Dear physicist- Experimental options- to test the below model of phase conjugation- based on golden ratio in the dodecahedron-


We have successfully brought to market - commercially at least one invention based on perfecting phase conjugation - ( See "EEG BlissTuner: how perception is the result of phase conjugation": )

But in order to migrate our instrumental success in marketing biofeedback tools - to more serious physics laboratory development - of experiments to commercialize THIS NEW WAVE PATH SYMMETRY MODEL OF PHASE CONJUGATION - solutions - we need collaboration - such as your facility?

dan winter



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(prolog to the original article - as read by at least 100,000.)

The question is : could this (below) be a generalizable symmetry model of the wave path of PHASE CONJUGATION- in both optics - and in capacitive phase conjugate dielectrics (of the type coming to be known - for example at Philips for the kind of ceramics which sort and eliminate electrosmog).

(note this is a preliminary edit of this article - adding more thoughts on my Phase Conjugation theory of color - to Frank's original work on the angle of the photon beautifully predicting the wavelength of color.. pending more conversation with Frank and the group... It needs to be clear that Frank's theory about the tetra's angle in the dodec is separate from my noticing that the 63 and 117 degree angles are simply the dodeca face angles. Frank does not agree with my idea that the photon simply uses the dodeca face angles of approach in order to cause color to occur- it is I who suggest the REASON for the dodeca face angles requirement for photon approach IS that allows phase conjugation and the resultant sorting which happens by such constructive wave collapse- updated discussion: )

Frank ( ) usefully discusses in more detail below - how he predicts the frequencies of the primary colors - from the pure symmetry of the dodecahedron. This amounts to a potentially radical new physics of color. For this we do acknowledge Frank's insight and genius in doing that plot -greatly. However - he interprets it a bit differently (using the tilt of the tetra in the dodec- instead of simply seeing that he was actually only deriving the face angle of the dodec). To be clear- Frank brilliantly as you see here - noticed that by plotting the 180 degree TILT of the PHOTON as TORUS - against the (octave visible spectrum) WAVELENGTHS of the primary colors- SHOWS that color is predicted SIMPLY BY A FEW ANGLES- they are 45 / 90green / 135 degrees- the CUBE angles ... PLUS just TWO other angles: 63 and 117 degrees- blue and yellow. This is where Frank and I disagree slightly- Frank says those angles are how a tetra nests in a dodecahedron.

I however originally noticed that it is more simple: THOSE ANGLES - 63 and 117 degrees- are ONLY SIMPLY the INSIDE AND OUTSIDE FACE ANGLES OF A DODECAHEDRON. So while Frank models elaborately getting the tetra angled into the dodeca- I see it more simply- the photon toroids are simply directly locating the dodeca face angles- in order to make the inertia of their approach CONSTRUCTIVE- because PHASE CONJUGATING (constructive collapse) is only maximized at THIS angle:

(slideshow at )

For me (unlike Frank) then I strongly hypothesize - that the REASON color exists - is that the photons as toroids are forced to angle their relative approach in 3D to the DODECA faces- this ALLOWS them to PHASE CONJUGATE CONSTRUCTIVELY - and THIS is what causes them to emerge at the dodeca face angles CALLED- COLOR!

So we suggest in the next box below - reinterpreting this to be evidence for PHASE CONJUGATION in the pure physics of color perception. - but first - in this box - here is a prolog - of Frank's model:

How the spectrum for the animated "colour donut" was created

The spectrum is mapped, starting from the centre, 360 degrees around the toroidal circumference, from red (700 nm) to the higher octave "ultra red" (350 nm) with green (apprx. 525 nm) at the equator. Curiously, the spectrum progress "c" is naturally proportional to the relative tilting angle "a" as per given formula. Therefore, a 180 degrees tilting range precisely and proportionally covers the 360 degrees spectrum ring.


Dan's perspective: RE: new symmetry model of ORIGIN OF COLOR - below - based on DODEC - Dan suggests that the most likely reason the primary colors frequencies (P1=R, P2=Y, P3=B) differential angles are accurately predicted by the dodecahedron planes central angles is because PHASE CONJUGATION is specifically permitted BY THE GOLDEN RATIO stellations of this dodecahedron. He hypothesizes that the REASON the photon toroidal vortex HAVE to find dodeca symmetries -and thus create COLOR- is because that dodeca array is the only way PHASE CONJUGATION and therefore 3D sorting / successful compression + distribution can happen.

Dan's picture shows how those conic dodec angles also have a planar hex view... like the 3 primary colors/ color pairs. (Dan see's these conic angles as the result of the sorting process - which Frank has modeled).

= the symmetry at the core of optical PHASE CONJUGATION / 4 wave mixing: (key to optical PHASE CONJUGATION)

Note that in the stellated DODECA /ICOSA infinite 3D nest / fractal (SarMother Kit)- ALL of the vertex have x,y,z rectilinear coordinate values which are simply MULTIPLES of GOLDEN RATIO. THAT means the 6 cube cones (4 or six wave MIXING from optics) above ACTUALLY make all the NODES of the stellated DODECA!

Dan explains the vortex into the dodecahedron's planes are NOT actually at 60 degree angles in 3D - but there is a 2D view of them which is HEX- like the shadow of the cube in the dodec- and has 60 degree shadow view of those cones. Dan believes this is a useful understanding of how 3 pairs of primary colors are sorted by phase conjugation. (the hues above are not precise). Frank apparently does not agree.

The vortex into the toroidal photon needs to be dodeca because phase conjugation is how waves sort. Dan suggests this also explains alphabet origins: The alphabet's symmetry of the vortex index- is a result of the need to phase conjugate- in order to compress and sort and be distributed successfully. Only that which can phase conjugate can be distributed...

All the primary and secondary colors are lined up with the dodeca- planes -(parallel and perpedicular). Frank is emphasizing that the effective color coding angles - are in part also the result of the tilt angles of the tetra into the dodec - may be mostly because getting lined up-( or perpendicular) with the faces of the dodec is how the light rays acheive the necessary phase conjugation. (Stellating the dodec is natures only 3D way of nesting by Golden Ratio, and Golden Ratio is the only perfect way to phase conjugate - that is - to add AND multiply constructively).

Dan suggests that no other principle mechanism could be doing the sorting at the fusion point other than phase conjugation...

Dan is hypothesizing there is some important parallel to phase conjugation as in a phase conjugate mirror optically; he believes Golden Ratio based phase conjugation IS the primary mechanism by which color is sorted by frequency. Also Dan believes that this sorting principle for color DOES occur outside of, as well as inside the human perception. (Frank apparently is suggesting the phenomenon of color only exists inside human perception). Dan suggests this dodeca phase sorting for colors inertial symmetry is also how nature - selectively employs the photon's inertia calibrated in this way - for example in photosynthesis. Human perception (of color) had to utilize a perception of this phase conjugation phase sorting in order to embed and survive in nature.

Dan also believes that the sorting for wavelength which is also a sorting for color bands inside a prism is a 3 dimensional toroidal vortex photon phenomenon. Dan does not believe the sorting by wavelength in a prism can be well described as simply 2D waves.


references: (note the angle Theta- internal angle between the surfaces of a dodecahedron- 116.565 degrees)

General Solution: angle between surfaces of a pyramid/polyhedron
Otherwise called “compound saw angles”

Polyhedron: Description of Regular Pyramid Formations: (Theta representing the internal angle between surfaces of each regular polyhedron)
Tetrahedron n=3, Alpha=60°, Theta = cos-1(1/3) = 70.529° (to 5 s.f.)
Cube n=3, Alpha=90°, Theta is obviously 90°
Represents the cubic and face-centred cubic formations in giant molecular compounds
Octahedron n=4, Alpha=60°, Theta = 109.471° (to 5 s.f.)
Dodecahedron n=3, Alpha=108° (the internal vertex angle of a regular pentagon)
Theta = 116.565°

Icosahedron n=5, Alpha=60°, Theta = 138.190°

end quote from reference


Discussion: So other than the 45/90/135/180 (L1-L3) obviously cubic angles (also in a dodec and in the resultant phase conjugation) in the color angles table related to wavelength, the 117 degree angle and its complement- symmetry from 90 degrees- 63 degrees (Frank labeled P2 and P3) - should probably be corrected slightly from 117 to the internal dodec angle Theta - 116.565 degrees of dodec, and its complement - 63.435 degrees (instead of 63). Phase conjugation by the way light cones sort into Phi ratio constructive interference, by lining up with the implosive approach to a dodecahedron- would thus be consistent to hypothesize as the primary mechanism by which color is sorted into wavelength. Enabling a fusion point and therefore the sorting in to color - would seem to be clearly the result of the infinite golden ratio (vertex x,y,z) values of the infinite stellated dodecahedron (constructive heterodyning).

So: in the below article - we thank Frank ( ) for his potentially highly useful insight - that the symmetry of the dodec could predict the frequencies of color. However - I ( Dan Winter - ) suggest it may have been unnecessary for him to use the tetra tilt in to the dodec to find this angle (116.565 degrees) - since it is merely the natural face angle of the dodec. IF the dodec itself predicts color segregation by frequency- this could be powerful evidence that the dodeca symmetry itself is key to optical sorting and fusion by phase conjugation. This is because - dodec symmetry permits the wave path of phase conjugation optimized by golden ratio. (many animations below - and pics above). If this is true - this should be applied experimentally - (by making phase conjugate experiments into dodec precise phase array).

I propose to

a) redesign the electrical material for phase conjugate dielectric capacitance - (pollution elimination via implosion - in ceramics and water structure etc. also REDEFINES the meaning of organic material as that which supports LIFE - to reinvent ARCHITECTURE! )..
by understanding the electrical path at the molecular array, electron shell, and nuclear levels - MUST ALL OBEY THE LAWS OF SELF SIMILARITY to create conjugation.

b) redesign the optical wave path properties of the perfect PHASE CONJUGATE MIRROR NON-LINEAR MATERIAL - to obey the same laws of the now identifiably necessary SELF SIMILARITY optimized by Golden Ratio.

c) redesign the electrical qualities of farming and building and food storage and refrigeration materials - to produce the necessary phase conjugation to support life by electric field fractality.

Only fractal electric fields allow DNA to thrive. Phase conjugation PRODUCES efficient energy distribution - which defines abundance at every level- from economic to biodiversity.

(the below article apparently attracted hundreds of thousands of readers - via and )

New and mathematically compelling evidence:

Golden Mean 'Fractal Attractor' (Grail Cup) proves - The Origin of Color:
NEW Physics Evidence for the Dodeca/Tetra Toroidal 3D Geometry of Color...
(with Frank's Platonic Predictor for the Wavelengths of COLOR Formula + Incredible Interactive Java Animation for Physics of COLOR)

with Amazing Implications for Fusion.. Healing...

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Even for black holes in the galactic core - if it's wave symmetry (charge / electric field?) is heterodyne phase conjugate - which becomes visible / measurable as fractality - then it is someBODY's blood.

Here with Frank's breakthrough discovery and proof of what he calls the platonic "wavelength formula" ( ) - also greatly inspired by, and acknowledging Duane Whitlock's "hexadynamic theory" we are happy to present new and dramatic scientific evidence that FRACTALITY and PHASE CONJUGATION by Golden Ratio is the electrical CAUSE of COLOR. In the below we see powerful new evidence of the dodecahedral symmetry both fuelling and "sensing" the PHOTON. This presents us with further proof of the GOLDEN MEAN phase conjugate physics ORIGINS OF COLOR.

I hypothesized originally that fractality optimized by Golden Ratio PHASE CONJUGATION was:

1. the electrical cause of gravity ( - experimentally )

2. the electrical cause of PERCEPTION ( )

3. electrical cause of LIFE / perfected charge distribution ( , ) ,

4. the electrical cause of all healing and self organization ( , )

5. the electrical cause of ENSOULMENT and immortality in DNA ( ).

6. the electrical mechanism of how memory is imploded (KA) out of DNA for successful DEATH ( )

In summary- THE principle behind life force and all self organization is nicely summarized by Golden Ratio perfected- fractality.. and phase conjugation. ( Note especially how the -phase conjugate- PATH into the dodec forms the GRAIL CUP. )

The evidence presented for the above, was that the stellated dodeca (power of golden ratio x,y,z coordinate value to every node infinitely-dodec/icos/dodec/icos....)

The evidence presented for the above was that the stellated dodeca (power of golden ratio x,y,z coordinate value to every node infinitely-dodec/icos/dodec/icos....)
was the essential and proveable symmetry of

= S3 symmetry group of gravity

= the symmetry array of nuclea hadrons (protons and nutrons )

= the symmetry array of the p tetra cube electron orbital inside the d,f - dodec icos electron orbital

= the self similarity of the nucleus to the electrons

= the essential outer symmetry of PALLADIUM - key to cold fusion

= the golden ratio symmetry of hydrogens balmer series spectral emission lines ( Randy Masters)

= the symmetry of the planetary orbitals ( by Phi / platonic nesting )

= the symmetry at the core of DNA

= the symmetry at the core of optical PHASE CONJUGATION / 4 wave mixing:

= the essential symmetry of the vacuum / time space manifold

= the essential symmery of the UNIVERSE

So.. NEW! - Fractal Origin of Color:

(from my original insight): Color is not a 2 dimension wave interaction. Photons (like all waves) travel toroidally (like donuts). The 7 color flow map on the surface of that torus photon - codefines the 7 arrows thru a tetrahedron. This provided a model for how the photon - emerging from compression / fusion (the prism making a rainbow) would sort itself into the 7 tilt angles - which we see below Frank did confirm locked the photon torus into the tetra symmetry WITHIN the dodec. (The Dodeca- to tetra nest angles actually PREDICT COLORS WAVELENGTH! - many images in appendix below). We saw this also in the Hebrew alphabet letters for color.

The problem was that color obviously had a hex -rather than 7-fold -symmetry (3 primary color pairs, hex color wheel etc). Of course the 7 arrow tetra/cube does have a hex view, but if what we said above - is true - than the sorting process that segregates toroidal (donut) photon charge domains into COLOR PERCEPTION - (wave function of the CONE of the EYE? - is it 60 degree phase conjugate Dodec stellating by angle?) must require the DODECA implosion to create color. This then would connect the HEX view of the dodec to the hex view of the cube. (picture of phase conjugate 4 wave mixing above would also have a hex view in both cube and dodec). We discussed many times the 6 symmetry arrows of the dodec/icos plus the 7 of the tetra/cube= 13 pair/26 ZOME system - probable key to string theory.

If correct - then - our 3 dimensional model of COLOR had to predict the 2 dimensional wavelengths of the primary colors - FROM the 3 dimensional tilt or phase angle of the torus PHOTON- and that would have to include to tetra tilt or symmetry or phase angle - IN RELATION to the dodecahedron tilt or symmetry or phase angle.

Frank - in a moment of brilliant insight realized that to prove my hypothesis, COLOR had to reflect the TILT of that tetra cube defined 7strip PHOTON donut - INSIDE the DODECAHEDRON.

Frank points out that the colours we were taught as "emerging from a prism", instead are a tell-tale story of how (biological) light perception works by "intelligent design" (term coined by Duane Whitlock). The rainbow's "covenant between heaven and the Earth" comes to mind.. Frank quotes Duane in that this "platonic rainbow phenomenon" reflects the universal design of creation.

Once he realized that their were only 3 PAIR of differential ANGLES locking the tetra INTO the DODEC (see below) - he had the clue to see that accurately predicted the actual wavelengths of the 3 primary plus 3 secondary COLORS - Amazingly, the secondaries are coded by the tetra's (star tetra) 'MERKABA' complement!! (2nd tetra in cube)

See beautiful physics table below -wave length vs. phase angle tilt.

The implications for optics (phase conjugation), how to pick colors for beauty and healing ( and fusion) - could not be more profound.

Once we apply this insight - we can invent: Color Intelligence. - Algae use Golden Ratio PHASE CONJUGATE- nature of color - to suck in charge from the universal plenum

Truly accurate color mixing - for

beauty - clothing - building design.. (color feng shui)

color healing

proof of perception=phase conjugation

phase conjugate optics

fusion physics

charge absorbtion in DNA- now it appears more than ever significant that while the codons of DNA may nest tetrahedrally, the helix in which they wratchet embed - is a dodecahedron step function. Having learned that color is the result of phase conjugation (implosion) by the TETRA as it fuses IN THE CENTER OF A DODECA- tells us what we must now look for in the symmetry of how DNA is 'lit up' or programmed (absorbs charge).

Now- here we present Frank's new article IS COLOR CREATED BY THE DODECA ANGLES? (more complete version with live java instead of gifmations at

Heart Coherence team
a vision of Nature's angles of approach
by Frank van den Bovenkamp

Discovery of accurate (within 2%) correlation of platonic tilting angles with primary and secondary colour bands makes a strong case for the role of symmetry operations between 3-D phase-conjugate heterodyne wave packets in Duane Whitlock's Hexadynamic theory of colours, including clues to colour empathy and its gravitational connection.


COLOUR is a name for our archaic memory of how it FELT when charge was approaching in different angles. We associate "red" with "warm" and "extrovertive", and "blue" with "cool" or "introvertive", allthough technically there may be no compelling reason for it. Maybe we need, to some extend, honour our ancient algae ancestors for whom "light-empathy" was crucial to survive. Today, we are blessed with a rich garland of colours, rather than a mere prozaic gradient of colourless "lightness". Yet, as we will see, there may exist a deeper, universal clue to qualified colour perception, resulting from the pure geometric origin of light perception.

Important references to the subject of colour geometry include Duane Whitlock, author of "The Secret of Intelligent Design, who coined the term "quantum hexadynamics" and who devised a diagram in which gravity as a long range force is a used in catagorising the primary and secondary colours; Dan Winter (, long time proponent of the role of Golden Mean wave recursion in gravitation creation, who pointed at a possible symmetry clue for colour perception and - at my suggestion - now includes a closely related type of wave physics for the "observer" side which is crucial for general "soliton" (incl. photon) creation. Last but not least Luke Gatto who carried on a life's mission to unveil some secrets which Newton and Keppler appear to have hidden. Luke proved a great motivator to work on the exciting and very profound subject of colour geometry.

Basic geometric and physics concepts
The 3-dimensional platonic symmetry operations facilitating the creation of photons (generally solitons) and which could provide a physics clue to the agreed-upon central primary and secondary colours, are not mere mathematical fancy. These geometries accurately reflect how 3-D spherical wave systems learned to become sustainable in the (electro-) thermo-dynamic ocean. This idea has been widely been spread by Dan Winter ( and, with he sheer abundance of examples in nature, art, literature and sacred geometry, suggests beyond doubt that that Golden Mean ratio based wave geometries play a crucial role in the creation of gravity and (biological) life. The scientific name for this process is: heterodyne phase conjugation. In my paper "Why Phi" ( I demonstrated for the first time how the Golden Mean ratio can be "reverse-calculated" based on a small set of fundamental wave physics equations. This paper also shows, by means of spectrum analysis of scale-invariant recursive heterodyne waves, that it creates fractally organised frequency patterns. Further, the paper gives a numerical proof of Golden Mean emergence (and other crucial ratio's) and briefly touches the subject of phase-conjugate heterodyning in soliton creation. This serves as pure geometric departure point for photon creation and a crucial part of the physics of colour empathy as discussed here.

What on Earth has gravity to do with colour perception?
Duane Whitlock came forward with the rather puzzling idea that gravity (one of the long range forces in the universe) plays a key role in understanding why colour perception is systematically organized. This paper greatly honours Duane's - truly colourful - perspective, but instead of plugging in "gravity" as the literal denominator for a specific colour, it is shown that the very same principle which creates gravity (as promoted by Dan Winter) is also responsible for the creation of the specific colour map as we perceive it.

The capacity of colour discrimination has both, as we say, a "subjective" and an "objective" aspect. In other words: there exist certain dedicated light frequency bands which for some reason pop-out of the complete spectrum, so that we feel compelled to give them unique names. This is so much an all-day phenomenon that we don't realise that from a standard physics point of view there exist no clue for systematic colour perception whatsoever. Definitely, the receptacles in our eye's retina (the "cone cell" light receptors) are NOT the cause. So it must be something created by our brain. In this paper we look at the universal principles employed by the brain which are the underlying cause of colour geometry. The "objective" or measurable aspect of colour geometry is well illustrated by how we can create the secondary colours, by mixing primaries.

Yet, our system of colour geometry as we will see does not quite digress from Duane Whitlock's original viewpoint, as it is still shown that the principle which creates gravity, is more predominant in the creation of "blue" perception, the way he intuited, than it is in the other colours.

"primary" and "secondary" colours in different techniques

The printer's "primary colours" are (translucent) Cyan - Magenta - Yellow, with subtractive pigment mixing create all other colours; demonstrated here using a Photoshop filter only, quite accurate blue, red and green initial colours are created. Also, in subtractive mixing, two opposite colours like yellow and blue, always result in black..

A projector's or (TV-) monitor's primary colours are Red - Green - Blue, additively mixed like the RGB- monitor you are now looking at. The initially created colours cyan, magenta and yellow are digitally exact. Adding two opposite colours, like blue and yellow, creates white.

Finally, "water paint" type mixing is also a subtractive process. Therefore, the common idea that "red + blue = purple", "red + yellow = orange" and "blue + yellow = green" is not precisely true. Mixing the pure primary colours RYB subtractively would result in red, black and black resp. Above example using light cyanish-blue and light red instead yields a useable result.

From platonics to colours: Nature's angle of approach
In the science of geometric (hexadynamic..) colour coding, colours are frequency (resp. energy) related in the standard sense, but also follow a fundamental principle of colour partitioning, which is employed by the brain when it systematically engages in a vivid (vital) response to incoming photons.

Geometric colour theory proposes a new and fundamental description of colour generation based on 3-D heterodyne phase-conjugate physics and reveils a universal cause of colour empathy. The (photon) frequency resp. energy is not actually stored in the incoming photon itself, but is, per octave, determined by its tilting angle relative to its propagation angle, and from there, relative to the tilting angle of a receiving solition (i.e. cones in the retina, etc..). The propagation angle falls out of the equation and thus the (energy) coupling between the incoming photon and the receiver soliton, is a net function of their differential angle. This encodes the perceived photon's energy and thus its wavelength, and, biologically, its colour identity.

3 Primary colours are created by the 3 relative tilting angles of the primary tetra, controlling the toroid, in a dodec. These colours (psychologically) have an activating, or accelerating effect. The complete hexadynamic geometry of colour coding is based on the fact that the toroid if oriRnted by the tetra's "merkaba" complement, makes different angles with the dodec. This creates the 3 secondary colours, which have a rather calming or inhibiting effect.

12 pentagonal oriRntations or the primary tetra in the dodec encode three primary differential angles (P1, P2, P3) - circle is top view of toroid 12 lateral oriRntations of the secondary tetra encode three secondary differential angles plus two tertiary angles (L1, L2, L3 resp. T1, T2)
Now, the simplest way to find the three primary angles or colours is by rotating the primary tetra, along with its toroid, 120° over any of its vertex axes. This way, 3 primary angles can be found. To find the 3 other angles, rotate the tetra one time 90° over any of its orthogonal axes, and then again 120° over any of its vertex axes. This will generate all the geometric angles. Let's first play with a simple 2-D example.

Refer here to the original article for a helpful interactive - 2D javamation-to start your understanding of color as photons tilting torus.

In the real 3-D world this is a bit more difficult. A convenient solution is to correctly animate the 3-D platonic rotation to automatically scroll along all the geometric fits. This is how below animations work. But first some references and backgrounds on colour theory.

Duane Whitlocks model, as well as the geometric solution,
in fact are based on the same "colour wheel" of primary and
secondary colours as has been intuited by artists of all times..

Reference colours and wavelenghts; CIE - Chromaticity Diagram



Below gallery of platonically nudged relative tiltings is only a tool to gain insight and memorize the primary, secondary and tertiary tilting angles. The oblique view of the dodec is just helpful but has otherwise no specific meaning. Top left is an animation, where the rainbow toroid is represented by its circumference only, along with the circumference of the Dodec's toroid. The challenge is: try to REPRODUCE the colour-coding platonic tilting angles, using your mouse to control the animation. Please note that most tilting angles in the gallery are skewed (except P1 and L2) as a result of the tilted viewing point. ... (Note: below are gifmations only, for real interactive (throwable) Java see link: )

(note particularly in the Java interactive animation - the Red arrow-from the torus - phase locked to the tetra - rotates separately from the blue arrow

How the spectrum for the animated "colour donut" was created

The spectrum is mapped, starting from the centre, 360 degrees around the toroidal circumference, from red (700 nm) to the higher octave "ultra red" (350 nm) with green (apprx. 525 nm) at the equator. Curiously, the spectrum progress "c" is naturally proportional to the relative tilting angle "a" as per given formula. Therefore, a 180 degrees tilting range precisely and proportionally covers the 360 degrees spectrum ring.



Duane Whitlock's publisher was probably lacking the facilities to put anything on paper beyond the capacity of a mechanical type writer, which has not quite created the Vantage point one might expect for such an exceptional work. So here we present - free of charge - Duane's model of intelligent design as reflected in Nature's true design of the visible spectrum, and which according to Duane, applies throughout the electromagnetic spectrum and in all of Creation:

Duane's key point is that the standard idea that colours are linearly created by frequencies is totally mistaken, and should be replaced by what he calls a universal "hexa-dynamic" intelligent design. It is a part of physics subtler than matter and energy, but having a profound impact on creation, especially of life. It explains the reason why the colours coming out of a prism existed only in Sir Isaac's mind. This could be the subtitle for the splash art at the top! One main aspect of hexa-dynamic theory is reflected in the way primary colours mix to form secondaries. One critical note here though: Duane in wrong, or rather inaccurate to state that "blue" and "yellow" "additively" mix to form green. This is incorrect, and applies only to - litterally - mixing water paint colours, using a lighter, cyanish blue (I vividly recollect the moment my art teacher told me..), i.e. closer to the cyan used in subtractive mixing for printing. The possible culprit(s) are seen in above "Origin of Colour" graph: two "extra" platonic angles and their corrsponding wavelengths, which are called tertiary T1 (yellow-green) and T2 (cyan) in this system. Dragging the hue of blue a bit in the direction of cyan will turn the mix from black into (dark) green. Clear green however cannot be created, as with pure substractive mixing (cyan + yellow). So clearly, allthough the complete 180" geometric spectrum as a whole is perfectly symmetrical around 90" / 530nm / green, its system of primary (resp. secondary) colours is definitely not (and neither is the human visible part of it..). Nevertheless Duane's system is perfectly in order with the platonic tilting angles of geometric colour code. It can be conjectured that species who see into the "IR" (snakes) or "UV" (bees) actually may see colours unknown to man, but only insofar the small dark band (from 135 degrees / 350nm / violet to 180 degrees/ 350 nm / ???) resp. its lower octave are added.

ref: The Search for Intelligent Design, Duane Whitlock, Vantage Press, Inc. New York



Below is meant for discussion and anticipates further work ref.

Hypotheses / Discussion:
The photon is the elementary model of how phase-conjugate heterodyning transforms itself into (resp. facilitates) a sustainable charge domain (term coined by Dan) and from there into matter. The physical model and the functional model of the photon are given in below diagrams; the functional model can be applied on all scales, i.e. for all unitary phenomena (which are essentially alife) - atoms, dna, cells, organisms, ecosystems, planetary systems, galaxies.
Above sections on colour perception should be interpreted, not as a "subjective" phenomenon, but as real physics which can lead to what is called "subjective", and which is really a combination of life force and focussed awareness. Also quoting Duane Whitlock, this can give a profound insight in general creation physics, especially including electro-fractal gravity creation as promoted by Dan Winter.
It is a well-known fact that solitions keep themselves alife with help of non-linear effects. This idea is expanded into a more universal, as well as precise model of how a time-space wave is defined by the alternating charge (-"inertia" - DW) exchange between Phi based (charge-distributive) and Octave (charge correlative) based phase-conjugation. The charge-management of these complementary effects are beautifully seen in the Fractal Synth software so called heterodyne power scan (download Fractal Synthesizer here). One could also argue that a photon is the transition between stillness and dynamics.
Below included is a picture of Luke Gatto's visionary dream, in which he saw two pentacles aligned in an unusual way. This vision was extremely helpfull and appropriate in finding the uique geometric colour code as described here. However the "double inversion" could be interpreted in different ways. Firstly, it shows that, allthough we cleary adhere to a universal principle of "observer physisc" (term coined by Douglass White -, in order to account for actual individual perception, an actual biological observer must exist. This creates a "double inversion" in the sense that there is an interaction between two complete "system" (the universe and the biological observer) who both have their own Phi- resp. Octave physics on board. This alone will solve a huge lot of philosophical and cognitive theory problems, and I believe this is the spirit in which Luke received his vision. Another interpretation is the purely physics double inversion of 1) going through the Planck scale wormhole between Octave and Phi phase-conjugate systems, and 2) going from sub-luminal ("matter") to super-luminal ("spirit").
This takes us back to the functional and physical models of the photon (see below diagrams), as the initial physical manifestation of these combined principles.
Further, a unique inter-digitation between the tetra's symmetry axes and an "ideal" is reprinted below. This I discovered a few years ago inspired by Dan's alphabet work. That time I discriminated the 7 "flame-strip" (electro-hydro-dynamic flux paths) as colours (, but this would confuse above colour physics - hence only gradients are used here.

"Double Inversion" meta-stable functional diagram
Showing inversion through, or rather upon the planck scale (perceptive angle) PLUS inversion through light speed (creational angle) - note how precisely this principle was philosophically captured by the ancient swastika symbol alone; this is the "essence format", whereas the 45 deg. tilted form evokes the "demons" of natural forces: this is the "control format" as history has taught us.

The meta-stable "loop" of (subtle) charge circulation is easily visualised by how the very same principle works on a big scale like in an eco-system. In a community of for example rabbits and fox, their mutual emotions have been coherently synergized in the course of evolution and this created the vitality of the ecosystem. Next, the vitality of the ecosystem creates inner dynamism and chaos. The rabbits and fox both have to be focussed in order to stay alife, and they do so by coherently analyzing their environment using their brain, senses and motor organs (pattern-recognition). The result of this part of the game is that emotions are created, and these emotions again need to be synergized for the whole system to survive, and so forth.

Another, purely mechanical example is an orbital movement. In the (bulk-) mechanical world, that "stuff" which gets fractally-recursive synergized by Golden Mean is mathematically identical to pure acceleration. Unlike position and speed, acceleration is an absolute quantity. Measured by a standard of time and space, the result is a conceptual feeling of gravity and inertia. The very same acceleration, recognized by a sequentially-(repetitive-) recursive pattern, takes the form of the (elliptical) shape plus rhythm of an orbit. The result of this operation is substantial perception, which is by all means a biological phenomenon, and this creates a conceptual feeling of time and space as a medium. The status quo of the natural world is that in the arena where gravity is relevant, electro-magnetic energy is completely locked up in thermo-dynamics, so there is no question of any other electro-magnetic function oher than keeping bulk matter relatively statically together. The way around, in the micro-cosmic arena, gravity has no constructive creative effect other than keeping objects relatively statically together. Both extremes are however not alltogether unconnected, as in the natural world ecosystems (incl. sentient civilisations) effectively mediate between micro-cosm and macro-cosm. In my opinion, and I believe I'm quoting Dan here, technical electro-gravity can only exist if it is accepted that it sucks vital energy from its environment.

Summarizing, the Phi- resp. octave recursive heterodying phase-conjugate principles provide complementary pathways out of chaos. In terms of dynamical systems theory, the process of cohering unit emotions (resp. inertia) is a synergetic, fractally (or hierarchically) recursive principle, non-linearly optimized by Golden Mean ratio (Phi). The process of cohering energy is an analytical, sequentially recursive principle optimized by octave ratio. This is reflected e.g. in population curves. Phi recursion is mostly measured indirectly as fractal components, whereas octave recursion is measured indirectly as rhythmic components.

A major difference with general systems theory is that coherent (neg-entropic) wave systems are considered carrying actual content of resp. vital force or unit momentum, i.e. relative to their ultimate material effect. This in particlar allows to define a meaningfull (emerging) meta-stable life cycle.

As every unit living system is considered a soliton phenomenon, it is conjectured that the very same principles work on any level, even in the pure "vacuum" and can thus be used to teach the functional- and physics diagrams of photon emergence:

Cross section of 3-D toroid soliton (photon) showing the functional principles manifest as physical realities:
A: The central thruster effect is the creation through fractal recursion, and the initial release of
distributive pure energy by the Phi recursive phase-conjugate arena (life force);
B: The circumferential momentum (B) is the creation through sequential recursion, and the initial release of individual focussed inertia (cosmic) or emotion (psychologically) by the octave recursive phase-conjugate matrix;
A': The centrifugal movement is the gradual transmutation ("reduction") of life force into expressed (electro-) thermo- dynamics;
B': The centripetal movement is the gradual transmutation ("reduction") of focussed awareness into expressed inertia (resp. emotion)

The "grip" which the octave (i.e. tetra / cube-octa) matrix has on the toroidal charge domain, when the toroidal and rotational flux are in balance, is illustrated by the interdigitation physics as in the following animation:

Note: above is gifmation only, for real interactive (throwable) Java see link:

Luke Gatto's vision interpreted
(Luke never mentioned the tetra's but later said they were also there..!)


The physics of soliton emergence explained with help of the Fractal Synth power scan -
Phi ratio recursive heterodyning creates distributive energy, whereas octave recursive
heterodyning creates (individual) focus - both principles can work together at
scales from belligerence (vacuum energy), to basic equilibrium (photons), to advanced
mutual concommittance (evolved life)


geometric effect = alternating
energy effect = gradient
Violet narrow calming maximum centrifugal subtlest introvert / cool
Blue wide activating more centrifugal more subtle introvert / cool
Green neutral neutral neutral neutral neutral
Yellow neutral neutral neutral neutral neutral
Orange narrow calming more centripedal less subtle extrovert / warm
Red wide activating maximum centripedal least subtle extrovert / warm

An Arch of Angles - a platonic relationship or a covenant
between Heaven and the Earth
..? (end of Frank's article)

Here now we reprint -the conclusion of- ) - exerpts from Dan Winter:
true 3 DIMENSIONAL - origin of COLOR: (photon like the electron as a TOROIDAL slipknot of CHARGE)

-The perception of colors was DISCONTINUOUS or 'catastrophy theory' with respect to the continuum of frequencies?
-A continuum of photons enters the prism- but then (implosive compression?) somehow sorts them into (phase conjugation by fractality?) DISCONTINUUS color bands?
Why is the color wheel - 3 primary pair - a HEX wheel, yet everyone talks about SEVEN colors of the RAINBOW?
Why is RED centripedal (atom/adom=shadow of that photon phase tilt in HEBREW means RED and TO MAKE HARD or compress) vs BLUE CENTRIFUGAL / unpacking?
Is it because one side of the torus photon hydrodynamically more centripedal with charge flux than the other??

See below the 13 axis of symmetry,-26 holes in this zome system/connector= 7 axes of tetra/cube + 6 symmetry axes of dodec/icos > predicting the hex vs 7 color map - TRUE 3 DIMENSIONAL ORIGIN OF COLOR : Non-destructive approach angles to the PHOTON as the SURFACE OF A TORUS. - Cones (in retina) in wave theory - can ONLY measure phase angle! The photon does not exist in flatland- it is a toroidal slipknot - so if the photon is not 2 dimensional, then certainly color CANNOT JUST be frequency - but rather the frequency 440-880 angstroms of the visible color spectrum is more likely the shadow in 2d (octave cross section?) of the DONUT PHOTON in 3d!

Color perception evolved with biological need. Ancient Hebrews could not perceive BLUE and so had no word for it. The Hebrew alphabet -genetics intervention software from alpha draconis predicted RED -adom - was centripedal: to MAKE HARD- because RED / ADOM is the proper angle of the Golden Spiral on the {photon?} donut whose shadow IS that Hebrew LETTER - Aleph - used to make their word RED.

This was more than just evolution climbing a 2 dimensional ladder of higher FREQUENCY - this was evolution climbing a 3 dimensional TREE OF LIFE.

Notice how the shadow of the tetra cube - as it embeds into the Dodeca (called 'tree of life') is PRECISELY the apparent symmetry principle of the photon as torus sorting its phases into 3D to become THE ORIGIN OF COLOR!

ONE important principle here - establishes

- the origin of ALPHABETS - which is the index of charge domain tilt angles which can be swallowed non-destructively into the braiding + therefore programming of DNA,
<tetra / 4codon based 7 axial Hebrew DNA symmetry vs superset - ensouled dodec arabic/ophanic/Greek DNA 'alphabet'>

Compare the origin of alphbets (in DNA charge absorbtion indexing) versus the origin of the electron (right) - now we must consider -IS THIS ALSO THE FLOW SYMMETRY OF THE SURFACE OF THE PHOTON /TORUS? Below - after I gave him my equations for modeling the origin of the alphabet based on the golden spiral mapped on the torus (below) - Richard Gautier - produced his slip knot model of the electron (right) -

How to model the 3D origins of the Electron AND the Photon? - Golden Spiral maps the surface of a torus.


My original mathematic solution to map the Golden Spiral path (of charge?) on the surface of the torus - applied to the electron..

compare (left) with Dan Winter's (right)

Compare to Lynn Clair Denise (another near death vision of the universal slip knot) - Animation left by rwgray Pattern
ref- Lynnclaire Dennis - The author has a near-death experience and discovers "the Pattern" of all life and love.
: >We compare this to - Origin of alphabets -similar spin path because this alphabet of symmetry is the language of creation?
It is important to recognize this basic structure: the 3D Golden Spiral topo mapped on and precessing around - the torus donut-
forming the basic building blocks of all creation - from the electron .. (proton?)
to - as theosophy said - the ANU - whose 5 spin inside, 7 outside - slip knot forms the symmetry recipe for the heart of hydrogen (3 Anu per quark), the heart of the human, and (as the same clairvoyants saw who contributed to the physics of the quark)- the heart of the Sun:

How the Anu (compare to electron slip knot -vs photon as slip knot torus model below).. was originally triangulated into the quark physics(see book:"Psi Perception of Quarks"):

- the origin of COLOR PERCEPTION in 3D,

- the origin of the KHEM (black hole access) in CHEMistry, alKHEMY (all bonding ionic and covalent is simply field effect phase locking by symmetry indexing) ,

- and finally: stellar black hole formation .. see How Galaxies Collide - also uses this language of phase conjugation at the core

Thanks also to Frank for building this photon's surface flow model to confirm my original hypothesis that the PURE GEOMETRIC ORIGIN OF COLOR - was the hydrodynamic charge flow on the surface of the photon. The photon, being a torus donut could receive and propagate charge only from the 6 pair (dodec/icos) and 7 pair (tetra /cube) symmetry axis of the zome (13 pair = 26 holes).

The next section on pure geometric origin of color is exerpted from (the 'color' of DNA's programming BRAID!!)- it also references Frank's ( -

(See how the flow forms from the self organizing toroidal - decaying into the 7 smaller donuts exactly arranged at the 7 spins of the tetra- origin of rainbow (tetra IN dodec), heart muscle, anu, hebrew - and string theory)

we can further say..

If we were to track the inertia storage of the photons toroidal surface as it approached the center of a phase conjugate mirror (this is from my kundalini) - we would see the propagation of charge from that point of implosion - would be in TWO separate symmetry sets. First would be the charge conserving - 7 symmetry arrows of the tetra(inCUBEation), but ALSO the more distributive component (and probably superluminal) of that charge inertia propagation direction set- would be the 6 axes spin pairs of the icos dodeca. SO the TOTAL number of progation directions (phase angles) tilts of the PHOTON DONUT - called COLOR - would be the 6+7 = 13 spin pairs. This is exactly WHY there are 13 pair , 26 holes in the ZOME symmetry - rhombi-icos (animation / film / kit : ). Michael Heleus kindly suggested this is why the superstring theory discovered they had to add 2 to the 24 pair to make it 26. In Kaku's book Hyperspace, the original 24 dimensions were complemented to 26. So instead of a 24 dimension 'Leech Lattice' string many physicists describe 26 ( VoDou Physics D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 26-dim String Theory describes Generalized Bohm Quantum Theory with NonLinear Back- ... Therefore, we need to ask: How Large are those other 24 dimensions? , Octonion Products ... we do bosonic string theory in 26 dimensions on R^26 modulo the 26-dimensional even ... The Euclidean lattices in 8, 16, and 24 dimensions have Lorentz )

Could there be ANY other reason for the 26 'dimensions' of string theory - than the full complement of possible non-destructive symmetry approaches to a sphere being exactly the 6 pair of dodec/icos, plus the 7 pair of tetra symmetries=13 pair = exactly 26 'ZOMES'!? We suggest here that there is no more electrically testable meaning of the word 'dimension', than reference to the NUMBER of axes of spin symmetry which are NON-destructively superposed in a rotating (inertial) system.

If the photon is traveling as a flux donut toroid (as all fields must) , then of course the distribution of inertia which allows it to emerge from compression / phase conjugation / implosion (in a prism for example) -called the ORIGIN OF COLOR - would of course be the sorting into THOSE TOUCH PERMISSIVE PHASE ANGLES (called - the '7 colors of the rainbow' and the HEX primary color wheel pairs). Remember- calling color only a wave length makes the self evidently WRONG assumption that photons are 2 dimensional. Color's wavelength we suggest is related to the 2 dimensional splash diameter made by a 3d donut photon as it lands on the cone of the eye. (Suggesting possibly the width to height ratio of the photon is related to the approximate octave 440-880 angstroms defining the visible spectrum). Cones (the ONLY place color is perceived in the retina - a rod cannot ) are ONLY used as antenna in wave theory where PHASE ANGLE needs to be measured.

Note below as well - the way color temperature (red = warm, blue = cool, green = balance) as named in for example the Hebrew word for red (=adom=adam=to make hard= that phase angle of the spiral on donut=aleph) - means to MAKE HARD. Thus confirming that red is in fact the CENTRIPEDAL side of the photons approach. Whereas BLUE means to make wet, or to unpack - or make cool - which is the CENTRIFUGAL side of approach (to the eyes cone) of the same photon. Green the approach vector or photon 3d phase - used by photosynthesis - is the angle from the side approach which is neither centrifugal or pedal. (The empathy / healing / stasis color).

See the closup pic of zome - 13/26 - holes in the 'rhombi-icosa' zome connector ball below right.

anim of sunclr-6/12 vortex pair - makes implosion -

PLUS the 7 arrows thru tetra cube= complete angular complement for fusion..(13 pair, 26 zome system).

This is the real solution to fusion- a summation of charge's converging in precise PHASE with this 13/26 zome system.

Remember color is phase angle of the 3d photon as torus - whose splash diameter on the cone of the eye=color's 2d wavelength (cones in wave antenna theory can only measure phase angle)

7 arrows thru tetra in zome left, add 6 more for dodec icos..-total 13 pairs, 26 holes.

--color pics

Note- Frank changed the tetra 7 region map on the torus - to shades- indicating that the origin of color was more dictated by the ANGLE OF THE TETRA INTO THE DODECA. Note also that the 7 spin tetra DID define and lock (codefine) the phase angle of the photon torus inside the tetra.

The true physics of the origin of color + the frequency of the colors in the rainbow-

is in fact that the photon is donut shaped and its self organizing symmetry is generated by the maximization of all possible symmetries which is the tetra - LOCKED by the phase tilt which is COLOR - into the (Golden Ratio) DODECAHEDRON.

Predicting how DNA's codons are arranged, and absorb charge - and WHY this IS the origin of the Hebrew Alphabet..

Why color has a hex wheel, superposed on tetra's 7 spin map..

Color heals- by frequency ratio in the phase angle - producing phase conjugation perfected

see 7 spins... franks 7 arrows animation each tetra arrow of symmetry
touches separate REGIONS on the 7 region moebius on donut
Then by adding the SIX axis thru the dodec/ icos (13 total)

we can
predict which frequency ratio - would create tru optical phase conjugation ( implosive / log phi)

That would make fractal // implosive / healing color recipe??
The correct (implosive / phase conjugate ) ratio between color frequencies WOULD produce recursive implosion in color, and therefore healing

Related animation:

analogous to stefan cardineaux , ( ) science of real phase angles of color: