HeartTuner Research Protocol - proposed: May 05

first outline draft - from Dan Winter consultant@heartcoherence.com - in collaboration with Frank - frank@heartcoherence.com

Previous research summarized : soulinvitation.com/heartjournal


The Cepstrum Measure is the core of HeartTuner. This 'second order power spectra' uniquely measures the internal phase COHERENCE inside the EKG harmonics. Extensive use in many countries has strongly suggested there is a correlation between the short term rise of this internal coherence measure - and EMOTIONAL COHERENCE and even PASSION. Proving this biofeedback tool can measure internal emotional coherence - is critical to launching it's use as a teaching tool. Emotional coherence - is the key word in everything from EDUCATION, to MARRIAGE COUNSELING to CORPORATE COMMUNICATING today. Nowhere has such a powerful and direct measurement tool evidenced ability to so instantly measure and teach this critical inner emotional hygiene. It is necessary that further research be done to document and confirm the extent to which the subjective emotional state of inner coherence, can be made objective and measureable with a simple and straightforward biofeedback tool: HeartTuner.

In addition, by immediate and continous information about the heart rate change/ musical key signature of each EKG, it becomes immediately possible to continuously monitor when 2 persons hearts comes into phase lock. Extensive psychological experience in many countries has again strongly suggested that the acheivement and sustaining of this state of link or phase lock or synchronization between 2 person hearts is a dramatic and distinctly perceptible evidence of EMPATHY. Specifically - as hundreds of trials have indicated, 2 persons of significant emotional connection acheive the state of PHASE LOCKED HEARTS - and thereby EMPATHY- when measured by the movement together of their CEPSTRUM (coherence) peak s- left / right on the X axis. Persons of even slight emotive senstivity consistently report a feeling of charge or presence or 'tingle' when 2 persons hearts link in this way. The physics is simple and clear, when the EKG of 2 persons, is taught to consistently link -or synchronize - the electric charge we suggest capacitively couples - between those bodies. By enabling the passage of this charge between bodies ( like GrandFather clocks synchronizing pendulum) - the energy movement between those bodies is electrically enabled. It is the strong hypothesis of hundreds of long time HeartTuner users, that indeed this charge coupled connection ( MEASURED EMPATHY) - is the physics of EMPATHY, MARRIAGE COUNSELING, CONFLICT RESOLUTION, TANTRA, CORPORATE CONCENSUS PROCESS, etc.

The intented goal of this research outline and proposal is to describe protocol for the research to document and confirm - these 2 major abilities of HeartTuner measure: 1. EMOTIONAL COHERENCE, and 2 . EMPATHY.

-- Section One. Coherence Measure:

A population sample size of 10 to 20 persons, would each separately undergo individual - one channel - EKG sessions of about 10- 20 minutes with HeartTuner.

The first 3 minutes or as long as it takes would be to get the person absolutely still, and silent , and relatively stable on a 'baseline'.

All data is to be exported to Excel spreadsheet and saved for analysis.

Step one- note and record 2 minutes of baseline - patient and environment both quiet and still. - eyes closed.

Step two - ask patient to carefully and clearly form an inner picture of the best time they ever had with THE BEST LOVE OF THEIR LIFE (can be person, place or thing) - no words - just inner pictures - patient remains quiet, still, eyes closed, 2 minutes. Only note the time begin and end - after patient begins the visualization in quiet mode. (This is to check for COHERENCE = PASSION?)

Step three - rest 1 minute.

Step Four - ask patient to carefully and clearly form an inner picture of the worst time they ever had with WORST TEST OF THEIR LIFE (can be person, place or thing) - no words - just inner pictures - patient remains quiet, still, eyes closed, 2 minutes. Only note the time begin and end - after patient begins the visualization in quiet mode. (This is to check for LACK OF COHERENCE )

Step five - rest 1 minute.

Step six - ask patient to open their eyes, but remain still and quiet- record 2 minutes. (by record is meant note begin time and end time on chart).

Step seven - position patient so they can use a pencil, without much wrist movement. Give them a prepared sheet (same for each patient ) of 7 rather complicated multiplication, division, and fraction arithmetic problems. As they work without speaking, and without moving - record 2 minutes.

Step eight- rest 1 minute.

Step nine- same as seven except the sheet contains only VERY EASY arithmetic problems. Record 2 minutes - patient is to remain still and quiet when finished - til data session end.

Step ten - RELAX - eyes open - 2 minutes record.



Data analysis:

Spreadsheet analysis is used to graph - separately -

1. AVERAGE PERCENT CEPSTRUM COHERENCE for each - one - rest 2 minute time, two - love of life 2 minutes, (four above) - worst memory 2 minutes, (six above) - rest but eyes open 2 minutes (for more baseline), (seven above) - HARD math 2 minutes, (nine above) - EASY math .. , and (ten above) - RELAX eyes open 2minutes.

and 2. AVERAGE - HEART RATE ( Musical KEY) for each of the above.

The form of the graphs examples from previous study:

1st: Does COHERENCE increase during active conscious focus - group averaged: (study in lab in Hilversum, Netherlands)


ABOVE- Septrum peak amplitudes - higher during difficult, frustrating tasks. - Top Plot - AVERAGE of Subject Pool for Septrum (Coherence?) Peak - Vertical Axis - Power Density - Horizontal Axis - Time During Which Tasks were uniformly sequenced.

BELOW- Septrum Peak x-coordinate (Emotional Index) is lower during difficult tasks and higher during relaxation. What exactly does the Emotional Index tell us about our state of mind?

The below study was done with the earlier HeartLink - on Cepstrum EKG coherence, note- subject pool around 20 were studied before and after 6 month meditation intensive retreat.

see detail: soulinvitation.com/heartstudy

Other data display examples - Below: sample of data export for research file structure from HeartTuner.


Study - PHASE TWO:

This study specifically targets ability to measure empathy. Here the goal is to show that increased percent time with hearts entrained - correlates to emotional connection between significant human relationships.

Procedure : six to twelve COUPLES need to be available for testing about 15 minutes each. Procedure - two couples arrive WHO DO NOT KNOW THE OTHER COUPLE. The first couple is connected to heart tuner.

step one: record 2 minutes of baseline after they are quiet and still - eyes closed.

step two: ask the couple to hold hands (one hand) and get quite for a second, then ask them to remember VISUALIZE QUIETLY INSIDE - THEIR BEST TIME TOGETHER. Suggest no talking, record 2 minutes.

step three - release hands - rest one minute

step four - ask the couple to each separately visualize something for each one that they ALWAYS DO SEPARATELY (like his work versus hers). Record 2 minutes.

step eix - reset one minute

step seven- ask the couple to consciously try to link hearts with their partner - no movement - without touch - record 2 minutes.


Next - do the same with couple B.


Next - have the 2 MEN connect to heart tuner

one: record 2 minutes of baseline

two: ask them to clearly imagine something unpleasant about their profession. record 2 minutes.

three: rest 1 minute

four: ask them to try to have empathy and feel for the other person connected even tho they don't know each other.


Finally - connect the 2 WOMEN.

Repeat the same procedure as with men.


Do this until all tix to twelve couples have been tested - in pairs of couples.


Data Analysis:

Spreadsheet should graph - average coherence and average heart rates as above.. PLUS
Spreadsheet graph AVERAGE HEART RATE of each 2 minute test as PAIRS -to see phase lock.

Spreadsheet graph - PERCENT TIME DURING EACH 2 minute time - that the two had heart rate (musical phase lock) within 5 %.

This should correlate to empathy. Specifically - it is hypothesized that the percent time the couples dwell within 5% phase lock of EKG should be dramatically higher than the men or women pairs who had no relationship.



It is highly likely that on average couples should be able to demonstrate more empathy than persons who do not know each other. As a basic correlated to MEASURING EMPATHY - this test may be a practical beginning for clinical documentation that empathy is measureable. Another option for the study would be to check pairs of persons WHOSE PROFESSION IS SPECIFICALLY EMPATHY ( like healers, nurses etc.) versus PROFESSIONS REQUIRES DETACHMENT (like judges, policement etc.).


Other possibilites for this study:

As the HRV display in the new software is completed, we use the CADUCCEUS BREATHING TRAINER- and measure whether significant replicable increase in coherence follows caducceus breath cascades.



Also - once we develop replicable procedures for data collection - we should consider beginning to measure percent time when Heart Coherence is IN PHASE - with BRAIN COHERENCE:

(below an early test in the original software enviornment):