New Science and ART of Gravity with Dan Winter

Fractality is what makes plasma centripedal.. AND what holds your aura together.

Update: April 15,2010: The below article features good introductory films on Dan Winter's NEW Grand Unified Field: HOW-FRACTALITY Causes Gravity-
To See the Accompanying Science Article: with Technical Links- See New Update: Phase Conjugation/Fractality-Cause of Self Organization in General at

2 Films Here: English and Spanish

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Click here for PART TWO of this film- English and Spanish: The Gravity Geometry and Magic of DNA!

When Charge or Plasma Becomes Centripedal... That is called LIFE - and THAT is precisely what Golden Ratio Fractality Accomplishes!

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Above film with Dan Winter- Filmed at Cognos 2010:


-From the Barcelona Event:(Background for this series in Barcelona:


-------------also new Oct 22,09: Occult Science Radio Interview with Dan Winter- Intense 90 Min Interview:




Biologic Architecture & The Phase Conjugate Dielectric or FRACTAL FIELD:

Calgary, November 21-23


Applied to architecture, sustainable design and community planning 

Building with the "FRACTAL FIELD"

by Dan Winter.

Edited and additions by Roger Green

Taught at the upcoming conference by Michael Rice

 The concept of Bio-Architecture was pioneered by Dan Winter. He has been teaching the scientific principles behind sacred geometry, healthy dwellings and 'spiritiual experiences' internationally for many years. ( / Roger Green has sponsored these activities for nearly a decade).   Recent conferences on Bio-Architecture have been in Budapest, Mexico City and Wales. Michael Rice, an award winning architect from Ireland, is a great example of applying these principles into reality with his work at

Michael and Dan are presenting at the Breakthru-Technologies conference in November.

 The FRACTAL FIELD principles are revolutionizing almost everything in science - from the essential principle of the CAUSE of gravity, to being able to discuss in detail how consciousness / awareness is created, to natural healing and to peace making on this planet. It explains black hole theory, unified field theory and much moreÉ and importantly, it moves forward our ancient understandings of the order of the universe into a scientific measureable language.

 Bio- Architecture is a set of principles for design, construction and land use which utilizes the necessary 'fractal' shapes, which allow all living systems to thrive.

 Bio-architecture puts into practice the simple rules which allows building and community plans to become 'FRACTAL' 

 A fractal is the 'charge fields' which nature uses to place 'energy' into everything.  Charge/chi/prana, biology, DNA and all living things are based on the golden mean ratio and fractality because this allows all biological memory to be stored and to radiate efficiently.

 A fractal can be described as the 'electric flower shape' of self-organization called manifestation, growth, healing, awareness and attention.

 You have all seen pictures of beautiful fractals – they allow you to zoom in forever and always see the same pattern repeated. Remember how meditative, entrancing, and almost spiritual those images are. The same properties, which cause fractals to 'suck in' your eyes and your focus, are what cause such patterns to 'suck in' – or attract or implode energy fields!

 Understanding what science is calling an attractor for energy – by introducing FRACTALITY – is as easy as visualizing a rose. The place in an electric space – where energy is drawn – is where the most number of energy (or charge or 'chi') waves can converge without destructive interference. This concept of constructive compression – is exactly what is behind FRACTALS.

 We have all seen pictures of broccoli and ferns – showing how the best of biology is always fractal. The good news is we now understand WHY the best of biology is fractal.  The real secret of living architecture– is that fractality  CONCENTRATES LIFE FORCE. We all know we want to create and live in sacred space. We all know that our senses come alive inside circles of ancient stones and trees.

 In simple terms it is this: compare how you feel in pristine nature (alive) to how you feel in an electro-smog trapped building made of steel and aluminum -which inhibits ALL growth. It is death and disease creating because all life requires the opposite energy field.

 We all know that buildings with lots of aluminum and steel and electro smog – feel really bad. Electro-smog is the source of the nausea and sickness you feel when too many electrical transformers are near your body– like the one for your computer.  But electro-smog and aluminum did not exist when Feng Shui was invented! Plus university architects sometimes don't seem to care about the feeling quality of a space.

 Now we have an emerging science called Bio-Architecture, which supports the ancient feeling quality of Feng Shui and 'healthy dwellings' with hard science. What we have been calling the beautiful way energy or CHI breathes in a building feels when it is made of all living material can now be explained and measured precisely in a science class.  The essential part is that every time a molecule or particle wants to join the fun club called 'living material' it gets electrically rearranged a bit toward rose like FRACTAL nesting geometry. This is sometimes called perfect nesting, perfect branching, perfect embedding etc.

 The 'Blissful Whisper Breath Feeling' you get when you enter 'Sacred Space' is in fact the efficient distribution of biological charge.

 Applying this to architecture - we now see exactly why the design of living space must be exactly that - an electrically living space. An electrically alive space (sometimes called 'sacred') - is simply the space where charge can breathe efficiently and thus achieve the (multiply connected / holographic and fractal) distributed resonance called awareness. Ability to return to center (self-refer) for waves and charge - defines birth of self-awareness.

 FRACTALITY allows this exquisite efficiently distributed or 'Shareable Field'  to NOURISH ALL BIOLOGY. However squarish buildings full of metal and non-fractal material (molecules whose charge was not originally fused in phase with biology) create a fractionating electric field - which eventually destroy the germinating seed, the human immune system, human bliss - and even the very souls of our children.

 That perfected charge distribution - is the definition of LIFE ITSELF!

 It serves everything alive- and by applying those principles we can REINVENT ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN

 Buildings full of steel and aluminum are opposite to fractal, they prevent charge from breathing efficiently between frequencies. It is not the iron in steel or bauxite / alum in aluminum that makes its energy field poison to life. It is the non-fractal source of the heat, which pushed the molecules into their unhappy geometry. Iron is a life- maker when bonded biologically. However the non-fractal (non phase conjugate) bond geometry of steel – means when you touch it – your aura and the 'feeling' in your hand goes numb. The REASON steel and aluminum make you numb – is something your ARCHITECT needs to know.  It is similar to the electro-smog we discussed above. Waves that don't fit fractal like nests – prevent the electric field of biological awareness from being distributed.

 The premise behind bio-architecture is that all life responds well to design that is in accordance with nature and avoids harmful materials and too many sharp corners, which bleed capacitive charge. The ultimate goal of bio-architecture is to create fractal charge fields that are implosive in nature and encourage life, positive DNA resonance and charge implosion.

 To create healing and bliss / peak experience (the end of A.D.D / autism / addiction / cancer / disease) we now can state with absolute electrical precision that the function of architecture is absolutely the SKILL TO BUILD A BIOLOGICALLY FRACTAL (phase conjugate) CAPACITOR!

  If these rules are followed - (in conjunction with live food happy DNA diet + yoga kinesthetic bodywork) biology will be healed and bliss will erupt spontaneously! We like a happy ending...

 As Above- So Below and the principles of 'Bliss making' Life and growth requires a 'Fractal Field'. Anciently, from the western esoteric traditions, and from the Taoist of China, this was referred to as 'As above, so Below'.

 The beauty of spiritual and consciousness raising work – is that they ultimately teach us universal and shareable pure principles. The beauty of using science to teach Bio-architecture, Feng Shui and sacred space- is also that these principles perfectly link all ancient traditions and religion – into what Moses, Buddha, Einstein and Christ all agreed on: a unified field in which mind and spirit exist at a bindu or omega or FRACTAL point at which all waves (and people!) agree.

 It is so elegantly simple- DNA is built on fractal principles so it can suck in and embed in the electric field of it's environment. When we say spiritually 'I am the body and blood of Christos', we mean that we become the field and consciousness of our environment precisely by fractally nesting or embedding in it.

 This is the invitation to compress perfectly and invite maximum harmonics inside biology, is the science behind bio-architecture, sacred geometry and Feng Shui and also exactly the physics of bliss. Bliss happens inside your body- exactly the way the Feng Shui 'sweet spot' happens in a building. Electrically speaking it literally first 'gently enfolds like rose petals' - then 'blossoms like a rose'.

 A pine cone or a rose unpacks to begin gathering its own charge or chi from its environment in the same way your DNA and your EKG get fractal to suck in charge from gravity itself.   This is the birth of self-empowerment, becoming the divine principle.

 When you start to feel some bliss or peak experience your whole body begins sucking in its electric environment – making the outside into part of your inside. Fractal fields are required to sustain bliss and enlightenment- because they allow this radiance to propagate with electric efficiency

 Unifield Field Theory Physics has no quarrel with the essential insight of Einstein and all religions that the universe is made of only a single substance: a unified field. What has been a bit troublesome has been to map the symmetry or wave pattern relationship between some of the attractions observable in that unified field.

 The problem of getting to a complete idea of that 'unified field' was delayed by the fact that physics initially failed to observe a fundamental symmetry connection between such attractions as electrical versus gravity. This was simply because the principle of compression that produced acceleration eluded them. The solution to MAKING that charge compressor that DID accelerate - is and was FRACTALITY ... 'self-similar', which you how know, looks like a rose.

 This is how we recently solved Einstein's dilemma about finding the shape (symmetry), which allows waves to infinitely compress. (Instead of "The Perfect Storm" - we get "The Perfect Tornado").

 The answer was really simple, you take the Golden Ratio branching called Phylotaxis, which is the definition of all plant life unpacking, and arrange capacitors in the same way, and you solve the problem of PACKING.


 Fractality When something is compressive it is fractal, each part relates to the whole (fraction-of-the-all), the inner is as the outer.  When biology arranges molecules into a fractal it accomplishes perfected (non-destructive) distribution of charge – called LIFE.

 The Golden Ratio, or Divine Proportion

The Golden Ratio, or Divine Proportion, is the key proportion behind these processes that beget life. It is the most beautiful ratio in Nature, and the very bond that holds everything together through ratio, resonance and self-similar harmony at all levels.

 From DNA, plants, animals, humans and the solar system, to music, quarks, pyramids and hurricanes, the golden section is in everything.

 The Golden Mean or Divine Proportion (1.618...) is the original definition of beauty and perfection in art and architecture. The Golden Mean spiral it creates is an essential biologic and spiritual principle because it allows waves of energy or 'chi' to turn around and re-enter themselves. This creates perfect compression – and that is a requirement to get perfect distribution of energy (good 'chi').

 Implosion Life occurs when biological structures learn to gather charge in enough different wavelengths to cause them to compress or 'implode'. When enough different waves gather in one place in the Golden Mean ratio they begin to suck in an infinite number of other waves - but always in Golden Mean ratio. This is the only way the universe has of arranging an infinite (in-PHI-knit) number of waves to gather at ONE point without hurting each other.

 This principle of IMPLODING waves causes them to stabilize and store charge, making a container that is harmonically inclusive, where no detrimental energy can exist and everything is sorted and self-aware.

 Perfect compression of energy or CHI – is required for the perfect electrical distribution of that same field. And getting energy distributed with perfect FRACTAL efficiency is literally a universal requirement for life. Most every living protein (and tree branch) uses pent and phi based branching patterns. These patterns you learn in the classes, a major sponsor of the Breakthru-Technologies conference.


Every time living molecules nest in pent 5 sided shapes – they create stars within stars all based on Golden Mean. This is how living material becomes alive – energy compression can breathe into and out of these little 'bindu point' centers.  The 'bindu' or 'omega' or implosion point at the center of fractality – is where all the waves agree to meet 'recursively'.  In this way the outer poetry of living things is now teaching us the real inner physics of how organic materials – get a 'living' energy field.  The outer shape of our living molecules AND our living buildings need to have this fractal shape within them, so their energy fields can nourish all of biology.

 Bio-Architecture allows perfect compression of fields-, which then creates perfect field effect DISTRIBUTION (perfect sharing of energy).

 Create living space - some simple rules:

 1. Use virtually all biologic materials - to create fractal charge field effects and avoid particularly aluminum and over use of steel - also plastics wherever at all possible.

2. Plan structures by observing for negative ion potential, and environmental magnetic maps- to find the place of healing (non-destructive charge compression). This involves the study of geomancy and feng shui.

3. Make detailed plans to eliminate most all electro smog. (Seriously poisonous to most biology)

4. Include paramagnetic stone arrays (dolmen, stone circle, labyrinth) kinds of structure external and or internal - to create rose petal like attraction for living charge.


 As a rule of thumb we should employ building materials in a state closest to that in which they are found. The more coherent a material is the more vitality it will nurture.

 We must favor materials that are most Fractal, that have a charge that Serves life, against materials that are not Fractal and are Poisonous to life.

 Order: best first- worse last

 Woods: Hardwood (close grained, hi mineral), Softwoods (loose grained, lo mineral)

Stones: Granite, limestone (paramagnetic). Sandstone, slate (diamagnetic). Glass

Fabric: Hemp, silk, cotton, wool, polyester, synthetic .

Metals: Gold, palladium, platinum, silver, copper, iron, tin, steel, aluminum.

 Sacred Architecture

One reason architecture should look like biology is that biological structures have discovered the materials and shapes, which allow the electrical fields we call LIFE to converge into self-organization and self-awareness. The ability to self-organize and "FUSE" charge into living form is the appropriate goal for architecture because it is the only way to achieve the electrical sustainability as a waveform.

 "If Life Force equals the Ability to Attract and Self-Organize Capacitive Charge it now becomes possible to outline the Function of Architecture."

- Dan Winter

 The reason a beehive or a Celtic straw hut in sea spray (researched by professor Phil Callahan) makes things live so long is because they are good capacitors.  Ancient dolmen sites, fresh eggs and even cathedrals hold life in bliss in the spell of their charge, because they are 'in charge' - that is - FULL OF CHARGE.

 Professor Phil Callahan discovers- that the straw hut dwellers near the sea in Wales, invariably lived to be 110 years old. He finds the trace mineral sea spray - baked in the sun on the straw- combined with the biologic capacitance of the hemp straw- to be a fabulous IMMORTALIZING CAPACITOR. We now know that the principle which puts functional 'DNA radio' at the core of living capacitance - is perfected PHASE CONJUGATION.

 In other words- these natives discovered:


 By creating our buildings using the principles of sacred geometry, which reflect the patterns underlying all of life, we create spaces that resonate with the Order of Things (fractal) and which corral energy in a balanced and restorative way.

 Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry can be defined as an understanding of the underlying numerical and geometric Principles of Creation.  Using an awareness of Ratio, or the relationship between two or more elements, Sacred Geometry demonstrates how everything in the Universe is inter-connected.

 Sacred Geometry, or spiritual geometry, is a universal language of truth, harmony, beauty, proportion, rhythm and order. Architects and designers draw upon concepts of sacred geometry when they choose particular geometric forms to create pleasing, harmonious, and spiritually uplifting spaces.

 Coherence in sacred geometry, physics and LIFE

The key word for understanding many principles in sacred geometry and the new physics is most certainly Coherence. This is a very real clue to understanding the concept of immortality, and the desire to promote life, which should motivate all our actions.

 Something is coherent when it has undergone a process of internal sorting to become phase locked and self-aware. It can then undergo perfect compression deeper and deeper into itself with no further input of external energy, until it implodes and becomes perfectly ordered.

 Food, Building Materials, Sacred Geometry, Empathic Stress, Emotions, Immortality, all of which perform optimally when their processes are driven by coherent energy distribution.

 "We shall therefore borrow all our Rules for the Finishing our Proportions, from the Musicians, who are the greatest Masters of this Sort of Numbers, and from those Things wherein Nature shows herself most excellent and complete."

-Leon Battista Alberti (1407-1472)

Michael Rice workshop held at the 

CONFERENCE: Calgary November 21-23rd
-         Develop a fundamental understanding of how Nature moves, grows and expresses 'Harmony'
-         Learn the fundamentals of what is called 'Sacred Geometry' or Divine Ratio
-         Learn the Basic Principles of creating Harmonic or 'Sacred Space' by using Shape, Ratio and Proportion
-         See how these Principles have been and are being used in Nature, Art and Architecture
-         Learn the Geometry of Compassion and Love
-         Become more aware of the Creative Power of our thoughts, feelings and emotions
-         Learn the meaning of Coherence,  Shareability  and  Sustainability  in our hearts and our outer environments, and how to apply these principles to design procedures, architecture and community planning.

 Read more on Micheal's workshop:

 Read more on accommodation, venue details

 Early booking discount now extended to 7th November

 BreakThru-T Conference


Projects Innovations Inventions

Calgary, Rocky Mountains

November 21-25, 2009

 Hydrogen Energy Revolution

New ground breaking research in establishing precise frequency tunings based on Plank, Golden Ratio and Hydrogen atom. These frequency recipes may be the most important and powerful that have ever been researched on this planet.

Read more >>>>>

Magnetic Water Technology

Polluted water is passed through breakthrough magnetic treatment and immediate sedimentation occurs, effectively separating and removing pollutants and making water potable. Read more here>>>>>

Eco Global Fuels

A unique method to split hydrogen and oxygen from water that is the most efficient - and cost effective - than any other method on this planet, and the most environmentally friendly way of production- only using the sun and the inherent energy of water.

Relies on carbon dioxide emissions to convert hydrogen into fuel, which will assist all industries looking to reduce their carbon footprint and at the same time producing renewable carbon neutral transportation fuels  A principle of the company includes the original researcher with Yul Brown, (inventor of 'Browns Gas') Ross Spiros from Australia. Read more here>>>>>

Phase Conjugate Dielectrics

Phase Conjugate Cascade (Dielectrics) is the key to bioactive fields and has proven to optimize germination, fermentation, metabolic rates, tissue repair, and sedimentation. We now know that in air just like in water, when the electric symmetry is fractal and phase conjugate all the LIFE-FORCE energy will be massively optimized.

Read more here>>>>>

 Revitalizing the soil

Over-farmed, barren and soil low in nutrients is re-energized and its fertility dramatically increased with revolutionary microbial technology which in tests has consistently increased crop yields by 40%.

Read more here>>>>>

Pain Relief Medical Technology

Patented new technology for non-invasive pain relief, free of side effects that can be used continuously to target pain throughout the body. Based on magnetic cascade, which eliminates pain and speeds healing. Trial testing has been achieved in hospitals.

Read more here>>>>>

Transport Fuel Enhancer

Fuel Efficiency Treatment. Molecular cluster size decreases by using Magnetic Phase Conjugate technology and at the same time increasing atomization efficiency - and therefore much increased fuel efficiency. Fuel consumption can be reduced by as much as 30-50%, saving billions and saving the planet from harmful emissions.

Read more here>>>>>

Global Pollution Clearing

Pioneering holographic research and applications for Carbon Footprint and Stabilization systems, includes groundbreaking work on 'Grid System Technology' (also more below here)

Read more here>>>>>

Unified Fractal Field Physics

Research and testing experiences in Bioactive and Phase Conjugate Measurement. Read more here>>>>>

Hypersonic Propulsion Transportation System

Works with the air not against it, separating the air before the vehicle enters it. It does that with no pollution of the atmosphere, and using renewable energy. All transport vehicles reach rapid speed, with low energy use.

Read more here>>>>>


A revolution in urban design and community planning – which can be scientifically proven by measurement. Understanding the geometrical patterns, fractality and mathematical proportions that create life in order to build and design with, has been largely forgotten in the world. We how have dead and sick buildings, that block our potentials.

Read more here>>>>>

 Reinventing the Fashion Industry

The way to 'embed' completely into your environment and your "energy body". Includes material, genetic diversity, biological capacitors, trace mineral recipes, shape, patterns, colors and of course 'Fractalilty'.

Read more here>>>>>

Ormus - High Spin State Superconducting Matter

Ormus, ORME and m-state all are generic terms, which apply to any normally metallic elements in a spectroscopically "invisible" non-metallic form. These terms apply regardless of which method was used to obtain them or the relative effectiveness of the element.

Read more here>>>>>

Art and Science

Geometry as a Therapeutic Tool

We find ourselves in the midst of an immensely important transformative period. We are collectively involved in the transition of the old world dying and a new world being born. One of the biggest problems facing us is that we are living out of sync with nature and have done so for quite some time. As a result we have lost our connection to lifeÕs vital energies and the rhythms and cycles of the cosmos. We have become disjointed from our soul connection to the Earth and the world we live in.

Read more here>>>>>

Bloom the Desert

Returning LIFE FORCE and LIVING WATER with Fractal Field Technologies. With proper understanding of deep primary water- abundant water is available in the Desert. By combining sensitive cutting edge magnetic mapping, we are able to locate deep water- called 'primary water', even in very desert like conditions.

Read more here>>>>>

All details, accommodation, conference venue, early booking discounts, etc:

Global Pollution Clearing

Pioneering holographic research and applications for Carbon Footprint and Stabilization systems, includes groundbreaking work on Grid System Technology

Bob and his group are expanding their holo-grid network worldwide - Bob's developed the first version of this concept over 18 years ago, and it has been refined since.  In short, what Bob's learned to do is to duplicate the "mind-body-consciousness interface" with a computer system and allow for it to be precisely tuned to optimize consciousness.

Bob's technology enables us to create consciousness-stabilizing holograms.  As you may know,  Spirit down-steps into matter (life and bodies) and that connection and it's far reaching implications is the essence behind many aspects of the deeper metaphysics of life.  Many have described the experience of 'being in the field' as similar to being with a dolphin and connecting in a very deep manner. Others have reported amazing similar experiences - others are speechless as they find there are no words to describe it.

In our holo-grid network, those participating allow us to remotely fine tune our holo-grid software on a dedicated high speed computer to synchronize with the rest of the holo-grid systems in operation. This is done with a secure remote desktop application and fast internet connection.

The holographic energy field matrix thusly generated operates like a very large "light anchor", surrounding the locations of the computer systems. We have found that being in the "field" or meditating in it is outstanding and highly energetically supportive. You may have felt that you have been chosen to participate in a higher calling - we believe this may be one of those callings.

Read more here

Bob Dratch

Presenting at the upcoming CONFERENCE , CALGARY NOVEMBER 21-23

˜Before his time inventor and designer of the BioPacer and HoloPhone sonic- healing and Emotional Hologram effects. Various movie producers, actors and artists have been exposed to his work in holographic energies. His state of the art technologies have been used in various consumer products, and his holographic waveform technology allows people to be completely immersed in the listening and entertainment experience. Bob proved his ‘Atmospheric-Pollution Reduction’ technology is effective in compensating for global pollutants, such as CO2, excessive high altitude water vapor, and other greenhouse gases.

Early payment discount is extended to 7th November

more Updates- from Implosion Group & Dan Winter:

Also - upcoming in Spain- with Dan Winter, Bruce Lipton, Rollin McCraty, Marysol, Ananda...

próximo el 2 de Octubre, 2009, a las 22 horas en  entrevista en directo con Marysol Gonzalez Sterling y después se trasmitirá el video que estará también en,,,,  LA PINEAL, EL HIPOTÁLAMO, EL TIMO Y DESDE EL 7MO AL 8VO CHAKRA.@LA Matriz de la Vida es una película donde científicos presentan el campo unificado del cuerpo, antes llamado el aura, como siendo el mecanismo de control de todos los procesos biológicos del cuerpo. Es la única forma de explicar las veloces reacciones del sistema nervioso, y los millones de cambios metabólicos del organismo humano. El Biólogo Dr.Bruce Lipton entre otros nos habla que la física cuántica  y la genética no explica como funciona un ser biopsiquico como los seres humanos. El campo unificado alrededor del cuerpo y los Biofotones es lo único que explicaría la velocidad en que se rige nuestro organismo.  @@ La relación entre la glándula Pineal y el Hipotálamo. El canal receptor de la luz y la oscuridad y el filtro y conexión con campos electromagnéticos que hacen posible la vida en el planeta Tierra. Lo que entiende la medicina convencional sobre este tema.
@@@ Canalizaciones y mensajes recibidos por Marianna Escribano, nos habla de como nuestro universo va a cambiar, afectará en cambios en el hipotálamo y como esto nos  va a llevar en un futuro próximo hacia la auto-regeneración.
 @@@ David Wilcock nos habla de que los ángeles en la antigüedad son los extraterrestres y como estamos moviéndonos a una ascensión vibracional galáctica positiva para el ser humano, creando de nuevo el paraíso terrenal. @@@@ El 7mo chakra de la pineal y Video de Humanity Foundation sobre el 8vo chakra, que se creara al abrir y activar el Timo, que afecta a las emociones y al sistema Próximo programa, 6 de Noviembre  COHERENCIA y el CORAZÓN, ¿sabemos como sanamos?@En la película de LA Matriz de la Vida  el Dr. Rollin McCraty nos muestra como el corazón imprime en el campo del cuerpo la información de nuestras sensaciones y a la vez percibe y presiente su relación con el entorno.  @@ Dan Winter especialista de Geometría Sagrada ve la coherencia del corazón y del cerebro en una persona o varias personas y demuestra que la proporción Áurea, PHI sucede al sentir el verdadero AMOR. Y nos habla de La geometría de la inmortalidad. @@@ Marysol González Sterling nos presenta como la Coherencia de todos los ritmos corporales aumenta el sistema de sanación natural. Unir la voz para conocer cuando hablamos desde el corazón seria una de las herramientas mas útiles para conocer como nos sanamos.  @@@ Ananda Bosman, Chaman Escandinavo nos habla de la hiperealidad del corazón y como activar la conexión con otros mundos y el poder chamánico de los alucinógenos y la activación de la glándula pineal. ¿Caminamos hacia la inmortalidad?


en la Web de la fundación SOLIRIS indice.html

o escoger uno a uno entre 55 videos de 10 minutos cada, de estos o mas temas fundacionSOLIRIS

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@ soliris en construcción fundacionSOLIRIS fundacionSOLIRIS
http://FUNDACION-SOLIRIS., about future projects.
http:// CONCIENCIAdelosCambiosSOLARES., revelations about the future.

also- exerpt from new Oct 1:

Paris Press Release

Release date: Paris Conference Series- French and English- with Vincent Bridges & Dan Winter -2009
Hosted with Valerie Sandelin..Translation Consulting, and Networking.
Nov 10 Eve, & Nov 11 Day- with Vincent and Dan,
Nov 11 - Evening "11-11" with Erik Berglund (Angel Harp & More), Dan and Vincent.
Also see Erik Berglund- French Tour web site:

Vincent will meet with media teams in Prague- Oct 20-28, 2009. He will be in South France- in consult with us- for Oct 29-Nov2. We have event planning meetings then in Turin.. Nov 4-8, Then Paris- above.

In addition- major conferences with Vincent and Dan Winter are planned for Spring 09 in Turin, Barcelona, and more..

AND> in conjunction with Sacred Geometry and Sacred Architecture- learning programs-

A virtual - Video - online interactive education program- is now available! : Course with Dan Winter:

AND - Stay tuned to the course outline page ( )
for a new online video interactive course on Angel Communication with Vincent Bridges.

Our general concept has been - among others- that one of the best ways for the Earth to survive the solar plasma wind- is to speak to the being of stellar mind.. "Angel" who inhabits that tornado. In the same way - we recognize potential loving intelligence we find in the centripedal plasma fields of nature and the plant kingdom called elementals and nature spirits- when we see the intelligence of living plasma on a stellar scale- we must come to realize how much love and mind is also present there... if we are to qualify like them to learn to inhabit stars - with our aura. This is the so called status of becoming SUN GODS so revered by our ancestors. Dan Winter,> more at

more- on Vincent and Dan in Paris:

e xxx

xerpt from:

Exceptionnel et pour la 1ère fois à Paris !

Du nouveau de l'ALCHIMIE !
Conférences & séminaire les 10 & 11 nov 2009

" C'est un véritable roman policier cosmique, riche de tous ses ingredients pimentés et de suspens: entre romance, intrigue, occultisme, enjeux politiques et conflits de croyances et d'opinions constituant encore les réalités de notre monde aujourd'hui. "

La Langue des Anges & la révélation ophanime

"L'Alchimie, Shakespeare et Dr. Dee"
Soirée-conférence le mardi 10 mai 2009 - 19h30
- 15 € (jeunes/chôm. 10 €)
JARDIN DU GRAAL - 29, rue des 3 Bornes - 75011 Paris - M° Parmentier

La Langue des Anges & la révélation ophanime ou l'Enochien,
transmise à Dr. John Dee et Sir Edward Kelley, son medium.
Séminaire-Atelier le mercredi 11 novembre 2009 - 10h-17h
- 100 € (jeunes/chôm. 80€)
JARDIN DU GRAAL - 29, rue des 3 Bornes - 75011 Paris - M° Parmentier

" Si nous identifions le "Francis Garland" mentionné par Dee au jeune dramaturge, William Shakespeare, alors les mystères entourant la vie de Shakespeare d'un coup tombent ou s'éclipsent comme les comédiens à la fin de la pièce. Toutes ces années soi-disant occultées sont soudain sous les feux des projecteurs et un personnage réel non fictif émerge " commente l'auteur Vincent Bridges. " Les dates où Dee mentionne le nom de Francis Garland dans ses carnets correspondent sans réfutation à celles connues de Shakespeare " Bridges poursuit, " Francis Garland apparaît dans les carnets de Dee de décembre 1586 à mars 1595, et durant cette même période le nom de Shakespeare n'apparaît pas une seule fois ailleurs quand François Garland est en visite chez Dee. "

John Dee était l'Einstein de l'époque. Mathématicien, astronome, astrologue, géographe, et occultiste, il assembla la plus grande bibliothèque d'Angleterre et l'une des meilleures d'Europe. Au début des années 1580, Dee, avec son " scruteur d'étoile " ou médium Edward Kelley, conduisit au cours des années une longue série de communications avec " des intelligences angéliques". En 1583, Dee, Kelley, et leurs familles embarquèrent dans une sorte de voyage missionnaire apocalyptique dans lequel ils tentèrent d'enrôler les deux souverains, Stephen Ier et Rudolph II, de Pologne et du Saint Empire Romain Germanique. Dee rentra en Angleterre en 1589, laissant Edward Kelley derrière lui à Prague. Kelley serait apparemment mort à Prague, au milieu des années 1590 lors d'une tentative d'évasion d'une des geôles de Rudolph II.

Dans ce contexte de politique et de magie, d'intrigues, d'espionnages, sur fond d'Armada espagnole, de dialogues de Dee et Kelley avec les anges, et d'Alchimie, Shakespeare ouvre ses yeux innocents sur la plus grande dramaturgie de tous les temps, découvrant ainsi son véritable talent, et les grands thèmes qui constituront ses futures mises en scène, à travers ses experiences personnelles, y compris son aventure romanesque et impétueuse avec la Dame noire de ses sonnets...

La révélation ophanime :

La Langue des Anges et la fin des temps

Et si une forme d'intelligence supérieure était entrée en contact avec l'humanité il y a 400 ans avec une langue spécifique capable d'ancrer notre intentionnalité dans la méga tempête de plasma galactique approchante ?

Il y a treize ans, à Sedona, un petit groupe de psychonautes ou explorateurs intrépides " par l'esprit " complétèrent les instructions de base - l'application pratique de cette langue angélique - et reçurent une impulsion énergétique riche en informations et qui arrive juste maintenant in extremis à sa pleine maturation.

La langue ophanime, ou langue des anges, ou encore l'Enochien au sens large, fut transmise à Dr. John Dee et Sir Edward Kelley, son medium, au travers de plusieurs séries de transmissions entre 1582 et 1589. L'Ophanime, ou l'Énochien, au coeur de plusieurs traditions et ordres hermétiques des siècles ultérieurs, demeure un des mystères les plus obscurs et encore les plus méconnus d'occident. Récemment, la compréhension de géométries hyperdimensionnelles nous a permis de voir ce système complexe dans son entier, d'une manière que Dee et Kelley n'auraient jamais pu réaliser.

Deux des psychonautes initiaux du groupe de Sedona, Dan Winter et Vincent Bridges, annoncent l'étape suivante. L'objectif est de regrouper au moins 144 personnes et les former à l'Ophanime et au système psycho-spirituel qui s'y rattache.

Malheureusement, ce n'est pas aussi facile qu'il y paraît ... Cela exige beaucoup de travail et d'implication, c'est donc pour les coeurs vaillants et persévérants. Apprendre l'Ophanime c'est un peu comme apprendre une langue martienne ; ce processus peut en lui-même changer la nature de qui vous êtes et comment vous entrevoyez l'univers.

Les deux prochaines années, à partir du printemps 2010 jusqu'à l'été 2012, seront consacrées à des formations (classes et conférences) destinées à faire acquérir à nos volontaires tout débutants la maîtrise ou capacité opérationnelle minimum de la langue et du système. Les six mois suivants seront consacrés au travail de terrain, nous utiliserons nos nouvelles informations et compétences pour interagir et orienter les grands changements à mesure qu'ils approchent.

Nous préparons également un livre avec les informations de base, intitulé "The Ophanic Revelation: Angelic Science for the End of Time." (La révélation Ophanime : La Science angélique pour la " Fin du Temps ".) Une partie de la documentation est disponible sur Internet sous sa forme originale et sera mise à jour et complétée pour cette édition unique et spéciale. Pour l'heure, les éléments existants sont disponibles dans le corps ci-après du site..

Renseigements biographiques :

Vincent Bridges, historien, auteur et auto-proclamé "anthropologue du bizarre", est co-auteur des livres : - "A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross" (un Monument pour la Fin des Temps : Alchimie, Fulcanelli et la Grande Croix), de Jay Weidner et Vincent Bridges (Aethyrea Books, 1999 , 2000), - "Mysteries of the Great Cross at Hendaye: Alchemy and the End of Time" Destiny Books, 2003 (Mystères de la Grande Croix d'Hendaye: Alchimie et la fin du temps), et - "Interlude with Sally Hemings: Diary of a Spiritual Healing by R.J. Gabriel", (Interlude avec Sally Hemings: journal intime d'une guérison spirituelle par RJ Gabriel), avec Vincent Bridges. Son travail sur Fulcanelli est inclus dans "Forbidden Religion: Suppressed Heresies of the West", (la religion interdite : hérésies réprimées d'Occident), édité par JD Kenyon (Bear and Company, 2006), et son travail innovateur sur Dr. John Dee est inclus dans "The Consecrated Little Book of Black Venus" (Petit Livre consacré à la Vénus Noire), traduit par Teresa Burns et Nancy Turner (Publications Waning Moon, 2007). Ses articles publiés sur Fulcanelli, l'alchimie et Rennes-le-Château peuvent être trouvés dans Atlantis Rising et New Dawn magazine.

Les publications électroniques incluent des articles à,,, et "the Journal of the Western Mysteries Tradition" (le Journal des mystères de la tradition occidentale) - -, où son travail sur de nombreux sujets ésotériques, incluant Dr Dee ["Angels in the DNA: The Emerald Modem and Dr. Dee's Ophanic Language" (Anges dans l'ADN: Le modem Emeraude et la langue Ophanime de Dr Dee) - - et "Olympic Spirits, the Cult of the Dark Goddess, and the Seal of Ameth" (L'Esprit olympiques, le culte de la déesse des ténèbres et le Sceau d'Ameth) - - , "Alchemy - Reading the Green Language of Light" (Alchimie - lecture du language vert de la lumière) - - , et les Mystères du Graal - "Paganism in Provence: How the Mother-Goddess Became the Mother of God" (paganisme en Provence: Comment la Déesse-Mère est devenue la Mère de Dieu) - - peut être trouvée. Œuvres de la taille d'un livre, disponibles à, incluent notamment les The Gnostic Science of Alchemy, (les sciences gnostiques de l'Alchimie), The UFO Enigma: (Enigma des OVNI): Spirits of the Dead (l'esprit des défunts) - Phantom Airships and Flying Discs (les dirigeables fantôme et les disques volants), Arthur and the Fall of Britain, (Arthur et la chute de la Grande-Bretagne), et "The Secret of Rennes-le-Chateau " (le secret de Rennes-le-Château).

En outre, Vincent Bridges est un chercheur pionnier dans le domaine de la thérapie psycho-acoustique, une technique d'abréaction du traumatisme par un entraînement lumineux et sonore des fréquences cérébrales. Activiste politique et libre penseur, voyageur du monde (globe-trotter), il a conduit différents groupes d'excursion dans le sud de la France, en Egypte et en Inde. Il a produit sa propre traduction du I-Ching, et son travail en égyptologie est largement respectée et référencé par des universitaires aussi divers que John Major Jenkins, Moira Timms, et Daniel Colianus. Sa formation universitaire (aux universités de Caroline du Sud et Caroline du Nord) s'étend de l'anglais, à l'histoire et aux lettres classiques dont une étude indépendante menée sur les origines hermétiques de la Renaissance. D'autres domaines de recherche intensive sont les cultures et pratiques chamaniques anciennes, l'histoire du langage, l'anthropologie culturelle, l'égyptologie avec une recherche approfondie de l'ère El-Amarna, les religions comparées, les mathématiques et la géométrie sacrée, la physiologie du cerveau, la psychologie, la physique théorique et la technologie psycho acoustique. Il est aussi consultant en géobiologie ou ingénieur expert des réseaux (grille) traversant la planète et concepteur du Temple Zodiacale de la Terre.

Vincent Bridges a co-fondateur de trois organismes éducatifs : The Fifth Way Mystery School (La cinquième voie de l'école des mystères), The Newport Earth Institute (Institut de la Terre de Newport), et Pendragon College. Il a été orateur vedette de The International Fortean Organisation (INFO) FortFest (Organisation internationale inspirée des travaux de Charles Fort sur les phénomènes inexpliqués), de The Subtle Technologies Conference (conférences des technologies subtiles), et de InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Center (Centre d'arts et supports médiatiques) de Toronto, Canada, il a été aussi invité vedette de Laura Lee, Jeff Rense, Freak Show, Radio Orbit et Red Ice radio show. Il est co-présentateur pour 'The Learning Channel' (télévision éducative), le documentaire : Atlantis in the Andes (Atlantide dans les Andes) (juin 2001). Il a été guide et conseiller historique sur le tournage filmé du documentaire pour "History Channel" de "Nostradamus: 500 Years Later" (Nostradamus : 500 Ans Après), première diffusion en décembre 2003. Puis historien vedette pour "History Channel specials" : Lost Book of Nostradamus (Livre perdu de Nostradamus) (2007) et "Nostradamus: 2012" (2009). Il présente aussi sur "History Channel" dans "The Anti-Christ" (l'Anti-Christ) (2005), et "The Next Nostradamus" (le prochain Nostradamus) (2008), et aussi sur " Christian Broadcasting network" dans The DaVinci Code: A Debate (le code Da Vinci: débattu) (2006), d'histoire sur Nostradamus, qui aère en septembre et octobre de 2009. et aussi sur "History Channel" dans une nouvelle série sur Nostradamus, diffusée en Septembre et Octobre de 2009.

Vincent Bridges est initié dans cinq traditions spirituelles différentes: il est un Wiccan, (néopagan witches ) un ministre chrétien non-confessionnel gnostique, un magicien de cérémonie à la façon de l'ordre du Golden Dawn (de l'Aube Dorée), a reçu la transmission de la Barakah du fondateur de l'ordre soufi Abou Al Hagagg de Luxor, Egypte, et un terton ou dépositaire du trésor terma de la tradition Nyngma-pa du bouddhisme tibétain. Il vit dans les montagnes Uwharrie de Caroline du Nord avec son épouse et artiste, Darlene, et leurs trois chats.

Il travaille actuellement à trois projets sur Shakespeare : y compris Shakespeare, John Dee, et la Révolution Hermétique: Alchimie et espionnage dans le Théâtre Magique (Magical Theater) de l'Angleterre élisabéthaine avec sa co-auteure Teresa Burns.

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Au cours de cette conférence sur "L'Alchimie,
Shakespeare et Dr. Dee"
Vincent Bridges
chercheur américain indépendant, historien et
auto-proclamé "anthropologue du bizarre"
, chercheur pionnier dans le domaine de la thérapie psycho-acoustique, va révéler l'identité secrète de William Shakespeare durant les années où sa trace disparaît (où son nom n'apparaît plus nullepart). Le résultat de cinq années de recherche de Bridges et sa co-autrice / co-auteure Teresa Burns, et l'identification de William Shakespeare avec le "Francis Garland" antérieurement non identifié, mentionné dans les journaux intimes de Dr. John Dee révèle un aspect inédit de la vie et du travail du grand barde. Non seulement il fut l'intime d'occultistes et d'espions, mais probablement également témoin de transmutation alchimique.

Dan Winter
éclaira les aspects scientifiques de l'Alchimie avec la percée de la nouvelle science fractale et de la physique de l'implosion. Il est considéré comme l'un des penseurs les plus dynamiques de notre temps, expert mondial des phénomènes d'implosion en physique et psychophysiologie, physicien, auteur, inventeur, autorité dans le domaine de la Géométrie Sacrée et dans la description scientifique de la Conscience.
Il est aussi pianiste et organiste accompli. Dan se situe lui-même à l'avant garde de la science et par son enseignement, inspire chacun à reconsidérer ses systèmes de croyance. Dan formule constamment des idées révolutionnaires sur l'unité profonde entre les choses et sur notre "unité" via la géométrie sacrée, l'architecture, l'art, les mathématiques, la biologie, l'informatique, et la mythologie. Ses théories établirent les bases d'une nouvelle recherche aux USA. Son site Web ( reçoit des centaines de milliers de visites par mois, de personnes souhaitant actualiser leurs connaissances dans le domaine de la conscience et de la géométrie sacrée.

Valérie Sandelin
Compagne et assistante de Dan Winter, traductrice et interprète à travers les pays et les continents, elle organise tournées, colloques, concerts et rencontres, toujours dans le but de faire partager les nouvelles avancés de la science et consciense, basées sur les savoirs ancestraux.


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