Lady in the Hologram with the Mirror and the Magnifying Glass

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Take a computer animation of many little dots and you assemble those dots into a skull, and then you can animate it and spin it, but then the dots could kind of fall apart and settle down and turn into a pile of dust. The density of the optical hologram is like those dots in the computer animation.
They're little fireflies or sparks darting about. They have not quite yet remembered how to hold themselves together in such a way as to sustain flame, which is a name for biology - as oxidation the slow flame. So, the sparks in the optical cortex ...

Remember, the synapse is a description of a spark gap, right, even though Carl Pribram says there's nothing flammable in the synapse. It's really a Fourier transformer if anybody understands this... If you want to feed a tesla coil, you use a square wave because the square wave is harmonic rich. That means if you analyze the sharp edges of the squares, it takes a lot of really high frequency harmonics. The tesla coil can eat rich diet of frequencies from the square wave. So it's well fed. That's why you use a spark gap to feed a tesla coil.

The synapse is a spark gap. Here are these arriving differentiated potassium gradient waves across the membrane of the axion dendrite moving along in the insulator of the mylon sheath (which is what dissolved in "Lorenzo's Oil"). If you can't have an insulator you can't get high voltage and if you can't get high voltage or high pressure in the optical hologram the plumber knows that its going to leak. The leverage in the optical hologram to bend light is high pressure.

Anyway, here comes the wave along the axion dendrite, and all these waves arrive at this spark gap synapse. If they arrive in time, in the fractal of time, which is to say if they arrive in phase, if they "face" each other, if they phase lock, then and only then does the synapse fire. So it is an add/ summate heterodyne Fourier transform function which does the test for symmetry. Every synapse is constantly testing for shareability in the pressures it can distribute. (Memory)

QUESTION: Say that again.

It's an add, multiply Fourier heterodyne. When waves meet, they can both add and multiply. That's why the Golden Mean is the only way for the waves. That's why it's called the Golden path, the yellow-brick road be-cause it's the only path that allows waves to do what they must do, add and multiply. That's why its based on phi, phi cycles, and the pentagram. Love is literally "Lo-phi."

Waves get together, they form these hetero-dynes, they add and multiply. When they get to the synapse they're doing this test for sharability. So these are the fireflies, these are the little sparks reinforcing themselves. If you add ecstatically induced psycho activity which dopes the synapse, you lower the threshold at which the wave summation permits the firing. Super conductive flux density is psychokinesis.

There was a study done at MIT which said that if you count the rate of firing at the synapse in the high optical cortex in proportion to whether you're focusing or doing something called, technically, saccadic activity, which is shifty eyes. "Would you buy a used can from this man?" They measured the rate of the firing in the optical cortex according to whether you were focusing or shifting your eyes and they proved that, in fact, the density of the fire was greatest when you focused.

The thing is, literally, if you do not have pure intention, the physics is that you literally cannot focus. Focus and
The ecstatic state was designed,

biologically, to be very positive


pure intention are the same thing, because in the collec-tive hologram, there's no such thing as focus that doesn't have pure intention. That's where pure intention is achie-ved, that center of the vortex, because only there is the test of symmetry, or sharing, passed.

The point is that when you focus, you get the density of fire in the optical cortex up to the geometry of flame coherent enough to literally bend the light. Matter is a hologram with a weight problem. The optical cortex is a hologram for learning the coherence to bend light.

I use this story a lot, but it's good. It's the problem of the lady with a mirror and a magnifying glass that were too heavy for her purse. And so she went and she had a hologram made of her mirror and magnifying glass so they would be light. The guy who made the hologram for her showed her, before she paid her money, that she could see other items inside the hologram through the mirror and it worked. And it's true. This is Optical Physics 101 where you look in your hologram made of a mirror, you can see things reflected in the mirror that are inside the hologram. And the magnifying glass works in the hologram to magnify other items in the hologram.

When she got home she realized she had a problem: she couldn't see herself or anything else outside her hologram, reflected from there. She went back and demanded a refund. The creator of the hologram said, "Well, what I will give you is a little bit of the light I used to make the hologram in the first place." When she stood in that light, then she could see herself. This is true Optical Physics 101, because phase coherent light of the same phase discipline then would allow her to interact with things inside her hologram.

This is the problem of a thought or dream that wants to bend matter. It needs phase discipline. The map to phase discipline, which is a map to the tilt of photon donuts, is our field effect qunatum cookery. This is ability to think in the language of light and thus create.

Wave focus is the only principle needed to create. The ability to bend the light is all you need to do to create because that persuades light to go from the line, which is called energy, to the circle, which is called mass. When you take light and bend it into a circle, if you persuade it to enter the circle, you have to persuade it to enter symmetry because that's the only thing that permits waves to stand in a circle. Waves aren't dumb, they don't touch un-symmetric nests: it would kill 'em!

This permission to enter the circle, which is to enter symmetry, allows the line to store its inertia. The storage of inertia is the only definition and measure physics has ever had for mass. So, to create mass, you bend light into a circle. It's only tempted to do that when symmetry is presented because otherwise it knows that its memories will be lost. We are beginning to understand, if you want to get information into the optical cortex, enough to bend the light, you need this whole geometry of focus we call ecstatic process.

This is the psycho-dynamic. We've mentioned effect on the environment. It isn't just making rain, which ecstatic process does, but it literally gives permission to touch which creates environments which are sharable by de-finition.