or at least knew about it and did NOTHING to stop it - which makes them guilty. Don't forget the filming, dancing and celebrating "Middle Eastern" men across the river - who turned out to be Israeli spies. I remember the initial report on FAUX news on 911 - so you can't say that this is fabricated. Only at the time, the nationality of the celebrants was not known. Turns out they were Israeli. Shouldn't that tell you something?

Speaking of Massive Multinatioonal assault on Alternative Medicines (they might allow DNA to get healthy and star making) - read THE LIE THAT IS AIDS/HIV..(see bottom there)

Speaking of ENLIL / YALWEH - who also called himself MICHAEL - the key to the MICHAEL LINE, UK etc..
( "St.Michael and St.George were the dragon-slaying 'saints', who fixed the dragons
{energy leys and energy streams} into place with their lances or swords.-,%20Ionization%20Under%20Cancer%20Beds,%20Scientific%20Measurements.htmlf )
(Enlil's/ Michael's passionate hatred for the female winged -not fallen- Drac queens stemmed from the identity of Enki's mother Aide the murderer of his mother)
...and most straight lines of Earth magnetic tubes - is to know that they were INSTALLED BY, NAMED AFTER and SERVED MICHAEL - whose fallen Dracs wired them to churches the planet over to gather the astral juices for sucking- much like we do Maple trees.

and finally - For Celebrating a CENTURY of Murder That is
Political America's BAD DREAM Needing Fresh Air
(SMANANIC RECAPITULATION means - Awareness Comes When the UN-Shareable is Made SHAREABLE)
: -

Skeleton Key to Hell's Mouth?

- we reprint: A SKELETON KEY TO THE GEMSTONE FILES (from: ) MAY 1, 1975

(To take these details of almost 100 years of political lies and murder that IS the U.S. Government - up to the present -
Implosion Group recommends finishing with: THE DEAD BODY COUNT BEHIND THE GEORGE BUSH FAMILY

at '
Bushed" &

The gemstone file was written in many segments over a period of years by an American man named Bruce Roberts. Parts of the file were released to certain Americans beginning in 1969. The number of handwritten pages is well over a thousand, of which I have read about four hundred. I do not have the time of the research facilities to varify the entire story. Perhaps others can help.

Since the scope of the work is so large, and the events described so complex and interlocking, it may be more easily understood with this skeleton outline of the gemstone thesis. Individual papers can then be read with greater comprehension.

1932: Onassis, a Greek drug pusher and ship owner who made his first million selling "Turkish tobacco" (Opium) in Argentina, worked out a profitable deal with Joseph Kennedy, Eugene Meyer, and Meyer Lansky. Onassis was to ship booze directly into Boston for Joseph Kennedy. Also involved was a heroin deal with Franklin and Elliott Roosevelt.

1934: Onassis, Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters (major oil companies) signed an agreement, outlined an oil cartel memo: Beat the Arabs out of their oil, ship it on Onassis's ships; Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters to get rich. All this was done.

Roberts, studying journalism and physics at the University of Wisconsin learned these things via personal contacts. His special interest was in crystallography -- and the creation of synthetic rubies, the original Gemstone experiment.

1936-1940: Eugene Meyer buys the Washington Post, to get our news Media; other Mafia buy other papers, broadcasting, T.V., etc. News censorship of all major news goes into effect.

1941-1945: World War II; very profitable for Onassis, Rockefeller, Kennedys, Roosevelts, I.G. Farben, (Pope Paul's employer) etc. Onassis selling oil, arms and dope to both sides went through the war without losing a single ship or man.

1949: Onassis buys U.S. surplus "Liberty Ships" in questionable (illegal) purchase. Lawyer Burke Marshall helps him.

1956: Howard Hughes, Texas millionaire, is meanwhile buying his way toward his own personal gain. He buys senators, governors, etc. He finally buys his last politician: newly elected V.P. Nixon, via a quarter-million dollar non-repayable loan to Nixon's brother Donald.

Early 1957: V.P. Nixon repays the favor by having IRS Treasury grants tax-free status (refused twice before) to "Hughes Medical Foundation", sole owner of Hughes Aircraft, creating a tax-free, non-accountable money funnel or laundry, for whatever Hughes wanted to do. U.S. Government also shelved anti-trust suits against Hughes' T.W.A., etc.

March 1957: Onassis carried out a carefully planned event: He has Hughes kidnapped from his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, using Hughes' own men (Chester Davis, born Cesare in Sisily, et al). Hughes" men either quit, get fired, or stay on in the new Onassis organization. A few days later, Mayor Cannon of Nevada (now senator Cannon) arranges a fake "marriage" to Jean Peters, to explain Hughes' battered and brain damaged in the scuffle, is taken to the Emerald Isle Hotel in the Bahamas, where the entire top floor has been rented for thirty days and later dragged off to a cell on Onassis's island, Skorpios. Onassis now has a much larger power base in the U.S. (the Hughes empire), as well as control over V.P. Nixon and other Hughes purchased politicians. L. Wayne Rector "Hughes" double since 1955, becomes "Hughes".

September, 1957: Onassis calls the Appalachian meeting to announce to U.S. Mafia head his grab of Hughes and his adoption of Hughes game plan for acquiring power: buying U.S. senators, congressmen, governors, judges to take control legally of the U.S. government. Onassis's radio message to Appalachia from a remote Pennsylvania farmhouse intercepted (reluctantly) by FBI's J. Edgar Hoover, on the basis of a tip-off from some Army Intelligence guys who wern't in on the plan.

Also in 1957: Joseph Kennedy takes John F. and Jackie to see Onassis on his yacht, introduced John and reminds Onassis of an old Mafia promise: the presidency for a Kennedy. Onassis agrees.

1958: Hordes of Mafia-selected, purchased and supported "grass roots"candidates sweep into office.

1959: Castro takes over Cuba from dictator Battista, thereby destroying cozy and lucrative Mafia gambling empire run for Onassis by Meyer Lansky. Castro scoops up 6$ million in Mafia casino receipts. Onassis is furious, V.P. Nixon becomes operations chief for CIA-planned Bay of Pigs invasion, using CIA Hunt, McCord, etc., and Cuban ex-Battista strong-arm cops (Cuban freedom-fighters) Martinez, Consalez, etc., as well as winners like Frank Sturgis (Fiorini).

1959: Stirring election battle between Kennedy and Nixon. Either way Onassis wins, since he has control over both candidates.

1960: JFK elected. American people happy. Rose Kennedy happy. Onassis happy. Mafia estatic.

Roberts brings his synthetic rubies--the original gemstones to Hughes Aircraft in Los Angeles. They steal his rubies -- the basis for Laser beam research, laser bombs, etc., because of the optical quality of the rubies. One of the eleven possible sources for one of the ingredients involved in the Gemstone experiment was the Golden Triangle area. Roberts was maried to the daughter of the former French consul in Indochina. In that area, Onassis's involvements in the Golden Triangle dope trade was no secret. Roberts investigation revealed the Onassis-Hughes connection, kidnap and switch. "Gemstones"--synthetic rubies and sapphires with accomplished "histories"--gemstone papers--were sold or given away to consulun offices--in return for information. A world-wide information network was gradually developed-a trade of the intelligence activities of many countries. This intelligence network is the source for much of the information in the Gemstone File.

January 1961: Joseph Kennedy has a stroke, ending his control over John and Bobby. The boys decide to rebel against Onassis's control. Why? Inter-Mafia struggle? Perhaps a dim hope of restoring this country to it's mythical integrity? They began committing Mafia no-no's: Arrested Wally Bird owner or Air Thailand, who had been shipping Onassis's heroin out of the Golden Triangle (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam), under contract with the CIA (Air Opium): arrested teamster Mafia Jimmy Hoffa, and put him in jail. Declared the 73$ million in forged "Hughes" land liens, deposited with San Francisco Bank of America, as "security" for the TWA judgement against Hughes, to be what they are: Forgeries.

April 1961: CIA Bay of Pigs fiasco. Hunt, McCord, CIA Battista's Cubans and Mafia angry about JFK's lack of enthusiasm. Mafia Onassis has his right-hand man "Hughes'top aid" former FBI and CIA Robert Maheu (nicknamed "IBM" for Iron Bob Maheu), hire and train a Mafia assassination team to get Castro. The team of a dozen or so includes John Roselli and Jimmy (The Weasel) Prattiano, expert Mafia hitmen, assisted by CIA Hunt and McCord and others. This was reported recently by Jack Anderson, who gets a lot of his "tips" from his friend, Frank (Fiorini) Sturgis--also on the Castro assassination team. The team tries five times to kill Castro with everything from long-range rifles to apple pie with sodium morphate in it. Castro survives.

1963: Members of the Castro assassination team arrested at Lake Pontechartrain, La. by Bobby Kennedy's justice boys. Angered, Onassis stops trying to kill Castro. He changes target and goes for the head: JFK, who, according to Onassis, "welched" on a Mafia deal. JFK sets up "Group of 40" to fight Onassis.

August 1963: Two murders had to occur before the murder of JFK, or people who would understand the situation and might squawk:

Senator Estes Kefauver; whose crimes commission investigations had uncovered the 1932 deal between Onassis, Kennedy, Eugene Meyer, Lansky, Roosevelt, et al. Kefauver planned a speech on the senate floor denouncing Mafia operations; instead, he ate a piece of apple pie laced with sodium morphate (used in rat poison), and had a sodium-morphate-induced "heart attack" on the Senate floor.

Phillip Graham: Editor of the Washington Post. Phillip had married Katherine Meyer, Eugene Meyer's daughter, who had inherited the Washington Post and allied media empire. Graham put together the Kennedy-Johnson ticket and was Kennedy's friend in the struggle with Onassis. According to Gemstone, Katherine Meyer Graham bribed some psychiatrists to certify that Phil was insane. He was allowed out of the nuthouse for the weekend and died of a shotgun wound in the head in the Graham home in Washington; death ruled "suicide".

November 1, 1963: The hit on JFK was supposed to take place in true Mafia style: a triple execution, together with Diem and Nhu in Vietnam. Diem and Nhu got theirs, as scheduled. Onassis had invited Jackie for a cruise on the Christina, where she was when JFK got tipped off that big "O" planned to wipe him out. JFK called Jackie on the yacht, from the White House, hysterical: "Get off that yacht if you have to swim"' and cancelled his appearance at a football stadium in Chicago, where this CIA-Mafia assassination team was poised for the kill. Jackie stayed on board, descended the gangplank a few days later on Onassis's arm, in Turkey, to impress the Bey, Mustapha. Madame Nhu, in the U.S. bitterly remarked whatever has happened in Vietnam.

One of the assassination teams was picked up in Chicago with a rifle and quickly released by the police. Three weeks later the Mafia's alternate and carefully arranged execution plan went into effect: JFK was assassinated in Dallas. A witness who recognised pictures of some of the people arrested in Dealey Plaza as having been in Chicago three weeks earlier told Black Panthers Hampton and Clark.

The JFK murder: Onassis-Hughes' man Robert Maheu reassigned the Mafia-CIA Castro assassination team to the murder of JFK adding Eugene Brading a third Mafia hitman from the Denver Mafia Amaldones "family". Two months earlier Brading on parole after a series of crimes applied for a new driver's license explaining to the California DMV that he had decided to change his name to Jim Brading. Brading got his California parole the first time to look things over and the second time when JFK was scheduled for his Dallas trip.

Lee Harvey Oswald CIA with carefully planned links to both the ultra right and to the Communists was designated as the patsy. He was supposed to shoot Governor Connally and he did.

Each of the four shooters, Oswald, Brading, Frattiano and Roselli had a timer and a back up man. Back up men were supposed to pick up the spent shells and get rid of the guns. Timers would give the signal to shoot. Hunt and McCord were there to help. Sturgis was in Miami.

Frattiano shot from a second story window in the Dal-Tex building across the street from the Texas School Book Depository. He apparently used a handgun-he is an excellent shot with a pistol. Frattiano and his back-up man were "arrested", driven away from the Dal-Tex building in a police car and released (without being booked). The Dallas police office is in the Dal-Tex building.

Roselli shot Kennedy once hitting the right side of his head and blowing his brains out with a rifle from behind a fence in the grassy knoll area. Roselli and his timer went down a manhole behind the fence and followed the sewer line away from Dealey Plaza.

The third point of the triangulated ambush was supplied by Eugene Brading shooting from Kennedy's left fram a small pagoda at Dealy Plaza across the street from the grassy knoll. (Brading missed because Roselli's and Frattiano shot had just hit Kennedy in the head from the right and the rear nearly simultaneously). Brading's shot hit the curb and ricocheted off. Brading was photographed on the scene stuffing his gun under his coat. He wore a big leather hat, its hatband marked with large conspicuous X's. (Police had been instructed to let anyone with an X-marked hatband through the police lines. Some may have been told they were Secret Service). After his shot, Brading ditched his gun with his back-up man and walked up the street toward the Dal-Tex building. Sheriff rushed up to Brading, assuming he was "Secret Service" and told him he had just seen a man come out of the Book Depository and jumped into a station wagon. Brading was uninterested. Brading walked into the Dal-Tex building to "make a phone call". There he was arrested by another deputy sheriff, showed his "Jim Braden" driver's license and was released without being booked.

Oswald shot Connally twice from the Texas School Book Depository. He split from the front door. His back-up man was supposed to take the rifle out of the building (or so Oswald thought); instead he "hid" it behind some boxes, where it would be found later.

Three men dressed as tramps picked up the spent shells from Dealey Plaza. One was Howard Hunt. Then they drifted over to an empty boxcar sitting on the railway spur behind the grassey knoll area, and waited. A Dallas police officer ordered two Dallas cops to "go over to the boxcar and pick up the tramps". The three 'trmps' paraded around Dealey Plaza to the Police Department in the Dal-Tex Building. They were held there until the alarm went out to pick up Oswald; then they were released, without being booked. In all, ten men were arrested immediately after the shooting; all were released soon after; none were booked; not a word about their existance is mentioned in the Warren Report.

Regarding Lee Harvey Oswald: Officer Tippitt was dispatched in his police radio car to the Oak Cliff Section, where Oswald had rented a room. Tippett may have met Oswald on the street. He may have been supposed to kill Oswald, but something went wrong. Tippett was shot by two men using revolvers. The "witness", Domingo Benavides, who used Tippitt's police car radio to report "we've had a shooting here", may have been one of the men who shot him. (A Domingo Benavides" appears in connection with the Martin Luther King shooting also.) Oswald went to the movies. A "shoe store manager" told the theatre cashier that a suspicious looking man had sneaked in without paying. Fifteen assorted cops and FBI charged out to the movie theatre to look for the guy who had sneaked in. Oswald had a pistol that wouldn't fire. It may have been anticipated that the police would shoot the "cop-killer" for "resisting arrest". But since that didn't happen, the Dallas police brought Oswald out for small-time Mafia Jack Ruby to kill two days later.

Brading stayed at the Teamster-Mafia-Hoffa-financed "Cuban Hotel" in Dallas. Ruby had gone to the Cabana the night before the murder, says the Warren Report. The rest, as they say, is history. Onassis was so confident of his control over police, media, FBI, CIA, Secret Service and the U.S. Judicial System that he had JFK murdered before the eyes of the entire nation; then systematically bought off, killed off, or frightened off all witnesses and had the evidence destroyed; then put a 75 year seal of secrecy over the entire matter. Cover up participants included among many: Gerald Ford on the Warren Commision (a Nixon recommendation): CIA attorney Leon Jaworski, of the CIA front Anderson Foundation, representing Texas before the Commission to see that the fair name of Texas was not besmirched by the investigation; CIA-Dallas Chief John McCone, his assistant; Richard Helms; and a passle of police, FBI, news media, etc.


Johnny Roselli received part of his pay off for the head shot on JFK in the form of a $250,000 "finder's fee for bringing "Hughes" (Onassis) to Las Vegas in 1967. Jimmy Frattiano's pay-off included $109,000 in "non-repayable loans", >from the S.F. National Bank (President: Joe Alioto). Credit authorization for the series of loans from 1961 to 1965, came from Joe Alioto and a high Teamster official. Dun and Bradstreet noted this transaction in amazement, listing how Frattiano could explain so much "credit" as his only known title (listed in D&B) was "Mafia-Executioner". Frattiano went around for years bragging about it: "Hi there, I'm Jimmy Frattiano, Mafia Executioner...." A bank V.P. told the whole story to the California Crime Commission, where Al Harris, who later shot off his mouth a little too much--"Heart attacked". When last seen March, 1975, Frattiano was testifying before a S.F. Grand Jury in regard to his participation, with East Coast Mafia Tony Romane, in the Sunol Golf Course swindle (which cost S.F. somewhere between $100,000 in "non-repayable loans" to start a trucking company in the Imperial Valley, where he engaged in a lot more swindling--involving U.S. Government member explained, "The Mafia is doing business directly with the U.S. Government now". Brading was questioned by the FBI two months after his arrest and released in Dallas as part of the Warren Commission's determination to "leave no stone unturned" in its quest for the truth about the JKF assassination. In spite of the fact that Brading was a known criminal with an arrest record dating back about twenty years, the FBI reported that Brading knew nothing whatsoever about the assassination. Brading became a charter member of the La Costa Country Club, Mafia heaven down near San Clemente. He also became a runner for the skim money >from the Onassis "Hughes" Las Vegas casinos to Onassis' Swiss Banks.

GERALD FORD; of the Warren Commission went on to become President by appointment of Nixon, then in danger of even further and more serious exposure--from which position of trust Ford pardoned Nixon one month later, for "any and all crimes he may have committed." That covers quite a lot but Ford is good at covering things up. McCONE; the head of CIA-Dallas, went on to become a member of the ITT Board of Directors sitting right next to Francis L. Dale, the head of CREEP.

RICHARD HELMS; McCone's assistant at Dallas, ultimately has been rewarded with the post of CIA Director.

LEON JOWARSKI; CIA Attorney, became the Watergate Prosecuter, replacing Cox, who was getting too warm. Jowarski turned in a startling performance in our "government-as-theatre" the honest, conscientious investigator who "uncovered" not a bit more than he had to and managed to steer everybody away from the underlying truth.

Dr. "RED" DUKE; the man who dug two bullets out of Connelly and saved his life was shipped off to a hospital in Afghanistan by a grateful CIA.

JIM GARRISON; New Orleans D.A. who tried to get Eugene Brading out of L.A. (but used one of Brading's other aliases, Eugene Bradley, by mistake), had his witnesses shot out from under him, and was framed on charges of bribery and extortion. FBI officers "confiscated" photos of Brading taken on the scene, etc.

After JKF's death, Onassis quickly established control over Lyndon Johnson through fear. On the trip back to Washington, Johnson was warned by radio relayed from an air force base; "There was no conspiracy, Oswald was a lone nut assassin. Get it Lyndon? Otherwise, Air Force might have unfortunate accident on flight back to Washington." Onassis filled all important government posts with his own men. All government agencies became means to accomplish an end: rifle the American Treasury, steal as much as possible, keep the people confused and disorganized and leaderless; persuade world domination. JFK's original "Group of 40" was turned over to Rockefeller and his man, Kissinger, so that they could more effectively take over South America (Onassis was one of the first to console Jackie when she got back from Dallas with JFK's body.) Silva, a S.F. private detective hired by Angelina Alioto to get the goods on philandering Joe, followed Joe Alioto to Vacaville, to the Nut Tree Restaurant, where Joe held a private meeting with other Mafioso to arrange the details of the JFK assassination pay off to Frattiano.

1967: Onassis has always enjoyed the fast piles of money to be made through gambling (in Manaco, in the 50's and in Cuba under Battista). Onassis took over Las Vegas in 1967, via the "Hughes" cover. U.S. Governmet officials explained that it was alright because "at least Hughes isn't the Mafia." Mafia Joe Alioto had Preseidential ambitions, shored up by his participation in the Dallas pay-off. Everyone who helped kill JKF got a piece of the U.S. pie. But J. Edgar Hoover, FBI head, blew his cover by releasing some of the raw FBI files on Alioto at the Democratic National Convention. Joe was out of the running for V.P. and Humphrey had to settle for Muskie. Humphry planned to come to S.F. for a final pre-election rally, sparked by Joe Alioto. Roberts threatened to blow the hit-run story plus its Mafia ramifications open if Humphrey came to S.F. Humphrey didn't come; Humphrey lost in San Francisci, California and the election.

October 1968: Jackie Kennedy was now "free" to marry Onassis. An old Mafia rule: if someone welches on a deal, kill him and take his gun and his girl: in this case, Jackie and the Pentagon.

July, 1969: Mary Jo Kopechne, devoted JFK girl, and later one of Bobby's trusted aides, was in charge of packing up his files after his assassination in L.A. She read too much, learned about the Kennedy Mafia involvement and other things. She said to friends: "This isn't Camelot, this is murder." She was an idealistic American Catholic. She didn't like murdering hypocrites. She died trying to get off Chappaquiddick Island, where she had overheard (alonf with everyone else in the cottage) Teddy Kennedy's end of the D.H. Lawrence cottage telephone calls from John Tunney and to Joe Alioto, and Democrat bigwigs Swig, Shorenstein, Schumann and Bechtel. Teddy's good friend John Tunney called to complain that Alioto's friend Cycil Magnin and others had tried to bribe Jess Unruh to switch from the Governor's race to run for the Senate for the seat John Tunney wanted so that Alioto would have an easier run for Governor. Teddy called Alioto, who told him to go to hell; then Teddy called the rest to arrange for yet another Mafia murder. Mary Jo, up to there with Mafia ran screaming out of the cottage on her way to Nader. Drunken Teddy offered to drive her to the ferry. Trying to get away from curious Sheriff look, Teddy sped off toward the Bridge, busted Mary Jo's nose when she tried to grab his arm >from the back seat, and bailed out of the car as it went off the bridge. Mary Jo with a busted nose, breathed in an air bubble in the car for more than two hours waiting for help, while Teddy, assuming she was dead, to set up an alibi. Mary Jo finally suffocated in the air bubble, diluted with carbon dioxide. It took her 2 hours and 37 minutes to suffocate while Teddy called Jackie and Onassis on the Christina. Teddy also clled Katherine Meyer Graham, lawyers, etc. Jackie called the Pope on Teddy's behalf, who assigned Cardinal Cushing to help. The next morning, the first person Teddy tried to call after deciding he'd have to take the rap himself was a lawyer, Burke Marshall, Onassis's friend in the U.S. Liberty shipps deal back in the forties and also the designated custodian for JFK's brains after Dallas (the brains have since disappeared). Cover-up of the Chappaquiddick murder required the help of Massachusetts Highway Patrol, which "confiscated" the plates from Teddy's car after it was fished out of the pond: the Massachusetts Legislature, which changed a 150 year old law requiring an autopsy (which would have revealed the suffocation and broken nose); Coroner Mills, who let Kennedy's aide K. Dun Grifford, supply him with a death certificate, already prepared for Hill's signature, listing cause of death as drowning: Police Chief Arenas: Cardinal Cushing's priest who appeared before the Kopechne's "direct from God" with personal instructions from Him that Mary Jo was not to be disturbed; a Pennsylvania mortuary where Mary Jo's broken nose was patched up, East and West phone companies, whiched clamped maximum security on the records of calls to and from the cottage. S.F. Police Chief Cahill was reassigned to a new job; Security Chief for Pacific Telephone. The U.S. Senate, who never said a word about Teddy's (required equipment) plug-in phone; the judge who presided over the mock hearing; James Feston, editor of Martha's vineyard's only newspaper, who never heard a word about Teddy's phone at the cottage, though residents called in to tell the newspaper; the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. John Tunney's sister, Joan, heard her brother's end of the p hone call, made from her house in Tiburon, to the Chappaquiddick cottage. The next day, after Mary Jo died, Joan ran away to Norway, where she was kidnapped by Mafia hoods Mari and Adamo. They locked her up in a Marseille heroin factory. Joan's husband complained so she chopped his head off with an ax, and was subsequently locked up in a nuthouse belonging to the Marquess of Blandford, then Tina Livanos Onassis' husband. Mari and Adamo got pressed into scrap metal in a New Jersey auto junkyard. In the panic of trying to cover up Teddy's quilt at Chappaquiddick, many things came unglued. The JFK murder threatened to creep out of the woodwork again; Black Panthers Hampton and Clark were murdered (the Chicago cops fired over Attorney Charles Garry's because of what they knew about the JFK murder squad's presence at Chicago on November 1,1963.

September 1969: "Gemstones", with histories, had been released around the globe for several years. In 1969, Roberts gave a Gemstone with history to Mack, head of California CREEP, for Nixon, with the proposition: the Presidency in return for wiping out the Mafia ("history"?). The "history" included Teddy's phone calls to and from the Lawrence Cottage on Chappaquiddick billed to Teddy's home phone in Havannisport. Nixon being Mafia himself, wasn't interested; but kept the information to use on Teddy whenever it seemed advantageous.

May 4, 1970: Charlotte Ford Niarchos called her ex-husband Stavros, worried about the Ford Foundation's involvement in the Chappaquiddick cover-up. Eugenie Livanos Niarchos, in bed with her husband, overheard the conversation. Stavros was forced to beat her to death; he ruptured her spleen and broke the cartilage in her throat. Cause of death was listed as "overdose of barbituates," though autopsy showed these injuries.

NOTE: L. Wayne Rector was hired around 1955 by the Carl Byoir P.R. Agency (Hughes L.A. P.R. firm) to act as Hughes double. In 1957 when Onassis grabbed Hughes, Rector continued to act as his stand-in. Rector was the Hughes surrogate in Las Vegas; Robert Maheu actually ran the show; Maheu got his orders from Onassis; the six "nursemaids", called the "Mormon Mafia", kept Rector sealed off from prying eyes.

June 17, 1969: Bobby Kennedy knew who killed his brother; he wrote about it in his unpublished book, The Enemy Within. When he foolishly tried to run for President, Onassis had offed, using a sophisticated new technique hypnotized Sirhan, Sirhan shooting from the front "security guard" (from Lockheed Aircraft). Thane Cesar shooting from two or three inches away >from Bobby's head from the rear. Sirhan's shots all missed. Evelle Younger, then the L.A. District Attorney, covered it all up including the squawks of the L.A. Coroner Thomas Noguchi. Younger was rewarded with the post of California Attorney General later. His son, Eric Younger, got a second generation Mafia reward; a judge-ship at age 30. (See Ted Charach, L.A. author and director, The Second Gun, a documentary film on the RFK murder, bought and suppressed by Warner Brothers for more details). After Bobby's death, Teddy knew who did it. He ran to Onassis afraid for his life and swore eternal obedience. In return, Onassis granted him his life and said he could be President, too, just like his big brother, if he would behave himself and folow orders.

September 16, 1968: Hit and run accident on Robert's car parked in front of the Russian consulate on S.F. who routinely takes pictures of everything that goes on in front of the consulate. Their photos showed the license plate of the hit and run car UKT-264, on a blue Cadillac belonging to Angela Alioto, Joe's daughter, being driven by Tom Alioto, Joe's son whose driving license had been revoked. His license and the cars license were both fraudulent. To cover up the hit and run circumstances, B.F. MPJ's >from the Presido quickly staged a few more hit and runs on the same corner all duly filmed by the Russians. Katheryn Hollister, the Alioto family nurse was "persuaded" to take the rap for the hit and run. Roberts threatened to spill the whole story in court with photos. Next evening Brading and Frattiano showed up in the Balck Magic Bar, Brading wearing his x-marked hat from Dallas to see whether Roberts recognized it, how much he knew, etc. A S.F. MP from the Presidio piped up >from the end of the bar, "Iheard they let everyone with an X-marked hatband through the police lines at Dallas". Cover up support for Alioto in the hit and run was completed.

End of 1970: Howard Hughes presence on earth no longer required. His handwritting could be duplicated by a computer. His biography all the known facts about his life had been compiled and a computerized biography issued to top Hughes executives. His double - Rector - had been doing "Hughes" for years. And Hughes was ill. Clifford Irving, author of Hoax, about an art forger, became interested in "Hughes". Living on Ibazza, he heard the Mediterranean gossip that "Hughes" was a hoax, too. He went to "Hughes" so-called "Mormon Mafia", the six nursemaids for information. One of them, Merryman perhaps, tired of the game, gave Irving the computerized Hughes biography and from it Irving wrote his "autobiography". Hughes' death was expected shortly. Preparations were being made so that it would not interfere with the orderly continuation of his empire. Irving wrote his book and the publishers anounced it. Onassis knew someone had given Irving the information. He thought it was Maheu and fired him in November, 1970. On Thanksgiving Eve, 1970, in the middle of the night "Hughes" (Rector made a well-publicized "secret departure" from Las Vegas to the Bahamas).

December 1970: Onassis discovered his mistake and had Merryman killed. Robert Maheu accidentally deprived of his half-million dollars annual salary, sued "Hughes" for millions mentioning "Hughes" game plan for the purchase of Presidents, governors, Senators, judges, etc. Onassis paid off cheap at the price to maintain his custodianship of "American democracy" and the "free world" and keep from hanging for multiple murders. The "Hughes" Mormon Mafia party, plus Rector, fled around the world >from the Bahamas where they murdered an uncooperative Governor and Police Chief, to Nicaragua, where they shot the U.S. Ambassador between the eyes for noticing that there wasn't really any Hughes; and then to Canada, where Mormon Mafia nursemaid Sckersley looted a goodly sum in a swindle of the Canadian Stock Exchange; and on to London to Rothschild's Inn of the Park.

April 18, 1971: Howard Hughes, a human vegetable as the result of serious brain damage during his 1957 hustle, plus fourteen years of heroin, grew sicker and sicker. A final overdose of heroin did him in. His coffin was lowered into the sea from a rocky headland off the coast of Skorpios. Present at the funeral were: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Teddy Kennedy, Francis L. Dale, Director of CREEP, and a South Vietnamese cardinal named Thue. Onassis allowed some pictures to be taken from a distance; he himself did not appear. The pictures were published in Midnight, a Canadian tabloid. Albanian frogmen, tipped off, were waiting under the water. They siezed the coffin and took the corpse off to Yugoslavia, then to China, Russia and then perhaps to Boston in a foot locker. The corpse's dental work was compared to Hughes very own dental records and they matched. News of Hughes death, the U.S. take-over by Onassis and the facts surrounding the murders of JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Mary Jo Kopechne, and many more and the subsequent cover-ups (involving still more murders) had been circulating around the globe for several years. Any country with this information can blackmail the U.S> Mafia government, which has no choice but to pay up. The alternative is to be exposed as a bunch of treasonous murderers. This is why China-hating, red-hating Nixon was forced to recognize China (which he now claims as his greatest accomplishment). And this is also why the USSR walks off with such good deals in U.S. loans, grains and whatever elst it wants. All they have to do is mention those magic words - 'Hughes, JFK, RFK, MLK, Mary Jo - and th e U.S. Mafia government crawls into a hole. Information once leaked can't be unleaked. The only way to end the delema is through a nuclear war and that wouldn't be one-sided. The other way would be to throw the Mafia out of the United States. Starting at the top with Ford, Rockefeller and Kissinger. Super-patriots please note: No one, not all of the radicals and subversives hounded by the US domestic intelligence put together has done one fraction of the damage done to US economy, morality, power and prestige as by the theives at the top. On the day that Hughes was buried, Clifford Irving's wife presented a publisher's check mode out to "H. Hughes" to Onassis' Swiss Bank for payment. Onassis paid off cheaply at the price. Gemstone papers rolling around the world here and abroad kept the situation hot. Everyone was nervous. Rockefeller gave Kissinger $50,000 for Carlson and Brisson to write their 'expose' The Alioto Mafia Web for LOOK magazine. Their mission: find out everything that was public record about Alioto's connection with the JFK murder. There was a pay-off to Frattiano, listed in D&B. They were to explain it any way that didn't lead back to Dallas. The idea was to get Alioto to quietly go away but still keep the lid on everything.

May, 1971: Tina Livanos Onassis Blandford married Starvon Niarchos, her former brother-in-law until he killed her sister, Eugenie.

May, 1971: "Folk Hero" Daniel Ellsberg, a well-known hawk from the Rand Corporation, who had designed the missile ring around the "Iron Curtain" countries (how many missiles to aim at which cities) was told to release the faked-up "Pentagon Papers" to help distract people from Hughes, JFK, RFK, MLK etc. The papers were carefully designed by Ellsberg and his boss, Rand Chief and new World Bank Chief Bob (Body Count) McNamara, to make the Vietnamese War look like "just one of those incredibly dumb mistakes". This helped to cover up the real purpose of the war: continued control, for Onassis and his friends of the Golden Triangle dope trade: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia; and for Onassis and the oil people of Eastern oil sources, to say nothing of control over huge Federal sums, which could be siphoned off in profitable arms contracts, or conveniently 'disappear' in the war effort. McNamara's 'World Bank' handing-out of American money to 'starving nations' actually set up huge private bank accounts for various dictators in the Onassis-controlled Swiss bank. The money could be used as needed to support and extend Mafia operations. Example: $8 billion in World Bank funds for 'starving Ethiopians' wound up in Emperor Haile Selassie's personal accounts in the Swiss bank. This would make him the richest individual in the world, but other dictators have Swiss bank accounts too. Perhaps they are even larger. The money drained from America and other captive Mafia nations feeds a greed that can never be satisfied.

Rand Corp., one of our major 'think tanks' has another goody in store for the public: "Project Star" - Rand's cover-up fallback version of the JFK murder held in reserve should public restlessness over the Warren Commission Report cover-up ever threaten to get out of hand. That ought to confuse the people for at least another twelve years, and by that time most of us will be dead anyway....

NOTE IN PASSING: The dope trade routes are: Golden Triangle to Taiwan to San Francisco. Heroin from the Golden Triangle was sometimes smuggled into San Francisco in the bodies of American GIs who died in battle in Vietnam. One body can hold up to 40 pounds of heroin, crammed in where the guts would be. Some dope gets pressed into dinner plates and painted with pretty patterns. One dope bust in S.F. alone yielded $6 billion in herion 'china plates' - the largest dope bust in history. It was quickly and completely hushed up by the S.F.-Mafia press. The dope sat in the S.F.P.D. for a while, then was removed by FBI men and probably sent on its way to American veins. All this dope processing and shipping is controlled and supervised by the Mafia for the Mafia. Dope arrests and murders are aimed at independant pushers and maverick peddlers and smugglers who are competing with or holding out on the Mafia. While Nixon was conducting his noisy campaign against dope smuggling accross the Mexican border, his dope officer in charge of protecting the Mafia dope trade was E. Howard Hunt! Lots of heroin gets processed in a Pepsi Cola factory in Laos. So far, it hasn't produced a single bottle of Pepsi Cola. Some dope gets processed in heroin factories in Marseilles. (See the French Connection). Still more dope comes from South America --- cocaine and new heroin. US aid went to build a highway accross Paraguay. Useless for the natives who have no cars. (They use it for sunbathing in the day), it becomes the longest landing strip in the world and serves airplanes loaded with cocaine. It is financed by US tax money for the benifit of the international Mafia dope pushers. And then there is opium from Turkish morphine. This was the starting point of Onassis' fortune.

In case one is still wondering whether the Mafia can actually get away with such things, consider the benifits derived from controlling the stock market, the courts, the police, etc. In one swindle alone; the 1070 acquisition by "Hughes" of "Air West", which involved swindling Air West stockholders of $45 million. Recently indicted for this swindle by the SEC in a civil suit were "Howard Hughes" and Jimmy (the Greek) Snyder, not usually associated with the Hughes crowd, and others.

June 1971: Ney York Times began publishing the Pentagon Papers, Rand Corp's prepared cover-up of the real reasons for the Vietnamese war. Nixon had gotten a copy of the first Gemstone Papers circulated in the U.S. back in 1969. He was now wondering how much information Democratic Chairman Larry O'Brien had about Hughes, Onassis, JFK, RFK, etc. and more specifically how much of the dirt the Democrats planned to use. Nixon set up the "plumbers unit" to stop security leaks, investigate other security matters. Erlichman, Krogh, Liddy, Hunt, Young, etc. Hunt as "White House consultant" supposedly worked for the Mullen Corp. a CIA cover. Mullen's head client was "Howard Hughes" Robert Bennett was the head of the Mullen Corp.

June 28, 1971: Ellsberg indicted for leaking the Pentagon Papers.

September 3, 1971: The Watergate team broke into Ellsberg's docter's (Fielding's) office to get Ellsberg's psychiatric records. Team members CIA Hunt and Liddy, Cuban "Freedom fighters" De Denio, Martinez, Bernard Barker. All except Liddy had worked together back at the Bay of Pigs.

Question: Why the intense battle between Mafia forces? Answer: While Onassis was the recognized crowned head of the Mafia, intense, no holdsbarred scuffling for the lucrative second spot (control of U.S. Presidency, government and so on) was permissible and encouraged under the Mafia code of rules. The only stipulation: Outsiders mustn't know about it. "Hughes" contributed liberally and equally to both Democratic and Republican parties for the 1972 election. The winner would get even more for "Hughes".

September 23, 1971: E. Howard Hunt spliced up the phoney cables implicating JFK's administration in the Diem assassination.

October, 1971: Look magazine apologized to Alioto for their Alioto Mafia Web article and folded. The sticking point: thy couldn't prove Alioto's Mafia Nut Tree meeting back in 1963 re: the JKF murder.

November, 1971: Alioto re-elected S.F. mayor.

December, 1971: Robets applied for a "Gemstone" visa from the Russian Consulate on a tapped phone. Phone was tapped by Hal Lipset, S.F. private investigator, who worked for Katherine Meyer Graham and others, and routinely monitored Consulate phone calls.

January, 1972: The Watergate team showed up at the San Francisco Drift Inn, a CIA-FBI safe-house hangout bar, where Roberts conducted a nightly Gemstone rap for the benifit of any CIA or FBI or anyone who wandered in for a beer. James McCord, Martinez, Bernard Barker, Garcia and Frank Sturgis showed up - along with a San Francisco dentist named Fuller. James McCord remarked: "Sand and A rab oil with hydrogen heat makes glass brick threat of war to Arab nations". The event, like the other nightly raps, was taped by the Drift Inn bartender, Al Stern, who was paid to do so by his old friend, Katherine Graham, but told his other friend, Roberts, about it. The bar was also wired for sound by Arabs, Russians and Chinese.

January 27, 1972: Liddy and Dean met in Mitchell's office, with Liddy's charts for his $1 million "plan" for spying, kidnapping, etc. The plans included breaking into Hank Greenspun's Las Vegas office safe, in hopes of recovering Greenspun's file: on the Hughes kidnapping and Onassis's Vegas operations, which Greenspun had successfully used to blackmail Onassis out of $4 million or so. A "Hughes" get away plane would stand by to take the White House burglers to Mexico.

February, 1972: Liddy and Hunt traveled around a lot, using "Hughes Tool Co." calling cards, and aliases from Hunt's spy novels.

Liddy, Hunt and other Watergaters dropped by for a beer at the Drift Inn, where they were photographed on bar stools for Katherine Graham. These photos were later used in the Washington Post, when Liddy, Hunt and others were arrested at Watergate because CIA men like Liddy and Hunt aren't usually photographed. Roberts quoted to Liddy "the Chinese stock market in cars" the price on Onassis's head by the ear in retaliation for a few things Onassis had done; on Wayne Rector, the Hughes double; Eugene Wyman, California Democratic Party Chairman and Mafia JFK pay off bagman; and on Lyndon Johnson "four bodies twisting in the breeze".

Robert's quoting prices to Liddy at the Drift Inn made their deaths a mortal cinch. Liddy's like that and that's why the murdering slob was picked by the Mafia. "Gemstones" rolling around the Drift Inn in February inspired Liddy's Gemstone plan that became Watergate.

February, 1972: Francis L. Dale, head of CREEP and ITT Board of Directors member, pushed Magruder to push Liddy into Watergate. In a Mafia-style effort to shut Roberts up, his father was murdered by "plumbers" team members Liz Dale (Francic L. Dale's ex-wife), Martinez, Gonzalez, Barker; in Hahnemann's hospital, S.F. where Mr. Roberts had been take after swallowing a sodium morphate "pill" slipped into his medicine bottle at home by Watergate locksmith (Miami's "Missing Link" locksmith shop) Gonzales. The pill didn't kill him. He had a weak digestion and vomitted enough of the sodium morphate up (it burned his lips and tongue on the way out) but he had emphyxema and went to the hospital. In the hospital, "nurse" Liz Dale and "doctor" Martinez assisted him to sniff a quadruple-strength can of aerosol medicine enough to kill him the next day. The day before, Tisseront, head of the College of Cardinals at the Vatican, was pushed out of a Vatican window. Tisseront had followed the career of the present Pope, Montini (whose mother was Jewish). Montini sodium-morphate murdered Pope Pius XI; was banished from Rome for it by Pius XII; became Pope in 1963. Tisseront wrote it all down; called the Pope "The Deputy of Christ at Auschwitz", and the fulfillment of the Fatima 3 Phophecy: that "The anti-Christ shall rise to become the head of the Church". ( Insert here- this might be a good place to read about how Pope John Paul hid his days selling gas chamber gas for the Nazi's . This is a good time to update yourself on the dirty laundry of the papacy - since the new pope in his official infallibility has just pronounce YOGA to be EVIL - since YOGA means hygiene - we assume this means he has stopped using toilet paper).- Tisseront also wrote about all the suppressed secrets of the Roman Catholic Church: i.e. that Jesus Christ was an Arab, born April 16, 6 B.C. at the rare conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Arab (Persian) astronomers (the Magi) came to Bethlehem to look for their king, an Arab baby and found him in a stable, because the Jews wouldn't let Arabs Joseph and Mary into their nice clean inns, even then. When Jesus overturned the tables of the money lenders at the Temple, the Jews had the Romans nail him to a cross. He died on the cross when the Roman soldiers stuck a spear in his side, pulled out his liver, and ate it. Tacitus, the Roman historian, described it all in a chunk of history deleted by the Church. Nero burned Rome but that didn't stop the spreading of Moses' teachings by the early Christians, (Arabs). So the Romans decided to adopt the religion, clean it up, make Christ a Jew and Mary a virgin, and work out a church state deal to fool the people in the name of God and country that had been operating ever since. Around 311 A.D. at the Council of Nicasa the Christian Orthodoxy was established; a dissenting bishop had his hands chopped off; another bishop was assigned to round up all the old copies of the Bible and destroy them in favor of the "revised" de-Arabized version. Cleaned up Mathew, Mark Luke and John were declared "it", the other Gospels were declared Apocryphal, and heretical. Roman Emperor Constantine became the first "Christian" emperor. Later during the holy crusades the Bible was again rewritten to include Jesus' warning against the "yellow race".

"27 Gemstones, with histories, to 27 countries brought Red China into the U.N. and threw Taiwan out.

April, 1972: Money pours into CREEP: "Gulf Resources and Chemicals Corp., Houston, Texas" countributes $100,000; illegal laundered through Mexico, comes back through Liedtke of Pennzoil Corp., Houston. Robert Vesco gives Maurice Stans $200,000 "campaign contributions", etc. Liddy gives McCord $76,000. McCord buys $58,000 worth of bugging equipment, cameras, etc.

May, 1972: J. Edgar Hoover had the Gemstone File: threatened to expose Dallas-JFK in an "anonymous" book, The Texas Mafia. Instead, someone put sodium morphate in his apple pie. The corpse was carted away from his home in the back seat of a V.W.--and his files were "burned" but some of them got away.

May 28, 1972: First break-in at Watergate: McCord, Barker, Martinez, Garcia, Gonzales, Sturgis, DeDiego and Pico stood guard outside. Hunt and Liddy directed the operation from a (safe?) distance --across the street. The object was to check on Onassis's two men to Democratic Party HQ: Larry O'Brien and Spencer Oliver. (O'Brien chief "PR: client had been "Hughes"; Oliver's father worked for Onassis). McCord wire-tapped their phones. But!!!! little did McCord know that the plumbers were being observed by Hal Lipset, Katherine Graham's S.F. detective who had followed two of the plumbers from Liz Dale's side in S.F. to Watergate. Lipset "watched in amazement" as the Plumbers broke in and bugged the phones: then reported back to his boss Katherine Graham. Lipset and Graham set the trap for the Watergaters when they returned to remove their bugs and equipment.

"The style of the old Holy Roman Empire: a slave nation paying tribute to the conqueror."

October, 1973: Another "Holy War"--Israelis VS Arabs..

January, 1974: Joe Alioto grants Sunol Golf Course lease to Mafioso Komano, Frattiano, Nuniz, Madiros, Abe Chapman and Neil Neilson. Alioto sets up the Dallas murder squad in S.F. for more murders.

January 26, 1974: "Hughes" extradition trial cancelled in Reno by "Alioto Mafia Web" Mafia Judge Thomson after Moses Lasky from Mafia Alioto's California Crime Commission waves the forged "Howard Hughes" signature under his nose.

Maheu "wins" his damage suit against "Hughes" his blackmail pay-off after discussing Hughes' "Game Plan" for buying control of the U.S> by buying politicians: governors, judges, senators and presidents.

February, 1974: Mafia Hearst's daughter Patty "kidnapped" by Lipset's SLA in a fake terrorist action.

Martin Luther King's mother was murdered by a black student, a self declared "Israelite"--"acting alone" who was escorted to the church by somebody-- and who had a list of other mothers as targets. Next day the target Shirley Chisholm got the message and rushed to sign off the DNC suit against CREEP naming Francis L. Dale; she had been the last to hold out.

April 4, 1974: Mary McCarthy, a writer who had been given a copy of the Gemstone file, said in an article in the New York Review of Books, that the key to the formation of Liddy's Gemstone plan lay in the where-abouts and activities of the Plumbers between December, 1971 and February, 1972. Answer: They were in the DriftInn, watching Gemstones rolling around on the bar top.

August 6, 1974: Nixon and Ford signed a paper at the White House. It was an agreement: Ford could be President. Nixon got to bu rn his tapes and files and murder anyone he needed to cover it all up.

August 7, 1974: Roberts passed information to Pavlov at the S.F. Russian Consulate which led directly to Nixon's resignation the "more" journalism review's story about Denny Walsh's "Reopening of the Alioto Mafia Web story for the New York Times, killed in a panic, plug a long taped discussion of who and what the Mafia is. Hal Lipset listened to the conversation in the bugged Consulate room, had the phone lines open to Rockefeller and Kissinger who listened too. Rockefeller sent Kissinger to the White House with Nixon's marching orders: "Resign right now". Nixon and Julie cried. But there was still some hope, if Nixon resigned immediately, of drawing the line somewhere--before it got to the King of the Mountain himself--Onassis. Nixon, on trial, would blurt out those names to save himself: Onassis, Dale, "Hughes", even JFK.

August 8, 1974: Nixon stepped down, and Ford stepped up: to keep the cover-up going.

August 23, 1974: Frattiano in San Francisco, staying at the Sunol Golf Course. More murders scheduled RE: Gemstone cover-up.

August 30, 1974: Ford hires Mafia lawer Becker to work out a pardon deal for Nixon, who might otherwise name Onassis, Graham, and Pope Martini to save himself.

San Francisco Zebra Murders: A series of "random" killings, dubbed "Zebra murders" by the police because supposedly blacks were killing whites. The real target was Silva, the witness to Alioto's Mafia Nut Tree meeting. Silva was shot to death in an alley. Careful Mafia planning went into this series, to kill several birds with one stone.
1.) Get witness Silva out of the way, without being too "obvious" about it. 2.) Spread fear of "black terrorists" and convince people that the police department needed more mony and more repressive power.
3.) Blame and frame Black Muslims, knock off leaders of the oppisition.

September 7, 1974: Roberts nad made an agreement with a friend, Harp, of Kish Realty, over a bugged phone. Harp was to buy a Gemstone with history for $500, the price of a trip to Canada for Roberts to check inot the "Hughes" Mormon Mafia Canadian stock market swindle and other matters. But Harp was sodium-morphate poisoned before the deal could go through on this date.

Note: Sodium morphate: a favorite Mafia poison for centuries. Smells like apple pie, and is sometimes served up in one, as to J. Edgar Hoover. Sometimes in a pill or capsule. Symptoms: lethergy, sleep, sometimes vomiting. Once ingested, there is a heart attack and no trace is left in the body. Proof is in the vomit which is usually not analysed. Not mentioned in your standard medical book on poisons, etc. It is a common ingredient in rat poison.

September 8, 1974: Ford pardons Nixon for "all crimes committed" from June 20, 1969, (opps, make that January) through August, 1974.

Gemstone papers still floating around the wold. Gandhi talks about the U.S.' bloody deeds.

October, 1974: Ford drops "extradition" of Hughes from the Bahamas. Explanation: "We dropped it because we knew he wouldn't come". THAT'S FOR SURE.

"Four documents; four bodies twisting slowly in the breeze".

Lyndon Johnson: Sodium morphate "heart attack" at his ranch on the Pedernales River. Among his last words: "You know fellows, it really was a conspiracy...."

Alexander Onassis's plane crash at the "1000 foot Walter Reuther Level", via a fixed altimeter, at Athens Airport.

Eugene Wyman: California Democratic Party Chairman and JFK assassinatin pay-off bagman: Heart attack.

L. Wayne Rector, Hughes' double: Killed at Rothchild's Inn of the Park, London.

"Started the Shattering of the Mafia Economy".

March 18, 1973: Roberts called Hal Lipset, discussing all these matters publicly over a tapped phone. Lipset reported to Dean, who had hired him away from Graham, after they figured out who had taped the door at Watergate. (Mitchell: Katie Graham's liable to get caught in a wringer").

March 21, 1973: Nixon said that on this date, he "received new evidence on Watergate". Lipset bragged on T.V. that he had been the one to bring new evidence to Nixon.

Meanwhile, back at the Washington Post, Katherine Graham had been feeding Woodward and Bernstein information for their articles.

May 10, 1973: The first witness at the Watergate hearing running down the names on the CREEP organizational chart, mentioned the name at the top: Francis L. Dale, Chairman. Dale was never mentioned again during the rest of the trial.

July 9, 1973: Roberts had used Al Strom's Drift Inn bar as an open lecture forum for any and all and Al Strom taped it, for his boss, Katherine Graham. But Al was fair and told Roberts he was doing it, for which he was murdered on this date.

August 1973: Murder of Chile, by Group of 40: (Rockefeller and his man Kissinger), working with the CIA and $8 million. Allende's Chile. Admiral Noel Gaylor, Navel Intelligence, told Roberts 1 1/2 years earlier that Chile would get it: Roberts warned the Chilean consul in advance: Allegria, now "teaching" at Stanford. ITT had now extracted $125 million payment for its Chilean plants, a good return for their $8 million. Mafia controlled Chile's annual inflation rate has set a world's record.

March 19, 1973: Dean to Nixon, nervously: "There is a cancer growing on the Presidency".

October 3, 1974: The Watergate trial, the cover-up of the cover-up got underway, starting Montini's Bon Veniste, Onassis's Neal, Graham's Jill Volner. In the White House, Mafia Mayors Alioto, Daley and Beame met with the truth squad Ford, Scott and Griffin and Mike Mansfield, in secret.

October 10, 1974: Tina Livanos Onassis Blandford Niarchos, sodium morphate poisoned by hubby Stravos, puked, slept and died of "heart attack".

Losing his son Alexander, took all the fun out of killing for Onassis. Who was there left to inherit the world empire he had dreamed of handing over to his son?

December, 1974: Brezhnev had scheduled a meeting with Sadat. The outcome wouldn't help the U.S. no matter how many trips Henry made to the mid-East with clean socks and blank checks. A new U.S. "secret weapon" was apparently used, a tiny speck of metal, introduced somehow into Brezhnev's lymph system. It lodged in the cluster of lymph nodes over his heart, and there it was coated with layers of, much as an oyster created a pearl around an irritating grain of sand. Brexhnev's lymph system clogged up: he got the flu and the meeting with Sadat was cancelled.

Russian doctors X-rayed him and found a hugh lump in his chest. Then they put him before a Kirlian camera and checked his aura for cancer. No cancer.

Note: Kirlian photography is the latest Russian diagnostic tool. It reveals the presence of disease physical or moral (it also detects lies).

Brezhnev's lump had to be treated with radiation therapy: hence the rumors he had cancer> It took six weeks to clear up.

March, 1975: Onassis died. The Mafia Organization regrouped itself. Prince Fisal watched his uncle, King Fisal, silently watch the shift of Mafia Power and couldn't stand it anymore. He shot his uncle, the spiritual leader of 60,000,000 Moslems, who had played ball with Onassis all along.

South Vietnam's Thieu, dubious about which way the Mafia cooky would crumble, now that Onassis was dead, decided the time was right for him to split. He abandoned the war effort, cursed the U.S., and split for Taiwan, his plane so overloaded with gold bullion that he had to dump some of it overboard.

March 15, 1975: Roberts got the "Brezhnev Flu" and spent 2 weeks at U.C. Hospital. Doctors there without the Kirlian photography diagnostic technique, assumed the softball sized lump over his heart was cancer. It wasn't.

April, 1975: The Cambodian domino was no fun at all - it fell right over. Premier Lon Nol fled to exile in a Hawaiian suburb.

CIA chief Colby, in a fit of spite, leaked the stolen story of CIA Hughes Glomar Explorer's raising of the drowned Russian sailors from their sunken nuclear submarine. Purpose: To bag the Russians and also to halt criticism of the CIA by pointing out how noble, brave and self-sacrificing they are in their efforts to save us.

The Russians are funny about their dead. They bitterly resented Colby's game. They quietly went through a massive navel "war game", the rehersal of a nuclear attack on the U.S.

Which brings us almost to the present time. Ford, Kissinger and Rockefeller squat like toads on the corpse of America. By the time of the Bi-centenial the stink may be unbearable.

Ford now plans a propoganda mode version of his book, "Portrait of an Assassin", which will reiterate the exploded cock and bull notion that Oswald was JFK's lone assassin. With singular inept misunderstanding of the times, he seems to think Americans will take his word for it and be re-assured in the face of those crackpot conspiracy theories. He doesn't seem to realize that he will be reminding or informing Americans of his role on the infamous Warren Commission.

I hope this outline will make individual Gemstone papers easier to understand.

IF YOU FOUND THIS OUTLINE INTERESTING: - You won't be reading it in the papers for quite some time. At present the only way to spread this information here in America is hand to hand. Your help is needed. Please make 1, 5, 10, 100 copies or whatever you can, and give them to friends or politicians, groups, media. This game is nearly up. Either the Mafia goes or AMERICA goes. End


Below - quoted from

May 9, 2007

FBI-CIA ‘War’ Over President Kennedy Assassination Erupts Anew In US

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

The ongoing battle between the rival American Intelligence Agencies, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), over the November 22, 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy has taken, perhaps, its most bizarre turn in the releasing of CIA terrorist, and implicated JFK Gunman, Luis Posada Carriles, and as we can read as reported by the Reuters News Service in their article titled "U.S. charges against anti-Castro exile dismissed", and which says:

"A U.S. judge threw out all charges against anti-Castro Cuban exile and former CIA operative Luis Posada Carriles on Tuesday, allowing him to go free days before he was set to be tried for immigration fraud.

The surprise decision by U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cardone in El Paso, Texas, left uncertain the fate of Posada, who has a long history of violent opposition to Cuban leader Fidel Castro, and is viewed by many Castro opponents as a hero. He is wanted in Cuba and Venezuela, where is accused of masterminding the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people."

Russian Intelligence Analysts in their reports on this continuing saga show that the U.S. District Judge, Kathleen Cardon, who released the CIA terrorist Posada has long standing ties with the Bush Family and was appointed to her position by the current American President in May, 2003.

The Bush Family has long been implicated in the murder of the American President Kennedy with the senior Bush Leader, and former US President, having been appointed by the late President Ford as head of the CIA after the forced resignation of President Richard Nixon.

KGB reports from that era state that President Ford’s ‘fears’ were that both his and President Nixon’s involvement in the assassination plot of President Kennedy would be uncovered by US Congressional investigators intent upon undoing the damage the 1963 Coup against the US Government had done to their country.

President Ford, and who served on the Warren Commission that was charged with the cover-up of the assassination plot of President Kennedy, chose George Bush Sr. as he knew that the former American President was himself a former CIA officer and also implicated in the Coup to overthrow the US Government by the murder of its leader.

To the greatest fear of President Ford, according to these reports, would be the unraveling of the Coup Plot by the discovery that Jack Ruby, the killer of the alleged President Kennedy assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, once worked for President Nixon, and as we can read as confirmed by the subsequent release of US Government Documents, and that state:

"A 1947 memo, found in 1975 by a scholar going through a pile of recently released FBI documents, supports Giancana's contention. In the memo, addressed to a congressional committee investigating organized crime, an FBI assistant states: "It is my sworn testimony that one Jack Rubenstein of Chicago ... is performing information functions for the staff of Congressman Richard Nixon, Republican of California. It is requested Rubenstein not be called for open testimony in the aforementioned hearings." (Later in 1947, Rubenstein moved to Dallas and shortened his last name [to Ruby].)

Undercover work for the young Congressman Nixon would have been in keeping with Ruby's history as a police tipster and government informant. In 1950, Ruby gave closed-door testimony to Estes Kefauver's special Senate committee investigating organized crime. Committee staffer Luis Kutner later described Ruby as "a syndicate lieutenant who had been sent to Dallas to serve as a liaison for Chicago mobsters." In exchange for Ruby's testimony, the FBI is said to have eased up on its probe of organized crime in Dallas. In 1959, Ruby became an informant for the FBI.

Ruby's old Chicago boss, Giancana, was murdered in his home in Oak Park, Ill., in 1975 — shortly before he was to have appeared before a Senate committee investigating assassinations. Seven .22-caliber bullets were blasted into his mouth and neck, Mob symbolism for "talks too much."

These latest actions by the FBI against the CIA appear to have been ‘triggered’ by the deathbed confession of former CIA Agent and President Kennedy Coup Plotter E. Howard Hunt, and who, prior to his death, ‘confessed’ his role in the murder of the American President by also implicating Kennedy’s Vice President, Lynden B. Johnson, and who became the American President upon Kennedy’s murder and appointed the late President Ford to the Warren Commission cover-up.

According to the FSB reports on this matter, the information given to the FBI by E. Howard Hunt prior to his death, and implicating the CIA terrorist Posada in the Kennedy murder and US Coup, was ‘compelling’ enough for the FBI to break ranks with their own President and make unprecedented contact with the Cuban Government of Fidel Castro, even going so far as to send agents to the Caribbean Island of their sworn enemy.

To the present day importance of the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy, and the Coup upon the United States peoples government, and in light of the United States rapid decent into a virtual police state, it was, perhaps, best stated by Lee Harvey Oswald’s killer, Jack Ruby, and who stated to the Warren Commission:

"Well, you won't see me again. I tell you that a whole new form of government is going to take over the country, and I know I won't live to see you another time."

Jack Ruby was indeed prophetic in these words as he died a few short years later and the ‘whole new form’ of government the people of the United States currently live under in no way resembles the greatness that had achieved under President Kennedy.

To the Counter-Coup forces within the United States opening this new chapter into these matters, their potential for ultimate success is not know to us, but if based upon their past history we can see the darkness of failure once again facing them as their Nations descent into madness continues.

quoted from