Private Letter- Update on Electrical Design & Status - for the fundamental physics and engineering research group - which has undertaken - experimental design to prove that:

(once physics can at last - answer the embarassing question - Why does an object fall to the ground? - maybe they will thereby get a clue to the -gravity making- purpose of DNA - and be able to save this apparently doomed genepool - hint Solar - constructive compression tests loom!)

The new hypothesis: IN Golden Ratio optimized fractal self similarity (like for example exists between the cube to icos symmetry of the electron shells versus the SELF SIMILAR arrangement of nuclear particles - see ) - waves of charge recursively constructively ADD and MULTIPLY their PHASE VELOCITIES - thus turning charge compression IN to charge acceleration (gravity). Waves at centers of gravity are taking charge thru the speed of light. This hypothesis to be proven true- would predict velocities moving faster than the speed of light, would primarily be at Golden Ratio multiples TIMES the speed of light. This model fits Einstein beautifully- as he suggested infinite non destructive compression -would model gravity. He was unaware that perfect fractality is infinitely compressible.

-Newtons theory of gravity does not explain WHY objects attract one another (why things fall to the ground)- it simply models this observation. >Our hypothesis that fractal self similarity by golden ratio allows compression of charge to produce ACCELERATION of charge- answers this - by saying that charge in rotation (mass) requires and generates the centripedal charge in centering acceleration - because fractal golden ratio self-similarity caused the PHASE VELOCITY HETERODYNES to constructively and recursively add. This Implosively 'sucks' charge to center- along with all of local mass - since mass is only a name for the inertia stored by charge in rotation. Charge is only able to remain in rotation (making 'mass') if it's rotational inertia is perfectly in balance with the implosive centripedal charge inertia (charge moving BETWEEN frequencies) implosion CAUSED by self similarity - charge acceleration: GRAVITY.

-There is no known power source supporting the gravitational field that Newton claims to be emanating from our planet and from all objects. >Our hypothesis - answers this by suggesting the wind of charge being pushed thru the speed of light at all centers of gravity creates a sucking metabolic bloodstream of charge that connects all massive bodies - in wormholes of charge moving faster than the speed of light.

-Despite the ongoing energy expended by Earth's gravity to hold objects down and the moon in orbit, this energy never dimishes in strength or drains a (known) power source - in obvious violation of conservation of energy. >Our hypothesis answers this in detail, suggesting a measureable circulating metabolism or 'bloodstream of charge' connects all gravitational bodies. (As Gurdjieff in fact suggested). This means for example - that if we cut magnetic symmetry lines on Earth - the loss of fractality CAUSES the gravity field and it's coherence to BLEED (and therefore loss of atmosphere!).

Learning the electric field symmetry to make gravity - and to allow DNA to grow best - could potentially save Earth's genepool (or destroy it if misused and called 'FREE???' energy ).

url: - care of Implosion Group - main idex at or
- originally - from Dan Winter , , Mar 3,06

Our hypotheses: that self similar charge symmetry -optimized by golden ratio is THE CAUSE of gravity , - requires proving that PHASE VELOCITY heterodyning is measureable..
(hopefully that golden ratio recursive constructive ..phase velocity heterodyning can be proven)
Question to experimenters:
Is our barium strontium titanate- phase conjugate dielectric 'pine cone' (fractal?)-experimental protocol - below -

the best way to prove - that PHASE CONJUGATION heterodynes (constructive adding and multiplying of PHASE VELOCITIES) turns charge compression in to acceleration (gravity)?

From Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity: "Aether is the "ultimate" medium (Tesla often interchanged the term "medium" with "aether") - being a perfect fluid and transporting independent carriers. Tesla said that electromagnetic radiation was propagated, like sound waves in the ether." ..

We are saying here that CHARGE is the fundamental medium of the ether- where rarefaction vs. compression of that background charge ( and the inertia it stores when rotated) becomes MASS.

Is the often described CURVATURE OF SPACE TIME which causes GRAVITY- in fact not 'translation of voticity' (of charge) optimized by GOLDEN RATIO>>>

exerpt from

...the need to teach 'Origin Alphabets' in DNA (by Golden Ratio)-charging - bliss making : was THE unifying solution to Earth's (+physicists conferences) language / religion / culture wars. The exact (blissful) physics of DNA ignition into gravity production - which is precisely your blindness (classically Draconian): where space is bent into gravity / ultimate Coriolis- is (the Golden Ratio) in DNA itself! (changes the funding need for gravity motors from metal purchases to DNA education)..

Here charge compression becomes acceleration because - optimized translation of vorticity (physics definition of Golden Ratio) for charge 'translating' from rotation to centripedal implosion - IS the (Coriolis?) connection between the charge rotation which defines mass (inertia) versus the centripedal charge implosion / non-destructive compression which defines gravity. Golden Ratio - by allowing phase velocities of charge to recursively heterodyne - phase locking (rotation to centripedal acceleration) ) > 'translates' compression of charge - into acceleration of charge (gravity) by allowing charge the only path OUT thru light speed at center. (predicting that faster than light velocity measures like Prof Raymond Chao- will find multiples of Golden Ratio times light speed)

I am not sure how you can say - I did not properly define CHARGE as the unified field of my unified field model - after one leading physicist admitted - she did not know "if Charge were an attribute of Mass- or Mass were an attribute of Charge?" In my paper for the conference- I define gravity and life as the efficient and non-destructive charge distribution that results from fractal compression of charge> , . In my newest paper: - I have challenged physics to explain the proveable fact that the symmetry array of electron shells (tetra/cube-to icos/dodec ) is PRECISELY SELF SIMILAR to the symmetry array of NUCLEAR HADRONS/protons-neutrons (tetra/cube-to icos /dodec) ... in any other way - than to conclude this SELF SIMILARITY enabled charge collapse / implosion IS THE CAUSE OF THE GRAVITY.

Our political difference then - the same as Aku / Draku - the Orion wars issue- is the archetype. The GRAVITY of the situation is - if we cannot teach the physics (and Gravity bending ) empowerment of bliss/charge ignited - DNA: then our movie 'Groundhog Day' cannot finish.

Postcript - how beautiful it was then - that the most sustainable real scientists DIALOG after the Budapest Physicists conference -was on the physics of Golden Ratio measured in Brainwaves to define the BLISS that DOES ignite DNA! - at the bottom of > with the conference pics and links.

Short background note: In the original subject paper: it was noted that the essential symmetry used by Einstein / Poincare for GRAVITY - was - Dodecahedral:

S3# is called the Poincare Dodecahedral Space- because it has dodecahedral/icosahedral symmetry of the 120-element binary icosahedral group -

This (stellated dodeca -infinite nest / 'Star Mother' / TimeStar) shape would then correspond to a vertex array of charge - each of whose distances from center (ALL x,y,z coordinates) would always be only multiples of Golden Mean.

It was also pointed out that the atomic / electron symmetry of Palladium - apparent key to cold fusion is also dodeca. The numerous papers on the essential role of Golden Mean in fundamental physics by dozens (including Alex K., and many others) were mentioned.

Not only does Golden Ratio charge compression and therefore charge radiance appear to account for DNA and biology becoming alive, but clearly to be the CAUSE of gravity.

Preliminary evidence (Bludorf et al) suggests that DNA (built on Golden Mean) creates BLACK HOLE LIKE (gravity?) phenomenon (when excited / bliss?).

... did you know the cone capacitor (- orgone is a misnomer for directionally recursive capacitive field-) which Trevor Constable found most effective for rain making "Weather Engineering on the High Seas" - was a 60 degree cone - the exact fit into the 12 infinite vortex which nest in stellated dodeca
- See also the new DVD for the Star Mother kit - gravity capacitor - symmetry design -

This hypothesis - if proven experimentally (now underway) - would explain:

a) why Gravity IS a magnetic monopole (per Einstein) - This is because the (perfectly phi phase conjugated in to acceleration ) charge gets an exit path thru the speed of light - presumeably by multiples of Golden Mean - (has Professor Chiao found 4.23xC light speed - golden mean cubed?)

b) why Gravity IS perfect non-destructive compression / collapse (Per Einstein. Although fractality - physics answer to infinite compression - was unknown to him - he could have noticed the Golden Mean everywhere biology wants to phase lock gravity electrically - in order to become part of the perfected charge DISTRIBUTION called LIFE AND CONSCIOUSNESSS )

c) how DNA is designed to make and extract power from gravity

d) why DNA grows best in a biologically fractal capacitor ( , )

e) why most sensitives agree that virtually all non-linear and gravity making electrical technology is literally SICKENING - Using dead capacitors to step on DNA's reserved radio frequencies.- inviting us to properly describe as electricians the real charge symmetry meaning of BIOLOGIC capacitance - so we no longer build life poisoning capacitors - apparently Easter Island dolmen are an example - of DEATH capacitance. ( my hypothesis is that Enlil / Yalweh / Michael did the schematics - what a klutz). See 'negative green' below.

f) why the Russian physicists proved that EVERYTHING IS DEAD - in the spots where the UFO's landed..

g) the true electric symmetry of the deadly capacitive field, which Kariem - (Biogeometry) crudely calls NEGATIVE GREEN. (He kept insisting he could kill me with it, completely ignoring the truth I tried to tell him - that altho he could kill somebody with it- did NOT mean he had one clue to what it is!- certainly not the symmetry principle. Why- he could join George Bush - with his logic! ).

h) why Kepler was right noting the recursive platonic ratios (dodeca / icosa) predicts planet orbit nesting ( perfect nesting IS how the charge collapse called stable gravity is created).

i) how to re-organize the charge lines of Earth's grid to stabilize gravity and atmosphere ( ) -

j) how to reinvent architecture and agriculture now that we know that every thing wants to survive in biology needs to get fractal OR IT WILL DIE. ( , ). This insight is absolutely compelling - now that we know that the upcoming genepool toasting SOLAR MAXIMUM is essentially an appropriate filter testing all biology and geology for ability to compress non-destructively. Solution to GLOBAL WARMING IS ARRANGING EARTH MAGNETICS AND MATERIALS TO FRACTAL AND NON DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION! ( )

k) how the US Government (and many European) by actively financing corporate campaigns to END GENETIC DIVERSITY in farming - (hint - to the Monsanto fools) - are actively creating the DESTRUCTION OF OUR GENEPOOL. This is because GENETIC DIVERSITY IS THE SAME AS the harmonic inclusiveness of successful compression / fractality (medically proven to predict disease survival in EKG / HRV heart) .

-ORIGIN OF SELF DIRECTION / SELF ORGANIZATION electrically in genes and blood: When DNA (SET FREE - like kids who learn by freedom to TAKE responsibility) is able to invite in charge harmonics fractally (inclusively) it builds (ignites) its core implosion fusion of electric charge ( holy communion) which is ITS ONLY LIBRARY OF SURVIVAL INFORMATION. When DNA learns this way to implode and suck electrically - it is then able to steer itself (make gravity) . This is why the moment you discover bliss is the first time you are NOT a parasite- your aura / KA is able to navigate - death - dream.
(Explains why virtually all modern wheat, corn and soy is like a mucous making - poison bullet to the immune system- the DNA says DEAD RADIO INSIDE!!!)

Too bad the KA tholics don't know that KA means the charge coherence to immortalize you in your bio field. The hygiene for this requires physics / pure principle - not priests or religious fundamentalists who cheat elections. ( REAL BLISS INSIDE - becomes the moment you depart from George Bush's Nazi goose-stepping and stop the sick fantasy that some external rediculous 'God' should fix it FOR you).

--SO the research group- in an expanding series of international conference calls / groups - has set out to finish an experimental design to prove that Golden Ratio Charge Self Similarity - is proveably - the CAUSE of Gravity.
... here we'd like to thank for their help in these dialogs!
: (among others including...)
Jean Paul Biberian - Europes premiere Cold Fusion lab,
-see THE RESONANCE PROJECT - and- Fundamental Physics group fame
Alex K- Golden Ratio physics specialist
Matti Pitka - Quantum Geometrodynmics
"Towards a Grand Unified Field Theory based on Phi Recursion and Quantum Gravity"-Phi in the g factor of the electron ..
Frank -
Michael Heleus -
Cedric Mannu - ref
Doug White - "Observer Physics"..the FRACTAL PHI SPIRAL as the most logical mathematical description of the way electrons emit and absorb photons (OBSERVER PHYSICS, 11.35-39 et al.)
David Thomson - Quantum AetherDynamics Institute ,
and recently George Hathaway ."The Experimentalist:George Hathaway"
and particularly - Bill Donovan - Bill points out that recursive charge or flux self similarity could definitely be the essential symmetry principle to the devices he has been involved in replicating: -MEG device- where Bearden (idea really from FB Richardson) specifically hints that the internal flux feedback loop becomes 'recursive'.
- and in (Bill Donovan's article on) Gallimore rebuild of Kowsky-Frost (Tuoai or Fire Crystal - like quartz triggered bi axially - into recursive heterodynes?) dramatic gravity production.

1. Update from Dan Winter at recent Grand Unification Physics and Consciousness International Conference in Budapest (with pic)

Read in the pdf files (right) - Dan Winter sets radical new theme at the recent global physicists colloquium in Budapest:
Grand Unification Physics International Conference

From Dan's presentation:
1. A proper test for a theory of gravity is, if it can describe how to (electrically) repair gravity (and retain atmosphere). The simple physics is that restored fractality restores / stabilizes gravity and the possibility of holding atmosphere and restoring climate from chaos. Long wave magnetic lines properly mapped and restored to dodeca icosa fractality do precisely that (invite constructive implosive charge collapse thereby self organizing wave systems back into life giving fractality).

2. A proper test for a scientific theory of consciousness is, if it can describe the precise (electrical) steps to restore consciousness. Restoring healthy fractal charge conditions (eeg Golden Ratio, phase conjugate or biologic architecture, live enzyme nutrition + yoga) around the body - absolutely pushes out infection / inflamation (lack of compression) - and brings back the possibility of electrically nourishing DNA, seed germination and bliss. Life and biology's survival symmetry library is none other than the information (charge) compression and distribution efficiency which precisely results from fractality. (Fractality in liquids / ReDox Potential, and fractality in AIR / I.G.A. - always measure the presence of LIFE ITSELF!).

Mass=Constructive (fractal) Charge Compression/Collapse : Is CHARGE The 'Vortex Sponge' of the ETHER? ... see alsoThe Planck Ether Hypothesis and the Origin of Charge, Winterberg, F. from General Relativity and Gravitation, proceedings

+Mass is only a name for the inertia stored by charge rotation,
+Time is only a name for measuring charge rotation,
+Space-time is a name for the array of rotating charge,
+Dimensions are only a name for how many axes of rotating charge can be superposed in one nest (harmonic inclusiveness in the frequency signature, once fractally 'inclusive' eliminate disease / stabilize life) , and
+Gravity exists when charge can create an accelerating centripedal force due precisely to fractal self similarity between layers of rotating charge (invitation to collapse+constructive phase conjugation of velocities turing compression in to acceleration). Saying that gravity is CAUSED by a curvature in space time is not complete or helpful unless you know that the curvature that permits non-destructive self reentry (collapse) is Golden Ratio (optimized translation of vorticity from circle to line MEANS changing mass to energy - and the inverse).

Ask your 'PHYsicist why PHYsical is named for PHI. Ask your chemistry professor why KHEMistry is named for the Egyptian KHEM which means -ACCESS to a BLACK hole. AllKhem-y.

The FRACTAL FIELD - Revolutionary Research Frontier - with Radically Powerful Solutions to Virtually ALL Major Global Issues..
"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."--Max Planck, German Theoretical Physicist
1. Peacemaking: How The FRACTAL FIELD Can Make Teaching PEACE Into a New and Powerful SCIENCE - more:

2. Agriculture: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can Revolutionize Farming by creating Phase Conjugate Environment which properly allow DNA to Communicate and Thrive electrically - more: , and

3. Architecture: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can ReInvent Architecture now that the Principle of Building a BIOLOGIC CAPACITOR Allows us to Create Structure to Truly Create Healing and Bliss in Biology - more:

4. Genetics: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can ReDefine Success in Genetic Research / and Engineering - based on ReDefining DNA COHERENCE, and DNA 'Radio', and DNA Ability to Absorb and Radiate the Electric Field of LIFE! - more: , and ,

5. Psychology of BLISS / Ecstasy and PEAK EXPERIENCE: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows Us Now to Define, Measure and most of all TEACH - Peak Experience , Bliss, Ecstasy - True Enlightenment - more:

6. Urban Design: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows us to Re-Invent URBAN DESIGN Based on Fractal Charge Compression- to Attract People, Money, Charge and LIFE FORCE Back into Urban Design- more: ,

7. Weather / Climate / Rainmaking: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows us to Attract Rain - and Regulate Precipitation - more: , and The Yantra Pics at

8. Energy: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can Allow Us to PROPERLY Use Charge Self-Similarity to COHERE and Couple the Gravity Field for Electric Charge - WITHOUT Destabilizing the Earth Grid - more : ,

How the (Phi) FRACTAL FIELD provides radical new solutions to GLOBAL WARMING: , and WHEN COLD FUSION gets COLD:

9. Another example of FRACTAL FIELD - self similar charge field -revolutionizing medicine..- note how Negative Ion Wind (a fractal field) radically sweeps infection and parasites from the body ( see: ref 1) -perfectly consistent with using fractality to measure ANY liquid's ability to support life ( ReDox Potential measure at ) and - measuring fractality in Air to find and measure life's electric signature ( see IGA at phaseconjugation link). ALSO-FRACTALITY in the HEART-solution to EKG+ disease resistance: .
- See the COMPLETE - FILMS ONLINE- Implosion Group Web TV<index --..

<link here
SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM 1. Promising new approaches towards the Grand Unification in Physics
2. Towards the Unification of Physics and Consciousness - topological consciousness theories, quantum psychology
3. Unification of Philosophy- Metatheory, Metaphilosophy
4. A New Understanding of Life - quantum biological theories and their utilisations
Under the Auspices of: Prof. Csaba Varga President of the Institute for Strategic Research
Gábor Koncz PhD President of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation

 Unified Theories - Scientific conference and workshop
November 15., Wednesday Opening and welcoming speeches by
Gábor Koncz PhD. President of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation
Prof. Csaba Varga, President of the Institute for Strategic Research
First session- Promising new approaches towards the Grand Unification in Physics
Chairman: István Dienes,
Matti Pitkänen PhD: A master formula for S-matrix in Topological Geometry-
Alex Hankey PhD.: The Vedic interpretation of quantum theory
: Incorporation of the Golden Ratio Phi into the Schrodinger Wave Function using the Phi Recursive Heterodyning Set :

Kryuk V.G. PhD.: Natural Time and its properties

Jean-Paul Biberian PhD.: Condensed Matter Nuclear Science - Cold Fusion

Nassim Haramein PhD.: Torque and Corolois force additions to Einstein's filed equations as related to the unified field

Towards the Unification of Physics and Consciousness
- topological consciousness theories, quantum psychology

Chairman: Ede Frecska, Luis Eduardo Luna

István Dienes: Consciousness-Holomatrix - discovering duality symmetry between the geometric brain and topological consciousness.

Matti Pitkänen PhD.: Physics of Consciousness in the Topological Geometry-dynamics framework

Ede Frecska MD PhD.: Subneural basis of interspecies communication

Luis Eduardo Luna PhD.: Plant Teachers in the Upper Amazon. Acquiring Information through Psychotropic Plants.

Prof. Beldi: Planetary Consciousness

 November 16., Thursday Unified Philosophies: Metatheory, Metaphilosophy
Chairmen: Csaba Varga, Endre Kiss

Csaba Varga ass. Prof.: Unified Theory: Metaphilosophy

Endre Kiss, D.Phil: The philosophy of the now and the Metatheories

Gyöngyi Major PhD.: The challenge of the Holos: The theory of the moment is not the moment of the theory

László Márfai Molnár PhD.:

A New Understanding of Life quantum biological theories and their utilisations
Chairmen: Karl Arfors, Mark Abadi

Mark Abadi: Quantum Physics: Bridging the Gap between Science and Spirituality

Karl Arfors MD. PhD.:

James Oschman PhD.: Matrix communication

Dan Winter MSc: The Fractal Field - perfecting "phase conjugation"

Matti Pitkänen PhD.: The physics of biological systems in Topological Geometry-dynamics framework

Ramesh Krishna MD, PhD., DSc..: Quantum Mechanics of Stress Aging and disease

Peter Gariaiev PhD.: Hot questions of biology on which the wave-genetics search for the answer

also see

"One leading physicist admitted - she did not know "if Charge were an attribute of Mass- or Mass were an attribute of Charge?" In my paper for the conference- I define gravity and life as the efficient and non-destructive charge distribution that results from fractal compression of charge> , . In my newest paper: - I have challenged physics to explain the proveable fact that the symmetry array of electron shells (tetra/cube-to icos/dodec ) is PRECISELY SELF SIMILAR to the symmetry array of NUCLEAR HADRONS/protons-neutrons (tetra/cube-to icos /dodec) ... in any other way - than to conclude this SELF SIMILARITY enabled charge collapse / implosion IS THE CAUSE OF THE GRAVITY."

Now- back to experimental protocol:

Even the classic caducceus winding - when optimized to Golden Ratio in amplitude and or wavelength cascading - proves that the phase cancellation of electric vs magnetic vectors -perfected by Golden Mean - is the gravity making principle.

The essential hypothesis is then the Golden Ratio by allowing the electric wave PHASE VELOCITIES to ADD and MULTIPLY in CONSTRUCTIVE interference turns CHARGE COMPRESSION - in to CHARGE ACCELERATION (gravity).

Futher then that the symmetry essence in principle of PERFECT PHASE CONJUGATION - and PEFECT FUSION is therefore also based on Golden Ratio ( was Randy Masters right that the essential balmer radiance lines from Hydrogen are based on Golden Ratio?)

below- measuring gravity waves- with fractal capacitance array: (pics 410-421 at )

We acknowledge the dozens of designs from recursive charge for gravity making - Hutchinson, Naudin , American AntiGravity, Townsend Brown , many others..

Our view is that until the PURE SYMMETRY PRINCIPLE (Golden Ratio Implosion - optimized charge or magnetic self similarity / fusion / phase conjugation - or recursive feedback - ) is understood - these experiments are blind ( cannot be empowering or used safely)

So - one design being discussed to couple gravity and charge ( produce gravity from voltage and voltage from gravity):
Capacitor array to prove charge self similarity optimized by golden ratio - optimizes capacitor cones which make gravity -(perfect phase conjugation / fusion)

(when the design is OPEN source- then the US government cannot play it's FAVORITE Nazi trick- as it does for perhaps the majority of really exciting inventors- immediately informing them that their invention is now top secret - threat to 'national security/neurosis'- and the inventor will go immediately to jail if they share it. as in the Adam Trombley horror stories.. Does this give you pause about entering the 'Patent Bureu' nonsense?? It should.. )
We take a copper base 60 degree cone about 5" high, on top outer surface (vacuum in the palladium layer) deposit thin layers

alternating - PALLADIUM then barium strontium titanate (thanks for this suggestion bill) (or other phase conjugate hi dialectric)
(presumeably biologic origin dialectric insulators would be most likely phase conjugate)

then thin film (mono atom thin perhaps) palladium and repeat..(next layer of barium strontium etc) 5 layers or more last layer is palladium

-- then use a programmable machine tool that etches a spiral on a cone.. cut down the surface 5 spirals in and 5 out(golden) down to the base palladium
so that the pattern cut thru all the layers but leaving the bottom cone intact looks like this - grailperf.GIF

Top:top view, middle - oblique view, bottom is side view..(same as DNA and grail)

now .. with that pine cone array of dialectrics exposed on the top surface of the cone

press on top another copper structural cone.. the hi bias voltage is applied between the top and bottom cones

-the areas of capacitance - are pine cone shaped, with spiral air gaps between..

result- directional discharge out tip of cone creates thrust
(phase velocities add and multiply recursively constructively between the dialectric zones
down the cone producing superluminal acceleration of charge out the tip / perfecting
phase conjugation / fusion of charge waves - and gravity)

-We are asking for advice- - for labs - (for now - best outside of George Bush land) with some capability - for capacitive implosion - also for the Kowsky Frost- crystallographic implosive - capabilities.

Readers are referred to other examples of recursive capacitance - testing at

reprinted in part here:

Origin & Solution to GRAVITATIONAL THRUST -

Produced by Capacitors which accelerate CHARGE by recursion..

Pronouncing rocketry and fossil fuel engines obsolete - and the origin of gravity field steering technology for retaining atmosphere.

Producing Gravitational Thrust Using Recursive (Conic / Concave) Capacitor Arrays

With Implications for Using the Resultant IMPLOSION Concept for Multiple Commercial Applications-

Prediction from Dan Winter: as soon as governments* learn how to create thrust by capacitors - they will declare it a military secret - on pain of imprisonment - then use it to kill each other - INSTEAD of it's real potential - to discover HOW to support LIFE with proper electrical charge environments.. (see Measuring Life Force: ) That is why we must make it FREE information on the web BEFORE they can declare it's release a threat to national security - as they did to Adam Trombley's monopole attempts.

*especially those headed by pathologically small brain cavities incapable of creating glandular bliss - therefore condemned to fear.

published by Implosion Group - originally by Dan Winter

"Producing gravity with capacitors is as easy
as building a charge dense high voltage PINE CONE!"

Imposion Group main Dan Winter web index: This outline is at url:

THE PRINCIPLE: When fields nest RECURSIVELY the compression at the core can cause phase VELOCITIES to heterodyne in total CONSTRUCTIVE interference - turning COMPRESSION - in to ACCELERATION.. charge in to gravity! (THRUST!). Not only solving Einstein's dilemna and the 'PHIricias' unified field - but teaching us how biology attracts CHARGE - creating the measureable definition of LIFE itself.
Can A Symmetry MAP Teach Capacitors to Make Gravity - thru Perfect Compression -- AND -- Facilitate COMPASSION? ( And Can Harmonic Spectral Analysis Teach It?) Article Below

Throw It, Spin It, Zoom & Play - Click for INTERACTIVE Java Version 'CompassionMap' Article.
Above- link- New Java Applet Animation of the Symmetry Map the Heart Learns to FEEL Compassion - Thanks to Heart Coherence Team
Click to access a web link to this GOLDEN SPIRAL FLAME LETTER STRIP - Origin of the Alphabet ... 'of the Heart'

Raymond Chiao, the physicist who demonstrated that photons can tunnel through materials faster than the speed of light, is searching for a link between general relativity and quantum mechanics. His latest experiment, he hopes, will efficiently convert gravitational waves into electromagnetic waves - and vice versa. He is aware that some of his colleagues think he has embarked on a wild goose chase, but he insists this experiment is worth doing. "It raises some really fundamental issues: there are tensions between general relativity and quantum mechanics that really should be looked at - and looked at experimentally". Chiao is sure of only one thing about the connection between electromagnetism and gravity. "There is something there," he says. "There is something there..."...more

Einstein wrote that when he first realized that gravity was equivalent to acceleration - an idea that would underlie his new theory of gravity - it was the "happiest thought of my life." On projects of far smaller weight, I have experienced that pleasure of discovering something new. It is an exquisite sensation, a feeling of power, a rush of the blood, a sense of living forever. To be the first vessel to hold this new thing.

----------------Introduction- The fact that capacitive arrays could produce aerodynamic thrust became a bit famous when it became commonly known that this concept was in use in the wings of the American 'Stealth' aircraft. Later - public domain research groups around the world began developing documentation to bring this principle that electrical charge arrays in conic capacitors could produce LIFT - out of the realm of military secrecy. (see below)

References documenting use of capacitor arrays to PRODUCE gravity -

American Antigravity - video clips, complete instructions, and other related lifter information.

Jean-Louis Naudin's "Lifter Experiments Website" A very in-depth website containing video clips, complete instructions,

World-Wide Lifter Replications An overview with photos and video from many of the independent inventors who have replicated the lifter experiments.

The home page for Transdimensional Technologies, the developers of the lifter design.

Blaze Labs (Saviour's Research Website) An excellent site on research into lifter enhancements, radiation testing, sealed devices, power supplies, and other topics relating to lifter technology.

Lifter Builders Group An email group for the exchange of research findings for those interested in building lifters or staying current on the state of the technology.

The NASA patent regarding obtaining thrust from an asymmetrical twodimensional capacitor,

It is the view of this author that while many of these groups HAVE proven that properly nested CHARGE arrays DO PRODUCE GRAVITY THUST - that in fact none of these groups have even come close to articulating the PRINCIPLE which causes this phenomenon. And further - that the process of describing accurately in physics - WHY - charge in a recursive cone (think of capacitors nested like a pine cone) PRODUCE gravity - is absolutely key to optimizing, replicating, and safely USING the principle.

It is critical that we learn how the creation of gravity electrically is intimately IDENTICAL with the frequency cascades sucking in (compressing successfully) CHARGE -WHICH CREATES LIFE!..

above-we take the power spectra of the weak capacitive field around a powerfully healing (including AIDS) plant oil essence...
noting that it's power is electrically measureable - the same way as a capacitor like a pine cone would make voltage from gravity.. (see )

Then we use the same preamp (HeartTuner: ) to measure how the EKG attracts maximum charge - by a similar log Phi(Golden Ratio) based - perfectly COMPRESSING harmonic cascade of CHARGE - at the moment of compassion.. (see : History of EKG Biofeedback - Harmonics of Empathy)

(above from: How embedability predicts vitality AND compassion..)

see also: geometry of perfect COLLAPSE .. perfect COMPRESSION .. perfect FUSION.. the "PHI-RICAIS"(Phi Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration Implosion Solution).

Self-Similarity (Fractality) is the Only Way GRAVITY can be created among waves (Pure Principle of Gravity) because it is the Only Way Waves (Charge) Survive COMPRESSION.
A technology of Heart based on the Opposite of Ex-plosion.
exerpt here from

Self-Similarity resolves to the Golden Mean ratio because it is the mathematical essence of self embedding.

When waves arrange themselves into the perfect pine cone SCREWing up shape of Golden Ratio Embedding , they begin adding and multiplying their wave lengths AND VELOCITIES recursively, as the ONLY constructive way thru the speed of light. Note the Pine (al) Conic Self-Similarity between Cell Division and the Pine Cone..

(Compare this shape to (Izthak) Bentov's vision of Galaxies Replicating like cell division around violin strings (microtubules) radiating from black holes (centrioles as the cookie cutters) shaped like ancient sacred alphabet letters in his : "Cosmic (Comic) Book". This is why I (Dan Winter) predict that the waves now being measured going faster than light will be measured moving at Golden Mean Ratio MULTIPLES of the speed of light. (other PREDICTIONS FOR A NEW PHYSICS OF GRAVITY & AWARENESS BASED ON RECURSION ,

What is squeezed out the center of the fractal charge wind to center we call gravity are worms going thru the speed of light. These are exchanged for example between planetary bodies experiencing gravity relations erotically. (Gurdjieff: Coherent Emotion Feeds the Earth ). The ability to retain CENTERING FORCE keeping little worms inside big worms is the recursion self awareness adds to song lines. ("Substance of WE Feeling - The GLUE).

All bonding is phase locking - ionic, covalent, gravitational and human. Perfect (or inPHIknit) phase locking is always recursive and therefore Golden Mean based.

Self-Similarity is the mechanism of all bonding which reaches BETWEEN frequencies. (G-ray of Vita :Gravita)

Life force is embedding of charge. (Celestine Prophecy: "All Human Interaction is about CHARGE"). Which is how charge waves become self-aware /organizing / steering.

Self-Similarity can be measured among waves, in the same way PERFECT BRANCHING (Being Di-VINE) is measured as PHYLOTAXES.

So now we apply this concept of harmonics nesting in perfect embedding / recursion - to the keys to electro - gravity.. to prove the principle:

Heterodyning and Powers of Phi: This article on the capacitive origins of gravity is based on Recursive Heterodyning in powers of PHI -GOLDEN RATIO- see commentary on HeteroFI -Dan Winter's PHI theory of Heterodyning - compared to radio theory -11/9/97 by Rick Andersen heterofi, Heterodyning and Powers of Phi

And further - that articulating this principle - (how compression in Golden Mean optimized recursion - turns charge in to ACCELERATION) - absolutely solves the unified field problem - along with Einstein's unresolved - geometry of infinite non-destructive compression.

This therefore is the purpose of this proposal.

Simply put: it is well documented that charge in a cone PRODUCES GRAVITY - (links above) - the simple (and inexpensive) experiment proposed here to use Golden Ratio 3 Dimension nested recursion symmetry to optimize the amount of gravity created - would revolution the physics of acceleration and aerodynamics.

above: 1.1meter wide,60 degree angle actual constructed cone (from the Perth research group) -top down view, assembled to place the capacitors (white circles) at the proper 3D conic array to test optimized effect to fabricate gravity electrically..

This proposal is to:

1. Complete the fabrication and microgravity effect testing of the above capacitive cone array



Evidence - below - from the Greg Hodowanec (34 CLEVELAND AV,newark,NJ 07106, ph 973 373 4170) / Bill Ramsey, (563 29 1/4 road, #3, grand junction, co.USA, 81504,970 241 5863, -/ 970 464 4958) Research showing that the output of a passive capacitor accurately graphed over time - functions as the ultimate gravity wave detector - and absolutely proves the dialectric field which moves between capacitors - moves faster than the speed of light. ('RussTrak Recorder')

& 2. Complete the Vortex Egg - below - the 3 ft dialectric egg and hi speed motor are ready in Perth. The earlier working design we witnessed, by Implosion Lab / Plymouth - makes the error of using a metal 50,000rpm drive shaft down thru the top shorting out the critical vertical axis build up of dialectric net charge difference so observable in the gold spherical capacitive egg below. That device did produce a visible uv aura as the implosion developed. Specifically the cool electrical field everyone can feel above the cone half of the egg which is sharper - is evidence of the implosion effect - which is palpable. Device tuning uses weak charge field power spectra analysis from HeartTuner - examples below.(when the power spectra shows harmonics spaced by PHI ratio - the implosion indicative - increased spontaneous cooling of the water should optimize).

Comments from Dan Winter: (comments made subsequent to the dialog below) The reason Schauberger and others (described below) were able to extract electrical wattage from a water vortex was because of the natural possibility of initiating successful recursive capacitive charge compression which can accelerate components of the charge field thru the speed of light - in water - which is properly called IMPLOSION. Proof of this concept can be understood by arranging simple capacitors in a recursive fractal ( PHI / pent optimized array) - measuring the resultant ion beam generated - even when the capacitors are not externally energized. If water is properly piezoelectric (trace mineral 'doping'), and spun in a proper dialectric insulator - water naturally imitates this charge array elegantly in it's own seeking for maximum non-destructive compression both hydrodynamically and electrically. Gravity is created and destroyed as charge lines create this acceleration path due to recursive heterodyning of phase wave lengths AND velocities. The voltage difference between the charge compression core and the centrifugal periphery can become a meaningful source of power. It is also true, that 'sinking' the local charge field in this way - will create gravity and emotional perturbation, and needs to be done very responsibly. Also it is strongly noted that the relative position of the device with respect to local ley / charge earth lines, will affect the output - and disturbance degree - as well as effects from the astrologic (which are really capacitive) symmetry density conditions.

Water Follow's the Pressure Wave of Sound

(Frequency Generator on slightly curved Plate - vibration 50-100hz 1-6 drops)

Film Exerpt Above Credit to: Alexander Lauterwasser -

also see: The SHAPE of Water's Flow-er..

1. Dan Winter's article and links on Implosion Electric Power

"FREE" Energy Announced- Earth May be ENDANGERED!! (because it is not 'free')

2. and his review of the background physics - with technical articles-



This article is about using Implosion Energy in a responsible way - beginning with a teaching example:

Consider - Energy SOURCE from PiezoElectric Implosion from that Vortex

Inset note - Feb 10 ,2003 - Perth team replicates life force measure!

They solved the problem with the gold plated egg - for ideal spherical capacitive container..

Above gold coated ostrich egg halfs function as spherical implosive biological capacitor to contain and measure the weak charge radiance which defines life force: see

The 'TIME' Falling Bodies Take to Light -

(Rotation / time - gone recursive in the spiral that translates vorticity is not only the path from matter to energy - it is also the only way to become attractive.)

update- Sept. 2002: Relativity's replacement announced by Dan Winter -

E=MC^2 merely quantified the obvious that inertia storage - called 'mass' was only a function of sustainable wave rotation.

More interesting / and from the point of view of electrically supporting the creation of life force - probably more useful - we now have - from Winter:


Gravity, Implosion, and Self-Awareness (Potentially infinite wave multiple-connectedness by CONSTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION) = Charge Acceleration thru C by FRACTALITY!

Implosion is that which provides the centering force necessary to stabilize the wave rotation called 'mass'. By defining mass only as the resistance to change of position / interia - for wave packets in rotation - it became obvious that a symmetry law was required to describe what causes wave to resist change of position.

( Einstein called this problem he never solved: the geometric model of infinite non-destructive compression. - which is now obviously the stellated dodeca-icosa.)

-The answer - pulling the plug to allow charge an exit path thru the speed of law by recursive heterodyning: Charge Implosion - also answers the other question which til now stumped physicists: Why does an object fall to the ground?

The Proof: Capacitive Charge in PHI based self-similarity creates gravity.


In summary - because he was stumped on the geometry of infinite non-destructive compression - Einstein got a few things wrong - he caused all physics to say "Acceleration due to gravity" and measure that - as the only definintion current physcs has for gravity. Yet now we know that it is actually the opposite: "Gravity is due to acceleration"! (of charge) - thru the speed of light. And recursive heterodyning (constructive wave interference of phase VELOCITIES - when centers of charge/mass enter the geometry of self-similarity.) IS the accelerator.


The GRAVITY of the situation: Without ELECTRICAL CHARGE Hygiene to Create LIFE FORCE-GENEPOOL Ends Soon.

Why ignoring the ELECTRICAL HYGIENE necessary to maintain LIFE will cause the end of the human genepool within 10 years.

Originally from Dan Winter - 10/14/03 ( Aboard LanChile from Santiago to Sao Paulo). -This newsletters is at - Published from Implosion Group -main index-

 Summary of the principle new insights offered from Dan Winter's writing - by Implosion Group:
1. When waves of electrical charge are arranged in self-similar or fractal (pine cone like) geometry optimized by Golden Ratio - recursive constructive interference (heterodyning) turns compression in to acceleration. (because Golden Ratio allows the wave VELOCITIES as well as the wave lengths to recursive add/multiply). This solves Einstein's dilemna and the unified field- because this (like the simple plant phylotaxis that explains how plant LIFE FORCE is a way to get voltage from gravity) IS the geometry of INFINITE NON-DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION (the geometric key to relating gravity to electromagnetism). This also explains why capacitors in a cone MAKE GRAVITY ( ).

In this article - Winter deals with the danger of turning this insight (Winter call's PhiRICAIS - Phi Recursion Induced Charge Implosion Solution - ) into the obvious mechanical electrical implosion device which ends fossil fuel dependancy. This is because of fact that nature designed it that only structures which embed biological intent should accelerate charge thru the speed of light (producing gravity from voltage and the inverse) - since this is the radio station which determines the successful holy communion / information sharing / compression summation / pure intention testing - at the coeur of all DNA. (Why non-linear - formerly erroneously called 'FREE'- energy devices make sensitive people sick.) Winter contends that the dozens of these devices which have already been suppressed by the American military - cannot be used responsibly until a massive re-education about human bliss can show us the only sustainable biological access to this energy source.(See curriculum - showing that since BLISS/ enlightenment/measureable charge density in biology - is the ultimate form of education and the only source of immune system / ensoulment / and biological immortality/sustainability - and therefore the only agreeable purpose to having government - and finally articulates a scientific hygiene to make bliss sustainable - which replaces the disempowering personality/miracle worship of religion ).

Gradually, Winter predicts - we will take responsibility for the fact that DNA's PHI based fractality - explains that successful genes are a device designed to MAKE GRAVITY (by successful compression that becomes acceleration). And that this ability is key to creating an electrical hygiene (environment) for successful dying. (no discontinuity of memory / the projective geometry of charge). see

Also see in this article, Winter - redefines the meaning of success in architecture - by stating how life force in a building can be built and measured.

Also - below thanks to Frank, Heart Coherence Team - from -- Mathematical Proof of 'Phi' base of Coherence / Still Point / Perfect Implosion etc.

Due to life threatening stupidity - all of western technology currently absolutely ignores the fact that LIFE and the conditions than maintain life are absolutely limited to fractal and self centering (& bliss enabling) ELECTRICAL (charge) ENVIRONMENTS. This simple fact is so appalling, and disgusting to me personally - it urges me to present evidence here - that the human genepool on Earth will absolutelty be terminated within about 10 years unless this ignorant arrogance is quickly fixed.

In continous global lecture tours (in the last 3 months- Turku,Helsinki,Stockholm,Oslo,Cancun, Cuzco - next 4 months: SaoPaulo,Auckland,Sydney,Byron,Perth,Zurich,Lindau,Lisbon,Turin,St.Tropez..Come see )..

we have successfully presented evidence that LIFE FORCE (ability to attract and self organize electrical charge defined & measured capacitively) MUST BE MEASURED in order to learn HOW to SUSTAIN IT:

more info at:
Below- update July 3,2003 - Team from organic college in Witzenhausen Germany - found that straw or peak around the sensor spherical capacitor gold coated egg provided good isolation from ambient electrical noise..
here we successfully measure the difference in life force between an onion JUST picked from the beautiful mountain garden versus a store bought older onion..

See how this redefines what an ARCHITECT IS (?!) - and whether his building serves life at-

exerpt here- Architecture of Sacred Space- becomes SCIENCE instead of myth because LIFE FORCE can be measured and defined electrically.

If Life Force Equals the Ability to Attract and Self-Organize Capacitive Charge - It Now Becomes Possible to Outline the Function of Architecture.

SACRED is a name for the place where waves of charge can agree to meet.

The function of MIND among waves is to produce this agreement and therefore the centering force called gravity. We give you as evidence the elimination of gravity stability in each culture or planet where DNA and people were not allowed to become self-organizing/ FREE !

Because ARCHITECTURE like all other disciplines must serve life or die - until they (the architects) know how to make life - out of the electrical compression of the capacitance of their buildings - it is appropriate that capacitance abomination metal buildings continue to cause the architects who build them to die quickly so that biofeedback can leave only architects who build life.

(One could use such laws of nature for example to hope for the quick death of the Pope - whose anti-contraceptive policy alone costs the misery of billions- BUT since both the Bible Code and Fatima with track record accuracy predict that this is the LAST pope - and that his ROME is destroyed by the nuclear cloud when Jerusalem gets it - maybe we should hope for a few more months for the old guy). (inset here - a recommended procedure to bring lawsuit against your local church building - the same way you prove to your government that the microwave tower they just installed is poisoning the land. YOU MEASURE THE INCREASE IN SOIL COMPACTION AROUND THE CHURCH or the microwave tower. You can then easily prove that the massive die-off of healthy soil micro-organisms (which causes soil compaction) is DIRECTLY CAUSED BY THE CHURCH - or the microwave tower. The reason is that the sharp steeple is a death making bleed for the capacitive charge of the land. Hint - now understand the principle why the Eastern church less sharp more onion shaped steeple is less of a bleeding parasite. Fortuneately it looks like the parasitic-God is outside you- Western church structure will soon serve the genepool by destroying itself with it's own pediphilia)

One reason architecture should look like biology is that biological structures have discovered thru evolution the materials and shapes which allow the electrical fields we call LIFE to converge into self-organization and self-awareness. The ability to self-organize and "FUSE" charge into living form is the appropriate goal for architecture because it is the only way to achieve the electrical sustainability as wave which is a scientific definition of immortality.

For example, biology never uses a sharp corner because it would bleed electrical force. You have never seen a Van De Graaph Generator with a corner, it is very rounded. Biology never uses sharp edges except exactly where charge NEEDS to be projected.

Architecture for healing - measuring the person to adjust the architecture to intensify the healing process. Embedding . Paramagnetic stone would allow building to respond to the quality of the human being - by embedding the person in the self-similarity (compressibility and holy communion of biological capacitive charge. (formerly called orgone, barrakah, chi, shaktipat, blessing..). Symbiotic - self-aware and alive.

Healing temple - would not look like a temple as we know it. But is a biological structure.

'The bee hive and the pine cone are excellent examples of sacred architecture because as biological capacitors they implode charge making life and bliss possible and sustainable. They are made of biologic dialectric (self-similar at atomic and molecular symmetry levels)- what Reich used to call organic orgone material- really names for fractal capacitive dialectric. Dialectric is a name of the quality of the insulator spark cap where capacitors catch the memory of stars.
The metal building ...or the western idea of what is a refrigerator - with sharp edges and bad air in urban areas are examples of structures which make only death and prevent bliss because they are bleeding capacitors and therefore the opposite of sacred architecture.

Chi is a name for a capacitance, When you arrange a capacitor.. in a fractal you get gravity. Sacred Geometry is a symmetry map of the geometry of pressure called the unified field. When the Mind pulls in charge as light and sound, a short wave is embedded in a long wave and the sacred geometry of a fractal attractor is born. Memory makes gravity.. the wind to center of implosion. Self-similarity perfected by Golden Mean ratio (think of pine cone type symmetry) - turns (charge) compression in to acceleration - the only SOURCE of gravity - the only self centering force.

Earlier we presented a list of questions - which illustrate the life threatening arrogance Western Science displays by refusing to define and understand LIFE electrically. For example we now have data which is difficult to ignore - that the process of dying successfully - (maintaining the COHERENCE of biological memory) - can absolutely be understood as the electrical hygiene to prepare a fractal and compressible (sacred) death bed - with emotions & genes which compress into the shareable. (self-similarity turns wave/charge compression in to the acceleration called both gravity and sustainability/immortality. more info at ).

Another example: when your waitress at McDonalds unconsciously tells you to ENJOY YOUR HAMBURGER - here is how she really intends that you COULD serve your genepool by EATING that hamburger-

Human Enjoyment is a name for that fact that proper nutrition actually has the possibility of permitting your biomass (body) to radiate an increasingly coherent electrical capacitance field. This is sometimes called - Chi / Aura / Orgone / ShaktiPat / Eck / Barrakah / etc.. these confusing words were each invented by people who sadly did not know what a capacitor is, or the fact that it's electrical field of charge could measureably propagate faster than the speed of light . (pic above illustrates) . This describes the physics of the Kirlian Photo, the Immoto water pics, and Sensitive Crystallization experiments of Steiners students . Life force AND the ultimate form of all biological education IS the shape and info content of this charge field - because this is what steers and orients every molecule into the geometric change from liquid to liquid-crystal called biology. This is why generating human bliss (charge density) replaces and makes obsolete any other form of human education. (Read: the environmental function of human bliss - chapters- Dan Winter's new book Implosion's Fractal Attractor - online in full color printable pdf - at ) The purpose of this discussion is to further illustrate the biological service to environment possible when you acheive the CHARGE RADIANCE your McDonald's waitress referred to as HAMBURGER en-JOY-ment.

This also accounts nicely for the physics of astrology - once you understand that gravity and turning gravity into voltage (formerly and incorrectly called "FREE" energy) is simply the presence of waves of charge measureable in cheap capacitors caused to turn compression in to acceleration because of (PHI based) self similarity.

The TURNING POINT- where Einstein is replaced -

Einstein (roughly translated from the German means: ONE STONE.. above pic: how a stone becomes ONE ) correctly guessed that the symmetry which would allow ELECTRICAL CHARGE to be infinitely non-destructively compressed - would be the correct symmetry to fabricate gravity from electrical circuits alone. He simply failed to visualize the symmetry solution: that in Golden Mean ratio, recursive heterodyning or wave adding and multiplying constructively - wave fronts of capacitive charge would CONSTRUCTIVELY also add their wave VELOCITIES (in addition to wave-LENGTHS). This turns compression in to acceleration - (acceleration is the only definition or measure we have for gravity). (recursive adding IS multiplying- only Golden Ratio allows both- permitting wave interference to be recursively CONSTRUCTIVE). This is why self-similarity perfected by Golden Ratio is the key to producing gravity from charge. This simple statement - is the correct solution to the unified field problem. (and ends fossil fuel dependancy -and rocketry as we know it- BUT must be done with responsibility to the gravity bloodstream of Earth - see below)



Non Linear and Zero Point or "Free" Energy Technologies Revisited-

Cohering the Vacuum

is the Vacuous term used by current physics to understand the process of creating implosive charge suction thru light speed to fabricate voltage from the ether..

sometimes called "Zero Point" energy, or even more inappropriately: "Free Energy"

Also sometimes labeled Scalar or Torsional field, notably emphasizing physics rather pathetic lack of terminology to describe coherent electrical inertia moving BETWEEN frequencies like a 'chirp' or 'heterodyne'.

The dangerous aspect, is that as more and more of these 'scalar' energy devices are discovered.. our sad inability to properly understand our relationship to the source of energy in principle - creates extreme ecologic danger..

As we have discussed at: NOT FREE - "FREE" Energy Announced- Earth Immediately ENDANGERED!! ( )(april 2002)

and at

Research proposal- Producing Aerodynamic Thrust using Conic (Recursive) ( and IMPLOSIVE) arrays of capacitors ( )(july 2003)

Most of these devices - (T Henry Moray, Trombley and Tewari Faraday Disk, Neuman, Pod Mod, and others) - somewhat consciously invoke the principle of optimzed electrical self similarity (fractality) perfected by Golden Mean ratio. There are of course a wide variety of ways to arrange the charge flux of circuitry to initiate implosion by self similar recursive - often feedback like - embedding..

Universe Is Dodecahedral! Makes Headlines.. Nature Magazine etc., ..BUT - no one even NOTICED that this is the only 3D geometry (based) on Golden Mean - whose stellation precisely allows infinite non-destructive collpase - the compression that PRODUCES acceleration (gravity). Summary - the very dodeca symmetry of the universe PROVES that self-similarity produces gravity. ref: fusion , collapse , thrust


Leonardo da Vinci had the right idea

Fig. 3.- Spherical pentagons and dodecahedra fit snugly, unlike their Euclidean counter-
parts. a) Twelve spherical pentagons tile the surface of an ordinary sphere. They fit together
snugly because their corner angles are exactly 120·. Note that each spherical pentagon is
just a pentagonal piece of a sphere. b) One hundred twenty spherical dodecahedra tile the
surface of a hypersphere. A hypersphere is the 3-dimensional surface of a 4-dimensional
ball. Note that each spherical dodecahedron is just a dodecahedral piece of a hypersphere.
The spherical dodecahedra fit together snugly because their edge angles are exactly 120·.
In the construction of the Poincar´e dodecahedral space the dodecahedron's 30 edges come
together in ten groups of three edges each, forcing the dihedral angles to be 120· and re-
quiring a spherical dodecahedron rather than a Euclidean one. Software for visualising
spherical dodecahedra and the Poincar´e dodecahedral space is available for free download

Is the universe a dodecahedron? (ref: ) , 8 October 2003

The standard model of cosmology predicts that the universe is infinite and flat. However, cosmologists in France and the US are now suggesting that space could be finite and shaped like a dodecahedron instead. They claim that a universe with the same shape as the twelve-sided polygon can explain measurements of the cosmic microwave background - the radiation left over from the big bang - that spaces with more mundane shapes cannot (J-P Luminet et al. 2003 Nature 425 593).

The cosmic microwave background provides a picture of the universe as it was some 400 000 years after the big bang. By this time the universe had cooled down enough for atoms to form, which meant that there were no longer any free electrons to scatter the photons produced in the early universe. Any variations or anisotropy in the temperature of the background radiation therefore reflect variations in the density of the universe at this time.

These temperature fluctuations can be expressed as a sum of spherical harmonics, and astrophysicists plot the relative strength of these harmonics as a function of angle. The height and positions of the peaks in this so-called 'power spectrum' are related to basic astrophysical properties of the universe.

Click to enlarge
Figure 1

Data from the first year of the WMAP satellite - unveiled in February - agreed with the predictions of the standard big bang plus inflation model of cosmology for regions of space separated by small angles. However, on larger angular scales - greater than 60 - the WMAP observations were significantly lower than this model predicted (figure 1).
Click to enlarge
Figure 2

Jean-Pierre Luminet of the Observatoire de Paris and colleagues believe that the finite size of the universe itself is responsible for this behaviour. Moreover, they show that the predictions of a model in which space consists of 12 curved pentagons joined together in a sphere agrees with the WMAP observations (figure 2). Their 'small', closed universe should be about 30 billion light years across.

"Our work really addresses this ancient question of whether the universe is finite or infinite," team member Jeff Weeks, a freelance mathematician based in New York, told PhysicsWeb. "The exciting point is that this is no longer pure speculation - we now have real data."

The team says that its result, if confirmed, will have implications for theories and models of quantum gravity, inflation and the big bang itself. However, the model needs to be tested further by studying the microwave background at larger angles using more data from WMAP and the Planck Surveyor, which is due to be launched later this decade.

Belle Dumé is Science Writer at PhysicsWeb

related:: Dodecahedral space topology as an explanation for weak wide-angle temperature correlations in the cosmic microwave background, by JEAN-PIERRE LUMINET1, JEFFREY R. WEEKS2, ALAIN RIAZUELO3, ROLAND LEHOUCQ1,3 & JEAN-PHILIPPE UZAN4, J.R.W. ( Article appeared in the 9 October issue of Nature (2003). The Nature version is available from



Specifically - the danger is that we: 1 - fail to understand that the source of the electrical inertia is directly debited from the coherence of the local gravity field .. and 2 - fail to understand how mechanically tapping this wormhole thru to the superluminal implosively - radically causes nausea and penalty to the local EMOTIONAL FIELD.

It is these aspects we discuss in this article.

As more and more of these devices are invented - the American lead CIA cartel to hide them under the sick cloak of national security becomes visibly absurd, feeble and misguided. In the same way the US Feds wasted countless billions of US Funds creating schizophrenia in the US populace by hiding the Extra Terrestrial Presence (the NSA Budget) - now the fear mongers in Washington will soon lose the stupid battle to make secret the non-linear energy technologies as other governments get involved.

I thought it was particularly hilarous (funny) the day the FBI came to put Adam Trombley in prison for threatening national security by releasing his oversimple faraday disk - Depalma - like non-linear Energy Device (crude as it was). The funny sick pie that hit the US Feds in the face - was he was able to prove he got an INTERNATIONAL PATENT the day before the US fear monger feds declared his (rather feeble - because incomplete) invention a top military secret and threat to national security. This is typical of the intelligence of the US state. So Adam was spared prison - for working to invent a solution to energy crises.

The issue ultimately is that powerful tools cannot be hidden from the children - the ONLY possible course is to properly EDUCATE the children to use them. Using the gravity field of the Earth as a SOURCE of electrical energy poses HUGE risks. (Take Atlantis sinking for example) - BUT the only thing we can do is create education.

THAT is the purpose of this article.


Let us review the PRINCIPLES in essence:

1. What does it mean to COHERE the VACUUM ('Zero Point' energy access)?

A: When circuits are arranged in proper feedback to recursion - a self-similar acceleration path for charge thru the speed of light- creates a wormhole in the vacuum - literally like pulling the plug in a bathtub to allow a way out (thru light speed) for charge. The resultant wind of charge is the compression of charge thus turned in to ACCELERATION OF CHARGE - is called gravity.. (and explains why self-similarity is the predictor of gravity stability- something new to physics). If the symmetry is sustainable ( perfected by Golden Ratio) - the sustained attraction of charge thru that wormhole creates LIFE FORCE ( ) and simultaneous a potentially huge SOURCE OF ENERGY - (NOT infinite tho- because limited by the COHERENCE of the gravity field itself! ) .

2. Great - so than why not go ahead a build huge numbers of these implosion generators and elminate fossil fuels and become the master (borg?) race?

A: This is the tricky part - Do you remember the TV commercial where they said: "It's not NICE to fool Mother Nature!"

It turns out that all of biology was built to harness this energy cascade thru light speed we call life force - and doing it with only mechanical machines poses REAL AND IMMEDIATE HAZARDS.

3. Explain these hazards in simple terms:

A: First - let's state the evidence - as a speaker at dozens of international conferences on non-linear energy technologies - I can state with confidence... that each of these example devices..

a) the simple caddeceus coils..

b) the Neuman device

c) the "Pod Mod"

d) T Henry Moray - crystal oscillator etc..

and surely many others ..

would EACH as they began to begin producing electricity from gravity - ALSO dramatically produce of strong feeling a nausea and illness - in people around (particularly anyone with shamanic skills).


The reason that purely mechanical implosion / gravity energy devices sicken people with senstive DNA is very instructive to study. Remember DNA was designed as a compression / acceleration device for charge - thus permitting the information holy communion we call DEATH and dreaming. DNA accomplishes this by self-similarity in design to perfect the compression of charge in to acceleration .. This accounts for one of the main functions of DNA in the metabolism among stars - that is - the fabrication of gravity. (6 pics)

ABOVE-and BELOW - DNA's PHI / Dodeca top down view..

So the genes are always in the process of sliding biological charge down this superluminal holy communioning tornado where only the shareable survive. (Note that the path is an "L" shape - why those able are called "The "El's".) This is how DNA so efficiently compresses and summarizes survival wisdom over millions of years ( and why death is the immortalizing process of sorting which memories are able to compress / accelerate and therefore ABLE TO BE SHARED / able to be immortal.)

SOUL IS SPIN DENSITY. Those who by stubbornly choosing electrical emotions which are in fact NOT SHAREABLE - gradually lose their souls (this compression tornado thru light speed up DNA's central zipper). The mechanical ways in which this loss of ensoulment (called NEPHILIM - means 'fallen' or DNA not able to implode/ or absorb PASSION) is measured include:

a) loss of UltraViolet coherent light radiance around healthy DNA

b) loss of ability to lucid dream

c) loss of ability to bring memory thru death

d) inability to time travel without embarassing heavy metal craft

e) loss of the ability to radiate thymus charge to initiate immune system health in babies


Now - let us get back to WHY the zero point or implosion energy devices causes en-souled or simply passionate - kinds of people to feel emotionally sick .

Le us deal with the danger of turning this insight (Winter call's PhiRICAIS - Phi Recursion Induced Charge Implosion Solution - ) into the obvious mechanical electrical implosion device which ends fossil fuel dependancy. This is because of fact that nature designed it that only structures which embed biological intent should accelerate charge thru the speed of light (producing gravity from voltage and the inverse) - since this is the radio station which determines the successful holy communion / information sharing / compression summation / pure intention testing - at the coeur of all DNA. (Why non-linear - formerly erroneously called 'FREE'- energy devices make sensitive people sick.) Winter contends that the dozens of these devices which have already been suppressed by the American military - cannot be used responsibly until a massive re-education about human bliss can show us the only sustainable biological access to this energy source.(See curriculum - showing that since BLISS/ enlightenment/measureable charge density in biology - is the ultimate form of education and the only source of immune system / ensoulment / and biological immortality/sustainability - and therefore the only agreeable purpose to having government - and finally articulates a scientific hygiene to make bliss sustainable- which replaces the disempowering personality/miracle worship of religion).

Gradually, Winter predicts - we will take responsibility for the fact that DNA's PHI based fractality - explains that successful genes are a device designed to MAKE GRAVITY (by successful compression that becomes acceleration). And that this ability is key to creating an electrical hygiene (environment) for successful dying. (no discontinuity of memory / the projective geometry of charge). see

Below thanks to Frank, Heart Coherence Team - from -- Preliminary (related to earlier: heterofi, Heterodyning and Powers of Phi ,Rick Anderson )

(PHI / Golden Ratio produces - compression among waves) Mathematical Proof of Coherence / Still Point / Perfect Implosion etc.

The ONLY way waves can fit together without cancelling eachother out, AND
yet create a Still Point ("low entropy", least energy leak - a Yogi would say, the
three guna's are perfectly balanced) together is through perfect heterodyning,
meaning: PERFECT Phase Criterium, plus PERFECT wave ratio by Golden Mean.
This is NOT "like a laser beam" and also it has NOTHING to do with "resonance"
or "interference". Moreover, these waves are not interacting whatsoever, rather
selected to take part in the Cosmic drama, if they find a way to live among one
another, by perfectly embedding / implying eachother.

Below a - very preliminairy - computer example showing three times exactly
the same experiment: 12 waves heterodyning (mathematically done by multiplying
amplitudes, is standard procedure e.g. in radio technology, for creating so called
"side-bands"). The only difference is the geometric ratio, (i.e. not arithmetic)
creating a series, in this example a cascade of 12 waves.

The red plots are simply all the "parent" waves together, the grey plots above
show for each set the composed heterodyne. The scale and everything else in the
plots is the same. The Golden Mean heterodyne shows an amazingly flat signal.
The ratios in the upper and lower figures are only plus or minus .1 different from
Golden Mean, resulting in a visibly higher entropy in the composed heterodyne.
Including more (higher) harmonics is expected to render a perfectly flat heterodyne.

[above graphs are slighly obsolete, as probably the scaling was tweaked - however the packing of wave power in
single spikes is clearly seen (more below)]


Heart Coherence Team
Jan. 15, 2003


Phi - The Creative Ratio

A heterodyne composed of 7 waves, having a choosen harmonic (geometric) ratio, was sampled over a total of 3000 samples. To obtain a fair result, the sample lenght << shortest wave and total duration >> longest wave. This was repeated for 200 different ratio's, varying from 1.518 to 1.718. The plot shows for each ratio the integral, preserved wave power of the resulting heterodyne, by a vertical blue line (by taking the sumtotal of the absolute value of all samples at a certain ratio). The scale is relative and linear. It is seen that the Golden Mean Ratio is the only place in the entire harmonic spectrum with an increased wave power preservation. Also outside this small range, this minute peak is nevermore repeated (apart from it's inverse), showing that the Golden Mean Ratio is naturally the optimal ratio for least-destructive heterodyning.

Below example employs the proper phase discipline:

If a random phase-offset is applied to the composing waves, this does not affect the result throughout the spectrum, but surprisingly the range around Golden Mean Ratio is disturbed, possibly even into increased destructive heterodying. In below examples and inserts, a phase- offset for every wave is applied already before the sampling, so that it is the same for all ratio's:

Heart Coherence Team Feb. 16, 2003


Phi Harmonics - packing wave power in spikes

Golden Mean heterodyning compresses the resulting wave power in single spikes, leaving the rest of the heterodyne relatively still. Below example includes only 11 harmonics. More and more lower and higher harmonics may only result in excessively higher spikes, ultimately resulting in one single Dirac pulse. Golden Mean heterodyning forms the only harmonic / recursive set creating, or respectively contained inside, a single pulse. At the same time, the traditional spectral decomposition of the Dirac pulse renders all possible frequencies together, meaning the entire Universe is theoretically described by one single Golden Mean harmonic set.

At Phi ratio - wave power increasingly contained inside single spikes, leaving the rest of the signal relatively still. The heterodyne (grey) is the 1:1 result of the set below (red), though the scaling was adjusted.


Slightly off-Phi, the wave power gets quickly distributed in time.


Heart Coherence Team Feb. 16, 2003



Arithmetic waves adding up

perfect cascade, the peeks occur at the same rate as the ground wave


same set, but slightly off-arihmatic, the peak strength rapidly decreases


if the two lower waves are taken out, still the higher frequencies add up to
form the low-rate peak. note that the HT spectrum indeed does not show
the lower two frequencies, but this may result from the FFT algorithm

compare Heart Tuner samples below




Heart Tuner samples showing smooth frequency distribution.

This result was obtained by measuring during deep breath retaining, in
and out respectively.



Fourier decomposition of heterodyned harmonics
It is seen that the arithmetic (power) definition of the composed wave is altogether different from the
heterodyned original, in most cases containing a far greater number of sine waves (see table below):

Fourier analysis of Phi-harmonic heterodyne

number of harmonics

number of arithmetics


















± 72


± 116


± 188


± 308


± 496

Note - some inaccuracy due to software fft. The linear Fourier
of a perfect golden mean heterodyne shows that the total number
of linear waves increases by Phi ratio per single added harmonic
(notably unlike example using wrong phase discipline..). Is this a clue
to biology's phylotaxis (branching algoritm)? - or generally, WHY
golden mean ratio propagates into linear physics?