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(Real Grail Questing!) - Fractal Energy & DNA:The REAL Holy GRAIL of Science... AND Spirit ?

a gentle intro to "A Fractal Science of Spirituality"

plus an amazing last minute invite to our South France GRAIL QUEST Conference !

Implosion Group (originally by Dan Winter) newsletter June 4, 07 Main Index: 1 Million hits/month average in 06, Our film library..- Language Index- English, French, Spanish, German, Italian , - SiteSearch , DVD's/Books - Course Calendar - Films Online - HeartTuner/BlissTuner - Origin Alphabets Physics - Stellar Purpose/History of DNA Newest Compleat 400 Image Implosion Powerpoint! - Fractality Causes Charge to ACCELERATE! - Since all biologic growth is limited by ability to absorb energy it is self evident the best way to compress that in to nourish biology is FRACTAL! Recursive Feedback=Self Awareness=Fractality. 100 Years of Writing Field Equations, has physics yet investigated whether the same fractal field that causes gravity could also most nourish DNA

The REAL Grail Quest: Even for black holes in the galactic core - if it's wave symmetry (charge / electric field?) is heterodyne phase conjugate - which becomes visible / measurable as fractality - then it is someBODY's blood.

Hi - we are in Glastonbury - GRAIL Questing.. The Avalon Rising Conference at the Sunrise Celebration has been fabulous. So many have been excited by understanding the REAL science connecting the science of becoming FRACTAL and the REAL Grail in the Blood- as revealed by the very NATURE of BLISS / and Peak Experience. The major part of this newsletter- is a simplified pictorial intro - for wider sharing. You can read more also in our NEW magazine article below - from the Avalon Rising Magazine. & There is STILL time to join us here for the Saturday June 9 full day seminar..(Poster below)-

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Next Below- Reprint from the Magazine Article

June 9 - Glastonbury : Full Day Grail and Avalon Spirit and Science Seminar- Info email -, Green 07899 727 467 ,
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-- now - back to the gentle magazine article intro....

+Infinite Compression: Key to the Holy Grail of Physics ... and the Electrical Caducceus of LIFE ??

Suppose science KNEW the electrical shape (or symmetry) for concentrating LIFE FORCE in general!

IF we knew - then we could: make rain... make peace ... make matter from energy .... make the gravity to restore atmosphere..

In this article - we suggest that we DO in fact know that shape or symmetry to make charge or electromagnetic energy COMPRESS so perfectly that matter is fused from charge, and stability (peace) is 'precipitated' among waves. ( )

The foundation stone for Steiner was a dodecahedron. That same pent dodeca shape is the symmetry of - palladium key to fusion - Poincare's S3 'gravity' symmetry - AND essentially- DNA - EarthGrid and Zodiac - AND the latest model of the Universe! If we look inside the nested pentagrams of the nest of dodeca - the most important thing we find is GOLDEN RATIO.

In order to examine how PERFECT COMPRESSION is the 'Holy Grail' of science - let us first apply an example which is very practical. Suppose you had a continent (Australia?) - which was dying from lack of rain. We know there are certain land formations which inherently ATTRACT rain. Sometimes meteorologists say it is the wind pattern AROUND the mountain (say Wullumbin?) - which attracts rain. But how often do we consider the electric field made by the rock - of the mountain- as the rain attractor.

In order to understand how an electric field causes water vapor to form a droplet - consider how cloud seeding works. The silver iodide has a crystalline structure similar to that of ice. THAT makes a capacitive field which teaches water molecules how to touch each other 'non-destructively' (bonding is phase locking). THIS is called 'precipitation'. If you read our article on rainmaking in Australia ( ) - you see many examples of stone structures ( paramagnetic stone circles, labyrinths ) on the land making the same kind of charge field ( implosive compression) AND attracting rain. The Australian (and global ) mistake of building metal buildings and roofs, and square metal grid cities, power lines - ONLY causes the rain to go away. (Would you want to touch in a place that feels like metal- THAT is un-fractal. Learn below what defines a living material: a phase conjugate or fractal - dielectric field. - more: ). In summary - the kind of material which attracts rain - and concentrates life force - is precisely the pent - goldenratio principle of the dodecahedron. Could this FIVE SIDED- and Golden Ratio based shape - of essentially EVERY LIVING PROTEIN - be a clue to the Holy Grail itself?

Einstein died with his dream for a Unified Field physics incomplete. That so called "Holy Grail" of physics - required in his terms the understanding of how the "INFINITE NON-DESTRUCTIVE COMPESSION" of energy (or electric charge) could produce GRAVITY. Today of course - physics is quite clear that the only shape or geometry or symmetry which allows perfect or infinite compression is FRACTAL. Perhaps if Einstein had known what a fractal was- our world would be quite a different place today.

Perfect compression is obviously the key to computer evolution - and when you think about it - probably biological evolution. If energy could get perfectly compressed then information density would also be infinite - and THAT - produces SURVIVAL. This is as true for DNA as it is for your favorite computer development. So in the process of looking for perfect compression to make gravity and physic's holy grail - we may also be on the trail of the biologic energy secret of LIFE ITSELF?? What a grail quest! Perhaps the 'siege perilous' is the moment you biology teacher sits you in a poisonously NON-Fractal aluminum and steel building - plugs in dozens on very non-fractal transformers and electrosmog - and tells you NOW STUDY LIFE! All the while that teacher has been providing the an ENVIRONMENT - poisonous to all life - and since energy compression is the pure physics principle of LEARNING - that enviornment PREVENTS YOU from absorbing INFORMATION!

So- if we are right about FRACTAL FIELD science - we may have to re-invent - environmental science, architecture, life sciences and a few other minor things like agriculture along the way. Guess this might indeed be a perilous siege.

In order to apply the insight that FRACTALITY is the solution to the holy grail of physics- the unified field - obviously we need to know what a FRACTAL FIELD would look like. Remember that if Einstein was right here - then FRACTALITY is the solution to creating ELECTRICITY or getting charge - from gravity - and vice-versa.

One of the first problems we have when looking for the shape of a FRACTAL FIELD - since obviously electric of charge fields are not completely flat - is that we now are faced with the question - what does a 3 dimensional fractal look like. Mandelbrot and others have shown us mostly the flatland versions.

The principle of fractality - which produces the capability to be infinitely compressed - is something called SELF-SIMILARITY. Self-similarity refers to the property of something like a ROSE or an ONION - or even a FERN where you could zoom or focus in toward the center- and keep seeing THE SAME SHAPE INSIDE - as you saw OUTSIDE. So - in a simple sense - the ROSE itself is a relatively good model of perfect compression. It is sweet how perfect love - perfect compression - perfect SQUEEZING - perfect TOUCHING are all correctly symbolized by a rose.

But actually a rose itself is not perfectly 3 dimensional in it's fractality in the sense that the SIDE view does not zoom in - the same as the front view. HOWEVER - we can get a clue from the geometric principle upon which the ROSE -and in fact - all of biology is based. THAT principle is something call PHYLOTAXIS - which is named for and based upon something called the GOLDEN MEAN RATIO.

Much has been said usefully about the Golden Mean. We see that it has always symbolized perfect beauty, perfect proportion, AND perfect TOUCHING. From a pure wave science perspective- the Golden Mean allows the MOST number of waves to touch ( or COMPRESS!) because it allows waves to converge CONSTRUCTIVELTY. Getting waves together in the most CONSTRUCTIVE way for FUSION ( and GRAVITY and MAKING LIFE) requires that the meeting place for those waves allows ALL WAVE INTERFERENCE TO BE CONSTRUCTIVE. The Golden Mean - or Sacred Cut - or Divine Proportion - solves this problem because it allows waves to get married, and have children - who never fight. By this we mean - it allows waves to BOTH ADD and MULTIPLY when they interfere. This process of allowing repeated adding or mulitplying of wave interference is called CONJUGATION. You know - when you make love - because the possibilities in your DNA - both add and multiply - repeatedly - or recursively - this is called CONJUGAL relations.

The Golden Mean ratio is key to the physics of things like COLD FUSION. This is because heat is only a name for destructive wave interference. Allowing waves to fuse or lock together without heat - requires they both add and multiply constructively when they interfere. We should add that this recursive or repeated interfering of waves to produce children - is called heterodyning. In short - clearly - the only perfect wave interference in both 2 dimensions - or in fact N (or infinite dimensions- here meaning rotational axes of symmetry) is based on GOLDEN MEAN.

So now we have decided that finding the 3 dimensional fractal based on Golden Mean ratio is the solution to Physics Holy Grail, to Fusion, and to Life Itself. Let's not be daunted in our perilous siege the to grail castle.

If we extend Golden Mean ratio in 2 dimensions - we get stars within stars: nested pentagrams.

We are probably getting close here - since - in simply terms- ALL living proteins are FIVE SIDED or pent.

Notice we can also extend recursively by golden ratio - the edges of the only 3 dimension five sided figure - the pentagonal dodecahedron.

This 3 dimensional recursive nesting by Golden Ratio - we call the STAR MOTHER (see our kit: ) - because we believe this geometry is the mother of gravity AND of stars. (It was called 'the Greater Maze' in Theosophy).

This perfected compression of energy - becomes the perfected DISTRIBUTION of energy which produces LIFE!

Above- see how if you enter stillness at the wave node of a fractal- than an infinite amount of charge / energy / spirit can be breathed thru you, will zero waste of inertia. This is the secret of life. That perfected distribution BECAUSE of zero storage- is not just the foundation of abundance in economics - but ALSO the electrical (fractal) symmetry of LIFE!

The top down view of this model - shows beautifully how Golden Ratio fits on a fractal.

This same dodecahedron / pent / golden ratio nest - symmetry - ALSO produces the top down view (and much of the principle) of DNA!

In fact - according to many sources DNA (as well as all biological branching or nesting) is built ENTIRELY around the Golden Proportion.

Notice how by animating or zooming in to the Golden Ratio path of energy in to DNA - we get perfect visuals of what is literally the GRAIL!

See how the wave path into the GRAIL of fractality - produces the Caducceus made of Golden Spirals - symbol of Hermes, DNA and Medicine:

We teach that the Holy Grail IS in fact in the blood - and that the REASON the Grail mysteries (like Holy Blood, Holy Grail - and DaVinci Code) all center on PENT or 5-sided pictures- is because these GOLDEN RATIO shapes produce NON-Destructive compression of energy - and LIFE FORCE- which ignites or fires up DNA. ( many animations and explanations of the SCIENCE of Grail at )

But - our siege perilous into the center of the grail (presumeably in the electrical center of DNA and soul?) - is not complete without some more real science. So let's get back to the physics here.

In that regard, let us notice that this same symmetry - we have been appreciating - (stellating or nesting the dodecahedron / icosahedron - infinitely) - apparently - is the actual model of not just DNA - but also the geometry of the S3+ symmetry group used by Poincare - to MODEL GRAVITY! (discussion : ) Our experiment to prove that this fractal self similarity of charge is the CAUSE of gravity is described at This would help because up til now - physics does not know why an object falls to the ground. This is a problem - because when things like planets lose atmosphere - it is mostly because we don't know that fixing the long magnetic lines into FRACTALS would fix the gravity and therefore the atmosphere.

The implosive or infinite constructive charge collapse allowed by Golden Ratio in 3D (stellated dodeca) clearly suggests the principle of BLACK HOLE ACCESS or fusion- called KHEM in alKHEMy and KHEMistry. Could this successful INFINITE COLLAPSE which Einstein sought unsuccessfully - indeed be the electrical connection to GRAVITY! (literally the Holy Grail of Physics).

We see that the planetary orbit ratios ARE based on Golden Ratio ( ) - why else would planets use Golden Ratio if not to stabilize GRAVITY ( charge collapse)?

(physics links: Moon's model of nucleus, 21st Century Magazine at )

See above - how the platonic nature of the nuclear nest is FRACTAL or SELF SIMILAR to the platonic nature of the electrons nest. The RESULT (fractal charge compression) produces the gravity which holds atoms together . The science is - charge compression in Golden Ratio adds and multiplies constructively the PHASE VELOCITIES producing charge acceleration - out of compression. This IS gravity.

This dodecahedral symmetry (which was also Steiner's 'foundation stone') is apparently also the symmetry of palladium -the key to cold fusion. (link above).

So - this was our key to gravity and physics - 'grail' - how do we apply this - first to life force - key to healing, and then to energy (running cars and things)?

To understand the fractal electric principle behind most healing - lets us consider: 1. Redox, and 2. Negative Ions. Bioelectronics has found that measuring REDOX POTENTIAL - predicts the ability of all biologic liquids to support LIFE! Here is a chart showing how - for example CANCER is going to happen - if your cell water does not have REDOX:

(biologic terrain anlysis - means the living water is defined by resistance, ph and redox - this is a 3D chart of those measures- pic on right. X axis =acidity/ph, Y axis = electrical resistance, and Z axis = redox potential / fractality. On the left note how delivering a voltage in Golden Ratio caducceus reduces pain because it causes sorting in to fractality - here the Scenar device.)

Simply put - Redox or Oxidation Reduction Potential - or 'electron availability to REACT' is simply a measure of electrical fractality in LIQUID! SO- the redox lesson is simply another example of our favorite saying: GET FRACTAL or GET DEAD! See that alkaline blood with the right Ph is one of the key 3 dimensions which define that ability to support life.

Now- let's look at the negative ion - as fractal - story of healing: Consider the Cell Care therapy. Here - negative ion wind - eliminates powerfully eliminates infection and inflammation. (pic below)

A negative ion - is essentially a BLACK HOLE for charge or energy! So it is essentially a little fractal.

This negative ion wind - charge field that eliminates infection and inflammation STOPS WORKING if you are in an enviornment which is NOT FRACTAL. This means - NO METAL- and only biologic source materials.

Defining what is a biologic source material - to produce energy compression - in - to healing, allows us now to invent architecture. Living spaces are fractal capacitors. The wonderful healing - and breathing of energy in to living spaces - is achieved if the building material is fractal:

The physics principle - is that PHASE CONJUGATE dielectrics- focus energy like a lens. Every molecule that gets to be part of life - gets pushed towards this FRACTALITY. So when we choose ORGANIC MATERIALS -( phase conjugate dielectric material) - we are allowing the buildings to compress- then radiate and breathe the energy of life.

- As we advance in the physics - we begin to see that this same PHASE CONJUGATION - electrically - is the DEFINITION OF PERCEPTION! ref: ; Also this reveals a radical new physics of color: .

So- we are redefining the sacred as the place where energy can converge in a fractal. Sacred buildings have living curvation (charge compression) and ' fractally ' along energy lines. This is our new science of biologic architecture: film and materials at -

(Refining sacred space- electrically - the place of fractal constructive charge compression).

For healing and life force - let us take a different view - than your biology teacher who was probably seated in his aluminum / metal tomb of a building apparently thinking DNA does not CARE what electric field causes it to grow. Study of the electric field most able to help DNA grow - proves that biology teacher wrong. Seeds grow better in dielectric containers than in things like aluminum or steel.

We can see this (fractal principle) applied to health as well. Medical literature has proven that something called HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS (in your heart) predicts how well you will survive most ANY disease ( ). Getting the MOST number of harmonics into your heart ( or ANY living thing) is essentially our same issue - constructive compression or fractality (solved by Golden Mean ). In fact - medical science - has finally concluded: "The Healthy Heart is a FRACTAL Heart".

We have applied this to teaching fractality - in heart and brain biofeedback with my invention HeartTuner /BlissTuner.

Essentially - we teach people how to maximize harmonic inclusion and COHERENCE in the Heart and Brain - to produce COHERENT emotion and in fact BLISS! Particularly of note- the way Golden Ratio (phase conjugation / self similarity / charge compression) is used to teach PEAK PERCEPTION / PEAK EXPERIENCE in brainwaves.

So bliss is the moment when you get fractal in your whole body - and this sucks in CHARGE- called enlightenment. We now know that peak perception - and peak experience - are the acquisition of charge - allowed when you get fractal. This makes bliss teachable as science. We wrote a whole book for kids - to teach the biologic necessity - even to keep an immune system - of acheiving BLISS or PEAK EXPERIENCE. The book: "Implosion: Secret Science of Ecstasy and Immortality"

We discuss how problems like Attention Deficit and Addiction are solved when we teach the pure electric acheivement of fractality - based on Golden Mean ratio in Brainwaves. We relate that to designing a HYGIENE for a life which produces BLISS / peak experience. This involves - attracting charge / energy in yoga/ movement, in diet (live food) and in enviornment (physics of feng shui etc.).

This article is just a short intro to the science of FRACTAL FIELDS. In the original paper ( ) - we apply this also for example to - the SCIENCE of TEACHING PEACEMAKING. We show that peace can literally be created - in brainwaves, in the heart, in your property, between nations, etc - all by restoring the shape of energy to look like a rose. Dr. Callahan actually showed you can predict where war vs. peace are going to break out - just by measuring where the land has gained or lost the FRACALITY which gives magnetism PERMISSION TO TOUCH. The physics measure is called magnetic flux permittivity- which simply means that village A and village B are more likely to fight if magnetism can't TOUCH between them like the petals of a rose! This became the curriculum for our international PEACE UNIVERSITY ( ). Peace is a name for the energy centering force which fractality produces!

In summary - please join us in sharing the science and the research to teach the holy grail in science and in the blood. Energy woven like a rose into FRACTALITY concentrates LIFE FORCE - and ignites your DNA- with the only sustainability- the real inner fire! ( Dan Winter -calendar- : )