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Update Jan 27, 2020:
"I think the best part of the newish film TWO POPES - is where the future pope Francis (whose papacy just crashed almost as spectacularly as the old one- as his right hand aussie cardinal is hauled off to prison) - as he flew to tell the old pope - Benedict- (Anthony Hopkins) he wanted to resign- (he didn't want to be a 'salesman' for lies) when Benedict informs the future pope Francis- that he refuses to accept his resignation as a cardinal- because Benedict is going to resign as pope- the key moment- is when Francis explains that Argentinians have a more evolved way to commit suicide.. by climbing to the top of the ladder of their ego.. and jumping off.

ET - Draco - Draconian - Annunaki History of DNA> Realizing the Roots of Earth's Relgions - with Dan Winter

Main article in the series: www.fractalfield.com/fusionintheblood <Deep physiologic /emotional significance of the difference between human and Draco/ Uru Annunaki blood- (power of bliss differentiates)

Index to this article series by Dan Winter > ET Origins of Human DNA: goldenmean.info/therestofthestory

complete Science of Teaching Peacemaking-Based on FRACTALITY- International Peace University: www.goldenmean.info/peaceuniversity

Update May 2018- Our special friend Dan Schreiber - phoned back after dying to confirm- our 'conjugate implosive' geometric map for death vision bliss- www.goldenmean.info/immortality

How and Why - We ARE Starseeds - from Dan Winter - S.France May 20, 2018

dedicated to... Naomie Cook and her > projectstarseed.com , facebook.com/groups/projectstarseedconnections . Global Movement to Elevate Cosmic Consciousness

and - Star Seed Transmissions- we wrote about our friend Ken Carey "Starseed Transmissions" - Return of the Bird Tribes- at www.birdtribes.net/whoarethebirdtribes.htm

Part 1. The first part of how and why we are starseeds- is entirely clear to modern physics. The heavier elements / trace minerals required to healthy biology ONLY are available if OLDER more mature stars have blown up - and sprayed their 'seeds' - in the neighborhood. Otherwise- the larger atoms with the symmetries critical to life- do not evolve (young stars just don't have what it takes..). So the nuclear furnace of all those mature stars.. make trace minerals / heavier elements possible. Books like 'The Survival of Civilization' explains why our civilization will die quickly if we don't remineralize our land and forests - pointing for example to the acid rain mechanism of destroying forests by browning- is at essence a loss of soluble mineral. It is the trace mineral soluble in the water of the pine needle which makes that water more orderly than ice- otherwise it will rupture in the frost and turn brown. SO without the higher complex more evolved (sacred) geometry of atoms higher in the atomic table - only made by OLD stars (seeds)- water could not find the wisdom geometry to BE more ordered than ice (as it also is inside every living cell - if we believe Szent Gyorgi 'Electronic Biology and Cancer'). That super ordered water- IS the introducion to why only super CHARGE DISTRIBUTION EFFICIENCY (hint- think fractal fields) defines life force and the evolution of the mind 'field'.

Implosive Geometry- the 'mother' of gravity - and stars- our STAR MOTHER KIT - implosive geometry modelling kit: goldenmean.info/kit (later we wrote the equation to prove this stellated fractal dodeca nest- is the geometry hydrogen - fractal center piece of water / DNA bonds.

Part 2. The second part of how and why we are starseeds is entirely UNKNOWN to modern physics. As we evolve we can make a centripetal and negentropic field- our star mothers- desparately need. Any study of ancient traditions concept of SUN GOD- is a clue. But for physicists who are functionally clueless to why objects fall to the ground (fractality causes gravity)- and therefore clueless to what (fractal) electric field makes gravity, life and mind-( fractalfield.com/physics ) our advice is do not join their less than functional schizophrenia (believing mind and life and gravity could somehow be SEPARATE from electromagnetism). It is apparent to all that the Sun is highly mindful- and has gone to a huge amount of trouble to shepard the evolution of DNA in the neighborhood. It would be insanely non-adiabatic if billions of stars (when ET phoned home- we got a clue)- went to so much trouble to make genetic life- for no reason. So when Buryl Payne- famously made 11 separate measurements showing solar flares went peaceful- every time more than a million children sang the same song together...

our scientists might have taken the hint. We 'starseeds' ARE making something our star needs: that is centripetal and negentropic force!... This is easy so far- because the evidence is clear. What is not clear- is how.

From Bentov's and others (mine own) kundalini reports ( goldenmean.info/kundalini ) we know that intense bliss experience has a gravity bending / planet taming ( goldenmean.info/babalon ) effect. We have learned a lot also about the physics of why that is so. The implosive phonon cascades of bliss ( flameinmind.com/flameinsound -for the binaurals)- recursively braid embed / implode the DNA ( goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto ) to long wave broad spectral phase conjugate embedding/ implosion. This is clearly the wave guide to the black hole making of gravity- or to put this in Sufi terms: "Only LOVE bends the light, so only LOVE creates". No wonder so many shaman have no trouble steering tornados- ( goldenmean.info/dowsing ) just like Bentov apparently steered the whole Earth body.

The Egyptians- were right about many things- they knew that if their OSIRIS (every Osiris face shown in Egypt is green- like Enki)- did not inhabit the Sun- the Nile flood would not be in phase (centripetal) . And they knew- only the Solar being / Atun was truly God. So no surprise when years later when the clairvoyants confirmed ("Occult Chemistry" see- goldenmean.info/creation ) - the plasma at the heart of the Sun- was identical to the 'Anu' slip knot at the heart of humans- and hydrogen> Sevenarrows.net

Finally- our potential to BE the seed of stars - starts with the imploding plasma around the heart of compassion ( goldenmean.info/holarchy ) - which eventually does- become the plasma being- centripetal force which is required for star maintenance ( as Gurdjieff said).

Our Most Ambitious Yet: REAL ET History Films ONLINE!
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Update July 2010- Newest Films: The Vairocana Effect:How Civilizations Lept Forward
When They Learned to Assemble Stone Dolmen to Create the Seed Germination / Healing /Growth Effect Electric Field (The REAL Hermetic Revolution)> see goldenmean.info/malta

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One of our most popular lectures- playful ET history -and 'storal to the morey' What you can do to heal the trauma of ancestral intervention.. and 'heal religion wars' ...Those - URU-assa-el-m* /religion wars are ALWAYS about who gets access to the stargate.. but plasma implosion/propulsion there ONLY works for those with enough bliss/ aura coherence- to BE plasma projective... otherwise no beam up from the 'kindergarten so far from downtown'... - * URU:'of the ancient draco/dragon blood', ASSA:'queen or royal or charge radiant ones', EL:'place of the phase shift/translation of vorticity/ embedding in to the immortalizing longitudinal coherence (hint only lucid dreamers need apply- physics is the true 'Trump' card of this real J'uruassalem embassy...- since -'politic'is is DEFINED by 'body polis'- namely who HAS a bliss radiant aura.. )' also see the Photo Gallery Tour of this South France Grail Conference
(note this film is just one part dealing with the Grail History in the Science -

or download the swf file directly - leuc6.swf file for external play
for PART TWO "Angels Exist!" - of THIS FILM Click HERE> parttwo.html

Update July 2010 > goldenmean.info/malta we include over TWENTY NEW FILMS- Over 30 Hours!..

Companion Lecture- S.FRANCE- Dan Winter -just republished- 'Perfect Path Curve: Sacred Nature of Perfected Compression'>


 <'Gravity Making:Your Life Depends on it' -key article emerged from the huge response to film www.goldenmean.info/endingreligionwars ->principle of 'Planet Taming' -when dolmens embed well by conjugated crosses in longitudinal emf (gravity waves ) not only is gravity stabilized-but atmosphere is maintained - :proofs -(see article) -gyro spin rate can be 'pumped' by nutating it in your hand..- (that implosion is gravity- the form of charge acceleration produced by the recursive /fractal compression as conjugation of phases-DEFINES GRAVITY  fractalfield.com/conjugategravity ) - -also micro gravity measure over pyramids- especially at sunrises, eclipse.. - also here see image- magnetic line collapse during eclipse (image here from Cardinaux goldenmean.info/geobiology

You may want to open the accompanying SLIDESHOW: ET Dragon History of DNA.. in a Separate Window..


(summary of all ET Origins Articles by Dan Winter at goldenmean.info/therestofthestory )

Ending Religion Wars: Using The True ET History of DNA-

We have always known the root of all religions (Father of all relgions- abRAham, RA is our Annunaki ancestors lineage of Enki)
was a single family lineage. We explored how the Annunaki names for their leading NINE - became the names for God in most of Earth's relgions. ( See: goldenmean.info/dragonscriptdna , goldenmean.info/whaledreamers , goldenmean.info/hellsmouth , goldenmean.info/peshmehten ). But the true politics of religion is actually HOW you teach the hygiene for bliss that CAN make your memory immortal. Here is the path: goldenmean.info/immortality It is simple really - learn to be fractal and phase conjugate enough to attract the biologic charge called "GRACE" and you WILL take memory thru death - and BECOME the SKYWALKER !

Since we have such a GOOD handle on the hygiene (which basically turns religious language into a simple science which teaches the physics of bliss) - let us finish the story by fixing the HISTORY. The history is now clear - while the Christians were clearly up to their waists in the blood of the Muslims they murdered BEFORE the other way around - actually - the KArma goes further back.

The real start- is a bloodline (the Seraphim- Uru / Dragon) had a genetic problem... (see below film) -
AND their representative (yes the SAME secret agent) name GABRIEL - came and announced some necessary hygiene measures to:

1. The Christians (Mary spoke to Gabriel)

2. The Mormons (Joseph Smith spoke to Gabriel)

3. The Muslims ( Muhammed spoke to Gabriel).

SO ... who were these Seraphim whose message Gabriel brought to ALL religions? What is the story? Where do we fit in??

The simple conclusion is that ALL the religions have the same source: The hygiene information for how we immortalize our Biologic (DNA) Energy fields!

There is a certain stage in the Annunaki tales- when we are informed repeatedly that our genepool has been saved (Enki did love his kids).. by the Lucid Dreaming star ancestor named GALZU (Links below) . We suspect he was of the Ophanim, Bird Tribe (Enki's Mother's Paa Taal line). The fun question is - what made him suspect that OUR genepool was SO important and worth saving - that we might BE the vaccine to those nasty Orion Wars (Hint: Empire Strikes Back!!>!>>!>!)

.. kids this is even MORE fun than STAR WARS!!! And you ARE the hero when YOU choose to ignite your DNA with the (microchloridians) of your own BLISS.


This FILM SERIES (below) is the most extensive and vibrant synthesis ever released of the real extra-terrestrial history of our genepool. Beautifully synthesizing into a compelling narrative - Hopi, Andromedan, Montauk, Dan's own research - and detailed biologic memories of numerous global researchers - fitting perfectly the works (set after the Annunaki arrived on Earth) of Sitchen, Gardner and many others.

The reading material for with these presentations-
is Dan Winter's world's largest and most synthesized library on the ET HISTORY OF DNA: goldenmean.info/therestofthestory

How do we use this history of the UR - Seraphim Dragon Blood lines to heal religion wars?

Let us look of the origin of the Q'UR-AN. We recently learned much more about who the UR are , we have long known who the An line is (AN as in AN-unaki is generally interepreted to mean "Sun God" or Solar being - see the film...). We know their alphabet is a genetic DNA programming electric field symmetry sequencing software. We know that Gabriel - who narrated the Q'UR-AN to Muhammed- was offering the genetic hygiene wisdom of the Seraphim bloodline - as he did to Joseph Smith - of the Mormons. The KAtholics are clear- that Gabriel is the communicator with Mary. We know that the Seraphim Draco apologized for creating both the Christian and Muslim religions - for the same (hygiene instruction) purpose - only to realize too late - the result was mostly mass murder. ( Here is the moment when the Draco Seraphim first had their genetic disaster: Nephalim ).

We even know - that the well documented Kundalini like seizures that Muhammed - experienced in chatting with Gabriel - are the classic symptoms of mind meld with the Assa Uru queens.. the REAL Baphomet or SKULL TOUCH. Today's Indiana Jones- interest in crystal skulls ..(more history next time on that).. is about genetic memory of the fall of the skull touch - ability - quite linked to the genetic fall of the Nephalim - from the Seraphim URu line.

We must assume that Galzu - who was clearly responsible for saving Enki's genetic experiment here (see why WE are the vaccine in the URion wars - in the film - below) - must represent the Ophanim Pta Taal ancestry of Enki's mother. "Galzu was a real mysterious guy...even the Annunakis had no idea who he was...he could enter Enki's dream and gave a design of a boat (KA?) which could sustain .'..

So to understand the URigens of the Ophanim and Seraphim genetic history in URion - and restore your aURa- with full phase conjugate fractal genetic memory - we must phase conjugate into oneness - the following hURstURy stURy ...


Particularly recommended that you compare this version of the galactic DNA HISTORY - with the also newly released:

VOLUME FOUR Exerpt: Galactic and ET Origins of DNA:The DRAGONS Story!
-deeper version...What Turns Planets GREEN??

Updated Reloaded June 9, 09 - FILMs ONLINE- from The ORIGINAL - Professionally Edited by Global Vision Productions, Australia

Conference - Co Sponsored by, and Acknowledgement to Roger Green : fengshuiseminars.com

Filmed at Mevlana Community - Mullumbimby, NSW Australia - 2002:

Completely NEW Never Before Released - Professional Documentary with Dan Winter

MAGNETISM: The WIND on Which LOVE TRAVELS! All 5 Parts Thumbnails below-
Volume ONE: "Light Your Own Fire!
Volume TWO: "Feeling The MAGnetism!"
Volume THREE: "STARMAPS and The Hygiene for BLISS"
Volume FOUR "Extraterrestrial Origins of DNA & WHAT Turns Planets GREEN??"-Plays Below
>Since this film has been so central,-Dan would now update the story with Anton Parks detail-for example Enlil/Yalweh/Amun- is not the half brother of Enki/Saam/Ea/Atun -rather his failed clone. The "Dracos" in this story are called URU or USU - in the Anton Parks- Girku/Vril/ME-Enki's Digital Voice Recorder-see goldenmean.info/angelsciencet & Galactic History Index
Volume FIVE: "Physics of the Virgin Myth"-Climax of the ET DNA Origins/Orion Story+Harmonics of Zero Pt+Soul Groups

Wind on Which LOVE TRAVELS- 5Part Video Set - Online- Reloaded...

see below

Mullum 1:  

Mullum 2:

Since some of the charts in the film are not readable there- we reprint some key ones here:

1. Gabriel - the religion URiginator - is Seraphim.....from goldenmean.info/enki

(note the Line of DAVID - in Aramaic means the line to TWT (DWD) which means TEHUTI (Thoth - son of Enki)

More on Ophanim / Enochian: goldenmean.info/orion , goldenmean.info/ophanim , goldenmean.info/enochian , vincentbridges.com/category/ophania/

2. 22 ET Groups Interfered with our Early DNA: from discussion at goldenmean.info/invasion

pic. above by Stewart Swerdlow (link)- excerpted for commentary

3. Names of God in Most Religion - from 1 Annunak Family -from discussion at goldenmean.info/dragonscriptdna

Below- Dragon URU - Seraphim (line of Gabriel) - Becomes....

Also new - online Films with Dan Winter at

Best of South France- Science of the Grail Conference- '08 - with Dan Winter & Valerie Sandelin

Visual Collage- The South France - Holy Grail Experience...

Co Sponsored with Roger Green - and Photo Credits thanks to Roger- fengshuiseminars.com

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Group 'Nests' in the perfecT HARP TREE- NEXT THE FAIRY FOREST KINGDOM NEAR PUIVERT CASTLE...<Jean Blume- Leading Cathar Historian with Valerie Translating..<Rick illustrates Lucifer Enki's Kundalini Horns- Holding Up Magdalen's Grail BloodLine in the Chapel in Rennes Le Chateau

< Genny Riviere -Author of Sacred Bugarach Mountain - Cathar- gives us the real Mystery Tour..

We conclude with exerpt here from Sept 2010 article goldenmean.info/gravityislove
The New Physics really has the details now:
LOVE is Truly the Cause of Gravity!..

with Dan Winter commentary on Nassim's defense of his Proton as Black Hole physics which Focuses on Golden Ratio: Perfect Embedding IS The Attractive Force! - Early Sept. 2010- S.France & Poland

'In my last life' in this life - while an organist and choir director in several churches- one of our favorite songs was:

God is Love and he who abides in Love abides in God.. and God in Him..

with this article I would like to propose a science corollary to the above:

Gold is Embedding - and he who gets fractal and embeds well (learns to love) gets immortal (wave sustainable- in religious language: 'saved')
- he who does not get fractal and embed well (Golden Ratio defines attraction)... unfortuneately - gets dead.

Why do I call the physics community arrogant and stupid?
(Supposing you wanted to track the AMAZING sequence of events that allowed the PHYSICS COMMUNITY to NOT KNOW why an object falls to the ground- all the while still arrogantly pretending to tell you how the universe works and assembles itself)..

so far I have failed to 'embed well' with conventional physics schizophrenic idea that gravity and charge are made of a different substance
- almost as schizophrenic as the typical religious fundamentalist who is delusionally certain - that his 'spirit' is SEPARATE from physics..
- notice how this separateness- OPPOSITE OF ONENESS- is the root of the political danger posed by religious fundamentalism- being SEPARATE from the unifying logic which embeds us all in pure principle. The scientist who fails to embrace unified field thinking- is exactly LIKE those who irrationally consider their religion- immune from ONEness!

The problem with physicists- is they do NOT know that golden ratio IS the generalized geometry of most constructive wave interference- (evidence: goldenmean.info/matrix ) AND they are not willing to check. This is why they are stuck not knowing that this is ALSO the solution to (charge) compression- and of course (as Einstein said)- perfecting compression IS the solution to unified field - and therefore the solution to gravity. In this article- you see that even Nassim Haramein- who has concluded with exquisite logic- that Golden Ratio is the universal scaling law to all of matter and black holes -he in fact is unaware WHY (because only this geometry actually permits compression- as constuctive interference) See below- so he says: golden ratio is the RESULT of black hole dynamics- when in fact the opposite is the case: golden ratio (perfected charge conjugation of velocity phases-golden ratio recursive adding and multiplying of wave speed produces the acceleration from compression CALLED graivity) is the CAUSE of black hole and gravity dynamics- which we first taught the physics community 5 years ago in Budapest. (Still we regard this difference with Nassim- in part semantic and gratefully acknowledge his work! Nassim's new article exerpt reprinted below also ) .

My Early Paper -"Is Fractality: The Electrical Mechanism of Gravity, (and Perception and Color Descrimination) pdf - from the CD / Proceedings: (w/ color graphics) 5.1 Meg : Ch19ADanWinter.pdf , Conference Links(w. Nassim, Eliz Rauscher, Richard Amoroso & Many others): goldenmean.info/budapest08/physicsoverview.html

This Narrated Intro is to accompany the 20 new films at goldenmean.info/malta
How: The "Vairocana Effect: Hermetic Historical GRAIL Trail-Where LIFE FORCE CONCENTRATION by Fractality
- Created the Turning Points in the Evolution of Culture"

.. or the Real History of Science Behind the GRAIL- REINVENTED..
'Garden of E-din' ("Place of Annunaki")- as the (Conjugate/Fractal) Field Effect Domain Boundary within which Aging is Eliminated.
IF you leave it.. you are ejected from Para-dise (Par/Through-DIS-structive interference of living plasma field):
Compare to L.Gardner defining HEAVEN / 'Plaines of Sharon' as the conjugate/ inPHIknit dielectric field created by Gold Powder/Manna/Ormes/the'spice'/'Holy Communion'

from Dan Winter- in part - a commentary on Vincent Bridges presentations in Malta.. (Note this summary begins with insights from Anton Parks - see goldenmean.info/angelscience , and zeitlin.net - Ages of Uras. Then picks up with many insights from Vincent Bridges- who connects the Vairocana skill- Hermes revolution - to the cave / dolmen building sacred space cultures as they moved from Egypt to Malta to South France. Important to note here- that altho the synthesis in my view - fits together well- Vincent does not accept the writings in general of Anton Parks, although Anton Parks has written what I think are incredible insights into the origin of Thoth / Tehuti / Ningishidda- today:HERMES!...the hero of our story.)

Short historical summary: When the Annunaki- Draconian remnant culture arrived here pre-Sumeria (Sommaire="Dragon")- Enki's father An (launching from Pleades- a 'reptilian' stronghold) - was fleeing the Annuna Orion wars- in part because he had cheated on the Draco law which allowed only cloning as the reproductive method. Enki's mother was herself a genetic rebel and teacher of radical cloning techniques. Enki's other name: Nudimud meant 'the cloner' - later to be named the biblical SAMUEL- and origin of the Padma SAMbava..-who also melted the rock-with his plasma aura density- in the cave in the east.

The quintessential problem of the arriving Sumerian Annunaki- (Draco .. Annuna)- was biologic decay. That loss of ability to sustain- biologic vitality - is variously expressed- as being 'fallen' - meaning loss of charge attraction in blood and DNA - loss of bliss - loss of immortality.. In terms of how that was reported - in the Sumerian, in Sitchens (controversial) analysis- and now in Anton Parks- what we see consistently described - is their problem with (what they considered) premature aging. SO this was a premiere problem to assign to their head science team. Enki - was with his science leader Tehuti- (later called TWT- which in the bible is called DWD: the LINE OF DAVID- in Egypt his name Thoth- becomes the NAME OF THE LINE OF KINGS..). Today we refer to him as Hermes- and to what he discovered about making the fusion electric field which would produce life and reduce -aging- we call the HERMETIC REVOLUTION. Hermes symbol: the CADUCCEUS is pretty much an accurate physics graph of how you render approaching dielectric field lines- toward CONJUGATION (phase conjugation) and fusion. This is an accurate symmetry physics to describe how to make the electric field- which causes life.
Humor me- check out:Golden Ratio 'fractal' phase conjugate origin of all centripetal forces>Gravity, Life Force, Consciousness, Perception, Color> goldenmean.info/selforganization

In biblical terms- the arrangement of particular stone dolmen to function as capacitors- to fabricate that immortalizing field effect- was called- raising a SHEM unto the Lord. Later - that word SHEM (Sitchen calls it "highward fire stone"- meaning in effect FRACTAL OR CONJUGATE CAPACITOR) - was translated to mean THE ALTAR IN CHURCH, and originated our word SHEM-AN (A Shaman is one who knows how to make the field..). The way plasma fields make this SCHEM of SCHEME or symmetry- to create centripetal fusion- is the origin of our term alKHEMy and KHEMistry - as it is the key to FUSION (implosive compression) and ONENESS in general. (Fusion researchers learned from us - that their key element- palladium is profoundly dodecahedral- guess what geometry that makes: golden ratio - phase conjugate).

You can see a modern example- of a life giving electric field generator (analogous to the field effect at Stonehenge which causes seed germination) at fractalfield.com/pyraphi , along with more electrical engineering description and testing.

In order now to introduce - the next segment in our thumbnail view - of the Hermetic history- it is necessary to understand a little bit about what happens to the plasma field around the human body - if you get really good at attracting charge (bliss). The plasma field gets dense. (Read more at goldenmean.info/kundalini ). Dense enough to melt stone.

The next heroes in our story are -Padma SAMbave- and John (Traphimius) son of Magdalen- both direct descendants of Thoth / Hermes- (Sam / Jon- meaning - to branch fractally as in Scion.). This is the real history of grail- meaning access to charge fractality / implosion in biologic plasma (beautiful graphic history : goldenmean.info/grail ).

This is where we pick up the story with Vincent Bridges- historical study (remember- Vincent himself - does not agree with the 'ET' Anton Parks - part of the story above- but his scholarship about more recent history is quite academically powerful.)

For this next part of the story -after reading this summary / intro - the reader is urged to view- the 4 films (out of 20) at goldenmean.info/malta which are Vincent Bridges- himself narrating this next part of story.

Vincent suggests that the lineage- probably of the Thoth / line of David- may well be related to the Doliocephallic (cone-head) skulls. They are often linked to the cone- head image of Akhanaton and Tut. (Twt.- aton- / ATUN- meaning Enki's line). These skulls lead us on a trail... Egypt, Malta, South France.. and later Peru. (My ET opinion of this- not Vincent's view - agrees with Daniel Stewart:"God King Akhunaton"'s view- that the ATUN / Akhanaton - lineage was somehow linked to Sirius.- the 'cone heads')

This is the part where the history meets the science. Vincent suggests that ancient cultures- like the Egyptians had learned how to assemble stones to create a life giving initiation field- which gave survival a leap forward. When (piezoelectric / paramagnetic) stones were arranged with the right (fractal) electric knowledge- what was produced was an electric field (phase conjugate dielectric)- which could:

- save agriculture during starving times by accelerating germination / growth / metabolism (see our measurements in the Pyraphi)

- initiate priests- accelerate mentation - focus thought- ( see how golden ratio phase conjugate EEG for peak perception - goldenmean.info/clinicalintro

- reduce aging / increase food storage- reduce decay

- provide an electrically fractal / charge distribution space where memory could be brought efficiently through BIRTH AND DEATH. (note how Korotkov measures the fractality in air - which indigenous people regularly make phone calls to their ancestors).

- now later today - in modern physics we now know this centripetal field (see Pyraphi) can be used for things like

+bone and tissue regeneration

+switching stem cell growth

+isolating from ELF pollution / EMF pulses
(Hint NASA announced that countries whose unprotected toasted transformers from the Carrington event- Solar Max/ RAPTURE event- would not be repairable in time.. WOULD NEVER RECOVER!)

+non-destructively containing radioactive materials
( for the same reason focused human attention: A Centripetal phase conjugate dielectric as self directing {see navigating death-Kluver as DNA fold sequence} as a donut turning inside out -
causes charge to compress , Bill Tiller measured, and radioactivity to decrease, Uri Geller et al - measured.. ).

This was one of the primary electrical functions of the Ark of the Covenant-History's poster-child of Phase Conjugate Dielectrics
(aside from its' field generation for gold powder / manna/ 'holy communion' manufacture- the Essene/Moses/Akunatun major cash cow..)
- why did they need a container for their nukes? : not only did the Annunaki nuke the Sinai -fused glass remains today- they also nuked their way thru the Van Allen Belt- which was to them otherwise un-navigable-see Anton Parks


So the short version of this story - is that the skill to build these kind of dolmen - moved from Amenti / Amarna in Egypt- where Akhunaton in ATUN's line- probably became the Moses who founded the Essene's science..
to the famous HYPOGEUM at Malta.. (pictures at goldenmean.info/malta )- and then on the South France- The skill to use these kinds of domains - to permit the birth of avatars/ masters- is behind the birth of John the son of Mary Magdalen - in the limestone cave depicted in Virgin in the Rocks- which we visited. (per Vincent) That John became - the Avatar of the Cathars and the TRAPHIMIUS- whose knee print melting the stone in the coffin lid- there - became the HOLY PLATTEN- or Parsifal's grail story.
GRAIL being the self organizing biological nature of charge plasma when it becomes FRACTAL - CENTRIPETAL- and PHASE CONJUGATE by Golden RATIO.

.. So -the real hermetic revolution is implementing the knowledge of building the fractal field. If you want the longer - more romantic version of the story.. see the films.


more on this science applied - at fractalfield.com/pyraphi

--PYRAPHI- has a colorful history
see more at goldenmean.info/gravityislove - where this box is exerpted from - also our major ET history index: goldenmean.info/therestofthestory

Important note: from a commercial perspective the history story is a highly forgettable - optional reading- nightmare- which is best and possible to wake up from ONLY when you learn the SCIENCE LESSON!

Note: In these films- and at goldenmean.info/scienceofalchemy
Vincent is basically saying the history clearly indicates the original philosophers stone, projective powder of alchemy - was the ground up- meteoritic glass of the
Muslum KABBAH stone..

See the film about GOLDEN RATIO , 1.618 and the MYSTERIES OF THE KABBAH..


The physics:
when (meteoritic) glass is homogenously propagated wth (platinum group metal) gold vapor - it becomes a potent phase conjugate dielectric..
which is golden ratio capacitance- essentially
(bioactivity example: fractalfield.com/pyraphi )
sometimes called the philosophers stone, or projective powder - see;
This (Implosive / Centripetal ) FRACTAL FIELD EFFECT- is what here is called -vairocana effect - the life giving field effect core of the HERMETIC revolution.

--------------------------------------SO... THE EMBEDDING PRODUCED BY LOVE... GOLDEN RATIO - IS- IN FACT - WHAT HOLDS THINGS TOGETHER!.. (article continues at goldenmean.info/gravityislove - Sept 2010)

Jesus Physics- and the Grail: Manifesto

Dictionary of JESUS PHYSICS - a cross reference table for priest / scientists (below):

Update- Dan Winter- on Revolution Radio with Mike Harris
The Physics and Science of Relgion-
Aug 20, 2015 - 100 minutes- mp3- file: DanWinterMikeHarrisScienceReligion.mp3

links for with the show: Physics behind the concept of Heaven: www.goldenmean.info/heaven
Geometric Map of Death Experience: www.goldenmean.info/immortality
Solar Heart/ANU Geometry & Origins Propulsion: www.fractalfield.com/propulsion
Plasma Healing System: www.TheraPhi.net
(List of other interviews: www.goldenmean.info/implosionmovies
Dan Winter/ Implosion Group - Main index: goldenmean.info , fractalfield.com . bioactivefield.com

Dictionary of Jesus Physics" goldenmean.info/jesusphysics - by Dan Winter
- originally published May 25,2009 (sequel to new Science of Alchemy)

The original article Dan Winter's "Dictionary of Jesus Physics" also went viral at: kglyphicsart.blogspot.fr/2011/05/physics-of-jesus.html

Supposing you were a Catholic priest (God forbid). And you were clear that you needed to reach young people with spirituality as a real knowable science. You had been meditating on Dan Winter's new science of heart & brain coherence - which has evidenced that telling a lie (a sin) by measurement causes your heart-coherence to go down. It occurred to you that SIN actually was simply a science for knowing what feeds your aura (with biologic charge) - AND therefore your spiritual immortality. You began to consider - that perhaps the best way to introduce the message of Jesus - to young people - would be in their physics, electrical engineering and biology classes. In order to do this you would need a little cross reference table- a Dictionary of Jesus Physics- from Christian words (like sin, and communion of saints, and grace) - to physics. In this way you could offer a language of shareable precision - to teach spiritual ideas.

(below) You could teach how ENLIGHTENMENT is the CHARGE you attract when your thought patterns get FRACTAL (as measured in Golden Ratio EEG).. Saints have halos - because they - become EMBEDDED in PERFECT CHARGE DISTRIBUTION ! > Enlightenment defined in Jesus Physics - is below...

Above: Green is Alpha Frequenceis 7-13 Hz. Establish Baseline Frequency for Calculation of RATIO
Inset Box Upper Left: AMOUNT of Brain Coherence

Next : An Example of EXTREME - PHI / 5 Harmonics in EXTREMELY Blissful Lady in Australity

Above - note how the BlissTuner - measures an intense bliss- meditation moment

TWO Ways to Measure and TEACH EMPATHY..from the Heart (TUNER)

-FULL 2 CHANNEL HRV / Breath Disply
-Long Term HRV History Data Storage - for REAL LONG TERM WELLNESS STUDIES!

'Sin' measured? - Just above - here is heart-coherence (Dan Winter' cepstrum discovery to measure Heart Coherence- is often called ' the lie detector') which rises so dramatically if you SPEAK YOUR TRUTH - and falls so quickly when you tell a lie and feel guilt.
Newest HeartTuner Special -

So - lets look at the concept of sin and guilt. From the point of view of biophysics we have explained how the coherence of your aura is measureably what travels when you lucid dream (song line/dreaming tracks measureably follow magnetic lines - which phase conjugate constructively)... and when you die. This explains in part how the ability to lucid dream is a reasonable predictor of how much memory you can take with you when you die. All of this correlates perfectly - to Korotkov and others- measurements of the electric field of a dying person. You aura's coherent charge ('grace') is what you measure after death, it is (the 'ghost') which travels to the place of charge compression (fractal or sacred) - and it is what moves thru the statistically confirmed sequence of what you will see when you die. (The so called 'Kluver form constants' which turn out to be simply the sequence of folding or braiding symmetries your DNA uses to compress charge- and thus make it implosive / sustaimable in distribution - and therefore immortal: pictorial discussions at : www.goldenmean.info/immortality , www.goldenmean.info/alchemyofdeath ).

So if you were a priest / scientist able to connect spiritual ideas to physics - you would now have a pretty good idea - how to speak to young people about SIN and GUILT - in their SCIENCE class. You would explain - that the concept of a SIN - was anything that caused a bleeding in biologic charge COHERENCE. Like hurting your mother - or telling a lie - or eating fried food. These things are sinful because they bleed the overall coherence - of the field effect - which makes biology sustainable.

If on the other hand- you are always- speaking your truth - and consistent- then your heart coherence and your aura (GDV) continue to grow (medically and measureably) and thus you avoid SIN - and gain EVERLASTING LIFE. (Sustain charge coherence thru death).

What's even more beautiful- is that all this precisely is based on the VERY Christian notion - which is that ONLY PERFECTLY SHAREABLE WAVES SURVIVE! The new information - that you as a priest scientist- need to see the beautifully spiritual physics - is that what makes a wave ( or an intention) SHAREABLE - or 'pure' is precisely its COHERENCE. Coherence is measureable- and FRACTALITY - by Golden Ratio - is the perfected or ultimate form of coherence.

Once you understand a few basic electrical notions of biophysics as a coherence wave - THEN - you the priest / scientist are 'touched by grace!' The very process of realizing what GRACE is- is a moment of Grace (biologic charge coherence). The little rush of biologic charge you feel - at the moment you think a shareable thought is the physics of how biologic capacitance is distributed. And THIS- is your new physics for COMMUNION OF SAINTS!

You might become interested in the detailed science of how biologic charge (grace)- is measured in physics : PHASE CONJUGATE (or fractal) DIELECTRIC FIELDS. When you see- how this kind of field- self organizes and locates others of its kind - non- locally at a distance ... you might even bow your head and pronounce solemnly: BODY OF CHRIST. At THAT point- you might even realize exactly what it is that permits waves to CRYSTALLIZE in to biology (fractal - phase conjugate - constructive charge compression)- and realize the principle CHRISTOS!

(Dear Pope- we know that you are last in a long line patriarchs, desparately needing to make up for your karma... sitting there fat on the billions in gold you robbed from the 1/3 of Europe's women your 'church' murdered.. here is how you might get a head start on YOUR sins...- see below- the electrical DEFINITION OF KARMA- - You might start by giving women the life or death CHOICE for who they give birth to - then - tell all your priests they must pass an ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING test- to see if they understand enough JESUS PHYSICS - to be worthy to teach!)

--Below- the first installment - on the new JESUS PHYSICS - dictionary- from Dan Winter...

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_- now- we continue with..

Jesus Physics- and the Grail: Manifesto

Dictionary of JESUS PHYSICS - a cross reference table for priest / scientists:


Dan Winter- June 1,2009 (sequel to new Science of Alchemy)

Dan Winter's updated articles-on the ET origins - of human history/ blood chemistry: www.fractalfield.com/fusionintheblood
ET origins articles index: www.goldenmean.info/therestofthestory

It is self evident that the ONLY thing which is in fact sustainable from the Jesus myth (Christianity) - is the PHYSICS- the real science- the pure principle. I suggest we rewrite history - based on the correct understanding that the only thing Jesus and his Egyptian ATUN ancestors needed or wanted - or could ever usefully teach us- was the correct physics to prepare our aura's for immortal sustainability. (Ultimately of course- through the Sun).

I have some life memory of the era of Tutankhamon- a portion of which became the Jesus myth - and I am confident the actual person who you call Jesus would find Christian personality worship rediculous- and would pronounce the present Catholic church - sitting on the billions they robbed from their inquisition murders- all the while preaching miracle worship, patriarchy - and 'fear of God' - to be one of the more evil (life denying- not to mention pedophilic) institutions of planet Earth. Tutankhamon actually inherited Hermes- study of life force electricity - as he was being trained to use his blood / kundalini as a rainmaker- because Pharoah-ism depended on that skill. Churchianity has descended a long way - to now regularly electing ex-nazi's to be pope. Men who today - I wager could not russel up enough CHARGE (grace) to enliven a grapefruit. Almost as lethally arrogant in their stupidity as the priests of physics who do not see how fractality- by electrically making gravity and all centripedal force- allows the making of any living body!

Get fractal and you TOO will experience acceleration of charge.
Gravity's definition IS heaven's gate. The Golden Spiral - perfected translation of vorticity and spiral in time- IS the 'time falling bodies- take to light'. This is the real Arcturian Arthurian arc on the torus: send a letter to flame - and you WILL get up off your cross.

Crucified on a cross- is to lose phase conjugation by virtue of being crossed as a wave- at right angle. Keeps you in the matrix.

The Gnosis tradition of deep Christianity has its emphasis on spirituality based on deep understanding - real principle. Hopefully this means maturing past the disempowerment of faith in miracles. It means- in short that you may steer your aura into the spirit world based on real knowledge of HOW that works.

So- with this we (re)introduce the principles of JESUS - real physics.

We have long spoken of the Egyptian and Sumerian roots of Christianity- how the person of Akhunaton either was or was related to Moses - whose son - Joshua- was probably Jeshua- and became the 'Righteous Priest'. We have discussed elsewhere how the ATUN or ATON in that blood line meant both SON God, SUN God, and Son's of Enki. Enki's blood became the Arcadian, and the BO of BOheme, and the BA of BAelzebub, and BAALbelon. Later this was the Benjamin family of MAGda and .. THE GRAIL.

As we have explained at numerous lectures- this version of the history story is - in our humble opinion- actually optional. It truly is not important how you stack up your own version of the history story- for in fact- only your actions based on pure principle actually determine if you successfully insert your aura into immortality (charge distribution sustainability). So- this article- is based on the philosophy - that the history story is only the colorful fairy tale (actually - more like nightmare) - which motivates you to get interested in the 'storal to the mory'- that is THE PURE PRINCIPLES. Once you have distilled the pure principles which enable genetic (field effect) survival - from history - then you can act on the essence- which is what becomes immortal. At that point - truly the colorful but horribly gruesome history of Earth - we insist will become indeed a short nightmare from which wakening is great benefit.

So: let us make a dictionary of the PHYSICS OF JESUS- so that you can judge for yourself - what will be useful millions of years from now (surely not personality and miracle worship):

Jesus (& Saint Issa)- Some might say -poetically in physics means the "EYE that is US" in the sense that when you propagate your aura with the real physics of compassion - you correctly identify with the electric field of charge (collective unconscious) which is the reservoir of survival memory- for all of DNA. - Thus in this sense CHRIST - refers to the essence of what makes all CHRYSTall-ization possible- which is when WAVES discover the perfect way to SHARE (all bonding is phase locking by perfect and opposing wave symmetry: sharing discovered).

God: Historic meaning- mostly referred to interventionist Draco / Uru / Usu / Annunaki- like Enki / Enlil ( goldenmean.info/angelscience - see Anton Parks)- in their relationship to our ancestors - their interventionist species/ genetic engineering. HOWEVER- in a larger sense God is the field coherence of larger, environmental, and especially INTERSTELLAR- phase conjugate FIELD EFFECTS. The navigable presence which coheres at the core of these plasma domain- IS the origin of our word DOMINUS - God - is DOMAIN- in the meaning implied in physics. ( plasma study and spiritual entities: www.goldenmean.info/whaledreamers , www.goldenmean.info/yalweh ).

Holy Communion - we have discussed elsewhere was primarily an ancient dragon ritual in which the white gold powder round cakes were eaten in order to eliminate all disease (note hazards of fractionation of the personality - when the phase conjugate material gold powder - is pushed prematurely on the DNA- awakening so much DNA piezolectric ringing - that ancestral voices overwhelm). The COMMUNION OF SAINTS- is the electric body of that collected genetic phase conjugate well distributed survival wisdom - in the form of a weak and broad spectral phase conjugate dielectric charge field.

The Father's Kingdom- and Heaven - are specifically those electric charge domains which sustained phase conjugation and fractality - allow sustainability in charge distribution. On a map - dreaming track - song lines - are measured as rivers of magnetic conductivity- crossing in a fractal. The underground water presence that follows them - is measured by phase conjugate dielectric capacitance. This means in effect - that the FATHERS KINGDOM- is literally that realm - where those who make enough coherence and phase discipline in their aura- become able to wakefully navigate. ...HeAVEn: When Laurence Gardner - analyzed the Jewish concept of PLAINS OF SHARON - as extremely radiant (hugely distributed) electric fields - from (phase conjugate) Platinum Group Metals / 'PGM' - (Palladium / Platinum / Gold ) - he was actually close. The word HE-AVEN- literally means where the BREATH (HE) of CHARGE (Coulomb or Dove) - AVE- or FLIES. ( goldenmean.info/heaven ).- Similarly the ELYUSIAN FIELDS- have an electrical meaning- which may be difficult to comprehend if the noise is too great as you walk down the CHAMPS ELYSEE ('field elyusian')- in Paris- actually the correct meaning is: the electrical path - to preparing your aura to embed in a FRACTAL FIELD! (literally - Heaven).. in Spanish this translates to (the pilgramage of ) CAMPO (field) STELLE (of stars). Compare to AVALON - where AVE (to fly) is the EL (phase shift-translation of vorticity thru the speed of light) of the AN (sun god). Also meant APPLE PLACE- enchanted apple- or BLUE APPLEs - which is the toroidal with pent core (apple) shape of implosive biologic charge. See also - the NINE LEVELS of Dante's Inferno - and the Nine toroid domains necessary to phase conjugate to bring a plasma field (human OR stellar) to LIFE: goldenmean.info/whaledreamers and links on THE NINE there.

Grail Cup: Phase conjugate container (stone /gold chalice). Grail in Blood - phase conjugate field of well braided (bliss radiant) DNA. Creates immortal life. (Grail stone - also compare with phase conjugate meteoritic glass -PGM impregnated- below)

Horn of Plenty: Phase Conjugate Cone- enabling self organization (abundance) Grail is charge path down that cone (into DNA for example).

GRAIL CASTLE - only accessible from the STATE OF GRACE..- Siege Perilous- being the implosive turning point just before 2 charge domains alchemically fuse (compare to conjunction combust in astrology).- more on Grail -as Science - below..

Grace: Phase conjugate - (non-locally self- organizing) and therefore biologically propagable- charge coherence. ( Similar to CHI, Orgone, Barrakah, Shaktipat, etc).

RITUAL PURIFICATION / BAPTISM: let's take the Essene use of living water- very appropriate. Immersing yourself in living fresh water- is one of the most potent ways (along with deep breathing) to make your body electrically phase conjugate. Consider our recommended technique for eliminating parasites- biologic and astral: deep breath in FRESH oxygen rich air- then immerse yourself in living water. Do this repeatedly and you WILL purify your blood and your aura. (The oxygen rich charge density- burns out parasites of most types).

Alchemy of the Eucharist- is the place where fractal charge compression - enables the merging / fusing of biologic auras (broad spectral capactive charge domains) into ONE. (KHEM= access to BLACK hole).

HELL. ( see also: goldenmean.info/hellsmouth ) Remember - how clairvoyance revealed where the bad guys go at death- in the movies "GHOST" & "FLATLINERS" ? Hell is the place where your residual charge field goes after death- if it cannot phase conjugate. In that experience- lack of fractality- specifically - means the COMPRESSION WILL GENERATE HEAT. Since the only hope your DNA has of making something immortal at death - is to do sequential SQUEEZING IMPLODING FOLDING OPERATIONS (Kluver Form Constants- DNA FOLDS- are the Symmetry MAP you will see when you die). ref: www.goldenmean.info/alchemyofdeath The psychology of NOT being a wave which is shareable (phase conjugate) defines loss of pure intention- meaning that electrically your residual biologic charge field or DOMAIN (of heaven) - cannot embed in the collective survival field of DNA. This is the physics of why you need fractal electric space (definitely NOT a poisonous hospital) for better success possibility at death. - see also goldenmean.info/immortality

Apocalypse: The Fourth Horus Man of the Epoch of the Elipse. The essenes were carefully calculating the time of the End of the World - based on their central solar teaching about the solar periodicities. So the Jesus effect is appropriate to return now - because - collective racial memory - needs to be prepared for insertion into the solar wind- / solar aura - as the maxima approaches. In effect- Sun God is here- because only those ready to inhabit the plasma of the Sun- in fact can survive.

Sin: actions which weaken the charge coherence of your aura- because either the hygiene is mistaken (does not FA-ATUN / 'fatten'=to feed aura) - and / or the memory they add does not serve collective genetic survival. (not shareable- and therefore not electrically propagable - not phase conjugate or fractal).

Pain: ( see goldenmean.info/pain ) charge bleeds from the place where fractality is broken- pain serves to direct our attention there; which being phase conjugate- is designed to restore that constructive fractal charge compression - to restore effecient charge distribution (healing).

Blessing: directing the path of phase conjugate biologic charge- by moving the implosive charge compressing center of your attention field. (Like the Tai Chi master who pushes you over without moving his body by only moving his Dan Tien).

Ark of the Convenant: Potent Phase Conjugate Dielectric layered ('orgone') capacitor- capable of fractally attracting the voltage to motorize gold powder manufacture- and make sparks in war- and by virtue of its constructive charge compression core field- able to non-destructively hold certain radioactive materials. (Design: Sirius A- stolen by Akhunaton many believe- at the time he changed his name to Moses- to become the cash cow - gold powder manufacture of the Essenes - ref: Lawrence Gardner :"Sacred Ark"). The arriving Drac Annunaki - rather quickly forgot how to operate their war equipment - as long memory loss was a key symptom of their genetic 'fall' (Nephalim).

Jerusalem:- Originally by Sumerian Annunaki (An's) design - a STARGATE. Phase conjugating charge environment - to allow aura's to project themselves back in to stars. (URU-ASSA-EL-M = Draco - Queen - Place to make EL or PHASE SHIFT).

Kabbah: Meteoritic glass - diffused with PGM- gaseously embedded phase conjugate (palladium gold)- key to phase conjugate optics, red gothic cathedral windows, and was later ground up - to be the projective powder used to actually transmute into gold by Kelley and Dee et al. ( goldenmean.info/scienceofalchemy

Melchizadek: The 'priesthood' derived originally from the MAG (draco queen - blood is Matrix of Fire / AG) from (z) TAK (Orion)> - or Maa- El- Chi-Zaadok.

Enki/Saam/ Atun / Ptah: lineage: goldenmean.info/enki

Hermes / Thoth / Ningishidda: Genetic Scientist and partner (but not son of ) Enki. (read Anton Parks: goldenmean.info/angelscience ). Hermetic symbol of life being quite correctly the caddeuceus: meaning PHASE CONJUGATION. The word Cadduceus- comes from the pre- URU / USU (Draco) term KADISTU (Life Designers). - see FEDERATION OF GALACTIC CULTURES- in Galactic History from Thoth - as narrated with Vincent Bridges: goldenmean.info/galactichistory/galcthis.html Compare 'Kadistu'- in Anton Parks- goldenmean.info/angelscience , One would assume - this is at least in part behind the coherent intention radiated by Enki's mother / partner.

Angel: plasma being able to inhabit (and influence by phase conjugate central body charge compresion) stars and star groups -. The symmetry elements (alphabets) of the construction of their bodies - is how you call them (see OPHANIM - ENOCHIAN etc. goldenmean.info/scienceofalchemy Inhabiting and steering major solar winds- requires these angel calls. (Angel plasma physics: goldenmean.info/ophanim )

Seraphim: Winged dragon ancestor of Annunaki (Ciakar / Archon). Their lineage inhabited stars with their aura.They developed a conservative hygiene (prevent DNA from getting free) for genetic survival- which became their ambassador's GABRIEL- instruction when he initiated Mary (Christianity), Muhammed (Muslims) and Joseph Smith (Mormonism). The charge field symmetry sequences (alphabet letters) of their DNA braids - were burned into copper and gold foil. The essential defect of their genetic philosophy being their mistaken (Nephalim= fallen) belief that any DNA that changes is defective. This is the primal issue of Earth- to learn how DNA- in diversity becomes fractal / harmonic inclusive / and thus set free becomes electrically able to steer the DIRECTION OF ITS CHARGE IMPLODING (& thus star navigating black hole making) BRAID.

Altar / Shem:- the biblical word SHEM (as also in Shem - AN) became the Christian word ALTAR. Sitchen called it HIGHWARD FIRE STONE. We now know it is phase conjugate dielectric capactive stone: makes a bioactive electric field- which increases growth- can eliminate aging. (Related to ability of Ark of the Covenent - ability to non-destructively contain radioactive materials).

Holy Water: phase conjugate dielectric in water- also see - phase conjugate MAGNETIC water ( private link here). Compare to REDOX- as fractality measure for water- predicts ability to support life.

Sacred Space: Place where fractal charge compression enables perfected distribution (in air - and / or...)

2 images here: GDV measure of fractality in air / sacred space - and Fractality in African architecture.

Tongues of Flame (Pentecost): A capacitive and microwave / broad spectral plasma cocoon will form around the most phase conjugate parts of your body field (the crown of your head- during Kundalini for example ) . Pentecost refers to the symmetry of implosion climax which does result when charge waves approach center in phase balance from EACH of the faces of the Platonic Solids in their nest (total is 50). The resultant black hole making fusion (KHEM) pretty much defines all biologic climax and communion phenomenon- not to mention Alchemy in general.

Halo: The capacitive and broad spectral radiance of your aura (see GDV and measuring fractality in aura.).

Yalweh: ( see goldenmean.info/yalweh ) name taken in profanity by Enlil- to become the Jewish GOD- originally referred to the two opposing pressure cones (yod and vah) which enable PHASE CONJUGATION and therefore ALL embodiment (as for example to 2 opposing cones of charge which comprise the shape of Orion as Plasm / Antarean Conversion)- see goldenmean.info/orion , and goldenmean.info/yalweh ). Because this was the controlling being of the Orion wars- Yalweh became rather the battle cry of those wars.

Ascention: when the number of harmonics in the weak charge field of your aura increase- due to the increase in the number of superposed axes of charge symmetry rotating on one folded (climactically fractal) surface. (Defines - number of DIMENSIONS). Harmonic inclusiveness = fractality = predicts the survivability of every living thing - starting with the medical physics of Heart Rate Variability. Ultimately - the aura then participates in the Golden Ratio phase conjugate and superluminal charge distribution- see COMMUNION OF SAINTS.

Enlightenment: ( goldenmean.info/enlightenment ) When Kundalini's broad spectral (ULF to Microwave and beyond) phase conjugate (spinal mediated) pumping - becomes implosive and sustainable- the aura goes fractal (EEG and more in Golden Ratio)- resulting in extreme charge radiant aura- and extreme broadened area of perception (defined by phase conjugate charge compression essentially). Generally this should not be attempted or sustained in non-fractal electric environments- because you suck your environment in to become your electric body. Also important to note- that kundalini and enlightenment are electrically contagious and have critical mass. Those exposed unprepared to powerful phase conjugate fields- will drive all their biologic and psychic process toward completion- and if that is not a shareable wave- that will generally mean death (cellular apoptosis). (Example: the monastic cork chamber black hole at the Capuchin monestery at Sintra, Portugal- where a standard place was nearby to put those who went insane by staying too long. Another example- are the caves in Russia- which trigger Kundalini - as described by- "Ernst Muldashev - "Das Dritte Auge, Und Der Ursprung Der Menschheit : Spektakulare Erkenntnisse zur Herkunft unserer Zivilisation"
(The Third Eye, and the Origin of Mankind: Spektakular realizations for the origin of our civilization) - in Russian and German." - discussion: goldenmean.info/babalon

Seventh Veil, Seventh Sign , Seventh Heaven: ( see sevenarrows.net ) refers to the completion of the tetra-cube incubeating charge symmetry space which results when the 7 axes of symmetry of the tetra/cube are completed in a charge rotating system ( like the 7 tetra axes arranged layers of heart muscle, or how the DNA's 7th recursive braid completes the charge implosion you call SOUL).

Grim Reaper: The largest astral parasite in the Solar system is probably the residual astral body of Enlil (who called himself Yalweh- father of all vampires). Because he was such a lo grade and unsuccessful clone of Enki in the first place- he had no chance of ensoulment into solar navigating. He is the climax of parasite plasma in our solar system - imprisoned in the astral by his own (gold powder and pineal eating ) addictions. Lacking glandular bliss (like most 'ascended masters') he is forever imprisoned in the astral - the only nutrition available to him is to eat other souls for the remnant taste of emotion- they themselves could not produce. It is specifically necessary to navigate around and consume - astrally- this being- to succeeed in entering the solar body after death ( goldenmean.info/pope , goldenmean.info/hellsmouth ).

Resurrection of the Dead- on Judgement Day: We understand more the physics now - of where the charge field (ghost) of the ancestors reside. At death - the generally weak phase conjugate field of the body (ghost) - seeks the place where there is fractal (constructive) charge compression (phase conjugate dielectric- see how fractality in air is measured). This is the so called 'place memory lives in beauty'. In fact - as Korotkov so helpfully measured- the tribal place where shaman speak with their ancestors is precisely the place where air is measureably fractal (see fractality in African architecture: goldenmean.info/architecture ). In this way - like in the measureable magnetic lines- which aboriginals call DREAMING TRACK- biologic plasma - residual from life- remains in charge distribution (alive). This relates also to what we have learned about sites of massacre where too many trapped ghosts affect climate / cause drought etc. The point here - is to understand the widespread Christian notion - that there will be a widespread resurrection of the dead- at the end times of the apocalypse or rapture. We have discussed elsewhere that the concept of planetary rapture fits perfectly with what happens when a planet is struck by a stellar plasma storm ( goldenmean.info/whaledreamers ) . When large scale - intercontinental - even planet wide- tectonics are stressed and broken - biologically this forces dead ghost from their haunts. It is as simple as the fact that pressure in tectonic stricture terms- is piezoelectrically in rock - exactly translated into VOLTAGE. This is precisely what drives biologic plasma ( ghosts of un-departed ancestors) from the land. ALL biologic memory (charge fields) which 'in the end' is not able to acheive acceleration thru the Sun - (& light speed)- must experience a final death. The possibility of shamanically re-gathering that memory- starts with understanding how a shaman can retreive a dying person in the first place. Finally- soul groups can have the potential with appropriate leadership- to be.." leading Mother Nature's Silver Seed to a New Home in the SUN".

Karma (see Pope - above): The continuous self organizing electrical restoration of implosive symmetry at the core of DNA"s collective charge field. Simply put - if you disturb the implosive/ fractal / phase conjugate distribution of charge which allows DNA to store and distribute it's survival info library - then the library's electric field- will cause you DESTRUCTIVE ELECTRIC WAVE INTERFERENCE ( the only biologic meaning of evil: waves which FAIL to embed... in the fractal - grail!)

Grail: Fractality in the Charge Distribution of DNA in the Blood - AND in the Grid!... ( which brings us to... GRAIL SCIENCE revisited:

As you watch - the GRAIL HISTORY documentary (from History Channel)- here

consider how many of the key words (above) become understandable - when you consider the science!

Try full screen mode^ "The Grail"

Documentary: Search for the GRAIL!--

Prequel here (& Selected exerpts from) : Science of the Grail:- goldenmean.info/grail (below is reprinted from the original at link)


"The Fractal Electric Field: The Ultimate Holy Grail solution to the Physics of Consciousness"

Finally a true and deeply satisfying - profound PHYSICS -AND - profoundly SPIRITUAL - anwer to the meaning of the HOLY GRAIL..
DaVinci= The CODE of..THE (perfect) VINe - (fractal Branching=diVINE)..

Please also see UPDATE -the FINAL Piece Grail Story- with Henry Lincoln and Jean Luc Robin- new article Mar 07: goldenmean.info/grailstory

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to our South France 2009 - Science and Experience of the HOLY GRAIL IN THE BLOOD - tour and conference..

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In 2007 - we were the first to introduce- with Henry Lincoln in person and Jean Luc Robin - the actual historical connection between the Rennes Le Chateau clues in the church - to Fr. Sauniere's history with the bloodline families: read www.goldenmean.info/grailstory

In 2008 - we are very excited to announce - we will be the first to experience the real meaning of LORD OF THE RING's TWIN TOWERS - (the 2 Grail MAGDALEN TOWERS- actually 'phase conjugate' and produce the grail space in the pine cone like CANIGOU) - read the story and see the animation at: www.goldenmean.info/twintowers

We now understand so much about how the fractal grail charge of BLISS is ignited in the blood. The pent symmetry of perhaps the worlds oldest Necropole- city of the dead- Rennes Le Chateau is only the beginning of actually making charge ignite Bliss the real priority of your life. In our South France Grail Questing tour we actually have the enviornment, the science, the visuals AND the lifestyle, the yoga and the sacred space to put it all together for you. See the joy on the faces of those who joined us in 06 and 07 - and come join us for the even deeper revelations and experience we plan in 08!

Grail Bloodlines in Physics:A Beautifully Spiritually Satisfying Answer:The REAL GRAIL in Your DNA- Is Fired from Your Heart because BLISS is Fractal.

by Implosion Group ( goldenmean.info ) editorial board - ABOUT the work of Dan Winter. (NEW-Download an edited pdf version of this short intro article for magazine / publication use here: - TrueScientificGrailinBlood3.pdf

The message of "DaVinci Code" and "Holy Blood,Holy Grail" is actually quite simple and clear. The GRAIL is in the BLOOD. The question- from a scientific perspective is also simple- Is that true? Fortuneately for science - a hugely exciting path to investigating the question is emerging. Namely - the pure electrical geometry of how blood gets activated. Could this geometric answer - at the same time - be the pure electrical geometry of physics most pressing question? For physics - the most basic issue (usually called THE HOLY GRAIL OF PHYSICS) is the UNIFIED FIELD. To unify the fields for physics is in essence the pure electrical geometry of how ELECTROMAGNETISM becomes GRAVITY. (Compression of charge can directly become ACCELERATION of charge - called Gravity).

Not having answered such questions means usually arrogant physicists have to sit with their humble tail between their legs should any child ask "well- why DOES an object fall to the ground?" It also means - that when physicists (as Fosar/Bludorf et al have written)- discover that DNA does in fact become superconductive and MAKE BLACK HOLES- they also have to sit facing the humble pie that they don't have a CLUE what DNA (in the blood) is really DOING - in electrical terms.

All of this paints a picture of the current state of physics - as being quite simply- stupid. How are they to answer URGENT SURVIVAL questions like- why does GMO and cloning deplete the sustainability and survival of DNA. (How embarassing the WAY - Dolly the Sheep aged..). The rats who had to be forced to eat GMO soy - died so fast the experimenters were breathless. Who explains these stark raving embarassments to modern scientists - still driving around in cars powered by dinosaurs farting?- while their planet fixes to rot in the stink of not knowing the electrical principle of WHAT IS LIFE. Who have no clue to eating the charge inside gravty- ... and who still think the zero point energy is somehow "free" (disconnected- schizophrenic).

SO - can the question called THE HOLY GRAIL in physics- namely what geometry connects elecric charge to gravity - ALSO be the scientific answer to what is the HOLY GRAIL (including gravity making measured) IN BLOOD??

Dan Winter has proposed a radical + dramatically exciting answer which is right now rattling the cage of physics around the world. A whole stable of physicists have joined him to explore the unified physics of Golden Ratio - testing his original hypothesis that GOLDEN RATIO based SELF SIMILARITY is the ELECTRICAL CAUSE OF GRAVITY!.

Winter claims specifically that recent new physics for how coherent EKG changes DNA (coherent emotion / love?)- and how BLISS and ECSTASY are measured using GOLDEN RATIO in brainwaves - actually confirm his theory about the GRAIL (and gravity making) in blood.

( In addition to his 4 books, 5 languages at www.goldenmean.info - there is another recent book largely ABOUT Dan Winter's amazing Implosion Physics - free e-book - "Souls of Distortion Awakening \ A convergence of Science and Spirituality " - now in it's 9th edition - www.soulsofdistortion.nl - In addition Implosion Group's website - www.goldenmean.info is currently referenced by over 10,000 other web articles ! )

It started when Dan noticed that the electrical geometry Einstein and Poincare used to model gravity was a nested DODECAHEDRON. ( www.goldenmean.info/gravitycode ). Dan's first book "One Crystals Dance" -30 years ago- had shown that when you extend the edges of a dodecahedron (all 5 sided faces) outward you get icosa then dodeca then icosa infinitely- an ancient Theosophic model called the GREATER MAZE. The point Winter made was that this infinite nest was composed of vertex or nodes ALL of which had x,y,z values in a simple whole multiple of GOLDEN MEAN RATIO (1.618...).

Later Winter claimed this was THE ONLY POSSIBLE 3 DIMENSIONAL FRACTAL. Now - Einstein knew that INFINITE COLLAPSE was the (Holy Grail) key to connecting ELECTRICITY to GRAVITY. Phyisics is now clear that FRACTALITY is key to infinite compression. The problem was - Einstein never knew what a fractal was! So how could he know that charge in a fractal was his solution (infinite constructive wave collapse). This is such a revelation to physics - with Winter claiming that CHARGE in a FRACTAL based on GOLDEN MEAN - MAKES GRAVITY - that numerous serious physicists - have taken on the challenge.

They realized that not only was the Golden Ratio based nested pent Dodeca - the shape Einstein used for Gravity geometry - but it is also the shape of Palladium ( and Platinum Group / PGM - Gold Powder) - key to cold fusion. So proving that this nest is the only possible 3D fractal - may be the actual KEY to physics HOLY GRAIL!

Winter has begun a simple experiment series to PROVE that charge in a fractal is the CAUSE of gravity ( www.goldenmean.info/gravitycause ) - and an international team of physicists (including one of Europes leading fusion physicists) have joined him.

The other stunning part of this new HOLY GRAIL - is Winter's OTHER claim. He says that charge in a fractal is not only the missing CAUSE of gravity - BUT - that it is the ONLY way to efficiently nourish and support DNA ! This could completely redefine the electric field of success for seed germination, agriculture and even architecture. (Winter has been teaching the PHYSICS of Feng Shui for 12 years). He has shown electric field experiments and measurements demonstrating that fractal ( or 'harmonic inclusive' non-destructive compression of charge) actually trigger SEED GERMINATION .. and measure freshness / life force and vitality ( www.goldenmean.info/germination ). This he says finally defines sacred space - and success in architecture and urban design. For example by choosing materials for building - originally simply called 'organic' - architecture that makes DNA healthy - actually is a fractal capacitor! Winter calls the electrical definition of living material a 'phase conjugate dielectric' - he calls this the 'switch to turn on DNA radio' - more at www.goldenmean.info/healingphase - Basically he is saying there is a path curve - looking like the ancient CADUCCEUS based on Golden Ratio - for charge inside DNA - which allows waves of charge (the field effect of 'spirit'?) to CONJUGATE PHASES and acheive IMPLOSIVE COMMUNION - in blood.

What is so exciting - is that when you animate this path curve for charge into blood - (Golden Ratio caducceus) - you get the most stunningly beautiful HOLY GRAIL CUP WITHIN A CUP -which is a hypnotically beautiful spiritual rush to see.( see the FILM - on Real Grail physics-above- goldenmean.info/realgrail which opens and closes with that animation - a film already a hit on google..)

SO - what is the real key - to the Holy Grail in blood - AND where is the proof for physics? AND how could that possibly be a real satisfying solution to the ancient quest for the bloodline of Jesus??

Well - to start with - there is great agreement that the electrical geometry of DNA in blood is the nesting of this exact Golden Ratio based dodecahedron. (see picture). Actually - the Golden Ratio fingerprint is stamped ALL over DNA. ( graphics: www.goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto ) So if we add the electrical idea that Golden Ratio is key to CONSTRUCTIVE charge compression ( getting memory packed) we start to get a clue to the deeper functions of DNA and blood. SO - Winter takes this dodeca nest and shows the CONE it makes (60 degree) based on a Golden Ratio Caducceus (symbol for DNA, Hermes & healers) - and then animates that into a beautiful fractal GRAIL CUP - literally one that (being fractal) never runs over - contains infinite SPIN.

Winter is also the one who suggested the scientific study which showed that COHERENT EMOTION / EKG - controls the BRAID or programming of this charge absorbing 'Golden Fleece' in DNA ( www.goldenmean.info/rein ). His original mathematics (cepstrum) to MEASURE coherence in EKG - has earned him literaty credit for inventing the term 'Heart Coherence' (book: 'Instinct to Heal'). He originally showed Heart Math Institute how to take an EKG - how to spectrum analyze it, and has developed the most superior technology for measuring Coherent Emotion in the Heart ( his HeartTuner invention - see heartcoherence.com and goldenmean.info/hearttunerspecial ). Simply put - when your heart makes the CADUCCEUS - inclusive harmonic fractal of sounds - which medically identify immune health ('Irving Dardik' see goldenmean.info/holarchy ) - this sonic 'pony tail' measureably BRAIDS your DNA into a 'recursive nest'. This nesting or braiding into recursion of DNA - Winter says is how EMOTION PROGRAMS DNA. The climax of this process - is the 7th time- the DNA helix thread is braided - that it becomes visibly a DONUT - a TORUS. Winter says this 'Circular DNA' is implosive - and the charge radiance that results (from fractal compression by braiding) is the mechanism of how DNA is all connected -the fusion into a 'soul invitation' ( goldenmean.info ). His best pictures and scientific links on DNA-are - goldenmean.info/12strands . It gets really movie like where Winter says the real LORD OF THE RING - was when this DNA gets into a RING - due to the BLISS of pure intention / pure compression. He has a complete animation showing the alphabet on the side of the LORD OF THE RING - being the compression angles to get charge into the vortex ring DNA in the first place ( His controversial origin of the alphabet work - http://spirals.eternite.com - became PI the Movie. - He claims Alphabets MUST be based on the Golden Spiral - since that is the only non-destructive way to get your field of charge into a tornado and steer it - to symbolize = to embed . This becomes an astounding physics suggesting that the origin of psychokinesis AND symbol begins because compassion - or FEELING for the outside FROM the inside / turning inside out - is simply equivalent to perfect COMPRESSION ).

Climactically- Winter also says that the experience of BLISS and ECSTASY and ENLIGHTENMENT is measureable when brainwaves generate this Golden Mean ratio ( based also on work by Dr. Korotkov). This becomes the 2nd dramatically exciting function- (EEG - cross hemispheric tuning )- of his same biofeedback invention - called the BLISSTUNER. ( www.goldenmean.info/clinicalintro ). The point of relevance to the grail story - is that the BLOOD ENERGIZING aura or royal glow or blue UV field - of ecstasy- is actually the result of the whole electric field of the body becoming massive FRACTAL and ATTRACTIVE using Golden Ratio 'self similarity' (fractality). It is simple to visualize fractality in biology - just imagine a rose or a pine cone. All of biology uses this principle - to attract the charge field (spirit / chi / orgone / barraka / shakti ) - into perfect compression - called LIFE ITSELF!

SO - if a person (Magdalen or Jesus??) were to experience BLISS consistently - their blood would become more IMPLOSIVE - is that the Grail? Winter points to meditators who make gravity when they feel bliss (TM floating etc)- and do insect skeletons which make gravity ( goldenmean.info/gravitypolitics ). Similar to other recursive capacitors which make gravity ( goldenmean.info/thrust ).

Well - at least there are very intriguing clues here - that the solution to getting the blood charged- with the true physics of Bliss process - may actually be the REAL GRAIL. Winter says your blood becomes powerful and gravity making ( and he says 'star inhabiting' and 'sun god' making) - when it has the opportunity to implode with charge in the presence of bliss. When saturated in the DNA nourishing charge fractal enviornment which defines the sacred - it reveals how our ancient Dragon Annunaki (Uru / Kelt ) ancestors learned to wake up their blood. This is WHY the map around all the 'holy grail' sites is FIVE sided (Golden Ratio / Implosive-pics below ) - including the pent star symbolizing Magdalen... SO - this leads us to the history part of this problem. Is this the SIEGE PERILOUS part? (Siege Perilous as you enter the grail in DNA fusion holy communion -the tantric marital moment- is the point just below fusion implosion when there is most danger of explosion - as you test to see if each of the memories- the charge stored - can compress fractally into the inPHIknitly SHAREABLE..-rather like the 'combust' moment just before conjunction in the capacitance wave called ASTROLOGY..)

So what about the Jesus Magdalen story being the grail??? Well- Winter claims to have an answer to that one as well. (Here is where we go right to 'Star Wars' history). Winter says the reason the Jesus / Magdalen story melts into confusion - whenever you get out your history microscope - is because the REAL Jesus is Joshua son of Moses ('righteous priest')- who is really Akunaton - in EGYPT (300 years before Pontius Pilate). He agrees with authors Amed Osman ("Jesus in the House of the Pharaohs"+ many other books) and Lawrence Gardner's "Sacred Ark" - who insist that the great DaVinci coverup of the church goes much further back - starting with the Enlil / Yalweh's Rabbi's hiding the real Egyptian origins of the Essenes and Jesus. They all agree that AkunATUN - messed up the royal checkbook (bank account)- by trying to build the DNA activating solar fractal capacitor 'Temple' Amarna . So then he is threatened by the (Enlil / Yalweh) Amun priests (Egypt's bankers) - he swipes the cash cow - Gold Powder making electric source ARK OF THE COVENANT - changes his name to Moses- starts the Essenes cottage industry (Gold Powder / Ormes / Spice / Holy Communion's white wafer - making). Most historians agree the blood line cross of the 2 major Essene royal families - David / Benjamin - became Jesus / Magda. Few have noted that the bloodline Essene - is Akhunatun- and that ATUN means Enki - the DAVID in Hebrew means DWD / TWT meaning Tehuti / Thoth / Hermes - Son of Enki- so it all fits together. But why was the bloodline ATUN (vs AMUN ), Enki (vs Enlil), Adonai (vs Yalweh), AKU (vs Draku).. ALWAYS hidden by the (Roman government invention) church?? Here is where we need Star Wars... or rather the BIG picture.(complete at goldenmean.info/therestofthestory )

We can't cover the all that detail here ( goldenmean.info/enki ) - but the real juicy part- is when the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!.. Winter starts the story where the Sirian Annunaki (Antu - Enki's Dad) plot to conceive a bloodline to give the losing Humanoids a chance in the war with the Drac Borg machine empire. (Read what Lucas and other writers learned of real galactic history 'THE NINE' at goldenmean.info/hellsmouth ). For example he says the Hebrew Alphabet - is actually the machine code for tetra 'MATRIX' (+soulless DNA codon programming) nested magnetic domains used in the ASHTAR central computer- the hive mind of the machine empire. A Ptaa Taal / Ophanic / winged dragon / vestal queen / reverend mother / female - named AIDE was assigned as the surrogate wife (replacing Yalweh/Michael/Enlil's mom) to Antu on Sirius A- to create a bloodline psychokinetic enough to threaten a galaxy wide scourage of computer controlled robotic machine dominated (heartless) Draco's. (the fallen Saraphim called NEPHALIM - meaning no DNA implosion). Only the psychokinesis the real SHEM from AN - of coherent KA (body charge field-"May the FORCE be with you!!"-only available to those whose DNA heart core contains THE SHAREABLE / fractal / pure-intention ..WAVE!!) could have any hope of survival in a heartless machine empire. This he says is REAL galactic history and the origin of the Gold Powder slaving Sumerian genetic engineering - called the Bible. (Bigger picture needed here...)

Winter teaches very specifically how surviving death with memory intact is electrically measureable and teachable once we get past the horrifying schizophrenia which separates our understanding of ELECTRICAL coherence - from our teaching of a spiritual aura. Understanding how your body's aura gets COHERENT - is the clue to understanding - the KA in KAthar, KAtholic, KAllisto (Greek descendants of Enki / Benjamin tribe-forrunners of BOheme,BOgomil, Bugaresh), MerKAba, - even KAlllice (chalice) - See how all the meanings agree: IF KA= the death and dream penetrating COHERENCE of your bodies electric charge field, that explains why KA means BOAT TO THE UNDERWORLD in Egyptian - and it means HEAVEN in Sanskrit. Bliss hygiene choices- mean you GET FRACTAL - attract charge - get coherent - and then RADIATE that charge.

Winter's thesis is that political supidity (the Isreali / KAtholic fear saturated religious fundamentalism which elected George Bush for example) - on EA's (Enki) EArth (abRAm- RA=Enki) - is simply an obsolete leftover from the day when confused or fallen Saraphim (UR) dragons thought the only reason for planting a forest (DNA planted on planets like Earth) was to cut it down (harvest it / insurance and banking). Today we plant forests in order to set them free - and feel the bliss of implosive genetic diversity (fractality of DNA radio by phase conjugation) in the electric field of their core.

This means that we make our vote when the Empire Strikes back - as to whether to join the borg, and be ASSIMILATED into a heartless machine cult - when we MAKE THE CHOICE whether to begin the scientific hygiene necessary to IGNITE OUR DNA WITH BLISS! (Electrically measureable - a real GRAIL path for charge). In practice he says this means: stop eating angry (no diversity) DNA / start eating LIVE FOOD! , run from the city and electrosmog to nature, and DO the yoga. The result of teaching bliss making and DNA igniting (Grail in blood) is the COHERENCE of your bodies electric charge field (KA) starts to become sustainable thru lucid dream AND death. In this way self-empowerment based on pure principle can replace the obvious travesty that is the current state of old religion on Earth (mostly a parasite for the disempowered who mistakenly choose miracle and personality worship out of a confused fear of their own creation mechanics). Winter says the holy GRAIL is in your heart when you choose the perfect fractal (and very attractive) perfect compression that is LOVE itself. AND he says - measuring that (EKG+EEG harmonics)- helps makes it teachable!

-------UPDATE:Jan 07: goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto - DNA Maniesto:GRAIL Fractality in DNA -APPLIED..(exerpt) the real Arcadia: The geometry of the grail sites in Canada is simply the fractal places where mining (mineral deposits) are possible - based on grid embedding.


"The Fractal Electric Field: The Ultimate Holy Grail solution to the Physics of Consciousness"

from Valerie Sandelin interview with Dan Winter:
'What were the major turning points in your work?-What is your gift to science?"

Fractality and Perfect Charge Collapse-Reveal the Real Physics of the Holy Grail. Charge Implosion (fractality) makes Gravity. DNA's 'Biology's Coherent Electric Field' ­ (the KA) survives death by perfect compression. The Imploding Field (fractality) begins in DNA and the Blood - and is Ignited into Death Penetrating -Star Inhabiting Immortality. Bliss / Ecstasy / Enlightenment are measurable as a Braid Aligning Caduceus harmonic cascade - phase conjugating (imploding) DNA.

This sets the stage for us to look at recent electrical measurement of the death process. Doctor Korotkov has shown that the timing of the departure of the body's electric field after death is probably the real meaning of the departure of the spirit/ soul. The Tibetan Book of the Dead's instructions about how the soul leaves may be confirmed by measuring the time when the charge field or aura leaves the body. We are forced to conclude that the electrical physics of assembling a coherent and compressed charge field (your KA) ready for fractal unpacking, may be the best religious hygiene information about how to die successfully (take your memory with you).

It is self evident to science that creation is the successful compression of charge. Einstein - taught that infinite collapse of charge was the solution to gravity and the unified field (he used a dodecahedron model). Recent advances in the measurement of the electric field of bliss and enlightenment (goldenmean.info/clinicalintro ) suggest that spiritual illumination is ALSO the perfect compression of biology's electric field. We now see that designing fractal charge environments is the only way to fully develop DNA. This redefines sacred architecture (goldenmean.info/architecture), seed germination improvement by field effect (goldenmean.info/germination), and a true and empowering physics behind the grail / DaVinci code - mythology:

20 years ago in Dan Winter's first book "One Crystal's dance", he showed that the infinite stellation interdigitation of the dodecahedron- icosahedron producing theosophy's "greater maze" resulted in an infinite 3D array whose vertex had all x, y and z coordinates that were a whole number multiple of golden mean ratio. Then about 10 years ago he animated the 3D golden mean spiral on the cone into that nest to show the pure geometric origin of the holly grail in principle.

This was just after his work mapping the same golden spiral onto a similar cone but in a torus donut to show the pure geometric origin of the Hebrew, Latin and Sanskrit alphabet (to symbolize is to embed is to compress charge constructively.) Then about 5 years ago Dan published his first hypothesis that this only possible 3D fractal - symmetry for charge was the only possible cause and creation of life force electrically, AND the only cause and creator of gravity from electromagnetism. This was because this symmetry array (solution to non destructive heterodyning: constructive adding and multiplying ­ turns compression into acceleration) was the only cause and creator of fusion, perfect phase conjugation and implosion.

Physics may finally understand why every protein that lives is five sided ­ pent and thus essentially based on golden mean ratio. Now we see the reason all biology depends on achieving charge fractality because that perfection of compression enables perfecting the charge distribution efficiency called life. This golden ratio pattern of charge waves is therefore the only path out of chaos into self-organization (mindfulness).

It soon became apparent that this stellated dodeca was the precise symmetry Einstein and Poincaré used to model gravity and further was the precise symmetry of the palladium atom (PGM, gold powder, etc): key to cold fusion.

Today other physicists, several of whom have dedicated much of their lives to describing the profound physics of fractality based on the golden mean ratio, like Nasseim, Alex K, El Naschie, have committed themselves to proving that this symmetry is indeed the only possible 3D fractal. The implication for physics could not be more profound. If it is indeed true that only this symmetry turns charge compression into charge acceleration (gravity) by constructive heterodyning of phase velocities (phase conjugation) then physics may at last answer the question why an object falls to the ground. Self-similarity/fractality optimized by golden mean ratio is the cause of gravity.

This prepares physics to deal with recent measurements in science (Fosar, Bludorf, and others) showing DNA can make black holes (gravity). This would perhaps allow physics to come to grips with why only fractal charge environments allow DNA to mature, and also the stellar (sun God) making purpose of DNA °© and why golden ratio in brainwaves measures the onset of bliss and enlightenment, the igniter of DNA.
The HeartTuner, BlissTuner coherent emotion biofeedback systems are also inventions of Dan Winter. They were triggered by his pioneering discovery to use the Cepstrum (2nd order Power Spectra), to measure internal phase coherence. As a result, he is credited with inventing the term Heart Coherence. (David Servan-Schreiber "Instinct to Heal").

The real breakthrough and holy grail of Physics is the recognition that the fractal perfecting of coherence becomes self-organization and in fact life itself - what Dan sometime calls the pinecone principle. For example another of Dan's inventions measures life force, freshness and vital energy (élan vital) using a gold egg spherical capacitor to measure the weak electric field organized from living materials to quantify how alive they are. (0-20hz power spectra of microvolt output: www.goldenmean.info/biophoton)
(We take a zero to 20 Hz power spectra from the microvolt output of the gold sphere sensor)

The caduceus, golden ratio, principle of phase conjugation which causes implosive compression (symbol of Hermes/Thoth, DNA, and medicine) is clearly the mechanism of all energy healing, (still point breath, sacral cranial pump healing crisis zero point - etc.), the self sorting solution to pollution in general, even the time reversal and self correction in phase conjugate optics. (Rf: www.goldenmean.info/healingphase)

Loi de la PESANTEUR ou création

(traduction: Valerie Sandelin - french web site:goldenmean.info/french )

"Le champ fractal électrique : le Graal ultime en science physique de la conscience"

La fractalité ou l'effondrement parfait - révèle la vraie physique du Graal : l'implosion de charge produisant la gravité. Le champ bioélectrique cohérent de l'ADN (KA) survit, par parfaite compression (effondrement), à la mort.Le champ d'implosion produit dans le sang est activé par tressage des brins d'ADN (conjugaison de phase) durant l'extase - la félicité - l'éveil - distinct par l'alignement en caducée des cascades harmoniques. Il lui assure sa capacité d'immortalité et lui permet de rejoindre les étoiles après la mort.

Puis nous abordons les mesures électriques effectuées récemment du processus de mort, où Docteur Korotkov montre que les moments où la majorité du champ électrique quitte le corps correspond probablement à ce que nous appelons le départ ou passage de l'âme, l'esprit. Les instructions dans le Livre des Morts Tibétain du passage de l'âme peuvent être confirmées en mesurant les moments où le champ de charge électrique (l'aura) quitte le corps. La physique électrique consistant à assembler et comprimer un champ cohérent de charge (ou KA), prêt à se déployer fractalement, est donc peut-être la meilleure instruction religieuse d'hygiène pour une mort réussie (préservant la survie de la mémoire).

En physique, la création (de la masse) correspond à la compression réussie de la charge. Einstein proposa l'effondrement infini de la charge (sur le modèle du dodécaèdre) pour résoudre la question de la gravité et du champ unifié. De récentes mesures du champ électrique (EEG) durant l'extase, l'éveil (goldenmean.info/clinicalintro) semblent suggérer que l'éveil spirituel correspond AUSSI à la compression biologique parfaite du champ électrique. En conséquence seul un environnement fractal peut soutenir la pleine maturation de l'ADN, ce qui nous conduit à redéfinir l'architecture sacrée (goldenmean.info/architecture) et l'effet de champ favorable à la germination (goldenmean.info/germination), et la vraie physique émancipatrice se profilant derrière la mythologie du Graal/ou du code Da Vinci :

Il y a 20 ans Dan Winter, dans son premier livre « La danse du cristal », montre comment la nidification infinie successive de dodécaèdres et icosaèdres, la « plus grande nidification » (maze) en Théosophie, conduit à un modèle infini en 3D dont les coordonnées x, y et z des sommets sont toutes multiples entiers du nombre d'or. Il y a 10 ans environ, il anime la spirale du nombre d'or en 3D sur le cône inscrit dans ce nid, montrant ainsi la pure origine géométrique du Saint Graal.

Il réalise ce travail peu après avoir tracé cette même spirale d'or sur un cône similaire, mais à la surface d'un tore, démontrant ainsi la pure origine géométrique de l'alphabet hébreu, latin, voire sanskrit, (symboliser signifie nidifier, comprimer la charge constructivement). Il y a 5 ans environ, Dan publie sa première hypothèse : cette symétrie fractale de la charge, la seule possible en trois dimensions (3D), seule cause et création possible de la force vitale électriquement, ET seule cause et seul créateur de la gravité à partir de l'électromagnétisme. Car ce modèle de symétrie (solution à l'hétérodyne non destructif : addition et multiplication constructive ­ transformant la compression en accélération), est la seule cause et seul créateur de la fusion, de la conjugaison de phase parfaite, de l'implosion.

La physique peut enfin comprendre pourquoi les protéines vivantes sont de forme pentagonale (5 côtés) sur base par conséquent du nombre d'or, et pourquoi la biologie recourt à la fractalité pour réaliser la compression et la distribution de charge efficace, appelée vie.Ce modèle ondulatoire basé sur le nombre d'or est donc le seul chemin possible hors du chaos vers l'auto organisation (sous-tendant la création de l'esprit).

La stellation dodécaèdre est précisément la symétrie utilisée par Einstein et Poincaré pour modeler la gravité, et aussi celle de l'atome de palladium à la clef de la fusion froide (PGM, poudre d'or, ormes, etc.).

Aujourd'hui d'autres physiciens, comme Nasseim, Alex K., El Naschie, consacrés à décrire la physique de la fractalité basée sur la proportion du nombre d'or, s'attachent à démontrer que cette symétrie est effectivement la seule fractale tridimensionnelle (3D) possible. Les implications physiques sont sans égale. En effet, cette symétrie est capable à elle seule de transformer la compression de charge en accélération de charge (gravité) par hétérodyne constructive des vélocités (conjugaisons) de phase. La physique peut enfin répondre pourquoi un objet tombe par terre. Car l'autosimilarité (fractalité) optimisée par la proportion du nombre d'or crée la gravité.

Ceci prépare la physique à prendre en compte les récentes mesures (de Fosar, Bludorf, et d'autres) prouvant la capacité de l'ADN à fabriquer des trous noirs (gravité), et comprendre pourquoi seul l'environnement fractal permet la maturation de l'ADN et son éventuelle vocation stellaire (sun god) - et pourquoi la proportion d'or mesurée par EEG des ondes cérébrales identifie l'extase - l'éveil - activateurs de l'ADN.
Les instruments (HeartTuner, BlissTuner) mesurant par biofeedback l'émotion cohérente sont aussi des inventions de Dan Winter, ils furent mis au point grâce à son application pionnière du cepstrum (analyse spectrale de second ordre) pour mesurer la cohérence interne. Il est crédité comme inventeur de l'expression « Cohérence Cardiaque » (David Servan-Schreiber dans son livre « Instinct to Heal »).

La vraie percée, le vrai Graal en science est la reconnaissance que le perfectionnement fractal de la cohérence devient l'auto organisation et de fait la vie elle-même ­ que Dan appelle parfois le principe de la pomme de pin. Une autre de ses inventions permet de mesurer la force de vie, la fraîcheur, l'énergie vitale de substances vivantes à l'aide d'un condensateur sphérique ­ un uf recouvert d'or. (Analyse spectrale de 0 à 20 hertz à partir de la production en microvolt du capteur que constitue l'uf recouvert d'une fine couche d'or sur sa face interne : www.goldenmean.info/biophoton)

Le caducée, le nombre d'or, le principe de conjugaison de phase qui crée la compression implosive (symbole d'Hermès/Thoth, de l'ADN, et de la médecine) est clairement le mécanisme de la plupart des médecines électromagnétiques et énergétiques, (respiration ou thérapie cranio-sacrale, au point zéro - etc.), solution générale à la pollution, et aussi inversion temporel et correction optique par conjugaison de phase (www.goldenmean.info/healingphase

Grail Physics + Real Grail Story FINAL PIECE: The 'Lucifer' statue at Rennes le Chateaux - base of Magdalen Mary bloodline is Black and Has Horns because that is AkunATUN / Moses.(Atun=Enki). THAT is Why the Be'Deviled' Sauniere got so much money from the Hapsburgs..
Is the BLACK LUCIFER WITH HORNS..Devil.. At Rennes Chapel - Really Atun / Moses: Enki's Dark Blood Creating the Real MAG Lineage?

 Atun vs Amun, Enki vs Enlil - is richer than simply Good Vs Evil as dialectic.. it is about ABILITY TO EMBED ..

Fractal Origins of MUMMIFICATION... and more: new- goldenmean.info/goodvsevil

- perhaps you think the BLOODLINE meaning of GRAIL is a bit shallow - needs more context?...(like what is a MAG anyway, and why do 'sacred' words like LEVITE and KHUMARA mean SNAKE, and why would Templars be depicted (like at Sintra) with reptile faces worshipping a black madonna..- hint Enki had blue black blood.. his daughters line- the genetic best.-had genes whose electric field TOWERS- defining - Amygdala...
- see Aksenpaaten later called Magdalen below..- Mag means Mother of FIRE / AG in Dragon blood... AND the electric field of potently imploding DNA -LOOKS like a snake / shapeshifter..!.. aka: 'Cosmic Serpent'
QuetzlCoatl / ViraChoca - other names for Thoth / Hermes - means Winged Snake- see kundalini )

What is the REAL - Grail / Ringlord in Blood Story?
The REAL Bloodline Story- (here's the shortened 'cut to the chase/ 2006 is the chase' version)..
here is more.. - see - the REST of the story..

-The REAL star wars and the REAL 'RingLords' - and the REAL 'force be with you = fractal capacitance radiating DNA radio -- the GRAIL !!!

(physics for LORD OF THE RING? - DNA braids by fractal charge absorbtion -BLISS - ultimately into an implosive gravity making RING - at -LORD OF THE RING - goldenmean.info/ringlord ).

A major part of the Seraphim / Dragon / UR Blood has a genetic disaster -called Nephalim (fallen) involving loss of charge implosion (bliss) in blood (DNA). The symptoms: long memory loss / immune system radiating power loss / loss lucid dreaming - loss of memory thru death - loss of time travel and gravity making in blood- etc etc. The part of the bloodline which had substituted addictive Gold Powder (Manna / Ormes / Spice) eating for the original Royal Jelly / Starfire / Oil of Messeh Messiah making- (Melatonin /SARAtonin laced menstrual blood - baby food) - had become telepathic / hive mind / and machine controlled (ASHTAR the machine is their king - it's machine code : Hebrew). Unfractal metal shorts out DNA radio - end to BLISS - hint to architecture and agriculture. That machine empire had conquered a high percentage of the Orion sector inhabitable worlds - while destroying dozens of major star systems (Lyra - etc- the 'Orion Wars'-untold millions died..).

A struggling / losing the war - believers that DNA self steers ONLY when free- bunch of remnant humanoids - some originally from an ancient Earth - mostly resident on Sirius A - comes up with a secret plan to give the humanoids a chance. Planning for generations - they send a trained telepath 'vestal' virgin Aide - with blue blood and ANCIENT Ophanim - Paa Taal (Ptah - winged lion / dragon DNA - The winged DNA symbolizes charge field from blood given WINGS..by Implosion - Ptah= IBI - Drac- Uru - as in Aku / Draku.. later n'Ibi-Uru, h'Ibi- Uru) from Rigel in Orion - to an arranged 2nd marriage with ANtu - who was the (secretly humanoid sympathizing ) Sirius A - regent king for the Orion queens (the MAG- Mother drAG-ans). The first phase of their plan is successful. AN's second son - his first by Aide - Enki is born - with all the right genetic potential to be the turning point in the Orion wars. Everyone knows (ask Michael..) that the ONE thing a fearsome borg culture Draco warship (shape: see Isreal's flag).. cannot defend against is a potent SHEM-ANic -astral remote viewer- coming on board and screwing with the main computer. To get THAT kind of coherent field effect coming from a body - (the KA) - (see KAllisto,KAtholic,KAthar,merKAbah..) - the blood has to have the AGni. SO- the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - against all humanoid's with DNA getting even CLOSE to that potential. (Luke Skywalker - later does find his Dad / Darth Vader / AN is half machine - just as does Muab Dib find of Harkonen in DUNE).

Meantime - An's first son - Enlil / Yalweh (by reptilian URash) - is incensed with anger when he finds out that Aide in jealousy has arranged for the destruction of URash - his mother. (How Yalweh / MICHAEL - became the angry dragon killer..).

Meantime - THE SPICE MUST FLOW. Antu of Sirius - had the lucrative contract for Gold Powder operations- IF he could use the family talents. On the surface- it seemed the perfect ruse. Only the Orion Empire could afford the expensive starship N'ibi-uru > to dispatch to the fractally located - therefore gold preganant Earth / Sun for the desparately needed Spice / Gold Powder. By giving his son Enki - the genetics training necessary - to set up a life system - (hex dolmen capacitor array to prevent catastrophic aging when entering non-fractal environments- later called Garden of Edin)..he could send him out on the mission and thus hide the results of his illegal genetics cross (his son) - from the telepathic Orion Queen mag's- (reverent mothers)- agents of the murderous Orion machine EMPIRE...

What Antu didn't count on was his son's starting a nuclear war (here is the Ground Hog Day part..) on the remote gold mining planetoid. (EA's EArth). Enlil took over the nothern Spaceport - relegating Enki / RA to south Aftrica- where his name became KILIMANJARO and his blue black blood became the name (KHEM) for Egypt.(Black hole or Implosion Making= alKHEMy)
Things got bitter when the lazy Annunaki needed gold mining slaves (TAK-/Orion.ADAM-) . Enki / RA /abRAm / EA (EArth) / MER / Atun - raped a local cro-magnon for an egg - put in his half sister - with his own sperm - he made a fertile Eve-( humpty dumpty' broken dragons egg- needed a fix).. The bitterness was Enlil - Yalweh - wanting his own borg slave TAK(orion)adamas ..(donkey slaves). This murderous Yalweh - is the subject of most of the Moses / Enki - bible stories (mistranslated Sumerian). No one there had a clue these humanoid genetics had inside the kind of DNA only their Annunaki Leonine star elder's - could produce.(Sekmet / Sphinx / Winged Dragon / ARK-an / Ophanic / Bird Tribe / Adaawi).. As opposed to Enlil/ Yalweh / Michael, who as the Sumerian explains was genetically incapable of being trained in soul retrieval astrally etc. Only his brother had the genes.

Couple thousand years of bloody mess later (we are now a bit EAST of Edin- my birth town) - still bombed under the original Drac (Isreal- still raping all available lucid dreamers) flag - having TRIED to make it a crime punishable by death - to learn the physics of alphabets..- STARgates-... The planned vaccine for the Orion wars is now ready to spread. ..(EA EArth genepool- for greenmaking billions of stars- with the skill of fractal biologic charge implosion..) . - see - the REST of the story... BUT meantime - Yalweh / Enlil's (called FATHER OF ALL VAMPIRES by Ann Rice) so-called 'Jewish' religion becomes a giant conveyor belt for souls into the mouth of his own (gold powder addicted).. astrally frozen hungry ghost ( goldenmean.info/hellsmouth , goldenmean.info/pope ).

The grail is the choice to learn to ignite blood with the imploding (fractal) charge fire of bliss. The result is gravity making - and star inhabiting and lucid dreaming. The alternative is the borg - machine cult .. keep an image of Harkonen's suspensor artificially preserved body - like Ariel Sharon - in your mind.

- So when we read below that Jesus is really Jeshua / TutankhATUN descended from Moses who is really AkhanATUN - whose name (Atun) from the line of Ptah - is in the lineage of THOTH-moses. And we see that PTAH and ATUN and THOTH each specifically mean - SONS OF ENKI... (abRAm) should we be surprised??

(It is helpful when reading this to have studied say parts of Osman's other books (mentioned) - and perhaps Gardner's "SACRED ARK" - the part where AkanATUN swipes the gold powder making electric generator "Ark of the Covenant" (forgotten Sirian / Annunaki fractal capacitance technology) - OUT OF EGYPT - changes his name to MOSES and starts the money making for his new project - THE ESSENES-- later called KAllisto, KAthar.. KAtholic.. BO-heme, BOgomil, BUgaresh.. etc. etc..)

here- quoting from the book: Jesus in the House of the Pharaohs ­ The Essene Revelations on the Historical Jesus , by Ahmed Osman .. author of Moses and Akhenaten, Out of Egypt, and The Hebrew Pharaohs of Egypt.

Note- at top - as Osman explains.. how important it is to understand the ancient word David= DWD - which is their version of the word TEHUTI / THOTH - TWT...(Son of Enki)..

(Back cover:
Although it is commonly believed that Jesus lived during the first century A.D., there is no concrete evidence to support this fact from the Roman and Jewish historians who would have been his contemporaries. The Gospel writers themselves were of a later generation, and many accounts recorded in the Old Testament and Talmudic commentary refer to the coming of the Messiah as an event that had already occurred.
Using the evidence available from archaeology, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Koran, the Talmud, and biblical sources, Ahmed Osman provides a compelling case that both Jesus and Joshua were one and the same ­ a belief echoed by the early Church Fathers ­ and that this person was likewise the pharaoh Tutankhamun, who ruled Egypt between 1361 and 1352 B.C. and was regarded as the spiritual son of God. Osman contends that the Essene Christians ­ who followed Jesus's teachings in secret after his murder ­ only came into the open following the execution of their prophet John the Baptist by Herod, many centuries later. Yet it was also the Essenes who, following the death of Tutankhamun and his father Akhenaten (Moses), secretly kept the monotheistic religion of Egypt alive. The Essenes believed themselves to be the people of the New Covenant established between their Lord and themselves by the Teacher of Righteousness, who was murdered by a wicked priest. The Dead Sea Scrolls support Osman's contention that this Teacher of Righteousness was in fact Jesus.

-here quoting from the conclusion.."There is not a shred of contemporary evidence to support the New Testament story that Jesus was born during the reign of Herod the Great and was condemned to death in the first century A.D. when Pontius Pilate (A.D. 26-36) was the procurator of Judea, which had become a Roman province. On the other hand, there is a mass of evidence that points to the fact that Jesus lived many centuries earlier. For instance, the Dead Sea Scrolls, which predate the Gospels, contain an account of the Annunciation couched in almost the same words we find in St. Luke and make it clear that the Essenes believed that the Messiah (their Teacher of Righteousness) had already lived and died at the hands of the Wicked Priest, and they were awaiting his Second Coming, not the first. The same view is expressed in the Book of Isaiah, dating from the eighth to sixth centuries B.C., where the Messiah is named as the Suffering Servant, who was conceived by the Lord and met a violent death - sacrificed like a lamb ­ at the hands of his people.

Some Talmudic traditions, dating from the third century A.D., make it clear that the Talmudic rabbis knew of Jesus, who is described as "a deceiver," but they do not relate him to the time of Herod or Pontius Pilate. Instead they say that he was slain by a priest named Pinhas. Pinhas is to be identified as Phinehas, the biblical priest who was a contemporary of Moses, and also Panahesy, the Chief Servitor and Second Priest of the Aten (the Lord), the monotheistic God Akhenaten (Moses) introduced in Egypt and forced on his people during the five years he was sole ruler.
The Old Testament describes Joshua as the successor of Moses. However, the early Church Fathers looked upon Joshua and Jesus as the same person, a belief still echoed in the King James Bible where references to Joshua have an accompanying marginal note identifying him as Jesus, and vice versa. If, as I have argued elsewhere, Moses and Akhenaten are the same person, and if Joshua and Jesus are the same person, then Joshua (Jesus) must be a descendant of Moses (Akhenaten). This identification throws a new light on the account of how, shortly before his death, Jesus, accompanied by three disciples, met Moses and Elijah on Mount Sinai and was transfigured before them. The seeming discrepancy in dates has resulted in the presence of Moses and Elijah being interpreted as symbolic, but, if Jesus and Moses were contemporaries, it can be looked upon as a real meeting witnessed by three disciples.

As we have seen, the religion of Jesus differed from the religion of Moses. Although keeping the Aten (Adonai) as the one true God, he accepted the old gods of Egypt as angels through whom Egyptians could reach the true God; he asked the Egyptians and Israelites to accept each other, and, unlike Moses, he believed in life after death. However, Phinehas looked upon these teachings as blasphemy and, on the eve of the Passover, killed him in the Tabernacle at the foot of Mount Sinai. The killing was avenged by the slaughter of thousands of Israelites, including Phinehas, at the hands of Ephraim (Aye), the second son of Joseph the Patriarch.
It was the death of John the Baptist many centuries later that persuaded the Essene leaders, who had been awaiting the Second Coming of Christ as a judge at the end of the world, to claim that they had witnessed Jesus, allowing the evangelists to retell the story of Christ adapted to the time of Herod the Great and Pontius Pilate.

The true course of events has been obscured largely for two reasons. Jesus, we are told, would be a descendant of King David (inset here Tehuti / Thoth) and sit on his throne. Confusion has arisen because the Old Testament provides us with two Davids - one who spent much of his time in conflict with the Philistines, the other the founder of an empire that stretched from the Nile to the Euphrates. The David who fought the Philistines was simply a tribal chief who lived in the tenth century B.C.: the David from whose House the Messiah was to come was Tuthmosis III (c. 1490-1436 B.C.),(inset: David=DWD=TWT=Tehuti=Thoth=Enki, THUTHmosis MEANS son of Thoth / Enki' son) the great-great-grandfather of Akhenaten and the mightiest warrior of his age, who forged the first link between the Israelites and Egyptian royalty as the father of Isaac. Between the reign of Tuthmosis and conquest of the territory by the Persians, in the sixth century B.C., nobody else can be said to have founded an empire stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates. It was also Tuthmosis who made Jerusalem a holy city when he resided there for a time in the course of his military campaign and brought up the Ark of his god.

The other obscuring factor has been an elaborate cover-up. This has included the "resurrection" of Joshua and Phinehas for an account in the Book of Joshua of how the Promised Land was conquered in a swift military campaign more than a century after they were both dead. This is a total invention that cannot be supported by modern archaeological excavation and has also been dismissed on literary grounds by biblical scholars. We also find in the Book of Numbers a garbled account of the events that took place in the Tabernacle at the foot of Mount Sinai. Even the Day of Atonement, which used to be observed at the same time as the Passover in the spring, is now observed in the autumn. The secrecy surrounding the hidden contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls makes it clear that this cover-up is still continuing.
As a final word, I hope that establishing the identity of the historical figure of Jesus will strengthen rather than weaken people's faith in him ­ and that we may perhaps at last be allowed to learn the unpublished secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls. "

comment from Dan: So.. The Enki /RA (Hermes) attempt to offer us implosion in blood to give us psychokinesis is literally the GRAIL!.. Akhanaton (from Atun /Enki) kid Tut / Jesus - bloodline by Aksenpaaten (Magdalen) is literally a GRAIL CUP.. The Secret: HOW TO IMPLODE CHARGE INTO BLOOD TO IMMORTALIZE. The Cup is the shape of charge entry into DNA.. the secret of KHEM (Blackhole or Implosion Making). The Pent so worshipped by the KAthar and represented everywhere the Grail is storied- is the correct geometry of IMPLOSION - when seen in 3D.. see the animations below..

The Black Madonna- is called SARA FROM EGYPT.. she is the grand daughter of Thoth himself.. of the dark blood. the ASSA of RA.. In her blood - the MER o VIN line.. had blood that could bend MAGnetism because it was implosive. Godliness=charge attraction due to implosive fractality in DNA ( see goldenmean.info/12strands ). The V shape (angle to MAG in DaVINci painting etc)..means FIVE and VORTEX and PHI IMPLOSIVE EMBEDDING. The ARC on the TORUS..etc.

exerpt from goldenmean.info/grailstory - The blood that DOES have the implosive core- came thru Enki's Pta Taal (Ptah) mom - he became Atun and son Thoth / Hermes.. and his line (akunATUN) became the Moses who knew the (fractal) charge symmetry of the electric field (cadduceus) called TEMPLE of the SOUL-of Man. (Solomon's temple was a Sirian capacitor to accelerate soul groups in bliss thru the Sun called Amenti- really the only way out of jail if you were Annunaki).

Atun / Enki kept swiping the Sirian gold powder manufacture fractal voltage generator (Ark of the Covenant-probably of Sirian design)- from his hated brother Enlil. Most notably when AkunATUN changed his name to Moses to run for his life from the Amun (Enlil's banker priests), after making a mess of the Egyptian government checkbook building Amenti / Amarna the stargate solar fractal capacitor (with Sirian help).

reprint below is from goldenmean.info/grailphysics

The True Physics of the Holy Grail: Infinite Fractal Compression.- exerpt from new magazine article in process..

by Daniel Winter ( New- Nov.05- addend to goldenmean.info/grail - complete animations of the grail cup physics of Golden Spiral at link..)

Below pic from - "The Templars and the Ark of the Covenant- Discovery of the Treasure of Solomon" by Graham Phillips.. - "The mysterious murals of the window of the Burton Dassett Church - of the Knights Templar? photo by David Moore.

Could These Spirals- From the Templar Lore- Approximate GOLDEN MEAN SPIRALS + Represent the (Fractal and infinitely compressing) SPIN PATH FOR CHARGE - entering DNA - properly ignited.. with bliss. See goldenmean.info/grail - we animate that spiral into the true grail cup- the only possible 3D fractal? and quite possibly the PENT shape in DNA served by magnetism arranged is the ancient cletic PENT surrounding RENNES LE CHATEAUX.

Is the REAL Grail Mystery - the symmetry skill to arrange charge into the Pent / Spiral Compressor which implodes and ATTRACTS- Making Blood into a Gravity and Star Making - DEVICE.. ( see also the role of Golden Mean Spiral in DNA: goldenmean.info/12strands )

At first blush it is easy to underestimate how profoundly Einstein was confused. He did not know what a fractal was, nor that fractality is well proven in physics to be the only geometry permitting infinite compression. Computer data compression using fractality is even a trivial example when compare to the physics of possible infinite CHARGE compression. Science historians who study Einstein's thought progressions well  know that the probable turning point of his career was when he finally concluded that WHEN he could model the GEOMETRY of INFINITE COMPRESSION - he would have the solution to gravity (what he called infinite collapse). Clearly if fractality were known in his day, he might have had the insight to look here for the solution.

It is so richly ironic - that this clear solution to the unified field (how gravity is made when charge collapses infinitely) is consistently called THE HOLY GRAIL of physics. It seems now well past time when someone should state the obvious: that fractal charge compression IS the HOLY GRAIL of physics. Let us examine how compelling this solution is to virtually all the major problems of physics ( like why DOES an object fall to the ground? and why DOES DNA make gravity? ) - AND the historical problems of what exactly IS the HOLY GRAIL in spiritual history.

The perfect de-vine: First - a bit more on the science. The reason fractal charge compression makes gravity - can be explained by your average grammar school child. First - be clear that  self - similarity  is at the heart of  fractality. Consider: "I am that I am", and "as above so below" and "know thyself" and - "ability to self refer = self awareness" - as mathematic examples. Visualize pine cones, onions, fern trees, and the de-vine perfect branching in your heart wiring, and lung branches. You get the idea. The arithmatic here distills to GOLDEN MEAN RATIO. You have all seen the thousands of trance inducing pictures ( goldenmean.info  for example).  The fun part is that making charge waves hit each other in Golden Mean ratio - in pine cones and eggs  - is what turns compression IN to acceleration (gravity) by allowing their waves children (heterodynes) to add and multiplying in CONSTRUCTIVE interference. (Sometimes called - INFINITE -NON-DESTRUCTIVE interference - this phrase was essentially Einsteins NAME for gravity). The voltage that eggs and pine cones make from gravity - is the electrical definition of life. ( goldenmean.info/biophoton ). You are encouraged here to ask your biology teacher where the 4-14 millivolts anyone can measure across the ends of a fresh egg - comes from. In conclusion - re: Golden Mean - we remind ourselves that their must be a reaon (hint- Golden Mean) - why EVERY PROTEIN THAT LIVES - is 5 sided (especially DNA).

Specifically - the connection between Implosion by Golden Mean fractality - and LIFE and GRAVITY making - can be summarized in about 3 sentences:

1. Golden Mean geometry (all over DNA for example) - makes the wave VELOCITIES interfere constructively. This means that charge compression - turns in to charge ACCELERATION ( the definition of gravity). Thus accounting for the black hole and gravity making activity in DNA _ which has recently been measured.

2. Where does the charge GO inside of charge fractals? A: Thru the speed of light. This creates efficient communicating (holy COMMUNION - hint "Holy Grail") at the coeur of DNA. - also this answers for the first time in physics- "Why an object falls to the ground". A: Gravity is the excape path for charge out thru the speed of light. Pull the plug down the drain - observe the suction. Also explaining why capacitors measure gravity so well ( Hodowanec and Ramsey experiments - link above). This means that the amount of gravity in anything - atoms for example - is measured by the amount of self-similarity of their inside to their outside. ( see Gravity Code link showing WHY the nucleus is self similar to electron shell symmetry). Fractality invites compression - compression invites (charge) collapse - perfect charge collapse is called gravity. This is simple direct incontrovertible logic.

3. LIFE - is the survival wisdom of this accumulated burning fountain of charge communion at the Golden Mean fractal core of DNA. The waves there are so superluminally multiply connected -that untruth literally equals death. And the perfectly SHAREABLE wave - literally equals immortality. ( goldenmean.info/death ). Perfect coherence is fractal - measuring coherence measures which waves are shareable and therefore measures pure intention ( goldenmean.info/clinicalintro ). The fractal self similarity for charge which defines life in every living protein - proves that perfect charge compression - creates perfect charge distribution - and THAT is the electrical definition of life AND consciousness!. When perfect distribution eliminates storage - abundance is created - for economics - AND for biology.

 Another way of observing the obvious - is that if DNA were not designed to MAKE GRAVITY - and birth stars- why would stars go to such trouble to make it? Why would every single ancient religion on Earth agree that the only non-parasite ancestor is a SUN GOD ( AN ).

Lots more science here on why this Golden Mean Implosion is the electrically measureable symmetry  key to life - at the link above - and at the new   goldenmean.info/gravitycode

We have been around these dialogs for 20 years - this article is focused on how this new physics of why fractality is the spiritual solution to a very MYTHICAL and PRACTICAL solution to all the HOLY GRAIL mysteries of Earth.

For example - have you wondered what a seige perilous is?  In the Grail mysteries, after you have identified the grail quest and the grail tower - you lay seige to it- to enter- and it is VERY perilous to your life. Well having identified the true 3D fractal core of DNA as the REAL holy Grail - we now know exactly what the seige perilous is. At the moment of DEATH or LUCID DREAM or KUNDALINI or TANTRA - the charge bubble your DNA needs to sustain is tested by compression. This is why KUNDALINI - feels biologically like lightning up your tailbone (the 'Powder' movie effect). If fractality creates the rose perfection of COHERENCE- then each wave is launched thru implosive superluminal - and becomes in PHI knitly  distributed. IF each wave has not been sorted into a phase which is SHAREABLE - then heat (death) is generated. This is the test for pure intention (perfect fractal mathematic coherence) which DNA's implosive compression has to do. Karma is only a name for the symmetry test which IS DNA's perfect fractal compressor. (  goldenmean.info/hellsmouth )

Your DNA has the wisdom ( which western medicine has no clue about ) to know that a) it is fatal to be stuck below the speed of light , and b) the only way thru - to sustainability as a charge wave in DNA' s core - is to get COMPRESSIBLE. (non-destructively). In this way the symmetry of charge memories penetrate the holy communion area at the core of DNA where all survival information for genes is essentially POOLED. (Everyone into the pool - the water is fine.) By continually feeding charge into that 'burning fountain' (- see the book by that title of origin of language by Phillip Wheelwright)- DNA attains a common library of survival info. If your memories do not serve that library (which is to say - fit into the charge symmetry discipline to compress there) then your memories are a) not saveable and b) not worth saving (from a biologic perspective).  The way DNA enacts that survival useful law - is to arrange your death if you try too store to much charge symmetry in your biology which is NOT shareable. If on the other hand - you continually meditate on and eat ONLY pure principle -essence- then your DNA tingles with enough charge (compression  or  BLISS) so that you never die. Death is relatively efficient in this way - in that the part of your - biologic memory which IS shareable DOES make it thru. The electrical compression test which DNA does to see which of it's braid symmetries contain useful info, is graphically illustrated at  goldenmean.info/12strands   - and the way successful death is navigated by a map and measured electrically is at  goldenmean.info/death   

The simple way we explain this in the course. Your doctor makes a SELF CANCELLING prophecy: saying- you must DIE in 2 weeks. You go home, and do such a GOOD job of sorting your filing cabinet for SHAREABLE memories - that you begin to think only SHAREABLE thoughts! (pure principle - serves all life and DNA).  Result - you attract charge ( get fractally compressible) - feel bliss ( here's how it's measured: goldenmean.info/clinicalintro  ) - and NEVER DIE!  See how prophecy can be self-denying instead of self-fulfilling! Very useful to be informed you will die!

It IS a seige perilous - your life is at stake- and it is biologically necessary - and if you understand - it is fun!

Of course for most people who have no clue of the star making immortalizing purpose of DNA - there is no afterlife - because in their lives - virtually nothing is stored which is worth passing on to all of DNA. Unfortuneately - most of the religions of Earth lost the capability to teach this. They (Jewish + KAtholic religions for example) became largely parasites hundreds of years ago - poisoning early simple Annunaki/Reptilian attempts to pass on immortality hygiene - the religions became instead a series of dead end conveyors for delivering hapless souls into the mouth of a perennially hungry parasite ghost (the murderous Enlil / Yalweh etc.) - goldenmean.info/hellsmouth , also goldenmean.info/pope

Essentially - your body was designed using mostly blood DNA and Bliss glands - to make a capacitive charge field (your 'KA') - COHERENT enough (by compression) to be squeezed thru the speed of light - into the gravity well that is the SUN. This prepares you for propagating the bio information which is in part - the skill to make planets green - among billions of stars hungry for that gravity and atmosphere stabilizing info. If you don't choose to embed in that goal - then the solar system appropriately kills you ( The solar maximum childishly called RAPTURE - is a compression test). You can tell with each of a billion decisions you make each day whether you have created immortality or death in yourself - by simply measuring each's effect on your aura (capacitive field coherence). Does your breakfast or  the ley line thru your bed or your choice of job or lover - - -  increase or decrease YOU?? Maybe you need to be barefoot in quiet nature -eating live food and happy DNA -  so that your aura (immortality) can grow.

Our friend - Sol, recently asked: Does Dan Winter believe in God?? - A: God is our immature name for HOW MUCH self directing COHERENCE exists in the charge field WE create with our DNA / blood and collective biology. IF we get fractal and thereby perfectly COHERENT- then our blood + Earth grid lines - sing MAGnetically with the charge of all ancestral memory. Then our event histories in time also become fractal- we experience the apparent synchronicity / self organization by implosive charge compression that results. Then the simple humans say: "GOD" is present. They would be better off saying - we have done THE (bliss) DISCIPLINE it takes to enter the fractality of becoming a unified electric body - and therefore we deserve the sustainability (immortality) field effect that results. This meaningful SCIENTIFIC DESCRIPTION OF GOD - does not collapse the experience of 'Religion' - it enriches it - by making it self empowering instead of parasitic. - and here is how self-empowered BLISS IGNITED blood / DNA - GETS - self steering: ( the OPPOSITE of the George Bush - let go and let 'God' - your collective religious parasite take control).

The way the electric field of your aura propagates and navigates, is very much the same way a torus or donut like a jelly fish steers by sucking into its vortex. The nature of the electrical sucking force which steers tornadoes and makes gravity from charge is properly called IMPLOSION. The ability to make this inward (fractal) attraction to charge is the very essence of human bliss process (goldenmean.info/clinicalintro ). All human activity needs to be evaluated upon it's ability to attract and compress CHARGE into biology's field - which immortalizes it. This should correctly for example make it illegal to allow electrosmog into hospitals - because it is FATAL to immortality. Hospitals would need to have the same magnetic shape as a ROSE - the same way sacred space is defined. The ( goldenmean.info/architecture ). The food industry MUST be re-invented based on the physics of creating measureable charge radiance/LIFE in food ( goldenmean.info/biophoton ) - and therefore people ( goldenmean.info/blisstuner ) .

Essentially - human attention itself IS the compression bubble which charge attraction makes. The fusion core of imploded charge sorts waves into phase- which is called PERCEPTION. For example, not only did the Russian children who learned to see without their eyes, develop charge attracting Cadduceus golden ratio in their brainwaves, (ref.  link above) BUT ALSO - a key psychological attribute for that same ability - was a strong and positive SELF CONCEPT. Again - ability to self refer - geometrically and hydrodynamically perfected by the Golden Mean spiral = ability to become self aware ( Vedic). Self awareness equals the ability to charge implode.

The reason that perfect charge compression (implosion) creates the appearance of 'self awareness' is that where the charge waves implode - they gain communication with a potentially infinite well of harmonics and waves phase velocities including and especially- the faster than light. The new burning fountain's information communion with a huge biological well of stored charge - makes the apparent self steering of the living charge field appear to MAKE INTERNAL DECISIONS. Actually - what we call 'discovery of soul purpose' - amounts to unpacking from our gene core millions of years of biological yearning into what most serves - the collective survival need. This is what is meant by: "Whom does the Grail serve? Itself!"

This charge communion by implosion, for example in the top down view of DNA - produces a memory fountain for collective biological survival (a kind of electrical definition of Jungian COLLECTIVE MIND). The ability to enter this charge communion without  electrical interference (perfecting compression) is the SIEGE PERILOUS- because all waves not perfectly sorted into the discipline of phase agreement ( perfectly shareable = perfectly COHERENT = perfectly FRACTAL ) - will generate heat. This is why going into death or lucid dream or tantra without digesting our emotions into the truly SHAREABLE - is like entering 'hells mouth' (discussion:  goldenmean.info/hellsmouth ). Notice at the link detailed information about the science behind the 9 levels in Dante's Inferno for example. Also - the true origin of Eagle's Gift - how the Eagle's perception may seem ruthless - but only by feeling for the true elevation of that perspective above all DNA - can you enter in to it's clear and necessary survival discipline: THERE CAN BE NO SECRETS - This is a kind of physics behind what Highlander said: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

This concept IMPLOSION SYMMETRY is essential to understanding the SCIENCE behind HOLY GRAIL. The geometry of the GRAIL CUP for example begins with that IMPLOSIVE spiraling inward. Specifically, we take the Golden Mean spiral - it is the only angle at which a wave (you)  can self re-enter withOUT self destruction (the wave can turn back in upon itself and instead of hurting itself - feed itself! ). If we take that  spiral from the top down view of DNA, for example, and instead nest it properly into 3 dimensions..we see that not only is every living protein PENT or five sided - but in 3D DNA, Earth Grid, and Zodiac are based on the 12 faced Pentagonal Dodecahedron. (Foundation stone of Steiner, and Montauk / Contact time travel capacitor geometry).

We also notice that when we lift that spiral into the full 3 dimensional fractal which is the dodeca- icosa stellation / interdigitation - that each vertex everywhere in the infinite nest (greater maze / 'star mother') - has x,y,z coodinate values all a simple whole number power of  Golden Ratio ( "One Crystal's Dance" - my early book).

From the side view - each of those spirals is effectively mounted on the 60 degree 'implosion cone'. This conic angle is very significant - from the angle of the capacitor best measured for RAIN MAKING (precipitation= perfecting charge compression) , to the same angle called PESHMEHTEN - for it's gravity wind made by Sirius, Pleades, and Orion in cone to the Solar system ( goldenmean.info/orion ).

Notice how the side view IS the cadduceus - charge compression symmetry which is the true physics and symbolic origin of DNA and LIFE. ( goldenmean.info/cadduceus ).

By revolving that Golden Spiral on the cone ( I call 'Sushon') - we see.. THE GRAIL CUP! - animations below

It is a .. REAL FRACTAL MYSTERY - the Grail is.. (see definitions above)


So now - we realize the Holy Grail is most concretely the science of how biology uses fractality and self-similarity to create the wave agreement that produces immortality. It is a nice test for being pure and shareable - and really does teach us the physics of how to get our DNA on fire with Bliss. That ignition is the original fire of AG in AGni whose dragon mother was MAG- HAG and DRAG. 

Now - in order to move our understanding of GRAIL PHYSICS along to recent history 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail", South France , Rennes, DaVinci Code, and all that - we need a short history lesson.

Our ancestors - were a long line of Seraphim Dragon's called UR. This is the UR meaning ancient dragon blood- in URassaELem (Jerusalem), URuan (Roman, Uranus, uRUmanian, URal, etc). That blood line was crossed with a bird tribe, Ophanim, Adawi, Valnaapa, Wiolawa, DOGon, called IBI - as in IBIeriAN, and IBIuru (Hebrew) and N-IBI-URU etc. The females of that Dragon line (highly telepathic - dominant - and later possibly 'cold blooded' (nice how we now know what that means electrically)- were called the ASSA URU. From this comes our words aSSarah with abRa from UR, our words- DI-ASSA-URU ( dinosaur and soar) and Azores, Asuras etc.

The ANnunaki ones whose DNA could make implosive charge were called AN or SUN GOD. For example the word BRITAIN was originally Bereath-AN: literally birthplace of the AN or Sun God line- Tuethe de D'ANan. The part of this Dragon An Seraphim line whose DNA LOST the ability to  with BLISS into gravity and lucid dream making - were called NEPHALIM- essentially meaning those of the SERAPH (cut by) PHI , who LOST PHI (Ne-PHI) in their DNA braid. The physics of how DNA takes a 5 spin dodec down a slinky  piezo helix, then adds precisely 7 more recursive braiding operations to become toroidal - donut - implosive - ensouled - RingLord ... all this is easy enough to animate, graph and explain. ( goldenmean.info/12strands ). What is a bit MORE rich is to graph the internal psychology of how you GET shareable enough be intent directing to allow your DNA to absorb this much charge.

 The wanna be's called themselves EL as in ELohim - after the phase shift or translation of vorticity that does happen to charge accelerating thru light speed IF DNA gets properly toroidal (Ringlord - again pics at goldenmean.info/12strands ). See how the charge wave successfully navigating the labyrinth exactly 7 turns on the donut into torus - forms the labyrinth, forms the origin of alphabets ( http://spirals.eternite.com ) , and forms the origin of rainbows, heart muscle ( goldenmean.info/rainbows )

The term EL rather stuck because a primary home for many of the fallen Dragon's  Drac's / Nephalim - was Alpha Draconis ( home to the star Arrakeis in Dune) - whose shape shadow became the arabic letter EL and the star map at Ankor Watt, SenShi , etc.

Obviously this all becomes rather too big a story for an article on Grail SCIENCE - ( start at goldenmean.info/invasion  ) but we can reach the Grail mystery of South France rather quickly. You see- this ancestral Dragon AN line - in addition to the star navigating gravity making force of their blood - magnetic rivers - had another feature - they usually lived to be many thousands of years old. Another important piece of the story here is HOW they came to lose some of these  genetic abilites: the so called Nephalim or fallen condition. It is important to understand this so that we can as Thoth intends: "no longer be spawn (food) for the Nephalim".

The symptoms to their genetic disaster included, not just shortening of life span, but loss of ability to lucid dream, contain long memory, radiate immune systems into babies, and carry memory thru death. Also - the star navigating and gravity in blood making ones - made the big money - so their were economic problems as well. And speaking of economics - the URiginal ones -   URiAn  race from the URion sector - had made their dragon royal ones with the royal jelly of serotonin rich menstrual blood from bliss trained vestal virgins. This oil or messeh made messiahs. Their culture welded their biology inside too much metal - poor architectural and psychologic hygiene - and so their DNA could not absorb charge. The same mistake is made by architects today who do not understand how to build a living charge compressing biologic capactitor. ( goldenmean.info/architecture ). When they put your children into metal buildings with elecktrosmog and charge depleted air - your children lose their souls just like the ANcients did . Those who do not learn the lessons of history - are condemned... to repeat them.

The ones who DID manage to keep their blood on fire - had to learn the charge technology of fractals. These were the ones- who unlike todays scientists DID know the ONLY symmetry in which DNA and blood could be fed the biologic (and fractal) charge it needs to grow ( unpack by PHIlotactics). This leads us to the true physics of why the Holy Grail geometrics (like Rennes Le Chateaux) were PENT and based on Phi/ Golden Ratio.

These ones designed an array of biologic capacitors you today call dolmen - generally mislabeled by those who do not know what biologic capacitance is (fractal). They were called Shem in Sumarian - mistranslated into the KAtholic word Altar - more accurately 'highward fire stones' (Sitchen). Arranging these into RECURSION and self similarity created charge fields in which the disastrous rapid aging of Earth arrival was reduced. This electric field was first called Garden of Edin (meaning also: spaceport). From this Sumerian word SHEM which was the array of stone dolmen to make charge go vertical (called DJED raising, or Sword from Stone) - we get the word SHEM-AN (Shaman) - meaning Sun God who can raise or steer M-AGnetism with their blood. This hexagonal dolmenic capacitor created a charge field which prevented biologic ageing - called GARDEN OF EDEN - was standard order mining equipment for the Sumerian Annunaki. Imagine how appalled they were upon arriving here to mine for the Gold Powder (white wafer holy 'communion') they were addicted to, only to find that the lack of fractality in the charge field of Earth caused them to start losing almost immediately their normal technologic assisted ability to live for thousands of years. This was also why we later were taught Dragons (Dracos) lived in caves (charge compressors - kept their blood alive - something we NEED to learn..).The klutzy addicted quarrelsome and promiscuous Annunaki soon forgot how to maintain even the simplest technology they brought with them (read about the Sirian's selling technology to BOTH sides: goldenmean.info/invasion ) . Remember- one of the symptoms of the fallenness of Nephalim blood - was loss of long memory.

The generalized process of using fractal charge fields to feed and immortalize DNA was well known among the advanced of the Drac line. This also was the process of lining up the magnetic tubes installed between cathedral steeples and the mountainous collection places from which the Dragon's sucked on the emotional juices of the humans. See pics of the Michael line - arriving the in Azores - Michael's Island - ( goldenmean.info/portugal ) where the Ark of the Covenant was stored (where Jacques Cousteau's son died for learning the secret). The ARK was a fractal capacitor for acreteing the voltage from gravity necessary for the lucrative business of gold powder manufacture ( ref: goldenmean.info/ark + Lawrence Gardner's "Sacred Ark"). Feeding it was the business of locating the charge fractality of magnetic lines - called GRAIL. This fed the addictive hunger for the SPICE - MANNA - HOLY COMMUNION - ORMES - in our fallen Annunaki ancestors - who clearly genetic engineered most of our race in slave service to this wayward purpose.

Examples of this use of (Pent and Golden Ratio) CHARGE COMPRESSION - to immortalize DNA and produce projection fields for star inhabiting ( called ATLATAL- later- ATLANTIS)- became the core of the HOLY GRAIL story..

We must know WHY the infamous HOLY GRAIL - south France - Rennes Geometric is the same PENT TO HEX solution that is in Washington DC and Martian Cydonia ( pic below) - the REASON - is the REAL PRINCIPLE THAT CHARGE COMPRESSION EMPOWERS DNA - and SHEM-AN-ic dreaming. more at- goldenmean.info/eldorado and goldenmean.info/peru and goldenmean.info/death


Golden Ratio concentric rings of Churches - in ancient Sweden:
->Dolmens & Passage Graves of Sweden- book


further exerpt from goldenmean.info/grail

The True Meaning and Origin of the Holy Grail..

A Golden (Mean) Fleece.. Braid of Gold

-+ 3D origins of Swaztika: Map to Compressing CHARGE into the Sacred (Grail)- the Fractal -added below Jan04

shortcut to the complete animation!

from dan winter, many related articles & hosts of animations at: Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion SITEMAP

recommended next read after this article: Grail & The Gravity Implosion Starbirth in the Body of Orion..How Our DNA Becomes Stellar..

new 2/00: Illustrations of the actual Braiding in DNA which creates a fractal/grail radiance in the Magnetic X Chromosome

This article describes the PURE PRINCIPLE of perfect embedding or nesting based on golden ratio recursion, which underlie EVERY different way the grail has been referred to for centuriess.. see below that:

- it IS a cup

- it is a 'golden' fleece

- it is in the blood (perfect dna braid)


- it IS a siege perilous, and it is a tower or amydgala or djed or atlatal or sword of destiny: how the magnetic vector emerges non-destructively from rotation to propagation.. circle to line.. matter to energy .. sword from stone.


(what I did was take the Golden Mean Spiral, perfect embedding wave shape of all Phylotaxes, perfect branching, in 3D on the conic into concentric Dodeca pents within pents... and rotate revolve it to see the actual GRAIL! map to perfect embedding.compresion, & compassion..as in DNA, Earth Grid & Zodiac ..below)

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disinfo.com analysis page on Holy Blood Boly Grail (good source of links) -their comment to this article:"Holy Grail In Blood -
Dan Winter provides a provocative solution to the Holy Grail mystery, encompassing Pythagorean
mathematics, Chaos Theory, Sacred Geometry, Tonal Angularities and DNA. Very, very intriguing hypothesis."

Imagine the amount of human energy and interest which has been wasted wondering if the self embedded PENT pattern in Holy Blood Holy Grail - was magic, or mystery or religion or witchcraft or Jesus blood returning. The simple biologic electric principle is THIS IS THE WAY TO ARRANGE CHARGE DENSITY (landscape paramagnetic capacitance) NECESSARY TO CREATE THE FIELD EFFECT WHICH CAUSES SEEDS TO GERMINATE AND HUMAN DNA TO EXPERIENCE BLISS AND CREATIVITY. ( + enable successful dying and birthing)

If we would simply use the tools available to map these magnetic lines:

We could understand their biologic and lucid dreaming, and successful birth / death enabling principles.

The holy grail is the shape of the charge field necessary to electrify (ignite with charge) your DNA. ref: goldenmean.info/knotslipping , goldenmean.info/germination

See Templar euro pent star maps:reshel grid - William Buehler articles.


:if you looked deeply
into bliss DNA (even semen) at the way the braid gets
dense.. it would look like a fleece whose weaving was
GOLDEN (ratio envelope to carrier etc..)

pic at http://www.goldenmean.info/magneticx

embedding as worth the quest...

Rachel writes:"Hi Dan,What do you make of this? I wonder what the lambskin actually was in original form. Any ideas?..this quote from the book - The Meaning Of Masonry by W.L Wilmhurst.. goes on to elaborately describe the 5/7 symbolism of LAMB and Lambskin... has the wool been over our eyes.."

Could it be that the 5 over 7 braid ratio (same as Gold df electron valence) induced in the DNA by EKG sonics.. during bliss...(The Perfect Geometry of Wave Collapse - Neurophysics Solution the Nature of Consciousness )

(link to braidingDNA article)

..THE PERFECT GOLDEN FLEECE!!..(what a technicolor genetic coating you have Joseph)

is exactly based on

(link to Torrent in the SUN/Heart/Anu-Hydrogen Coeur Article)

is exactly based on the vortex PHI implosion geometric (see grail animation below derived from the red spiral above) of the heart.. DNA/EarthGrid/Zodiac as fractal dodec light cones gone inPHIknitly embedable.


Perfect Nesting or Embedding or PHI llotaxis was called the Priori de Scion, Scion meant to BRANCH perfectly.. the lineage of Jon.. Jon and John became the Name for the PRINCIPLE of Perfect nesting or branching or embedding in DNA.. the Song in the Blood.. the San Graal.. the Ringing PiezoElectric DNA.. when the BRAIDING was well nested.. diseases end.. waves and cells and memories became sustainable.. the braiding in the DNA was accomplished by the sonic pony tail of coherent harmonics (emotion) from the glands.. so in effect maximum embedding was maximum compassion.. which is proven and teachable with HeartLink.. so the DNA which folded itself to a perfect map of what was outside, into the inside.. became THE GRAIL.. and magnetism (emotion) there created climate and bent stars.. because of the perfect PSYCHOKINETIC fractal morphic resonance of EMBEDABILITY.

3/18/98 new: (animated!) 10 Spiral Worms: Spin Path to Zero Point Animated.. to 5 Cube Dodec-Nest, (60 degree perfect vortex angle implosion cone spin path to zero point links in-PHI-knit dodeca nest fractal basis of dna/earthgrid/zodiac origin of grail)

KEY BACKGROUND:Lawrence Gardner: Bloodline of the Grail.,StarFire-Annunaki, Genesis of the Grail Kings, ShewBread-Gold Powder & More.. article links. (the Gold Powder/Manna Ormes has the nuclear geometry of exactly these animations).


Scenario set..

The local galactic sector was in trouble due to unstable star births, identical in magnetic terms to angelic magnetic bodies which bleed..

In order to add the self-embedding self-centering recursive force which would stabilize star births, heal the bleeding bodies of angels, and save this galactic sector, it was decided to create the Adamic or seeded race, in the image and likeness.. as above so below, I am that I am... (all names for embedding or recursion). What this meant in practical terms was that if you braided the DNA in life forms with enough perfect fractality you arrived at magnetism in blood which was embedded or fractally attractive. The result was a creation of a morphic resonance leverage on magnetic spins ACROSS GREAT SPECTRUM OF SCALES. Essentially, you could in this way create a human wave form which had enough magnetism bending ability in the spin geometry of their DNA, to BEND STARS in the blood with the magnetic rush of feeling. DNA in this way became so psychokinetic that it was of import in magnetically fabricating ecosystems the scale of stars.

here is the grail animation in smaller screen, but contiguous:GRAIL IN THE DNA BRAID EMBEDDING

look in 3 D what this pattern of the electricity around the heart looks like, when we learn the skill of choosing to become fractal/embedded.. (love)

these grail animations are large gif animations requiring 1/2 to 1 meg download,

they will begin playing during download, they will loop much faster after download

Holy Grail, Part 1

this is the spin path which light will see when it enters the dodeca DNA, when that DNA helix has been optimally braided into perfect nesting, by LOVE

(a "spin path to zero point")

the cup contains an inPHIknit amount of spin, it never runs over,

it has no inside or outside, it solves the problem of separateness..

it is the san graal, because it is the song in the blood,

because your ears ring with the magnetism of the land when the arc of your torus and the land are.. one..

Holy Grail, Part 2

you can see in the cup, the feminine organs of reproduction... egg more fractal than seed..

the sufi heart with wings..

and you can zoom in forever and always see the same thing

Holy Grail, Part 3

the heart of the matter.


Grail Heart 3D Spin, 2.4MEGS!!


This In-PHI-knitly constructive MAGNETIC WAVE INTERFERENCE perfectly describes at once the PRINCIPLE of:

perfect spin density,

perfect information density,

perfect recursion,

perfect embedding,

perfect implosion,

perfect gravity (G=C*PHI^!),

perfect data compression,

perfect connectivity,

perfect symmetry,

perfect damping,

the perfect way to turn inside out (Labyrinth),

perfect phase conjugation,

the perfect magnetic monopole,

the perfect scalar wave,

the perfect "singularity",

the perfect geometry of inflation, (Andrei Linde)

the perfect superstring connector (black hole),

the perfect geometry of bubble expansion,

the perfect (& only way) a wave can re-enter itself non-destructively (self re-entry),

the perfect PHYlotaxix (maximum exposure/minimum superposition),

the perfect balance between equilibria/ between liquid/crystal,


the perfect way to SORT anything (magnetic, liquid or gaseous),

the perfect way to SCALE anything,

the perfect way to SYMBOLIZE (or embed) anything

the perfect way to get physical (PHI-cycle),

the perfect (and only) SELF ORGANIZING PATH OUT OF CHAOS,

the perfect (and only) SPIN PATH TO THE ZERO POINT,


the perfect self-awareness,

the perfect pining,

the perfect intent,

the perfect time wormhole (antennae geometry),

the perfect HeartBeat harmonic signaturefor disease resistance (Irving Dardik, MD "Cycles Magazine"),

the perfect Brainwave harmonic signatureeliminating addiction & attention deficit (Wuttke Clinic),

the perfect Planet Schumann harmonic signatureeliminating climate chaos & atmosphere loss,

the perfect DNA braid to make "soul".(spin memory to survive death),

the perfect sharing,

the perfect compassion and love,

the perfect fractal,


the perfect grail:


Sacred Geometry,
Coherent Emotion
& The Earth Grid


Introduction to the Fractal Flower
Geometry of Love...

related animations:



new transcend tilt animation of the geometry of transcendance:merkabbah next step..

Getting Feeling Centered in A Gravity Lens: A Visual Understanding of Gravity Implosion, Solar Flare Peak, Gravity Lensing, and Relationship between Emotions Gone Shareable and Flux Lines Focused in to Sorting for the Shareable.4/3/98

gif animations:Dodeca Soap Bubble Implosion Animation prox 900k Angeltrumpets,Heart of Sun Animation prox 600k


Understanding the 3D Origin of Swaztika:
CHARGE COMPRESSION into the GRAIL (fractality).. the true geometry of the sacred (waves which by becoming compressible become sustainable).



to spin the grail cup yourself (interactively) click above

Above compare the hex origins of logo of Ananda Marga, Hebrews (Mogen David-Star of David) -even Christian and Sumerian..
the symbol of Ananda Marga. As soon as he showed it to me, I became confused and curious. To me it looked like a mix of the Jewish Star of David, the Japanese rising sun, and the Nazi swastika!

Dada explained that there are two interwoven triangles. The downward triangle represents the inner search through spiritual practices, while the upward triangle represents service. Balancing service and meditation brings progress, represented by the rising sun in the centre of the two triangles. In the middle of the rising sun is a swastika, an old Sanskrit symbol which means spiritual victory or enlightenment. Dada explained that Hitler had misused this powerful symbol when he made it the symbol of conquest. Swastika is a Sanskrit word derived from 'swasti' which means welfare or wellbeing. In India it is common to see temples decorated with swastikas. It is supposed to bring good fortune and victory.

Coherence Physics approaches embedding: "Suffice to say, maximum Complexity is found via self-organised criticality at the edge of Chaos,
which is epitomised by the Golden Mean, as the emergent geometric manifestation of the principle
of least action: therefore its full temporal/ spatial action is analogous to creation itself."

from: http://www.giant.co.uk/phimega.html (bold face added by me.. and if I may add: to summarize, the Golden Ratio is the ONLY way out of CHAOS.. for mathematicians and for hearts learning to embed.)..

discussion at http://www.goldenmean.info/philotactics

Is the Revenge of Dagobert Actually Loss of the AMAZE-ing Spin Path into the Grail Heart?

written FOR Tracy Twyman by Dan Winter

(according to some grail historians Dagobert was the mysterious last true King descended from Jesus?Magda tantric..

related articles listed: http://www.goldenmean.info/sitemap.html



It is a common human inclination to get too involved with the local personalities associated with our grail myths and forget the pure principles which underlie them. This article looks at the possibility that the holy grail at its deepest level could only mean THE PRINCIPLE perfect branching or nesting. This author believe this is how wave forms become self organizing and self aware. The Grail is the geometry of nesting for waves to become perfectly 1.) fractal, 2.) self-embedded, 3.) compressible, 4.) distributable/shareable as a wave.

The mathematics are based simply on a Golden Mean Spiral lifted into the perfect 3D cone made by interdigitate/stellating inPHIkit dodeca/icosa. (As in DNA/Earth Grid and Zodiac). The resultant swept 3 dimension wave makes the perfect cup in cup 'golden fleece' grail motif, which which frequently inspires weeping even as a computer animation. The point may be that this electrical spin path to perfect embedding may well be what happens in DNA when braided by perfect ringing sonics in a heart's EKG feeling bliss!

All of this may at first seem too romantic, to be true. Yet we have been able to measure Heart EKG harmonics repeatedly generate PHI or Golden Ratio 'nonlinear' harmonic intervals, at the moments of bliss. (http://www.goldenmean.info/stillpoint ). And with the help of Glen Rein measure the effect on DNA braiding of that sonic bliss in the Heart! (http://www.goldenmean.info/rein ).

Below we review the actual components of what makes a grail cup, from the perfect branching or nesting, which the ancients call the SCION or zion or Jon (which every tree pruner knows the real meaning of). The maximum exposure/ minimum superposition which nature uses for this branching is called PHYLOTAXES specifically because it is all based on Phi, The Golden Mean (http://www.goldenmean.info/physicsofphi )

From a biophysics viewpoint it is becoming clear that the charge radiance of the superluminal harmonics generated by DNA when it is braided into implosion (http://www.goldenmean.info/superDNA ) DO in fact account for the mystical wonder and power associated with the grail in the blood. Specifically when the Phi harmonics in DNA braided into perfect recursion, do in fact implode in-PHI-knitly, the number of harmonics sucked in does go thru the speed of light (by simple recursively successful constructive heterodyning or beatnotes...) DNA begins it's life as a wratched 4D PHI based dodeca (http://www.goldenmean.info/emotion ) all based on Golden Mean wave intervals. (optimized embedding). By completing this process into longer and longer wave lengths (sonic braiding induced by heart sounds in bliss), the genes do in fact literally by implosion bend all surrounding light into them. This is how gravity is created & stabilized in general. (http://www.goldenmean.info/predictions ).

More on this in the pics below. What however inspired this particular article is a related almost political commentary. Gardner (Genesis of the Grail Kings), has recently suggested that our word KING came from CAYIN (Cain), the Annuaki cloning experiments to make good babysitters for their droids/borg/adamas here. This was consistent with the evidence that their ancestors had been breeding the royal families of Europe for Millenia very much like we do show dogs. This gave a parallel but slightly different flavor on the DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS IDEA. (De-vine meaning from five-ness or PHI-ness or simply: well nested.) Originally they got a little better sustainability in the DNA of their borgs (tak adama as in adam and eve, meant borg from Orionhttp://www.goldenmean.info/ Tak) by using not only the seed of ET Annunaki, but putting the CroMagnon egg back into Ninnhursag. This fed the clone the StarFire Menstrual (oil of messeh / crocodile juice.. from which comes our word Messiah).

The winged Drac's /Ciakar were likely the Cherubim of the bibilical Annunaki / See morph from Orion Draco Queen to Sumerian Goddess at http://www.goldenmean.info/lionpath , noting Summaire MEANS Dragon/Draco in Celtic.

At once we have a new insult to our slave origins. Or do we? Gilgamesh was jealous because the Annunaki (& apparently their related Draco's) lived for tens of thousands of years. Clearly they had better implosion sustained in their DNA. Yet by the very addiction to Gold Powder (see Gardner on STARFIRE replacement for Vestal Menstrual Blood ), which required them to clone up Adam and Eve in the first place (mining slaves), THEY THE ANNUNAKI HAD LOST THE HEART ABILITY TO INDUCE INSIDE THEMSELVES THE VERY EKG SELF GENERATED BLISS FIELD WHICH WOULD IMPLODE THEIR DNA. Remember the electrical capacitance or charge implosion in DNA is the force which STEERS. (Will added to gravity, Intent directed mutation, etc., referencing "Can Intent Steer Waves" http://www.goldenmean.info/intent ).

So our indigenous DNA may have some necessary key. Jason Bishop has done some intriguing work on WHY the predominant (RHesus) MONKEY MISSING RH-Neg is associated with Celtic (ANcestral) genes. In the reptile/monkey cross the reptilian reflex brain stem only got direction or steerage from the high fractal brain, which from the mouth of the snake (Amygdala in the brain), dump the testasterone poision raw material of bliss juice nectar. Gives a deeper meaning to the slang "heartless bitch".. dog mother/wiolawa. The bird/dog brain cross with the reptilic was called Nib(elung) URU (dragon).. from which came our Niburu / Hiburu / Hebrew. Iluru in Australian becomes Dragon Rock, SolUrus/Draco Ruler becomes Dragon Able to Go thru the Sun. (SolarI-AN / ARyAn).

The Dragon queen (borg) very total telepathy inhibited compassion because only the pain of separateness (missing in the borg) triggers the urge to NEW topological electrical turning inside out-ness we call compassion. TheToroidal implosion of EKG field onsets BLISS when harmonic intervals enter log PHI - learned imploding..(measureable with 2nd order fft /septrum, ref. http://www.goldenmean.info/hrv ).

So in effect, the collectivizing moment when implosion is entered into willfully, is called compassion or embedding. It is non destructive compression enabled shareability entered right within the heart field. When it is entered into by outside means such as gold powder / stimulants / drugs / alchohol caffeine, mucous results due the blurring of the self not self barrier which can be only phase sorted by a SELF generated Phire within. That mucous of the addictive personality, becomes the only home for the current rage of Draco/Annunaki designer viruses designed to sort our genepool for the implodeable. (ref: http://www.goldenmean.info/america )

Much more on the sonic mechanisms / sacro-cranial snake charming of bliss juicing on the web (http://www.goldenmean.info/isthisrecursion/apta.html & http://www.goldenmean.info/kundalini with reference to the effect of climate and ecosystem ).

The irony I particularly enjoy, is the pure principle ramifications to the REVENGE OF DAGOBERT. Here is the REAL revenge:

IF you can locate the spin path contiguously by PHI braid heterodyning back to your genetic fractal origin, then you have a leverage phase reference for the perfect EMBEDDING which IS psychokinesis. (ET phone home requires the bandwidth which fractal data compression enables). We need to put that in new words too. When a group is shamanically navigating thru stars and attempting a coherent collective lucid dream, the Quaballist Melchizadekian key is each first must find the critical path turning points of magnetic memory back into the egg in their mother (s mothers mothers mother...) . In so doing A COMMON POINT OF REFERENCE or phase sync is generated to allow common dreaming.

So if you lose the memory path (see grail animations below) back into the perfect embedding which IS motherly EGG making... then ET loses the ability to phone home. Same meaning as REAL rebirthing: that is the spin density convergence... max pressure of the wormhole birth canals memory phase sorting PERFECT SQUEEZE. (http://www.goldenmean.info/bettersqueeze) sort of the emoto quantum mechanics for the REAL 'Bond of Power'.

So here were the local politics. If you forgot whose mothers mothers mother really WAS the memory path... Then YOU COULD NOT REIGN. What did this mean? It meant that there would be INADEQUATE PSYCHOKINESIS IN THE DNA for Arthur and the LAND to be ONE! It is very like Tut's genetic radiance used in ritual to regulate the timing of the flooding of the Nile. No REAL ruler, when there is no legal limit to the snow in Camelot. (see the effect of Kundalini on climate, link above.)

The key to identifying the first Eve biologically was the fractality of foldedness which is mitochonidrial membrane braiding. EYEdentEYEcall with the dimpling which inside outed the egg in the first place to start fetus making. (first move you ever made).

Desposyni were the dispossesd of royal blood recognition. The revenge which Dagobert, that dispossessed of Jesus and Mag (means dragon queen), is not simply political in the who gets the money sense. The deeper revenge is if the lineage of children lose Ariadne's thread weft woof to the spin path home. This is exactly the 3D spiral map into the grail (animations below). The path to packing perfectly is the path to making shareable. That IS the grail. This is the only way ANY E pluribus became unum. Forgetting this, the revenge is self inflicting, even as the moment of self awareness was when the wave learned to self reference (also referred to technically as 'the yellow brick road').

Several points here.

1.Like Diana, it is compassion as the geometrizing of perfect sharge embedding, which makes DNA fractal and therefore psychokinetic (well inside outed).

2. The revenge comes not when you forget Dagobert WAS Mothered by the grail blood, BUT RATHER WHEN YOU FORGET WHAT THAT MEANS. It is not about which vassal family loses money. It is about THE place in the morphic field of the collective DNA where ALL the tribal memories can become ONE. Where 'many paths and errands meet. Fractality is LIFE in both time and space metrics. Angel bleeding ends when the spiral pattern is restored in both spacial AND temporal history. ('Spiral Calendar'). Only in this way can we become self steering. When you see the QUEEN weep for her people, then you know her genes are embedding.

So all this is why as the sun tests us for the shareable with the compressing wave of her solar orgasm, we now learn the true glandular magnetic meaning of NON DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION. ( reference: http://www.goldenmean.info/scaleinvariant).

To avoid this Revenge of Dagobert it is a survival requirement now, as a genepool that we must now understand kinesthetically and electrically ...

(to inhabit the fractal, in the same way mind inhabits phire, requires we assume the position..)

The True Meaning and Origin of the Holy Grail..

A Golden (Mean) Fleece.. Braid of Gold

The PURE PRINCIPLE of perfect embedding or nesting based on golden ratio recursion, which underlie EVERY different way the grail has been referred to for centuriess.. see top..-
Exerpt here from www.fractalfield.com/sacredfrequencies article:

Scientific Clarity:What Is a SACRED Frequency?
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also new physics update: www.fractalfield.com/conjugategravity

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-- Physics is clear: the underlying (common) frequency and wavelength to all of matter- is planck length and time. The reason is simple- this is the common musical key signature of every wave physics has ever measured. The new information I have added* is that if you multiply that length and time precisely by powers of golden ratio- you get a universal key signature to -hydrogen, - black holes, protons, the 2 key frequencies motorizing all of photosynthesis, and earth and venus orbit time. (*Actually the golden ratio origin of black holes, and protons is credit to Nassim Haramein). I call this key to recursion, fractality: PHASE CONJUGATION- because by definition golden ratio solves the problem of recursive (interference) constructive conjugation of wave phases. It bears noting here- that phase conjugation in optics is the only place physics has replicably measured apparent self organization. I have further strongly suggested the overwhelmingly supported hypothesis ( goldenmean.info/selforganization ) that this golden ratio phase conjugation - based on the sacred frequency/ wavelength of matter- is the specific wave mechanics origin of all centripetal and self organizing forces: including gravity, life force, perception, and color.

Previously we showed that Sacred Space- was defined when the charge resonance of the space was FRACTAL- in the work of Korotkov. Pictures at goldenmean.info/architecture This simply means that if a spark is ABLE TO PROPAGATE efficiently in the air - then the space is 'sacred' because ancestral voices and the collective are accessible by resonance ( phase conjugate dielectric) . Note how fractality there is equivalent to HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS - how many frequencies can inhabit- or be compressed into- the 'sacred space'. Consider how that same harmonic inclusiveness - defines not just how long your immune system will live in heart science- (HRV fractality) - but also defines the viability of every living thing! - see goldenmean.info/holarchy

So we have made great strides in understanding the electrical and harmonic nature of the sacred. Think about how golden ratio by solving the general problem of constructive wave interference - and therefore compression- is the key to embedding / becoming soluble - in the sacred .. entering the divine perfect branching. ( goldenmean.info/selforganization - and goldenmean.info/matrix ).


Insert - this article updated Oct 2013: See mathematics updated: www.fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion


Dan Winter's discovery: Planck Length x Golden Ratio^ (exactly) 136 and 137 - power - EXACTLY predict the 2 wavelength's motorizing photosynthesis!
This proves that phase conjugation (by golden ratio) down to planck scale- dictates the CHARGE DISTRIBUTION EFFICIENCY which defines LIFE FORCE.

The evidence is clear- the reason every living plant can absorb any photon BUT green- is that the green photon being precisely a 90 degree phase angle or tilt, is exactly OPPOSITE to phase conjugate. And so - being the opposite of constructive interference (green / right angles create max DESTRUCTIVE interference)- so the GREEN photon is the opposite of LIFE!
Life is defined by embedability in perfected (phase conjugate) charge distribution.

Note also how - now it is possible to define evil- simply as that charge which cannot be embedded in the perfected (phase conjugate) distribution of charge called LIFE!


- So starting with this idea that harmonics of golden ratio - idealize wave DISTRIBUTION by perfecting resonance- let us consider- how physics would define a frequency as 'sacred' if it was resonant with all bioactivity. Particularly - since we now know the RATIO of perfecting resonance (golden mean) - if we simply add the correct SCALING FACTOR (planck length and time) - we get PHYSICS DEFINITION OF SACRED FREQUENCIES! - This is rather like taking GLOBAL SCALING- to it's logical climax: goldenmean.info/globalscaling

For example the new size and frequency equation for hydrogen (Dan Winter's equation - planck length / or planck time - mutiplied by exact exponents of golden ratio) predicts

-in length - the exact radii series of the hydrogen atom

- the exact frequencies which DO activate photosynthesis

- the exact duration of Earth's year

- the exact duration of Venus's year (fractality in time- by predicting charge coupling in rotation DEFINES the very nature of possible coincidence!)

- hydrogen's resonance key signature also then predicts: DNA's fractal field harmonics (hydrogen is the center bond of every rung in the ladder), and Solar fusion implosive collapse geometry. (More Golden Ratio precision in Hydrogen (Balmer) frequency/wavelengths- Comments added From: Randolph Masters <universalsong@> Date: Tue, Sep 20, 2011 Re: Defining SACRED FREQUENCIES-" Hi Dan and Friends, When you take my 691.2 NM Red and Divide by 426.666666 NM Violet you get 1.62 exactly, the Golden Mean of the Hydrogen Spectral Lines that I discovered in my work with the late, Wesley Bateman. You have my chart Dan and notes from many years ago. So Balmer M3= 656.1 NM / 1.62 =405 and 486nm, Balmer M4,Cyan Blue /1.62 = 300..etc. Blessings, Dr Randolph Masters,PhD. " )

--DEFINING A BIOACTIVE FIELD (like 'sacred' stone circles- so measureably affect seed germination): See the replicable 40-50 percent increase in fermentation rate just with the addition of a passive (no power applied) capacitor (phase conjugate dielectric) built specifically using this frequency series: pyraphi.com (the resin dielectric is crystallized while this precise frequency heterodyne is radiating from piezoelectric contact transducer)


Examples of measuring the presence of the sacred:

- harmonic inclusiveness (fractality) in heart harmonics (HRV) which meaningfully predicts immune health (all survival) goldenmean.info/holarchy

- harmonic inclusivenss (fractality) in the weak electric field (aura) measures freshness vitality in food and plants as well : goldenmean.info/biophoton

- the same harmonic inclusiveness (fractality) predicts the sustainability of every living thing (atoms, babies, galaxies..) : goldenmean.info/holarchy

- note how that same harmonic inclusiveness (fractality ) called EMBEDDING also defines success in Feng Shui

- fractality (foldedness of surface) in cell membrane

- fractality (foldedness of surface) in the brain

- fractality (foldedness of surface) in the plasma field /aura (Korotkov GDV) for humans

- fractality (foldedness of surface) in the plasma field of AIR - defines sacred space - where ancestors voices ring in the plasma (Korotkov)

--SO by allowing physics to precisely define what is sacred (perfectly and infinitely resonant/ bioactive) - we can learn to be part of the sacred in a highly disciplined and self empowered way- using the language of science which by defining measurement as perfectly shareable technique- talks to universities/governments/corporations. (instead of pure new age wuwu numerology which not only is rightly ignored by officialdom, but also confuses and disempowers.)


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See also new: our complete BIOACTIVE FIELD project summary: www.bioactivefield.com

Note also the general magnetic effect (SuperImploder is the world's most powerful commerial water magnetic treatment) shown to be useful in many ways for water treatment across industries- summary:


This is the precise equation we use from Dan Winter- for the 5 Cone Angle Golden Spirals - for IMPLOSIVE COLLAPSE in The Imploder Water Nozzle.

dodecPHASECONJUGATE masterprinciple

This is the precise animation of Dan Winter's new equation for the radii of hydrogen- in relation to Planck- (length AND time):ref goldenmean.info/goldenproof
It is also the proven precise geometry of photons angles for the primary colors- which is the reason color AND photosynthesis exist (phase conjugation): goldenmean.info/fractalcolor
This also precisely the geometry of the relationship of the proton, to planck, to black holes (ref:Nassim) see goldenmean.info/selforganization
It is also the proven geometry of the DNA, Earth's magnetic lines, and arrangment of masses in the UNIVERSE!
It is also the basic geometry of (golden ratio based) E8- Unified Field by Lisi
It is also the precise geometric relationship of brainwaves during PEAK PERCEPTION/ BLISS (the reason attention is electrical CENTRIPETAL)

In summary- this PHASE CONJUGATION optimized by golden ratio is the CAUSE and MECHANISM of:

- HYDROGEN (+ all atoms have gravity/'implosive collapse' only because their nuclear geometry is golden ratio fractal to their electrons)


- all FUSION / black holes / all centripetal forces / all self organization

- all LIFE / PERCEPTION / BLISS / - and the CAUSE of color / and photosynthesis (goldenmean.info/fractalcolor

Regarding Michael Heleus question: "Does the Imploder affect or generate electricity , compatible with chi?"-
-- response from Dan: It is in the 'optimized translation of vorticity' in the piezoelectric charge field around flowing water- where the rotation translation inertia directly to centripetal (implosive) charge (movement toward center) - that the exchange of inertia between charge and gravity- does occur.

See pic:implosion

By optimizing this relation WITH the perfected curvature angle (for golden ratio phase conjugate recursion).. that...produces the angle of centripetal collapse- hydrodynamically. (Implosive liquid collapse- gains inertia). Now IF in the angle of that collapse- water vortex- the liquid is also piezoelectric (doped with small content piezo rock materials etc)- then that precise WATER VORTEX (on which the SuperImploder nozzle is mathematically modelled) WILL CREATE ELECTRICITY FROM GRAVITY.

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When David Wolfe interviews David Wilcox
( my presentation at David Wolfe conference videos - can be found at- Fractality of Living Enzymes: goldenmean.info/fractalenzyme)..

(note this is part 2- link to part 1)

there several elements instructive to our subject here

1. David Wilcox usefully gives the references ( Joe Jochmans- back to Becker/Hagens.. back to...) to how the PanGaia Earth grid originally unpacked in dividing lines

(like the stem cell began at the spine root) - it went from tetra  to cube-octa (which is a stellated tetra) - TO- dodec /icosa.

I would point out only the dodec / icos symmetry allowed the plasma ball to REMAIN CENTRIPETAL (phase conjugate by golden ratio).

2. Wilcox also then resolves the issue of how you feed you 'energy body' / aura (physics would call it plasma field) resolves to whether to eat microclustered atoms/ water. Microclustering he points out is in fact how even the first mono-atomic atom balls will cluster in DODEC /ICOS. Again what he misses is that the actual nutrition of the aura/ plasma / energy body as a whole is whether you get electrically CENTRIPETAL (enough to 'pull yourself together'). So it is not the availability of the microcluster materials themselves (of which gold powder / mono atomics, even things like bucky ball carbon atoms- are just some examples) - but rather- it is the contribution to making you aura / plasma CENTRIPETAL itself- which allows you to grow you aura ( immortalizing body).

It is important to see the principle behind RESTORED CENTRIPETAL FORCES- rather than just vaguely referring to this as 'sacred geometry'.

This of course brings us to the question we keep needing to answer - from dozens of emails.

What do I recommend about gold powder consumption?

The 30 or so articles I have written about it: goldenmean.info/goldpowder

Including: The Implosion Phenomenon: Psychological Import of Phi Harmonic Music Phi Scalar Technology & MonoAtomic Gold..

Summary - conclusion:

As my lecture at the recent conference on Gold Powder with the dedicated Thomas Geckler- (with David Hudson et al)- suggested...

I suggested the lesson be translated from psychology to physics in this way

I dedicate this section to Thoth's famous lesson- how to eat gold powder WITHOUT fractionating your personality. Altho my good friend Pat Flanagan would not agree- I still believe overuse of even analogous/less hazardous - mono-atomic hydrogen CAN shorten the attention span.Attention is the electrical centripetal and phase sorting self organizing force in the plasma produced by golden ratio- phase conjugation. If you can't sustain that plasma symmetry from within- your imploding tornado will fall off it's pin point- and instead you will have multiple disjointed little tornadoes (fractionated attention).

ALL monoatomics (and stable micro clusters!) - are based on golden ratio dodec/icos- because that is what makes them KHEMically stable. ( see "How to BE a Black Hole 101")

That is why the self organizing FIELD of the fractal / phase conjugate DEFINES THE SCIENCE OF ALL PEACEMAKING! ( goldenmean.info/peaceuniversity )

We quickly learned that David Hudson's purely chemically derived gold powder was essentially a dangerous poison- and would (as Bob Dratch was so careful to point out)- even burn holes in the aura of someone carrying it on their body in purse or bandbag. This would make them rather quickly open to dangerous health problems as well. And most anyone (even slightly sensitive) playing with the vials of it- I used at lectures for years- would feel anger, nausea, dizzyness etc.

So what these people call HI SPIN STATE MATERIALS - is in fact that which can make plasma spin dense. So the question becomes- how do you choose the good stuff from the dangerous?

Contrast David Hudson's mostly dangerous materials- with the naturally derived gold powder / ORMES like emulates- such as when high alkaline liquid is carefully added to deep sea water ( Barry Carter- has helped share this around the world- see BRAIN COHERENCE and ORMES - - also good for agriculture)... The sea water derived mild Ormes materials are mostly nutritive to plants and people and not dangerous at all?

Here is the original Bloom The Desert background info: fractalfield.com/bloomthedesert


Exerpt from Roger Green's Newsletter:
Alchemy Workshop
Manhattan NYC, NOVEMBER 19-20-21, 2011 (here is the flyer for that workshop- download: alchemyNYworkshop.pdf )
A weekend workshop with an extra Advanced Monday guided and taught by Aurelius Electrum, from Canada. Venue: Manhattan Midtown Eastside Times: 9.30-5pm each day- Inquires: info@fengshuiseminars.com

Aurelius Electrum is an eclectic researcher and educator from Canada who has spent the last twenty years studying various forms of esoteric knowledge and phenomena including Alchemy and Sacred Geometry

read attached file- Only Ormus

Check out the new website for the super imploder water treatment device... www.TheImploder.com

See below for our BLOOM THE DESERT UPDATE- a video link to a film -made quickly on the road- however you get to see the essence of the project...

In this practical alchemy course we will learn the history of Hermetic Mysticism and the techniques used by the fathers of modern chemistry, herbology and medicine. We’ll look at various laboratory apparatuses, their description, set-up and use, as well as laboratory safety. This weekend followed by its optional Monday workshop, will provide a wide spectrum of alchemical teachings.

Join us in uncovering the ancient history and modern use of this unique state of matter. ORMUS or m-state materials are thought to be the precious metal elements in a different atomic state. Aurelius Electrum is an
eclectic researcher and educator from Canada who has spent the last twenty years studying various forms of esoteric knowledge and phenomena including Alchemy and Sacred Geometry.

Learn how you can capture and utilize these amazing elements in your own kitchen. Walk in the footsteps of the ancients and cross the bridge of time into the latest understanding of quantum mechanics, bio-medicinal
properties and permaculture applications of these amazing substances.

In the late 1970s an Arizona farmer named David Hudson noticed some very strange materials as he was doing some soil restoration on his land. Hudson spent several million dollars over the following decade figuring out how to obtain and work with these strange materials. Aurelius will demonstrate how you too can experience the benefits of these unique substances.

Your Sponsor, Roger Green, has just returned from a desert in UAE, where along with other technologies, URMUS was made and applied to its desert sands to help grow crops. Urmus is also taken internally with remarkable healing properties. You will learn how to make it, keep it and use it. You will walk away with your own bottle of URMUS for use over the following months.


Take a view of Roger's quicktime video here - Bloom the Desert project in Dubai using Ormus

Make sure you have the recent version of quicktime plug-in to view this video on your desktop


If you have proplems with above link to work, then try this blip link



Back to our discussion about- how to measure the difference between Natural vs Synthetic Ormus like materials... SO- how would a scientist descriminate???

Here is how I have been teaching the answer for some years. Years ago- I learned something about implosion. I got the (sacred???) FREQUENCIES correct to make pure implosion sound ( it was our Antakaran project with Ray Flowers). This is the subject we pursue in this article below-

My original insight was ( goldenmean.info/predictions ) that the correct physics defining a sacred frequency for physics was planck length and time - then factored accurately by golden ratio. Since then I have proven this is the structure of hydrogen, (goldenmean.info/goldenproof ) and photosynthesis (fractalfield.com/fractalphotosynthesis ) . After I presented this as the electric cause of gravity- to Nassim and Eliz Rauscher, Nassim later determined this my Planck and Golden Ratio recipe- was accurately the structure of Protons, Black Holes, and the Universe! ( goldenmean.info/selforganization )

SO- (back to our lesson) - I produced a perfect implosion chord sonically (which Ray then reproduced). Gradually I learned- testing this with audiences around the world- that playing this pure computer derived sonic recipes- WAS ONE OF THE FASTEST WAYS TO CREATE NAUSEA in a group!

HOWEVER- when we taught choirs to sing precisely this recipe ( which Christian Kyriacou has been doing for years somewhat at my suggestion) - and we tested again recently in Byron Bay (thanks Noah!)- THIS SAME FREQUENCY SIGNATURE - SOUND- ALWAYS CREATES WONDERFUL BLISS EXPERIENCE.

So- lets deal with this as scientists. Computer makes frequency signature sound for pure implosion- every feels instantly sick / pain. Choir sings precisely these frequencies together- everyone always feels bliss?

Where's the physics. Could the answer- be THE SAME- as to the question what is the difference between the pain and nausea you feel holding some of David Hudson's gold powder- versus holding a bit of the much more naturally derived material (sea water base or for example - aloe derived mannatech- rhodium iridium materials naturally found in plants- like good blue-berries for example)??

To answer our question- lets look again at how we have seen definitions of the concept SACRED in physics.

Remember when Dr Korotkov- helped us measure FRACTALITY IN AIR- following Shaman to their sacred space? ( pictures - see the definition of living architecture- original article: goldenmean.info/architecture )

Sacred space- where life force was greatest- was where the air was fractal. More specifically the charge distribution was maximum!

So- charge distribution efficiency defines the SACRED and the DIVINE???

Lets see if we can understand WHY it is the dodeca/ icosa- IS the geometry of perfecting charge distribution- and therefore why that creates centripetal forces- and therefore why that defines the SACRED ( and microclustering!)

Actually it is simple- the stellation of dodeca icosa (animation above) is how implosive collapse is created BECAUSE that creates golden ratio (infinite recursive constructive wave interference/ heterodyning- called PHASE CONJUGATION perfected).

That is the only way waves can distribute perfectly (without interference).

That is the electric geometry which produces the most fractal (most compressible / implosive) field. Korotkov measures this by checking for fractality- foldedness of surface on the SHAPE of the charge field. I measured this uniquely by measuring for HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS in the weak plasma / electric/ or biofield. (technique: goldenmean.info/biophoton ) This predicts the survivability of EVERY LIVING THING goldenmean.info/holarchy - from your heart beat to your galaxy.

Korotkov and I agreed and proved that the concept was identical. See my (bioactive field ) phase conjugate dielectric triggers dramatic response on his GDV device: pyraphi.com .

Charge radiance IS harmonic inclusiveness- is capacitance distributed. This is compression (implosion) perfected. Non destructive collapse. (the core of what Einstein missed).

SO- back to our question- how is science going to MEASURE the difference between nausea making David Hudson gold powder- and natural good stuff? And is that same measure going to show the difference by computer generated implosion sound which ALWAYS nauseates- versus a choir singing the SAME frequencies making REAL BLISS???

Remember that embedding (fractality - refer again goldenmean.info/holarchy ) the ability of the small to be constructively contained within the large (how you get in the mind of "God")- is always optimized by golden ratio. Because this is the only way little waves can live inside of big waves (recursive heterodyning) without fighting. This principle of constructive EMBEDDING could indeed be a fine psychology article for Playboy magazine.

SO- the gold powder that David Hudson made in very chemical laboratory- is not nearly as electrically embedded as the natural stuff in Aloe or deep sea water? How do we measure that difference? (My articles about the challenge of constructive use of Gold Powder: goldenmean.info/goldpowder )

Consider how harmonic inclusiveness defines fractality / sacred space/ and how many dimensions your DNA is in. With each addition of a wave within a wave ( see goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto ) - by recursive braiding- in response to BLISS - your DNA absorbs another harmonic (longer wave) in its power spectra. Someone ('like me-and many like me') who has had lots of bliss (Kundalini overdose?)- has more long wave harmonics (boson 7 / blood microchloridians) - in their DNA. At DNA MANFESTO link we discuss how that should measure whether you have a soul. Your DNA braiding when phase coherent will implode charge plasma- showing up as more harmonic cascade in its frequency signature. David Wilcox above mentions the experiments where DNA 'bends the light' even after it is moved away from the place which keeps bending light ( Gariev: goldenmean.info/dnawave )

SO what peope call HI SPIN STATE materials- is the plasma spin density caused by phase conjugate fractality. AND that shows up as increased numbers of waves (harmonics) which have been entrained to meet at the location (of the sacred). Rather much like people learn to show up magically at one place- with social media. If the result is actually fractal bliss- then a positive (recursive / implosive n- group bliss oneness wave) can be triggered.

COMING in a couple months- our ALL NEW HEARTFUSION for IPHONE- group heart oneness - breath / hrv entrainment - group mind cues!

SO the individual atom may have short term harmonic inclusivess in David Hudson's gold powder- but this theory says - LONG WAVE harmonic inclusivess (actual environmental context / embedding ) which comes from natural embedded WILL BE ABSENT from the frequency signature.

Same thing with the computer implosion sound versus the choir singing it. The computer producess a harmonic series which when it tries to embed itself in the much longer wave context of biology - finds itself in destructive interference. SO - the long waves CANNOT PHASE LOCK.

This is like someone who gets bliss studying their computer- but is actually afraid to be barefoot in a living RIVER! See the book EARTHING (note of thanks to Russell Wright here). To get ground is to get fractal - is to GET IN PHASE- is to get embedable - in context.

A primary reason ALL cities will become prison wastelands in the next some months- is significantly because Schumann harmonics and GROUND phase lock- cannot penetrate (what is not fractal) and so GROUND - is electrically OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE PEOPLE THERE! (No one told you about the radical increase in ALL diseases if you live well above GROUND floor!.. but John Denver knew something the AMA didn't:"life in a hi rise makes you hungry for something you can't even see"...)

When you cannot be fractal and phase lock- you cannot ground- and you cannot become ONEness.

SO another way of putting this is the IMPLOSION shape (symmetry and harmonics) of golden ratio phase conjugation - the computer made implosion sound- is only the MECHANISM of the fusion. Attention must be paid to what you want to fuse with. Actually fusing with the nasty metal which is the computer itself- is of course a nauseating experience. Every molecue in that computer is in pain, technically- misqualified energy - because it has been isolated from the (phase conjugating) fractal charge distribution perfected defining all MIND and LIFE and JOY! (see WHY aluminum and steel make a field effect poisonous to every living thing: goldenmean.info/architecture )

When you play that pure implosion frequency recipe from a machine- you fuse with the machine (the borg ARE in pain fundamentally).

When you eat the pure mechanically produced gold powder- you fuse with the machine that made it. Even the Egyptians knew only a priestly communion of saints should be in the process of making the MFKZET... gold powder.

If the air is fractal enough- manna will appear in your desert. In the same way rainbows and the green flash require.

When you do the fractal implosion FUSION harmonics in the correct (choir sung) group context- you have helped set the symmetry conditions for implosive GROUP MIND- ONENESS- FUSION experience! (HeartFusion tech... coming soon)

Group embedding is sort of an extension of Disney's concept TANGLED EVER AFTER!. Physics has long grappled for the concept of infinite entanglement - but will never get there til they understand how golden ratio allows waves to fuse. TANGLED EVER AFTER- is rather like- after you make love- you never can really get out of that bed ( sort of like Bell;s theory of bathtub connecting). Only do bliss with those whom you choose permanent bonds.



SO- let us review the principle for how the sacred would be defined as if this were a class in basic physics:

Defining Sacred Frequencies- The Science:

Just as (the inertia stored by) rotation charge is the only definition physics has ever had for mass, the period of that rotation is the only definition physics has ever had for TIME.

Calling time a separate dimension is about as schizophrenic as calling matter separate from spirit (charge). Synchronicity in Time in fact can be only coupled or charge connected in exactly the same way all connectivity (fusion) is perfected- in Golden Ratio fusion/ charge collapse. That is why golden ratio times planck (both length AND time) produce- the wave lengths and frequencies of hydrogen, fusion, the timing of Earth and Venus orbit.. www.goldenmean.info/coincidence (fractality in time- the math)....

AND- the same equation predicts the frequencies of photosynthesis! fractalfield.com/fractalphotosynthesis

Phase Conjugation by Golden Ratio DOES Quantify and define the color spectra AND its bioactive peaks!

Hello- the plant world is only pumped by the frequencies of charge embedding/ implosive collapse/ fusion in the making! Maybe mother nature KNOWS what a sacred frequency is...

The sometimes wu wu confusion of those 432 hz people- reminds me of my old friend John Michell. Now he wrote a whole book ("City of Revelation") - in his stiff upper lip British kind of way, to insist that the British system of measurement (length and time)- were more SACRED than the damn metric METER. While he even got so far as to show a golden ratio relationship generally between the pyramid inch, the megalithic yard, the roman pace, and the british foot.. he actually ENTIRELY MISSED THE POINT! He did not even grasp the most basic science. (But just months before his death- he WAS still able to do what IS actually sacred to the British - he could drink enough whiskey to entirely lose good Roger Green under the table!..)..

I never did get to explain to poor John- the science. Even tho we did a whole lecture tour together I sponsored through America.. What I remember best about John - was the Sufi Dance- in my barn loft- where he put down his cigarette just long enough to be dragged kicking and screaming into a touchy feely Sufi dance ritual. Much better for the British to do their bliss in alcoholic disempowerment- otherwise they might slur their speech when they exclaim " oh- we ONLY hug our dogs and our horses"...(humor here- we do love our British- remember the clear biology for the formation of a stiff upper lip- is repressing emotion when young.: "JUNIOR- STOP CRYING!@"

Not sure what John would have thought of Laurence Gardner's conclusion that the origin of the word BRITAIN- was Baereth An - literally Birthplace or container- of the ANnunaki (Draco). Remember RH negative blood (UK leads the world) is the one where the reptilian recessive remained- and the rhesus monkey RH was absent (at least the monkeys can do PASSION- not the reptiles - something about "COLD" blood)..

Let's see where were we, when we got so enthused about insulting the British...(always careful to insult each culture equally- something about waiting to see when any culture learns the definition of culture: ability to teach your young an immortalizing bliss ritual goldenmean.info/consciouskids By that definition the aboriginals and the native Americans had culture, while the British, French, and Americans definitely DO NOT.Culture is not the style of your shoe and the brand of your wine- culture is whether your descendants get their biologic plasma immortally fused into stars. So effectively- culture is ultimately defined as whether you have the SKILL to teach a -soul making-charge attracting - BLISS RITUAL- to your young generation. There however were a few bliss dances around old Europe...)

Oh yes- the SCIENCE - of defining sacred frequencies - which Dear John's missive- missed. He was close- because he did apply golden ratio between many ancient units of measure, if only he had known more about Planck dimensions and the sacred- perfect solubility. THE Christos principle.

It's not pompous for physicists to say the only definition of the sacred is physics. Physics is a way to have a disciplined language to communicate. So it is appropriate for scientists to laugh at the new age wu wu's who are so confused- they don't know the difference between numerology and science.

Numerology (seeing patterns between numbers) ONLY becomes science and actually useful when it predicts something waves will do.

So this talk suggesting 432 hz is somehow because squared equals the speed of light. and 432 hertz equals the 431 angstrom wave length of red, is sad, childish, confusing, and worse- disempowering.

Clearly there ARE frequency recipes that DO entrain and activate biology. And there is a precise language to talk about this.

We took the frequency and planck times golden ratio and made a capacitive harmonic field which accelerates bioactivity (fermentation) 40-50 percent every time. (pyraphi.com -The FRACTAL FIELD- or phase conjugate centripetal dielectric - better term than orgone- because it is defined. ) Not unlike the electric field at stonehenge like structures causes seeds to germinate more rapidly- every time.

Creating bioactive fields is a dramatically exciting new 'field' in physics and biology. Accelerate germination/ growth / metabolism- reduce pain- initiate bliss - - even reduce radioactivity- it is ALL about creating centripetal (phase conjugate) bioactive fields.. electrically, magnetically, optically - etc. Examples and pictures: pyraphi.com and fractalfield.com/icosaphi -also film discussions about the hermetic (centripetal) VAIROCANA EFFECT film discussions: goldenmean.info/malta

Again- in order to be empowered for the spiritual student- it is essential to know the difference between numerology and science. The people who talk about magic music because 432 and 528 are nice numbers for poetry- probably have good intention. They are looking for the spin path (frequency recipe) into charge distribution- literally the divine. In terms of real science- we can measure what happens to your aura when you die. See the geometry animations of the path you will see at death- and how your aura CAN navigate thru compression / implosion / distribution- to enter the collective field of ancestor memory. This conjugating electric field is a rather good intro to what Jung called the collective unconscious and what Catholics call the communion of saints.

Science of Successful Death: If the frequency recipe of your plasma/aura/spirit/ghost is compressible to the point of implosion, then the inertia / pattern / MEMORY - propagates thru the speed of light into star centers. The SUN center is the only gravitational trap door out of the solar system. (See what happens if you haven't sorted your aura to phase coherence- in the movie GHOST and FLATLINERS.) Incoherent plasma enters DESTRUCTIVE wave interference. In religious terms- this is called HELL.

'Hell' is not only a nasty guilt mechanism created by the church- there is a germ of science here- as in most myths- it also can refer to the real physics of what it feels like when your plasma field enters DESTRUCTIVE wave interference (heat!). The pyschological task to understand what thoughts and emotions and behaviors (and FOOD) - causes destructive wave interference in your aura- is part of astral hygiene. If you continually think about anger and revenge- eventually the electrical inertia in your aura at death will be entirely a destructive wave pattern (failure to learn and embed in the frequency recipe of the DIVINE- perfect embedding/ branching- SCION/ION/JOHN ..)

We refer here to the original articles- goldenmean.info/heaven and also "Jesus Physics- and the Grail: Manifesto - Implosion Group on ... Jesus Physics- and the Grail: Manifesto. Dictionary of JESUS PHYSICS - a cross reference table for priest / scientists: goldenmean.info/jesusphysics -,which went web viral in the blog reprint.

Where we showed in detailed that heaven (as Laurence Gardner concluded- was the 'planes of sharon' - dielectric field of gold)- was literally a place where biologic charge (plasma - your aura) - could fly and be very easily distributed. This is nicely consistent with the measureable physics which describes where you need to be (fractal field)- and where you need to go- with your aura at death: goldenmean.info/immortality

Basically- your aura requires- perfected charge distribution (called SACRED SPACE) for successful death- as any shaman knows- because it is the way your aura can unpack and be distributed. Go to heaven.

But even more significantly- your aura needs to remain coherence and CENTRIPETAL at death- otherwise you can't STEER! The inability to steer your plasma body- at death and when you dream - is called HELL - and it is very real! (Even the movies figured that out: "Ghost" and "Flatliners" for example.)

So you have all these wonderful new age friends- knowing they need to get plasma / charge ('spirit') in their aura- or they won't get immortal. But no one is telling them accurately HOW to grow the aura. The answer- is of course - correctly embedding resonance- to grow the inertia of your charge field. For this- the electrical definition of the SACRED FREQUENCY- the science of how plasma is transferred is critical.

Compare this discussion to the frequency signature defining time and coincidence : Planck time multiplied by powers of golden ratio- called fractality in time! goldenmean.info/coincidence

The point is that what you call energy exchange thru time- coincidence and synchronicity is precisely charge transfer. Especially understandable if you see that time - like mass- is only a name for charge (plasma/ ether) ROTATION. Exchanging energy efficiently between different rotation axes (travelling between dimensions) is precisely optimized by fractality - embedding. And THAT has a frequency signature!

Your DNA absorbs increasingly phase coherent harmonics (enters the next DIMENSION) - by orderly braiding into long waves- as it receives the centripetal electrical inertia called coherent emotion and bliss ( abundant images: goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto ) So living the astral hygiene- life force absorbing scientific lifestyle to attract CHARGE ('spirit' / 'grace') - is your only way to get immortal (perfectly distributable as an inPHIknit wave heterodyne - the DIVINE).

Teaching this lifesyle is the climax of our book ECSTACY AND IMMORTALITY- written for young people - (complete pdf - we give it away - goldenmean.info/consciouskids - of course if you would like a beautiful color cover- illustrated printing- with DVD's: goldenmean.info/tools - still 25 latest DVD's plus the book: about 150 euro.)

(appendix) - and speaking of the implosive / centripetal / Golden Ratio nature of the DNA like- PENT / dodeca... we have:

"Eve's Grid- Dodeca E8 Crop Circle" Short exerpt here from Aug 15- CropCircleConnector.com

Compare to the role of Golden Ratio in E8 Unified Field: goldenmean.info/selforganization