Grace tells us about her Spiritual Story..

From the poetic pen of Grace..from the burning fountain of mystical and bliss experience...

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Within the deepest suffering lies the seed of bliss.
........Within the darkest darkness is found the brightest light.

There is such great suffering upon this planet ~ therefore the potential for bliss is equally available. Between the interplay of dark and light there is a doorway, a threshold between worlds we must cross to find our way home back to the sun, back to the Source, back to the One we are and have always been before we dreamed a strange dream of being separate.
My heart aches for the suffering I feel in this world. I long for nothing more in this life than to ease this suffering. It is for this purpose that I offer myself. I feel the cries of humanity, I feel the cry of the earth. All of creation is crying to awaken to its true nature as infinite love and arise from the dream of separation and suffering.
We are at the dawn of this awakening ~ the last hours of the dark night are fast fading...


Once, some years ago, I journeyed through the sun...

It was at the end of 20 days of fasting that I laid upon a remote beach on the Big Island of Hawaii and gazing up into the hot Hawaiian sun at mid-day, my eyes did not burn, nor my skin, but rather I saw a cool, dark center, which resembled a doorway or an opening to a tunnel. Closing my eyes, I disappeared slipping from my body, I journeyed through this doorway and traversed a pathway that led me through suns beyond suns back to the Source. Here I was instructed on the nature of Reality ~ and in fact, the unreality of what is perceived as reality. Beyond the mind's perception, beyond all thought, beyond all sense of separate identity, I dissolved back into the One Being.
Merged into the One, which is an indescribable immensity of Love, I returned back to my body with the exquisitely simple innocence of a newborn baby. No thoughts, no mindonly being purest love. The truth of existence is this love, and our only purpose for being is to Be That , fully realized. The One formless pure consciousness awake to itself in form Love incarnate.

Beyond all dogma and religion, concepts and ideologies, the pure principle of Christ is Love fully realized, fully incarnated.
From the stars to the stones; from the vast whirling galaxies down into the soft, spiraling, unfolding petals of a rose, the pure principle of Love is being realized. The One Being is Realizing Itself.
When love is fully realized, God is fully realized in man. This is the experience of Bliss.
Suffering is separation from love. Bliss is union with loveto Be That which is in Truth the only reality.

The pathway Home is through the sun, and the sun is within us, which is the heart.
The journey through the sun back to Source is a journey through the heart back to love.
It is one and the same.
In my work as a healer and teacher, I offer myself as a guide back into the heart and back into the sun. For most of humanity the door of the heart is closed by pain, fear and a myriad of unfelt feelings that arise from the experience of separation. The only way to be free of suffering is to meet all that lives within the heart with compassion and acceptance. To meet it and embrace it as it is. This meeting is a meeting of consciousness with unconsciousness, of light with darkness, of love with fear. In this meeting lies the mystery of incarnation and alchemical transfiguration. Literally the Christ is resurrected from the dark tomb of unconsciousness. Love is realized.


This world is a dream ~ a play of conciousness ~ an exquisitely intricate interplay of light and shadow. What exists is pure consciousness; the One Being ever longing to know Itself through this interplay.
I remember even as a child very often feeling I was in a dream and that whoever was looking out through these eyes was looking from beyond the dream, from a place that was very still, very quiet, very awake. But there was some gap, some chasm that separated the dream from the dreamer ~ and from this sense of separation there arose great longing to be one with that which I knew I was, but could not quite touch. This sense of separation from the truth of who we are is the root of all suffering.
As the years of my childhood moved on into adolescence the perception of suffering in
Myself and in the world around me increased. It became an unbearable agony from which I was ever seeking to find relief. Sometimes I wanted to die. I seriously considered taking my life. But instead I found my way to the wilderness. I was fortunate to live in an area of California that was surrounded by vast wilderness. I began to go for days and sometimes weeks at a time into the wilderness, alone, with a backpack, wandering all over the mountains and valleys. This saved my life. Sitting beside a fire each night, under the stars, alone and quiet, I found peace. I could go on. In the silence and solitude of nature I could touch a greater reality and feel my place in the order of the universe.
Usually when I went into the wilderness I ate very little as I had to carry everything on my back, and eventually I began exploring fasting. Fasting opened me up to a far wider awareness and around this time was when I began to have Essene memories. As ancient Essenes we often went into the desert wilderness and fasted. This was a means to purify body and mind and also to open to transcendent states of consciousness. It was at this Time that I began to have the first glimmers of mystical union.
Sometimes I would experience what seemed like my consciousness turning inside out, or imploding, and rather than my being a small body inside of a vast universe, I would be the universe and everything was inside of my body.
Then in the winter of 1986, I was graced by an experience that was to completely change my life.

I was making a journey from Mt.Shasta in northern California to the Ojai Valley in the south. Midway I stopped along the beautiful central coast of Big Sur to stay the night. Here I camped on a secluded cliff above the ocean. Sometime in the night I was awakened by what seemed like a bright light shining upon my face. But when I opened my eyes there was no one there, only the clear, vast canopy of stars blazing brilliantly in the cold winter night sky. Just above me I recognized that star I had always loved the most, Sirius, shining like a jewel against the dark velvet night. How many nights when I was an adolescent walking alone in the southern desert had I walked beneath this star and felt comforted by its familiar presence. Now, this night in Big Sur beside the sea, I once more communed with my old friend. But something happened this night that was beyond anything experienced before in this life. As I lay gazing into the heavens, I began to feel there was a certain quality of presence that emanated from this star. It was asif the light was speaking to me, not with words or thoughts, but with a far more direct language of being. It felt as if my body was expanding and the cells were moving apart until there were vast distances of space between each cell. All sense of "me"disappeared ~ and what remained was an indescribably blissful state of Being All That Is ~ all of creation and the creator all at once, of this world and all worlds and beyond. One Being,
and this Being was Infinite Love. A love not of this world, yet creating and sustaining this world; a love so beyond all concepts of love; a love that is utterly and blissfully Home.
Time ceased to exist ~ all was eternally now ~ an immensity of Being One beyond all duality and all constructs of time and space. This night I found what I had always been looking for, longing for, homesick for this night I came Home.

As is measured in the measure of time, twenty years have passed since that night with Sirius beside the sea. The stories are too numerous to tell what happened after that night.
Perhaps we'll meet one day and if you like I"ll tell you the stories or perhaps they will Disappear, returning as all stories must, to the ethers from which they have come.
Most importantly I must say that I tell these stories for one purpose, and that is to inspire and bring hope to a seemingly hopeless world and to all my brethren who thirst to awaken from the agonizing dream of separation and suffering that is the human experience."