Creativity - Bliss - even Enlightenment: by Electrical Measurement?

-also see updated article on the blisstuner, (updated dec 06)- note at bottom there new comments from physicists on the importance of Golden Mean ratio in Brainwave measures, main index: or

How Self-Empowerment Results- when the Physics & Hygiene of Compressing Charge or Spirit -
Clarify Religion and Myth.

about Dan Winter and his HeartTuner / BlissTuner - authored by Implosion Group -

Understanding Bliss / Kundalini in wave mechanics was pioneered by Bentov:

Is it possible that biofeedback cues could teach BLISS and CREATIVITY by 'shifting gears' in brainwave harmonics- to make GOLDEN MEAN RATIO in EEG:

a Caducceus - Cascade - of COMPRESSION to suck in the CHARGE of BLISS and CREATIVITY??


Have you ever wondered why Saint's have halos? Have you ever wondered why bodies have more blue glow during bliss, during sex, during tantra? Have you ever wondered if Kirlian and GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization - ) clinical techniques picture the aura electrically - then why should not the human aura or spirit be DEFINED and measured in terms of that electric charge ?

Imagine if we could measure Creativity, even Bliss -Ecstasy or ENLIGHTENMENT itself? Would that make the process practically teachable? Further - imagine if we understood the principle of what CAUSED - creativity - ecstasy - enlightenment so well - we could create environments where it was sustainable?

Sound too good to be true? Well - hang on to your halo saints... science is starting to offer REAL answers.

The Story of a revolution in creativity / compassion / and empathy - training:

Let's tell the story like a mystery unfolding - first we need to explain one simple principle.

In science there is a simple geometry of waves called 'perfect damping' in radio theory - based on Golden Ratio (.618)

When a series of waves converge in this ratio - it creates the perfect non-destructive spin path to stillness ('damping').

This becomes the famous CADUCCEUS symbol of Hermes, Doctors and DNA itself.

It turns out also in science that this path to stillness - is the key to perfect compression. Perfect compression is key to so many things in science, that it is veritably the holy grail of science. For example - the most famous problem Einstein sought without success was infinite non-destructive compression. It is also true that perfecting compression is key to - computer evolution, - electric charge becoming mass (storing inertia) ..(which is to say- key to creation itself). Compression perfected is also key to things like - urban design, - heart electrification, even as we shall see: scientifically perfect love making! (Winter -with help from the Russian Dr. Korotkov - later makes the case that Golden Ratio charge compression in DNA is measureably also key to successful dying! )

It would make sense to think that perfect love making does begin with perfect hugging. This is perfect squeezing - which is perfect compression... isn't it? So extending this idea to the now famous studies "Sentics" - book by Manfred Clynes - to show that change in pressure over time - identifies the wave shape which actually characterize emotion in general, and love in particular. Winter did an analysis of Clynes wave for Love - and insists that the wave shape approximates Golden Ratio: (Clynes replicated these wave tests with large population sampling - and across cultures - suggestion the universal musical wave shape of emotion is indeed a globally unified language!)

So - back to our Golden Mean / Golden Ratio science for a bit. If Golden Mean ratio really identifies perfect compression - then it must have something to do with fractals and self-similarity - because all science seems to agree that the only prefect or infinite compressibility is fractal. Yes - and sure enough - at least on the surface it does seem that Golden Mean geometrics may be key to fractality and self- similarity.

So the math and physics of Golden Mean ratio COULD qualify for the fractality which physics has long associated with potentially infinite compression.

So where does all this perfect packing and unpacking by Golden Ratio show up in biology? Well - the branching technique of all of the plant world to begin with: (Phylotaxes)

You can pretty much look anywhere to find the magic of Golden Mean ratio in science, in art, in math etc. etc. Winter's web site is loaded with simple science about it ( ).

So why did we need to introduce Golden Mean ratio as perfect compression - in order to introduce a potentially new science of measuring things like Bliss and Enlightenment and even Creativity in general.

Well Winter's model suggests that when biologic structures ( like brainwaves in Golden Mean ratio announcing BLISS and CREATIVITY moments) - by creating the perfect SHAPE for electrical compression - the body in fact invites and initiates IMPLOSION ( the opposite of EXPLOSION). To give you an idea of how important Winter thinks IMPLOSION is - it is in the title of both of the last 2 of his 5 books. ( Implosion's Grand Attractor, and Implosion:Secret Science of Ecstasy & Immortality ) (His books are all on his web site - in as many as 5 languages!).

His latest book- Secret Science of Ecstasy & Immortality - ( ) has this back cover:

In Schauberger's descriptions - for example - of the moment when his capacitively charged water vortex started IMPLODING - that is getting spontaneously colder and generating voltage from gravity - we find he chose Golden Ratio harmonic geometry as the principle.

Winter believes that the body is like a pine cone - a huge and adjustable capacitor. And when the electric field around your brain learns Golden Ratio to arrange itself like a pine cone as a capacitor - it begins to suck in electric charge (voltage) FROM GRAVITY - the way he believes heart muscles and live eggs get voltage.

Now all this would seem pretty extreme - except it does seem science does need some explanation for the source of voltage you can measure from most any healthy chicken egg ..

not to mention - how do kids get so much voltage in their hearts??

Winter says that gravity itself is created when waves of charge meet in Golden Ratio self similarity (Implosion). He believes this is key to Einstein's problem (Infinite Non-Destructive Compression - & how to get voltage from gravity) - because in this shape - wave compression turns in to acceleration (gravity). The reason is that in this geometry or shape ( pine cone pic above) wave front (phase) velocities also add and multiply constructively- effectively producing acceleration from charge COMPRESSION- and producing the way out for charge thru the speed of light. Winter says this suction thru the speed of light for electric charge - created by self-similarity in atoms, DNA, planets etc. tells us for the first time (about gravity ) : WHY does an object fall to the ground? ( altho science has measured gravity they have no word about its cause- Winter believes he has found it - the Holy Grail..).

If all of this is too much for you ( Winter says for example that in order to understand the power of DNA we must understand HOW it creates gravity! ) feel free to browse the web articles. ( , , , , , ).

Right now - we are hot on the trail of BLISS .. er that is CREATIVITY ... or maybe ENLIGHTENMENT itself !

You can imagine how excited Winter got when he learned the same Dr.Korotkov (death measurements electrically- above + 'GDV) measured apparent BLISS and transcendance in brainwaves at GOLDEN RATIO between harmonics. Winter immediately concluded here was practical proof of how training for Bliss and Creativity could be made measureable. Winter believes that our many words for CHI , ORGONE, SPIRIT , BARRAKAH , SHAKTIPAT , etc. are all childish misnomers for the correct electrical term: capacitive CHARGE! He says that when life force is understood in these terms - it becomes measureable and understandable. For example - a seed will germinate IF it has the electrical strength to steer into position an approaching water molecule. The electrical way the water molecule gets steered into place by the seed could be described as 'capacitive coupling'. What this means practically - is that if you can RADIATE CHARGE - you are alive . If you cannot radiate charge - you are dead. So where does this charge come from? Winter says - all living proteins are 5 sided based on Golden Ratio so as to allow IMPLOSION to suck in this charge!

Among his many other interests, Winter is hot and thick in the middle of scientific trials to PROVE that this ability to radiate charge is actually a commercially viable way to measure life force and freshness:

(by measuring the ability to radiate charge)..see

Why do we mention this in our article about measuring Enlightenment? Well - Winter suggests that the same CADUCCEUS harmonically inclusive cascade which identifies the powerful Rose Oil above - identifies BLISS in the brain! Attracting charge puts us IN CHARGE.

Let's create a sort of timeline to tell the story of Winter's work in biofeedback - culminating in his 'BLISSTUNER' :

HOW brainwaves make Bliss AND Creativity - by attracting charge..


 1980's: Dan Winter discovers how to measure Heart harmonics - during emotion - originates the idea of Heart Coherence and teaches Heart Math Institute- who later popularize the idea. : (ref: David Servan-Schreiber - new book "Instinct to Heal")

 See the REAL history of Heart Coherence Research:

From Dan Winter: "Rollin McCraty and crew at Heart Math Insitute were algae salesmen and rock musicians til I taught them to how to take an EKG, how to spectrum analyze it, and how to connect that to coherent emotion. The real irony is they refused to see those harmonics I showed them during emotion - as COHERENCE - until I spent a year convincing them: NOW they take credit for originating Heart Coherence! - in spite of the fact that the literature ("Instinct to Heal" etc.) is clear that I did. The worst part is they CONTINUE to mislead the public into thinking that breathing at 1 frequency (they strangely call 'Freezing a Frame') is heart coherence. It is actually not variability or coherence. REAL HEART COHERENCE is measureable and they haven't done it. What they have done is sent a team of vicious legal agents around the world making life hell for people like Dr.Alan Watkins ( ), and James Barret ( ). Quite the opposite of the supposed loving integrity they project in shallow image."

Original: -Later:

 -early 1990's-
Dan Winter discovers new mathematics: how to make Heart and Brain INTERNAL COHERENCE - measureable: The CEPSTRUM.

PLUS- the phase lock of 2 persons hearts made immediately visible- emerges as a dramatic MEASURE OF EMPATHY!

 First Time COHERENCE in Heart/Brain is Measured:

Mid - 90's-  Dan Winter discovers apparent Golden Ratio based cascades in Heart Harmonics- indicate empathy / compassion.


and also Peak Creativity?

Example JR's Story: Reaching thru the Veils of Disability using the Heart!- Armoring is no barrier.


Teaching EMPATHY / CONCENSUS PROCESS / CONFLICT RESOLUTION - at the corporate level-

using biofeedback measurement ("HARMONIC MODULE")


 2004: Dan Winter with Heart Coherence team - develops the FOURTH GENERATION of his invention: HeartTuner Pro 04. State of the art: Heart Coherence / Emotional Coherence - biofeedback -

with Empathy Measure,
implications to make Kinesiology measureable, and a host of research functions.

 late 80's -Dr.Ed Wilson, then research director: Monroe Institute- independantly discovers that Fibonacci (to Golden Ratio) Audio Tone Headphone cascades trigger TRANSCENDENCE in Brainwave mapping. He redefines transcendence for Brainwave study. Dr.Wilson discovers Dan Winter's similar work linking Golden Ratio in EKG cascades to Compassion- travels to NY and creates documentary with Winter (1992).  source: VHS Video: "Fibonacci Resonance, The Brain, & Consciousness"
with Ed Wilson, MD, & Daniel Winter 1992

at Crystal Hill Farm, Eden, NY

 1990's: MindMirror biofeedback systems (book:"Awakened Brain" by Cade)
consistently shows the particular cascade of brainwaves harmonics in symmetry produces "CREATIVE INSPIRATION, PERSONAL INSIGHT, & SPIRITUAL AWARENESS".

MindMirror groups fail to notice that the KEY RATIO in EEG which triggers this CREATIVITY phenomenon is GOLDEN MEAN in brainwaves- the PRINCIPLE OF NON-Destructive Compression.

    Mind Mirror (3 times the cost of HeartTuner with less than 1/3 the features).. correctly describes this brainwave picture- but misses the PURE PRINCIPLE (Golden Mean / Implosion- RATIO in the cascade symmetry) triggers BLISS & Learning. Their database describes this Brainwave harmonics picture:

"The AWAKENED MIND brainwave pattern combines the intuitive, empathetic radar of the delta waves, the creative inspiration, personal insight, and spiritual awareness of the theta waves, the bridging capacity and relaxed, detached, awareness of the alpha waves, and the external attention and ability to consciously process thought of beta waves, all at the same time. It is a brainwave pattern shared by people in higher states of consciousness regardless of their philosophy, theology or meditation technique. This brainwave pattern can be found during "peak experience" and in all forms of creativity and high performance. The awakened mind is also the "ah-ha," appearing at the exact instant of solving the problem, or getting the insight."
 2001: World Without Blindness project in Russia- develops a peak experience mental state protocol enabling large numbers of totally blind Russian children to begin to see - and return to regular school.
Procedure includes imagining BLISS IN NATURE.

Dr. Korotkov in Russia - measured this state (CREATIVITY / BLISS) found and published clear evidence that Golden Mean ratio was the KEY ATTRACTOR - identifying BLISS / Euphoria in brainwave harmonics. See

 World Without Blindness:


Dr. Korotkov: Founder of GDV- Gas Discharge Visualization a Kirlian aura measure tool - calibrated accurately enough to be used globally for clinical diagnostic by thousands of Medical Doctors. The SIZE and FRACTALITY of this aura were 2 of the clear scientific correlates of the BLISS CREATIVITY STATE.


 2004: Dan Winter- with help of Heart Coherence Team ( ) develops and tests a new component to HeartTuner Pro- A BLISSTUNER.

BlissTuner - newly available - now offers full dynamic interactive feedback environment - with synchronized audio cascade cues for each hemisphere- to


+1. Develop Cross Hemispheric Alpha (7-12hz)

+2. Learn to add Beta (higher frequency ) in GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - aided by computer generated Ball and Stick game (see pic) .. AND by musical audio tones differentially in headphones for right and left, based accurately on multiples of your real brainwave frequencies.

 New in 2005: Real Biofeedback for BLISS- PEAK EXPERIENCE-CREATIVITY MAXIMA:
The BLISSTuner

Read WHY Harmonic Inclusion in EEG practically allows biofeedback solutions to Attention Deficit and Addiction:


 In Conclusion: THE HYGIENE-
10 Years of Teaching: Discover the electrical environment (FRACTAL CHARGE COMPRESSION = LIFE) which will CAUSE a seed to germinate and HELP A HUMAN ENTER BLISS - CREATIVITY and LEARNING. This redefinition of LIFE and BLISS - suggests a VERY PRACTICAL re-inventing for the HYGIENE FOR BLISS - AND EDUCATION.

Bliss is the only way to sustain -immune health, -lucid dreaming, + successful memory thru death.

+1 in Diet (Live Food, avoid angry DNA, recognize charge to gain twinkle)

+2 in Architecture and Geomancy

+3 in Kinesthetics / the Dance Movement

+4 in Ritual / Rites of Passage / Intitiation

 How To's/Coherent Emotion/Practical Hygiene



Consider- could it be that there is a simple symmetry of charge which identifies LIFE FORCE ( ) , SEED GERMINATION ( ), AND HUMAN BLISS - CREATIVITY ( ) and Learning.

And that this symmetry of field effect can be identified and taught using the music of Golden Mean ratio - in Brain and Heart to TEACH COMPASSION, EMPATHY, BLISS and CREATIVITY.

And that this revolution in the principle of what is life itself - IMPLOSION into Fusion for Charge- can redefine - education / creativity - as well as architecture ( ) and agriculture.

Dan Winter makes this case after 20 years of global teaching - in conjuntion with demonstration of his new Bliss Tuner (creativity biofeedback) and HeartTuner system.

The principle - that IMPLOSION IS A GRAND ATTRACTOR - and it is the 'Secret Science of Ecstacy / Creativity' is the subject of his last 2 books. ( see: )

Check out the BLISSTUNER - ( ) experience for yourself - a new science of life and creativity - SOLUTION TO LEARNING - based on a simple hygiene anyone can understand and use.

Even skeptics would have to agree, that the nature of centripedal implosion is emerging as the physics of self-organizing CHARGE in biological structures. Clearly this is a process that can go to a speed of light transcending and thereby charge attracting limit. We are now able to define life force as the ability to attract and self-organize charge. If this is true, then indeed the ability to implode and fractally attract huge amount of charge would turn people into little suns. This is consistent with all of religion. Yet once the principle is understood - the time immediately comes for science and hygiene - and leaving the childishness of religion and myth behind.

We have described elsewhere the how the body fluids cavity go thru a crtical boundary penetrating field effect condition - when enough CHARGE is attracted. These are the Kundalini and the Bliss articles. We have also looked at what conditions of CHARGE density enable the DNA to braid recursively enough to implode - SuperDNA & MagneticX articles. (Pics of DNA becoming DONUT shaped during sex, or bliss? & death? at- ) The majority of the pieces are in place to take a very literal physical view of what it takes to get biological magnetics and memory accelerated (by compression) thru the speed of light - into a realm where sustainablity supercedes what would normally be the fatal condition of being stuck below the speed of light.

The processes which get enough charge into glands and cells and genes, to cause this blissful - euphoric inplosion can be understood very well indeed from the point of view of hygiene. Being spiritually nourished with live food, pristine magnetic - and air - and quiet environment - and the yoga / kinesthetic of glandular health - these are the self-empowering ways to ignite your blood.

Winter's diagram ( ) of the conceptual key Implosion holds profound suggestions for MANY of the problems of modern science and society.

Winter has shown in several hundred international conference settings now (calendar- ) - the simple visual series which convinced anyone willing to look (from physicists of CERN to cardiology doctorates from Arizona) - that arranging a charge field into a pine cone like fractal symmetry is DIRECTLY able to help a seed germinate, revolutionize architecture, help a human experience bliss/ creativity + peak experience. AND this symmetry for capacitive charge is directly able to convert voltage to gravity and the reverse. Self-similarity for charge is the CAUSE of gravity because only that CONSTRUCTIVE (by Golden recusion) interference of phase (waves of charge) velocities - CONVERTS compression IN to acceleration (called gravity). This (charge self-similar enabled collapse being the CAUSE of gravity) is not only the only possible PRACTICAL solution to the unified field - it immediately suggests the correct mathematics approach (identify self awareness / birth of LIFE- in oscillations emerging from chaos by spectral harmonics in Golden Ratio multiples - ref 1 , ref 2 , ref 3 ).

The appalling arrogance of Western science to ignore these simple wave mechanic rules (which frequently are explained back to us by school children once they learn them) - creates some stark and horrible and death creating blanks in western knowledge- for example:

1. no information to teach why an object falls to the ground. (self similar charge compression constructive wave velocity interference - producing acceleration / gravity- creates 'suction' thru light speed).

2. no information to teach what (capacity field / all shareable biological memory ) of DNA survives death (by compression/acceleration ).

3. no information to teach what in the FIELD (electrical pattern) makes a seed grow.

4. no information to teach what electrical pattern ignites BLISS and DNA to sustainability / immortality.

5. no information to teach what is the only sustainable path thru the speed of light. And yet it is MORTAL (fatal) for anything in biology to be condemned to remain below light speed . (Because this collapse compression spin path to acceleration in DNA is measureably the only way to take memory / charge -your 'KA'- thru death.) This is why every living protein is based on pent PHI recursion symmetry - because LIFE REQUIRES this superluminal connection - intimately necessary to understand the physics behind the childlike human concept of SOUL .

One starkly absurd notion resulting from such confusion is Einstein's patently wrong idea that anything which approaches the speed of light goes to infinite mass. Charge which is compressed in Golden Mean wave interference (what a pine cone, + a blissful EKG or EEG does) actually takes it's inertia COHERENTLY thru the speed of light with ZERO resistance!

6. no information on what DNA is FOR - on the scale of stars for example. (It is designed to create and stabilize the gravity ultimately to sustain star birth and orbital mechanics). 22 Extra terrestrial cultures aggressively competing for the incredibly powerful and valuable political position of administrators of the galaxies most diverse genetic library (Earth's) - more valuable than gold. ( story: ) . And guess what - Earth's present human culture has no chance to even apply for the role! Specifically because - lead by their arrogant and stupid Western Science - they do not have a clue what DNA is even for - or why it is valuable! ( Gravity making and steering -the key to stabilizing biology on nascent planets - as well as star navigating - is about the most high paying job among the evolved in those 'ET' cultures.)

7. no information on what compression symmetry (fractal) could allow Earth's human architecture + human urban design - to survive upcoming Solar maxima.

8. no information on how to design a temple / a home / a farm to fabricate FERTILITY and BLISS - electrically.

9. no information on the biophysics of what created alphabets (ref 1, ref 2) - ( symbolizing is created embedding- that which allows a cell to take inside -RE-PRESENTING - what was outside).

and therefore

10. no information on the true deep meaning of ancient sacred texts in every tradition ( symmetry ingredients to ignite DNA to implosive immortalizing charge radiance).

For example - earlier we demonstrated by equation - that the Golden Spiral (perfected charge compression=symbol-making) mapped on the torus donut (shape of all field effect) casts shadows when viewed from a tetra cube - was the origin in principle of the "Hebrew" alphabet. ( ) This proved that the REAL 'Bible Code' was not just a flat sum of numbers per letter added - but rather the actual quantum mechanics of a 3 dimensional map for non-destructive nesting ('touch permission = word making') of field effects - to program creation of matter from charge. Sadly - as the Hebrew tradition proves - limiting the symmetry of charge donut domains to the symmetry of a tetra cube ('The Matrix') - Hebrew letters - when used as the software environ for genetic engineering makes only a soul-less Golem. (The Annunaki / Sumerian culture from Sirius was rooted in interventionist genetic engineering : 'Genesis'). By raising the number of views of the same spiral on the same donut to the symmetry shadows of Dodeca and Pent - (Implosion) - the higher alphabets - Ophanim / Greek and roots of Arabic / Anglish are created. ( ) . In this way cultures could be taught the charge symmetry of what COULD be made sustainable and immortal - as waves enter the slip knot rope of DNA ( ) . Alphabet letters - as the only (symmetry) access to the immortalizing implosive fire in the throat of DNA - are the only way in and out of history (wave sustainability).

So - it becomes clear when we see the - relation of Sanskrit to Hebrew:

The 3 superscript commas used over the Hebrew letters (crownlets 'Taggin' on the letters in the Torah) to indicate your relative view from the symmetry axes of the cube (the 'Matrix' - 3X3X3 matrix = 27 letter Hebrew alphabet) - became the vertical and horizontal bar ('The Cross') lines in Sanskrit - which when removed leave the same alphabet (from Alpha Draconis* - where the Caste system genetic laws orignate). Releasing yourself from the 'Matrix' - getting up off your cross - in flatland - requires consuming this perspective. Each alphabet letter is a shadow on the wall of ('flatland' )the cave - you get up off your cross when you see - E pluribus Unun- From Many: ONE.

(* Alpha Draconis whose star map geometry becomes the design for Ankor Wat, Senshi Chinese Pyramids, for the Arabic letter 'eL'- whose flag star triangles shadow of cube matrix becomes Isreal, whose genetic laws become Caste system, & aboriginal law, and whose D-Raa-- Kaa-n -, dragons become the center of most of family genetic crest in Europe).

The REASON the cube ('Matrix' - traditional H'ibiUru - see soul eating at ) is a prison - is the cube is NOT inherently compressible. (Internal wave harmonics interfering with each other create cancellation- incubeation). In the Dodeca / pent ( language ) symmetries ( of Ophanim, Greek, Arabic - overview ) - internal (Golden Ratio perfected self-similarity) wave interference is all constructive (non-destructive). This produces perfect compression, collapse, scale-invariance, fusion, implosion, awareness , ensoulment/bliss for DNA.

So - where would Winter take all this? Demonstration community - based on PEACE as a science:

Here we reprint the preliminary developing outline for Peace University- Demonstration Community (this version is from Australia) - Urging you to work toward demonstration sites in your area & get in touch with and support the coordinators:

The Demonstration Community for the Science of Peace, Version 2.0, Dec 29, 2004

International project contacts:

Coordinators: Alandra and Mamoru: , Consultant: Dan Winter , Architecturals: Michael Rice


It is self evident that the technological 'religion' which controls this planet has lost its way. If we examine the pure symmetry principle in the (fractal) electric chage field which allows a seed to germinate, allows humans to experience bliss and creativity ­ we can see that the principle of what is life itself ­ could revolutionize our definition of culture and community. Once we understand how waves can agree, we can produce human agreement and life itself. This was profoundly contained in the problem Einstein died wrestling with: WHAT IS THE GEOMETRY OF INFINITE NON-DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION? Einstein knew this was the secret to getting electric power from gravity. What he did not know, was that the Golden Mean geometry of all plant branching profoundly contained the answer to his problem. He did not realize the source of the millivolts of power available from any healthy chicken egg, pine cone, or EKG- was IMPLOSION ­the opposite of EXPLOSION ­ and the source of LIFE ITSELF. The result of this failure to understand the IMPLOSION symmetry which causes all of life, has left western science in a profound and dizzy state of inability to lead culture to life.

This lack of understanding of how waves make peace ­ is directly responsible for the inability of PEOPLE to make peace. By applying these simple principles of sound modern hygiene in the symmetry of our community, our architecture, our gardens, and our bliss dance - true community based on the SCIENCE of life ­ creativity and bliss ­ is now simply within our grasp.

Dan Winter ( ) is only one of many scientists who have proposed radically new answers to these problems. The work serves as a gathering point for re-inventing community in part because of it's re-invention of a more specific connection between SCIENCE and SPIRIT ( Life Force made measureable). Winter has described in meaningful and measureable scientific detail for example:

How to teach peacemaking as a measureable SCIENCE ( )
How to bring life force to plants ­ electrically ( )
How to bring life force to cities ­ in the symmetry of their magnetic layout ( )
How to bring life force to measurement in generatl ( )
How to bring bliss and creativity to measurement and pure principle ( )
How to bring energy from gravity ( , , )
How to bring life force in principle to ARCHITECTURE ( )
How to bring life force to teaching origin of alpabet even to children ( , , )

His five books are available in as many as 5 languages. For the purpose of this report ­ recommended are: "Implosion: Secret Science of Ecstasy and Immortality" ( ) and "Implosion's Grand Attractor" ( - see glossary and bibliography there)

It is proposed to establish a community based upon research and principles such as set out in the various resources made available by Dan Winter, including books, CD's, DVD's and internet resources.

The long range vision is for a community large enough to function as an independent community, with sufficient size, diversity and resources to support the full range of systems required for all in the community to flourish in the fullest manner possible. Our vision is to establish a community that will serve as a demonstration center, a teaching center, and as a prototype or model for similar communities that can be established around the world. They will be able to demonstrate in action as well as theory ­ the simple principles that peaceful and blissful living ­ (embedded) in harmony with nature ­ is as natural as taking a child from a metal building into a paramagnetic sacred space. It all begins with understanding what environment produces the charge field of 'spirit' (no longer a mystery) for what is life and fertility itself.

The theory is as simple as it is elegant.

Harmonic inclusiveness (the result of fractal or implosive CONSTUCTIVE COMPRESSION) measureable in the weak capacitive field or 'spirit' predicts:
+ whether your EKG will survive,
+ whether your temple is sacred,
+ whether your house will create measureable bliss,
+ whether your barn will germinate a seed, and
+ whether your community layout will produce the magnetic flow in soil which PREDICTS PEACE!

It all depends on KNOWING what life is ­ in the truly modern electrical sense- of knowing the SYMMETRY of charge which makes life. It is no more complicated than knowing WHY the shape and material ('dialectric') of a pine cone creates living voltage (LIFE) from gravity.

The following areas will form the focus of the proposed community:

1. Peacemaking in the Mind: a) 50-80% live food diet, spring water, avoiding angry ( monocultured) DNA. b) yoga/ sacred gynastic movement daily, c) quiet time in nature , d) life in SERVICE to what you believe in. e) frequent community meditation, ritual AND bliss practice. f) Immersion in pure principle teaching of the essential language of life itself ( preliminary curriculum outline : )

2. Peacemaking in the Heart

We will train in the ability work with the heart in many different ways. The rhythm and timing of heartbeats, the way the outside environment affects the heart and how the heart affects the outside environment (an example of fractal similarity), and so on. We will also explore the effect of emotions on the environment . Heart Coherence biofeedback ( , ) and EEG biofeedback ( ) . Solutions to addiction / attention deficity lie in the musical recipe teachable with feedback ( as at )

3. Peacemaking in the Land.

We need to be sensitive to the natural flow of energy in the land, and to place structures and materials in such a way that they will not interfere with that flow, and indeed, enhance the natural flow. As such, the connection with the land will lead to harmony with other communities. Magnetic mapping using scientific principles to create symmetry within and with neighbors for the land. Detailed examples at

The original inspiration when Dan Winter ( ) inspired the Norway group ( ) to initiate the Peace Unversity conecpt - came from Professor Phil Callahan. The Professor - is famous in America ( ) for proving that soil fertility is predicted by the ability of the soil to conduct or pass magnetism. (In scientific terms this is acheived by measuring "Magnetic Flux PERMISSIVITY" which simply means how well can magnetism go thru). The Professor had proved that using patterns among 'paramagnetic" stone (like limestone, calc, granite etc.) magnetic conductivity could be returned to an area, and fertility would increase. 15 years ago Dan made a documentary film with the Professor about this. ( ) . What really excited Dan and his network was later, when the Professor- showed that he could predict where WAR INSTEAD OF PEACE - would break out - simply by measuring the SAME ability of the area soils to conduct magnetism!

First he had noticed that in primive cultures ( he spent a lot of time in the Amazon) he could tell in advance if the local natives were friendly or head hunters, based on measuring how easily magnetism passed thru their soil. Later he made measures in Isreal, Ireland, and Yugoslavia to show that indeed - breakdown in the SYMMETRY which allows magnetism to flow - was a direct predictor of where WAR WOULD HAPPEN! It followed logically that if stone circles, labyrinths, and geomancy were down with scientific symmetry ( which Dan now teaches globally - - as the scientific side of Feng Shui) - THEN- PEACE COULD BE TAUGHT AS A SCIENCE BY TEACHING ABOUT THE SYMMETRY NEEDED TO ALLOW TOUCH IN MAGNETIC WAVES.

The really 'kool' part of this is Dan has - with the help of many friends - assembled the tools to make this teachable - not only in the harmonics of waves on the land - but also using the exact same principles of restored symmetry - teaching Peacemaking by measurement and harmonics in HEART (EEG) , in Brainwaves (EKG) , even in Breath ( ).


4. Peacemaking in Human Habitat:

-Architecture as sacred space. Simple scientific pure principle which explains why adding SHAPE in simple symmetry to magnetism and electrical charge creates a direct means of feeding life force to biology and evolution. Electric waves in the universal compressible medium can be arranged into patterns which create LIFE itself. We wish to now apply those principles in a practical way, to design and build LIFE into our homes, offices, landscapes and even.into our refrigerators. These will be environments for healing, prosperity and personal growth. ( pictorials also at )

5. Peacemaking in the shape of human Touch:

Following the principles of the Golden Mean, there is a way of relating that optimizes the braiding of DNA between partners through the "compression" of hugging. Ref:
See the shape of love as a touch ­ even implies birthing and rebirthing when we understand the change in pressure over time of the birth canal ­ as the Sentic wave for LOVE ( originally discovered in Australia).

6. Peacemaking in the shape of Sacred Dance and Movement:

Many forms of dance, sacred circle movements, internal martial arts and so on contribute positively to different modes of communication and to inner stillness and peace.

7. Peacemaking in Music. Music of Bliss and music of the EKG

Through the use of music and the Heart Tuner and Bliss Tuner as biofeedback devices, community members can train themselves to live in "blissful harmony".

8. Peacemaking in the breath

The Golden Mean ratio again provides a key to the use of breath to reach stillness and a place in ourselves where waves can nest and create useful energy. ( ref- )

9. Peacemaking in Sustainable Living :

By restoring Measurable Charge-a rigorous/teachable definition of life-force to food, architecture and land.


"The pure principle of the Science of Peace lies in the symmetry of Fusion of people or waves which make a 'centering force'. The ultimate coherence is self-similarity inside out, which is measurable electrically by accurate harmonic analysis as peace in the heart, peace in the mind, peace in the body's movement, and peace in the land. Peace is the "Music of Embedding" waves which nest embeddably, compress non-destructively ­ they 'touch' permissively and they produce one from many."

Brief Introduction to Dan Winter (5 books, 5 languages ­ 200+ articles at ) : Graduate trained in Psychophysiology mentored by Dr Al Ax, one of biofeedback's founders. Also trained as Systems Analyst with IBM in Detroit, Chicago and Poughkeepsie. He was priveleged to be work with many of the early Physics of Consciousness leaders: Ben Bentov, Chris Bird, Marcel Vogel, even - Bucky Fuller. BioElectric Inventor himself, Dan later invented the HeartTuner ( ) and now the BlissTuner ( ) which portend to revolutionize heart coherence, empathy, and creativity training. He has been a world leader in Sacred Geometry and Physics of Consciousness teaching for almost 20 years- often teaching in 10-20 countries anually ( International calendar: ) . Also a trained musician, choir director, computer animator, and author of 5 books ( see ­books and web presence in 5 languages) he also writes about the extraterrestrial origin of DNA ( ). Based currently in Germany, France and Uk between frequent world lecture tours and research trips - he currently travels with partner Valerie Sandelin. He is passionate to see young people offered the chance to see the real and scientific power of access to personal bliss experience. He entertains using the musical recipe for self-empowering alternatives to bliss ­ at young peoples concerts - , and initiates real biofeedback empowering alternatives to Addiction and Attention Deficit training ­ ). Recently, the Peace University project in Norway (with Pam Hiley) ­ initiated in part from Dan Winter's Science of Peace - ­ hosted Palestinian and Isreali women in an international enclave on Peace Dialog ­ ref:

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note from Bliss Tuner inventor- Perhaps the REASON the brain gets a charge during meditation - is CHARGE COMPRESSION DUE TO RECURSION! We do find that experienced meditators consistently succeed much more quickly to generate Golden Ratio in BLISSTUNER brainwave measure.

Meditation Gives Brain a Charge, Study Finds

By Marc Kaufman, Washington Post, Jan 3, 2005, P. A05

Brain research is beginning to produce concrete evidence for something that Buddhist practitioners of meditation have maintained for centuries: Mental discipline and meditative practice can change the workings of the brain and allow people to achieve different levels of awareness.

Those transformed states have traditionally been understood in transcendent terms, as something outside the world of physical measurement and objective evaluation. But over the past few years, researchers at the University of Wisconsin working with Tibetan monks have been able to translate those mental experiences into the scientific language of high-frequency gamma waves and brain synchrony, or coordination. And they have pinpointed the left prefrontal cortex, an area just behind the left forehead, as the place where brain activity associated with meditation is especially intense.

"What we found is that the longtime practitioners showed brain activation on a scale we have never seen before," said Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist at the university's new $10 million W.M. Keck Laboratory for Functional Brain Imaging and Behavior. "Their mental practice is having an effect on the brain in the same way golf or tennis practice will enhance performance." It demonstrates, he said, that the brain is capable of being trained and physically modified in ways few people can imagine.

Scientists used to believe the opposite -- that connections among brain nerve cells were fixed early in life and did not change in adulthood. But that assumption was disproved over the past decade with the help of advances in brain imaging and other techniques, and in its place, scientists have embraced the concept of ongoing brain development and "neuroplasticity."

Davidson says his newest results from the meditation study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in November, take the concept of neuroplasticity a step further by showing that mental training through meditation (and presumably other disciplines) can itself change the inner workings and circuitry of the brain.

The new findings are the result of a long, if unlikely, collaboration between Davidson and Tibet's Dalai Lama, the world's best-known practitioner of Buddhism. The Dalai Lama first invited Davidson to his home in Dharamsala, India, in 1992 after learning about Davidson's innovative research into the neuroscience of emotions. The Tibetans have a centuries-old tradition of intensive meditation and, from the start, the Dalai Lama was interested in having Davidson scientifically explore the workings of his monks' meditating minds. Three years ago, the Dalai Lama spent two days visiting Davidson's lab.

The Dalai Lama ultimately dispatched eight of his most accomplished practitioners to Davidson's lab to have them hooked up for electroencephalograph (EEG) testing and brain scanning. The Buddhist practitioners in the experiment had undergone training in the Tibetan Nyingmapa and Kagyupa traditions of meditation for an estimated 10,000 to 50,000 hours, over time periods of 15 to 40 years. As a control, 10 student volunteers with no previous meditation experience were also tested after one week of training.

The monks and volunteers were fitted with a net of 256 electrical sensors and asked to meditate for short periods. Thinking and other mental activity are known to produce slight, but detectable, bursts of electrical activity as large groupings of neurons send messages to each other, and that's what the sensors picked up. Davidson was especially interested in measuring gamma waves, some of the highest-frequency and most important electrical brain impulses.

Both groups were asked to meditate, specifically on unconditional compassion. Buddhist teaching describes that state, which is at the heart of the Dalai Lama's teaching, as the "unrestricted readiness and availability to help living beings." The researchers chose that focus because it does not require concentrating on particular objects, memories or images, and cultivates instead a transformed state of being.

Davidson said that the results unambiguously showed that meditation activated the trained minds of the monks in significantly different ways from those of the volunteers. Most important, the electrodes picked up much greater activation of fast-moving and unusually powerful gamma waves in the monks, and found that the movement of the waves through the brain was far better organized and coordinated than in the students. The meditation novices showed only a slight increase in gamma wave activity while meditating, but some of the monks produced gamma wave activity more powerful than any previously reported in a healthy person, Davidson said.

The monks who had spent the most years meditating had the highest levels of gamma waves, he added. This "dose response" -- where higher levels of a drug or activity have greater effect than lower levels -- is what researchers look for to assess cause and effect.

In previous studies, mental activities such as focus, memory, learning and consciousness were associated with the kind of enhanced neural coordination found in the monks. The intense gamma waves found in the monks have also been associated with knitting together disparate brain circuits, and so are connected to higher mental activity and heightened awareness, as well.

Davidson's research is consistent with his earlier work that pinpointed the left prefrontal cortex as a brain region associated with happiness and positive thoughts and emotions. Using functional magnetic resonance imagining (fMRI) on the meditating monks, Davidson found that their brain activity -- as measured by the EEG -- was especially high in this area.

Davidson concludes from the research that meditation not only changes the workings of the brain in the short term, but also quite possibly produces permanent changes. That finding, he said, is based on the fact that the monks had considerably more gamma wave activity than the control group even before they started meditating. A researcher at the University of Massachusetts, Jon Kabat-Zinn, came to a similar conclusion several years ago.

Researchers at Harvard and Princeton universities are now testing some of the same monks on different aspects of their meditation practice: their ability to visualize images and control their thinking. Davidson is also planning further research.

"What we found is that the trained mind, or brain, is physically different from the untrained one," he said. In time, "we'll be able to better understand the potential importance of this kind of mental training and increase the likelihood that it will be taken seriously."

More Information

"Introduction to Modern Meditation, Part II" Explore, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2003 by Thomas Valone (article summary)