Power Spectral Measurements of EKG

and the Earth's ELF Magnetic Resonance.

dan winter

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Please see the pictures of ELF TREE fields embedded or phase locked or "touched" with human emotion.


I would like to acknowledge Rollin McCraty research director at the Institute of HeartMath who realized that their work with heart energies was affecting the Earth. They used Fourier Transforms, and sensitive ELF Coils to measure the effect that coherent heart frequencies can have on the Earths magnetic field.

I have data recorded at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo, showing that when a yogi was in a loving state, the frequency spectra of his EKG literally had a harmonic series simular to a musical cord. Unfortunately we were only able to get several short examples of this when the yogi was able to reach certain peak moments.

On my first trip to the Institute of HeartMath we succeeded in much more than just producing a repeat of the data I had taken at Millard Fillmore. We were able to repeatedly measure coherent and ordered frequency spectras in the EKG's of several of the Institutes staff members. Doc Lew Childre produced page after page of coherent data (Figure 2) at any time he chose day or night, he was even able to generate power spectras with Golden Mean ratios between the peaks in the power spectras of his EKG (see Heart Intellegence and DNA Programming). At that time I promised Rollin McCraty that I would return to California when we were ready to measure the effect of heart coherence on the Earth's magnetic resonance. When I arrived for my second visit, Rollin along with an amazing and dedicated team, had devoted incredible resources to that job, and I am honored to be able to describe the profound and interesting successes in that stage of data-taking.

They had miraculously assembled the most amazing array of data acquisition gear, that any university hospital might well have coveted. On site were: GWI soundscope, BIOPAC Acknowledge and several other data acquisition systems, with which we simultaneously recorded 4 channels of data at a rate of 2000 samples per second resolution. Three channels were recording the EKG signals at different locations on the body and one was recording an ELF coil 200 feet away. ELF coil whiz Bill Ramsey was also present and managed the ELF part of the experiments. A Lexicor EEG color Topo mapping system was also used and I would like to thank Joe Kamiya and Dr. Ed Wilson for use of their equipment and their expertise.

The data was exciting enough that many scientists became involved, interpreting the heartbeat in a new and emotional way. Biofeedback's grandfather Joe Kamiya, Holographic Brain expert Karl Pribram, Quantum Biologist Glen Rein, Monroe Institute and Pain Control consultant Dr Ed Wilson and John Fox, for example, were all very enthusiastic about the coherent spectras the heart was producing when several Institute staff members would consciously enter into loving or appreciative states.


We were getting data so sensational that we chose not to show the most exciting parts to the visiting dignitaries who were still digesting the fact that heart coherence was directly connected to mental and emotional self-managment. Joe Kamiya and Karl Pribram were amazed at the harmonic series the heart produced when the loving state was entered.

My perspective is that when people are in these loving states, the heart's rhythms are literally communicating with the immune system through the sonic resonance set up between the heart and the thymus. I have examined the geometric probability that conscious emotional self-management leading to coherent phonon resonance can effect glandular function by the wave braiding process. Coherent wave fields would also be present at higher dimensional levels and theoretically they will nest with and align the active sites in DNA, thus effectively programming genetics at a high level. This subject is an area of active research by Dr. Glen Rein. He has demonstrated that when people are producing the coherent frequencies in the heart's electromagnetic fields, they can consciously and repeatedly change the conformational (winding and unwinding) states of DNA in solution.

Figure 1. Frequency spectra of one 8 second epic of EKG data while the subject was in a heart-focused and loving state. These highly ordered harmonic series were repeatedly produced during the course of the experiments.

Cross cultural spiritual literature refers to the crown of the head as a 1000 petaled lotus. We can visualize an ascending series of magnetic domains (donuts) birthed inside each other in a fountain shape, simlar to the layers in a blossoming rose. The geometric un-folding of the coupled fields seems to be, literally and musically, the order of the harmonic series, which appears to create the conductive resonance ladder we call consciousness. The evidence from the Institutes research is indicating that the center and originating source of these energies is the heart, and when it is radiating coherent frequencies it aligns and empowers all the other centers, and the key to this coherence is the sincere feeling of love and appreciation.

Ever since learning that Adam Trambley et al. were mapping and predicting earthquakes by phase ordering of the ELF Earth grid magnetics, I knew we had the tool to show the impact of human consciousness right into the planet. We had found both the harmonic geometry and the frequency window of heart coherence during appreciation and love to be in a similar bandwidth 1-30 Hz, which characterized not only transcendence in brain EEG (see our film with Dr. Ed Wilson & the Lexicor data), but also the Earth's natural magnetic resonance frequencies (Schumann et al.). We knew mother nature hadn't chosen this as a mild coincidence. The Heart, the Brain, and the Earth all had their key information broadcasting on the same channel!

All that remained was to test and measure the Earth's magnetic ELF frequencies actually falling into resonant alignment with a powerful and coherent human heart intention. And this is simply and wonderfully what Rollin and Doc have done. The beauty of this, as far as I am concerned, brushes the wingtips of angels.

We looked at the orderliness of the Earth's magnetic ring several hundred feet from our subject before the heart work. An ELF coil and Hi-gain preamp near a tree was fed to the computer data acquisition system along with the three EKG channels, which had electrodes placed at different locations on the body. Then, as the heart began to produce these amazing coherent harmonic series as our subject entered the planetary love state, we observed the amazing change in the harmonics of the ELF coil output which was monitoring the magnetic grid of the Earth! (See figure 3)

It has long been known that the presence of the low power Shumann resonance in a room can induce a Euphoria like feeling. It is interesting that the body seems to respond to Euphoric electrostatic forces at low frequencies like the Earth's background. Must not the information travel both ways?

0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45


Figure 2. Waterfall plot of EKG spectras. Each line is an FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) of 8 seconds of EKG data. The plot above shows 24 concessive 8 second epics of EKG data. .Doc Lew Childre was able to enter a loving state at will and produce these coherent and highly ordered spectras for as long as he chose. The height or amplitude is reduced so that the waterfall plot can be obtained; each spectra in its normal scaling looks similar to Figure 1.

Is it such a far stretch of the imagination to realize that the coherence bubble of Earth may wish to take her key signature from human consciousness? If this is true then the most efficient and only way to heal the earth is for us, as individuals, to first heal our own mental and emotional natures. As we learn to balance and manage ourselves and learn how to truly love all people, only then can the Earth evolve into a planet of love and light, the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.


Figure 3. Power spectral density charts showing the before and after intervention frequency spectras of the EKG (top) and the ELF coil (bottom). The charts on the left (a) show the frequency spectras in the before conscious human intervention with the Earth's magnetic field while the charts on the right (b) show the frequency spectras after the intervention. Note the dramatic change in ELF coil and the more ordered and coherent spectras in the EKG.

The significance of how human thoughts and emotions affect our Earth's environment is essential in understanding how the wave nature of consciousness can fabricate physical reality out of the geometry of feeling. In order to graduate from schoolroom Earth, we must pass this test. We must grok and embody the real principle of this responsibility to consciously self-manage our mental and emotional natures, if we are to care for and create a harmonious environment. Gurdjieff called this: coherent emotion feeding the Earth. Our dear friends at the Institute of HeartMath call this ability to live in a state of "Self-Empowerment".

Can many quantum questions be answered by the role of consciousness to unpack the galactic hologram by demodulating the harmonics in the multiple connected "still-points" between beats of the heart? Cardiac arrhythmia, precursor to many heart attacks, means the heart forgot how to rest between beats. Are we ready yet to ponder for an answer to the question about the galactic function of human consciousness? Can we relate the electrical shapes of our inner feeling to the metabolism of planets and stars directly? Can we do so in a way that reveals specific instructions about which feeling states do and do not make a coherent world? Instead of "Steps to An Ecology of Mind", are we perhaps literally crocheting our wave body out of feeling? Valerie Hunt tells us that the resonance gold mine of information in the EKG is in this "Emerald City" which looks still from the outside, but is filled with life in another dimension on the inside.

Our data shows that where the Earth grid "frequency locks" with the human heart is at the lowest frequency or at the longest wave length of biology's most intense resonator. Specifically we got heart and Earth entrainment at a "resonance caddeuceus" as if the heart was throwing a cascade of energy down the frequency ladder into wavelengths the size of the planet. Wave connection across differing scales of frequencies (called scalar wave after the idea that wave fields can move between scales), is always accomplished by a coat-tail like braid hand-holding between wave lengths based on geometry. That is to say, only "sacred" (or eternal) ratios open the harmonic information doorway between worlds the size of human hearts, to worlds the size of genes at the smaller end, and AT THE SAME TIME, worlds the size of planets and even beyond, at the other end of the cracking whip.

Figure 4. The top 3 channels in the graph are power spectras of the 3 EKG channels. The top EKG channel electrode was placed on the forehead, the next was in the center of the back and the third was at the bottom of the spine. The bottom spectra is the ELF coil which was placed near a tree 200 feet away from the lab where the subject was located. When the subject entered the loving state and intended to entrain with the Earth's magnetic field, the frequency spectra of the ELF coil immediately changed to the spectra shown above. The experiments were repeated on two different occasions with two different data acquisition systems.

The caddeuceus shaped harmonic cascade of linked resonators identifies our connection to the scalar wave, which is literally the fabric of gravity. Glen Rein's research in quantum biology is now experimenting with the caddeuceus coils wave shape or field to treat water. He measures the ordering effect of scalar waves on water, biology's nest, with the spectral absorption geometry of light in the water. The caddeuceus is the wave geometry of the archetype of flowform (Living Water, and John Wilkes), and it is the model for the electromagnetic field relationship of the glands caught in the act of reaching between worlds. Hence our language metaphors for emotions invariably use lightness or heaviness to describe states of feeling.


Gravity is the attraction that occurs between the a longer wave nest in a gyroscope circle (example an electron), and the fractal of that SAME symmetry in the nucleus. Gravity is literally a fractal attractor. It appears to go one way as it were, inward only, because the harmonic series which passes out of a center of gravity (or symmetry), passes into frequencies and wave lengths, shorter than thoes that will continue to interact with the "mass" (wave gyroscopes) which created the nest in the first place. This passage or massage of wave into worlds of harmonic order beyond the fabric which initiated the cascade, is what Gurjieff meant by the nectar which planets pass metabolically back and forth between them.

Because the heart holds the body's maximal axis of symmetry in muscle and field, it's most secure hand hold on the wave nest of information we call biology and mind gives only the heart the leverage to tilt the whispers of human dream shapes into the hologram we call a universe. This is what is meant by "Planet Taming" in Jose Arguelles new book "The Arcturus Probe". At one level this is as subtle as our one gentle tree picking up the wave enveloped message of a loving heart. At another level, it must carry the magnetic bubble shape of our feeling right out into the land, as the magnetic fields of dolmenic structures fold a memory into the Earth. Once we get into the loving joy of the process, and join the fun of feeding eros between planets, then our planet is "tamed" as we individual humans learn how to work harmoniously on this planet and in the solar system.

We have learned that if we relax into the magnetic harmony of the Earth's grid, under a tree as it were, we are entrained passively and informationally into her umbilicus. We also actively entrain her, and tell her with love how to braid her grid. An active intention to love the Earth, passed in the ecstatic moment from our inner star, while individually may mean the healing of a magnetic field around the base of a tree, collectively means whether or not our planet survives in the future.

You create a morphic body of living coherence magnetically and sonically in the Earth. Thereby you create a literal resonance information path to deliver the information from the human heart into the Earth's grid and back. Sacred architecture would be in the language of biology's morphic resonance and structural stability.

This is not just a large galactic mouthful to swallow from a little data set which says human feelings shape the Earth's field. This is what we all intuitively know in our own deeper heart. It is time to listen to the voice of our deep feelings from the heart. Learning to self-manage our thoughts and emotions is automatically "Earth grid engineering" and is not just saving the Earth; it is preserving our memory of the principle for making a collective and whole body, so that the planet Earth can take its true place in the universe, a planet of love and light.