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During the "Global-Link" simulcasts, we provide guided earth healing meditation, sacred dance synchronized at multiple sites, and use visual cues of the site being healed, and biofeedback of heart sonics & breath, and also the Schumann resonance electrostatics fed back from that site. As the power of millions of people visualizing and breathing together and praying, effects the magnetic harmonics of key earth grid sites, the planet can watch our collected mind heal our Earth, in real time. -

Update 5/98

The Project to Entrain HeartBeats around the Earth, in the "Embedable" Frequency Nesting of Love..

7/31 New Inexpensive "Heart" Biofeedback PC System to see HeartMusic Works!! :A love "bug"

and the TEAM Assembles to do the Project:

new 6/98:Using the Heart Harmonics to Ignite the Earth Grid, Newest Image & Animations!

if you already kind of get this, for a new fun insight on the biofeedback game and global heart link concept please see: How A "Lophly Little JOYSTICK" works


we're workin on a spiffy press release..The Heart Intelligence Biofeedback Trainer (HeartBeat2000uner)

great personal dream story(s) about embedding hearts project

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internation talk Dan Winter gave at the American Polarity Therapy Association National Conference, Keystone CO. 6/98:



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Finishing with: Specific request for help from you please?


from Dan Winter


for information about becoming involved , please do contact

James Barrett

Coordinator of Coordinator of HeartBeat2000 Projects, Heart Intelligence Biofeedback Trainer: Embedability Monitor and the

HeatBeat2000 project.

concise summary:

We discover that oscillators like the human heart and / or brain, become more self organizing (nonchaotic) AND self aware and tend to envelope/embed their environment and friends, when the music in their harmonics becomes embedAble. What this suggests is that in the heart and in the body, little donut field effect waves nest most perfectly one inside the other like the layers of an onion, or the famous Russian dolls inside dolls. (We think this grail PHI dodec nest may be the worlds only truly more than 2 dimensional fractal. also see Fractal Geometry and the Golden Mean,.by Nigel Reading:) And we have repeated evidence to believe that this fractal arranging of biology's elecrical fields in the heart, HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE FEEL THE RUSH OF COMPASSION OR REAL LOVE.

Perfecting and completing this nesting of wave lengths into the PHI ratio of "permissable companionship for waves" then:

... also clinically eliminates addiction and attention deficit ADD among other benefits, ref: IsThisRecursion, & Marty Wuttke Clinic 770-512-4685 -(brain wave biofeedback and empowered kids!)

NEW links for Marty Wuttke revolutionary empowering neurofeedback:


Solving the perfect grail geometry of nesting, (The True Meaning and Origin of the Holy Grail..A Golden (Mean) Fleece.. Braid of Gold),

and solving the problem of separateness in general..MCSQUARED OR POWERED BY PHI?

The key clue was to understand HOW a little wave can nest non destructively in a big wave (the geometry of which is perfected in the Physics of Phi)... When this happens for example in the relation of the human heart beat as a wave, to the HEART RATE as a wave containing a wave, then this (more fractal) human heartbeat becomes a "sustainable oscillator", measureably more resistant to almost every chronic disease. This is a kind of astounding medical as well as physical definition of immortality.. Irving Dardik, MD, Cycles Magazine..The Origin of Disease and Health Heart Waves The Single Solution to Heart Rate Variability.

What was needed next was the simple mathematical principle to quantify or measure or teach, exactly when was a wave best nestable into a bigger wave. ( the carrier wave must not add and multiply wave beat notes destructing the "envelope" which contains it- see pictures in the Dardik link above.) After years of work in psychophysiology and sacred geometry, and having pioneered ekg power spectra work at Millard Fillmore Hospital, and Institute of Math, I advanced a simple but deeply profound hypothesis. Namely: that massive or large scale coherence (among many vibrations) required massive of large scale RECURSION... or perfect "self-referential embedding".

We knew that coherence was the right name for biology gone laser (see EEG and trasncendance maps from TM). And this has long been correlated to the moment deep relaxation coherence has measureable health benefits. Now we knew HOW TO ARRANGE the harmonics so that large numbers of the wave length "tinkertoys" (harmonic tensors) could stay "waving" in each others presence with total non-destructive interference. And so in order to SUSTAIN broad wave coherence BETWEEN frequencies, we further postulate THAT THE MUSICAL WAVELENGTH RELATION BETWEEN HARMONICS THAT WERE MOST EMBEDABLE OR NESTABLE WOULD BE POWERS OF PHI THE GOLDEN MEAN. This we first noticed in ekg power spectra of peoples hearts when they were most feeling the rush of compassion. Original article:

Does the Heart Become measureably Musical at the moment of Love? : "Heart muscle as maximum symmetry, which is maximum access to spin or information in the electricity (or "fire") which is biology." abstract.. Understanding emotions input to health reconnects control of feeling to the control of our health, Power spectra (frequency signature) have connected coherent EEG/ brain waves to health benefit.

The reason phi or golden mean harmonic ratios fit together so good was because they could all add AND multiply their wave lengths (and velocities) with their neighbors, repeatedly and CONSTRUCTIVELY AS WAVES. See perfect heterodyning..Heterodyning and Powers of Phi, 11/9/97 by Rick Andersen And the principle of pining in "pure intent": Can Intent Steer Waves?

Later we finetuned the way to mathematically display or see what was there "embedded" by using an ingenious DOUBLE fft, or frequency signature OF the frequency signature.(The Heart Intelligence Biofeedback Trainer/ Embedability Monitor. ) This displays for us (as excitingly depicted immediately below) that the image of the heart's wave CONTAINS ITSELF INSIDE ITSELF, when we look at the harmonics OF THE HARMONICS, as compassion compresses or shares most the heart's inner magnetic spaces. (A 3D Fractal.) Notice the WAVE WITHIN THE WAVE WITHIN THE WAVE below image.

We further developed this idea that self-awareness WAS self-reference, AND COULD BE MEASURED AND TAUGHT BY BEING ABLE TO MEASURE SELF-EMBEDDING OR SELF-SIMILARITY! Marty Wuttke and I gave a talk on how to successfully measure "self reference" by invitation of Depok Chopra and Dr. David Simon: CLINICAL USE OF RECURSION HARMONICS- Is The Fractal Embedded Heart: The Enveloping Wave of Compassion? presentation to CENTER FOR MIND BODY MEDICINE.

We already have significant confirmation that my mathematical predicition that PHI or Golden Mean harmonics (the bestest nester) in key biological oscillators like the heart, actually correlates to the moments of compassions rush, AND as perfect enveloping resonation, maximum sustainability. This is called the Heart Intelligence Biofeedback Trainer: Embedability Monitor.

So now we can in fact improve the worlds ability to generate this "substance of we feeling" (aka Dorris Lessing), with the temporary help of a little biofeedback tool. We teach the world to sing in their hearts, over the internet.. using the music of EKG as people learn to play each other's heartbeat over the web... first individually, then in pairs.. in groups, then by the millions... ALL this in celebration of the turning inside out of the Millenium.

This is an early but meaningful example of what it looks like when two people touch each other by aligning their hearts:

A picture not unlike this except of two peoples BRAINwaves phase locking was well circulated in the MIND MIRROR literature, associated specifically with the moment when the tears of compassion of the healer with the person being healed changed the biological tissue right before doctors eyes. In this case here, two very experienced healers (Sherri Edwards of Signature Sound Works, and Pauline Zimmer RN of Aquagenesis Healing Center Rochester), actually focused on sending healing to each other. At the same time we had a separate spectrum analyzer attached to each of their (ekg) heartbeats! The results are beautiful to say the least. The likelihood of this kind of exact phase lock of 7 different harmonics being coincidence is EXTREMELY lo! So here we have a tiny beginning example of what could be learned and felt by large numbers of people if they had access to heart connectivity over the internet. When we have the new tool of DOUBLE frequency signature, Heart Intelligence Biofeedback Trainer: Embedability Monitor, the second waveform within the waveform, makes the moment of harmonic overlap MUCH MORE VISUAL. (And easily linked to a gaming biofeedback joystick environment. ) The biofeedback game project teaching kids to navigate the inner world using their heart coherence as visible key..,is being coordinated by Luke Gatto.

The implications of this project to teach the world's hearts to sing love, has been embraced and endorsed by the major media group around Doug Ivanovich (producers of Live Aid) for use in the vast Millenium global media event for the year 2000!

There is another way of looking at this perfect "whip cracking" long wave to short cascade rider of the heart. It produces the heart's relationship to zero point or scalar energy..perfecting it's "spin path to zero point" or perfect centering of force lines: "perfected geometrical connectivity"

Is the power spectra of Sara's EKG music above reaching with a triad of cascades to decouple the information inertia out the of energy of the background zero point energy of the universe? Is the icy stillness of zero frequency the same "inphiknitly still but everywhere at once distribution" of infinite frequency. Is this the white hot PHI-RAY fire of the "omega" point where the wave uroboros of the continuum of frequencies eats it's tail?


So let's try to summarize and provide the original review links:

first here is the original story/plan of USING THIS PRINCIPLE to help a whole planet to embed their feelings and magnetics...

Original HartBeat for the Earth Project Description:

The HeartBeat 2000 Project

Hearts Across the Planet: Step Through the One Heart Into the New Millenium


Next, the beautiful little write up on the biofeedback device itself: Understanding the Heart Intelligence Biofeedback Trainer: Embedability Monitor, simple biofeedbeck device in a delightful game environment, to make heart embedding and sustained compassion, teachable! ...exerpt: This PHI Golden Mean geometry is the PRINCIPLE of idealized embedding in all systems.... in practical terms this means we can tweak any chaotic oscillator (like a heart or brain or a power distribution grid or a planet climate) toward self organization by simply nudging a critical few of it's key wavelengths toward PHI (Golden Mean) embedability... the tricky part is that whenever we do this we are waking up a being (like Gaia herself) who will become self aware and have intention.


below are the three main links, to investigate where we are so far in documenting that human emotion ultimately can be the creator of electrical ecosystem

... human love as worldmaker....

(the tree harmonics working team is being coordinated by

Thomas Belisle

who physically took much of the early data...)

Project Tree Light, for the Global Healing of Trees starting with the charge envelope entraining of human heart harmonics.(Best color pictures of Heart Harmonics actually entraining the capacitive charge "music" around old trees..).Project Treelite: Measuring The Profound Effect of Trees Charge Envelope Connecting To The Charge Envelope Around Human Glands During Intense Emotion..

Earliest measurements with the help of Heart Math Institute: showing first data of: Power Spectral Measurements of EKG and the Earth's ELF Magnetic Resonance.

See the actual ratio of Earth's Schumann harmonics (plural!) series calculated in their fit to the cascading harmonics overlayed from the moment the heart "feels" the tree: Please see the pictures of ELF TREE fields embedded or phase locked or "touched" with human emotion.

So we are assembling the team components to actually take this project planetwide, in a practical commercial way.

This is a call for help. We and excellent engineer and code warrior, Greg Richter of Blue Mountain Software, have some software people, we have a biofeedback game group forming, we have legal help, and a project director:

James Barrett

And we do have some interested investors, and many really serious friends like you. However, we now really need to get our act together and launch the team. James just now really has the package ready for some powerful friends

(like you?) who might please help us launch the next phase of the critical business plan, which they are packaging with other materials.

The purpose of this article is to serious ask you to get involved by:

1. writing your ideas about why this important..

(post to discussion online at, ray will coordinate from there..)

2. get in contact with James via email ( ) to summarize what resources you might be able to help us align..

particularly needed are the right introductions to investors, and major media and corporate contacts. Also needed are Hi Profile academic and media and government people for board of directors and endorsement etc.


thank you for sharing your lo phi!!!!

Dan Winter

The Mathematics of Self-Awareness: Coherence and Recursion Among Biological Oscillators. Integrating Consciousness and Gravity. As Wave Attractors in a New Unified Field Model.. Practical Clinical and Developmental Applications. ...:A Proposal For A Global Media Self-Awareness Feedback Project. During the "Global-Link" simulcasts, we provide guided earth healing meditation, sacred dance synchronized at multiple sites, and use visual cues of the site being healed, and biofeedback of heart sonics & breath, and also the Schumann resonance electrostatics fed back from that site. As the power of millions of people visualizing and breathing together and praying, effects the magnetic harmonics of key earth grid sites, the planet can watch our collected mind heal our Earth, in real time. -

Is it attention's focus itself that nests waves to spin? Is Attention Itself Fractal?


Is The Key Principle of Alchemy in the Heart, the Fractal Symmetry of Gold Itself?


"You Couldn't Get a Better Squeeze"..Loving Unified Field Geometry for Softies, The quanta of consciousness is recursion.. as is the branching, the quantum collapse to center called gravity occurs only in the presence of fractal pattern compression, optimized by golden mean/phi (idealized translation vorticity).. fractality defines/limits spin density/ mass awareness-distributed as spin-onsets with recursion in harmonic system, dodeca(dna/earthgrid/zodiac) permits cross scalar info transfer in as above/so below, pressure fractal.. if time is spin measured and the time spiral is fractal(mayan), then when does it become self aware?

Is SuperConductant or SuperLuminal DNA What Makes a "Soul", and is Emotion's Sonic Braiding the Mechanism?