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A Lifetime of devotion, longing and mystical union richly expressed thru divine writings and recordings
- are available from Grace.

To Order> US phone - 800 242 0363 ext 2699 - or email:

Price - includes shipping and handling: Audio CD's are $20 - Video DVD $22

"A Language of Light" ~ A much beloved book of Grace's mystical poetry. - > Picture -coming soon


"Grace" ~ Mystical Poetry by Grace ~ Audio CD ..with music by Michael Hammer


"The Stone of Light" ~~~Inspired by St.Francis of Assisi ~ poem-prayers by Grace and beautiful songs and music by Shalomar.
> Picture -coming soon

New Film-beautiful exerpt online.. NEW- Grace on Video DVD- NTSC or PAL Available...
- Bliss-The Experience,The Hygiene &The LOVE:with Essene Saint:Grace from Mt Shasta-
Essene teacher and Saint - Grace from Mt Shasta presents her powerful personal bliss experiences-journey into the Sun,+ into the spirit world, along with her deep Essene background and hygiene.. and LOVE -the path to Oneness. Dan Winter's intro suggests the Fractal Physics of Bliss+Ecstatic Experience ( ) is only the background for the Real Deep Personal Experience+ the Egyptian(Atun/Sun God) roots of the Essenes..Grace offers us an example of a lifestyle AND a LOVE that opens hearts to the electricity of spirit...