TWO Simultaneous Ways to Measure + Teach EMPATHY:
NEW - Heart Rate Variability with TWO in Phase, Complements Heart COHERENCE (Cepstrum) Phase Lock as EMPATHY Measure...

plus Great Report with Dan Winter presenting at the Budapest Unified Physics and Consciousness- Leading Physicists / Scientists in Conference
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+ New Article from - Frank - PATTERN RECOGNITION IN Brainwaves.

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1. Update from Dan Winter at recent Grand Unification Physics and Consciousness Internation Conference in Budapest (with pic)

2. NEW Release finally complete- HeartTuner/ BlissTuner "Wellness Measuring System" - 2 Channel HRV for Empathy Measure -with references, pictorial examples -Plus- new OCTAVE (brainwaves of telepath / channel) vs Golden Ratio (brainwaves of Bliss / Peak Experience) markers/ feedback added to BlissTuner. New below- special distribution offer from Dan Winter- complete 2 ch EKG/EEG/HRV biofeedback system with TRAINING free gift 25 dvd films- 8 are of HeartTuner/ BlissTuner training + Support + Warranty + 3 Dan Winter books.

3. New Dan Winter's recent national radio show, new film online from Calgary 06 Conference in depth, new pictorial tour of sacred Eldorado in Bogata with Dan Winter and Valerie

4. New- Article from Frank of - PATTERN RECOGNITION IN BRAINWAVES.

Read in the pdf files (right) - Dan Winter sets radical new theme at the recent global physicists colloquium in Budapest:
Grand Unification Physics International Conference

From Dan's presentation:
1. A proper test for a theory of gravity is, if it can describe how to (electrically) repair gravity (and retain atmosphere). The simple physics is that restored fractality restores / stabilizes gravity and the possibility of holding atmosphere and restoring climate from chaos. Long wave magnetic lines properly mapped and restored to dodeca icosa fractality do precisely that (invite constructive implosive charge collapse thereby self organizing wave systems back into life giving fractality).

2. A proper test for a scientific theory of consciousness is, if it can describe the precise (electrical) steps to restore consciousness. Restoring healthy fractal charge conditions (eeg Golden Ratio, phase conjugate or biologic architecture, live enzyme nutrition + yoga) around the body - absolutely pushes out infection / inflamation (lack of compression) - and brings back the possibility of electrically nourishing DNA, seed germination and bliss. Life and biology's survival symmetry library is none other than the information (charge) compression and distribution efficiency which precisely results from fractality. (Fractality in liquids / ReDox Potential, and fractality in AIR / I.G.A. - always measure the presence of LIFE ITSELF!).

Mass=Constructive (fractal) Charge Compression/Collapse : Is CHARGE The 'Vortex Sponge' of the ETHER? ... see alsoThe Planck Ether Hypothesis and the Origin of Charge, Winterberg, F. from General Relativity and Gravitation, proceedings

+Mass is only a name for the inertia stored by charge rotation,
+Time is only a name for measuring charge rotation,
+Space-time is a name for the array of rotating charge,
+Dimensions are only a name for how many axes of rotating charge can be superposed in one nest (harmonic inclusiveness in the frequency signature, once fractally 'inclusive' eliminate disease / stabilize life) , and
+Gravity exists when charge can create an accelerating centripedal force due precisely to fractal self similarity between layers of rotating charge (invitation to collapse+constructive phase conjugation of velocities turing compression in to acceleration). Saying that gravity is CAUSED by a curvature in space time is not complete or helpful unless you know that the curvature that permits non-destructive self reentry (collapse) is Golden Ratio (optimized translation of vorticity from circle to line MEANS changing mass to energy - and the inverse).

Ask your 'PHYsicist why PHYsical is named for PHI. Ask your chemistry professor why KHEMistry is named for the Egyptian KHEM which means -ACCESS to a BLACK hole. AllKhem-y.

The FRACTAL FIELD - Revolutionary Research Frontier - with Radically Powerful Solutions to Virtually ALL Major Global Issues..
"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."--Max Planck, German Theoretical Physicist
1. Peacemaking: How The FRACTAL FIELD Can Make Teaching PEACE Into a New and Powerful SCIENCE - more:

2. Agriculture: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can Revolutionize Farming by creating Phase Conjugate Environment which properly allow DNA to Communicate and Thrive electrically - more: , and

3. Architecture: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can ReInvent Architecture now that the Principle of Building a BIOLOGIC CAPACITOR Allows us to Create Structure to Truly Create Healing and Bliss in Biology - more:

4. Genetics: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can ReDefine Success in Genetic Research / and Engineering - based on ReDefining DNA COHERENCE, and DNA 'Radio', and DNA Ability to Absorb and Radiate the Electric Field of LIFE! - more: , and ,

5. Psychology of BLISS / Ecstasy and PEAK EXPERIENCE: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows Us Now to Define, Measure and most of all TEACH - Peak Experience , Bliss, Ecstasy - True Enlightenment - more:

6. Urban Design: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows us to Re-Invent URBAN DESIGN Based on Fractal Charge Compression- to Attract People, Money, Charge and LIFE FORCE Back into Urban Design- more: ,

7. Weather / Climate / Rainmaking: How the FRACTAL FIELD Allows us to Attract Rain - and Regulate Precipitation - more: , and The Yantra Pics at

8. Energy: How the FRACTAL FIELD Can Allow Us to PROPERLY Use Charge Self-Similarity to COHERE and Couple the Gravity Field for Electric Charge - WITHOUT Destabilizing the Earth Grid - more : ,

How the (Phi) FRACTAL FIELD provides radical new solutions to GLOBAL WARMING: , and WHEN COLD FUSION gets COLD:

9. Another example of FRACTAL FIELD - self similar charge field -revolutionizing medicine..- note how Negative Ion Wind (a fractal field) radically sweeps infection and parasites from the body ( see: ref 1) -perfectly consistent with using fractality to measure ANY liquid's ability to support life ( ReDox Potential measure at ) and - measuring fractality in Air to find and measure life's electric signature ( see IGA at phaseconjugation link).
- See the COMPLETE - FILMS ONLINE- Implosion Group Web TV<index --..

<link here
SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM 1. Promising new approaches towards the Grand Unification in Physics
2. Towards the Unification of Physics and Consciousness - topological consciousness theories, quantum psychology
3. Unification of Philosophy- Metatheory, Metaphilosophy
4. A New Understanding of Life - quantum biological theories and their utilisations
Under the Auspices of: Prof. Csaba Varga President of the Institute for Strategic Research
Gábor Koncz PhD President of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation

 Unified Theories - Scientific conference and workshop
November 15., Wednesday Opening and welcoming speeches by
Gábor Koncz PhD. President of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation
Prof. Csaba Varga, President of the Institute for Strategic Research
First session- Promising new approaches towards the Grand Unification in Physics
Chairman: István Dienes,
Matti Pitkänen PhD: A master formula for S-matrix in Topological Geometry-
Alex Hankey PhD.: The Vedic interpretation of quantum theory

Kryuk V.G. PhD.: Natural Time and its properties

Jean-Paul Biberian PhD.: Condensed Matter Nuclear Science - Cold Fusion

Nassim Haramein PhD.: Torque and Corolois force additions to Einstein's filed equations as related to the unified field

Towards the Unification of Physics and Consciousness
- topological consciousness theories, quantum psychology

Chairman: Ede Frecska, Luis Eduardo Luna

István Dienes: Consciousness-Holomatrix - discovering duality symmetry between the geometric brain and topological consciousness.

Matti Pitkänen PhD.: Physics of Consciousness in the Topological Geometry-dynamics framework

Ede Frecska MD PhD.: Subneural basis of interspecies communication

Luis Eduardo Luna PhD.: Plant Teachers in the Upper Amazon. Acquiring Information through Psychotropic Plants.

Prof. Beldi: Planetary Consciousness

 November 16., Thursday Unified Philosophies: Metatheory, Metaphilosophy
Chairmen: Csaba Varga, Endre Kiss

Csaba Varga ass. Prof.: Unified Theory: Metaphilosophy

Endre Kiss, D.Phil: The philosophy of the now and the Metatheories

Gyöngyi Major PhD.: The challenge of the Holos: The theory of the moment is not the moment of the theory

László Márfai Molnár PhD.:

A New Understanding of Life quantum biological theories and their utilisations
Chairmen: Karl Arfors, Mark Abadi

Mark Abadi: Quantum Physics: Bridging the Gap between Science and Spirituality

Karl Arfors MD. PhD.:

James Oschman PhD.: Matrix communication

Dan Winter MSc: The Fractal Field - perfecting "phase conjugation"

Matti Pitkänen PhD.: The physics of biological systems in Topological Geometry-dynamics framework

Ramesh Krishna MD, PhD., DSc..: Quantum Mechanics of Stress Aging and disease

Peter Gariaiev PhD.: Hot questions of biology on which the wave-genetics search for the answer

NEW- TWO Ways to Measure and TEACH EMPATHY..with the Heart (TUNER)
see new article below- Measuring EMPATHY with HRV (breath in Heart Rate Variability).. HeartTuner is now the world's premiere system to measure 2 persons HRV simultaneously for EMPATHY training - as well as the ONLY system measuring Heart COHERENCE
(cepstrum peak AMPLITUDE) - PLUS measuring empathy with EKG phase lock directly (cepstrum peak left right position-alignment means musical phase lock between 2 bodies- a tantra / counseling / empathy / healing charge transfer - defining indicator).

Our beautiful couple - harmonics displayed above..

HeartTuner state of the art way to measure EMPATHY and Heart Coherence

- Proving when our couple FEELS each other TWO ways:
1. EKG Phase lock (Short wave 2-20 hz - 'and we'll talk in present tenses..')
2. HRV Heart Rate Variability -Matching Curve - Longer Wave Breath / Entrainment harmonics- .05-3hz

New evidence: Heart Rate Variability -'getting on the same WAVELENGTH' - helps MEASURE EMPATHY:
Wired to Connect.' - By Anne Underwood - Newsweek Magazine + Daniel Goleman's book "Emotional Intelligence"
Oct. 23, 2006 issue - "Carl Marci was jubilant. After a year in therapy, trying to decide whether to propose to his girlfriend, he had finally taken the plunge—and she had said yes! As Marci recounted the story to his shrink days later, his therapist appeared to share the triumph with him. And it wasn't just an act. Marci, a psychiatrist himself at Massachusetts General Hospital, had wired himself and his therapist to special equipment that records heart-rate variability and "skin conductivity"—two measures that, taken together, indicate the ebb and flow of emotional arousal. When he examined the data later, Marci was stunned. Lines on the two charts rose and fell in perfect unison, revealing that his therapist was truly sharing his excitement. "It's no accident that we speak of being on the same wavelength with someone," says Marci. "In a moment like that, you really are."
That is precisely the point that science writer Daniel Goleman makes in his new book, "Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships." As Goleman contends, human brains are "wired to connect," and to a much greater extent than we ever realized. It's not just that laughter and bad moods are "contagious." Empathizing with a friend, whether in grief or elation, can activate the very same circuits in our own brains as in our companion's. Eleven years ago, when Goleman published his best seller "Emotional Intelligence," no one understood on a neuronal level how social interactions actually worked—how the brain processed rejection, for example, or experienced loneliness."

ALSO - new in the BlissTuner - Knowing that OCTAVES (alpha to beta) in Brainwaves set up the linear CHANNELLING / TELEPATHY modes - versus the GOLDEN RATIO - sets up the empowering BLISS /PEAK PERCEPTION / ENLIGHTENMENT modes. NOW - added FEEDBACK CUES (above pic) on the eeg spectra screen- allow you to immmediately see WHICH OF THE TWO KEY RESONANT STATES -PHI RATIO - versus OCTAVES - YOU ARE ACHEIVING!

'Channelling' / telepathy state (octave or powers of 2 - cascades) above
- in dramatic contrast to 'Bliss' / Creativity state (phi or Golden Ratio cascades) below-



Mind, body, spirit INSIGHT - Healing Journeys ARTICLES - "Maury assists clients with the Heart Tuner, the latest in bio-feedback technology, in order to fully integrate their hearts in the healing process".

"In my work, I serve as a mentor for those seeking excellence; in relationships, leadership, athletic performance, creative expression and spiritual development. As a Guide, I assist clients through life's major roadblocks - pain, illness; and traumatic events. I guide clients through the maze of the mind to the Truth that exists at that moment. Healing occurs when the inner Truth aligns with the mental emotional being. We call this "The Work". The Heart Tuner is a computerized biofeedback program which shows the music of the heart and opens the door to heart coherence. Heart Coherence holds the secret to mental clarity, physical health and heart-oriented relationships. When coherent, the biological heart, harmonizes the autonomic nervous system to create peace within. Simply observing your own heart harmonics expands consciousness. It is fascinating to observe the response of the heart to important questions. In counseling we use the Heart Tuner to identify issues that are calling for greater clarity and to confirm when that issue is resolved".

Maury Lamb, US



"Now that I have had a chance to get familiar with the Heart Tuner, I thought I would write to share my initial impressions and some ideas for future improvements to the software. Please bear with me. First of all I would like to say the system is great, I’m highly impressed. Well worth the wait. The Heart Tuner is without a doubt the most advanced ECG biofeedback device on the market and although the EEG portion of the program is in its first incarnation it still exceeds the functionality of most other systems and is a very solid foundation on which to build on. The hardware also seems to be very well constructed and high quality, hopefully it is advanced enough to be used with many future software revisions". - Ryan D, Canada, Oct. 2006



"You have created a very comprehensive platform, with a lot of complexity put in a small package. It's a pleasure to be part of this evolution". - Rod Punnett, Canada, Oct. 2006



"I am delighted with the heart tuner and look forward to developing greater skill in utilizing all its capabilities". - Richard Glade, US, Feb. 2005



".. Keep up the good work, you continue to evolve a superlative product.."
Rod Punnett, Canada, Jan. 2005



"..I did want you to know that I am sincerely grateful to you and the rest of the Heart Coherence Team for the job you are doing". - Peter Valle, US, Dec. 2004


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Examples of PHASE CONJUGATION (like the CADUCCEUS BREATH) creating healing in biology -

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Can you make a caducceus in your breathing - to add fractal harmonic inclusiveness AND COHERENCE to your HRV / heart...
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Pattern recognition in EKG and EEG
and its use in biofeedback, therapy and coaching
by Frank van den Bovenkamp, Heart Coherence team - 19-11-2006

The various patterns and rhythms in the EKG and EEG, and generally all biological fluctuations, when they are coherent, reflect the innermost harmonic principles of life in a measurable way. The basic concept is that the powerfull, sentient energies contained herein are not expressed directly, but instead in the form of a dynamic and sustainable interaction between life-force and self-awareness.

Fig. 1- The traditional viewpoint of life manifesting in a material medium, is replaced by a universal medium with the intrinsic potentialities of life-force and self-awareness in (1). When the two touch, energy is created but first without direction (2 - this is the unlimited, unexpressed energy of the Vacuum). When the two principles start interacting in equipoise, life is created. In this viewpoint, life itself forms a unified field, whereas "matter" and "consciousness" are merely emerging concepts.

The interaction between life-force (vitality) and self-awareness essentially forms a closed loop, and this idea can serve as a basic guideline for health and wellness. In a deeper sense it draws back on principles of life and creation in general as it works the same on all scales.

Fig 2 - The universal Cycle of Life. The imminent faculties of life-force
and self-awareness interact with one another both in the universal
medium, and in all created life

In practical life it means that emotional balance and balanced action are not only mutually empowering, but in fact mutually essential. That is, emotional coherence is a requirement for, and in fact the source of vitality, creating new horizons and the actual strenght for action. At the same time, coherent action is a prerequisite for, and really the cause of self-awareness (not the way round!) creating insight, pure intent and emotional strength. Self-awareness and vitality together give a comfortable feeling of being in control ("I am"), but this is really an effect of authentically and coherently engaging in action and emotion.

Fig. 3 - The personal Cycle of Life. The transformation of the universal
potential energy into expressed energy (emotion or action) is effortless and
caused by attraction. The co-ordinated re-embedding of emotional patterns
and actions in the environment always costs effort, and is caused by
the will for survival and desire for progress, benevolence and emancipation.

This has certain implications in the fields of therapy, healing or coaching, evolving from (in many cases) primarily relaxation to pro-active engagement. Stress is the main cause of discomfort and disease and is usually attributed to external circumstances. However the moment we realise that both self-awareness and vitality are in reality universal resources we realise that the "cycle of life" may be bigger than our personality. Clearly, there is more to life than what is visible on the outside, and right these universal inner dynamics form the basis for interpreting the EKG and EEG patterns with the Heart Tuner.

The role of biometrics is to make the inner harmonics of life visible in measurable form, e.g for reasearch or biofeedback. Therefore we need to understand how biological waves can function as a container and carrier for vitality and self-awareness. This is called "coherence". The "inner" fluctuations of life are essentially self-contained (reminiscent of the physics idea of "scalar waves", but more subtle) and medium-less, and therefore unmeasurable in a direct sense, but can e.g. mathematically be reproduced.

The principle of "coherence" in its measurable form reflects vitality and self-awareness (like focus, empathy) both in the EKG and in the EEG, allthough in different ways. It is important to understand that the brain (i.e. central nervous system: brain and spinal cord) was never designed as a thinking apparatus in the first place, but as a mediator between "external" sensory-motoric world, and the inner micro-cosm of glandular activities and general homeo-dynamics (controlled by the peripheral nerves of the autonomic system, i.e. sympathetic + para-sympathetic). In evolutionary terms, this is its primary function whereas detached thinking came later. The brain relates to emotions and actions in a primarily cognitive sense. Likewise is the heart also a mediator between external and internal requirements, but primarily in a somatic-vital sense. However on the smaller scale, both have their own internal cognitive (self-aware) and vital aspects, like it is, as mentioned before, on every scale. This is what we look at with the Heart Tuner, resp. "Bliss-tuner" module for the brain.

Coherence in the EKG - Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Internal Cardiac Coherence (ICC)
Nowhere is the inner principle of life better visible than in the heart, that's probably why the Tibetans called it the greatest juwel. Healthy HRV is commonly accepted as a predictor for longevity. In the Heart Tuner, we pay attention not only to the amount of HRV, but also to its actual shape. High HRV can be the result of arithmetic breathing which makes the autonomic breathing response of the heart stand out (Heart Math Institute call this "coherence"), but this is not at all an indication of optimal homeo-dynamics. As the HRV reflects the various vital interactions of the heart, we may assume that it is essentially chaotic. However in combination with the requirement of Internal Coherence, quite another pattern emerges, and this forms the basis of biofeedback with the Heart Tuner. This pattern of optimal HRV, or generally homeo-dynamics was discovered by prof. Ary Goldberger to be a so-called fractal. The Heart Tuner shows the HRV tachogram, spectrum and histogram.

ICC is essentially a unique method of the Heart Tuner to quantify the amount of arithmetics in the HRV accurately and independently. HRV and ICC are measured simultaneously, and this way with the Heart Tuner it is easy to see "where you are" in your heart. Internal Cardiac Coherence was found to reflect the level of focus in the heart, we could call this "heart intelligence" or the cognitive aspect of the heart. It comes in the form of awareness-focus, empathy, a feeling of belonging and connectedness. Right these psychological states ("emotions" is not exactly the word) are a basis for bliss-process and are known to play a key role in our immune response. Cognition, like in the mental sense, means general adherence to a flow of similitude and recognition, not chaos. So, this aspect of the heart rhythm wants to flow regularly, which we call an arithmetic series. The Heart Tuner shows the amount of internal coherence in the EKG in one single graph by using a proprietary algorithm for "cepstrum" analysis.

Fig. 4- The Cycle of Life in the Heart.

Internal Cardiac Coherence has nothing to do with "regular breathing" practice, which as a matter of fact measurably reduces internal both cardiac coherence and fractality. Regular breathing only shifts the empathic and vital focus from the heart itself, to the breathing, that is, from the autonomic response to somatic control. This is the main difference between the Heart Tuner and for example the Freeze Framer of Heart Math Instititute, which is essentially a breathing trainer, measured through the heart.

Natural heart rate, as shown by prof. Goldberger, like all in nature, moves around the edge of "order and chaos", that is here, perfectly arithmetic resp. completely chaotic. Nature's solution to satisfy both, is called "fractality", the way to have the most vital ànd "awareness" waves in one coherent package. This is called: Harmonic Inclusiveness. It can be demonstrated, for example with help of the "Cardiac Synthesizer" software, that when the HRV spectrum is fractal, this provides the base line for high HRV (vitality) plus high ICC (empathy focus, etc.) at the same time. This is how the Heart Tuner can be used to balance and optimise the real-life interaction beween life-force and self-awareness.

In a deeper sense, we can say that a fractal pattern is the measurable container for life force in natural processes, whereas generally rhythms (a flow of similitude, regular series, repetitive patterns, generally all waves, etc..) are the measurable medium of self-awareness. It's like in the macro cosmos, vitality is an attractive force creating gravity, and this creates the energy of formation, but only when orbital movements emerge (repetitive series), a stable pattern is created. In personal life, vitality draws our emotions into the world, but only if we remain self-aware, by being thoughfull in our actions, we will develop a stable personality.

Coherence in the EEG - direct, cross-hemisperic measuring Golden Mean resp. Octave ratios between Alpha and Beta peaks
The brain, because of the unique structure of the neural network, functions as a sort of inside-out model of the external universe. This is the essence of cognition.

The actual cognitive "reward" which remains elusive for scientists and philosophers alike, lies in the fact that the brain reproduces the original creative harmonics of life out of external patterns. This includes firstly the analysis of mostly sensory input, and secondly the creation of an actual lifely reward. This is how a sound-wave is turned into the awareness of an actual sound (we never perceive the original sound wave or etc..!).

This way, the biometrics of the brain as done with the "Blisstuner" module allows us a unique peak into the harmonics of life directly. As discussed with the heart, the measurable patterns of life are fractality and arithmetics (and all combinations of it). Mathematically it can be inferred that Golden Mean ratio (factor 1,618) is the natural attractor optimising fractality, whereas Octave ratio (factor 2) is the attractor of arithmetics.

It was demonstrated by prof. Korotkov that blind (-folded) children who were entrained to produce Golden Mean ratio peaks, were able to reproduce random pictures on a screen. The current understanding is that Golden Mean ratio's in the brain are associated with bliss, and octave with telepathy.
The Blisstuner detects and elegantly rewards (through sound biofeedback) Golden Mean resp. Octave ratio's between the major Alpha and Beta peaks in the EEG.

The underlying idea is that neurons by themselves produce regular pulse-streams (i.e. arithmetics, Octave oriënted) whereas (momentary) networks produce fractal patterns (Golden Mean oriënted). Normally, both effects are mixed up so that the usual EEG cannot be quantified. But if thoughts or perceptions are highly coherent, for example as a result of entrainment, the bulk of neurons acting in unison will produce a directly measurable effect.

Fig. 5- The Cycle of Life in the Brain - if thoughts or sensory perceptions
are coherent, they will invoke a vital response of the network - this way,
for example, a sound wave triggers the network and that will produce an
actual sound perception. We never perceive the waves themselves.
Because the brain forms in fact a non-linear medium, we don't measure
fractality or arithmetics, but instead the harmonics of life directly.

Psychology - from a performance-relaxation paradigm to sustained wellness
Traditional paradigms for wellness in a therapeutic etc. setting are often centered around a theme of relaxation or retreat in some form or another. This is logical as one of the main reasons for discomfort or disease is stress, and stress is commonly perceived as being created by the environment. To some degree, also the traditional eastern (yogic etc.) practices adhere to this way in the sense that its practitioners were inclined to hide away in Himalayan caves (often literally) to cultivate their bliss process.

With the current trends of shareability, globalisation, advancing sciences and environmental challenges, this is no longer the ideal, and also in the western hemisphere we see a still increasing pro-active attitude toward wellness related issues. This means: authentic engagement (socially, professionally, etc.), allthough the imminent by-effect is ongoing emotional challenge. This new paradigm of wellness may put some pressure on individuals at first and therefore it is of cardinal importance that a proper therapeutic or coaching concept and -environment is being offered.

With the above in mind, this means the teaching and entraining of Harmonic Inclusiveness. In this context, the practical implementation involves developing a mind-set and life-style focussed on maximum engagement with at the same time optimum self-awareness. This is clearly not a "competence" or "performance" issue. Normally, the more a person is engrossed in his or her daily activities, the "lower" the sense of self-awareness is, at times creating the rather awkward feeling of "being lived".
As we saw earlier, "self-awareness" is a facilitated, emerging effect, allthough it indeed creates the rather pleasant feeling of being in control. So, you should give up the idea that you can litterally control a situation, and replace it with the concept that instead you merge with it for your mutual benefit, and this requires a far more complete engagement than only analytical. Here lies the real "competence".

The initial step is the developing of emotional coherence. That is verily, creating the proper, authentic, intricately positive and constructive emotional patterns. As seen in the diagram, this will prove the fertile bases for renewed vitality, creating new horizons and strength for action, way beyond a mere psychological idea.

Next is, the development of coherent actions, that is, only those fully in tune with the new-found emotional coherence.
This will help creating new focus, clarity and pure intent and as a result also emotional strenght. An initial effort is required, which really entails the painfull departure of old, less harmonicallly inclusive, emotional patterns and activities.

We believe that all emotional patterns and activities are essentially archetypal, thus all-round coherence can be "composed" like music - the music of Life. This process, when it becomes more one-pointed, naturally engages the deeper, yet more powerfull layers of the mind and the actual jump into a spontaneous and more permanent,
harmonically expanded base-line will thus ensue naturally.

This, in short, is a therapeutic and coaching approach to sustainable wellness based upon the newest insights in the interaction between life-force and self-awareness.

Intuitional science
In traditional philosophy and intuitional (e.g vedic, yogic) sciences, the coherent (electrical) emissions of the nerve centres controlling the major endocrine glands were intuïtively visualised as "cakra's". Each cakra is related to a specific set of so called "vrttii's" (emotions, or more precisely, mental propensities). At the same time each cakra is thought to be associated with the "elementary factors" (trad. "earth", "water", etc..) and a corresponding sensory plus motor organ.

In evolved species, the cakras resp. glandular systems are not connected to sensory or motoric activity directly. Instead, the mediating networks have combined to form the central nervous system, that is, the brain plus spinal cord. Therefore, the brain is primarily understood as the natural, central mediator beween external senso-motor- and internal glandular activity and general homeo-dynamics, and not as a thinking machine in the first place.

Each cakra resp. glandular centre is thus controlled through the peripheral nerves of the autonomic nervous system, extending from the cervical, thoracic and lumbar portions of the spine. In the yogic vision, the cakra's are controlled by the so called "pingala" (activating) and "ida" (relaxating) channels (in or near the spine), which appear to correlate with resp. the sympathetic and para-sympathetic portions of the autonomic system.

According to the yogic viewpoint, if in a cakra the two energy-flows are in perfect equipoise (not at all meaning: shut down), no net energy is expressed as "vrtii's" (emotion) any longer and this indicates an evolutionary step, meaning that the lower energies are now harnessed and available for a higher purpose.

The sumtotal energies at one point as they are present though unexpressed (self-contained) are collectively known as "kundalinii", a principle which is reminiscent of a physics principle known as phase-conjugation (scalar waves), and serves as the transporter of "vacuum energy". In our new understanding, the relatively mechanistic idea of scalar waves is replaced by the more advanced concept of coherence as per above diagram.

Thus, the inner glandular controlling mechanism is complementary to, and in fact a micro-cosm of the senso-motoric reality, in higher species mediated by the evolved brain. In other words, "as above, so below". This clarifies the intuïted correlation of the "cakra's" with the "elementary factors". Hence, in yogic schools, the most primary teaching is that, in order for our emotions to be in balance, our actions must be in balance as well. It is verily the cornerstone of all moral discipline.

However, yogic science itself has never effectively clarified the relation between senso-motoric inferences and mental propensities directly, that is, in other than psycho-philosophical terms as it is bearing heavily on the personal stance and inner experience. Therefore, allthough very shareable in a personal setting, it is less suitable to function as a truly scientific interface.

Extra addition - A few physics clues
The actual "vacuum fluctuations" resp. vacuum coherence fields which are thought to constitute the inner physics of life and all creation are usually not directly measurable but are mathematically reproducable. "Vacuum Coherence Physics" (VCP) is based upon harmonic, not on thermo-dynamic (belligerent) wave-interaction, forming geometric patterns (so-called "non-linear" physics). These geometric patterns were intuïtively seen and referred to in the more advanced spiritual philosophy of creation. They are the cause of the "non-locality" of life force and self-awareness (e.g. empathy, telepathy) and in the material world also the cause of gravity and inertia, the strong and weak nuclear forces and possibly "super-symmetry" in particle physics.

The eternal flux of these geometries, endlessly being created and destroyed, is the primordial state of the Vacuum. This highly potential state is referrend to as "homomorphic evolution" i.e. there is no net effect. Its two most articulate inner figures are: Golden Mean ("Phi", 1.618..) based geometries, forming the attractor for fractality in the mechanical world, and Octave based geometries, which is the non-linear equivalent of general arithmetics or similitude. Its inner dynamics, regulating in all life in the universe, is called "symmetry operations" and it is the universal path-way out of chaos. It's shared figure, forming the centre piece of all manifestations, is the triangle (resp. the tetrahedron in three dimensions).

In its macrosopic manifestation, the Vacuum-flux exists in a state of "homogenesis" (auto-creation). This is a state of increased coherence among vacuum fluctuation. The emerging, actual "energy" flows of life force and self-awareness are entirely self-contained (self-referring or recursive) and therefore have no net measurable effect. These are various activated forms of the "vacuum energy" (also called zero-point energy, etc..). Only because of this, life is grossly insensitive for electrical or magnetic fields which can be many times greater then its own.

The combined emerging figures of life-force and self-awareness are poised in dynamic equilibrium. They are potentially infinitely attractive resp. expansive. But as they are essentially opposed, this way they prevent one another from self-annihilation. The primarily resulting form is a (sine) wave (resp. photon in physics), and in due time more complex patterns emerge.

The archetypal shape of the dual flows of vacuum energy is the toroid (torus), combining a rotational and a toroidal movement in one single figure. In the words of Dan Winter: it is the one shape nature can remember. There exists a one-to-one geometric relation between the underlying tetrahedral symmetry operations and the toroidal map of sentient energy flows. The Vacuum Coherence Physics model adheres to the so called "Bootstrap Conjecture" in contemporary physics, which means that creation is its own inner cause. In slightly philosophical terms it means that an existential flow is always imminent (i.e. in the vacuum) but the moment it arises it substantiates into inertia. The spectrum of happy balance between the two is the inner receipe of all sustainable creation, which is practically life.

Fig 6. - the Macro-Cosmic Cycle of Life. Gravity and time / space as well as common
matter are conceptual effects when the universal medium is measured by a standard
of orbital figures
. That's why ancient civilisations were so keen on astronomy -
natural rhythms are the fundamental bearing of conscious existence.
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