The 'Fractal Vacuum':
Why The Ultimate DEFINITION of ENERGY EFFICIENCY (& Energy Sustainability)

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Table of contents:
1. Fractal Vacuum allows Perception by Phase Conjugation: Golden EEG Research- illustrative example- transforming A.D.D. / Addiction into Bliss.

2. WHY Fractality is the key to environmentalism / sustainability / energy efficiency - because it is the key to sustaining charge attraction.

3. Fractal Synthesizer - New Phi Harmonic Interactive Software - demo - download - animations. + Frank's view of perception= phase conjugation.

4. Fibonnacci / Golden String & the Perfect Knot in DNA- pictorial literature examples.

5. 'Observer Physics': Phase Conjugation MAKES AN OBSERVER- out of the CHARGE COMPRESSING electric field CALLED ATTENTION.

6. Fractality and the 'Nature' of the Vacuum / Physics and the Djedi.-with review and link to Nassim's film on the FRACTAL VACUUM.

7. How Fractal Self Similarity between electrons and nucleus - creates the gravity / charge collapse that holds atoms together.

8. Maharishi's Mistake-REAL Brain COHERENCE - Biofeedback vs: the 'Maharishi Mistake. The Maharishi University (of COHERENCE) Graduate Dean Responds.. Learns..

9. "Oe-dipal" origins of human evolution- where the ANU urge-turns wave inside out.

10. new- Science of Fractality - articles reference index (from )

Alex K. Update Feb 8:Hi Dan, Thanks for referring two of my work directions at your site- Application to Water and Ice" is presented at: and "Unified Theory of Bivacuum, Particles Duality, Fields & Time. New Bivacuum Mediated Interaction, Overunity Devices, Cold Fusion & Nucleosynthesis" at: This theory contains the evidence that the Bivacuum dipoles symmetry shift, determined by the Golden mean, is responsible for the rest mass and charge origination of the electron and proton. Best wishes. Alex Kaivarainen

The electric field you call your conscious self, your "I" (Ahh-'eee' sound makes a vortex sonically connecting inclusive to exclusive harmonics) - is actually a double cone phase conjugating vortex. It sucks and implodes charge thru the speed of light into connectivity at coeur. The result is an information communion whose fractal coherence allows you to have a 'self correcting' phase conjugate mirror for charge - you call ME. This little superluminal multiply connected charge wormhole navigates its way thru charge space- as the YOU that lives or dies depending on whether you know you to FEED its (fractal) electric PHIRE! Unfortuneately this means that every time you follow Earth's insanely stupid biophysicists into cities which are unfractal metal electrosmog hell - you soon murder everything sustainable about your own DNA's 'soul'. The simple truth is - that if you want to continue having the privelege of inhabiting this phase conjugate tornado you call LIFE ITSELF- you are definitely going to have to learn about what electric fields KILL it. Arrange about 5 transformer power supplies (from all your toys) spitting out their poison around your body- take 5 minutes- and notice the absolute nausea and complete loss of attention (& loss of digestion). Next step: fire your idiot university biologists if they cannot explain WHY you felt like shit in the center of electrosmog. EVERY electric wave which cannot be EMMBEDDED or nest non-destructively (fractally) -based on the Sun's (hydrogen fractal) master wave- is inherently going to KILL everything that lives (especially germinating seeds, the bliss and souls of your kids). The fact that your university biology department has not taught you this - means they should be reported for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

We include a review and link below - to Nassim Haramein film on THE FRACTAL VACUUM. + (Physicist Notalle) quoted below:"Just as a direct consequence of the invariance of the speed of light is the hyperbolic curvature (insert:Golden Ratio optimized translation of vorticity?) of spacetime, a direct consequence of the invariance of the Planck scale is that spacetime must have (in a very precise context) an intrinsically fractal nature." - we provide further argument / evidence :

that Fractal Charge Compression Optimized by Golden Ratio - is not only the Electrical Cause of Gravity, and ONLY path out of Chaos- but is also quite proveably the electrical cause of the phenomenon we call CONSCIOUSNESS! (efficient and therefore fractal / superluminal charge propagation).

The physics of what creates an "OBSERVER" is the implosive phase conjugation of waves of CHARGE bouncing off fractal compression. Observation IS the PHASE CONJUGATE MIRROR of fractal charge "reflecting". (The deeper phase conjugate physics that ability to self refer for a wave - is the ability to become self aware.)

The wave equation for the potent OBSERVER- will be none other than perfected PHASE CONJUGATION.

Acknowledgements here also to Douglass White- Observer Physics, and Frank at (discussion below).

May the (FRACTAL-charge distributeable) FORCE be with you! - Young Luke Skywalker learned from the Djedi how to absorb energy from space so as to run tirelessly. Now we are ready to instruct your physics students in the process: 1. Seek atmosphere where the air is electrically (measureably) FRACTAL, 2. Flip the switch (here is the measurement) to set your inner body to the fractal electric (BLISS) state: extremely relaxed - and fractally able to suck in (and BE IN) CHARGE!

EEG research Dr. Ed. Wilson - octaves in binaural beat headphones= 'dissociation' in EEG, vs. PHI / fibonacci heterodynes in biaural beat headphones= EEG Transcendance measured!- How to practically understand and apply - the way phase conjugation of charge creates perception / 'the observer'- physics. Think through this example- as we apply it to neurofeedback teaching Attention Deficit solution, Addiction remission and especially Enlightenment training. As we have been teaching for years- the typical beer drinking alcholic is not able to make alpha (8-13hz) brainwaves - and THEREFORE sees a dark picture inside his head when he closes his eyes. By drinking beer- alcohol increases conductivity in his brain (reduced Oxygen) - and helps him make the alpha - which TURNS THE LIGHTS BACK ON (inside). So as Marty Wuttke (my neurofeedback teacher; ) often explains how on the DAY when that alcoholic acquires the neurofeedback skill TO MAKE HIS OWN ALPHA frequencies- on that day- his next drink of beer will MAKE HIM FEEL SICK. Addiction was just a temporary biologic wrong turn on the legitimate path to immortalizing blissful charge compressing peak experience. Turning the lights on inside your head- is precisely the result of fixing the CASCADE of frequencies. Transforming A.D.D. / Addiction into Bliss / peak perception / peak performance - is a musical recipe in EEG.

BlissTuner Process
A) first start the (alpha) Peak
B) learn Octave as healthy individuation / concentration / healthy boudary making
C) learn Phi for openness / shareability / creativity / empowerment / bliss
D) learn to effectively SWITCH between Octave and Phi

NOW - here is the NEW info - add to this idea - What is the REASON the lights come on inside your head (optical cortex) BEST- when you MAKE Golden Ratio in EEG ( all the examples-this article). The reason is precisely that Golden Ratio phase conjugation is what sucks in the charge / the lights!! The bright light of perception - the created observer - is exactly in the locus of focus of phase conjugation (imploding charge). Here in the center of the array (Golden Ratio) the only place where an inPHIknit number of waves can converge- (animations just below here) lies the perfect branching - the di-vine- perfect attention.

As we have been discussing in our Fractal Field - series (original: , see the application of Fractal Field to experimental proof Fractality causes gravity: ) - we saw in detail - how Fractality was the ultimate solution to PeaceMaking, (compressing people into unity requires the same fractality that allows WAVES to do it) - Energy Making, Unified Field Physics, Defining Life Force, Defining Ultimate Healing Field Effect Technology, Defining Bliss / Peak Experience, Architecture, How ANYTHING Emerges from Chaos, and much more.

In this note - we look at Enviornmentalists and Architects - in their ultimate quest for ENERGY EFFICIENCY and ENERGY SUSTAINABILITY. We ask the deepest question: why is FRACTALITY - the ultimate definition of success for ENERGY EFFICIENCY and ENERGY SUSTAINABILITY?

We have reviewed in detail the electric reason why ALL sustainable life forms (except the now rapidly dying stupidly unfractal human cities) - have ALWAYS used fractal self-similarity idealized by Golden Ratio - for their shape. Pine cones, fern trees, brocoli.. all living things BRANCH perfectly into the di-VINE.

The electrical reason WHY fractality is the ONLY way to create life - is so simple (amazing biophysics missed it so far actually). Perfect electric charge compression- is the ONLY way to introduce perfect electric charge DISTRIBUTION. Perfecting the subtle DISTRIBUTION of charge - is the DEFINITION of LIFE FORCE. We presented so many examples of measuring fractality electrically - to electrically measure: healing energy, vital force, etc. etc. ( , , ). We revolutionize all thinking about economics and abundance by realizing that we define abundance essentially as the culture which acheives maximum distribution with the minimum of storage ( something like 'Progressive Utilization Theory" or PROUT - in Ananda Marga teaching). Let us look at waves about to nest in a stellated dodeca (geometry of DNA, Earth Grid, Zodiac, Cold Fusion, Gravity.. essentially - every living protein). By locking their charge inertia (called MASS), into wave nodes (pentacles inside pentacles..) where Golden Ratio adding and recursive adding (multiplying) ALL make constructive interference - the array becomes ENERGY EFFICIENT. This means that at each wave node the destructive interference goes to zero. (sounds like romance and peacemaking as well as physics). This is why the jitterbug to this geometry is thought to be the physics of superconductivity - say for the palladium used for cold fusion, and for monofilaments of gold, and DNA. They all have symmetry like this: (Einstein S3 group= gravity?)

Below we see animated the path for electric charge into DNA (see real physics of the GRAIL IN BLOOD)- note the central phase conjugation where charge communion / fractal charge distribution creates the superluminal (see Douglass White physics below) - efficiency of CHARGE DISTRIBUTION - called 'SOUL' - see also -

greater maze revolve:pineal braid, 3 views (from )

Stellate Dodec by PHI, Stellate Icos by PHI, repeat inPHIknitly..

(Embed Geometry of DNA, EarthGrid, & Zodiac)

--SO - now that we understand that each wave... got its ability to spread its inertial field - inPHIknitly (infinitely) - precisely because of fractality. Each wave ... learning perfect nesting, embedding, superlooping, fractality.....

As each ball or wave node gets fractally close to perfect touching (compression) then the amount of inertia lost (energy waste) when the touch of one gets passed to the next GOES TO ZERO. This means - in sacred or fractal charge space - you can immediately feel the tingle from inPHIknit (infinite) distance. But to do this - you must enter stillness - AND - you MUST ENTER CHARGE FRACTALITY!

This is why you feel literally locked into an eagles grip when you enter bliss. This is the feeling - LITERALLY ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN ITS ULTIMATE FORM - which is the (field effect) GOAL for architecture of LIVING space.


--Here we introduce again - NEW Download - Fractal Synthesizer software - Phi Harmonics / 'Consciously Perfect Fractality' DEMONSTRATE THE PRINCIPLE - yourself! (the key is free when you ask)
Here is the software environment to see for your self interactively WHY phi / Golden Ratio harmonics constructively interfere and compress charge (phase conjugate).

Quoting here from Frank ( ) -
*Phase conjugate type A: UNIVERSAL COHERENCE; Faster Than Light DISTRIBUTION - Energy (still) contained / optimized inside the Phi phase conjugate packet is Life Force..

*Group phenomenon / linear conjugate type A: ENERGY- when Life Force is apparently transformed or "reduced" - this is a turning into actual energy
(heat or thermo-dynamics)..

*Phase conjugate type B: OBSERVER PHYSICS; Faster Than Light STORAGE-Heat / thermodynamics can also cohere - by observation - literally discerning (some, temporary) order in chaos - (that is to say, where there exists really none prior to observation - while we are spectulating that without observation all limited objects and events exist ONLY to the extend that there exists a unique, principal coherent reflection of the cardinal plane (pure life force) in the ubiquitous rectilinear matrix - somewhat like, but not identical to a moiré pattern.. which however IS a phase wave construct..) - this principle you learned as a kid when you heard scary "voices of the dead" substantiating amidst of radio noise.. this is but your BRAIN at work, but much better is use the wave-definition of the "Observer, which is defined as THE SKILL OF FITTING CHAOS INTO A RECTILINEAR GRID (1-D for sound, smell and taste or 2-D for touch or 3-D for sight) - this is the PHYSICS RECEIPE OF -LITERALLY - MAKING SENSE OF SOMETHING! - and we now know that "something" is not an object out there, but - ultimately - pure life force. So therefore the ONLY AVAILABLE REFERENCE to do this is NOT a material - group phenomenon - wave but the (by all means biological) SKILL of BUILDING A PHASE-CONJUGATE RECTILINEAR MIRROR OUT OF PHASE WAVES ONLY - literally to see order in chaos - and this is really an OCTAVE recursive phase-conjugate receipe - (which you can reconstruct using the Fractal Syntesizer software). The result of successfully (well, as long as it takes..) mirroring a semblance of order in chaos is called: SELF-AWARENESS which is thus energy contained in an Octave recursive phase-conjugate packet. Then..

*Group phenomenon / linear conjugate type B: FRACTALITY - Self-Awareness is apparently transformed or "reduced" - this is the creation of EMOTION (i.e. "inert self-awareness") for the individual or INERTIA (i.e. Cosmic Emotion or the yogic "Loka's") - this CAN ONLY BECOME SUSTAINABLE THROUGH TYPE A GOLDEN MEAN PHASE-CONJUGATE DISTRIBUTION. AND-SO-FORTH - - - this IS the "Vacuum Coherence Physics - Unified Field" diagram - ideally close loop META-STABLE UNIFIED FIELD incorporating:


We need to add here that the idea of "Space" in the sense of a MEDIUM incl. its intrinsic physics is the reverse or emergent effect of coherent phase-conjugation, and not the way round.(end quote)

NOTE-Frank's Bibliography and articles list - references at the bottom of this newsletter.

Below - see an example screen for how the newest option- detect golden string- in Frank's new Fractal Synthesizer- harmonic explorer software - shows us how to synthesize the Phi harmonics which produce the GOLDEN STRING function- which we see below is so critical to the (Implosive) function of DNA ( and brain harmonics). -Compare this to Octave Harmonics which produce a rectilinear 'matrix' -which would show up as for example a regular (arithmetic) series in the EKG (lo HRV).

Fibonnacci and the Golden String (Based on Golden Ratio ) - Some Physics / Symmetry Keys to the Electric Implosion Power- in DNA:

1 link:

2 link:

.. more from this same site: "...Notalle argues that to achieve a truly scale invariant physics, we must treat the Planck scale as an invariant under certain groups of scale transformations (much as the speed of light is an invariant with respect to the group of Lorentz transformations). Just as a direct consequence of the invariance of the speed of light is the hyperbolic curvature of spacetime, a direct consequence of the invariance of the Planck scale is that spacetime must have (in a very precise context) an intrinsically fractal nature. This Cantorian-fractal spacetime has been a central feature of the controversial but intriguing approach to the Riemann hypothesis which has been presented by Castro, "

and 3. Fibonacci Cascades as the "DNA Supra-Code"


Does CHARGE RECURSION / 'dimpling'= The OBSERVER (phase conjugation) PHENOMENON?

* Discussion with Douglass White - an advanced physicist - formerly with the TM movement (like our other friends Alex Hankey, Istvan Dienes- and now Fred Travis). Douglass's quite wonderful discussion of the serious physics of what is an observer - is at his web site OBSERVER PHYSICS (Douglass White:) "The slower a massive object moves, the faster its phase velocity becomes. If the object comes to rest, its phase velocity encompasses the universe in a flash. An observer generally has attention on a relatively motionless environment around him. The phase velocity thus generates the impression that the observer and his local environment is embedded in a virtually infinite universe. This is the motivation for meditation. If you bring your attention on the physical world into a state of deep rest and silence, the phase velocity of your attention instantly spans the universe."
...(in his pdf paper) "in the case of light passing through a dispersive medium, or a klystron, or the electron, or any other particle of matter, the group velocity of the wave packet -- the velocity of the packet's maximum amplitude, an illusion produced by the interference of the various superposed phase waves (DÉ÷ / Dk) -- is less than the speed of light. Therefore, there must be phase waves associated with the particle's wave packet, and these must move faster than light. Most physicists prefer to disregard the curious superluminal phase waves as irrelevant. However, I believe that this equation actually constitutes a precise definition of cosmic consciousness (cc). The group wave represents the object of perception. The phase wave is the perceiver's consciousness, his imagination. Multiplication of the two represents their interaction, the process of perception. One (c) is the retarded wave, and the other (c) is the advanced wave. The equation tells us that, when we detect the material particle (the so-called "observable" group wave packet), we tend to miss the superluminal phase waves associated with it. In cosmic consciousness we learn to appreciate the dynamics of the phase wave as well as the group wave."

( 30 Jan 2007)--Dialog with our physics team ( )
(Dan wrote)
Hi Douglass, (You beautifully hint but do not finish the explanation) - The interaction of those waves you refer to producing the SUPERLUMINAL CONNECTIVITY and therefore CONSCIOUSNESS (+the electric field of LIFE!) is precisely perfected in PHASE CONJUGATION optimized by Golden Ratio.

This is exactly HOW self similar golden ratio charge recursion extracts electric power out of the gravity field by making a BLACK HOLE (in EKG still points . AND) in DNA's core.. THEN we can understand WHY word for Egypt MEANS access to BLACK HOLE (KHEM _ egypts original name - named KHEMistry + alKHEMy: - The ultimate POINT of REFERENCE (for charge) called THE OBSERVER (a mini black hole) !
No one will say what an OBSERVER is in pure wave mechanics until she explains WHY the 3rd light beam bouncing off PHASE CONJUGATE OPTICS MIRROR becomes self correcting - and goes backward in time.
WHAT (hint: black hole) does phase conjugation DO!! (see also mitogenic cellular radiation below-physics of tantra..)
(access to superluminal charge communion where only shareable waves survive.. called self organization from our -observation...point -slower than lightspeed..
Observation(the implosive charge compression called human attention) is the phase conjugator of charge fields
(point of reference)
--End exerpt.(more below - Egypt as KHEM - the place of access to Black Hole / Implosion).

Let us return to the practical architect and urban planner now. We have just said that there is no higher definition of ENERGY EFFICIENCY or SUSTAINABILITY than CHARGE FRACTALITY. How do we apply this? (attracting charge + tourism to CITIES by fractality: ).

Remember when Djedi master says to young Luke .. something like - the Djedi runner doesn't get tired because he extracts energy from space - in perfect relaxation (superconductive / implosive)- while he runs. The WAY you extract electric power from the vacuum so you never get tired is - you FLIP A SWITCH INSIDE by perfect relaxing / embedding / and you GET FRACTAL ELECTRICALLY. It is essential to see that this electrical switch INSIDE PEOPLE - to GETTING ELECTRICALLY FRACTAL - is PRECISELY how all of science now MEASURES PEAK EXPERIENCE, PEAK PERCEPTION, ENLIGHTENMENT, BLISS etc. , The kids imagined themselves in perfect nature, they flip a switch inside - they get measureably electrically fractal (golden ratio in brainwaves etc) - and THEN they can see without their eyes! (peak perception).

This is just the same (fractal) way pine cones and your EKG get voltage from gravity- how THEY become energy efficient, energy sustainable. (more below after the film..)

In Nassim's film here - on THE FRACTAL VACUUM - consider WHY FRACTALITY is the solution to holography: Because perfect or infinite compression is the ONLY way information about EVERY wave node in a hologram - can be stored of COMPRESSED PERFECTED into EACH wave node in that hologram. This is why we say - COHERENCE is the ultimate form of HARMONY, and FRACTALITY is the ultimate form of COHERENCE. Phase coherent light is the beginning of holography - but FRACTAL light is the beginning of self sustaining 'optical holons'> namely life itself!

FRACTALITY heals what NATURE ABHORS? .. A Vacuum? - Maybe if we understood how to make stillness fractal, - we could stand alone without being lonely. We could become like the gold atom which becomes monoatomically STABLE when charged with fractality - this becomes the white wafer served: holy communion. We become the human who after intense bliss experience / perfect fractal connectivity - NEVER feels lonely again!

(Humor>) Suddenly feeling the fractal electricity of BLISS - we could heal the 'pain' of the FARSIDE CARTOON.. "... shows a frumpy lady pushing a vacuum cleaner along a path through the forest. The caption reads: 'The woods were dark and foreboding, and Alice sensed that sinister eyes were watching her every step. Worst of all, she knew that Nature abhorred a vacuum.'

- This newsletter continues with a review of this film..on NEW PHYSICS AND THE FRACTAL VACUUM - from Nassim HARAMEIN:(<link. More about Nassim Haramein - The Resonance Project Foundation , The Holofractographic Universe theory is a unified field theory resulting from over two decades of investigation into the geometry of hyper-dimensional systems and their relation to the creation of three-dimensional reality and all of its forces—including consciousness.

The premise of The Holofractographic Unified Field Theory research is that space is not empty, it is full. It is full of an energy that, through a specific set of fractal geometry, creates atomic structures that are themselves made of 99.999% space. It is a sea of electromagnetic flux we call the zero point energy, which has been demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt, since its mechanical effects have now been measured in laboratories. - - This is nothing new, most ancient civilizations believed in a primordial soup of energy embedded within the fabric of space and in a primary geometric pattern coordinating creation. Later many of the world's great thinkers, including such scientists as Albert Einstein, Nicolas Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, and Walter Russell, believed in an all prevailing energy at the base of the fabric of space.

Haramein's findings have resulted in theoretical and practical developments based on a specific geometric array fundamental to creation. This theory has now been presented to the standard scientific community with great success, and his papers on the Holofractographic Universe will soon be followed by a book for the layman entitled "Crossing the Event Horizon.".. more at link..

Comment from Dan Winter: Nassim serves us wonderfully by pointing to the fractal nature of space. How much more we could do if we deeply understood that. Physics has been calling gravity a curvature of space. Yet they have not seen that space is only a plenum for the symmetry of a compressible wavey inertia storing THE unified field substance - literally CHARGE. So in order to see the infinite potential of the curvation of space time - we must see it existing inside biology. The fractality of charge and THEREFORE the compression of 'spacetime' into 'mass' (inertia storage) is optimized by the PERFECTION OF CURVATURE: Golden Spiral defines optimizes translation of vorticity in hydrodynamics. What this MEANS is that this is the only (yellow brick road) PATH from energy to mass and back. (Mass is the compression of the background charge of the plenum - the manifold - space time).

That is HOW a pine cone (and EKG or EEG when fractal) works- breathing electric fractality with seeds or wave nodes (that are capacitors) to extract charge (electric power) from the plenum / from gravity.


This is why (Nassim and I have this fun argument) the structure of space must be more dodeca stellation (animations above) than cubeocta: because dodeca stellation is more self similar or fractal or recursive (each node has x,y,z coordinate as whole power multiple of phi). So when defining the primal structure of the vacuum correctly as fractal (mini black hole making) - why would Nassim hold the less fractal cube-octa symmetry as primal?

It is great when Nassim mentions that it seems the ultimate definer of scale (length) appears to be pure RATIO: The Plank length 1.616 *10-33cm approximates Golden Mean! I still believe I was the first to mention that in the literature (dozen years ago). What physics says is perfect scale- perfect 'relativity' may in fact ONLY be defined by perfect RATIO! - this is so profound - you should meditate to get your head around it! This PURE ratio 'gospel of relativity' means of course we may be expanding each of us at the speed of light - and COULD never know - because our RELATIVE perspective of each other (as a charge wave) is maintained (sustainability) ONLY by PURE RATIO. This is one of the original reasons I got aboard Stanford's FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICISTS Group - 20 years ago. The dream then (and now) was to derive essentially ALL the fundamental constants of physics from pure symmetry / 'sacred' geometry.(Interesting example - look at the attempt to derive the fine structure constant of physics purely from the hydrodynamics of optimized translation of vorticity on the surface of a torus / donut - at ). In this way - we build our self empowering model of how the universe is built out of pure symmetry of charge compression - potentially initiated INSIDE of biology. We become the God's we used to 'worship' - be taking responsibility for creation mechanics inside the electric field of our own biologic body.

Our ancient names for god point, bindu point, kingdom of heaven within, omega point, can ONLY be understood if we get a much clearer inned feeling for what happens when BIOLOGIC CHARGE FIELDS compress in a FRACTAL! (the chi / orgone / spirit /barrakah / shakti / life force / freshness - words which URGENTLY need physics - see life force measured as power spectra for recursion / for harmonic inclusiveness - of weak 'capacitive coupled' electric field: ). THE prime example

I like where Nassim sees your INTENT (fractal charge compression) giving you access to reconstructing the billions of atoms in your hand. Access inside from outside. Consciousness is the feedback loop.. self reference perfected. Resistance goes down when you get fractal. The locality of 'free will' is merely the area over which your biologic imploding and gravity making charge field is COHERENT (by fractality perfected).

Nassim- HOW would YOU make a picture of a FRACTAL ELECTRIC FIELD (geometry of the vacuum) - more than on flatland? (hint extend the edges of a dodeca straight out by Golden Ratio............)

Amazing (and good service) that Nassim so consistently refers to the structure of the space time manifold as fractal. Useful that he understands each atom is simply a mini-black hole. Sad that he does not see what it is a black hole FOR (electric charge). AMAZING that he can go so far to see the fractal nature of reality and NOT realize that this SAME fractality (for charge) is THE cause of gravity (self-similarity generates implosive charge acceleration into the core).

He considers the fundamental geometry of that SPACE TIME manifold- to be the cube-octa (stellated tetra). While this fundamentally cubic lattic - does reflect the 7 spin symmetry axes so known to- the (cube/hex) color wheel- photon phase tilt angles auto divide by those 7 tilts called color, ANU, quark, human (and solar) heart- as well Pi electron orbital - it id clear that in order for physics to come to grips with what is the possible fractal nature of CHARGE and therefore the IP protocol of the vacuum - lies in the stellated DODECA. This would begin to lay the groundwork - for Nassim to begin to answer the question at the end - which he fundamentally missed. That is - WHAT IS THE WAY TO ACCESS THE INFINITE ENERGY IN THE VACUUM?. The correct answer - is - utilize a fractal array of capacitive charge (like in the pine cone, your heart's wiring, and in the solar heart) - where voltage emerges like a fountain from the 'gravity' (g-ray of vita) of the vacuum.

Nassim points to the stability of the CUBE-OCTA saying it is most fundamental to the geometry of the vacuum or manifold. (<HEX versus PENT>) Yet only the contrasting Golden Ratio - Dodeca-Pent IMPLOSIVE geometry is the ARRAY of capacitors (living things are capacitors) which can get voltage from gravity and make gravity, and get LIFE FORCE from the ETHER! This is what a PINE CONE DOES WHEN IT EATS CHARGE FROM GRAVITY AS A FRACTAL CAPACITOR.

This is why we have a dozen or more major illustrated articles discussing the error of physics in not recognizing the stellated dodeca the fundamental symmetry of:

dna, earth grid, zodiac, palladium(key to cold fusion), , gravity - and the S3 Poincare symmetry group most often used for gravity - etc. , ,

Of course- this would require not just Nassim - but all of physics to come to grips with the fundamental revolution that understands that fractal / self-similarityy IS the CAUSE of the implosive charge collapse they have been calling gravity. By using the word gravity - and by itemizing equations to measure it's strength - they forget to tell you - is NO indication they have the first CLUE - what it is made of, or what causes it. This is much in the same way that biologists use the word instinct as a cover to try to hide the fact of their total ignorance- of the information in the collective charge field of a genetic phylum.

Ignorance of the cause of gravity in physics is profoundly appalling stubborn and arrogant. The cause is the fractal self-similar constructive charge collapse which turns charge compression IN to charge acceleration - by the recursive adding and multiplying of waves - allowed by Golden Ratio.

Sadly, without this knowledge physics is also condemned to be ignorant of ANY of the higher functions of DNA- namely: independant gravity field generation, faster than light / multiply connected or phase conjugate charge communication (ensoulment) etc. It all begins with understanding how DNA participates and generates in the gravity field - by starting as a micro world fractal (all Golden Ratio in its inner protein geometry). And THEN - the DNA can braid recusively triggered by the fractal charge of BLISS - into a macro fractal and that's when it's gravity making is switched on.

Very practical example: when Luke Skywalker's Jedi master is teaching him to run without getting tired. If relaxation is perfect, attention is fractal at body gravity coeur, environment is fractal - then the body has access to the voltage from gravity (bliss) neccessary to power the running.


More about Nassim - and Dan Winter's model of fractality> here exerpted from

The CAUSE of GRAVITY: Fractal Self Similar Charge Symmetry- creates the recursive CONSTRUCTIVE 'charge collapse' which even Einstein used to DEFINE GRAVITY ELECTRICALLY..
here is the model, the visual proof- the cause of the GRAVITY MADE BY ATOMS- is the fact that the NUCLEAR particles geometry (platonic nest) is PROFOUNDLY -SELF SIMILAR to the ELECTRON SHELLS! (platonic nest)

Chemist Moon, Univ Chicago shows below the platonic nature of nuclear hadron nesting, Winter - here confirms the model- showing the necessary correlation to the fact that the s,p,d,f electron subshells HAVE PRECISELY THE SAME SELF SIMILAR SYMMETRY (torus to cube to dodec /icos). -

Charge Array SELF SIMILARITY: Cause of Mass Creation

Visualizing WHY Self-Similarity of Charge symmetry
is the electrical cause of the gravity which holds atoms (and everything) together..

Self-similar or fractal non-destructively COLLAPSEable charge: the CAUSE of gravity?

We have suggested this hypothesis about the cause of gravity also because it can help us understand the gravity making empowerment of DNA during charge absorbing BLISS. (Peter Gariaev's phantom DNA, research in Russia for example). This could be a way to survive the solar maximum / 2012 /rapture for example- in your charge field KA or rainbow body. When the bodies charge field becomes coherent enough (coherence perfected is fractal in this model)- then you have the doorway to sustainability electrically (immortality).

Electron shells valence symmetry are precisely SELF SIMILAR to NUCLEAR SYMMETRY. The way protons/ neutrons nest (see pics from U.Chicago chemist MOON below) appears platonically perfectly SELF SIMILAR to the way electrons nest. If this is true- is this because only this fractally enabled charge collapse the CAUSE of GRAVITY? shows recent physics evidence the Golden Mean ratio is the ubiquous principle of planetary orbital geometrics (Kepler's dream realized). If this is true- is it because Golden Ratio self similarity enabled charge collapse is key to stabilizing the gravity of the solar system?

We illustrate here that the platonic solids nest (tetra/cube to dodeca to icosa) IS specifically the precise symmetry nest of :

a) the geometry of atomic nuclei - nuclear hadrons (protons and nutrons arrangement in the nucleus)

b) the interlayering of the s,p,d,f - master set of electron shells as thruout all atoms

c) golden ratio and therefore implosive and gravity making self similar charge collapse.

Each edge or wave length ratio of cube to dodec, and dodec to icos, and icos to dodec IS only Golden Ratio. And further the x,y,z coodinate value of EACH vertex in the inPHIknit array of cube/dodec/icos/dodec/icos/dodec/icos.... (see 'Starmother' kit) is a simple whole number power of Golden Ratio.

THEREFORE (in the cube/dodec/icos/dodec/icos infinite platonic nest) the distance to center in each case from each vertex specifically ALLOWS the recursive CONSTRUCTIVE charge wave heterodyning which ONLY Golden Ratio allows. This is THE solution to Einstein's electrical recipe for gravity: infinite constructive charge compression or collapse. Using Golden Ratio - charge compression BECOMES charge acceleration because the wave velocities add and multiply constructively as well as the wave lengths. In this model, charge acceleration is considered identical to the production of gravity.

Links- Golden Ratio in physics.


If this is true - then we suggest physics must deal with the hypothesis that it is precisely that charge collapse (toward implosion) of self similarity which is the cause of the gravity making which holds atoms together. This will then set the stage for understanding the role of biologic generated 'phase conjugate' 'DNA radio' charge fields in the production and stabilization of gravity. Thus we come to begin to understand the astronomic logic of star systems expending energy to fabricate genepools like ours. (Star making and "Sun God' production).

As we discussed at experimental protocols intended to prove that charge collapse (for example there - in phase conjugate dielectric capacitor array) is the cause of gravity. At we discuss a history of modeling of gravity symmetry which (as in Poincare's use) include the golden ratio rich - nested dodecahedron. (This is also the shape/symmetry of the cold fusion key: palladium atom).

Here we merely add some visual review - suggesting how compelling this idea is- and worthy of further (and more mathematical ) development.

Here, in summary, is our thesis

1. Only fractality allows infinite compression.

2. Perfect compression of charge is the cause of mass creation AND gravity- because... The quality of inertia storage which defines mass only arises out of charge in rotation - when that rotation is locked into phase BY the centripedal implosive force of charge acceleration thru light speed at center (gravity). (Why perfecting curvature or corriolis like forces is often modelled to understand gravity).

Rotational force= mass. Transverse charge moving BETWEEN frequencies and phase velocities thru center= gravity. Perfected translation of vorticity / Golden Mean - optimizes that path of perfect curvation translation from MASS to the energy in GRAVITY! (Gravity coupling the vacuum by fractalized coherence is NOT free energy- see ).

3. Golden Ratio being the only geometry of constructive recursive heterodyning (recursive wave interference) - is the curvation of space time which is the cause of gravity. In hydrodynamic terms: optimized translation of vorticity. Only Golden Ratio allows phase VELOCITIES of the interfering charge waves to recursively interfere CONSTRUCTIVELY. In this way a portion of the charge inertia of compression is TRANSLATED (in vorticity) in to ACCELERATION. In this model - if charge rotation stores the inertia defining mass, the periodicity defining TIME, then also the same ACCELERATION of that charge DEFINES GRAVITY (heterodynes add and multiply the wave SPEEDS)

So while physics is correct to say gravity is caused by the curvature of space time, they fail to realize the geometric perfection of that curvature is Golden Mean. If as hydronamics claims that Golden Mean is optimized translation of vorticity - and charge in rotation is mass, and linear charge is energy (when heterodyned recursively becomes gravity)- then Golden Ratio defines the only non-destructive charge path between mass and energy.

Below- the mission statement outline from Implosion Group - on THE FRACTAL FIELD,

Left- the new pictorial essay - why Self Similar Charge Compression is the cause of mass creation and the gravity which holds atoms together.

"This web site is based on one simple yet entirely revolutionary, testable and TEACHABLE concept- that FRACTAL or non-destructive (golden ratio optimized / implosive) CHARGE COMPRESSION is the essential symmetry and CAUSE of all: 1. mass creation (essay left),
3. biology,
4. healing (including the physics of harmonic inclusiveness predicting disease resistance in EKG HRV)
5. self organization from chaos,
6. symbol making,
7. consciousness, and

After a Billion or so Years of Evolution-Nature found the symmetry for LIFE - from DNA- to plants to people to galaxies - they are all GOLDEN RATIO based FRACTAL! This (perfected compression) creates perfected DISTRIBUTION OF CHARGE- 'the fractal field'. How could ANY biophysicist today imagine there could be any other electrical definition for LIFE & CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF! (The engine which distributes CHARGE efficiently is the physics of 'spirit'). And yet - look how the stupid humans build clothes, houses, cities today - the CHARGE FIELD is not fractal ... so people DIE! - All because bio-physics has been too stupid to know the ONLY electric field pattern (looks like a rose) which can optimally nourish DNA - and every living thing. Fractality by compressing perfectly, distributes charge perfectly and THAT is LIFE!

FRACTAL or non-destructive (golden ratio optimized / implosive) CHARGE COMPRESSION is the essential symmetry and CAUSE of all: 1. mass creation, 2. gravity, 3. biology, 4. healing, 5. self organization from chaos, 6. symbol making, 7. consciousness, and 8. all BLISS / PEAK EXPERIENCE / ENLIGHTENMENT.

The FRACTAL FIELD - Revolutionary Research Frontier - with Radically Powerful Solutions to Virtually ALL Major Global Issues..
"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."--Max Planck, German Theoretical Physicist

1. Peacemaking: How The FRACTAL FIELD Can Make Teaching PEACE Into a New and Powerful SCIENCE - more:

2. Agriculture: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can Revolutionize Farming by creating Phase Conjugate Environment which properly allow DNA to Communicate and Thrive electrically - more: , and -be smart:food storage in a refridgerator is NOT fractal

3. Architecture: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can ReInvent Architecture now that the Principle of Building a BIOLOGIC CAPACITOR Allows us to Create Structure to Truly Create Healing and Bliss in Biology - more:

4. Genetics: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can ReDefine Success in Genetic Research / and Engineering - based on ReDefining DNA COHERENCE, and DNA 'Radio', and DNA Ability to Absorb and Radiate the Electric Field of LIFE! - more: , and ,

5. Psychology of BLISS / Ecstasy and PEAK EXPERIENCE: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows Us Now to Define, Measure and most of all TEACH - Peak Experience , Bliss, Ecstasy - True Enlightenment - more:

6. Urban Design: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows us to Re-Invent URBAN DESIGN Based on Fractal Charge Compression- to Attract People, Money, Charge and LIFE FORCE Back into Urban Design- more: ,

7. Weather / Climate / Rainmaking: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows us to Attract Rain - and Regulate Precipitation - more: , and The Yantra Pics at

8. Energy: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can Allow Us to PROPERLY Use Charge Self-Similarity to COHERE and Couple the Gravity Field for Electric Charge - WITHOUT Destabilizing the Earth Grid - more : ,

How the (Phi) FRACTAL FIELD provides radical new solutions to GLOBAL WARMING: , and WHEN COLD FUSION gets COLD:

9. Another example of FRACTAL FIELD - self similar charge field -revolutionizing medicine..- note how Negative Ion Wind (a fractal field) radically sweeps infection and parasites from the body ( see: ref 1) -perfectly consistent with using fractality to measure ANY liquid's ability to support life ( ReDox Potential measure at ) and - measuring fractality in Air to find and measure life's electric signature ( see IGA at phaseconjugation link). + Fractal Field is Electrical Engineering Instructions for SUCCESSFUL DEATH! -

10.-FRACTALITY in the HEART-solution to EKG+ virtually ALL disease resistance: ,

11.-FRACTALITY in TIME (time=measurement of charge rotation) -charge systems emerge from chaos only this way-fractality (how to generate synchronicity): , Just as Bruce Cathie showed nuclear critical mass varied with grid position, in space AND time - fractality (constructive charge compression) is the OBVIOUS principle- so capacitors properly arranged in a golden spiral firing in TIME - WILL reduce critical mass! (sorry CIA - the principle of FRACTALITY {fear's opposite} is PUBLIC information).

Read in the pdf files (right) - Dan Winter sets radical new theme at the recent global physicists colloquium in Budapest:
Grand Unification Physics International Conference

From Dan's presentation:
1. A proper test for a theory of gravity is, if it can describe how to (electrically) repair gravity (and retain atmosphere). The simple physics is that restored fractality restores / stabilizes gravity and the possibility of holding atmosphere and restoring climate from chaos. Long wave magnetic lines properly mapped and restored to dodeca icosa fractality do precisely that (invite constructive implosive charge collapse thereby self organizing wave systems back into life giving fractality).

2. A proper test for a scientific theory of consciousness is, if it can describe the precise (electrical) steps to restore consciousness. Restoring healthy fractal charge conditions (eeg Golden Ratio, phase conjugate or biologic architecture, live enzyme nutrition + yoga) around the body - absolutely pushes out infection / inflamation (lack of compression) - and brings back the possibility of electrically nourishing DNA, seed germination and bliss. Life and biology's survival symmetry library is none other than the information (charge) compression and distribution efficiency which precisely results from fractality. (Fractality in liquids / ReDox Potential, and fractality in AIR / I.G.A. - always measure the presence of LIFE ITSELF!).

Mass=Constructive (fractal) Charge Compression/Collapse : Is CHARGE The 'Vortex Sponge' of the ETHER? ... see alsoThe Planck Ether Hypothesis and the Origin of Charge, Winterberg, F. from General Relativity and Gravitation, proceedings

+Mass is only a name for the inertia stored by charge rotation,
+Time is only a name for measuring charge rotation,
+Space-time is a name for the array of rotating charge,
+Dimensions are only a name for how many axes of rotating charge can be superposed in one nest (harmonic inclusiveness in the frequency signature, once fractally 'inclusive' eliminate disease / stabilize life) , and
+Gravity exists when charge can create an accelerating centripedal force due precisely to fractal self similarity between layers of rotating charge (invitation to collapse+constructive phase conjugation of velocities turing compression in to acceleration). Saying that gravity is CAUSED by a curvature in space time is not complete or helpful unless you know that the curvature that permits non-destructive self reentry (collapse) is Golden Ratio (optimized translation of vorticity from circle to line MEANS changing mass to energy - and the inverse).

Ask your 'PHYsicist why PHYsical is named for PHI. Ask your chemistry professor why KHEMistry is named for the Egyptian KHEM which means -ACCESS to a BLACK hole. AllKhem-y.


<link here
SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM 1. Promising new approaches towards the Grand Unification in Physics
2. Towards the Unification of Physics and Consciousness - topological consciousness theories, quantum psychology
3. Unification of Philosophy- Metatheory, Metaphilosophy
4. A New Understanding of Life - quantum biological theories and their utilisations
Under the Auspices of: Prof. Csaba Varga President of the Institute for Strategic Research
Gábor Koncz PhD President of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation

 Unified Theories - Scientific conference and workshop
November 15., Wednesday Opening and welcoming speeches by
Gábor Koncz PhD. President of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation
Prof. Csaba Varga, President of the Institute for Strategic Research
First session- Promising new approaches towards the Grand Unification in Physics
Chairman: István Dienes,
Matti Pitkänen PhD: A master formula for S-matrix in Topological Geometry-
Alex Hankey PhD.: The Vedic interpretation of quantum theory
- ________: Incorporation of the Golden Ratio Phi into the Schrodinger Wave Function using the Phi Recursive Heterodyning Set :

Kryuk V.G. PhD.: Natural Time and its properties

Jean-Paul Biberian PhD.: Condensed Matter Nuclear Science - Cold Fusion

Nassim Haramein PhD.: Torque and Corolois force additions to Einstein's filed equations as related to the unified field

Towards the Unification of Physics and Consciousness
- topological consciousness theories, quantum psychology

Chairman: Ede Frecska, Luis Eduardo Luna

István Dienes: Consciousness-Holomatrix - discovering duality symmetry between the geometric brain and topological consciousness.

Matti Pitkänen PhD.: Physics of Consciousness in the Topological Geometry-dynamics framework

Ede Frecska MD PhD.: Subneural basis of interspecies communication

Luis Eduardo Luna PhD.: Plant Teachers in the Upper Amazon. Acquiring Information through Psychotropic Plants.

Prof. Beldi: Planetary Consciousness

 November 16., Thursday Unified Philosophies: Metatheory, Metaphilosophy
Chairmen: Csaba Varga, Endre Kiss

Csaba Varga ass. Prof.: Unified Theory: Metaphilosophy

Endre Kiss, D.Phil: The philosophy of the now and the Metatheories

Gyöngyi Major PhD.: The challenge of the Holos: The theory of the moment is not the moment of the theory

László Márfai Molnár PhD.:

A New Understanding of Life quantum biological theories and their utilisations
Chairmen: Karl Arfors, Mark Abadi

Mark Abadi: Quantum Physics: Bridging the Gap between Science and Spirituality

Karl Arfors MD. PhD.:

James Oschman PhD.: Matrix communication

Dan Winter MSc: The Fractal Field - perfecting "phase conjugation"

Matti Pitkänen PhD.: The physics of biological systems in Topological Geometry-dynamics framework

Ramesh Krishna MD, PhD., DSc..: Quantum Mechanics of Stress Aging and disease

Peter Gariaiev PhD.: Hot questions of biology on which the wave-genetics search for the answer

below new part 3 for animated conversation about this science of fractality..

Real Science of Immortal LIFE
Dan's new physics of DNA, Gravity, Immortality, and the Hygiene to Get There!
Dec 19, 06. - Section1 -Section 2 , Section 3

Section 3- Section 3 is particularly a condemnation of conventional physics- more on why they MUST be told -what causes an object to fall to the ground before they will EVER understand DNA's gravity making electric field - at

"Self-Similarity:So, how does nature do it?-(source see link) How does nature direct molecules into snow flakes, or crystals or any other regular form? Chaos Theory has an answer: Self Similarity, a fundamental principle that allows building blocks to mimic their own shape in the building they make.....A large number of particles will display a pattern that is near equal to the initial possibilities of a single particle.....A similar thing is going on here: A large number of elements may form a shape that is derived from the shape of one element. And because no element can be coerced to follow a certain path, no large number of elements will display the exact same pattern as another group. Patterns caused by large numbers of elements are alike but never the same. Hence all snow flakes look alike but no two are exactly identical.
...... Self-similarity is a really big deal. It occurs all over nature and many have argued that self-similarity is one of the key natural principles that shape our world the way it is. Self-similarity has been observed in all fields of research: physics but also biology and even psychology and sociology. It also happens all over Scriptures and has been studied extensively, most often referred to as type-Theology. In the Book of Exodus for instance, Moses constructs the Tabernacle according to patterns he observed in heaven, making the tabernacle a self-similarity of something that exists on a different level of complexity, namely heaven. ........"

Continued at:

* Next Update on REAL Brain COHERENCE - Biofeedback vs: the 'Maharishi Mistake' - read how Graduate Dean of Maharishi International University - Dr. Fred Travis - responded to our "Maharishi Mistake" ( )

We shared the "Maharishi Mistake' evidence - as an addend to our original evidence that our Upgraded 'BlissTuner' offered TWO Distinct and Dramatic Revolutions to Brainwave Neurofeedback for both Consciousness Training AND Things like Attention Deficit and Addiction Therapy. These are

1. The Ability to Measure and Teach INTERNAL COHERENCE Directly - as the filmation top at - shows responds beautifully clearly measuring the COHERENCE OF A MEDITATION with ONE simple elegant graph.

2. The Ability to Measure and Teach what probably now emerges as the SINGLE MOST SIGNIFICANT indicator of brainwave states- namely OCTAVE vs GOLDEN RATIO in EEG!


Specifically we suggested ( ) - that the "Maharishi Mistake' was a) inability to teach Golden Ratio {vs octaves} - and therefore true peak experience/ enlightenment in EEG, b) inability to teach or measure EEG (internal brain ) coherence, c) inability to teach or measure Heart coherence / or heart link to brain coherence, d) and as we see by the graph above- likely to leave there 'students' stuck in the head- with OCTAVES only in EEG and without ANY heart biofeedback.

I say - what they call "Unity Consciousness" is SELF EVIDENTLY THE CHARGE CONVERGENCE COHERENCE WHICH ONLY GOLDEN RATIO PERFECTED FRACTALITY CAN CREATE. So> buckle up you Maharishi Scientists - and take a lesson!

Note - in addition to the complete research history of Golden Ratio vs. peak experience in EEG at , there is an extensive dialog and database - with a serious international physics community on this 'Golden Ratio/EEG" subject - at (bottom)

--There was almost overwhelming response - to our "Maharishi Mistake" report ( ) ...
Pat Flanagan , ( who worked with us illustrating scientifically that MEASURING FRACTALITY {redox potential} MEASURES ability to support LIFE!) - said - "Dan, I concur with your analysis. Excellent!"

Perhaps most notable was the resulting dialog (see HeartTuner users group link below) with the Dean of Maharishi International University - Graduate School: Fred Travis, , PhD, Director, Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition, Chair, Maharishi Vedic Science, Dean, Graduate School, Fairfield IA USA,

He responded by asking numerous questions to learn how to measure EEG coherence / the cepstrum (at last )- and in the process - then FINALLY admits that - he sees Octaves versus Golden Mean Ratio in their own EEG data from meditators. Then he asks what this means...!!! - The complete discussion starts at , (where we show our Cepstrum real brain coherence measure animated dramatically - illustrated WHEN meditation gets powerful and coherent- with examples showing what Golden Mean vs Octaves MEANS in Brainwaves ). The interesting dialog (details on HOW we measure coherence) with the professor (educating the coherence educator on how coherence can be measured-the good Professor is open to ideas...) is complete in the HeartTuner users group.

*Next- "Oe-dipal" origins of human evolution- where the ANU urge-turns wave inside out.

William Theaux is a prominent French Psychoanlyst who authors + , along with his network of friends: Daniel Kolos - - & Charles Pope (Real History of Amarna )

Our discussion
has been about understanding the "Oedipal" origins of human evolution in the psychoanalysis of Anu -father of Enki (Atun/Ea/Adonai/Lucifer) + Enlil (Yalweh/Michael/Amun)- eating the balls of the former (ET) Annunaki - Pre-Sumerian King Allalu in order to gain power. Anu is not only the source of the Atun / Akhunaton / sun god / Son Hermes / story - therefore, but literally the name of the shape ANU 'Sun God' which 7/5 spin defined the slipknot symmetry of Hydrogen's coeur, Heart's Couer, and Sun's Coeur.

This (7/5spin ANU) finally includes the (5 inside in the helical thread, 7 recursive braids outside) which becomes the final braiding slipknot for getting a soul in DNA!

Oedepal= the ANU wave slipknot - 'sexy' urge to turn inside out / consume / embed - and therefore grow as wave envelope. (definition of all power)..

from Dan, Feb 7: hi william
Thanks for continuing the dialog, sorry for the delay..I appreciate your view that it is psychoanalysis that reveals the symmetry of evolution, however my view continues to be that- it is more detailed and ultimately more clear to understand the symmetry of evolution of consciousness by understanding electric field growth by symmetry. That psychological language ultimately only gets clarity from electric field theory (otherwise it alway decends into psychobabble). For example- sexuality can be understood as the appropriate need to embed in and be absorbed in larger (more fractal aka the perfect egg) biologic electric fields..incubus or sucubus..

So the best way to understand the sperm - is a projective - therefore less fractal than egg,
electric capacitive wave - whose primary function is to add inertia to charge wave on egg surface-
if sufficient - then the egg charge wave surface (standing wave of membrane surface number of harmonics is called 'immune system')...
is caused to dimple (recur and turn inside out) called birth. ( referring to pics 72 to 74 at )

I like your paper "From Embryology to Homunculus" . Were you aware that the onset of a recursive electric wave rotating around the donut field that is the 'Homunculus' 'Little Man Fractal Map on the brain toroidal field, is probably the most advanced physics on planet for understanding kundalini (enlightenment)?

see Bentov info at - We suggest this also is the physics for
WHY looking at your hand inside a dream helps makes you lucid. It tightens the slip knot electric donut on homunculus:
Fractal charge compression / field effect growth = awareness gain.
Ability to self refer=ability to gain self awareness= electric recursion...
Electric recursion by fractality is the wave mechanics of matter creation by charge compression- and therefore wave mechanic of consciousness
(=charge distribution made efficient and superluminal multiply connected by fractality)

Anu's eating of Allalu's balls as the origin of Annunaki Sumerian male power line is literally the little electric field demonstrating ability to absorb the PAternal
(p is puff of penetrating pressure- in the univeral sonics recipe which is origin of all language-:book-'Euphonics') . Genetic memory is none other than the charge spin inertia well of electric survival info (by recursive dna folding to store the electric field called survival memory). Fractality limits this holy communing fusion charge field in DNA's coeur.

This is exactly the same as the little worm which (feels the sexy test as to her's own/testasterone URGE) eats a bigger worm (worm is a recursive electric field - incubus becomes sucubus)
and then can electrically be measured to have consumed the survival memory of the eaten worm: The book "Shuffle Brain-Can a Scrambled Brain Remember"-The brain as mem-brane is an simple example of maximization of folded surface (fractality) .
The only sustainable measure of success for psychoanalysis - is the same test for success in electric field theory: does it teach our biology to make its charge field (KA) immortal (sustainable thru death). As someone whose undergraduate and graduate university work was called psychology who became an electrical engineer- I say - electric field theory - CAN tell us which bio charge field gets immortal and WHY - whereas psychology by itself as language cannot
Recursion success in dna perfects superluminal implosion- defining what symmetry makes it thru death. which is REALLY what egyptian death technology was about . Notice here for the first time we see WHY enki over revved the human sex gene / impulse: So that we might survive draco history (genetic enslavement called Lumeria then Sumeria) - by becoming more assertive.. then we embed in rather than be embedded by. Appreciate your willingness to dialog - in the name of a KA atun.., dan winter-"

(Fractal?) ..

Science index from

Breakthrough concepts in Unified Field theory...(exerpted here)

Energy from the Vacuum, Tom Bearden, PhD
"Question: Where does all electromagnetic (EM) field energy and all EM potential energy come from in the first place? Answer: From the vacuum all around us. A Nobel prize was awarded in 1957 for substantiating the extraction process. — Tom Bearden referring to the work of Lee and Yang" - WITH MANY FURTHER LINKS AND PAPERS

Observer Physics, Douglas White, PhD
"The slower a massive object moves, the faster its phase velocity becomes. If the object comes to rest, its phase velocity encompasses the universe in a flash"... "Most physicists prefer to disregard the curious superluminal phase waves as irrelevant. However, I believe that this equation actually constitutes a precise definition of cosmic consciousness".

Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion, Dan Winter (you know this one..

Towards a Grand Unified Field Theory based on Phi Recursion and Quantum Gravity
"This site is dedicated to a purely mathematical description of Phi recursion and Phi recursive based forces of nature including those of Quantum Gravity and the Unified Field".

The Resonance Project, Nassim Haramein, PhD;

American Antigravity (classic page)
Antigravity Feature Articles! Bleeding Edge Breakthroughs! Our top articles from 2002 to present, featuring the best of AG research worldwide

Kowsky-Frost Quartz Levitation -
"This shows how the quartz crystal lost weight when subjected to the high frequency current".

Microvita and microvita cosmology, ing. Frank van den Bovenkamp
"The mission of is to serve as an open, non-institutional sharing place and resource for professional scientists, intuitional practitioners and private researchers alike. The website is dedicated to the concepts and guidelines given by Shrii P.R. Sarkar, and in the spirit of his life's mission of "Neo-humanism", that is, for the benefit of all life in this universe...".

Heim Theory, Burkhard Heim, also Google, Wiki

Global Scaling Theory, Hartmund Müller
"With the aid of the so called Mueller fractal it is possible to find comprehensive views and conclusions about Mass distribution of the universe; cause of forces like gravitation, electromagnetism, etc.; the essence of time, preferred and avoided dimension ranges of nature for example for lengths, frequencies, temperatures, etc.; distribution of prime numbers; interaction with DNA".

Scalar Waves Google

Water as a Network of Icosahedral Water Clusters, Martin Chaplin
"A number of explanations of the complex behavior of liquid water have been published, many quite recently, with several stirring up great controversy. In this site, I have attempted to present these ideas in a self-consistent and balanced manner, which I hope will encourage both its understanding and further work".

New Hierarchic Theory of Condensed Matter / Unified Theory of Bivacuum, Duality, Electromagnetism, Gravitation and Time, Alex Kaivarainen, PhD, "New concept of Bivacuum is introduced, as a dynamic matrix of the Universe, composed from non mixing subquantum particles of the opposite energies, forming vortical structures. These structures, named Bivacuum fermions and antifermions, are presented by infinitive number of cells-dipoles, each cell containing a pair of correlated actual torus V(+) and complementary antitorus V(-) of the opposite quantized energy, virtual mass, charge and magnetic moments"
Hi Dan, Thanks for referring two of my work directions at your site- Application to Water and Ice" is presented at: and "Unified Theory of Bivacuum, Particles Duality, Fields & Time. New Bivacuum Mediated Interaction, Overunity Devices, Cold Fusion & Nucleosynthesis" at: This theory contains the evidence that the Bivacuum dipoles symmetry shift, determined by the Golden mean, is responsible for the rest mass and charge origination of the electron and proton. Best wishes. Alex Kaivarainen

Topological Geometrodynamics, Matti Pitkanen, PhD
"TGD is an attempt to unify fundamental interactions by assuming that physical space-times can be regarded as submanifolds of certain 8-dimensional space, which is product of Minkowski space future light cone and 4-dimensional complex projective space CP_2".

Electromagnetic Environmental Compatibility, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl english homepage
"In his books, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl develops a consistent fieldtheory which allows all knewn interactions to be derived from. Instead of the usually used Maxwell equation, he chooses the original law of induction discovered by Faraday as a hypothetical factor and prooves the electric vortex being part of it. This potential vortex spreads scalar-like in space, a longitudinal electric wave which properties have been already prooven a century ago by Nicola Tesla and can be studied in a historical replica by everyone".

Cantorian Fractal Spacetime and Quantum-like Chaos in Neural Networks of the Human Brain
A.M. Selvam,
"The signatures of self-organized criticality i.e. long-range temporal correlations have recently been identified in the electrical activity of the brain. The physics of self-organized criticality or chaos is not yet identified. A recently developed non-deterministic cell dynamical system model for atmospheric flows predicts the observed long-range spatiotemporal correlations as intrinsic to quantum-like mechanics governing flow dynamics".

The Quantum AetherDynamics Institute
"We show that the fundamental constants in physics, such as the fine-structure, the masses of the electron and proton, and gravitation are not just random values, but have an exact value based upon a quantum-scale, dynamic Aether (the Aether unit has a precise value equal to Coulomb's constant times 16pi²). The Aether Physics Model is stunning in that it mathematically predicts and explains the measured values of physics with striking precision".

Naudin Labs - The Quest For Overunity, Jean-Louis Naudin
"You are WELCOME in the JLN Labs web site dedicated to the search of Free-Energy solutions and new generation of space-propulsion systems".

Complexity Papers Online
Online Papers on Self-Organisation, Complexity and Artificial Life

Fractal Strings as the Basis of Cantorian-Fractal Spacetime and the Fine Structure Constant
Carlos Castro,
"Beginning with the most general fractal strings/sprays construction recently expounded in the book by Lapidus and Frankenhuysen, it is shown how the complexified extension of El Naschie's Cantorian-Fractal spacetime model belongs to a very special class of families of fractal strings/sprays whose scaling ratios are given by suitable pinary (pinary, prime) powers of the Golden Mean".

The golden mean as clock cycle of brain waves, Harald Weiss and Volkmar Weiss
"The principle of information coding by the brain seems to be based on the golden mean".

 The additional summary of science articles BY bottom of