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Getting a handle on the fields which are our body, we use focus to center and cohere. This alignment of fields which comprise identity is indexed by the symmetry which is the origin of all symbol:

Frequency Signature,
or Musical Harmonic Content of her Heart (EKG), becoming more coherent during kinetic visualization of the field symmetry at the center of gravity of the body:
Accessing the Love In the Heart"

When a critical mass of people synchonize heartbeats around the globe in lock step with a simple pc feedback interface and internet data collection, we have the potential to cohere the Earth grid itself, and create a Global Centering Force:
(Massive Coherence is always Recursive/Fractal/ THE Centering Attractor)

AHeartfelt Entrance in to the New Millenium.

We provide telemetric and internet feedback from these sites to our media center where a global heads up feedback display is prepared. Magnetic resonance harmonic analysis from three different probe technologies at each site, is converted to a 3 dimensional rotating map of the earth grid. A computer animated revolving map of the Earth's sphere lights up to show which bioregions ring more true in response to global prayer. The image of the earth will be displayed close to real time showing which sites on the planet have lit up with stronger Schumann Resonance long wave coherence. By focusing millions of people with cross coherent EKG imaging the healing of a particular site, it should be possible to teach a global mind, specificity and will, thus creating the rearrangement of the planets magnetic bloodlines like a flower responding to love.


Sponsored by:
Crystal Hill MultiMedia, & Dan Winter
PO Box 142
Waynesville, NC 28786
704 926 6062


Global Communications Network
Zsuzsana Sophia Zilahy
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phone/fax 361 214 8071

and acknowledging
KIDS Foundation
% Wayne Jones, Vancouver..

Fall 96

The changing of the millenium begs for a major event to bring together humanity into a new promise for a new global compassion, peace and oneness. For the year 2000, new years eve we harmonize all the hearts of the planet into one heart resonance, to step into a higher consciousness and purity of love.

Imagine new years eve the year 2000 is approaching within minutes. Over 60 million people in 120 countries will align their hearts to the natural love frequency of the planet. There is a special music composed exactly in the harmonics of Phi, the love frequency signature, which is part of a new musical scale which forms the audible embeddedness for the key to the higher dimension: more spin nesting.

( Vangelis ?)

It enough heart's align in the same moment around the planet to this frequency we can shift the whole planet into a higher dimension or simply higher spin nest for a frequency fractal. What would be a better time than the year 2000 New Years Eve. What a way to start the new millenium.

By the year 2000 Millions of people will have been practicing individually and in groups, and over the internet, to phase entrain, or simply lock step their heart harmonics to their brain waves, to each other, and to the natural "Schumann" ringing of the Earth and her trees.

In each country, groups of people gather together to do their group meditation and group biofeedback and hear the collective heart harmonics phase lock to the special Phi of Lo frequecny Phi or Lo-Phi harmonic music.


HeartBeat 2000
Project Summary

Outline Preview for Biofeedback Module Development
from Dan Winter,


This is the original idea piece for the

Heartbeat 2000 "Global Nintendo of Biofeedback" Module:

Our friends have been involved for over ten years with projects designed to facilitate global coherent emotion, connecting the magnetic feeling ring of human glands/love with the very magnetic fabric of the Earth's body. The first of these was called the Harmonic Module. A group of us all flew to one of the world's most advanced laboratory laserium, Laser Fantasy in Seattle. There, with the help of Robert Mueller, we connected EKG electrodes from friends feeling resonance with each other, directly to the gimble mirror laser projectors. At the moments of phase lock in resonance entrainment between heartbeats, the laser display would momentarily go into a pattern akin to an oscilloscope lissajous. The geometry of the shape of the waveform's momentary stability would indicate the musical harmonics of the two heartbeats, making a musical chord, as it were.
We were always aware, that the learned and perhaps teachable ability in groups , to gently align breath and heartbeat and even the Earth's schuman magnetic resonance heartbeat, would most certainly facilitate consensus process, and in a way, be the underpinnings of what could eventually be called "collective or shared mind" experiences. Our group came to be known as the "Planet Heartworks" team at the time, and we worked with many notables at that time in project proposals and development.
Since that time much has developed technologically, and in our understanding of the coherent relationship of emotion to the Earth's magnetic resonances. Since that time, we have sponsored numerous replications and publications of my original work on the EKG and "love". We have shown that human moments of perceived compassion are generally accompanied by a dramatic onset of harmonic ordering or cohereing in the power spectra of the EKG. At my suggestiong, the research was done and published, that the braid angle of DNA's "wrapping factor" were increased replicably in the presence of coherence in the Heartbeat. This supported the thesis in my book chapter entitled "Braiding DNA, is Emotion the Weaver?"
Subsequently, we were able to extend the idea that emotion can be a conscious choice to fabricate electrical ecosystems in general. We measured the onset of the heartbeat as a sonic or phonon kind of laser, entraining plants and trees hundreds of feet away. The moments when the relaxing settling breath, created a "spin path to the zero point", corresponded with a caddeuceus "spin path to zero point" the the Heart's harmonics. And this coprresponded with a magnetic and capacitive "spin path to zero or stillness" in the tree. We have documented this using both the magnetic ELF coil technology, and using the "Callahan" biological capacitance probe. In both case the harmonics present either in the lo power lo end magnetic field, and in the capacitive charge envelope, both were shown begin to ring with the exact harmonics present in the Heartbeat, at moments of groups, consciously choosing to "send love" to a tree!.
I perceive one important aspect of my life's work, is to develop the idea that the ability of human glands to bend magnetism and fabricate environments, called emotion, ultimately allows the evolutionary products of human nervous systems and spirits, to serve and create the fabric of matter, planet grids, and galaxies.
In this regard, our immediate planetary dilemna of "fractionating fractality" (loss of embeddedness) to hold atmosphere, ecosystem and gravity grid together, may in fact be most powerfully resolved by the most powerful magnetic centering device on the Earth, COLLECTIV HUMAN LOVE.
We have watched the Lexicor, brainwave 3D harmonic analyzer color map the surface of the brain according the the zones where EEG coherence or ordered were "lighting up". This same technology may now be powerfully applied to the Earth resonant grid as one living body.
We place a neat package of lo frequency magnetic field and callahan probe biological capacitance probe sensors at sites around the planet, chosen specifically as Earth Grid key node facets. We have prepared a planet wide team of "Planetary Grid Emergency Network" specialists in planet scale magnetic grid work. (Lead by Vincent Bridges, William Buehler, Peter Champieux, Philip Knopf, Saskia Bosman, et al.). We have a separate team of physicists and magnetic technicians expert in transducer design, telemetry, and weak Earth field measures. (Lead by Tom Valone, Bill Ramsey, and others.)
A significant corollary benefit to the Earth grid magnetic coherence monitoring system relates to alternative energy technologies. Specifically, the numerous non-linear, scalar, "free-energy", and "zero-point" "pod'mod", Newman, energy devices all tap the coherence of the Earth's fractal magneto-gravity grid, as their source. We must not use these technologies till we have a way to monitor if the bioregional grids are beginning to be destabilized. It is more than ironic, that weaning to gravity energy technology ("metabolizing Starlight Directly"), is directly limited by our learning the ability to use global emotion coherently to feed that grid.
We provide telemetric and internet feedback from these sites to our media center where a global heads up feedback display is prepared. Magnetic resonance harmonic analysis from three different probe technologies at each site, is converted to a 3 dimensional rotating map of the earth grid. A computer animated revolving map of the Earth's sphere lights up to show which bioregions ring more true in response to global prayer. The image of the earth
will be displayed close to real time showing which sites on the planet have lit up with stronger Schumann Resonance long wave coherence. By focusing millions of people imaging the healing of a particular site, it should be possible to teach a global mind, specificity and will, and creating magnetic coherence at particular site. For example, the underground water veins which disappeared at Vukovar in Yugoslavia during the war, could be rebraided, reappear and be measured during global meditation.
During the "Global-Link" simulcasts, we provide guided earth healing meditation, sacred dance synchronized at multiple sites, and use visual cues of the site being healed, and biofeedback of heart sonics & breath, and also the Schumann resonance electrostatics fed back from that site. As the power of millions of people visualizing and breathing together and praying, effects the magnetic harmonics of key earth grid sites, the planet can watch our collected mind heal our Earth, in real time.

This is a waterfall landscape plot of the Brain Harmonics Coming into LockStep or Phase Lock with Alpha and Beta Sound Stimulus as might come from the Heart Beat Becoming Coherent. (Courtesy of IBVA, Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer, which we have modified for Use With Heartbeat.) With a split screen we can feedback heart and brain harmonics together to teach people to entrain Heart to Brain, and then to each other, and then using averaging and internet to global feedback groups.


Picture This....

Biofeedback NINTENDO..

Video Game Possibilities which use your brain and heart harmonics to switch through decision trees. Bringing emotional and psychophysiological variables into VOLUNTARY control. The biofeedback of coherent emotion, would become fast packet switching, pushing the evolution of glandular control, past Pac-Man, to heartbeat sonic lasers which move toward true electrostatic fabrication of ecosystems. This is truly the biophysics of changing the emotional climate of a place, with your own magnetism: intentionally..

You would like to know if you REALLY ARE feeling your lover's trauma even though she's hundreds of miles away... Now you knew they had fancy electrodes for measuring cells scraped from your tongue, recording your trauma miles away ("Secret Life of Your Cells", by Cleve Baxter), but you figured that these toys were beyond your budget.

Not so. We have the techno skill to assemble a biofeedback interface to your PC, which allows you to feel:

- the moment your brainwaves (EEG) reach hypnagogic alpha/ theta balance,

- the moment your EKG makes the well known musical coherence associated with compassion and braiding effect on DNA.

- the moment when your heart is able to phase lock with your major brain harmonics..

- the moment when your heart actually feels the electrostatic rush by entrainment with your favorite oak tree in your backyard..

- the moment when your heart or brain is able to phase lock by empathy with any friend you choose to link to over internet!

- test to see if the magnetism around your bed or back yard is scrambled, or ringing nicely to the Schumann resonance of Earth..


Imagine the ultimate game for high school youth, showing that addiction had a real feeling alternative: Create the brain harmonic signature for yourself, which the substance abuse then only becomes a pale imitation of... (We have long know that most addicts use alchohol to facilitate alpha harmonic generation in the EEG, to balance their overactive assertive theta harmonics. With active feedback steering of brain harmonic flexibility, a person can fairly quickly learn to replace the missing alpha (sometimes euphoric), percentage to complete the necessary cascade of harmonics which permits charge or ecstatic moment to be sustained..

Our team member, Marty Wuttke's successful work on addiction, also powerfully addresses the issue of Attention Deficit Disorder. Attention is the focus of charge which aligned waves sustains. The completion of the brain harmonic CASCADE which cures addiction, also cures ADD, it is merely the completion of the Theta versus the Alpha harmonic, in most cases. The issue is, that using this new inexpensive PC interface, ADD therapy becomes Self-Empowered, and feasible at home.

"Heartbeat 2000" and Embedability see


The Nintendo of Biofeedback Modules,

With A Global Internet Connection.

Hardware Interface:

Simple Plug Interface which accepts

up to 4 channels of:
Elastic 5 Electrode, 2 channel EEG Headband


3 Electrode EKG Heart Snap-on Connectors to EKG Stickons

(3 inexpensive patches look like round bandaids with a snap on the back)


a simple 3 wire, 1 channel connection to an inexpensive small encapsulated

coil for Extra Lo Frequency Field Detection (checks for Magnetic Pollution in and around the home,

and indicates whether a tree or plant is ringing with the Earth's natural Schumann magnetic heartbeat, and checks to see if your Heartbeat is able to entrain a tree or plant.)


a simple "biological capacitor" (the Callahan Probe) is included to plug in as an alternative to measure environment fields capacitively as a charge amplifier, instead of magnetically. This technology is actually both cheaper and more sensitive, in areas where background noise is relatively lo.


Result, not only can you watch the landscape of your right vs left hemisphere brainwave harmonics become coherent, but you can compare with the rolling frequency signatures of your heart and your favorite tree. AND THEN cross compare and lock step with the harmonics of your friends, and their trees, over internet!
"Heartbeat 2000 and Embedability"

The Nintendo of Biofeedback Modules,

With A Global Internet Connection.

Software Interface:

The Heartbeat 2000 Embedability Monitor, biofeedback interface includes a software package with global and interactive appeal. The basic capability to view and store color frequency signature landscapes showing coherence in brainwave and heart harmonics is just the beginning.

-Watch the percent coherence over time between the brain and the heart.

-You can climb the ladder and ring the bell, using any chosen variable, from percent internal brain or heart coherence.

-Using our new mathematics and curve fitting algorhthmns, percent RECURSION or self-embeddedness in brain or heart or earth magnetic frequencies can be monitored and fed back.

-You can test your home or yard for magnetic coherence/recursion or the tangles of magnetic fractionation and disorder which imperil emotional health in our cities. (ELF Geopathy, Geomancy)

-You can play your heart beat from an ecstatic moment back over speakers of a capacitive charge radiator (inexpensive metal foil), to recreate the charge envelope of emotional moments.

- You can send the data of your heart beat, and brainwaves, and or/ back yard magnetics, for cross comparison almost real time with small or large interest groups on the internet.

- This facilitates global cooperation in choosing prayer time and focus. The onset of coherence between large numbers of people, has global significance for aligning the magnetic fields of distressed bioregions. By gathering the data from numerous transducers over internet, an almost real time display of the changing face of magnetism of a bioregions "flowering of magnetic coherence" becomes possible. Ultimately this means that large numbers of people focusing their emotion on a small bioregion should visibly change it's magnetics right in fron of their eyes. This is the biofeedback heart, of the Heartbeat 2000 Embedability project.

-See "HeartBeat of the Boardroom" page, regarding application to professional meeting, concensus process.

Hardware Detail:

PreAmplifier Module, Ideally, should be Powered by the Serial Port on the PC,

Needs 4 input channels. Each input needs full differential amp, 2 wire

plus ground, Input Pins to be Standard EKG/EEG Pins. Each input to have adjustable

gain dial to adjust input level from EEG MicroVolt, To EKG MilliVolts. Module needs

a disconnect switch to break connection to preamp section during hookup, etc.

Module to have saturation limit circuitry to prevent damage to preamp should overvolt surge occur.

Software detail:

Software to switchably display up to 4 channels simultaneous rolling landscape power spectra (FFT ) 0-40hz. Software to have capability to send and receive and display up to 4 channels of data (as FFT) to and from any internet address. Software needs to have switchable 2 channel coherence compare capability. Percent coherence and percent recursion in FFT data to be output to game and biofeedback functions. Percent recursion algorhythm for data analysis to be supplied by Robert Boustany of Houston. (EEG Systems).

HeartBeat of the Boardroom

Biofeedback Attunement

for Deep Meeting Room Communication

in a Professional Setting.

In this way the "Feeling Energy" of A meeting room could also be communicated to remote subcommittees anywhere on the planet over internet! (Using the remote send/receive biofeedback variable capabilities of the Heartbeat 2000 Embedability Monitor Interface.)

In the corporate boardroom and professional conference setting, there is a powerful opportunity to use biofeedback for concensus process.

Essentially, the theory on concensus process is that everyone should HEAR so well the needs of all concerned, until it becomes clear which solutions serve the needs of the whole best. The issue is to promote the kind of listening that results in the state of consumed perspective or in fact consumed compassion.

The process of this necessary attuned listening, relates directly to the biomechanical nature of attuning itself. This is easily understood from the perspective of neurolinguistic programming. Simply put, it the body motions phase lock or entrain between speaker and listener, then deep communication is almost assured. In the Bentov (Stalk the Wild Pendulum) conception, this means that literally the body MICROmotion, such as the accelerometric thrust of the EKG, must also entrain and phase lock.

We know that the EEG of healer and healed phase lock at the moment of maximum transferrence. We know now that this is also true of the EKG.

To use this knowledge to facilitate a kind of group mind potential experience in a corporate boardroom would be poweful and revolutionary.

If a group meeting to acheive concensus on a common problem were to begin their meeting with the HearBeat Earth entrainment biofeedback, they would have DRAMATICALLY improved chances of acheiving concensus. It would essentially be an extension of the weel known principle of deep relaxation and breathing together, to acheive synchrony. However here, group members would have the opportunity to actually see their hearts and/ or brains entrain. The palpable "snap crackle pop" that encircles a room of people with entrained psychophysiological micromotion, would be a virtual gaurantee of success in subsequent verbal communication.

theory and principle:

The Mathematics of Self-Awareness:
Coherence and Recursion Among Biological Oscillators.

Integrating Consciousness and Gravity
As Wave Attractors in a New Unified Field Model.

Practical Clinical and Developmental Applications.

And A Proposal For A Global Media Self-Awareness Feedback Project.

Dan Winter, Primary Investigator, PO BOX 142, Waynesville, NC 28786, 704 926 6062,

Marty Wuttke, Southern Institute for Applied Psychophysiology, Inc.
A. Martin Wuttke, 706 782 2834,
PO Box 1785, Clayton, GA 30525 USA
Robert Boustany
Advanced EEG Systems, 1728 Bolsover, Houston,TX 77005

prolog: proper physics like a poem is often best read seated under an old oak tree,
since treeness after all appears to be a name for fractality: a branching algorhythmn.

Consider this implication in the metaphor of Dr. Chopra. A "Critical Mass of Intentionality" is only possible in the best wave geometry of agreement to converge. Wave fronts can converge only when compression is perfect. ("You Couldn't Get a Better Squeeze" paper by Dan Winter see append). Fractality or recursion as the best compression geometry, means more pressures or viewpoints can converge or agree to spin concetnrically. The heart's electricity appears to report learning this skill to arrange pressures like a fractal, at the enveloping moment we actually "feel" the field of compassion. We create the embedded field where we can feel from the inside out, the pressures on someone "outside" ourselves as if they were inside.

The willed evolution of our genepool in a coherent direction requires that we marry what has been called "Sacred Geometry" with a new "physics of consciousness". We are creating a powerful clinical application showing that "self-awareness" and "Self-referral" as mathematical correlates of both recursion and coherence in all biological oscillators are teachable and accessible in a simple biofeedback environment. Using the geometry of recursion as a template attractor into which self-awareness folds implosively, creates a more resolved model of the spiritual nature of consciousness iteself, and ultimately as we shall suggest, unifies the fields of physics showing that gravity is embeddedness or fractality among magnetics. The concept of fractal recursion creating both self-awareness and gravity as the attractor and ultimate centering force among waves, also yields a powerful lesson about the nature of compassion as a learned embedding field in glandular magnetism.
Self-reference mathematically and as wave function is the indicator of self-awareness. Iteration perfected as the place where a wave form, can re-enter itself non-destructively is the mathematics of self-reference. Spin or pattern can reference self with no resistance or fear in the perfect geometry where the re-entry incident curvature is Golden Mean. Pure intention is the test for symmetry or shareability which cyles of phi or recursion permit. Getting phy-sical is permission to touch. Thus the geometry of intended or aimed spin direction reveals the Golden nature of pure intention itself. The most angles from which a wave can approach a common concentric center is indexed by the geometric condition of the perfect fractal. In 2D this re-pents, and 3+D systems it is dodecahedral ( DNA, Earth Grid and Zodiac fit this same fractal.) This is the idealized physics for "E Pluribus Unum", the ultimate and perhaps only way, many become one.
Shareability perfected for waves is fractal: infinitely spin dense, infinitely information dense, infinitely compression dense, and infinitely "aware".
Creating a new model for the "unified field" which links gravity to magnetism requires adding to Maxwell's equations. We know that a scalar wave caddeuceus wire geometry creates the magnetic monopole which Einstein predicted was the doorway to gravity. By optimizing that scalar wave of perfect folded damping to the ratio of the Golden Mean as idealized recursion, the pure principle of gravity's connection to magnetism emerges. A real meta-physics links quantum symmetry laws with consciousness as a passed symmetry test for imploding and infinitely multiply connected wave paths. Pent symmetries are the basis of all life, pent symmetry is the basis of Phi Golden Mean recursion.
Pent and phi based wave interference by producing length harmonics which add and multiply non-destructively, also create similar infinite velocity harmonics creating the only coherent passageway through the light speed and also time barrier.
This physics of attractors based on the mathematics of perfect recursion not only fills the missing equation in the unified field, but also specifically then describes the nature and role of consciousness as the potential well of fractal self-organization among waves... and therefore the leverage to bend them.
This is clearly our best possibility thus far of measuring or quantizing the onset of conscious self-awareness in biological oscillators. Algorhythmns for the pattern recognition of recursion have the potential to be the mathematical identifiers of the birth of self-awareness in complex systems such as planet lo frequency "grid" magnetics. (as will be further described in our Heartbeat 2000 Embedability project.)
The fractal attractor of recursion as a self-feeding implosion among waves, known emotionally as glandular compassion becomes the only centering force among waves. The harmonic content among biological oscillators which indicates the onset of this self-aware condition is clearly coherence optimized by recursion.
Coherence and phase coherence has long been used to feed back the onset of beneficial psychophysiological states. Cross hemispheric EEG coherence for example has been elaborately correlated with the health benefits of intentional relaxation/meditation. More recently in work by Dan Winter, and as extended by the Hearth Math Institute, the onset of coherence in the power spectrum of the heart electricity/EKG has also been strongly suggested to be a significant correlate of profound emotive peacefulness/compassion/serenity... literally "coherent emotion".
One of the more interesting discoveries from the EKG Power Spectral work is the study of the geometric relations among the principle noted harmonics found during these coherence or "compassion" events. After considerable study of the nature of the oscillation design which appears to be inherent behind the coherent beat, we believe that coherence among many frequency harmonics becomes specifically possible, only in the context of recursion or embeddedness, or fractality.
There is a profound mathematical philosophy behind our postulation that recursion creates the geometry for maximum harmonic nestedness or embeddedness among the hearts voltage gradient waves converging upon the firing. This mathematical principle is essentially that spin or pattern compression becomes potentially infinite in the center of a fractal. This means that a maximum number of harmonic wave fronts can converge at one center only in the geometry of fractality or recursion. We believe this is initially suggested by the fact the a maximum number a frequency harmonics appears to line up in the heart's power spectra when the geometry of the wave lengths becomes recursive (that is, they begin to look like a classic caddeuceus.).
We propose to further analyze and replicate preliminary data which suggestes that the geometry of the heart harmonics become geometrically linked by progressions based not just on powers of 2, but profoundly, based also on "non-linear" and recursive, powers of Phi (the Golden Mean .618033989...).
Coherence in this sense suggests the onset of a kind of sonic or phonon biological laser. Building sufficient power to fabricate electrical environment, from coherent emotion.
Why is it that increased harmonic recursion in the frequency content of a biological oscillator would be correlated to increased self awareness?
We might start with the metaphor of the noted therapeutic effects of walking a labyrinth. Dramatic improvements in dyslexia, and attention deficit are suggested correlates of walking the labyrinth, and doing other recursive kinesthetics (for example the figure eight "Infinity Walk" by Deborah Sunbeck.) In pure geometric terms, the activity of the 7 circuit labyrinth is teaching the body muscles the sequence of turns neccessary to turn inside out, as if from the moebius surface of the seven color donut, which projected onto a plane becomes the labyrinth. The point is that, a learned form of redirecting the body's magnetism and attention, back around into itself, produces another wave harmonic to be "fed back" into its center point.
Geometrically, what this might look like, is as if a toroidal magnetic field, like the body or the heart, were to have it's residual spin directed back around to create additional donut torus fields inside and outside, concentric with the originating field. In simple terms, this process of getting a large number of field effects all pressure concentric around a single center point, which taken to it's limit of possible concentricity, becomes what might be called an "infinite mulitply connected topology". When the harmonic series of the hearts power spectra becomes potentially infinite, it would literally mean that an infinite number of wave fronts were sharing spin at the same heart center.
We believe that only 3D fractal geometry among these wave fronts arriving at a biological oscillator, permit large numbers of wave fronts to continue to converge non-destructively.
The point at which this fractal attractiveness of wave form becomes self aware, is when it becomes in the strict sense of an electrical generator, self empowered. What we mean by this is that as Victor Schauberger and others have shown, that if you get the flow geometry of implosion idealized, the process of implosion so created, actually becomes a source of electricity fed by the gravity field.
This is what sacred ritual appears to be about, bringing the energy of consciousness, back in upon itself. The end of the Vedas says "tat tvan asi", which means "that thou art". This is essentially the message of "I am that I am", and "As Above, So Below". The mathematics of recursion may be a spin path to the zero point of infinite energy/information. The heart's recreation of this fractal at the moment of compassion, to embed, may be most powerful phone call home human glands can make.
The access so provided from optimized individual energy nourished by spin embeddedness in the collective, may well be the symmetry dynamic of ecstacy.
Our challenge is to create practical clinical and human evolvement tools which take this concept to personal and planetary healing/coherence/recursion. Marty Wuttke has shown that addiction behavior can be treated with revolutionary success by teaching the brain to finish a harmonic SERIES across the complete spectrum of EEG principle harmonics. We now believe that no single harmonic wave length in the brain represents true therapy, but rather it is the completion of a harmonic series which creates a CASCADE whose geometry includes coherence and recursion. Passing from alpha to theta, touching the Schumann resonance Earth heartbeat, the "permission to touch" from self to other is discovered in the mirror of biofeedback. This correlates with what we see in the addict as completing the hunger for a spiritual or ecstatic experience. This in information terms, represents the completion of the energy harmonics neccessary to send spin down a kite string BETWEEN vastly separate areas of the the harmonic spectrum. In psychology we say addiction is a perverted search or poor substitute for enlightenment.
Marty Wuttke has used these principles of completing a harmonic nest, with revolutionary success in a practical clinical setting. (Reference seminars in EEG and biofeedback clinical practicum with Marty Wuttke in association with American Biotec and also Clinical Resources, and at Meninger's Clinic, Topeka, KS.) Advanced photic stimulation harmonic disentrainment biofeedback has successfully treated addiction which has resisted other therapies, as well as attention deficit problems, depression, mild head injury etc. Not only has the behavioral dynamic changed but very often self-awareness/ self-actualization has emerged as renewed driving force in those peoples lives.
Potentially brain based disorders are now usefully described as decificits in the brain's learning to reach across specific EEG harmonic series, in ratio's which permit PHASE LOCK or touch. In the language of a brain gym, the learned neurologic flexibility to get out of a harmonic parking space originating with trauma, turns out to be a wave mechanic for releasing blocks associated with trauma. When we generalize the principle of harmonic embeddedness permitting access to touch, we get a physics which now explains why the harmonic content of EEG and EKG phase lock between healer and healed. The morphic resonance of fractality allows spin or pattern exchange between biological oscillators based on the recursion or ratio content in common between them.
Let's now apply our observation that coherence accompanied by recursion, creates the maximum possibility for coupling among and across biological oscillators (fractality permits embeddedness/context richness). In the the clinical setting using feedback to treat addiciton, attention deficit, depression and many other disorders, we would now have a new tool. We propose to use mathematic algorhythm to feed back and optimize recursion as well as coherence among and across EEG and EKG harmonics. This algorhythmn for recursion is based upon observation of health benefit to those acheiving nestedness in EKG harmonics, the subjective experience of compassion, as well as EEG harmonic series, and suggested in the entrainment of breath to heartrate variability around .12 hz ref Heart Math Institute.
This profound tool would literally increase the scale of the envelope of focal harmonic pressures, which we have labeled attention span. In relation to self-awareness, all learning is iterative. Iteration nests idealized become recursive. Rescursion idealized becomes Phi or Golden Mean. So then we propose to test for recursion based on harmonics of phi.
The overall goal of the project is to create an algorhythmn which becomes a generalized test for self-awareness in any biological oscillator.
One of the significances of this demonstration would be to show the onset of self-awareness in the Earth grid to be enhanced with feedback involving global media. Please see the Heartbeat 2000 Embedability Monitor.


Daniel Winter
Crystal Hill Multimedia

To: Deeter Bloom and Wayne Jones,
From: Dan Winter
Re: The Proposal I Made to You in our Telecon
on New Compression Technology.

Data Compression Architecture Research Proposal
Based on the Perfect 3D Fractal Array: The PHI Wave Heterodyne.

I suggest that we arrange the data paths and neural net node geometry for massive parallel processors into fractal symmetry based on PHI (Stellated Concentric Interdigitated Dodeca Icosa). The conductivity/ info density of the array should move hyperbolically toward infinite. Further, PHI/Pent/Dodec geometry in the data itself, as well as the processor arrays for that data will facilitate drastic decrease in the CPU horsepower to achieve virtually infinite fractal data compression. Ultimately, all information problems ARE data compression problems: and ultimately fractality optimized by the geometry of recursion (as implemented by the EKG at the moment of compassion's embeddedness) is the solution to data compression.
The principle which allows data to share space efficiently, which is behind compression, resolves in wave mechanics ultimately to the geometry which allows pattern among waves (whether capacitive or magnetic domain as in bubble memory) to share space. Wave interference retains pattern constructivity along the equiangular PHI spiral, because the nodal geometry of interference points, interfaces all wave fronts in the heterodyne constructivity of the perfect arithmetic and geometric ratio: PHI. Pattern density in wave mechanics goes to infinite in the center of this fractal, as does info density in fractal data compression. What has been missing from computer data compression is knowledge of the pure architecture of data fractality: which for waves and data both, is the spin path to zero point, we know as the PHI or Golden Mean cascade. Topologically, this is why the wave data we call DNA, the Earth Grid, and the Zodiac, are all the Golden Mean, Pent/ 12 conic faced, dodeca. Knowing this tells us HOW or in the geometry of what array, will our data accept infinite compression!