The SCIENCE of Elementals + Nature Spirits:
Using EEG / EKG Biofeedback - HeartTuner / BlissTuner - (also GDV) to measure work with Nature Spirits and Elemental Forces.

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Further measured evidence -The HOLY GRAIL is FRACTAL!- When you imagine nature - your body flips a switch - and you GET FRACTAL- read how this is measureable (Golden Ratio) in brainwaves.

article by Dan Winter, with Valerie Sandelin- measuring the work of Yann Lipnick ( )

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more gentle intro to "A Fractal Science of Spirituality" (the real HOLY GRAIL of Science and the Unified Field)

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Science proves- to embed in NATURE and be THE Real GRAIL- is precisely to GET FRACTAL.
The elemental forces- gnomes, undines, faeries, sylphs - have repeatedly told us that we often seem drunk to them. How could we be possessed of so much emotional power to use our charge to feed the land - from the very juice of our aura- and NOT work the natures agents to do that? Imagine WHY the elemental forces - of the United States for example- have told us so often they are ANGRY. Why do you suppose tornadoes and storms and weather seems out of control? ( +see our related updated solution to the bees problem)

The fact is that nature DID design a way for us to work with the great energies of the weather and the land. These are the elemental forces. By refusing to talk to them, or even acknowledge the electrical reality of their presence, we have needlessly made ourselves feel helpless and alien in our environment.

In the same way that 'orbs' can be photographed containing the electric field of life force (recent newsletter: ) - the ELEMENTAL KINGDOM is the coherent bubbles of imploding / fractal electric charge which direct themselves in the land - sharing that energy of life. Of course in our deathly metal cities we don't see them - this is because ALL living things INCLUDING ELEMENTALS are in fact only dying in these fatal square metal enviornments. If you bring yourself to nature, and buildings made of natural materials- you can begin again to see the elementals. This is BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE- which simply allows CHARGE TO BREATH ( see film & definitions - Biologic architecture "PHASE CONJUGATE DIELECTRIC" ) .. giving new meaning to GET FRACTAL OR GET DEAD!

In order to encourage science and thereby the educated public - to re-enter dialog with these elementals - we presented the work of our close colleagues from the French world - Stephane Cardineau- and here particularly Yann Lipnick.

The context of this conversation began at Creating enough magnetic convergence at Earth Grid sites to support precipitation and participation with elemental forces critical to steering the lightning compression approaching Earth.

We worked earlier with Yann Lipnick's colleague- Stephane Cardineau - - mentioning their work with Elementals - - exerpt:

Stephane suggests that altho you could not see that the garden dwarf (Nain de Jardin) had eaten the chocolate, you could see the aura (charge field) of the chocolate had been eaten.
Multiple witnesses and children have confirmed their clairvoyant drawings of elemental beings
- with Stephane's group - here gnome / troll.

Now we introduce Yann: ( ) His courses and workshops (along with Stephane Cardineau) have even young people all over south France- actively playing with and feeling the elementals. Here - we show examples of how we can measure the power of his work. The nature kingdom MUST be taken serious by science - or schools and governments will remain alienated to the very forces of nature currently threatening our survival.


We can see that Yann's consistent work with meditatively calling the Elemental forces- shows in his extremely powerful brain COHERENCE. Also note the dramatic shifts between the more telepathic OCTAVE eeg brainwaves- to the more blissful / charging - GOLDEN RATIO brainwaves (alpha to beta). Yann showed exceptional flexibility in shifting between these two quite distinct EEG measured conscious states. This is beautifully characteristic of the need to switch between the more telepathic (octave) brain state- to call and speak to the elementals vs- the blissful self empowering -self charging Golden Ratio EEG state- to become the source of energy (literally en-lighten-meant).

Below- now measuring EKG- we see several times- that when Yann said the Elemental was actual WITH him in his Aura (also see GDV below) - we see that the Heart COHERENCE did respond measureably.

Click here for more info on the HeartTuner BlissTuner system:

Below- in addition to EKG coherence and EEG (brainwaves)- Yann is using Korotkov's GDV (medical aura photo) to measure success with elemental beings.

Yann - before- GDV- Kilian Finger Aura

Yann - with Angelic Being called in Aura

Yann - below- with Dragon Spirit Called in his Aura - notice difference.

(Regarding above pics) Another way to scientifically measure - working with elemental forces. From Yann's book - regarding this GDV measure : "There are electronic instruments able to detect negligible energy variations, like the GDV-EPC (Electro Photonic Camera) camera of professor Konstantin Korotkov from St Petersbourg university, Russia. This camera makes it possible to film and photograph very subtle energy variations on the human body and, consequently, to detect the influence of external and environmental energies. I recently made experiments with a friend, Christian Bordes, bio energetician specialized in the use and interpretation of data provided by this camera. We made experiments by taking photographs of a person with and without the influence of nature spirits. The energy differences are perfectly and instantaneously detectable. We made experiments successively with a gnome, a fairy and a dragon. We detected in each case important variations of energy in the person submitted to the experience as well as on her chakras and meridians. We even noted the therapeutic influence of the nature spirits by leaving a dragon 2 hours on a person presenting energy misbalances. The specialist of this device, able to make interpretations of the results was formal on the fact that the variation measurement allows to conclude to an energy state modification. Nothing having been undertaken meanwhile, we certainly have here the demonstration of the action in energy terms of the nature spirits on the subject submitted to the experience. Several systems imbalanced were harmonized during these 2 hours, showing thus the therapeutic action of this spirit presence. These experiences allow to say that the influence of these spirits is perfectly measurable with this machine recognized by the scientific community. Two GDV-EPC pictures above represent the same finger; on the left the person is not under the presence of a spirit. A few minutes afterwards on the picture on the right, it is under the influence of a gnome. Not only are the differences obvious, but it would seem according to the various experiments which we undertook that the spirits of nature have a therapeutic influence on humans?! I remain at the disposal of any scientist wishing to experiment with this type of camera or other similar apparatuses, at the condition of course that the experience offers replicable results and measurements."

--More on the family history of our dragon ancestors:

Below from Yann's web site-

work with Elementals:

" Sur la trace des fées... "

Je vous invite à pénétrer dans le monde magique et merveilleux de Mère-Nature



L'objectif de ce stage est de coopérer avec les forces de la nature en agissant en connaissance et perception du monde invisible qui nous entoure.



Je vous propose d'apprendre cinq techniques de mesure (dont une à distance) qui vous permettront de mesurer sans aucun instrument, l'énergie vitale de personnes, de nourritures, de lieux, de pierres, de dessins, de formes et de présences invisibles.



Ces pratiques de mesure nous donnent la possibillité d'explorer le monde invisible et d'en découvrir ses secrets. Elles nous permettront de reconnaître et discerner les nombreuses présences qui ont leurs existences dans le plan éthérique.



Parmi celles ci, nous pourrons distinguer les nombreux élémentaux dont parlent les traditions (gnomes, lutins, ondines, salamandres), ainsi que les élémentaux supérieurs appelés aussi dévas (fées, elfes, trolls, vouivres, dragons).



Aussi surprenant que cela puisse paraître, ces êtres existent réellement et je vous assure que leur contact et le ressenti de leur existence et de leurs émotions provoquent chez la plupart des individus un changement de conscience et une nouvelle perception de la réalité.



Nous apprendrons aussi différentes méthodes de communication afin de mieux comprendre le type d'alliance que nous pouvons établir avec eux.