Why TIME must be FRACTAL to emerge from chaos, create synchronicity and support SELF AWARENESS

The essence:

Time in physics is simply a name for rate of ROTATION. Rotation rates HAVE to eventually self organize in to fractality - because only that ability to compress perfectly the (charge) inertia of rotation- allows energy systems to emerge from chaos into the efficient energy distribution that fractality allows!

ORIGIN OF SPIN: The inertia stored by electric charge in rotation - being the ONLY definition physics has for BOTH mass AND time.

Perfect and fractal compression (among rotating systems called mass and time) are the essential prerequisite for the perfect charge radiance called life, mind, and self organization.

This has dramatic implications: it means -that to create synchronicity - it is necessary to restore the fractality in time (example- the book SPIRAL CALENDAR below - showing key events in TIME will nest in a golden mean spiral in temporal perdiodicity).

It means that to create mind, and emerge from chaos - that the fractal and self-aware fabric of time must be maintained. This is a deep spiritual truth - sometimes called - the TEMPLAR agenda of the repair of the fabric of time.

Deep ancient wars were fought among the dracos about the timelines and time travel- (Montauk) - which have fractionated and bled the fractality in time. Repairing this is akin to surgery to fix a living body.(electric rotation=time-requiring the fractality which is bodymaking)

Essentially - it is self evident that only fractality MAKES living bodies (electrically) - in BOTH space and time.

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"failure to embed (ground /get in phase synchrony .. etc.) - is the cause of depletion, because it is lack of fractality that causes wave coherence to bleed. Even as re-arranging events in historical time so that they embed better on a Golden Spiral temporally (book:"Spiral Calendar" /Carolan) - is what makes time itself inhabitable and stops 'Angels' (timelord / Solarian) from bleeding."

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tained to consider the Auric Time Scale as specifying the structure of global ...... Bands of Auric Time/Perid Scale Periods Relative to time Unity ...

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----- the Auric Time Scale, and PHI Golden Ratio - References - courtesy of Geoff Stray: The first part of the story is covered in Beyond 2012 p.137 et seq, and the second part is from p.231-233.

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