The New HeartTuner BlissTuner from Dan Winter

The LoveTuner

Nov 09

is 4 Channel - Wireless (BlueTooth)

With Direct Compatibility Access to All OpenEEG Software

(Iphone Wireless Options Soon..)

4 Person EKG Group Heart Link up

(or up to 32 to one computer using only 4 -8 ch LoveTuner)

AND- 2 Persons Can EACH See BOTH HEMISPHERES of their EEG- Brainwaves- for Meditation Training - BlissTuner- TOGETHER!


Preliminary Announcement >




EKG EEG Heart Brain - Biofeedback System

>NOTE June 6 09, These HeartTuner films below are just NEWLY RELOADED - and available!

Also in May - we have Many Hours of NEW films up at

DVD's Available

New- Training Films - April 4, 09- Exerpts- - with Dan Winter (return to index)

Languages: English and Italian

note on Biofeedback system..

Above: Green is Alpha Frequenceis 7-13 Hz. Establish Baseline Frequency for Calculation of RATIO
Inset Box Upper Left: AMOUNT of Brain Coherence

Next : An Example of EXTREME - PHI / 5 Harmonics in EXTREMELY Blissful Lady in Australity

Above - note how the BlissTuner - measures an intense bliss- meditation moment

TWO Ways to Measure and TEACH EMPATHY..from the Heart (TUNER)

-FULL 2 CHANNEL HRV / Breath Disply
-Long Term HRV History Data Storage - for REAL LONG TERM WELLNESS STUDIES!