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Another Preview- for - the upcoming Science and the Holy Grail- conference. with Dan Winter

Follow up to the dramatic release: Implosion due to Charge Fractality is the ONLY Cause of Life, of Gravity,and ONLY Cause of ANY System to Emerge from Chaos! - The Proof ! goldenmean.info/goldenproof < The CLIMAX of our Research.

The inconceivable stupidity of modern physics: The intelligence it takes to figure out that Golden Ratio is the electrical cause of constructive wave interference, is right up there with the smarts it takes to determine the best shape to use to make a wheel is a circle. And yet-because modern physics has not yet figured this out- is specifically why they have not discovered the electrical cause of gravity or life force or consciousness! Constructive wave interference (compression) is the cause of gravity - and the cause of life, and consciousness.. So of course they do not understand why golden ratio fractal symmetry is the only way to stabilize gravity, and life force, and bliss... nor even the right (fractal) shape to build a container (architecture) to cause life!

Nassim has evidence protons are entangled making a black hole- into the nucleus. Dan's work goldenmean.info/goldenproof (golden ratio times plank length= hydrogen radii) shows HOW their are entangled! - namely by the (Golden Ratio) Phase Conjugate FRACTALITY which CAUSES gravity.. and the black hole!

vorticity translatedflame in mindflame strata

Gravity Exists Because.. the amount of rotational inertia at each wave node in the vortex must perfectly balance the amount of centripedal inertia toward center. The golden ratio as perfected translation of vorticitiy- allows this multiple branching of wave directions. Just as it allows the adding and multiplying of both wave lengths and wave velocities.

Successful wave interference- because of Golden Ratio- IS - successful CONSTRUCTIVE compression. Because the phase velocities interfere constructively (add & multiply by phi / branch perfectly) - that PRODUCES acceleration- which (simply ) IS GRAVITY!

We had many requests and much encouragement to continue explaining the CAUSE OF GRAVITY- in this powerfully testable, practically useable, yet simply elegant - way.. SO- here is a little visual review... in FLASH (click to play FLASH FILM HERE - if you are seeing this in your email)

Cause of Gravity Explained.. the gentle intro - personal film from Dan - in flash..

A week ago- we released: www.goldenmean.info/goldenproof
New mathematic 'golden' proof: - How Golden Ratio (Phase Conjugate / Fractality) Causes Gravity
GOLDEN RATIO radii of HYDROGEN - actually are a PERFECT MULTIPLE of GOLDEN RATIO times the PLANCK LENGTH. There could be no other explanation than it is this GOLDEN RATIO - that holds these waves of charge together! (ultimate global scaling)
- Producing the electrical centripedal force - called GRAVITY!

Feedback has been MOST encouraging..- here is a sample:

From: Douglass White -from Observer Physics another - TM Physics PhD: <dpedtech@dpedtech.com> Date: Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 3:19 PM
Subject: Re: Winter's new equation:PROOF-Golden Ratio Fractality-Causes Gravity!
Hello Dan, Thanks for sending this and other updates on your Golden Ratio Fractality research. This is an excellent update that pulls together a lot of your work and that of many colleagues around the world. It also has vital practical implications in many directions. This material confirms and elaborates on many key insights I have been pointing at in my Observer Physics articles. It is great to see more and more scientists from various disciplines -- physics, math, astronomy, chemistry, biology, and so on, all converging on this emerging paradigm that will help us to integrate the physical, mental, and spiritual worlds and create a new civilization that is in tune with how things really work in a holistic manner rather than simply pushing agendas that exploit in a highly biased manner.
.. Keep me posted on your work and that of all the other brilliant minds. Elegant theories achieve fulfillment when they reap elegant solutions and applications. As always, I love your great computer graphics. You are one of the great scions of the amazing Bucky
Regards to all, Douglass White dpedtech@dpedtech.com

from Sal Giandinoto, PhD (Towards a Frand Unified Field Theory based on Phi Ratio & Quantum Gravity) .: Dan, This is really great work. This is truly an amazing triumph for Phi. Especially (Dan's) calculation of the Kanzius frequency of 13.56 MHz using the Planck time and the 171 power of Phi!!! It just doesn't get better than this!! Case closed for the validity of the Kanzius work. Your idea when put through the rigorous mathematical test holds water for the Kanzius results too!! What a gold mine! Thanks a million for the acknowledgement. Best, Sal

INCORPORATION OF THE GOLDEN RATIO PHI INTO THE SCHRÖDINGER WAVE FUNCTION USING THE PHI RECURSIVE HETERODYNING SET , by Salvatore Giandinoto*, Ph.D. *Advanced Laser Quantum Dynamics Research Institute Abstract. The Golden Ratio Phi - is an extraordinary and ubiquitous irrational number having a value of 1.618033… Phi’s presence may be seen in both the biological and astronomical realms and recently in the quantum mechanical and physical realms. In the biological realm, the number Phi can be seen in both Phyllotaxis and DNA. In the astronomical realm, its presence is found in the spiral structures of galaxies. In physics, Phi can now be related to the g-factors of the electron, proton and neutron. This paper will show and prove that Phi is also intimately related to the quantum realm by virtue of its presence in the quantum mechanical wave function -(x, y, z, t). The basis for the compact incorporation of Phi into the wavefunction will be derived from solving the Schrödinger Wave Equation and the use of the Phi recursive heterodyning set of wavelengths ?n. Solutions to the Schrödinger Wave Equation based on these recursive wavelengths and ? will be derived in both Cartesian and Polar coordinates.
SUPERLUMINAL TRANSPORTATION OF HIGH ENERGY PARTICLES THROUGH WORMHOLES USING THE PHI-BASED SOLUTION TO THE SCHRÖDINGER WAVE EQUATION, THE THEOREM OF RESIDUES AND THE CAUCHY INTEGRAL FORMULA by Salvatore Giandinoto, Ph.D. - Abstract. This paper will demonstrate that the transportation of high energy subatomic particles through wormholes occurs at superluminal speeds through an ‘elastic’ wormhole entity which adjusts its diameter based upon the kinetic energy of the subatomic particle. Additionally, it is shown that the diameters of such wormholes are of sub-Planckian lengths for energetic subatomic particles. This is demonstrated by the use of the Phi-based solution to the Schrödinger wave equation, the theorem of residues and the Cauchy integral formula of complex analysis.

Alex Hankey- and Istvan Dienes- the 2 other PhD. international physicists famous with TM- involved: Alex Hankey- writes- yesterday 6:26 PM: Dan great to hear from you. I have a proposition for you. I have a scientific plan mapped out to demonstrate your (BlissTuner- Golden Ratio EEG biofeedback invention) device at all the best universities. I am getting Stern's proof of the golden ratio from his book out of Cambridge university library. - Dino (Istvan Dienes- co-sponsor of Budapest 08 - Unified Physics conferences) and I can both demonstrate Golden Ratio in front of an audience. With a bona fide equation, and a public demonstration- it will be a cinch - ... All my best to Valerie, Alex Hankey

Michael Heleus -writes.. 6/15/09, Re: Fw: Got it!!!! Hydrogen radii ratio to Planck length is equal to even power of golden mean- To: "Sal Gino", Cc: dan, " .... and you'll be delighted to note that if you put in .28, .46, and their sum, .74, successively, you get a series of phi powers, 116.98, 117.013, and 118.000+, so there is a both odd and even sequence of phi powers involved. Looks like anions are even, cations odd. Maybe that last will make a design difference when heeded? .. Michael

Mikal- moderator at toequest.com Quest for a Theory of Everything wrote: 06-15-2009, 04:08, Re: Winter's new equation:PROOF-Golden Ratio Fractality-Causes Gravity!- Hi Dan...have just taken a peek here but fantastic stuff!! Congrats big time.
I actually began to follow the concept of The Electrical Universe about a year ago and find that I really resonate with all this
. .... I will return and have more than a peek
... Mikal
Another response at Quest for Theory of Everything:-----06-16-2009, Hi Dan, I was aware of Dan Winter's gravity concept last year through "Thunderbolts Forum". I believe that gravity is an isotropic effect of electrical centripetal force generated in the vortical motion of a rotating aetheric medium.
Have briefly went through your link and find that the fucntions with GOLDEN RATIO and its inverse factor are intriguing, will follow up on this thread as it develops

John Fanuzzi of web.me.com/inphinitti/InPHInitti/InPHInitti.html wrote- Mon, 15 June- Absolutely Incredible - -Bravo PHIne Work, Jøhn
Enclosed are a couple of images that fit the theme.
from john

Is the primarily electronegative (centripedal) polarity of lightning-in primal soup/ plasma- responsible for setting the HELIX DIRECTION OF TURN (enantiomorphic/ chiral left handedness) of EVERY LIVING PROTEIN - CAUSED by the fractal relationship of PLASMA (charge) to GRAVITY ITSELF?? ( a very left handed re-MARK.. )
Dialog June 21- re goldenmean.info/goldenproof :(Golden Fractality causes gravity)
Thule Foundation wrote: too bad the actual glue is provided electro-magnetically.
> the Sun gains its power from outside our solar system. That's why the corona is 6,000,000 celsius and the surface is colder, 6000 degrees.
> look into a sunspot hole in the surface and it is even colder. ... go figure..... you and gravity are antiques, get with it

Dan: hi - (How the Sun's heart got to be a 'cool' place) as proximity to solar heart is greater - so too is the fractality - and that fractality is precisely what eliminates heat during compression
I agree about its interstellar connectivity- but would contend the solar electrical fractal symmetry is precisely the motor of that superluminal connection ( solar heart and hydrogen heart being anu.
> Heart of The Sun: Perfecting 7/5 Turning Inside Out Solar Heart Symmetry - embed and stir the GENEPOOL into inhabiting it's solar heart ..
> Solar Shamans Announce: Lazarus Effect- Piloting a Collective BLUE FIRE- Solar Heart Journey
> Solar Heart Haarp Wound: Re-Penting / Embedding in the Sun to be Fused ...Solar Heart: HAARP Wound
> Eye of the Sun: How To Embed for Solar "Rapture" -To See Thru the Sun's EYE!
> FEELING for the Heart of the Sun: How to Become a Solar Being
> Suction Steers! Implosion Makes Waves: Creating a TORRENT thru your Heart/ HEART OF THE SUN. .

Thule Foundation wrote: what about the recent mix up with cometary probe tempei?... a foot before actual impact of the 600 pound copper "battering ram" on the probe, the comet sent out a plasma discharge, thereby obscuring impact and ruining the photos they were planning to take of actual impact.
> they were thinking it was ice and dust, WRONG, solid iron rock comet with an electrical charge opposite to the charge extant in our solar system via solar wind, etc.... it needs one more step to hit home, and that is the fact that the cosmos is primarily driven "electrically" or "electro-magnetically", not "gravitationally".
> some of the comets coming into our solar system are hard iron with a charge and the "tail" is a plasma ejecta not bits of ice and snow as postulated by the too schooled so called experts.
> they come into our solar system with "opposite charge" to our Sun, and so are "forced" to discharge in the direction opposite.
> The recent cometary probe with a 600 pound piece of copper on the nose that was supposed to take some pictures of the impact, missed taking pictures of the impact, misspending the millions of dollars spent on the ill founded theoretical mish mash.
> Instead of impact, the pictures were taken of the "event" which happened seconds before impact.
> Because they didn't and don't have any theories to take into account the "plasma discharge" that came from the comet to "blast" the copper ingot that had opposite charge, they were left, and still are DUMBFOUNDED.
> Teller is dead folks, let's get somebody with brains in there before the idiots at CERN blow us into an imaginary mini "black hole".

Dan replied: Your point about the primacy of the plasma is well taken.. my hypothesis has been that it is precisely the relationship of the plasma to the gravity, that is established by fractal golden symmetry..If correct this may explain how -one polarity dominance over the other - in the lightning in the primal soup - established the ennantiomorphic (helical handedness) uni- direction of all living proteins
> (proteins learned how to be DNA because the polar direction of the dominant lightning was more centripedal than centrifugal
> gravity's requirement of its charge vector approach - would establish a centripedal - net polarity.
>do you know is there a dominance of one electrical polarity over the other is most earth lightning?.
. dan

Thule Foundation: here is a pdf file about lightning- 1958, the bastards blew off at least 5 probably more nukes in the upper atmosphere including the magnetosphere. - Injecting charged particles where there were none. - They caused a brown out at Hawaii, this was their first knowledge of EMP.
What these heinous explosions also obscured was knowledge of the pristine Van Allen Belt, which was contiguous and not banded until those jerks nuked it.
Their rationalization? they were studying the belt which right before their eyes turned into belts

--Dan replied: Possible evidence for my hypothesis: (centripedal charge polarity - by lightening - critical for life IS established by gravity
"Climatology of lightning indicates that positive CG flashes make up a relatively small percentage of all lightning strikes.


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