Proving Phi Fractal Self Similarity is Electrical CAUSE of the GRAVITY that HOLDS ATOMS TOGETHER:

& below- does that same platonic fractal perfectly explain the TRUE 3Dimensional ORIGIN OF COLOR??

By calculating NUCLEAR (hadron) nest distances vs ELECTRON nest (radii) distances - do we PROVE that Phi - fractal CHARGE SELF SIMILARITY is THE CAUSE OF THE GRAVITY THAT HOLDS ATOMS (& galaxies) TOGETHER? ..

March 17 Update: read about overwhelming response + more evidence - update..

(do they fit log Phi vs Log 2 scaling???) - like this..
Thus proving that the nucleus CAUSES GRAVITY/perfected CHARGE COLLAPSE
by nesting inside the electron shells MATHEMATICALLY precisely.. like this.
(Dan Winter animates his 3D equation for Phi)

If you are one of many who choose to reprint Dan Winter's original animations - feel free- just mention Dan Winter- each place.

Star mother tetra/cube to dodec - icos - dodec infinite 3d stellation model of dna/earthgrid/zodiac.. AND we see below - origin of Atomic relation of the NUCLEUS to the ELECTRON...
and ....the true 3 DIMENSIONAL - origin of COLOR: (photon like the electron as a TOROIDAL slipknot of CHARGE-see link article updated April 07)
(excellent further reading /visuals: )
When the donut toroidal photon gets to the bend point in the prism, the compression test forces it into the only tilt which can share the compression space in the 'traffic jam' {implosion:ultimate principle of sorting}- this causes the photon to nest in the maximum way its spins can superpose symmetry axes- the 7 spin symmetries of the tetra-are natures maxima. The result: the photons emerge sorted into the tilt or phase angles of the 7 symmetry arrows thru a tetra- CALLED the 7 colors of the RAINBOW!

DID you ever notice: the perception of colors was DISCONTINUOUS or 'catastrophy theory' with respect to the continuum of frequencies?
Did you ever notice - that a continuum of photons enters the prism- but then (implosive compression?) somehow sorts them into (phase conjugation by fractality?) DISCONTINUUS color bands?
Why is the color wheel - 3 primary pair - a HEX wheel, yet everyone talks about SEVEN colors of the RAINBOW?
Why is RED centripedal (atom/adom=shadow of that photon phase tilt in HEBREW means RED and TO MAKE HARD or compress) vs BLUE CENTRIFUGAL / unpacking?
Is it because one side of the torus photon hydrodynamically more centripedal with charge flux than the other??

See below the 13 axis of symmetry,-26 holes in this zome system/connector= 7 axes of tetra/cube + 6 symmetry axes of dodec/icos > predicting the hex vs dodeca color map - TRUE 3 DIMENSIONAL ORIGIN OF COLOR : Non-destructive approach angles to the PHOTON as the SURFACE OF A TORUS. - Cones (in retina) in wave theory - can ONLY measure phase angle! The photon does not exist in flatland- it is a toroidal slipknot - so if the photon is not 2 dimensional, then certainly color CANNOT JUST be frequency - but rather the frequency 440-880 angstroms of the visible color spectrum is more likely the shadow in 2d (octave cross section?) of the DONUT PHOTON in 3d!

This article is in the series: , , , , Gravity Theory:

Implosion Group (originally by Dan Winter) newsletter Mar 11, 07 Fractal Gravity-Completing the PROOF that FRACTALITY IS the Electrical CAUSE of the Gravity: url:
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: “100 Years of Writing Field Equations, yet has physics investigated whether the same fractal field that causes gravity could also most nourish DNAFractality Causes Charge to ACCELERATE! - All field effects that are NOT Fractal do KILL DNA- Since all biologic growth is limited by ability to absorb energy it is self evident the best way to compress that inward is FRACTAL!Mar 12,07: -Phi Fractal Self Similarity CAUSES the Gravity that Holds Atoms Together

International Unified Physics Theories Conference-Scientists Version of this Paper in PDF:
Is Fractality: The Electrical Mechanism of Gravity? - ‘Fractality-Gravity, Perception and Color Descrimination’-
( Download here)

"Is the universe a dodecahedron? (ref: ) , 8 October 2003-NATURE MAGAZINE:"The standard model of cosmology predicts that the universe is infinite and flat. However, cosmologists in France and the US are now suggesting that space could be finite and shaped like a dodecahedron instead. They claim that a universe with the same shape as the twelve-sided polygon can explain measurements of the cosmic microwave background - the radiation left over from the big bang - that spaces with more mundane shapes cannot (J-P Luminet et al. 2003 Nature 425 593)."
We had overwhelming evidence and overwhelming response..
On the day we published this (left)
FRACTALITY:The CAUSE of Gravity... and Overwhelm..
look at what happened to the server..

33,000 hits in a day, just a few days after the first graphic article release ( ) - triggered 53 gig in one day server traffic.

Summary: evidence fractality causes gravity:
+New Scientists Magazine - headline news: the FRACTAL UNIVERSE,
+new physics films (Nassim Haramein) the FRACTAL VACUUM
+new evidence the atomic nucleus is profoundly platonically SELF SIMILAR or FRACTAL to the platonic nested ELECTRON SHELLS.
+new evidence the solar system planetary orbital radii are profoundly self-similar based on Golden Ratio ( )
+appropriate physics models: fractal capacitance CAUSES GRAVITY ( )& numerous 'Lifters' / orgone evidence for fractal capacitance=gravity and life.

+We have also added the links to Dr.Alex Kevarainan:Golden Physics "Our dynamic duality model elucidates the quantum background of non-locality, principle of least action and Golden mean, unifies the quantum and relativist theories.. Tending of open systems to conditions of Golden mean is supposed to be a driving force of their self-organization... It appears, that Golden Mean plays a crucial role in matter (rest mass) and elementary charge origination." -who with dozens of other physics now realizing Golden Ratio is THE PRIMARY PRINCIPLE OF CHARGE SELF ORGANIZATION INTO MASS (successful compression- see wave generation proof by heterodynes dans Fractal Synth Software)

+ Randy Masters unconfirmed analysis: Golden Ratio animates the spectral emission lines of Hydrogen- in Thrust created by Capacitors discussion:

short prolog: NOW THAT WE KNOW (Phi optimized, Implosive, & Phase Conjugate) FRACTAL ELECTRIC FIELDS ARE THE CAUSE OF ALL SELF ORGANIZATION, GRAVITY, PERCEPTION, CONSCIOUSNESS, HEALING, LIFE, (nouishment, education, symbol..) and ONLY way out of CHAOS..into ANY SUSTAINABILITY... ( )

we can APPLY this to:

-Rearrange the magnetic lines of Earth to fractality (like the ancients did at EVERY major sacred site- usually pent, phi based and magnetically EMBEDDED) - to restore gravity, atmosphere maintenance, + compression ability ,+ climate emergence from chaos, + restore resistance to solar wind. See pictorial examples of modern enviornment shifting geomagnetic megastructures: Bill Witherspoons Sri Yantra in the desert - with evidence of massive ecosystem effect- - also massive geomantics .

-Reinvent the medical profession and architecture and urban design and agriculture and food processing - now that we know the ONLY field effect in which ALL biology can thrive and reach climax sustainability is ALWAYS a FRACTAL FIELD - see the practical evidence and many links:

-Reinvent all religion - now that we know the ONLY path into the river of charge sustainability called ensoulment and life after death is PRECISELY the hygiene to enter the world of the shareable electric wave which exists at the core of biology's phase conjugate fractality. Here the phase or group wave velocity modes approach the inPHIknit - where ALL religious stories - of DNA communion begin. This is the only real alKHEMy of history: the only way in to the fearless icy kool throat of this implosive phase conjugate vortex in DNA- the REAL shem-an-ic.
(+only real meaning of KHEM in alKHEMy and KHEMistry=black hole access)

What this means- is that every form of metabolism can only climax and complete itself when it acheives electric fractality. Ever wonder why you burp and fart when you take your clothes off and stand naked with wet feet on charged Earth. It is because when you ALLOW your body to embed in charge fractality - ALL metabolism gets a chance to go to completion. Digestion for example - is a name for the charge distribution that results from acheiving compression fractality. The ULTIMATE digestive (and healing) aid is ALWAYS going to be only a perfectly biologically fractal electric environment!

Come on kids- there is still a way to make our genepool sustainable. BUT it IS going to begin with physics understanding the ONLY possible biologic definition of A SUSTAINABLE WAVE! (a fractal field of course - only there does non destructive charge distribution - create the definition of wave sustainability).

Of course this requires we reinvent our stupid civilization. But it was boring (and depressing ) before anyway. Imagine - politicians who don't know that the ONLY biologic definition of POLITICS is BODY POLIS. The POLIS of a body - is like a bee hive able to take flight collectively because of the completion of the the charge field of their best DNA - which by implosion suddenly becomes navigable. Royal simply means electrically charge radiant by fractality. The BODY POLIS is the biologic body ABLE to make charge into a POLIS. Death survival is predicted by lucid dream ability is predicted by the sudden onset of implosive biologic CHARGE.

When capacitance emerging from biology gets fractal / charge implosive - it spits out an electric field - sometimes crudely called incubus and sucubus. WHEN that field gets coherent, fractal and sustainable it develops an upwelling emergeant - + gravity MAKING - toroidal bubble called KA in Egypt (boat to the underworld - defining moment to the word KAtholic and KAthar)- which later became the word SHEM - shem-an. This word SHEM (fractal and thereby phase conjugate array of biologic capacitance) was mistranslated into 'altar' by the church - that great parasitic intellectual midget of recent history - possibly responsible for more murders than even the U.S. CIA- a daunting achievement. The technologic skill to build a life span extending capacitor (Edin, Stonehenge) came from an (Annunaki) culture careening out of control in its own (Nephalitic) genetic disaster as they set up their doomed addiction serving gold powder mining operations here- in several nightmare episodes (Lumeria / Sumeria). The money that PAID for the genetic engineers who made our slave ancestors - WAS a pirate of pent - i tANce- BUT - the DNA (arkAN) which they brought - knew MORE than they did. (Thank 'God').

What this MEANS in practice - is that the simple real definition of the word POLItics- means that if your group has no BLISS (charge climax state for biology / implosion- the start of the phase conjugation leading to the climax state for ALL perception - and the only FINAL form of ALL education -) not only do they NOT get an immune system OR SUSTAINABILITY / OR life after death - but also they get NO politics. See our section on re-inventing government (hint GeOGre the Bushed..) now that we know the only reason to have government is to empower people to reach the biologic climax state: Bliss. ( ).

Oh yes- what this also means - is we no longer need to kill each other for religious reasons. Because all religious dialog is now ONLY about testable physics principles and shareable experiment - which determine and prove electrically measureable immortality- what electric field survives death- and in fact does not need to die - instead of stupid and murderous disempowering personality and miracle worship.

We propose a simple biologic revolution based on the pure self empowering science which says biology cannot become sustainable in ANY form until it gets fractal.(end prolog)

Dear Richard Amoroso- Thanks for reminding me to complete my paper submission for the Proceedings of Budapest Conference on Unified Field Physics. My original paper "Fractality {Perfected by Phi}: The Electrical Cause of Gravity" can be proven in multiple ways. Here we look also at the fractality of nuclear symmetry to electron shell as another example.

Proving my hypothesis that fractality is the cause of gravity would complete the stated dream of both Einstein and Kepler. Einstein was convinced that infinite charge collapse or compression was the key to unifying the electric field with gravity. Of course he could not have known that fractality is clearly physics only answer to infinite compression. Kepler kept dreaming that the planetary orbitals were a dance around the platonic solids. What he did not know - was that the platonic solids primary nesting ratios always involve primarily Golden Ratio (tetra cube to dodec to icos ratio to dodec )- in counterpoint to the square root of 2 ratios inside the tetra cube octa. I have shown that in the infinite stellated (5cube)-dodec to icos to dodec (all the above animations + the essential symmetry of DNA, Earth Grid, Zodiac, Universe + Every Living Protein, Cold Fusion, Gravity + Consciousness + ONLY possible true 3D Fractal ) - EACH one of the infinite array of vertex has x,y,and z coordinates which are a simple multiple of Golden Ratio! (My first book "One Crystals Dance").
Dan Winter is the first to explain WHY the S3# symmetry group - most often used to describe 'gravity field' is actually DODECAHEDRAL! ( )- Also why - the Palladium atom - key to cold fusion (the thin film will feel COLD in your hand!)- atomically has DODECAHEDRAL symmetry!

The work to show that the planetary orbitals ARE all fundamentally geometrized by Golden Ratio is already done.. (

SO in fact the wonderful news is that in principle Kepler was right to see the planets nesting by perfect nesting 3d platonic geometry. And more wonderfully- the REASON planets nest this way IS to complete the FRACTALITY which is the only way to stabilize the gravity of the whole solar system!

As we know - the newest science: THE FRACTAL UNIVERSE - showing the Universe is specifically arrayed fractally - beautiful supports my original hypothesis that Fractality is THE electrical cause of THE GRAVITY.

In my earlier publication "Fractality: The Physics of Creation" - I visually illustrated HOW fractality is the cause of the gravitational force that holds the atom together. Specifically - that the (platonic nest ) geometry of the placement of the hadrons (protons/neutrons) in the nucleus is precisely SELF SIMILAR or fractal to the (platonic nest ) arrangement of the electron shells -inside -out so to speak. This fractality (where charge compression is turned in to charge acceleration by constructive heterodyning b PHI of phase velocities) then allows the non-destructive charge collapse - called gravity which then holds both atoms and galaxies together.
exerpted here:
"Self-Similarity:So, how does nature do it?-(source see link) How does nature direct molecules into snow flakes, or crystals or any other regular form? Chaos Theory has an answer: Self Similarity, a fundamental principle that allows building blocks to mimic their own shape in the building they make.....A large number of particles will display a pattern that is near equal to the initial possibilities of a single particle.....A similar thing is going on here: A large number of elements may form a shape that is derived from the shape of one element. And because no element can be coerced to follow a certain path, no large number of elements will display the exact same pattern as another group. Patterns caused by large numbers of elements are alike but never the same. Hence all snow flakes look alike but no two are exactly identical.
...... Self-similarity is a really big deal. It occurs all over nature and many have argued that self-similarity is one of the key natural principles that shape our world the way it is. Self-similarity has been observed in all fields of research: physics but also biology and even psychology and sociology. It also happens all over Scriptures and has been studied extensively, most often referred to as type-Theology. In the Book of Exodus for instance, Moses constructs the Tabernacle according to patterns he observed in heaven, making the tabernacle a self-similarity of something that exists on a different level of complexity, namely heaven. ........

Visual evidence- the electron shells (above s,p,d,f) above nest platonically..

below- note the NUCLEAR HADRONS (proton + neutrons) are ALSO platonically arranged.( see Moon / Univ Chicago pic, 21st Century Magazine).

References on Moon's 3D Platonic Model of the Nucleus:

Dan Winter challenges physics to 1. quantify this obvious SELF SIMILARITY between electrons charge symmetry vs. nucleus charge symmetry,

and 2. show that in fact there can be ANY other reason for this SELF SIMILARITY (between electron shells vs nucleus) if not to CAUSE the gravity which holds atoms together! (constructive charge collapse= charge implosion >where charge compression becomes the charge acceleration which DEFINES gravity?)

--end exerpt from

(repeating above paragraph) In (this) my earlier publication "Fractality: The Physics of Creation" - I visually illustrated HOW fractality is the cause of the gravitational force that holds the atom together. Specifically - that the (platonic nest ) geometry of the placement of the hadrons (protons/neutrons) in the nucleus is precisely SELF SIMILAR or fractal to the (platonic nest ) arrangement of the electron shells -inside -out so to speak. This fractality (where charge compression is turned in to charge acceleration by constructive heterodyning b PHI of phase velocities) then allows the non-destructive charge collapse - called gravity- which then holds both atoms and galaxies together.

This is so nicely collelate to the beautiful hypothesis from Douglass White ( Observer Physics ) that PHASE CONJUGATION (I would say optimized by Phi / Fractality) - is the mechanism of the BONDING FORCE INSIDE THE NUCLEUS.

Specifically - after I wrote my original paper "Phase Conjugation" (Phi Optimized Fractality)- is the CAUSE and Mechanism of PERCEPTION ( -
(exerpt) "...our ability to understand observation or perception in psychology is precisely limited by our understanding of phase conjugate physics. - - A phase conjugate mirror accomplishes self correcting of aberration, time reversal,- in short the observation of self organization. Once we see the holy grail of physics in the fractal Golden Ratio coeur of phase conjugation - we can grok why PERCEPTION IS the WAVE MECHANICS OF PHASE CONJUGATION! "
by way of correlation to this - Douglass White - writes ( in his highly recommended paper Observer Physics Major Findings : ) "
* Phase Conjugation describes the fundamental coherent interaction of all wave-particle phenomena. It is a fully general way to describe phenomena, including consciousness, because all phenomena (including particles) can be described with waves.
* Mass Conjugation and Four-Particle Mixing is phase conjugation adapted to particles. The gravitational tracking beam between a planet and a star is phase conjugated. The helium atom with four nucleons is the most perfectly balanced form of mass conjugation and four particle mixing "

In response to my original paper - Fractal Universe: Cause of Gravity - paper ( ) - Douglass White wrote: "Dear Dan, Thanks for this. I may put a link on my site. You will note that I put links to two great animations by the team right on my (web) front page. I assume you were the first to map the phi spiral onto a torus."

Note also how my original equations- to map the Golden Mean spiral on the torus- also became my original model of the origin of the Hebrew and arabic alphabets -

Note how the inside hole to the outside RADIUS ratio of this structure could be used to correlated origin of fine structure constant (dan suggests the math is not compelling- see "Deriving the Fine Structure Constant from the Hydrodynamic translation of vorticity on the surface of a torus donut at : - I suggest - even if the math used there is not compelling, the concept is elegantly in the right direction). ---

So the piece of data - I would yet need to plug in - to finalize my theoretical proof - that FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY .. is:
(experimental proof - is in process: )

the numeric value of the radius of those platonically nested nuclear hadrons (in several atoms perhaps ) compared to the numeric value of the radius of the platonically nested electrons. Gold and palladium for example are specially suggested to be profoundly nucleus to electron FRACTAL in this model - accounting for their role in Gold Fusion etc. - that fractality then becoming the symmetry definition of the physics of alchemy and the 'black hole' making -definition of the word KHEM as in CHEMistry.

(Here is the piece of data needed to finish this paper>) So please if you or anyone receiving this note - could pass along some numeric values for a few of these atoms (what is known about actual nuclear radii vs electron radii) then - I will go ahead and complete the calculation to show that they fit this model : (see animated star mother next)..

Specially the model predicts that those actual numeric nuclear vs electron platonic radii distances- will fit log functions of PHI Golden Ratio interdigitated with Octaves - in precisely the way the tetra cube nests in the dodec.
- like this: (Compare to 'star mother' below..)

These are equation animations of"Phi Recursion physics" , ceated by Dan Winter..from his simple equation FOR PERFECTED phase conjugation. He used the Golden Mean spiral mapped into 3D either on the (60 degree) Cone of concentric Dodec, and also that same Golden Spiral - topo mapped on the torus shape of all fields (origin of alphabets)

All 4 of these my original geometric animations were taken by Sal Giordino - (in 1 case he credited me- Dan Winter- their author) to illustrate his home page PHI THE SOURCE OF QUANTUM GRAVITY "(link/comment also below)
Thanks to dan - who wrote the Fractal Synth software (link below)- to prove that Golden Ratio produced the maximum possible CONSTRUCTIVE wave interference in wave relations in general. This was helpful (a good step) toward proving - my original idea that heterodyning for Golden Ratio charge waves - produced the non-destructive charge compression (which turns in to acceleration by constructive interference of phase velocity) to produce gravity.

Inspired by my idea that Phi recursion optimizes heterodyne phase conjugation, dan successfully set out to prove that the Golden Mean ratio emerges from wave physics optimizing criteria; this "back-enginereering" of the Golden Mean ratio is the first time ever that its importance was proven based on a pure physics departure point alone (also with Fractal Synth Software- link below) ; his peer-reviewed paper also demonstrates that the Fourier spectrum of a Golden Mean recursive heterodyne is a perfect Fractal, whereas other ratios create a chaotic spectrum.
This is a direct proof that Golden Mean among heterodynes creates / translates into fractality among normal waves. Then directly as a result of conversation with Dan and dan- Sal plugged this Golden Mean wave function into the Shroedinger wave equation
(link below). Thus Sal further demonstrated how this principle translates in terms of quantum physics. (His Quantum Gravity Base on Phi - links below) -Based on our hypothesis that (only) Golden Mean optimized heterodyne phase conjugation creates soliton waves (photons and matter), Sal could then conclude that Golden Mean is an intrinsic part of the quantum physical reality. dans and Sals papers will be presented at the CASYS'07 conference on computing Anticipatory Systems

Here is a screen from dan's Fractal Synth Software (there at - of particular note - dan's discovery that the power spectra of Golden Ratio heterodyning produces the Binary Fibonacci sequence - probably explaining why THAT shows up in DNA - see discussion/pics - Gariev- shows GRAVITY / black holes in DNA)-
Phi / Golden Mean vs Octaves
Charge DISTRIBUTED (Imploded thru light speed into Gravity?) vs Charge Isolated / Stored

(In the above Fractal Synth Software- see link- evidence that Golden Ratio Fractality - allows the constructive charge compression which CAUSES gravity).


as discussed at (Sal G's>),
- Towards a Grand Unified Field Theory based on Phi Recusion and Quantum Gravity (4 of Dan Winter's implosive recursion 3d equations based on phi - animations on Sal's home page)

My original mathematic solution to map the Golden Spiral path (of charge?) on the surface of the torus - applied to the electron..

compare with Dan Winter's: >

We compare this to - Origin of alphabets -similar spin path because this alphabet of symmetry is the language of creation?
It is important to recognize this basic structure: the 3D Golden Spiral topo mapped on and precessing around - the torus donut-
forming the basic building blocks of all creation - from the electron .. (proton?)
to - as theosophy said - the ANU - whose 5 spin inside, 7 outside - slip knot forms the symmetry recipe for the heart of hydrogen (3 Anu per quark), the heart of the human, and (as the same clairvoyants saw who contributed to the physics of the quark)- the heart of the Sun:

How the Anu (compare to electron slip knot -vs photon as slip knot torus model below).. was originally triangulated into the quark physics(see book:"Psi Perception of Quarks"):

As you then see how this Phi fractality creates perfection of charge distribution (pic below) - ask yourself do you now know WHY the (gravity making by self similarity) SIZE of the black hole at the center of the galaxy - statistically predicts HOW BIG THAT GALAXY (gravity field) IS.

Update- Mar 13: -Subject: fractal time vs the observer Paper from- Fractal Research Institute,[Fwd: Re: proving fractality electrically causes gravity], From: Dan Winter <> To: douglas white <>, -scientists list..
of particular interest to ?- douglass white, observer physics..

If perception= phase conjugation ,
that would depend on [charge] compression (in space and time..
no wonder golden ratio EEG identifies peak perception.
..(comment on Susanne Vrobel - Fractality in Time - whose letter and paper- follow)
Susanne Vrobel (letter follows), attached her pdf paper - fractal time., see her many physics papers on Fractality in Time at her -The Institute for Fractal Research, Kassel, Germany ,
She is presenting- The Kairos Syndrome - at the Chaos conference, - , Liege belgium coming up ( many of the papers at that conference, are from members of our budapest conference) Sal, Richard Amoroso, Isvan Dienes..
-------- Original Message --------Subject: Re: proving fractality electrically causes gravity
Date: 12 Mar 2007 23:22 GMT , From: (Susanne Vrobel)
To: Dan Winter <>
Hello Dan, -- Yes, if Daniel is agreeable, I shall be presenting a paper in Liège again, this time on "The Kairos Syndrome".
- - I looked at what you sent me, ... it's a lot and I haven't read it all.
I like the idea that self-similar structures condense time! (I can relate ... I don't know if you know my notion of time condensation, but I think it's very similar ... I enclose the MS of my book on this topic). I once wrote about how an observer perspective
subjected to a condensation scenario is analogous to the effect of temporal gravitational lensing ...
but this was mainly metaphorically ... your're actually talking about gravitation itself... wow ...

as nobody so far has come up with a viable theory of how to combine the 4 fundamental forces,
I'm naturally very interested. ..... I have just submitted a review paper on
"Fractal Time, Observer Perspectives and Levels of Description in Nature"
to a Journal of Theoretical Physics.
....These days, I mainly work on the notion of an extended observer
(a fractal one, of course, the nestings being generated by contextualization)
Yes, let's talk sometime. ...I'm on Skype ("susie.vrobel")....Cheers, -- Susie

Now--- back to the true 3 DIMENSIONAL - origin of COLOR: (photon like the electron as a TOROIDAL slipknot of CHARGE)

DID you ever notice: the perception of colors was DISCONTINUOUS or 'catastrophy theory' with respect to the continuum of frequencies?
Did you ever notice - that a continuum of photons enters the prism- but then (implosive compression?) somehow sorts them into (phase conjugation by fractality?) DISCONTINUUS color bands?
Why is the color wheel - 3 primary pair - a HEX wheel, yet everyone talks about SEVEN colors of the RAINBOW?
Why is RED centripedal (atom/adom=shadow of that photon phase tilt in HEBREW means RED and TO MAKE HARD or compress) vs BLUE CENTRIFUGAL / unpacking?
Is it because one side of the torus photon hydrodynamically more centripedal with charge flux than the other??

See below the 13 axis of symmetry,-26 holes in this zome system/connector= 7 axes of tetra/cube + 6 symmetry axes of dodec/icos > predicting the hex vs 7 color map - TRUE 3 DIMENSIONAL ORIGIN OF COLOR : Non-destructive approach angles to the PHOTON as the SURFACE OF A TORUS. - Cones (in retina) in wave theory - can ONLY measure phase angle! The photon does not exist in flatland- it is a toroidal slipknot - so if the photon is not 2 dimensional, then certainly color CANNOT JUST be frequency - but rather the frequency 440-880 angstroms of the visible color spectrum is more likely the shadow in 2d (octave cross section?) of the DONUT PHOTON in 3d!

Color perception evolved with biological need. Ancient Hebrews could not perceive BLUE and so had no word for it. The Hebrew alphabet -genetics intervention software from alpha draconis predicted RED -adom - was centripedal: to MAKE HARD- because RED / ADOM is the proper angle of the Golden Spiral on the {photon?} donut whose shadow IS that Hebrew LETTER - Aleph - used to make their word RED.

This was more than just evolution climbing a 2 dimensional ladder of higher FREQUENCY - this was evolution climbing a 3 dimensional TREE OF LIFE.

ONE important principle here - establishes

- the origin of ALPHABETS - which is the index of charge domain tilt angles which can be swallowed non-destructively into the braiding + therefore programming of DNA,
<tetra / 4codon based 7 axial Hebrew DNA symmetry vs superset - ensouled dodec arabic/ophanic/Greek DNA 'alphabet'>

- the origin of COLOR PERCEPTION in 3D,

- the origin of the KHEM (black hole access) in CHEMistry, alKHEMY (all bonding ionic and covalent is simply field effect phase locking by symmetry indexing) ,

- and finally: stellar black hole formation (and as we animate below what will determine success when Andromeda galaxy soon collides with our Milky Way).

'like ships passing in the night'- here-astronomers animate how much inertia is transferred during our galaxies impending collision with Andromeda - DEPENDS on the critical INCIDENT COLLISION PHASE ANGLE.. (galaxies black hole cores generally fractally determine galaxy gravity and size)..

That principle is this: when field effects approach each other -(they are all toroidal from photonic, electronic, subatomic, molecular to intergalactic)- they can bond and or swallow each others inertia NON-destructively - ONLY - if:

they find one of the correct approach angles or vectors to allow the charge to be swallowed without burping in to the central implosive black hole (hydronamic inertia flow diagram self organizes on the surface of all toroidal fields based on 7 axes vs 6) . This then requires using the 6 dodec icos axes + 7 tetra cube axes=13 making zomes 26 holes rhombi-icosa.

This is why algae had to recognize green vs. other colors. Survival depended on the symmetry skill to be able to insert field effects OUTSIDE successfully in PHASE with the field effects (molecular KHEMisty inside) - thus to generate the ALCHEMY of nourishment. This is why the fractalizing origin of all symbol- is the holographically fractal ability to re-present inside by EMBEDDING into the FIELD effect outside. (Only the Golden Spiral on the donut torus optimizes this).

As the angels say: "Time is a Room with Many Doors". Now we know, that like mass - also time is a name for the rotation of charge. We also know now that access to synchronicity, 'God', and self organization depends on fractality in time as well as space. We also know better now - HOW the alphabets were a set of approach vectors (symmetry axes) to enter those doors. ( see also Ophanim / Enochian- origins of Greek + Golden Dawn - at )

The Angels also whispered to us today - that we must not lose sight of what is triggering your solar maximum / rapture / 2012. As the 13the zodiacal house (Serpens Ophicus/ Corona Borealis) - ''Jitterbugs" from implosive 'zome' dodec icos - to cube-octa... this will determine if you get fractal enough to non-destructively absorb the energies of this galaxy to solar orgasm / rapture. This applies - from the galaxy trigger - 'erection of the holy cross' - of solar orgasm> and also to whether the Earth grid is able to jitterbug also to that sacred compressibility.


bit more on How the Tilt Phase Angle of Galactic Spin - triggers Solar Maximum.. (exerpted from , )
Next 2 images are from "Monument to the End of Time" by Vincent Bridges + Jay Weidner

When the tilt or phase angle of approaching waves is exquisitely correct (best example: phase conjugation) then the AMOUNT inertia passed during collision grows - toward inPHIknit? In the this example ( just above and below illustrations) we are animating the exact tilt angle approach of the galactic equator vs the solar equator vs the Earth equator- with the approach of 2012 ("Erection of the Holy Cross" - see Nick Fiorenza below) - This charge compression maxima is strongly hypothesized to trigger our predicted Sun burp (2000-2012 Solar Maxima- THE RAPTURE) - the galactic alignment of 3 SUPERPOSED ROTATIONS - which triggers it.
(animation Dan Winter). This is REMARKABLY similar in language to Nick Fiorenza's ( , ) work astronomically / astrologically describing the upcoming nutation / precession - which sees the: 1. Galactic Equator, 2. Solar Equator, 3. Earth Equator .. approach the 90 degree relation ERECTION OF THE HOLY CROSS.. triggering the end of our age...
(Nick Fiorenza )

Equator's of galaxy, sun, and earth wandering like tilting saucers toward 90 degrees for implosion of sun: "Erection of the Holy Cross" by Nick Fiorenza

 Wormhole in Zometool, (13 zome axial pairs-26 holes each rhombiicosa connector) - Pent/Deca Like the Antennae at Montauk - Image Thanks to Russell Wright

Thanks also to dan for building this photon's surface flow model to confirm my original hypothesis that the PURE GEOMETRIC ORIGIN OF COLOR - was the hydrodynamic charge flow on the surface of the photon. The photon, being a torus donut could receive and propagate charge only from the 6 pair (dodec/icos) and 7 pair (tetra /cube) symmetry axis of the zome (13 pair = 26 holes). So color is essentially the 7 color moebius (every color touches every other one) on the surface of the torus donut - codefined by the 7 axes of the tetra (which again - dan was kind enough to animate for me- below).

The next section on pure geometric origin of color is exerpted from (the 'color' of DNA's programming BRAID!!)- it also references dan's ( - where he proved at Dan's suggestion - the way the 7 symmetry arrows thru the tetra perfectly cut (codefine) the perfect 7 color toroid moebius.

NEW: The separation of a continuous spectrum into discrete color bands, is due to the segregation of inertia into the 7 color map on the toroidal photon - defined by the 7 axes of the tetra. The FUSION of phases (phase conjugation) in the prism is the CAUSE of color segregation by phase angle.

WHY it is that the 7th recursive braid of the DNA thread is the moment it becomes toroidal DNA, and implosively more gravity making- is probably related to the seven color map which codefines the surface of the torus- with the tetra- is a deep principle contained also in the PURE GEOMETRY ORIGIN OF COLOR:

Note to dan and Michael and Luke: the secret of color healing, is also the secret of phase conjugate optics. Knowing that the photon is a flow diagram based on the seven color map of a torus,

(See how the flow forms from the self organizing toroidal - decaying into the 7 smaller donuts exactly arranged at the 7 spins of the tetra-
origin of rainbow, heart muscle, anu, hebrew - and string theory)

we can further say..

If we were to track the inertia storage of the photons toroidal surface as it approached the center of a phase conjugate mirror (this is from my kundalini) - we would see the propagation of charge from that point of implosion - would be in TWO separate symmetry sets. First would be the charge conserving - 7 symmetry arrows of the tetra(inCUBEation), but ALSO the more distributive component (and probably superluminal) of that charge inertia propagation direction set- would be the 6 axes spin pairs of the icos dodeca. SO the TOTAL number of progation directions (phase angles) tilts of the PHOTON DONUT - called COLOR - would be the 6+7 = 13 spin pairs. This is exactly WHY there are 13 pair , 26 holes in the ZOME symmetry - rhombi-icos (animation / film / kit : ). Michael Heleus kindly suggested this is why the superstring theory discovered they had to add 2 to the 24 pair to make it 26. In Kaku's book Hyperspace, the original 24 dimensions were complemented to 26. So instead of a 24 dimension 'Leech Lattice' string many physicists describe 26 ( VoDou Physics D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 26-dim String Theory describes Generalized Bohm Quantum Theory with NonLinear Back- ... Therefore, we need to ask: How Large are those other 24 dimensions? , Octonion Products ... we do bosonic string theory in 26 dimensions on R^26 modulo the 26-dimensional even ... The Euclidean lattices in 8, 16, and 24 dimensions have Lorentz )

Could there be ANY other reason for the 26 'dimensions' of string theory - than the full complement of possible non-destructive symmetry approaches to a sphere being exactly the 6 pair of dodec/icos, plus the 7 pair of tetra symmetries=13 pair = exactly 26 'ZOMES'!? We suggest here that there is no more electrically testable meaning of the word 'dimension', than reference to the NUMBER of axes of spin symmetry which are NON-destructively superposed in a rotating (inertial) system.

If the photon is traveling as a flux donut toroid (as all fields must) , then of course the distribution of inertia which allows it to emerge from compression / phase conjugation / implosion (in a prism for example) -called the ORIGIN OF COLOR - would of course be the sorting into THOSE TOUCH PERMISSIVE PHASE ANGLES (called - the '7 colors of the rainbow' and the HEX primary color wheel pairs). Remember- calling color only a wave length makes the self evidently WRONG assumption that photons are 2 dimensional. Color's wavelength we suggest is related to the 2 dimensional splash diameter made by a 3d donut photon as it lands on the cone of the eye. (Suggesting possibly the width to height ratio of the photon is related to the approximate octave 440-880 angstroms defining the visible spectrum). Cones (the ONLY place color is perceived in the retina - a rod cannot ) are ONLY used as antenna in wave theory where PHASE ANGLE needs to be measured.

Note below as well - the way color temperature (red = warm, blue = cool, green = balance) as named in for example the Hebrew word for red (=adom=adam=to make hard= that phase angle of the spiral on donut=aleph) - means to MAKE HARD. Thus confirming that red is in fact the CENTRIPEDAL side of the photons approach. Whereas BLUE means to make wet, or to unpack - or make cool - which is the CENTRIFUGAL side of approach (to the eyes cone) of the same photon. Green the approach vector or photon 3d phase - used by photosynthesis - is the angle from the side approach which is neither centrifugal or pedal. (The empathy / healing / stasis color).

See the closup pic of zome - 13/26 - holes in the 'rhombi-icosa' zome connector ball below right.

anim of sunclr-6/12 vortex pair - makes implosion -

PLUS the 7 arrows thru tetra cube= complete angular complement for fusion..(13 pair, 26 zome system).

This is the real solution to fusion- a summation of charge's converging in precise PHASE with this 13/26 zome system.

Remember color is phase angle of the 3d photon as torus - whose splash diameter on the cone of the eye=color's 2d wavelength (cones in wave antenna theory can only measure phase angle)

7 arrows thru tetra in zome left, add 6 more for dodec icos..-total 13 pairs, 26 holes.

--color pics

See the 7 color map of the torus, codefine the 7 spin symmetry arrows of the tetra- proven.

The true physics of the origin of color and why there are 7 colors in the rainbow-

is the fact that the photon is donut shaped and its self organizing symmetry is generated by the maximization of all possible symmetries which is the tetra - which has more symmetry axes than any other 3d object.

Predicting how DNA's codons are arranged, and absorb charge - and WHY this IS the origin of the Hebrew Alphabet..

Why color has a hex wheel, AND a seven color map..

Color heals- by frequency ratio in the phase angle - producing phase conjugation perfected

see 7 spins... dans 7 arrows animation each tetra arrow of symmetry
touches separate color on the 7 color moebius on donut

predicting which frequency ratio - if we made those implosive (log phi?)

would that make fractal // implosive / healing color recipe??
The correct (implosive / phase conjugate ) ratio between color frequencies WOULD produce recursive implosion in color, and therefore healing

Related animation: 7 spins of torus explaining WHY the rainbow has seven colors ratio

analogous to stefan cardineaux , ( ) science of real phase angles of color:

Tetra Physics
My original insight was that the 7 symmetry arrows thru a tetra- exactly intersected each of the 7 colors of the classic 7 color moebius torus..
I hypothesize the origin of color is the 3d Platonic approach angles (to phase conjugate) to the photon as a torus. The principle being: COLOR - IS - the inertia on the photon torus surface - It is stored and accessible ONLY by the approach vectors of the zome 6+7 axes =13 arrows into the 'zome' platonic solids model).

The original idea is to reconcile the hex symmetry (3 primary color pairs) of the color wheel (6 symmetry axes thru dodec icos - show up in the hex shadow of dodec icos) - with the 7 symmetry axes of the tetra - and the '7 color' rainbow.
In his Tetraphysics link - dan had kindly implemented my suggestion - discovering how to prove my hypothesis (at least the part about the 7 arrows codefining the 7 color moebius). In addition to the below - dan is currently developing additional geometric evidence about this color theory-at :

My idea: 7 arrows thru tetra PLUS 6 pair thru dodec = 13 zome vectors thru torus photon. Dan's model of this above -can be spun in java interactively (click on model).

As you click on Dan's animations below- also ask yourself - why is it the SEVENTH superposed recursive BRAID operation (thread braided to string, string into rope, rope into FATTER rope - 7 times) - at which the DNA thickens into a TORUS / DONUT / LORD OF THE RING ( - see also for academic references)
Exerpt below from

"The ONLY symmetry co-defining a 7-colour spin-coupled toroid;
a clue to the sacred physics of the mechanical world,
replacing the profoundly
alienating orthogonal system of our 3D universe; describing symmetry
operations as the nominal cause of biological perception, evolution of
sensory awareness and the purpose of dna

*** recent additions on ***

click picture to start animation


The seven symmetry angles of a tetrahedron reveal a profoundly hidden 7- fold symmetry map on a spin-coupled toroidal surface.

The tetra can be thought of as the sumtotal symmetry of mechanical principle. The toroid here embodies the transformation between the pure causal ("pure principle") and the mechanical phases of Creation. Their mutual (co-defining) physics can be thought of as the (only) sustainable symmetry of non-destructive charge interaction between the two. Together they form the general physics blueprint of all unit life (the esoteric "Anu"), atomic, cosmic or biological, and more specifically that of conscious perception of a mechanical world.


Imagine that what we call "biology" is the way the mechanical world invented how to build a toroidal charge vector thruster device using molecules (click to see animation)


The ONLY tilting angle of the toroid relative to the tetra for which it works, is the angle prescribed by the orientation of both the toroid and the tetra inside golden mean projective geometry (icosa-dodeca "implosion" physics). This is the hub of cosmic creation. In this, case, the spiral map on the surface of the toroid shows the ideal coupling of rotational and toroidal momentum as defined by the Golden Mean projective physics, in the form of seven spiraling charge regions.

Two ways to store memory in a compressible medium: A) spin vector thruster and B) charge vector thruster. If the geometry is optimized, the result in both cases is the same and the physics of the mechanical world merges back into its primary cause.

This dual aspect of the toroid, the coupled spin geometry and the surface thrust geometry, makes it function as the archetypal shape and operative principle of going in and out of mechanical creation, which is the true physics of life force and individual perception.


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This is how the 7-colour toroid map looks when unfolded


click below picture to see an animation of simultaneous
spin symmetries of the tetra itself

Below are the four main symmetry arrows through the
vertices of the tetra, accurately touching the symmetry centres
of sustainable charge projection on the toroidal surface...

(click on any of the pics to see the rotations interactively)


... plus three pairs of symmetry arrows through the sides.

Atomic Scale Gravity Hologram: - Dan Winter's FRACTAL ELECTRIC CHARGE THEORY OF GRAVITY - also predicts that the frequencies in the Hi Infra Red- which Joseph Cater (below) showed when beamed strongly at space craft- caused them to lose MASS - would fit by ratio calculation - into perfect phi and octave log functions of the Planck Length and hydrogens atomic distances.

Further - we would suggest that in addition to accounting for the specific near infrared frequencies which Cater showed would cause loss of mass in space etc (Michael Heleus kindly suggest these are importantly linked to significant frequencies - in the main space background radiation- this should be checked.. Michael comments: "As to the exact frequencies, there was only one mentioned, and then only Collier cited the very rough and innaccurate 1 terahz in his Defending Sacred Ground referring without credit to Cater, as the presence of much else from Cater in Collier's book shows that isn't found together anywhere else to my knowledge. This value may be so inaccurate as to be of little practical use--hence Martin would like to experiment to refine the value. In there Collier also mentions twice that gravity is the result of the rays of any sun (containing this frequency) striking any mass with a radius of at least 29.3 miles, which mass then develops the gravity. (Sounds like Dollard's demo of the strip attracted to the longitudinal current energized bulb).

we also predict that what Joseph Cater in the below calls the SOFT ELECTONS is specifically the permeability to flux transfer made possible the embedding in these PHI AND FRACTAL FREQUENCIES (testable again by power spectra comparison to the powers of PHI and Octave).

Joseph Cater book:"The Awesome Life Force" (Health Research pub) - - further discussion of about Cater and these and Einstein's problems here:


(Here is what all Earth governments assume you are too stupid to be responsible to understand- that field effects in the right frequency and RATIO - cause gravity to come and go!!

Yes - GeOGre it is a threat to national security- just like YOU are a threat to planetary security!)