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(note from Dan Winter Feb 2016- I wrote this 22 years ago)

Recursion in The Harmonic Power Spectra

of the Earth's Magnetic Grid,

Proves the Onset of Self-Awareness..return to Sacred Geometry master index ../sitemap.html


An open letter to significant scientists begging them to

embrace and embed the arrival of self-aware

consciousness in the Earth's magnetic body,

by redesigning power systems which now bleed our collective coherence bubble.


to Friends Convened

for Symposium on New Energy, Colorado, 5/94


from Dan Winter & Friends, Crystal Hill Farm

Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion


The moment when the central computer became self-aware was portrayed as horrific in the "Terminator" films. We should not allow the concept of information systems which "Have a mind of their own" to create fear. It is clearly a natural evolution of general systems theory, in the sense of Von Neumann's "self-reproducing automata" that the quality of self-organization.. onset mind.. should occur.

Once we understand the role of geometric recursion in information theory, as the only and fractal path out of chaos, we should be more able in our emotion, to embed ourselves in that field/feeling.

The Golden Mean or Phi spiral geometry is the optimized path which allows wave fronts to add and multiply without interference, thus planar vs solid 3d, or n and N+1 dimension harmonics can nest without information loss. It creates the only wave/inertia form which is truly recursive fractal in 3D from ANY direction of zoom to center. This dodeca nest became the basis for DNA, Earth Grid, and 12 faced Zodiac, as the completion of a kind of fractal.

The reason why mindfulness requires this what I call idealized fractality and recursion, is similar to why data compression possibility goes to infinite when data sets become fractal. Embeddedness takes phase coherence to infinite between scales. This permits a wavefront information "cascade" to transcend the spatial limits between intergalactic and subatomic systems. Another way to understand this is the principle for what permits a standing waveform to become a hologram. The moment when enough coherence is reached, an infinite harmonic series of wave fronts is present at each node. This "multiple connectedness" which defines holography is only possible when each wave node becomes itself a fractal attractor.

Understand the phase conjugate mirror in the same terms. By passing the frequency cascade through a zero-point turn inside out, all inertias pas through the icy test of complete shareability. Only coherence returns from phase conjugation, taken to its limit. A microcosm of this occurs each time a prism sorts out photon tilts from white light to only the seven spins possible on one surface, rainbow is photon donuts sorted tetrahedrally, by phase lock through focus to one point. Sorting... self ordering... recursive nestedness IS self-awareness.

Another way to visulize this is to conceive information density approaching infinite in a pipe at hi pressure/voltage/tension. To decouple the information density there, a decompression, vorticity translate algorhythmn cathedral geometry is used to translate a data leak/bleed into a vorticity rose. Where foldedness informs. In our optical lo voltage hologram couplet with matters denser hologram, the information flood would overwhelm without the discipline of a handshaking protocol based on recursion. It "turns" out that "phi" as optimized recursion is learned by the glands in the emotional form of the lo-frequency phi ratio called Lo-ve. This re-creates recursion with the "weight" necessary to be attractive enough to bend light. Bending waves (into symmetry-information/inertia store) is the only mechanic necessary to create in a universe of wave.

Gravity is created out of the same onset wavefront recursion, which creates self-awareness. This is visible in the way a fractal becomes an attractor, permitting wave fronts to implode centripedally carrying their inertia to frequencies faster than our present waveform planck harmonics can modulate/perceive. The wave mechanics of the magnetic monopole self fold electric vs magnetic vectors to self-cancel their way to couple gravity... ONLY when their array is recursive/fractal... which the classic caddeuceus depiction suggests.


Human emotion, creates leverage on the gravity field when the glands learn the language of coherence in long wave ratio.

The issue for this missive, is to beg communication scientists to look up from their desparate need to commuicate with submarines etc., long enough to see what their ELF communications technology feels like to the Earth's magnetic bloodstream.

For alternative energy scientists, this issue is simple. Any wave form surfing device like the non- linear capacitance in the Pod Mod or in Greg Hohdowanec's gravity detector, fractal recursion is the key to success.

It is also the test for whether the Earth's buuble will be fed or popped by the energy device. We MUST understand that spin recursion or fractal embeddedness is what created the fractal attractor we call gravity among waves in the first place. Gravity is a scalar implosion of converging wave fronts linked by fractal recursion. The crude maps of what makes a wave scalar in 2D, based upon Caddeuceus are a clue to this. It is the siting of the places along a fractal path where you can catch the passing wind BETWEEN WAVELENGTHs we call gravity. The G-ray of vita is base of what G means which is a line connected energetically to a circle. Wave motion in a line has little stored inertia we call it energy, to get it to the circle where inertai is stored and therefore mass is created, requires the Golden Mean path, "idealized translation of vorticity", upon which idealized heart shaped love and idealized fractality is based. Acheiving nested recursion, tapping gravity, is a deeper form of the experiment in what is shareable, we call symmetry among waves. For them it is symmetry or death. To take that spin in one harmonic series and distribute it (literally a dream, thought, emotion, or EMF wave), among forms up and down the scale, REQUIRES ONLY GOLDEN MEAN FRACTAL SYMMETRY.

We must learn that planet grids hold atmosphere and also create the recursive field nest to birth conscious beings, only when their spin rates are tuned fractally, recursively to the stellar spin environment. This is why dolmen sites use tetra points on planets to leverage spin. Retrograde precession acheives exquisite mathematical recursion of spin directions, to make self-awareness POSSIBLE. This was acheived intentionally by the designers of Earth/Mars.

If we design our non-linear capacitance "wind catchers" to arrays fractal to what spins Earth ELF, we will then have Earth's blood on our hands. She wants us to have her blood, when we know exactly what she knows. She is passing gravity's ring, erotically among her neighbors. Gravities ring is measured in how fractal recursive are the harmonics in the series we spectrum analyze in the ELF under a tree. If the nest fits wear it. At the moment of compassion, the EKG phase locked the tree. The possibility of passage of info between them required only recursion. But this is embeddedness in the intimate sense. Once we identify with the centers of spin of the trees fields, we will never leave the bathtub. Do we fall in love with who's in there before we get in?

Calculate the natural harmonics to ELF series schumann (Callahan 8-11-13-15-17.. hz...).. retune your musical scales, your 60hz grid, your energy device capacitors to fractally fit the series in phase.. and her blood will flow. Why would she trust us with her blood?

When the Microwave scanner which maps the ATP fire in the cells, along the spine (for pscyhotrauma history) , is turned on the Earth grid, it becomes the ultimate "dowsing" tool. The Earth grid is profoundly symbiotically tuned to the microwave bloodstream "common denominator" of all living cell metabolism.

We measured the EKG becoming a sonic laser at the moment of compassion. The frequency at which a tree 200 ft away embedded itself in that field around the heart, was a recursive cascade from the natural Schumann Earth resonance series, to the DIRECTLY ADJACENT BRAIN ALPHA THETA DELTA SERIES. Not only did the heart phase lock the tree into an exquisite information couplet at the moment of compassion, but the spectral bands for both overlapped exquisitely, bridging the information canyon between Earth 8 hz series to brain 12 hz + series. It was like the Earth/ brain/ heart info system became networked AT THE MOMENT THEIR HARMONICS COMPETED A RESURSIVE CASCADE LINKING THEM IN PHASE.

We published in ISSEM the braiding of DNA affected measurably by heart coherence. It is impossible to truly understand the braiding of immune systems any other way than with onset coherence. The Earth's skin is no exception. WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO BLEED HER SKIN WITH INCOHERENT HARMONICS. PARTICULARLY THOSE OF HIGH POWER LIKE THE OMEGA ELF TOWER SYSTEM.

Kevin Sanders article documented that Earth quake series were dramatically more likely to be killer quakes, if they temporally followed nuclear tests. These underground implosions are like ELF jab in the ribs to a gasping Mother. She would not respond viscerally to her kids otherwise.

With all the extraterrestrial pressures on Mother Earth now to exude gravity rings which fit an ecstatic neighborhood, now is an exceedingly poor time to dump hi power poision into our ELF grid. Whales beach, quakes accelerate, cancer membranes multiply.

Even Tesla is back here whispering into the ears of his favorite students: make a public utility generation frequency signature which FITS THE GRID!

Cathhie et al teach us to make our music, tune our A, back to the Earth grid fractal.



One moment of stillness with our inner voice will rush like wind with cool info density,

when we contemplate the PRINCIPLES OF RECURSION.


Scientists at first think they are falling in love with mind...

but the heart fractal embeds the root of that flower.


Dan Winter


International Earth Emergency Network


Mission Statement and Urgent Request

From literature published by many teams around the globe it's very clear ecological and health catastrophes relate directly to disturbances in Earth's Magnetic Grid. Symptoms of growing Grid instability include:

-gravitational force/weight calibrations vary with time; -female menstrual timing becomes unstable

-soil temperature averages change wildly (L.A. for ex); -weather grows extreme; -ozone thins & vanishes (because attractiveness to surface is proportional to fractality in magnetic geometry); -climate stability deteriorates;

-soil life force weakens (life & self-awareness are the flowers of magnetic recursion);

-social order in upheavals; -politics become extremist; - forests die mysteriously; -animals weak & diseased;

-ocean currents change course -fish & animal migrations alter; -amphibians & reptiles vanish;

-tectonic stability is shaken/ earthquakes & tornadoes more frequent/

-emotional health declines (it appears clear that emotion is mediated by long wave magnetics between glands);

-apparent time accelerates (time only measures spin ratio, spin density is proportionate to magnetic fractality/nesting)

We believe all these symptoms are dramatically correlated to shifting geomagnetic flux / disturbances in Gaia's Magnetic Grid.

The Dodeca-Icosa Geometry of the Earth Grid Is the Archtype of the Perfect 3D Recursive Form

(Magnetic Embeddedness Creates/Stabilizes Gravity as a Fractal Attractor)

Here depicted are 3 different 90 degree offset views of the same "Uroborotic" Magnetic Symmetry Body of Earth, specifically, taking the 5 cubes which nest in the dodeca, we view ONLY the 3 great spin circles which surround each cube: then tilting the set of 3 "great" circles by 32 degrees, we nest the 5 sets of three into the dodeca: 15 great circles distributed with exquisitely symmetry around one sphere

Angelically speaking, this way magnetic memories can take flight from their proper nest.

Confounding these perturbances of planetary flux is our ignorance of Earth's exquisite Magnetic Grid -- and how it affect tectonics, atmosphere, biology, and humans. We just barely realize how recursive, fractal symmetry in Earth's longwave magnetism is a prime factor to condense clouds, induce stress in buildings, and shift tectonic pressures. Yet, magnetism is a unifying field that interlinks all events, forms and life on Earth -- and how Gaia remembers us all.

Compounding this further, man-made electromagnetism interferes with Earth's natural Grid. Electric power grids, communication networks and ELF-to-microwave technologies dump information pollution in the Grid to distort signals.

Realizing global ecosystems can't remain stable much longer, we initiate local and international action on these issues. Geomagnetic alignment must move from ancient mystery to practical, basic science of eco-maintenance such as earthquake and storm amelioration. We invite contributors in this to form an action network with the following goals:

1. Disseminate information through global media and internet about the Earth grid and grid engineering, geomancy, feng shui in its scientific, cultural and practical aspects.

2. Promote activities to heal destructive magnetic tangles on global and local scales.

3. Foster communication and research cooperation among scientists and others working intently in the field.

4. Develop coherent, easily communicated models to relate long wave grid alignments to:

a) plant, animal and human health;

b) precipitation and microclimate;

c) human emotions and feelings; and,

d) Earth's magnetic-gravitic-metabolic relations with the Solar System -- and beyond.

5. Co-create and publish in global media specific instruction on community-scale geomantic magnetic landscape attunements, including examples of experiments already undertaken and effects on bioregions.

6. Form specific committees to advise governments and corporations of immediate need to:

a) use paramagnetic stone dusts instead of chemical fertilizers to enhance plant growth

b) stop using Earth as a path for billions of amps in stray ground currents to power generation plants. This destroys millenia of effort by the biosphere to achieve recursiveness needed by Earth's magnetic bloodflow. Using the Earth herself for a path for billions of garbage electrons back to power plants, is killing us all. Putting a ground rod into the Earth to poison her, just because we are to lazy to run a return wire is suicidal on global scale.

c) investigate and document interactions between long wave magnetic paths and man-made interference, especially where health is affected in human dwellings and wildlife.

d) propagate practical understanding of relationships of stable gravity to recursive, nested magnetism and the coupling to coherent human emotion. This is essential to responsibly tap emerging energy technologies called non-linear, scalar, zero point, or "free energy."

7. Establish schools and curricula in which Magnetic Grid Engineering is taught in a language with rigor, yet with feeling and compassion. Paramagnetic stone, circles, labyrinths, dowsing, sacred geometry, and spherical trigonometry are skills needed to properly site stone lenses to focus the vast bloodlines which store Earth's planetary memory.

This Mission Statement is preliminary.

Your insight is needed. Your input is invited.

This Earth Emergency Network is formally convened by:

Daniel Winter & friends

Summary of the Grid Engineering Images used in the COURSE:


The below images are courtesy of Rob Gourlay: as credited on the image immediately below... (using Sattelite Magnetics to map Grid Lines,
in the first image = note that the ancient concept of song line actually appears visible on a DC magnetic map!)