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This short note is an appendix for the Self-Similarity Creates Gravity paper. It has been gratifying to find such interest and reaction. Here we offer some samples:

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apr 16,05- from
hi dan, this is blake writing.
i am currently involved in the last stages of
an academic composition, to be handed in tomorrow
for my honours undergraduate degree in anthropology.
i have been writing about the effects of phi alignment on consciousness-as-
universal-organizer, in the context of buckminster fuller's idea of humanity's
collection and distillation of 'generalized principles.'

Your work, which i've been reading online, has been of great value to me in
formulating and clarifying my own ideas, and I wonder if you might be able to
spare some time to help me with a few questions:
I am beginning to grasp the role played by phi-optimized self-similarity in
establishing a charge-gradient (i assume we're talking 'life-force" here?)
gravitational continuum via global scaling, but i am having trouble
understanding how this same phialignment grants us with our idependent
: could we see this as an infraorthogonal (as opposed
to explosive) complementary complexification? -a hyperdimensioning
-that one i'll have to work out on my own, i supose, but,
~i also wanted to ask you about the harmonic series, in a sonic -musical-
context. Question: how does the harmonic series; one of inverse integer ratios,
fit with a phi-optimal global scaling theory?
am i missing something here?
~lastly, i was wondering if you could pass along any 'hard' reference data for
your work: have you published in any scientific journals? any books, etc.? (just
cuz these tend to look "better" in a bibliograph than a bunch of urls..)

thanks so much Dan, and do keep up the good work; i'd imagine you're having a
greater effect than you realize. -blake

next blake wrote:

hey dan;
i'm glad you got my note.
i don't have skype, but i'll certainly look into it... in the meantime, i am all wrapped up in the Golden Mean (ha!)
and peering around through through spacetime curvature-corners of general relativity. I think we're really on to something big here.
yeah. I got hadron2, and the references are excellent; i also tried pulling up Golden Mean related publications via my school's online library system, with some success (there is a lot of related work going on, but nothing that seems to really *get* it)
-so i have a couple of questions for you ....
so. I'm looking at the Hadron2 article now, a few pages in, under "the definition of conscious awareness" you begin by saying "the reason that perfected (fractal/ self-similar ) compression creates both gravity and awareness is elegantly simple."
my first qestion is: what is recursion?
2nd q: is phase velocity a synonym for frequency?
3: when these waves align and embed, does their heterodyning create geometric and arithmetical series of both their wavelength and frequency? and if so, how would one map that imagically onto, for example, a golden rectangle/ spiral?
4:if this process extends through einstein's c barrier, where is it going? is there a point when c is exceeded? is there a point when the entity starts emitting light? i guess it's when time turns around??!

-it seems to me : that this theory recontextualizes electromagnetic charge as a fundamental, neoclassical wave-function... this model system would thus recontextualize all the formerly particulate entities; mass, inertia, ...kinesis/ potentia...? what about light?
-what about time? where i want to take this is toward a profoundly LOCAL mechanics that can include psyche & emotion. It's already implied by the limited nature of local fractal-perception.... i suppose the perfect charge compression/ distribution that creates/allows awareness in your model is immanent, in much the same way as is phi itself. how does that sound?
-i realize that i've been thinking of time in terms of an energy emission/reception imbalance... I have been relating this to gravity in my head throughout this... But i have also been considering it to be cogent with the einsteinian frame of reference; ignoring for a moment the notion of unidirectional flow, it is clear that our perception of time as a progression/collection of units depends upon a prior
establishment of unitscale. This profoundly implies covariance with chargecompression via symmetry (-i should call it phimetry, since it is actually a special asymmetry).
last thought -hope youre not bored - perhaps time is the newest added dimension in a global phylogeny toward integral manifold complexity - seems kinda like golden mean alignment, by localizing evolution inclusively, would sorta pry the dimensionality we're capable of experiencing open to make room for us to grow... i picture an egg....
~i guess that was my fifth question


response from Dan Winter: Re: phi-optimized Global Scaling - most of what I had to say is at - the fact that Golden Ratio in brainwave power spectra now so elegantly identifies the charge attraction of BLISS - and CREATIVITY speaks for itself. ( ) Initiate compression by Golden Ratio - and you attract the waves of charge -which are at one called MASS and INFORMATION. I suggest non-linear Golden Ratio harmonic cascades optimize both the harmonic inclusiveness AND the coherence in the EKG which identify resistance to disease. The fact that medicine says that since the healthy heart must be frequency inclusive and diverse- AND CALLS THAT A CHAOTIC HEART - is in fact wrong. Fractality idealized by Golden Ratio is the OPPOSITE of CHAOS. ( discussions: , , and in the Fractal Heart links at ).

What is recursion.. is perhaps answered best - by the picture of the wave moving into the Golden Mean spiral - showing that in hydrodynamics - the only angle at which a wave can re-enter itself (self-re entry ) without hurting itself - is the Golden Mean spiral. This becomes the symmetry recipe for self-reference - which defines self awareness even in the Vedas. Ability for a wave to recur - (the same RE that defines THING-ness in Latin)- depends on its ability to fold back upon itself.

Of the definitions for RECURSION on the web we think the BEST is ( under entry for RECURSION):

When a function calls itself, either directly or indirectly. If this isn't clear, refer to the entry for "recursion." (Here the entry for recursion refers for clarity to the entry for recursion!?!?!?! kool huh) -

2. Phase velocity is NOT a synonym for frequency. When the front of a pressure wave..conveys it's inertia - it may do so in multiple 'velocity modes' at once. This is where Golden Ratio shines and becomes Golden - because it allows the multiple modes of wave speed to move thru each other (heterodyning - adding and multiplying) - all with only CONSTRUCTIVE interference. (wave length and wave speed ADD and MULTIPLY)..
further: Definitions of phase velocity on the Web:
* The velocity of a carrier wave in a modulated signal.
* Velocity, measured over a short time period, at which a particular wave crest is propagated through water or rock media.
* 1. Same as phase speed. 2. The velocity at which a wave of given frequency and wave length advances across the ocean.
* The velocity of an equiphase surface along the normal of a traveling single frequency plane wave.
* The phase velocity of a wave is the rate at which the phase of the wave propagates in space. This is the velocity at which the phase of any one frequency component of the wave will propagate. You could pick one particular phase of the wave (for example the crest) and it would appear to travel at the phase velocity. The phase velocity is given in terms of the wave's frequency É÷ and wave vector k by...

3. Re: 3: when these waves align and embed, does their heterodyning create geometric and arithmetical series of both their wavelength and frequency? and if so, how would one map that imagically onto, for example, a golden rectangle/ spiral? - It would seem that if a wave series were created of geometric and arithmetic cascade for wavelength - then by definition the inverse 1/f would be true for frequency. The important new suggestion here is that the cascade of INCREASING WAVE VELOCITIES - by constructive (Golden Ratio) adding and multiplying - becomes the charge ACCELERATION - called GRAVITY. Regarding imaging this -

I suggest the 3D rotation of this dodeca stellation crossing of 10 Golden Spirals -from the DNA top view - ( called the HOLY GRAIL ) - wherein each node of the infinite interdigitation stellation of dodeca icosa has x,y,+ z coordinate values which are all simple whole number multiples of Golden Ratio - distance to center maintained always in Phi proportion.. as these image illustrated.. -
animated at , , VRML at

and finally - regarding - 4: if this process extends through einstein's c barrier, where is it going? is there a point when c is exceeded? is there a point when the entity starts emitting light? i guess it's when time turns around??!

answer from Dan - The PHIRICAIS hypothesis suggests that charge phase velocity modes penetrate the speed of light in multiples of Golden Ratio times C. One of the major tests of the theory is that work like Prof.Ray Chao (next section here). This would occur at a geometric threshold point near center probably associated with the Fine Structure Constant ( see the section of - showing the fine structure constant derived from the translation of vorticity on the surface of a donut). Re: where the entity emits charge ( like the saints halo ) - is when charge attraction (implosion .bliss electricity ) becomes self-sustaining - then sufficient charge exists to radiate. As far as when time turns around - the hypothesis suggests that faster than light speed is precisely where time travel is enabled ( since time is only a name for the phase velocity of rotation). And further..... (aka Carolan book: 'SPIRAL CALENDAR' ). That apparent synchronicity, and the inhabiting of time ( a measure of relative rotation) is only sustainable ... when event histories become themselves fractal and recursive idealized by Golden Ratio.

regarding - charge moving thru C the speed of light by Mulitples of Golden Ratio - we quote from PHI faster than light - Solution to Event Horizon Penetration - AND DNA Penetrating Light Speed? "Koeln physics professor Guenther Nimtz, used a hollow metal pipe, called a wave transducer. On the end of the Ca. 20 cm long metal pipe a section of Mozart's Symphony #40 became audible through an amplifier. Not digital quality, but good enough for radio. There was a speed change of the waves that were transduced. This tunnel effect was 4.7 x C [c = speed of light]. The lengths of the microwaves that Nimtz chose were actually too wide for the wave transducer. But still some of them found their way through the other side to the amplifier. In the tunnel occurrence the waves do not seem to require any time. Whereas outside the tunnel the waves were well behaving enough to follow the classical laws and travel at the speed of light. Mozart's symphony has information content, Nimtz contends."
Such an almost unbelievable news item, herein without a date, however was based on actual accepted research. Here I quote Dr. Raymond Chiao's brief summary of these experiments:

"Other experiments confirming the superluminality of tunnelling have been performed in Cologne, Florence, and Vienna [14, 15, 16]. The Cologne and Florence groups performed microwave experiments, and the Vienna group performed a femtosecond laser experiment. All these groups have confirmed the Hartman effect. One of these groups [17] has claimed to have sent Mozart's 40th symphony at a speed of 4:7c through a microwave tunnel barrier 114 mm long consisting of a periodic dielectric structure similar to our dielectric mirror."

--Quantum Nonlocality in Two-Photon Raymond Y. Chiao , Paul G. Kwiat z and Aephraim M. Steinberg. Department of Physics, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-7300, December 21, 1994). Pp 10.

We will return to the PHI significance of this above figure a little further ahead.

As I have been speaking about this experiment and others that emerged from other universities, over the years, I mentioned the possibility that we could be enabled to model or understand the 'high dimensions' through which the signal may have transversed, by the Golden Mean or PHI.

I related, over the years, that PHI would be the first localised form of the virtual, and in making cosmological models that are post-infinite maps. Mentioning that PHI would be the best model of coherence, or highest order, that is the simplest pathway by which the nature of this dimension could translate, or mirror in personification, the coherent pathways of those vacuum hyperspaces, even though they may be post-PHI therein. Never-the-less in our localised spatial dimension, PHI would be the simplest constant which would personify the unique signals of these N-spaces. Naturally I was influenced in making such above cosmological speculative models, by basic material on PHI by colleagues.

My colleague Daniel Winter, (who studied with the later Buckminster Fuller, and is an expert on sacred geometry, in the sense of being a public hero in exposing and breaking down into more understandable terms for the layman, many arcane sacred geometrical principles and relationships, which the public at large has never been exposed to before), predicted now, for several years, that faster-than-light signals would be found to travel in the PHI ratios.

His own modelling bore this out. He also has another angle, logic and theory for this, whereby the faster-than-light dimensions are domains of pure fractal implosion, in every direction the greater superluminal harmonics to infinity. This particular article has come into formation, when Dan asked me for references upon my mentioning PHI harmonics in superluminal tunnelling, whilst we were lecturing together in SION, Switzerland, September 2000.

My own modelling herein is perhaps in far more controversial ground, whereby we explore Virtual Field Intergeometries, and Monatomic element's Meisner Field transforms into full superconductive fusion -- a new and very controversial field as of yet (some animated models of intergeometrical monatomic elements at Intergeometry). If such Virtual and monatomic intergeometries were in localised fields, some of these could be considered as quantum decoherence, in their effect, except with the unique attributes of 8 hz phase-conjugation, that Dr. Andrija Puharich discovered in the late 1970s, and patented in his Protocommunication II.

Dr. Chiao, however, does indicate that the superluminal transportation does involve decoherence of the local photons as well:

"The superluminality can be understood by thinking of the low transmission through our barrier as arising from destructive interference between waves which have spent different lengths of time in the barrier. "

--tunnelling Times and Superluminality: a Tutorial. Raymond Y. Chiao. Dept. of Physics, Univ. of California. Berkeley, CA 94720-7300, U. S. A. November 6, 1998. Pp 10.

Although, in the monatomic intergeometries, any photon group, would be infrared coherent laser, which in increased critical thermal exposures, phase-cancel each other out, this also became apparent in the faster-than-light experiments listed in the September 2000, issue of the Scientific American entitled "Unlimited Light", pp 18:

"The researchers used a combination of laser beams to create an usual region of 'anomalous dispersion' in the six centimeters of cesium gas, where the velocity of light is higher for higher frequencies of light (ordinarily higher frequencies mean lower speeds).

"This region causes the pulse to 're-phase,' according to Wang. The light pulse, all of whose constituent wavelengths overlap constructively, loses its phase alignment as it propagates toward the cell, causing the waves to cancel one another out. "

Hence, what we have modelled with Vortexijah phase-conjugation models, and further intergeometrical explorations, here appear to be an essential part in the superluminal transmission of light, at least on the quantum level. But much more significant confirmations on our Vortexijah models on a more concrete level, have come in, from the American Scientist, in terms of superconduction experiments (which we will report on elsewhere).

This article is not intended to discuss this particle issue of our Intergeometry models any further, and my colleague Dan Winter's models can be found on his web site. I came into writing this piece, in the process of supplying my colleague with the references to the superluminal speeds related to PHI.

This itself is an exciting level of discovery, which is destined to produce a wide array of theories to describe them, classical and mainstream, to the fringe and daring novel visionary science explorations, for those who do not have a position with a mainstream university to compensate exploration and novelty for." end quote from Ananda and Prof Chiao - commented interestingly on this from the article '... it seemed appropriate to suggest dialog about PROVING THAT IT MAY BE THE SELF-SIMILARITY (fractality) OF THE NUCLEUS TO THE ELECTRONS WHICH TRIGGERS THE IMPLOSIVE NONDESTRUCTIVE COLLAPSE CALLED GRAVITY (and that this should be quantized) . In response to a preliminary note suggesting that Implosion due to Self-Similarity was the cause of Gravity and Self-Organization - ....' - to which Frank said:

This is better than formulating (like you did earlier) "the amount of gravity is predicted by the amount of self-similarity",
that is, that would (at least in theory) disconnect the amount of gravity from the plain number ("amount") of hadrons,
which I think is incorrect. It is however revolutionary, and very much in tune with general implosion science, to assume
that gravity is actually caused by the fractal etc. atom architecture, rather than by its sheer mass, which as we know
is mostly concentrated in the hadrons. This would however not explain the gravitational field of neutron stars, unless we
assume that self-similarity inside the hadrons (neutrons) is also effective. As neutron stars form, as far as I know, the only
purely hadronic matter there is, it might interresting to search for any discrepancies in their gravitational constant
compared with normal matter, that is, normal matter might have a more than proportional gravitational field resulting
from its (additional) internal fractality, which cannot be accounted for by the mass of electrons alone. In other words, any
(micro-) discrepancies in gravitational constant among types of matter (e.g. elements) might hint at another source of gravity
than normally assumed, that is, the sheer presence of matter. Let's try to find a pure gold planet (for that matter..) and
learn how the cosmos defines economy..

Besides these spectulations: it is a FACT that the fudge-factor in establising the gravitational constant is so great,

links: The Controversy over Newton's Gravitational Constant

A New Method of Calculating Gravity without the Gravitational Constant

Definition of Gravitational Constant

and then we have - Robert Boyd -whose web link about scale invariance.. (his note below) :

Scale Invariant General Relativity, (c) Fernando Franco , [Fernando Franco]:

Major topic on my list is regarding something I feel you will catch on at once. I learned of it in the sci.physics.research newsgroup, whose message archive you can find online at: Perhaps you already know it. At any rate, there is a thread there regarding this, if interested, I suggest you peruse it.

Do you remember normal relativity? You had X, Y, Z, and T (time)? Well, now we have X, Y, Z, T, and F !!. Where F stands for fractal dimension!!! The whole thing is called Scale Invariant General Relativity. Other keywords are Fractal Spacetime, and Scale Invariance (this last one will take you again to Dan Winter, who is there since ages ago pointing his finger to all what is relevant under the sun).

Let us review the history a little. First we thought all happened in 3 D. Then Einstein and 4D, spacetime. Then Kaluza and higher dimensions. All the way to 11, 26, or whatever dimensions. But what's wrong with all the above? Well, it assumes a few things. And that is always bad news.

Point 1: It assumes an *integer* number of dimensions. Why not a fractionary one??? Who said we do not live in, say PI dimensions (plus time). Or some specific multiple of e (logarithms), or PHI, the golden mean? Who said all the physical phenomena, like electricity, or magnetism, etc, are not the reentrance, partial effects and wigglings of an "incomplete" dimension? (Not even a "higher" one, a la Kaluza, but an "incomplete" one).

True enough, fractals are pretty new, just 30 years or so. Non linearity, chaos, complexity, and so on, will prove to be just different names for the same thing. Children of the concept of "fractional dimension". Its effects. We just upgraded our notion of "dimension" from the integers to the reals (exactly, fractally, and non-coincidentally, since All is just One process, like we did in our generalizations of the concept of "number" through math history. Furthermore, I could conceive even chances of a next revolution, if this one is not enough, leading to hypercomplex dimensions (quaternions, octonions, whatever). But even though fractals are pretty new, fractal thinking is as old a mystic teachings, going as far back as "As above, so below", and probably more, and for the most natural reasons. Madame Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine, circa 1900, is, among another things, a fractal book itself !!!. Almost a treatise on dimensionality. On cosmic branching. But still, this Scale Invariant thing, has been around for almost ten years, and mostly unnoticed. Btw, the man who kickstarted is called Nottale:

It was god damn time. I've been waiting for this even since I read Blavatsky, some time back. And please, do not get me wrong. There have been some critics already. And perhaps Nottale's formulation is flawed, or incomplete. Nonetheless, my hat goes off for him. THAT is going in the right direction, IMHO. In fact, I just heard that there are even newest shots at it. You might want to check Carlos Castro, from Colombia. I could not check more on him or his references, yet, but I found a most remarkable paper by him (on another subject, but, IMHO, not unrelated, and *most* interesting):

Comments on the Riemann conjecture and index theory on Cantorian fractal space-time, by Carlos Castro and Jorge Mahecha hep- th/ 0009014 v2 12 Sep 2000 ( I assume at ) Note the variation, is "Cantorian" fractal spacetime, in this case, and mind-bogglingly enough for the non cognoscenti, full of references to the golden mean (he is not Dan Winter yet, but getting there, and better yet, in full math armour this time). Also please note he says explicitly his results, regarding the Riemann zeta function, are just tentative, non conclusive. Regard it as a good approach in progress. By the way, you might remember a post in Greenglow some time back about fractality found in primes and its connection to the zeta function. This shows tantalizing connections. But I digress, let me get back to the dimensionality story...

Point 2: It assumes a *finite* number of dimensions. Just some of us at this point were guessing that in fact we might be living in N dimensions, which is already a qualitatively different way of thinking. Point 3: It assumes a *fixed* number of dimensions (be it 4, 11, 26, whatever), Why not a variable one??? That is exactly what this new approach addresses. And it implies many things. It is not just that we get fractional dimensions instead of integers. More important than that, IMHO, is that we are passing "from crystalline to fluid". From discrete to continuous. And in an *orthogonal* (i.e., linearly independent) way. A true new variable. This paves the way for the dynamic aspect. True cosmology. How did all start (IFF it started)?. And how did it develop? (which is just the same questions, really, since there is only ONE process going on; it just happens to be fractal).One note on cosmology. It comes in two basic flavours: there was a start, or all is eternal and cyclical. All this new stuff, plus more to come is invariant with respect to that. Either if one conceives the universe as starting, or cycling (possibly passing at some point through a "root" of its function, something like a "ground state"), vacuum), all this holds the same. If one conceives the universe as starting, then this movement to fluidity, to continuity, fractional dimensionality, provides a way for its development to happen. And does so within the frame of a ToE, namely, that All is One, and never stops being so. If one conceives it circularly, then this describes its movements. Topological fluctuations of the vacuum, sort of. In both cases, the move to continuity says nothing regarding if there was a start or not, and IMHO, will not say anything in the future as well. Not because of this line of thinking, at least. Is independent. Just for completeness, the question remains about if there could be yet another chance to line or circle, it does not seem unlikely, given we see helixes all over, and they are a combo of both. But at the true root of that lies a question of *logic*, and it seems the time is not ripe yet for that (coming soon, though).

One final comment on this. Once one has such a mechanism (either of evolution in the sense of creation, or just of cyclical evolution, there is a word that comes to mind to describe this process. That is *decoherence*. It so happens that that particular word seems to be being used at the time by physicists. I tried to check, but even though I read a few things, it remains unclear to me at the moment. The context seems to be similar (wave collapse, for instance), but I strongly suspect they refer to something different. Let me clarify a bit what I mean by it...

It is the old philosophical problem of the One and the Many. How does One thing become Many? By division, seems the obvious answer, does it not? However, let us remember that we are seeking a ToE. A unified field. So we should rephrase the above question to... How does One become Many without stopping being One? Still seems a bit of a contradiction, unless we change it again to..."How does One *apparently* become many?", which is much more logical, since it never stopped being a One thing and One only. This new formulation takes into account the fact that the very question is asked by observers, which are immersed in the very process. That is, takes "perception" into account. The relative with respect to the absolute, the part with respect to the whole, if you so wish. Note that it still is incorrect, though, because the "observers" are part of the whole as well, and not distinct from it. But even though I could go into the geometry and topology of consciousness...let me not digress. *Coherence* seems to me something much more basic in itself that most of the concepts used more commonly by physics nowadays. We have seen it in action in things like coherent light, lasers, cutting through metals, so is officially no longer just mystics talk, thank god, and we can proceed on it. Coherence: co-here, the capacity to occupy the same space at the same time (or the same state, like in quantum physics, if you wish). Things in phase. Harmonic. No auto-interference. In short, the result of phase conjugation. And the way to *warp*. To co-here the vacuum. the opposite process than that of "creation". Decoherence, as I mean it, at least, would be just its opposite. To go out of phase, to bifurcate, etc., etc. It is not difficult to see how it relates to dimensionality. One can conceive the cosmic process as a departure from a starting state (linear case), or from a ground state (circular case). Today we speak of vacuum fluctuations. Of course, that was what Pythagoras was all about, and Hermes, and everyone else.

May I share with you a little gem it just downed on me? I was rereading, as I do constantly, Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine. In the middle of describing an ancient manuscript's account of how and why it all happens, and how next "things" sprout from the former, she says something like...> and those globes have children...which are at the same time their children and their brothers< !!!! Most curious expression, wouldn't you say? I wondered for years what the heck she might be talking about. A few days back, then, I was the number one an integer, or a rational? Is it 1, or 1/1? Does it not have children (rationals) which are at the same time its children and its brothers? Note that exactly the same pattern we find each time we expand (should I say "quaternionically bifurcate"?) our notion of "number". Same thing I said about 1, could be said for the complex (1,0). Or for any unit, for that matter, be it quaternions, octonions, or whatever. In short, she spoke of laya centers, or neutral centers (in Keely's parlour). We would say today " nested relative zeropoints ", or invariant longitudinal or scalar waves, or a dozen more. "That which splits both intra and inter dimensionally". of which the golden mean is, of course, the golden path...and unique. Invariant both transversally and longitudinally at the same time. Keeping its information (its angle) both intra and inter dimensionally. etc., etc. I assume you notice all the same regarding neural nets, and I assume that's what's behind Hnet, either in its original form, or in your own improvement. Perhaps I could improve as well. Anyway, decoherence. I reckon we will be using that word much more very soon (in the described sense).-

Read Robert Boyds comment to us about the hadron article below the insert from TonySmith book which is next

Particular thanks to Michael Heleus - also see link - for his suggestions here:

Step one: download TonySweBook.pdf - around 100 MB, a tagged pdf file.
or or . As the 100 meg is large - we exerpted some key pics below and placed a snippet at TonySwebBook-HTML exerpt

The dialog begins by discussing how the compression of spheres (charge radii?) can be optimized. (Gravities coeur question I would think). Think about Jim Sawyer - 6 dimension design - teaching the International Conference on Superconductivity in Buffalo NY years ago - that the BEGINNING OF SUPERCONDUCTIVITY - hint palladium is dodeca - is when that major charge centers in a molecular structure JITTERBUG - like the vectorflexor - to CHANGE SYMMETRY in 3D - from the CUBE-OCTA - WHICH DEFINES 3D spheres - charge radiance fields- best close packing - origin of zodiac geometrics - to ICOSA / DODECA! - origin of ZOME - and STAR MOTHER KIT -

.. this leads to his analysis of what Richard HAWKINS (his Jitterbug- ) CALLED TIMESTAR (my version of which isDan Winter animated: - exerpted :5 Cube Spins means, 15 great circles (3 per cube).."An Angelic Uroboros"

(end Winter's article image exerpt)

- Next Hawkins presents Krsanan Duran's version of the Timestar - which is the simplified way 5 TETRA (which in pair would be 5 cube) perfectly tilt into DODECA (without noting that the critical tilt angle that allows 3D cube into 4spin dodec - hypercube / tesseract- is the 32 degree critical spine top chin tilt of sphinx - see - ) - . When Krsana first worked to produce her image of 5 tetra in cube timestar - ( about 8 years ago I think) I showed her at that time my version of the timestar - (above pic and link ../timestar ), which extends that dodec by continous stellation (straight out extension of every edge by Golden Ratio) to produce an infinite interdigitation nest of dodeca icosa. (only 3D fractal - ) This symmetry then beings the website - on the PHIRICAIS physics ( and the Hadron article ).

ask your self WHY the Poincare major symmetry space is dodecahedral - WHY that stellation (the nodes of the interdigitation extension of edge lines - creating dodec / icos / dodec infinitedly) has an x,y and z coordinate value which are EACH ALL a simple whole number power of Golden Ratio. The distance to center is all precisely a cascade of Golden Ratio to allow compression. This is then what we animated - into this picture - the starting point of the Hadron article:

Summarizing - logic path - If you press todays physics theory as to what is the symmetry that creates gravity from charge -most of them point to the Poincare symmetry - particularly the DODECA one. The dodeca stellation is in fact a 3D interference hologram of Golden Ratio ONLY compression ( as animated in dozens of pics at ) - 3 D Poincare space= dodeca / icosa stellation- he calls that TWIST (analogous to the VECTOR FLEXOR -JITTERBUG) - which becomes HYPERCUBE - from the tetra stellations into hypercube - he derives MERU (which to me is the super luminal symmetry of the flame charge fusion core at the zipper lightning core axis of DNA producing the well known 'holy communion effect' there - explaining why you must fix everyone you hurt before death can be electrically successful - in the movie FLATLINERS ) / ... and the Golden Ratio definitions of Sri Yantra.

For your viewing convenience of the key images, here we place an html snippet of Tony's 100 meg downloadable pdf book (links above) the snippet is at TonySwebBook-HTML exerpt

here- is a snippet from the snippet.....S3# is called the Poincare Dodecahedral Space.

 Poincare, because it would be a counterexample to the Poincare conjecture in 3 dimensions if it were simply connected.  Dodecahedral, because it has dodecahedral/icosahedral symmetry of the  120-element binary icosahedral group , which double covers the simple 60-element icosahedral group.   A reference is Topology and Geometry, by Glen Bredon, Springer (1993).  WHAT DOES S3# LOOK LIKE? Here are some images from  the WWW pages of Richard Hawkins , who calls S3# the Mayan Time Star.  His pages contain many more images and movies that help you understand how S3# looks, and also how a lot of other things look. 

How did Richard Hawkins find out about the Time Star? Krsanna Duran says: "... I wrote an article about what the Sirians told me about five interpenetrated tetrahedra embodying and unifying all prime geometries which was published in January, 1995. Richard Hawkins read the article and and sent an email to Gerald de Jong about it. Gerald de Jong constructed a computer model of the five interpenetrated tetrahedra to discover that it did all the things I said it did with extraordinary elegance. ...".

The Time Star is one of my favorite Archetypes.

Start with a dodedecahedron.  Five tetrahedra fit inside the dodecahedron: