New Film "Essene Bliss" with GRACE + Dan Winter, -beautiful exerpt online here.

Love Realized...

"Creation exists as the expression of the One Being,
Which is Pure Consciousnes,
longing to realize Itself.

This longing, this realization
is Love..."


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Below>"I Have Come From the Sun"-
Audio meditation
(streaming .rm file) sample from "Mystical Poetry by Grace" CD - Music from Michael Hammer


 Implosion Group is blissful to Present- Grace of Mount Shasta.

-Intro here - from Dan Winter: Our Teaching has always been about the science which supports the path to immortalizing BLISS. It is important for us to present an outstanding example of a life in BLISS. What the experience is like - in personal and vivid terms, and what the hygiene and lifestyle is. And perhaps most important to present the feeling quality - the loving orientation to LIFE which makes REAL bliss sustainable. Here is what the ultimate fractal coherence of a truely SHAREABLE wave - looks like in real life.

Grace has completely immersed herself in nature- and the Essene pristine lifestyle - from her own inner guidance - since she was very young. She is part Native American. She is a recognized Essene Saint- and a true teacher of the path of bliss. Watch the film exerpt below to feel the REALITY of actual BLISS experience which allows you to see thru and enter the Sun as if it were your body. See the effect this would have on your life. Grace speaks with a coherent presence knowing what it is to trace the threads of her own BLISS moments - into the Sun- and - to trace a soul after death - and be the reality of Immortal Spirit based on compassion and love.

Her Essene personal story is also exquisitely appropriate now that the Grail and Magdalene stories have been revealed to be actually the Egyptian descendants of AkunATUN / Moses - who is founder of the Essenes. The Righteous Teacher / Priest of the Scrolls is the Egyptian son Joshua / Jeshua - later called Jesus. (see table at THE REAL GRAIL - Implosion in Blood) .

The message of LOVE - which is the REAL SYMMETRY OF FUSION
- comes directly from the Solar being.
The REAL Christos is the PHYSICS of how human hearts and the Solar Heart - teach Waves of charge to SHARE perfectly.

The quality of 'Grace' is the wave which carries the perfect fractal rose of love embedded in the perfect heart.


NEW for 2007:

July 12th through 15th will be the Second “In the Heart of the Awakened”, with Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Richard Boylan, William Henry, Grace, Erik Berglund, Frannie Hoffman, Miceal Ledwith, the recording artists Patrick Bernard and Anuradha, the duo Rasa, and Diana.- for info contact - - or call Shalomar, in California - 530 859 1740

Aug 2-6, 2007- Mount Shasta, CA - "Retreat with Grace on Mount Shasta" -
Exquisite Opportunity for Deep Healing and Renewal - be Inspired by the Majesty and Sublime Energy of Mount Shasta
- be in the loving folds of grace.. contact - - or call Shalomar, in California - 530 859 1740

July-Sept- Summer Meetings and Private Healing Sessions with Grace in Mount Shasta- please contact - - or call Shalomar, in California - 530 859 1740

Autumn in Europe: Grace will be in various places in Europe -this Autumn , including Munich - in Oct.
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April - We are planning a magical dolphin retreat in Hawaii - if you are interested - do contact us ..

Messages with Grace from Mount Shasta CA. "Within every heart there is a yearning...for love. To know love is to know oneself; to return to our original innocence and to remember our oneness with All-That-Is." In this retreat, Grace will reveal the wholeness, oneness, and love that is in all of us. Through the teaching and guidance of Grace, we will heal our hearts. Closed bodies and minds will be opened. Separation and suffering will be transformed to love and light. This retreat is a return to our true nature, to why we are here in this world, "To love... to play... to be... simple, innocent and free."

Grace is an Essene bishop, healer, poet, and love-realized mystic whose profound love for life has moved her to devote her entire life to understanding and easing the suffering of humanity. She brings a lifetime of understanding, compassion and wisdom to those she touches. Grace lives on the slopes of Mt. Shasta, California

New Film-beautiful exerpt online.
. Click here to order the full resolution DVD
- Bliss-The Experience,The Hygiene &The LOVE:with Essene Saint:Grace from Mt Shasta-
Essene teacher and Saint - Grace from Mt Shasta presents her powerful personal bliss experiences-journey into the Sun,+ into the spirit world, along with her deep Essene background and hygiene.. and LOVE -the path to Oneness. Dan Winter's intro suggests the Fractal Physics of Bliss+Ecstatic Experience ( ) is only the background for the Real Deep Personal Experience+ the Egyptian(Atun/Sun God) roots of the Essenes..Grace offers us an example of a lifestyle AND a LOVE that opens hearts to the electricity of spirit...



 Grace is a Love-realized mystic, poet, teacher and healer whose loving presence and powerful healing energy have deeply touched the lives of people all over the world.

After following a Spiritual Path of meditation and silent communion in nature since the age of 14, in 1986 while under the stars on the big Sur coast, Grace experienced direct awakening into mystical union and cosmic consciousness. From this time, her life has been passionately devoted to healing and awakening consciousness on this planet from the dream of separation and suffering into Love realization.

She is reknowned for her transcendent mystical poetry, and has for many years traveled extensively, offering healing and teaching all over the world.
From the C.D. "Grace" mystical poetry Grace -with music by Michael Hammer.

Resting in the Heart of Love

Resting in the heart of love, the mind of God
the One who is,
in peace that passes
i rest in you, my Self.

Here am I
beyond all time,
beyond the mind
that dreams the dream of otherness.

Waking, gently waking now...
hushed, in awe, o' God
in this immense silence of Being,
ah, yes, Being ...only Being

All That Is.

The thrist is gone at last, my God,
like water thirsting for water, i realize I'am that.
As light seeking everywhere for illumination,
i remember I'am that.

I'am humbled in this simplicity,
turned inward to this stillness,
motionless, journeying not,
i touch all worlds, the furthest stars,
in a breath of surrender
as i remember

I'am That.

The dream dissolves gently now,
and I who have slept not
waits in perfect love beyond the dream.

I'am Here, as have I always been...
I 'am that One beyond your dream of being other.

Hush, My love, My waking child,
be still, think not,
but feel, My love...
melt, My love, into yourself,
into that Home you have so sought.

I'am Here,

inside your breath, inside your tears,
inside your fervant longings
for a peace you could not find,
a love beyond all time,
that is here, just here,
beyond your seeking,
awaiting your surrender
of an illusion held in your dreaming mind.

Be soft, My love,

wake softly now in My loving arms
that you have never left...

I've held you here whilst you slept on
and dreamed and dreamed
worlds upon worlds of illusion.

You dreamed of time
and that aeons passed since you
left My arms ~ah, but My love, it cannot be,
for not one moment passed
that you laid not here in Me.

Wake then, My love, My dreaming mind,
you've been touched by the touch
of eternity, and can no more dream in time...

~Grace -


just a profound thanks to you and Grace for the outrageous beauty of this video!
As an extention of this, I offer my poetic impressions which occured to me spontaneously after I viewed it:

Could it be the hardest thing
to accept, doorways everywhere,
all existence, golden mean
ratios permeating all, in fact the
basis of all a perfect vorticity
describing fractal heterodyne
interaction, enantiodromaic

the superluminal Sophic
fire responsible for
total presence, pure embodiment
and immanent transcendence?

Thinking about
inverted imperial
crag of nowehere-
land vespertine;

sefirothic fruit and its yield,
prophetic weal of true
hallucination, of space/time,
of delirious earth, of tremulous

enlightenment in-PHI-knit
and irreducible buddha.

Everything begins to look like
Metatron's Cube, birth, death,
cities, beliefs, stars, words;

each thought a wave to braid,
a breath to give to an angel,
each road a royal road.

The final triumph begins to resemble everybody.

(P. McCormack, June 12, 2006)

>>>Blissings to all, Patrick